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AUGUST 2, 1913 

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- • ' V T '.'■■ *■•*-'* •' r -£* 

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. Rrag&vV; .' •• '' ; i£iyJ 1 & 

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*7«b PIS MS 


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.- : ^ : '. .'■, ; V ;; -- - : ' '. .^ ;"^:W ■'-;'•>'''';'•. - : .-'-i; ■•.• 

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..•■■.;••■.- : ■. ,,.,u. ", -, ,:^ 

,. ; ■ . ;••.•. .r ';; 



Oldest Theatrical J^ijrnal iw America 

Founded, J»'18^ 



mwfa— — «i 

i '4 







August 2 


The most wonderful collection of soh^s eve 

THE PERFORMERS TELL US who hove been all over town in search of newiriaterial; They 
all say: "Harry, you have certainly ^ot the hits tnis year." They, are all so good we don't know 
;ho^ to routinie;t^ pick. The Songs below are all HITS. 



- - BetLci th.m- I ..W'.uii << 'Giri.-, Gre.Tt fpi. Quartctics. It fias the punch 



This sqnt: looks like ;i bigger- hit than Row, Row. Row. . Gteat comic catch lines 



Great double version lor boy and girl. Also two men. or two girls 



A new idea. A real -STERLING -and VON-TIL.ZER coon song ilk3_thev>c< 



IJ fool 

Great extra chorus.' Great boy and girl version. '. Full of laughs 




. .. -'"■ ''■-";-'■■..' ' 

— - --'.'■■' ...--'- ' . 



- 1 



A better sonR than PICK ON ME." Great ^cxtra. comedy 


verses. A sure hit 


-; ■-.- This is a real novelty song bcttei than THE GREEN GRASS GREW ALL AROUND 



Lots ol lunnv. xaich lines.. This, song :has"-'got:. the 'piinc 



r A't'CH •ihiS;jsdsK. - n looks- nkn tH*. -h -,;■!. >.„.... ._-., .:. .-. - : 

WATCH ■•ihi.s ; *dsg. ■- It ■'looks' like the :daik hoisc in the i; 


Glj,0, WHI XING ■■$-'- great; trishIsong "hm 




■■: ■.■ ; CHiCAOO OFFICE: ; : Cra n rt Opera Hou.i, BuiKI,^,: BOC^.^^^j,.', ': ' 


Copyright 1018, by the Frank Qaem Publlihlog Company (Limited). 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, AUGUST 2, 1918. 

VOLUME IX I -No. 25. 
Prloe, 10 Cant* 



The very latest in the vaudeville situation 
in Philadelphia Is the fact that B. V. Keith 
has decided to enter vigorously Into the ten 
and twenty cent field, and the first step was 
taken last week when Mr. Keith took a ten 
year lease on the big Allegheny Theatre, on 
Frankford Avenue below Allegheny Avenue 
at a rental of $30,000 a year. This house 
is one of the largest lit the city, and was 
built by a syndicate headed by Joseph Cohen, 
who managed It until a few weeks ago. It 


The new Washington Theatre, first opened 
to the public July 21. la situated on the cor- 
ner of Washington Boulevard and Clifford 
Street, Detroit, Mich., In the downtown sec- 
tion of the city. 

The house cost $250,000, and has a seating 
capacity of 1.0TO. Not a visible pillar has 
been used In Its construction, so that every 
seat 'on the three floors commands an unin- 
terrupted view of the stage The ventila- 
tion scheme Is considered almost perfect. 
The ontBlde air 1b drawn Into the building, 
Is thoroughly chilled, raised again to the 
desired temperature and then, by a huge 
motor, forced into six foot chambers under- 
neath the floors, from which it Blowly es- 
capes through vents under each seat. 

As a prevention against fire there Is 
scarcely any wood used In its construction, 
and innumerable exits have been provided. 
The ' area above the stage has been so con- 
structed as to automatically form a flue In 
case of fire, drawing any smoke or heat up 
behind the asbestos curtain and away from 
the auditorium of, the bouse. 

The dressing rooms are light and large, 
and In addition there has been provided a 
iounglng room for the performers, also 
shower baths. 

Tho building of the bouse has been financed 
largely by Detroit men, with James Slo- 
cum, as secretary of tho Detroit-Washington 
Theatre Company, the holding corporation. 
Mr. Slocum Is also manager of the house. 
It Is under the direction of William Morris, 
the New York producer. 

The orchestra Is under Fred. Ii. Nedde- 
meyer; Grace Jeffcrs has charge of the box 
office; Bernlce Roe Is chief usher, and Mrs. 
C. Webster, matron. 

The policy will be that of a permanent 
stock company, with visiting stars, of which 
James K. Huckett Is the first. 
4 i ♦ 
The Majestic, owned by W. I. Hippie, was 
opened on Wednesday night, July 23, and 
Lad record breaking crowds. The building is 
one of the moat complete of its kind in the 
city, and should be appreciated by tbe resi- 
dents of the Northwestern part of the city. 

The total seating capacity is 404, includ- 
ing a balcony, which seats 62, 

. +'!» — 

William McKinlcy, musical director of the 
Colonial Theatre, Boston, Mass., is visiting 
New York. He is accompanied by his daugh- 
ter, Jean. They saw tbe Ziegfeld Follies 
Wednesday afternoon, July 23, and expressed 
themselves as delighted with the show. 

has a seating capacity of 3,500. It Is but 
a short distance from the People's Theatre, 
at Kensington Avenue and Cumberland 
Street, controlled by Fred G. Nlxon-Nlrd- 
linger. Mr. Keith also conducts the Bijou. 
at Elgthh and Race Streets, as a ten and 
twenty cent house, and there are rumors 
that he intends to branch oat and run one 
or two such honses in at least ten of the 
leading cities. In some of which he already 
has theatres. 


A cable received last week by Milton and 
Sargent Aborn, at the Century Opera. House, 
confirms the engagement of Alfred Szcmlrel 
as conductor for tbe coming season of tbe 
Century Opera Co. 

Mr. Szendrtl Is a Hungarian and, although 
but a young man, is one of tbe foremost 
European conductors. Andreas Dlppol brought 
him to this country two years ago for the 
Chicago-Philadelphia Company, with which 
he conducted alternately with Campanlnl for 

a season. Since then he baa been directing 
grand opera at tbe Stnilt Theatre, la Ham- 
burg. Heforo he was twenty years old ho 
won scvernl prizes for muslclaushln there, 
and graduated with high honors. Ills first 
engagement as conductor was at the Cologne 
Opera House, where he remained for two 
seasons, and be aftcrwnrda went to tho 
other opera houses in Austrln and Germany. 
At the Royal Opera, in Berlin, ho was hon- 
ored by a decoration from the German Km- 


R. Voclckel. who has been directing tbe 
tours of tbe "Black Pattl" Musical Comedy 
Co. for the past seventeen years, announces 
that the eighteenth consecutive season will 
open at Goshen, N. Y., on Sept. 8, and will 
continue for tbe usnal forty weeks. The 
tour embraces only the largest of the one 
night stands In the 'South, Middle West and 
Texas ; a twelve weeks' tour from the Mis- 
souri River to California, and return to St 
Louis, where It is Intended to pick np the 
better class of the Stair k Havlln week 
stands, including; Chicago, Cincinnati, Louis- 
ville, Indianapolis, Dayton, Columbus, Pitts- 
burgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, 
Brooklyn and Boston. 

The company this year, as in all others, ia 
headed by Madame SUsleretta Jones (the 
original Black Pattl), who enjoys the dis- 
tinction of being the greatest singer of bcr 
race ; "Happy" Julius Glenn, tbe Southlands 
favorite funmaker ; Will A. Cooke, tbe eccen- 
tric comedian, through whose efforts the 
three act musical comedy, "Captain Jasper," 
which was last season's vehicle with this 
company, wns so successfully given at the 
Grand Opera House last May. Because of 
this artistic triumph Manager Yoelckel has 
arranged with Messrs. Cooke and Glenn to 
collaborate In writing a new version of this 
same piece, in which many novel features 
will be introduced, together with entirely 
new and special songs, new stage settings 
and surroundings. 

The roster of the company Includes thirty 
of the best known performers In the busi- 
ness, a bevy of handsome stage beauties 
whose special duties will be to Introduce to 
tbe Southern folk the "turkey trot" and 
"tango" dances. 

4 »» 


Seven companies will be sent out by 
Messrs. Gnskill & MacVltty this seasons-five 
of "Tbe Shepherd of the Hills" and two of 
"That Printer of Udell's." Both plays are 
dramatizations of Harold Bell Wright's 
novels, made by the author and Elsbery W. 
Reynolds. One company of each is rehears- 
ing and will go on the Stair & Havlln time. 
"The Shepherd of the Hills" will open the 
Victoria Theatre, Chicago, Aug. 3, the follow- 
ing week going to the Imperial Theatre. 
"That Printer of Udell's" will open the Na- 
tional Theatre, Chicago, on the same date, 
later appearing at- the Victoria and the Im- 
perial. The other five, companies will go on 
tour Inter In August — one company to the 
Pacific Coast, one to Canada and the East. 
and the other through the Central States 
and the South. 

"WHITE SLAVE" AUG. T. Mb . and ' Mn8 . Gkobob E. QlAXMU an- 

"The White Slave" opens its season at nounce the arrival of a baby girl, Martha 
Harrlsburg, Pa., Aug. 7. Jane Grandall, July 19, 1013. 


Who scored such a pronounced hit with "Tbe Enchantress," Is the latest acquisition to 
vaudeville, having scored most triumphantly at Keith's Philadelphia last week. Ploying 
at Proctor's Fifth Avenue, this week. 


Maude Adams, who Is spending a short 
vacation at her Summer homo In tho Cats- 
kills, will resume her "Peter Pan" tour Aug. 
11, at La Crosse, Wis., her company In tho 
meantime being kopt Intact. The tour will 
tben continue until Dec. IS, when It will 
again be Interrupted for the commencement 
of "Tho Legend of Leonora" rehearsals 
Miss Adams will not he seen In New York 
again until Christmas time, when she will 
act "Peter Pan" for four weeks, while at 
the tame time rehearsing Mr. Carrie's latest 

Before leaving the city Miss Adams held 
a long consultation with Charles Frohman, 
during which plans were agreed upon practi- 
cally for tbe remainder of her career on tbe 
stnge. It Is her purnoso and Mr. Frohman 's 
Hint three seasons will he devoted to the new 

Eluys now In hand by Mir James Mutthew 
■arris before Miss Adams undertakes her 
repertoire. As performed by Miss Adams tho 
Ilurrie plays, It Is now settled, will be given 
in tbls order: "Tbe Legend of Leonora," 
"Rosalind," "The Ladles Shakespeare, Being 
One Woman's Version of a Notorious Work, 
Edited by J. M. Barrio," "The Little _Mln 
Irter," "Quality Street," "Punch" 


" andi "Little 
Miss Adams has never previously 



appeared in the last play mentioned In this 
list. When -she docs "The Little Minister" 
It will be her first appearance as Babble In 
ten years, and bcr first re-spp-aranco as 
Phoebe Throsscl, In "Quality Street," In five 

These plays will take Miss Adams over a 
sufficient period to allow Sir James Mutthew 
Harris ample time to develop his next long 

Elay for Miss Adams, the scennrlo of which 
e lias already shown to Mr. Krohmsn. 
Harh new Ilarrle play acted by Miss Adnms 
will have Its full season's run at the Empire 
Theatre, New York, before Its out of town 
senHon begins. 

«»♦ ■ ■ 
VV. R. Oliver writes : "Hen Hasselman 
and W. It. Oliver will leavo the Uollmnr 
Bros.' Shows Aug. 1, for fit. Paul, whom 
they will arrange for tho opening of their 
own show, 'Hiinshlno Willie,' on Aug. 10, at 
Itcedsburg, Wis, Hassclmnti and Oliver will 
also put out . 'The Girl from Norway' and 
'The Lighted Way' this season. Mr. Oliver's 
brother, Harry, will manage 'The Girl from 
Norway' Co., and F. II. rinkclstclii will 
handle The Lighted Way.' All three of 
these companies will open In August. Has- 
selman and Oliver have also secured the 
rights to put out 'The Dairy Farm,' a rural 
farce comedy in three acts by Earl Varcblmm." 


Under this heading wo will publish each 
week Important nud Interesting amusement 
events occurring In tho corresponding week 
a quarter of a century ago. 

July 28, 1888. — Last regular performance 
given In tho California Theatre, Qan 

July 28.— 'Huffman A Singleton's Pioneer 
Dime Museum, San Francisco, opened. 

July DO. — "Senior \ Junior," on adaptation 
by W. K. Rochester, from a German 
farce, "Tho Toy Mnkcr of Ncuerberg," 
originally acted at tho Hush Street 
Theatre, San Francisco. 

July .10. — Cnatao, Parkcrsburg, W. Vs., 

July .10.— "Judge Not," by Frank Harvey, 
first acted in America by Bfllo Elliler 
nnd company at the Madison Square 
Theatre, New York. 

July 30.— "Kattl, tho Family Help," by Chas. 
S. Fowcctt, received Its first American 
production at tho Hoston (Mass.) 

July 30.— /The Oasis, Tllllrullo, QfjL, opened. 

Aug. 1. — (Academy of Music, Suffolk, Va., 

Aug. I. — A. M. Palmer secured lease of Wal- 
lace's, New York. 

Aug. 2.— "The Still Alarm," first acted In 
London, Eng. 

Aug. 2. — Wrn. Dclovoyo mado his American 
debut at East Hitgliuiw, Mich. 

Aug. 2.— Highland Grovo Rink, Norfolk, 
Mass., burned. 

Aug. 2.— Peavey Grand, Bleu* City, la., 
partially burned. 


LrsTEii and Williams were at tho London, 

Ht Louis. 
Johnson & Slavin's Minstrels opened In 

Lionel H, Lawhhncb. signed with Dore 

Anna O'Neill signed with ltd. Unrrlgan. 


W. M. Wii.kinon wns rc-cngnged for Robert 

Downing'* advance, nnd Wm, Urcrsolo 

ns treasurer, 
Two elephant* with the. Frnnk A. Bobbins 

Circus tvero burned to death In a 

wreck, near Montlcello N, Y, 
Gko. II. li.m'HKi.Loii and John it. Doing 

negotiated a partnership. 
Wn.i ik avmaii joined tho Main Show. 
K11WAIII1H AND KkiiNKI.L were at Hlrntton & 

llrndersou's, Coney Island. 
FfRLOH and Hanson were In China. , 

Tony I 'an rem returned from England. 
IIaukv IIill'h, on Houston Street, Now York, 

wns sold by I'. T. llainum. to Leo 

Schlestnger and Meyer Foster. 


sailed for England. 

Hattis RitsHKLL signed for "fcoio," 

David Hhi.ahco, 11. C. Do Mlllo and Frod 
Williams were appointed Instructors 
for the New York School of Acting. 

Lizzie Dalit, Richard l'ltrot and Iruro Fox 
were at Koster h Rial's, New York. 

"Junon Not" was produced by Bltlo Blister. 

1'ain'h Ahi'iiitiihatiui, Grand Opera House, 
Howard's Pier, tho Casino, Applogato's 
Pier, Guvcrnn tors', Doyle's, Howkcr;s 
and Albrccht's Garden were tho amuse- 
ment resorts at Atlantic City, N. J. 

Harti.kt Cami'iibi.l died. 

Khkd Wilson announced Pat Rooncy's tour, 
in "Pat's New Wardrobe." 

It. FiTZflKRALD announced tho coming tour 
of Tho Early Birds and tho Water 

C. W. Di.'iiant announced the tour of PJstetll 
- Clayton, in "Tho Quick or tbo Dead." 


Judgo -Sulzberger, of tho Common Pleas 
Courts, Philadelphia, handed down last week 
two decisions of much Importance to the- 
ntrlrnl managers. In tho case of the prop- 
erly at llio Southeast corner of Iiroail and 
Thompson Htrecls, a swell residential dis- 
trict, the Judge decided that tho erection of 
a moving picture theatre there docB not como 
tinder tiio offensive occupation clause specified 
In tho deed. Tho owner of an adjoining 
property had begun such proceedings a few 
months ngo, and another Judge hail given 'a 
temporary Injunction restraining the owners 
from building a movie there, 

When the application canto up for a per- 
manent Injunction Judge Sulzberger reversed 
tho decision of his colleague, and decided 
that tbo owners could go ahead unit built. 
In his decision tho Judge Intimated that tin 
moving picture theatre could bo construed 
as being n nuisance, the sniuo could apply 
to every playhouse In tiio city, 

In another case Judge Sulzberger handed 
down a decision knocking out tho minority 
stockholders of the Wm. Perm Theatre, wlie 
Nought to prevent tbo corporation from giv- 
ing a renewal of tbo lease to Wm. W. Miller, 
at «22,r.(io a year. Another offer of fUO.OOO 
n year had been mado for tho thentro by 
Fred. G. NUon-Nlrdlltigcr, and on this the 
minority stockholders had based their suit. 

In his conclusions tbe Judge decided tbnt 
In the nbticnco of fraud the majority stock- 
holders of a corporation are entitled to con- 
trol Its actions, nnd especially since In this 
raso Wm. W. Miller, the manager of the 
house, had mndo a success of tho theafro. 
He Also added that the majority stockholders 
were not obliged to pay any attention to the 
fact that an outside party offered a greater 
annual rental tbnn the existing tenant, and 
their refusal to do so dors not furnish a 
sufficient reason to Justify the court in set- 
ting aside their action lit voting to renew 
tho lease. 


Hello Adntr, who will appear nt Proclor'a 
Fifth Avenue Theatre week of Aug. 4, la a 
Unlnty. charming little girl with a person- 
ality that Is most winning. She throws her 
merry smllo over the footlights In a way 
that goes right to the hearts of her audience. 
Her songs aro sweet, simple selections, de- 
livered with a winsome and bewitching 
artistry that Is all the singer's own, and 
she displays admirable taste in bcr cos- 
tuming. Miss Adair has been successfully 
Slaying tbe lending; femlnlno role opposite 
ulloD Bltlnge, In "The Fascinating Widow." 


August i> 




WW 11 

. l\ (III IIS 



(i Bj;E|S^^^^^ai§©f| 

Thero Isn't any argumentr-lt's r»ere--we have it--a copy will toll you more than We could tell you ir we wrote a .book. Somo say it is 
■ better double than a single—but, Oh, you single. You can do anything with this song. Can be sung equally as well as a ballad or a rag 








,\ >iim. I'll vr i« 

Pltii >i i ii ■ iri 

It" \ I. II KAI' \ l,.Mi;C,H 

\ rim >i v,v vi 

M't I : Will...) I:\ II 

i (.■ I'tivwi hi i.i i 1 1 ,n i.^i'm- *'»>(.. : w \ i r i.Niir: % «i i iiiai; 
vVe; ii \ .Mil-'. Mf< \M'lii\.. l-'..'.i' •■iini;\\. .> \ m l> v. ;HovV.'-tY. 

Hello, Friends: 

I see It is unnecessary to 
tell you about our songs. The 
way letters have been pour- 
ing in here during the past 
week Is sufficient proof that 
you know we have the great- 
est bunch of songs in years. 
There is no use talking, every- 
body will realize before long I 
what these songs mean to 
! an act. 

Performers in Chicago and | 
I throughout the West will be 
pleased to know th it our 
Chicago Office, 126 N. Clark 
St. (next door to the Grand 
Opera House), will be ready 
for business Aug. 1. Nat Vin- 
cmt and capable stiff will 
b * on the job with the same 
kind of attention and cour-| 
tesy that has made our New 
York Office the talk of the | 
I Music "World. 

Hitorilly Yours, 





. i' n*» •■ sum; i> i- Mil' 

,W ttlilf \\ A 







& Song that you 

so your audit' m'o is bound "to [ovo it. It will sjng~itsclf rig lit into: your heart 

i ». 'ii.i \ji it. ii \ 

Broadway music corporation WILL VON TILZER, President mttUfiKLm 

August 2 




We simply cannot resist the temptation ol reproducing the lync of the most wohderlul ■ descriptive moral ballad with 9 punch, that was overwinter ,n 
» "'"^ ' the history of; •'Songdom" ;.V; V: ' : ,. 




1st VEH8E. 

You made me think you cared for me, 

And I believed in you, 

You told me things you never meant, 

And made me think them true. 

I gambled in the game of love, 

I played my part and lost, 

I'm now a wreck, upon life's sea, 

Alone I pay the cost 


You made me what I am to-day, 

I hope you're satisfied, 

You dragged and dragged me down until 

My soul within me died ; 

YouVe shattered each and every dream, 

You fooled me from the start, 

And though you're not true, 

May God bless you, 

That's the ourse of an aching heart. 

2d VERSE. 
The dreams I dreamed of future joys. 
You smiled on, though you knew, 
Deep down within your faithless heart, 
They never would oome true, 
Still further on you led me till 
My paradise I eaw, 
Then with one word 
You banished all my hopes for ever more. 

T. A ^r, r /ii^'cffaV? 1 !'!/" '-'^-' 1 S w r ,? ri i in ^-i. ha i we are ' s0 enthusiastic about the song? And oh. what a MELODY !- So irresistible; so quaint; so bcauti.'i 

II you CAM. SING a -descriptive ballad, GET IT NOW! Orchestrations ready-in your key. Slides by SCOTT & VAN ALTKNA. Written by FINK & PIAn'i A^OSl 



INC., 1 34 West 37th St., 


Western Office 

145 N. Clark St.. 


Eastern Office 

176 Tremont St., 


World Of Flams, show folks at n. j. resorts. 

Prank Barut and his wife have been vlslt- 

Notbs from Lewis ft Leonard's MuBlcal "WC his brother, "Billy" (Barry and Mil- 
Comedy Co.— We had the biggest kind of & te °)< at their home In Naveslnk, N. J. 
success for four weeks at Wlldwood Park, G t s ?}^ ls ■ 'reguent visitor to the 
Danlelson, Conn. We moved to Beacon Park P°rcn of Billy Bnrry's bungalow these Sum- 
July 14, for three weeks, then open on »er days. He called on Al. Cross, at Leo- 
the McLaughlin circuit out of Pittsburgh, nardo but found Al. had gone West to 
for twelve weeks. The company Includes: 7 i8,t hl " *' stc £i end so to keep from being 
Len Gordan, Cecil Mason, champion seven- lonesome he bicycled around the beautiful 
tcen-jear-old baseball pitcher of New Eng- ESSJF&'JBPSIk S* ?'"• wbo was 
land ; Gertie Snyder, Norah Gordan, Ellnore £L rm , erl 7 kstelle Wellington, Is a wonder. 
Dehour, May Raymond, Edith Roberts, and §„ h « '°° ks younger than her twenty year old 
Lewis and Leonard. Ail send best wishes to daughter. They have sold thelf house at 
Thb Old Bbliabi.b, and patiently await Its s£?£, B T.°k and f 'i*, 1 , 111 £ &!l!23 m J8h 
arrival each week fledged citizens of Atlantic Highlands. They 

H. Wilmot Younq and Mabjib Adams riaie s twelve acre farm there, 
recently closed their season of thirty-cigbt 
weeks at Halifax, N. S., where they played 
twenty-sir weeks at the Empire to a turn- 
away business. Mr. Young and Miss Adams 
spent ten days In New York then returned 
to their Summer home at Massena, on the 
St. Lawrence, where fishing and boating Is 
good, and all friends are welcome. The sea- 
son will re-open Aug. 28. Many of the old 
members will report. The roster to date ls : 
Jlarjlo Adams, Hazel Stevenson, Ada Bolum, 
Marguerite Young, iH. Wilmot Young, P. R. 
Scammon, B. S. Deeks, Arthur J. Markey, 
Al. White, Leroy and Adams. W. W. Rich- 
ards will be the agent, and 0. Skerry, scenic 
artist. ' 

Burn Deane, manager of "The Maid and 
the Minister" Co., writes: "We closed our 


The last two weeks have been record break- 
ing for wind storms. At Rochester, Ind., we 
were hit about 5 r. m., and tore our big 
top into ribbons. We at once ordered a new 
top, and at Wakaransa it was torn up as 
bad as the first one. Now, when we see a 
small cloud In the West, the whole thing Is 
laid on the ground as we don't think we want 
to chance it again. 

But with the bad luck we have been en- 
couraged by record breaking crowds at each 
performance. Mr. Harmount has every rea- 

son to be proud of his ball team. They sure 
do play some baseball. A game every day, 
and the band seems to enjoy It as much as 
the players as they always arrange to march 
out with the boys. 

I'A'l'SV H1.0X1HX ILL. 
Prank Comas (known as Palsy Blondln 
In his comedy wire act), Is In bad health 
and circumstances :n the Ward Annex, of 
St. Joseph's Sanitarium, Albuquerque, N, 
M„ snd would like to have his friends re- 
member him. 


Oeobob KekHinqton, of the National Show 
Print, wns a visitor to the home of Gns 
Hill. He l.rought down some sketches that 
Mr. Hill will use for some of his shows next 
season. "Gus" ls a gentleman of leisure 
during the Summer, only going to New York 
as the fancy strikes him. 

Jack Von Timer and bis family are at 
Spring Lake, N. J., for the Summer. 

Charles Bust, who books tbe Southern 
circuit, and his family are at Asbury Park 
for tbe Summer. 

A. M. (Musrr) Milled, bis wife (Elsa 
Ryan) and their sou, Marshall, are at Mon- 
mouth Beach, N. J. 

Dave kiuus, wife and daughter are at 
Asbury Park. 

Belle Gold is commuting dally from 
Leonardo, N. J., to New York, to attend the 

season in Devil's Lake, N. Dak., July 12. It rehearsals of "The Dream Maiden," in which 

was an exceedingly long and successful sea< 
son. Tbe present business still warrants a 
continuation of this piece, but the extreme 
warm, weather has had its effect on the entire 
company. Alice Southern, our leading lady, 
will take a much needed rest at Manhattan, 
Kan., the home of her parents. She has 
been re-engaged for one of our attractions 
next season. I will spend my vacation at my 
hone, Cedar Rapids, la., where I will remain 
until our season opens in October." 

Thb American Platers cut short their 
Detroit, Mich., engagement, closing July 19, 

she will sing the principal comedy role of 

About forty children will spend their va- 
cation at Atlantic Highlands, where the 
Stage Children's Fund will pay their ex- 
penses for four weeks. 
♦ i » 

anent the: burning of thb 


J. M. Leavltt writes : "The stat'.'ment that 

the recently burned Gaiety Theatre in Al- 

. bany had boeu n church Is an error. That 

on account of the excessive hot weather house was erected about 1846 by my father. 

which was a record breaker for that city, Andrew J. Leavltt, famous as a negro niln- 

thus far this Summer. They are now play- 
ing a few return dates through Michigan, 
after which the company starts for the 
Ohio River country again, playing return 
dates in the Buckeye and Hoosler States on 
the way down, Within the last few weeks 


"In 1S42 he leased tbe old Bleerker Hall, 
that city, which was then a billiard saloon, 
and remodeled it into a theatre, calling it 
I.ciivitt's Opera House. He continued at 
that place for four years, running It ns a 

they have been exceptionally busy rehearsing home of minstrelsy, appearing as one of the 
new plays, and, by the time the regular end men and giving songs and banjo solos, 
season opens again will have an entire new He made considerable money, and encour- 
repertolre. Considering the weather business aged by his success, he determined to enlarge 

- field of 

has been very good and everyone on the show 
Is hi the pink of health. The Old Reliable; 
reaches ua as regularly as the ghost. 

Mrs. Will L. White Is 111 at tbe Hotel 
Schavey, Lansing, Mich. She is a well 
known leading woman. She is better known 
as Pauline Leary. White. Her illness ls a 

general breakdown. She would be glad to 
ear from her friends. 
Hugh M. Miller, manager Lester-Miller 
Players, states that tbe show will open Aug. 
14. Rehearsals start Aug. 7. 

Jay F. McGee. of MceGe and De Toy, ls 
nnder contract to produce a number of tab- 
loids for B. C. Whitney. Several are now 
In rehearsal at Whitney's, Detroit, Opera 

- Mitchell Basnet desires Information 
concerning tbe whereabouts of Frank Birch, 

his field of opperatlon, and erect a play- 
bouse of his own. To this end he purchased 
a lot on Green Street and erected a theatre, 
which be called the Gaiety. This, my father 
claimed, was tho first Gaiety built In this 

"The opening attraction was 'London As- 
surance,' and ho afterwards played Peter 
and Caroline Rlchings, Frank Chanfrau and 
many other leading stars of that day. 

"This house was the Gaiety Theatre, Al- 
bany, which was burned recently, so you 
can see that was not a church, and neither 
was it In existence before the date above 



A new comedy team will be seen in vaude- 
uteruing iue wuereuuums ui rniw Bvran vllle the coming season, in the person of 
Rcssbll Mdsdock opened July 21 with Ned Monroe, formerly of Monroe and Mack, 

Sylvia Summers and Aid rid Pierce, playing 
Sir. Pierce's own copyrighted act, "Tho 
Squashtown Tavern." 

Thb Miller Play and Theatre Company ls 
Increasing its list of plays dally, every mall 
bringing manuscripts from authors scattered 
all over the country. For a concern only 
three months old it ls certainly holding its 

and Chas. A. Pusey, the well known musical 
comedy comedian, and formerly of Pusey and 
Ragland, also Pusey and Lester. 
♦ «» 
Eddie Delanbv, after resting a few weeks 
In Philadelphia, will shortly open bis regu> 
lar season. He bas added many new songs 
and stories to his act, and no doubt will 
meet with grand success. 







Adolf, who returned Inst week from his 
annual business trip nbroad, brought with 
him a stock of new material gathered in the 
various big cities. 

In London Mr. Phillpp mado negotiations 
for an early presentation of "Alma, Where 
Do You Live?" tor which he owns the sole 

While abroad ha encaged several new 
odors anil actresses for nls Manhattan com- 
pany, which will appear at hit cozy HttU 
playhouse on East Flfty-soventh Street. 
■ Among his finds Mr. Phillpp was successful 
In securing a well known soubrette, who 
proved the sensational rage In Vlonna, and 
who promises to startle tho theatregoers and 
managers in this country. This aoubrettc, 
whose name will bo disclosed at a later date, 
is the only successor to Marie Golstlngcr in 
her prime. 

Mr. l'blllpp will open bis temple of amuse- 
ment with a new musical farco comedy on 
Labor Day, entitled "The Midnight Girl," 
from the pens of Paul Horve and Jean 
llrlnnot, co-authors and composers of "Alma" 
and "Auction Pinochle." During tho come- 
dian's absence bis theatre bas been elabo- 
rately re-decorated with an interior of old 
Ivory and gold. A smoking room bas been 
added which will make the playhouse the 
I rtttlest and most comfortable in tho city. 

Among the plays which Manager Phillpp 
secured abroad for presentation in this 
country Include : "The Bank Cashier," writ- 
ten by Francois Rlgnut, a rising young 
French playwright : "My 8h< low sad I, 
by Jules Fabre; "Klsercbcn, s Viennese 
operetta, in three acts, by Werner and (1 old- 
hock ; "Spin Erfolg" ("ills Success"), a 
fnrce. In three acts, from the pens of Jacoby 
nnd Kcstncr; "Ninon," a vaudevlllo operetta, 
by Ernst Springer; "Kostllche fltunden" 
("Happy nours"), a fsree, with music, by 
Wlillnger; "Drel Gute Dings" ('"Three Good 
Things"), a vaudeville operetta, by Paul 
Herve and Jean Briquet; "Dor Bettor der* 
Noth" ("Her Saviour' 1 ), a Viennese operetta, 
in three acts, by Ernst Ha Der. 

All these plays Mr. Phillpp will product 
this coming season, and send a German com- 
pany en route throughout the principal 
cities of the United States and Canada, in 
"Auction Pinochle," which enjoyed a re- 
markable run of one hundred and fifty con- 
nective nights in Manhattan last season. 
While In Germany, the New York producer 
witnessed tbe tbree thousandth performance 
of his play, "Uebern Orosson Tetch" 
("Across the Big Pond"), which he first 
produced In Berlin In 1003 snd Is still play- 
ing In that city by a stock company. in 
Berlin Mr. Phillpp disposed of the European 
rights of his "Auction Pinochle," which will 
be presented abroad as "The Card Party." 

Adolf Phillpp'e adaptation of the French 
musical play, ''Adele," by Paul Herve sad 
Jean Briquet, will be given its premier* at 
H. it. Frazeo's Longacre Theatre, by the 
New Era Producing Co., on Aug 28. 

On Sept, 24, Mr, Phillpp will celebrate the 
twentieth anniversary of bis managerial 
career, having inaugurated Phlllpp's Ger- 
',j mania .Theatre on Eighth Street, whqre 
,\Vanamnker's now stands, Sept. 24, 1803, 
i ■ «'♦ ■ ■ 

$ Mr. and Mrs. Howard Thurston, who tailed 
';,pn-July,JO,'on the 8. S. Oceania, for London, 
vvwlll visit Paris, Berlin and Hudapcst, at 
'■which cities Mr, Thurston and Langdon Mc- 
cormick are now presenting their sensational 
scenic effect, "A Mile a Minute," same as 
used In "Tho Honeymoon Express," at tbe 
New York Winter Garden. 

Mr. Thurston will bring back with him a 
minilvr of startling illusions for this season, 
two big sensations from Masltclyn* 

Ic De Vunt's Egyptian Hall, London, with 
whom Mr. Thurston has arranged" to es- 
change his original Illusions for those of 
Maskelym- 4 Do Vant'e. 







- August 2 






r-- --—-——— -"-- THE ~GREAT'COMEDY-MAJRCH- SONG-HI T ■ ' ■ — - 









HARRY VON TILZER MUSIC PUB. CO., 125 W. 43d St., NY. City 

CHICAGO OFFICE: Grand Opera Houie Building. ROCCO VOCCQ, Manager 

Paggegffle notes. 

Dr Venn and Muu.i:it write: "Wo re- 
cently Bpent u day visiting old acquaintances 
■with the 101 Itanch. The show looked fine 
and dandy and they certainly got its share 
of business, which It justly deserves, after 
following four shows In this town this sea- 
ton. We also visited the Itlngllng Show and 
were guests of tho Alpine Troupe, at Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., and certainly did enjoy ourselves. 
The white tops sure do look good to us, and 
we would like to bo under them once more, . 
but our act is meeting with success." 

I,kw Paliied AMD Grace Hennbtt opened 
July 0, In San Francisco, on the Bert Levey 
time, and nrc booked for twelve solid weeks. 
The act, "Undo Hiram in New York," is said 
to be a tremendous hit 

Babnerj and West have returned from 
their second tour around tbo world In three 
years. They are on their way East from 
California, playing over the 8. & C. circuit. 
They return to London in October. 

mil and Mus. Jack O'Malley have re- 
joined the Billy D. Osman Show after a 
vacation of four weeks, part of which was 
•pent with John W. Vogcl, at his Summer 
home. Buckeye Lake, 0. 

Bvbon Si'aun writes: "We opened May 3, 
and have covered four StatcB. The show Is 
doing good business. The State license for 
(mall shows playing Delaware is too high 
to nmke money. It cost me 5100. Hut Bed." 
Tub act formerly known as Illng, Williams 
and company, will bo known In the future as 
Perry, Williams and company, in "The Sub- 
stitute Umpire," written and produced by 
Eddie Clark. 

Heiir Hudson, comedian of the team, the 
Hudsous, writes: "I celebrated my fiftieth 
birthday arnlversary July in, and received 
handsome and valuable presents. The team 
hns erected a bandesomo borne in Rock 
Island, 111. Georgia Hudson is going to re- 
tire from the business next Spring. Good 
luck to Tub Old Reliable and all our 

Tin: Beau Bruvmid Tmo lust closed 
twenty-six weeks on the United time, and 
are now playing a twelve weeks' contract 
for J. W. Gorman, over his circuit of parks, 
being featured In the musical comedy, en- 
titled "I Should Worry." 

Will Stanton, author and star of that 
successful musical tabloid, "Along Broad- 
way," sailed per S. B. Mauritania July 23, 
for London and Paris. He will return in 
three weeks to produce new tabloids for the . 
Middle West. 1 

Jean Beam, who in private life is Mrs. 
Thompson, of the vaudeville team of Thorap- ' 
son. and Herri, who are spending the Sum- 
mer in Terrs Haute, Ind., presented hubby 
with a tea pound son July 10, at the Thomp- 
son home. 

Momi'h and company open the season in 
Milwaukee, July 28. The act is entirely dif- 
ferent now, consisting of two ladles and two 
gentlemen. Including special scenery and new 

Diamond and Diamond write: "Lew and 
Madgo Diamond, of tho old and original 
team of Diamond and Diamond, who Joined 
hands a year ago, after a separation lasting 
several years, were re-married July 18, at 
tho Manse, Washington, N. C, the Rev. H. 
B. Searlght, Presbyterian minister officiat- 
ing. " 

jkannettk D' writes from Mon- 
treal, Can. : "I am not dead, not even asleep, 
but pretty much awake. Am coming out this 
season with everything new and beautiful. 
I'll be glad to return to the United States." 
Biioh and Maxim write: "We are orgau- 
lilng a musical comedy company known as 
Bros A Mailm and Their Dixie Belles, and 
thoroughly believing In tho practicability of 
your Registry Bureau, desire to register our 

IIabrt ConsoN Clarkb and Margaret 
Dalb Owin, having finished a sixteen months' 
tour of Australia and Now Zealand, which 
included a starring tour tinder tho manage- 
ment of the late J. C Williamson, and top- 
ping the bills for twenty weeks on the Rlck- 
ards circuit, under the management of Hugh 
D. Mcintosh, havo decided to resume their 
vacation tour of the world. The Clarkcs 
tall for South Africa, vljlttng all the im- 
portant places on the East Coast, taking a 
run up the Nile, and before' returning to 
London will visit Mrs, Clarke's former home 
In Haifa. Syria, .. ^ 

Julitctf Bbrtiand, who has Just closed 
with the Ida Fuller Co., tn vaudevlHo, sailed 
en the 8. 8. Finland, for Antwerp, where 
•he will spend a few weeks' vacation with 
her folk*. 

Ma. and Mas. Chab. A. Bknna and Charles 
Jr. write that they are having some time at 
the Blscayne. Atlantic City, N. 3. Mr. Senna 
Is of the trio. Boutbe, Senna and Levey. 

Lavarnib and Fbancs write: "We have 
JnKt finished the beaches and are now laying 
off, building some new scenery and props. 
We open In August tor a tour of the West 
to the Cosst. We are now having 'some 
time,' Magglo Weston and ourselves." 


Performers in all branches of the profession are rapidly taking advantage of the oppor- 
tunity presented by this Institution to secure a permanent and reliable record, wbicb 
can readily be called upon to give publicity to any Just claim for priority in presenting any 
particular line of work, without any lengthy Investigation or any expense whatever. 

It is your own fault if you do not place on record any new idea which you are 
presenting, and It will be your own fault if you will not he In position, at any f otnre time, 
to call on this Bureau to substantiate your claim as to when and at what place yon 
registered the material In dispute. 

Edward Lamb and Anna Kbnnby were 
marriul June T at Norwich, Conn., while 

B laying there with "The Bellboy and the 
cIlC8' r Co. 


appear. — 



Frank Burt is chief of the Division of Admissions and Concessions of the Panama-Pacific 
International Exposition. Mr. Burt has received more than six thousand applications for 
concession privileges from amusement purveyors in all corners of the globe. The amuse- 
ment concessions will be the most elaborate and costly ever shown at any universal exposi- 
tor ; Borne of the concessions will cost {350,000. More tban $11,000,000 will be expended 
upon the installation of concessions. ! 

^ r 

A, Seymour Bbown has a new act, en- 
titled "The Bachelor's Dinner." It is a 
song and dance act, and has every indica- 
tion of being a winner. 

CUT OUT THE ATTACHED COUPON and send it to us with your descrip- 
tion, one coupon for each act, gag, trick, or for a series of them. THIS COUPON 
will be numbered and attached to your contribution, and a certificate will be returned 
to you as an acknowledgment, and for future reference. The contribution should be 
signed plainly by the person or firm sending in same, and should be endorsed by the 
stage manager of the show or of the house where the act is being used. Further 
acknowledgment will be made by the names and numbers being published each week 
as received. ' 

Address your contributions to 


NEW YORK CLIPPER, 47 W. 28th St., New York 



Enclosed please find copy of my 


for Registration. 



When you register a play or scenario that yon Intend ti submit for rending to any pro- 
ducer, we will furnish a label to be attached to the original; showing that- the same has been 
entered In Tub Cuffed Registry Bureau. 

Certificates issued July 10-28 : 

331 — Harry Single Song Poem 341— Sid. C. 

332 — Harry Slagle Song Poem 

333 — Morton and Well Act 

334 — Mary and Nellie O'Grady Poem 

335 — Claus and Radcllffe. Act 

330 — Martin Dobson Song Lyric 

337— Miller Play Bureau Sketch 

338 — Sid. C. France Aet 

330 — Sid C. France Act 

840 — 'Lavarnie and France Act 

France Act 

842— Jack Corbett Title 

843— Brauer and Lnndls Title of Sketch 

344— Jack Heddcr Acrobatic Trick 

846— Eoille Lntroix Comedy Sketch 

846— Geo. M. Hellman... Comedy Act 

347 — Phoebe Forrest Scenario 

848— Broe and Maxim Show Title 

349— Louis J. Knetzger Juggling Act 

350— Cbas. E. Taylor Title 


Elsie St Leon, of the famous St Leon family, wUl star this season with "Polly of the 
Cirrus," making her fifth consecutive season. The show will open Labor Day, and is beaded 
for the South, with Western time to follow. In the samo company will be Vera St. Leon 
and George St. Leon. Miss St. Leon was a member of the original "Polly of tbe Circus." 
Ida St. Leon and her mother, Mrs. Alf. St. Leon, who appeared with the piece in former 
years, will take the road in the early Fall, under the direction of a Broadway producer, in 
a new piece. 

Russell Bingham writes: "My wonder- 
ful llttlo talking dog, Toby, died from paral- 
ysis of the throat, after being sick for flvo 
days. Both Mrs. Bingham and myself will 
miss blm greatly. The animal worked with ' 
me In vaudeville through the United States 
and Canada." 


Harrison Grey Flake has accepted, and 
will produce In Atlantic City on Oct. IS, .a 
satirical comedy of American life, dealing 
with certain corollaries of the "feminist 1 ' 
movement. The play, as yet unnamed, Is. 
the work of two young writers who are new 
to the stage, Hutcheson Boyd and Rudolph: 
Bunner. the latter a brother of the late 11. 
C. Bunner. The authors havo not attempt- 
ed any propaganda either for or against the 
economic Independence of tho militant sex, 
but are thought to have treated certain pos- 
. slblo phases of it with, a very amusing In- 
sight An excellent cast will bo provided 
and, after a short preliminary tour, the 
comedy will be brought to New York. 


B. Ray Goet s sailed July 28 on the Uaure- 
tania for England, . where he will meet R. 
Leoncavallo, composer of "PagllaccI," and 
write' the lyrics for the new light opera 
which the distinguished Italian composer 
has nearly ..completed. Mr. Goets leaves 
with the permission of Lew Fields, with 
whom he is under contract, and Mr. Fields 
will exercise '., an option on the American 
rights to the new opera through an arrange- 
ment with Henry WatterBon, the music pub- 
lisher, of this cfty., This new opera, as yet 
unnamed, will beproduced early in Septem- 
ber at either the Prince of Wales Theatre or 
the London Hippodrome, by Albert do Cour- 
vllle, managing director of the Moss Empire 
circuit, of England. The opera will be in 
two acts, with, the book by Max Pomherton, 
the famous English novelist, and with sev- 
eral scenes written' by Kir J. M. Barrle- 
Probably 110 music event of recent years will 
attract the attention that this will, and if 
tho effort meets with success abroad it la 
not unlikely that Mr. Fields will give the 
opera an early American presentation. 

August 2 


England HE 
Has Sent Us* 

U? good thlngi 
oat beat of an P»»m, the io*p of ini parity-there *s US 
years of repatatlon behind- 

mtto. a ftl| /or rig gwcggjg* 

, J *■ '■ Liana, Kw.— Fontetn* Ferry Ptrk 
(U.rrj Btlger. mgr.) big. Ntttlelo'a Bud la tbe 
feature week of July 2T. 

Fontaini Thbitii (Hsrry Bllger, ton.)— Bill 
week of July 27: Imbof, Conn and Corlnne, Jarvto 
and Dire, JTonny Johnston, Chia. D. Weber, and 
the Three Sinclair*. 

Karen's (J. L. Weed, mp.)- Bill week of 87: 
O'Brien, HcDett and O'Brien, Ctrrlt Lille, Musi- 
eal Stlpps, Kugese Trio, and the Klelhoscope. 

Btvnivisw Psax, (Lum Simon, mgr.)— This 
Ptrk opened lt» sesson 26, the delay being doe to 
the flood. Vaudeville and many new attractions 

OiaiNo (1. Simon, mgr.)— "Her Mothers Oath" 
featnrea the Dims week of 27. 

Hn>FODB>u« (Max L. Simon, mgr.)— "The 
Higher Law" feature* week of 27. 

oltmpio (Mai L. Simon, mir.) — "The Man 
Who Tried to Forget" features w»»k of 27. 

Cbtstu, (M. Swltow, mgr.)— "aranddad" 
features week of 27. 

Columbia (I. Simon, mgr.)— "The Princess of 
the Valley" features week of 27. 

t Ot RANC H, 

<BT job nrwia.) 
The 101 Ranch Wild West cannot recti! ■ 

day tbls season that they htTS played to setts, 
yet It seems odd ; not 1*13 it lacky, and the big 
crowds still mate things ham with Joy, yet 



The sresence of Urge herds of Moose In town 
b mooBitble for a number of augmented smuse- 
Sent features. The Ides that a little barlesuue 
Ind old Unt virlety might not be amiss led to 
7Cf n Midsummer re-opening of People'!, once 
rimed u the Gold Mine Over tbe Bhlne. The 
wither has continued favorable to the resorts, 
and all of them will do a record business this 

to Oo*TK*IstAlJD (X B. Glrsrd, mgr.)— Button's 
Three Bloc Circus will move Into the arena for 
a week of sawdust and ipsngles July 27. In 
addition to this attraction gatherlne Stlnsoo 
and A. 0. Beach hsve been re-engaged for four 
tlsnts In their air ships. Last week was marked 

Sr tbe annual visit of good old Pete Baker and 
elen Waltert, tbe Crotty Trio, the Belle-Fonts, 
sad Martyn snd Florence. 

OuBStxa Pass (I. M. Martin, mgr.)— At the 
Onera House 27, Bnsse's Dogs, "Toy Terriers In 
Bits of Comedy," will head the vaudeville bill 
which Includes: Smith and Pullman, Barry and 
Nelson. Lew Fltsgibboas and Chappie O'Doanell. 

Laounr Laoook <J. J. Weaver, mgr.)— The 
Motordrome races fsr overshadows all other tea- 
tores tnd great crowds are seeing the races to 
the bit saucer. A new miniature electric rail- 
way three thousand ilx hundred feet long la 
beinr. constructed. Berliner'! Orchestra Is giving 
Sally concerts. The gun Jugglers, Letslk. Anita 
and company, remain 27 for another week. 

Z0O<W. P. Wbltlwk, mgr.)-John O. Weber'a 
Prise Btnd of America will begin the fourth and 
last week of their aucees.ful engagement 27. 
Ben o reefs Players return for two weeks at 

■cg§w l S£ ftStAr (I. Bf. Msrtln. mgr.l 
The OtoclsnaU Summer Symphony Orchestra, di- 
rected by Waaielt Leps, la stUl drawing splendid 
crowds. . __ 

B. B\ KHTH'a (John V. Boyal, mgr.)— "One 
Oent-VsudeTllle"— ten acts for a dime— Is still 
sgrett Summer msgnet. New feces 27 Include: 
Morse Hacenay tnd Bernard, Shoemaker and 
Martin, the Jack Corelll Trio, Calne Sisters, 
Claire and Martin, and Van and Oarrlc Avery, 
to "The Night Porter." "Olnclnnatl In Motion" 
Is the picture feature. 

Olthtio.— The licit gun of the season will be 
t burlesque salute, and It will be In tbe nature 
of the Progressive Burlesque circuit's inaugural 
of downtown burlesque. The opening date is 
axed at Aug. 16. 


House, Obphetoi, Fajcili and OaMTtnii tre all 
giving motion pictures, 

People's.— ,r Howuy Pap" read the three sheets 
that tell of the opening for one week only— 27-j 
for t week of the "glrtlets snd slnglest old time 
variety thow even, given." . 


Hsxbn ABsWATBT iNn John Pbmohb are the 
soloists with the "La Boheme" Orchestra, at the 
Bine Grais Inn. _ _ 

Btroxi the regular vscdevllle season at B. F. 
Keith's, the picture "Quo VadlsJ" comes Aug. 

Csisteb Paik had a great drawing card 22- 
24. In the Mldaommer Pure Food Fettlval. under 
tie management of tbe Cincinnati Betall Grocers' 
Association. • 

Tbi Zoo hsa adopted the plan so tueceitful 
at Coney Island. Clubhouse dollar tickets carry 
with them free admission to the garden. - 

Tai Ben Greet Pltyert are to revive "Mtaki 
and Faces" and "King Bene's Daughter" during 
their August stay. ■ ■ ■ 

Mat. Nannie Lbtt, wife of Ous Levy, msnsger 
<f Levy's Band, died at the Good Samaritan 
Hospital, following an operation. - 

IaisH Dai, at Ooney Island, Aug. 17. will be 
narked by the appearance of the Irish Musical 
Club snd their plpera' band from Pittsburgh. 

Bthel Bar ant had charge of the dancet at the 
fete of Betnesa. Dorcas Home. 

Obstiudb Damon, of musical fame, la to do 
married to Ahner Thorp Jr. m 

Cuba Tattob Fahbosh went to Shelbyviue, 
Ind., to ling In "The Etrl King." 

Aohbs Qosdo.v, the musical comedienne, Is en- 
joying her vacation here. . ■ ,. 

Tan Carthage Fair will be held Aug. 13-10, 
and the Holland and Dockrill equestrian act Is 
featured at a Madison Square Garden Importa- 

Thb Schuster Players are to present "Twelfth 
Night" at the Woodland Theatre. Zoo, Aug., 27, 
for tbe 1,500 delegates to the Druggists Con- 

Mat Hubsbt. of Olnclnnatl School of Expres- 
sion, Clsss of 1010, Is In vaudeville with Zeldn 
Bears, playing In "The Wardrobe Mistress." 

EsTstxa Sifpkbb-Sbbalob was the soloist at 
one of the Symphony Orchestra concerts. John 
Lotlto, the harpist, was soloist at another of 
these roof garden musical treats. 

Vaudbtiixb Is offered at Averdale's New Ar- 
cade Alrdome, where Sullivan snd Mason, and 
BUly White, with Grace Nevlna were heard. In 
connection with the pictures. ' «_ 

_Hbxbm SoBDSTBB-HABTtN It being booked by 
W. W. Martin for dramatic reading engagement!. 

"KArrom," the new child play, by Mrs. Will; 
ltm Smith Qoldenburg, rosy be seen at a special 
Eoo mstlnee. ■ 

Dojotht OONBBT Is play lijg tt the Ohtotauquai. 


('•Old Man Q:nmp") were at Winona, Ind., last 

John SaaNB for many year* associated with 
Col. James B. Fennetsy, at People's Theatre, 
celebrated hta siity-thlrd birthday a few days ago. 

Tbi Boy Scouts are to enjoy a two days' camp 
and Inspection at Ooney Island. 

Bbbiba La whence of the Lawrence Trio, cre- 
sted quite a little sensation during her engage- 
ment by tinging a kissing song and then coming 
Into the audience and smothering a rcd-licadcd 
end-seater with real kisses. The kissed was an 
usher, and claimed to be paid at the rate of 
twenty-two cents a kiss. 
, Tub new theatre, st Norwood, will be called 
"The Norwood." 

BamesTlllt), O.— Qulmby'a (W. 0. Qulmby, 
mgr.) bsslueas continues big, ''Parsifal" July 
28, ft, "New York Society Life and Underworld" 
Aug. 4. B. 

. HtPFODROMB (Helen Morrison-Lewis, mgr.) — 
"Q«o Ttdlst" 20-22 and "Mary Stuart" 23, drew 
trig business. Two excellent features sre billed 
for tbe week of 28. 

AMbbioah (James Collins, mgr.) — Motion pic- 
tures ao good returns. 

QaiND (James Collins, mgr.) — Feature Alms 
every day to Increasing business. 
. Nora.— Muskingum County Fair will be held 
It this city Aug. 12-lff. It. Y. White is secretory. 

Oolombns, 0.— Olentangy Park (W. J. Du- 
eenbury, mgr.) "An American Widow" week of 
July 28, 

Barra's (W. W. Prosser. mgr.)— Bill week of 
18: Murray and Lane, Lawrence Trio, Henri 
Boaelere and company, Long and Dover, Lorella 
sad picture*. 

"nndnslcy, O.— Sandusky Is dark. 
Stab, TnruromoM, Obk and BorAL, motion 

„ Keolcnlc, In. — Grand Opera Bouse (Obis. n. 
Dodge, mgr.) moving pictures. 

Htmoioiga (Mark Angell, mgr.)— Moving pic- 

OarnBtraC (Mark Angell, mgr.)— Moving pic- 

Oounrui, (Frank Bansone, mgr.)— Moving pic- 

AmwuB (Harvey Hull, mgr.)— Vaudeville snd 
moving pictures. 

everybody's happy. 
J. 0. Miller made a flying trip to Chicago from 

■ •■■■» wee. or an. ^^^S^'^'a^A ttLE" SUS^ dn^ 

MAiBOTia^?r »„,, ™ t _ <Th» nn..t »•« orerturoel and tbe occupants attatalned 
ttmar, mgr.) — "The Great gg Ma bniltt M „ Tale BaubrMge. 

of Minneapolis, wss a passenger, and received 
brakes about the face and hands; Jane Fuller, 
cowgirl, cut on the left inn; Daily Santefbr 
escaped uninjured; Texaa Cooper, guard on top 

Diamond Mystery" features week of 27. 

. Obfbbtjm (I. Simon, mgr.)— "Quo Tadisl" 

features week of 27. 

Idsal (L. Dlttntr, mgr.)— Vaudeville and pic- 

Noras._Woodland Park continues to good busl- »,«f w'" h " 1 S* tw w '& w* ttftwo^MlntorS 
ss. with vsndevllle ond motion nlcturV... .. .. t*" 1 Hul *' °T* r t . w * D « r ."*«. .S» tw0 _!"HP"8 

rest, with vsadevllle ond motion pictures...... 

The Avenue Theat.*, one of the oldest theatres 
In this city, which has been operated as a moving 
picture show for the past yesr. closed Jnly 2«. 
The New National Thettrt- Is nearlv com- 
pleted.- and will open early In August with high 

class vaudeville attractions The Walnut will 

open at a motion picture house In August. 

Portland, Me.— Jefferson (Julias Cthn, 
mgr.) "The Dawn of a To-morrow" u again 
offered by the Jefferson Stock' Co. for July 28 
and week, by popular request. Adelaide Kelm, 
leading lady, appearing as Glsd; Franklyn Mun- 
nell, leading man, was cordially welcomed 28. 
after a month's vacation. Belle D'Arey returned 
after a week's absence. Attendance la excellent. 

Ksith'3 (I. M. Mother, mgr.)— The Keith 
Stock Co.. supporting Frances Nordstrom and Sid- 
ney Toler, present "The Million," week of 28, 

It waa sensational to the audience, and ret tad 
to us who realised tbe danger. 

Miller Bros. * Arlington's Wild West Show is 
now right In the midst of tbe circus war. Ha 
who sows, thail reap. 

Vino and Fay, the original Barnum * Bailey 
rubes, sre scoring quite a hit with their rube 

Joseph Lewis, the original Tlddlther Cowboy, 
now with 101 Ranch, wants to thank the boys 
of the Barnum A Bailey Olrcus tor the pleating 
comments received from the clown brigade. 
Howdy, Paps. 

The band boya bad a treat white In Grand 
Rapids. All were escorted through the establlih- 
ment of York at Sons', manufacturers of musical 
lnitrumentt. »• 

Dan Dlx has something np his sleeve. Ho thould 
cut It. snd bear In mind he who hesitates will 

Mr. Toler to' the leading male role will celebrate plead guilty— -It will leak oat. What's the dope, 
his two thousand Ore hundredth sppearance In Dan 

stock In Portland this week. Faul Kerr, from 
tbe original production, appeared as Dooatelll. 
Excellent pstronage prevails. 

Ntw Poitland (Jos. A. McConville, mgr.)— 
Motion pictures are being shown- to excellent 

GaiELT'i (James W.Qreely, mgr.) — Vaudeville {law Yoas: Clots*. 

Ourse yottl Jsek Dal too. Jack's ant a Dew 

The 101 Ranch band boyi tre hsvlag a beauti- 
ful photo taken especially for Tbb Nbw YotK 

The Mesllngers tre new subscribers for Tub 

and motion pictures continue to good business. 
Bill 28 tnd .week: Fields and Hanson, May 
Owens, singer, snd moving pictures. 

Oasoo (M. 0. Bllumenberg, mgr.)— Motion pic- 
tures to excellent patronage. 

Bio Nicksx (Wm. B. Beeves, mgr.)— Motion 

Oafb Thiatbi, Caps Cottaos.— Motion pie- 

Tex MoCleod, formerly with the 101 Btncfa, 
advertises himself ss the world's fancy toper. 
Look out for your comeptltort, they will be there 
with hells on. 

Tommy Kckard, cowboy with 101. We all want 
to take our hata off to Tommy, he docs pony ex- 
press on a bucking broncho. 

Tbe Russian Cossacks' double riding Is excep- 
tionally pleasing. 

Gbh, Pxak'b Iblawd (J. B. Bishop, mgr.)— s, Msbel Cllne, who lost a wrltt wateb which 
This popular motion picture house Is doing big wt s a gift from her father, Is now happy to have 


BtvaiTOH Pabe (O. B. Smith, mgr.) — This open 
air theatre Is usually crowded. J. W. Gorman's 
musical comedies are the attraction. For week 
of 28, the Gorman Company presents "The Aero- 

It returned to her ; after a search It wat found by 
the arena director. Everybody'a happy. 

A few worda from the dining tents. We all 
mutt commend our nottble Mr. Tipton. The 
good eats are still being dished by the white coats, 
snd Billy Orett Is keeping things In fine condition. 

New Pavilion (J. W. Greely, mgr.)-JTba Ar- d we love celery? And the green grew all 

llngton Orchestra and dancing. 

1'AViLtow, Pbax's Island. — Motion picture! 
and dancing to good bualness. 

Majestic Bins, Peak's Island. — Motion pic- 
tures and roller skating attract goodly attendance. 

Aoditoeium. — "Klrmess," with Ave hundred 
people In national dances aid brilliant ballets 
will be given here by local society people Aug. 

1. 2 - 

Nona. — B. F. Keith and bit sou, Paul, are 
passing tbe Summer here, at Cliff Crest, on tbe 

Cape Shore James Dickson, s Portland boy 

and popular member of tbe Jefferson Theatre 
Stock Co., wsb given a reception by his many 
friends, at the Jefferson Theatre, 28. 

Bangor, Me.— Riverside Park— Bob Ott and 
company, In "I Should Worry" skit, written by 
his brother, Malt, waa a success. This was the 
first attraction billed by the Gorman's, and a 
big season Is prophesied. 

Palaob. — Motion pictures — "Tbe Mystery of 
the Old Corner House," "The Old Melody." 
"Every Inch a Heto" tre featured week of July 

Gbapbio. — Motion pictures. 

NlOKXL. — Motion picture*. 

Not». — BuDgor is booming as a show town, and 

managers are recognising It Another theatre 

foe beat attractions Is to be built In tbe near fu- 


Lafe Lewman, noted cowboy, hat contracted 
for a special mall box from tbe mall man. He Is 
popular, and yet we all with him many a good 
tumble. You better trot In double harness. 

Scottt akd Weaves Gsai sre choice makers. 
Tbe little birds have wings, but tbey have no 
salt to spread; but tbey are winners. Bat tome 
one has a good eye. Get me, Bunch? 

Del Loney, Fort Worth Lone Star, It now 
ticket seller with 101, alto a subscriber for N. 
Y, 0. 

Rocky Mounttln Hank says tome more notor- 
iety. He ssys recond time In six years. Also 
remarks lt't not a Wild West unless It turns over 
something. Och, Louie, tsys Joe Lewis. 

Princess Wenona says Venice, Col., looks good 
to her. She may probably Winter there. 

Mr. Harris and Madame Maratad were visitors 
in Muskegon. They departed for Kentucky for a 
fair engagement. 

Chief Iron Tail is now one of the big features. 
Special announcement made at each performance, 
introducing Indian and blton. Profile of etch 
are on the new nickel. 

Prof. K. Sogers hss made a decided hit with 
his Turkey Trot horse Horned. 

A besded vest was given aa a present to Geo. 
Miller Jr., from Cody Iron Tall Jr. Little George 
It- proud of It. 

Myrtle McBrlde. cowgirl, his left the string 

Los Angeles, Cnl.— Bcrbsnk (Oliver Morot- tot her home In Hot Springs, Ark. 

co, mgT.) July 21 and week, "Madame Sherry." THE MULLIGANS. 

'^0™^°!*™"'°*-' mB "- , ~ 21 " d "**' The Mulligan Guard, had te one grend ret- 

iSnS <ffi Twortey. rngr.)-BM 21 and S3?»«2gS %J t ZgR23£ S5fS 

week L Hugh Herbert. Model, de Luxe, M.e_DoIly ^J^^^V^^"^^ 

a little restless, thinking of sll those good pro- 

and Charles Mack, GUmore and La Tour, Elliott 
and West, Wilton and Merrick, comedy pictures, 

Lyceum (Morosco management). — 21 and week: 
Moving pictures of "The Prisoner of Zenda." 

Mobosco (Oliver Morosco, mgr.)— 21 and week: 
"Hawthorne, IT. S. A." __ 

Oephium (Clarence Drown, mgr.) — Bill week 
of 28: "Trained Nurses." Pslsce Girls, Davis 
and McCanley. Cecils Beretford, Four Le Grohs, 
Norton and Nicholson, Coombs and Aldwell, and 
Five Gormans. 

Pantaobb' (Carl Walker, mgr.)— Bill 21 and 

visions, etc., going to watte. Did tbey go to 
watte? "Neralrel ' We camped about fire miles 
out In the country, an Ideal spot, suited foe 
tbo spread. Chicken Charlie surpassed himself, 
as a jungle chef he stand, alone, and that's 
s bald headed fact. Tom McDevltt, alias Bur- 
boo Bob, spoke hit favorite piece with many 
in encore, A Cold One In the Hole." Fred 
Healy, that humorous ohaw, had some new 
ones for tbe ocasalon. Capt. Ray's pedal eitreml* 

week- Cora Youngblo^ &reou -Bexrette, Adair «« became ounTanagetble, a. the last seen of 
aadDleSS* Ed? vfitE Tond Barter? W^od!' Brown, "■ * «■ .KMS SHS. l K^" ,$£ 

hert Loose, new pictures. 

Bspublio (Bob Cunningham mgr.)— Bill 21 tnd 
week: The Two Stuarts. Lewis and Abbott, 
Walter La Mar, Woods' Musical Trio, the Dough- 
ertys. Ballard and Alberta, Patbe Weekly. 

CLUKaVa 1'irrii Stbbbt.— (Motion pictures. 

Chimb's Bboidwat.— Motion pictures. 

Scuta PALBf, native daughter of California, 
was given her first big opportunity In tbo prima 
donna role of Yvonne Sherry, Mr. Morosco be- 
lieves In Miss Paley he haa found another young 
woman possessing unusual ability, a beautiful sing- 
ing voice, a youthful charm and personality, 
n combination bnrd to Snd even among our moat 
celebrated prima, donnas. 

Snnbnry, Pa^— Rolling Green Park (Blanch- 
ard Amusement Co., mgrs.) vtudevllle and mov- 

n pictures. Business Is excellent. 
icxOBiA (General Amusement Co., mgrs.)— 
Moving pictures. 

PEOPLBs.— Moving pictures. 

Note, — Tbe Ideal Dramatic Club, under the 
direction of B, E. Gulp, has been divided Into 
ten different casts. The nlays In rehearsal ire: 
"The Honor of a Cowboy," "The Alttr of 
Itlches," "Down In Dixie." "Our Wives," "A 
Daughter of the Desert," "Arizona," "The Town 
Marshal," "Bast Lynne," "Because 1 Love You" 
and "Tbe Half Breed." 

Bernnton, Fa.— Poll (John H. Docking, 
mgr.) for week of July 28 the Poll Stock Co. 
presents "Life's Shop Window." 

Aibiat, Gaidbn (M. A. Comerford, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and Klnomacolor pictures, vaudeville 
changed Thursday, pictures dally, 

AOADauT (A. F. Wln.trom, mgr.) — Photoplays, 
Changed dally, and special feature nights, 

Buoa Dbiams, Wondbhh, Manhattax, Ob- 
paxtnt, Wondeuund, HiproDUOME, Viotouia and 
Dbbauland, moving pictures. 

^VHIIfimsport, Pa. — Vallamont Pavilion 
(»'. R. Amer, mgr.) the Pearl Stock Co., In 
'"Tbe Princess of Patches" and "Sanho," for 
week of July 28. Crowded houses ,rule. 





Week ending July 20. . ,,,. 

Big city and mora slitters'. The Herbert ij» 
tube Trio. Mrs. Williams, wta oa /telling »•' 

get out to the ring, to work. Detroit peoplo 
are tore show-going folks. 

Floyd King, our live wire press agent. Is lyre 
putting over some real press dope. Ho has the 
rlgbTTdes, and he Is still a young fellow. 

The Alealrae Troupe of setlsllste closed with 
the show Monday, and have gons hack to their 
satire country, France. That leaves the show 
with one lying act. The Fisher Glruan Troupe 
who are working In the center now and closing 

LorsllT and Bohelia Judge were out to see the 
show In Detroit. They ore doing a comedy act 
and working the United time. 

At test nlght'l performance, Ohaa. Fisher did 
a quadruple from the Ay bar to the net. He 
west fort triple ui forgot to let out M; tuck 
and did four tending safely on ate feet la the 

M boc. Olden meeting oil friends and Indulging 
In a little of the gtane. Doc tald he hope* he 
would feel all right the neat morning. And he 

"The Nettle Carroll Trio will beblllrt ay the 
following: "(8) Nettle Carroll Troupe (»> In- 
tematlonal tight wire irtlsls." The act to booked 
over tbe Sulflvau-Oooaldlne time thlt Winter. 

The second boxing match took place In the 
dressing room, Tuesday : If wins, three toon* go 
by Walter Ooroaila ant Slate Osveue. Tht same 
boya had a go two weeks ago Walter winning 
then. Slats was not satteM letting It the BrsT 
rime. Well. It was a fast light this time, and 
In the third round Walter landed with a right 
hand upper cut to the law, and Slate Hid 
••Knough. 1, That makes Walter lightweight CBtBV 

P Mrs. Alex. Brltstoa la very sick with appendici- 
tis. She may stay la Port Huron tor an opera- 
Pets Cornalla missed the train the other night, 
and now you can't get Pete off tbe esrs at 
eight ; tbe platform it ss fsr is be will go. 

Abe Aronson, riding elephant* In tournament 
Abe It a quick change artist. He la here, there 
and everywhere "muxegrove." 

There la a certain young fellow over here that 
weirs a loud ault, a funny shsped dicer and 
carries a cane. A regular Broadway cost. They 
call him Alibama Joe. 

Another birth I A baby doer wa. born In the 
menagerie. Mother and baby doing line. It's tht 
cutest little thing you ever taw. 

The business with the show this week haa been 
"ccpaclty." One of tbe largest concert, of the 
season we hsd to-dsy In Lapeer Mich. 

Fred Oevene, buying cold cream for his "He 
Girls" to take tho make-up off with. 

Mile. Nadjl hss had her mother on visiting her 
for tbe test week, from Chicago, where ahe makes 
her borne. She Is a very young locking woman. 

Msdam Bedlnl celebrated her birthday. 1 cau- 
not tell you tbo age aa I did not And out. Any- 
way she It .till a young looking tidy. Madam re- 
ceived lota of nice presents from ber daughters, 
Victoria Davenport and Flora Gulce, and the 
ladles of the dressing made her presents also. In 
return tbe Madam treated tbe ladles (o Imported 
Sherry snd Port wine, and her husband, Victor 
treated the men. Weill It was sure atrong dope, 
as several were reeling fine. And to flnlth It 
up Fred Jinks, the Saginaw kid, waa over visit* 
ing bis friends and Invited them all over to 
Saginaw for a dance and Dutch lunch. 1 Tbey 
had a special street car to tike them over to 
Btglnaw after the show. They hsd a dandy time 
with their old time clown Fred. Jinks. 

Owosas, Mich,, the home of Msyme 8ul1lvan. 
of the Nettle Carroll Troupe, and her fltber tnd 
mother, run the Occidental Hotel, so I know the 
troupe will est good to-dsy. anil another Dutch 
lunch after the ahow to-night 

Well, sorry. Tui Old Rbuabij did tot get 
my list week's notes In time to run them, si 
I bid a swell buucb of newt. But they ire lu 
thlt Issue. 

Wm. Main, Wnltcr Main's father, who llvet 
on a farm Ire miles from Owosta, waa a visitor 
to-day. He te teventy-alx years old, tnd looks 
fine, but he ttys he Is too old for tbe show busi- 
ness toy more. lie wis tbe first ram that Bert 
Cole ever trooped with when Bertie wat eleven 
years old. Be careful, Cote, yon will tell your 
age. So long, George, get more tleep; late bourt 
are telling on you. Remember that yos art i 
daddy now. "Yours quietly. Jack." 





were wedded at Put-In-Bay, and then went back 
to tbe Forest Olty for the parental blessing and 
honeymoon Joyt. ^^ 



Proceeding to the theory thlt ill press areata 
are natty moat of the time, and moat of turns 
thlt war all the time, I will continue where I 
left OS la Canada. 

Aa tnera 1s no fine auesied by the preia"agenta' 
union for telling the truth occasionally, tnd as 
many people delight In the horror of disaster (to 
someone else), It Is necessary tor thlt branch of 
the big canvas Institution to get out Its card. 


for oa July IB, ifter crossing the line at Inter- 
national Falls. Minn, on our gratis way to Vir- 
ginia, five cars of tbe trsln tried to hold a 
personal reception over a bad break In the roadbed 
causing the ahow to lose tbe entire day and night. 
The performers ind musicians sll went over to 
Bvellth to visit Cbis. 8ptrkt' Show, ind the train 
equipment wis moved on to Ulbblng, where a 
grand day's business portly repaid the loss of 
Virginia. Then Cbuholm and Rvelltb were satis- 
factory, tnd a long Sunday run to Cambridge 
save us the largest afternoon crowd on Monday, 
■lace the shows retnro from abroad (Canada). 

On July 14. during a .100 mile run in Cansdn. 
to Btlny Elver, the trtlnt were stopped to feed 
snd witer. It teemi tint tome one tuggeated a 
Bfty round boxing contest between Larry Bat-ualo 
and Harry MIcholcb, two expert cooks la the 
dining department. Charley Myers wn matter 
of ceremonies, and Fred. Cs.tello referee, Myers 
has claimed ever since tbtt It thould hire been 
a thousand rouud*, ind the fight ttirted whea 
the season opened In April, for It te such sa even 
match nobody get. hurt, snd tbe committee la 
tired buying new seta of gloves by the dosea. 

Bed Wing, July 33, tod Winona, 38, were both 
of the capacity Older, believe me. and Mr. Sher- 
man, or the St, Paul Show Printing House, will 
a wear to It 

Oat. Tower. Is a solid fixture here, snd his 
snnei money a record to be proud of surely. 
Ohas. Sweeny, tbe oldert equeatrlan director la 
the world, celebrated his fifty-seventh tented eei- 
son st Winona, where he wss with Dan Castillo's 
Show over fifty years ago, for tbe dally paper 
laid so. 

A man named Moss runs a moving picture 
house st Itolllngstone, Minn., snd says bs can't 
even gather In anything located permanently. 



(Week of July 30). 

Mol Inc.— Loot haul to tho lot. We showed to 
a packed tent here, both matinee and night per- 
formance. Mr. Davli, a brother clown, who was 
with us season of 1912, mode us s visit in Molina 
snd Muscatine. Everyone was glsd to tee him. 

Muscatine.— Not a very largo town, but we did 
tremendous business. There certainly WIS a 
change In tho weilber compared to Moltne. It 
was cool hero and a breeto stirring ill day. Al. 
White, well known clown and comedian, undo us 
I visit In Muscatine, i 

Omierrllle.— Jxing run. front Muscatine Into 
Oentervlllo, ono hundred and miles. 
but It wit made In record-breaking time, and we 
tbowed to packed tent. 

We were In Kanttt City three days — Sunday, 
Monday and Tuesday— showing Monday and Tura- 

Quite t few live In Kinsts City. Louie Ps- 
monda. Max Olllle and wife, and others. There 
to one I forgot to mention — Otcar Has*. Kvcry- 
one knows that Oscar Uvea In Kansas Olty, for 
he hat been announcing It for the list two weeks. 
The thaw it good to the boys this tetson, Uklng 
tbem ill to their hornet. 

long, for shipping scenery, automobiles, advance 
baggage, prtvlllgo, motor boat, stock and merry- 
go-rounds. Desirable for show and circus com- 
panies, neanonatile rates. 

Room 61*, 33a g. Mlcplgsm Awe., Chicago 

Tents, Circus Seats, Poles and Stakes 

Scud for money saving list. 

I'EAIlIi VAN, NorfUrllle, H. V. 

_ beautiful Brodle In the lake. When Johnny 
Callahan can't .ay aarsoparllte ask him for a 
few pointers on the political situation In Ohio. 
Ssy, Jocko, cheese is 0. K. In Loudon, hut please 
have a heart the next time. Birney McCann ind 
Kid Lush manicured the Mnrpbys to a nicety. 

Lefty Louie hid the Hook Worm up to the time 
of the eats. The Morwalk noise went for t 
coil rather Hidden. Sheriff Waterman had bit 
handa full "of cold ones." 

Battling Palmer and Deacon Wilton had t de- 
bate with Joe Hudson on tbe price of pictures, ' 
Billy Blton settled as be always docs. 

The Ononis behaved remarkanlv well, consid- 
ering the fact that Butch John Chaperon for the 
Guards, could not attend, on account of urgent 
business elsewhere. 

Chester Brers, champion toper, received a beau- 
tiful oil piloting recently of hit own dear self, 
for services rendered. 

George Bennett, formerly of the Barnum k 
Bailey Show, visited it Ktitmaxoo, George It In 
the Insurance business, doing quite well, thank 


Hilda, the handcuff queen, Is still mysttfyteg 
the many with ber mysterious manoeuvres with 
the manacles In the side ahow. 

Thanks for the present, boys. All 1 need now 
Is the pick, as the snow Is deep In the big village. 

Kay GUI, treasurer of the 101 Banco, meets 
many old acquaintances en roufe. • 

Jolly May Belle, our 850 pound fat girl, hat a 
charming personality which, accounts for her 

Doc Bectae tnd his Chinese Orchestra, with 
the leader. Art. Waterman, on the Zoma Show, 
never falls to pick 'em In. Always on tbe grind, 
especially with that manicure set. 

Did you know that Chappy waa a real Thes- 
pian? Honest to goodnesi be wis. 

The Btyrooty Troupe, who ba* been with ill 
the big ones, never fall, to incite wonder with 
the Whirling Derrlsh Dance In the side show. 

There was on annex to Bert's dog opera. Bat 
of i short duration. Curly Marx changed hit 

What Is tho matter with Butch John's Braves! 
Was that last gome a knockout 1 

Tbe sit-in-one thow Is still with It with, the 
Old Reliable O. R. on the front. 

Mr. Milton proved to the folk, at Allegan tbtt 
be showed Just what be advertised before be 
would take their "Kale." 

V. O. Badley leases tho show tt Kensington, 
111. He's some Scotch drummer. 

Tom Hsyoes and Ctpt. Olsude bare purcbisett 
a chicken ranch In Texas. Will take possession 
after Dec. I. Who said chicken! 

Jolly Mabelle paid a flying visit to friends and 
relatives at Ft. Wayne last Sunday. 

Ask "Tom" (Capt.) Claude and "Butch" Lens 
about Grand Bapldsl Some town, some time. 

Mty Joe Is with us tgalu. Some drawing card. 

Piper Mi], Wm. Sheerer has ordered a new set 
of bagpipes from Scotland. Btyi he's going to 
hive "some act" next Winter. 






BIO BUOOKBa -Opcn Nov. 20 for Kngagementa, 






3tl Beasoa with the Barnaul Show 

(Special to Toe New Yobk Clipper.) 
Onioiao, Monday, July 28. 

Gentry Bros' Trained Animal Snow. It the 
attraction under canvas In Chicago this week. It 
te one of tbe largest trained animal eiblbltlona 
In tbls country, .ml will make Its borne on Chi- 
cago lots for in Indefinite period, having arrived 
here from Mllwtukee on Sunday. Every night 
the thowi will move from lot to lot utll neatly 
every section of tbe city his been visited. 

The trslns were unlosded Sunday morning, and 
the equipment transferred to Leland Avenue and 
North Clark Streets. Sunday afternoon tbe 
menagerie tent wa. thrown open to tbo public 

On Montey morning t street parade was held, 
followed by two performances, at two and eight 
o'clock. The stands of the thow for the week 
are: Monday, Leland Avenue and North Clark; 
Tuesday, Milwaukee and Sawyer Avenues; Wed- 
nesday, Armltage and forty-fourth Avenue.; 
Thursday, Grind Avenue ind Division Street; 
Friday. Like Street snd Forty-seventh Avenue; 
Saturday, Almi ind Anguati Streets. Tbe shows 
hive never presented a thow on Sunday, ind will 
not vary from that rule while here. 

In the complement of trained snlmatt wltb 
the show It nearly every performing creature, 
from a house ctt to an elephant. 

Wamik.v A. PAIMOC 


Elopements are a feature of family life In the 
Boblnson family. Eleanor Boblnson, ono of the 
twin daughters of John O. Boblnson, of circus 
fame— granddaughter of Governor John V. Robin- 
son, and great granddaughter of the original 
uncle John Robinson, founder of tbe Robinson 
Shows— Is tbo heroine of thlt romance. Her own 
father. John 0., eloped with Leonora Smith, 
daughter of ex-Mtyor Amor Smith. Tbe groom 
in this list mirrltire "on the wing" It Robert 
B. Papwotth, of Otereland. Tbe young oouplo 


One or tbe features with 10k Ilsmrrt 


Quiet JackOliver Moore SS-iSSS 

Bill! Wltb that different Wire act 

mam gog. circus, 1913 


with 101 Hunch ahow as a featnre. 


Rajmi Convertible Piano In Rblnpltijr cam, Fold- 
lug Ora>rm, Hand ()r«ann, Crunk Piano, ono 80- 
foot round top wltb two ao-foot middles, pretsaro 
SIVO. CO,, SprlngBeld, III. 


Tucker Duck and Rubber Co., Ft. SmlTh, Ark. 
Make good tents, Save you money-, Write for 
our new catalog. ^^ 



4S1-M Oortlandt Bt ., N. V. 

In antucriny ait. picnic mention Ciippxn. 



Want to Btrengtben blu Show, featnro Aerial Act, Troupe of /apt, Ladr Principal Blatr wltb Stockl 
Comedy llara of any good Novelty and Comedy ground Acts, nonsatlonol featnre for Concert doing 
other acts; Man to work Pony Drill and Biding Dog Aot; Oriental Dancora and Novelty Aola for Bido 
Show. Lon« season; salary snro and prompt. All-day grinder for Pit Show, Colored Mntlctena 
to strengthen Annox Band. Routes PltteOeld, N. II,, July SO! Suucook, N. U., Bit Newport, 
hS-Am-H <*mmm KM*m Cuarlwiown, N. ll., «, Keooo.N. U.. ft; Attwl, Mm, Oj Owen! 

Ala ABs« AUli Ba ' 

field, 14***,, f 



August 2 

oh ra» ran. »mtu.i, jult 20. 

m*...^ •*»-*• t /*» iiTTT *\ »f!T , *"l* ¥*T *I*I">ATTTYT T? twenty-four Hoar m»n. On Sunday it '• .* 7*i* {Ci^nn Y Armour Company, Mr. and Mm. Every week there Is a opt record of time klni 

TTXTf. PIT T V WTT W lA/FVl IN I frill Kl 1* « rlcasure to wl him around the lot and listen "^"J^aVli W a7 Atalna aid th« W«Mtb B ade on our outfit tols i*»*on. Sometimes It i, , 

1 WU DLLLO W1U/ WI-J1 HI IIW/UDJLIU* t0 W .wn,, of "the man ahead." MrHowland **"' TtbI'n,; "ok Ounrn Belw' new record for bad weather but the past W „J 

* * f V la well known In show circle., and in the W nter S^fLrj „]„ Booth Chicago next week. It was for tuick work In handllns ibe show, 

■ ■ . , |a the superintendent of the New York Hippo- 8 *°S, w , ul B p i7. ghowa own here to-day. . titer arriving at Crookaton. It was 10.80 when 

mnra. Cttlo Ml 25.— Dislgter h«8 wla> on that account. Bowerer, we did not attach In (jrdo*. H3fc> Miller leaves tor Dresden. Germany, we palled In on Thursday nistit. We were olreadr 

iMthT^nffnlo ^Bili rWBlSS end Pawnee OMeaw, and tlie stow wenjsway from toere 00 Another bright ipot every morning is ft! T. IW * J"g .^Splr* uuHir-rX^" one day late. being delayed In Winnipeg, "2 

f^mtFlUl. H^MMt^H U ?.Tw lb Vr D ^wUn , ^Yi%« U S?* 1 ind *** w5M»? J* !S!l W, i JI22 Sr^'foSta»»?T%rt5l R^c'TsW; «« fj* The fair, waa to be^opened'at *S 

h^sjCt** ^^ fits mffi«53MaS3« MVr 

out of UiIb city. Trouble, wmcn aas Men jTSnasiwiHt if leartTw.o6o7and>rtLin1e " "^S Drew*totoed at Danbury, In the capacity W^ ^fmJH jSSFJSLi^L^J^ 

&mMjfo B*J2fi£Z£sB£ S ?»Al«_«»<.-jL.*>«a, S^-Wil £5 - 5 l Bt , 8&«s , i > pitrtow^o Mr.. Forte.. grtjS.lsa: dt 

the attachment of the Bhow for 106,000, by tubMiBttM- "Therefore, In "View" of that default 
the United State* Printing and Lithograph ^ Llllle'., I Instructed Charlea H. Redmond and 

Co. and aa the ahow owners bate noF fur- j onn T , u ttom, the attorney! who represent the 

nlsiicd the required bond, amounting to United State. Printing and Lithographic Ooin- 

double that of the attachment, the crganlza- jiany In Denver, to take snch measures aa they 

?K.i T«»! nun blought neceaaaTy here to protect my company. 

A s^Snd "ttochment, anpplemaiting the '"T reached fcnver nryjelf Jtooday uwnlng and 

"-'-"^"ftua In behalf had a conference with Colonel Cody and Major 
Llllle. Redmond and Bottom were present at 

Now for the movies I 

one mentioned, for *20,000, 


(Special Wire to Tom Ourra). 

A. at., Friday, and about the quickest work ever 
done «n an outfit like this was commenced. The 
haul wa. about n inllc. At B a. if.. Buckskin 
Ben's Wild Went ar.d Dog and Pony Showa w as 
ready. They were the fir»t one, bnt from that 
tlmo on until O.SO, one by one was floUhedd until 

unc mcu..^^ •-• ;--.■-£,-■ ri-fioifli, Llllle. Bedmond ana Bottom were present sx Jolt 28. 

of *L H - T aau££?.i .nrhnraS to ?he flow, that conference. LIUIe admitted hi. default and ^g 101 n^jj, ^,1 WUa We »t Show ga»e two 

proved an **££^"&3£g/° LPiJ ^2 asked th.t we do nothing until another confer- „Somi£>tirwi the Nat. Bel.s Faoooa Sbowa 

and tbere se«n» lUUe likelihood or Its con ^^ yfUA ^ Mte<1 for „„ Tuetdoy— yeateiday. opened aweek". engagement yerterday. a 

Fred Sargent, formerly of Barnum A Bailey, 
and now prominently Identified with amusement 

affairs In Venice, California, was a CLrprBB caller tverythlng was Id good shape One might m 

today, while In Chicago in conference with local that we were playing a one Jar stand, as tbe big 

rjartles In reference to a big amusement deal for crowd was out. Friday and Saturday was very 

tte Pacific Ooastnow Minder way, detail, of which light. Orookston has a nice little fair, but the 

Sat bY printed In a mjbsequent Issue. nttend.iiee doe. not Justify a cam val cownanr 

Mr Sareent stoiTOuoff at Denver en routs with twenty or more attractions playing it. ii ow . 
East, and airs "Two Bill.' Shows condlHons are ever, every one made a^ MM* mm nlthongh it 
Trttifnl •• *a» working a uttio too fast in the liandllni; of 
the .now. 


ence, which be .aked for on Tuesday— yesterday. J™^ . week's engagement yesterday, ut Ken- , , _. r Superior, Via., Is our next week stand, and we 

CommUsioner Nlabett bnB placed deputies* ^ h , Te ^ ten linie t)M , receipt, for another ?„•„, '^.t toth .ggregatlon« played to splendid rnlns Far Bast have changed the Ir A sbury Park, too rNeptct>l of nlcep 
charge of tbe abow property, and a dla- a , y ^ ev (n | nr . Therefore we attached the bm^e,,. rte i l Banch Show created an un- N. J., with the .Bed Bank date, on Aug. 7, to -^jj Jjj =, k | rtlnf 

In charge 

I cool weather all wert. onr 

nerecmeut between the two showmen owners Bnow tD a | t s car. and— by constructive possession vtmK \i J f aTO rable impression, the parade coming avoid playing Bed Bank on the same oato w»u w ^ m , ktng today. 

Dresages a dissolution of partnership. .A _ tne track, on which the cars owned and n.ed oy j n r or C nthaela.tlc approval. „ . _ . another show. out,-, has Ecd ° Dlon . : " wltu "": Not onlr w . 1,h «". hut 

number Of the advance dates have been can- the ahow are now standing. Llllle has abandoned- under the aaepice. of tbe Business Mens' Club, Ad* Cuuia^of the Cla lr« Twin Slaters, ana f g Onion may make some nerialfllgLin , t 

EXES and every move points to a definite the men with tbe .bow and thrown them upon Nat- j^ „ m h „ e , big week. almost foly recovered from the bad fnlM anc had tlmw _ aDd h „ nB8 , b al wonder i Dg how 

eel lea, ana every juoyc •""'" Denver, but I have arranged for their feeding Among the visitors who divided their time be- in Watertown on July 8, and will soon te la p arac i, a , w ^ Da , Bp j,is sleeve to use, and if hj> 


and housing and I have also arranged for the tween these amusement enterprises yesterday harness again 


rnlwrrrw THIl*' Hhnws lias been unfortu- and housing and 1 have also arranged for t no 
Th« Two Bills ,» nftw " fl " _,„ i_phlla- ret urn of the Indians with the ahow to their 
,te Ihta ******>£• 1 ",J P fJi a n A G Ss5?at"as™ Meantime. I want to «ay that Llllle 

e,rofltiible, and, In fact, In the iiiJ«IIim JgJ iTeantlme ttat Colonel Cody Is lo LUlle's 

were: Coknel W. W. Cochrane, Frank Gentry, 

f t'onlfnueil on page tS.) 

show fas not tnado tnoncy. .In many, pt 

Here la tho oltnatlon regarding that matter: 
We offered to agree to defer poyment of our 



tody a mortgage on, the ranch Ja Norn Platte. 

' "10. Llllle holds 
hotel owned by 

■corses of a multl-inllllonalre to lias it over jj^ mortgage on the &(... 

the abonli. Oidy. In Cody, Wyoming. That hotel la wvrtb 

Th« Desvar Pot t, of Inly 28, itatea tbe e.M »7s,ooo. o>l<«el Cody l. willing to tr.nsfer 

aothorlLtivelr « tollowa; , „ , these secniitle. to onr company so that the show 

"The sttachment Monday nlatt, In Denver, of „,,, ^ released to flnlat tbe seaaon, but Llllle 

tbe Buffalo Bill and Townee Bill Shows by ths ^im blank refuse, to make any such tranafor, 

Uulled states Printing aud Lltnvgrauh Company, lna 0Br only recourse, therefore, was attack* 

was a step taken as much iu the Interest* of mt. 

Buffalo Bill a* It waa in the lnteteat. of the « -jjow, then, let me aay something concerning 

printing and lithographic company, according to the connection of Mesars. F. 0. Ttonfll; and B. H. 

■ statement made In Denver to-day by AitolplJ Tatntaen, owner, of the Sella-Floto Clrcua, with 

Marks, of Chicago, general counsel of tbe United the Boffnto BIllFawnee BUI Showa. At the be- 

fetutes Printing and Lithograph Company, at Cm- , inning of thl. season Mr. BonSIs and Mr. Turn- 

elnnull, Ohio. . men loaned to Colonel Cody and Major Llllle tbe 

"■As general counsel for the United Bute. ilua of , 20 ,oo0 with which to start the season. m^Sf SUETu\SmTBUm >«.. this 

Prlntlog and Utbograph ComiKiny,' said Mr. ^.t loan la now overdue. But Mr. llonfil. and * JJ{ 00 ln( f^J , , ,r ' ll JJeeably Impressed w th the gen- 

Mtrks, 'I can say that we hnvc noue but the Mr . Tammen have made no attempt of any kind ™ l " , e » n . , f k wa " ? S orgauljatlon. While busl- 

frlendllct feelings for Wonjl William Cody, to emtmrras. Colonel Cody and his partner be- ■» ff'SKEgo Height, was not of a meteoric na- 

Col. Oody Is an honest man. If it Is possible M cause of default on that loan, and they have not JJJJ 'ZS^FgS^mwSi good nnd the ahow 

a man to be too honeat. then. Col. Uody. Is JUnt interfered la any war with the .legal processes by tore. £* l l SSta. n ^j lu . lHh ebow 




ninn".""when. Col. Coiiy'rcluriieil "to America from which l"vras"ceni'pelled "to protect mv company. «"ye great satisfaction 

his inat great tour of Kuroi>e lie paid voluntarily They have been broad-minded and generjma 'V Vi'ir^and Mu^er Rela. 1. lustUed''to be- C. E." Mela, Barney B. Quartar. ticket sellers -, 
to Ibe Ilnlloy estate Ibe sum of *I100 GOO, nlthouiiH thronrtont. Now, however, and quite naturally. H « taSSnllll " BTm 111 Prank Bennett, talker; II. lUmmood. glass 

the estate 

he owed 

no attachment 
bands hove be... 

by tlie way l» which be seems to have deeded 
over all his proiierty to his present partner, Ma- 
jor Llllle — lbs Tawaoo Dill' of tbls present ahow 

'Here sre> the fact. 1" ""* case. In DecemUr 
psny entered Into u Joint" and several contracts 

Uic lotted Slates 

facts In 

g and Lltliograph Com- 

Jm-T 2R & Ihe absence - 

day, JIfalnat tho Buffalo Bill Wild West and Pn w 

A wholesome St 
and the various attractions 

mm P«r Kaat flbowa. D. Clinton, who was ]J^<S*££L* &L**l *&L!2*& 

opiwlnted receltcr, will go to Denver, Col., file "liowaj. lucompetent^nanas, 

Willi Colonel Cody sad Major Llllle for tbe print 
Ing of all their posters and lithographic nutter 
and program, and date bills for the season of 
1018. It sal estimated that that printing would 
amount in tho season to about $50,000. At 
that time my company held notes to the value of 

Jonathan v. Ti-rr)'. »:uo.2i!: Charles Anderson, 

»:id, aud Fred. W. Diddle, |3,S0O, 


.Tilt 29. 
Tun Is advised direct from Denver that 

will land, and where, but he generally knows 
where he Is golag to light. In other words 
"There's a rcoeon." 

Okorge Calahan came back with ui at Cedar 
R&plda, and is one of the bnsy ones. George "on 
go out on Saturday night and sell a sleeping cor 
in about ten minutes. George la one of those 
boy. that It would take a great big book to keen 
s list of the names of his friends. 

Buckskin Ben to, as usual, "packing them In." 
No one has ever tried to frame up a show Just 
like Ben's, and even if they did, they could never 
make the success that be has done with his. Den 
Goes Ills own talking on tbe front, and his errong 
personality and the earnest way be has of telling 
things, gains tbe people's confidence at once. 

The Water Show la keeping up its record for big 
crowds, and tbe rainy weather does not make any 
<Uffereoce > as the girls do not mind getting wet. 

Jack Polllt has added one more freak to his big 
ten In-one. This is s kangaroo rat. horn with 
tint two legs. It makes a very attractive addi- 
tion. Jack has been up among the tnpmoney 
class with all hi. shows for nearly sll season. 

Went In a drug and news store the other dsy at 

Crookston, and asked for s Ouppant. Was told 

they did not handle them, bnt thought I could get 

one In the hardware store nnt door. 



rrroBR-ST, Mien., July 24. 
Tbe Great Southern Shows are now In Petoskey, 
showing under the auspices of tbe City Fire De- 
partment, and everyone la well pleased with the 
way things are turning ont. 

While the shows were In Traverse Olty the 
merry-go-round owned by Wm. In inn n was pur- 
chased by J. B. Moore, of Lapeer, Mich. 

Elmer Cote sold his high striker to Mack Fos- 
ter, and left the ahowa in Traverse Olty. 

Louis Berger, the general agent, Is well ahead* 
with his booking, nnd was back to the show on 
a visit in TrsveiEo City. 

Thelma Evens left tbo shows in Traverse Olty. 

The grounds In Traverse City were very sandy, 

Jfoio Lee, Fat Babv, all yeara old: weighs 207 making it very difficult to get stukea to hold. 

louiida — Kruiy Jones, manager; Mrs. Knuy Harry Blum now has charge of B. II. Klela's 

Jones, attendant ; Tootsle Jones, playmate j Wm. Juice and Ice cream cones. 

Common, Lawrence Benton, ticket »ellera. Mrs. Mamie Bchlebcrl Jumped from Colorado 

/•.'lliworfa, Fioe-ln-Onc — Phil. Ellsworth, mau- City. Col., to Petoskey. to Join her spot the sfiot. 

ager; Dick Dchlller, Bob Jones, ticket sellers; Mrs. Ousale Beauford Is back with the tdiowa 

Joe Dowen, cnnvaainan. again after a two weeks' visit win frltada at 

.Irene, the human Butterflv—3. Q. Fenn, man- her home In Philadelphia, 
ager: Mra. J. G. Fenn (Irene); Dan Cotta, me- Joe Beauford, who left the shows In ManlHice, 
. cbanlc I Geo. Anderson, Will Msley, ticket sellers ; to take a much need rest, Joined tbe sbow agala 
came this Fall aud his leaving will renlly be a K. O. Jones, Bill Akers, musical bally-boo; Candy In Petoskey. 
loss to tho business. louersou, cauv.sman. Tbo shnw. leave here Sunday, for Saulte Ste. 

Boater Not Itclss Sbowa: Executive — Nat Betas, Jfofordrome— Chas. Hoffman, manager; Dick Marie, where they ahow for one week, under lb. 

(Special to Thb Niw Tork Clippbb.) 

OiicAtio, Saturday, July ZG. 
I bad the plaasure of visiting tbe Nat Betas 

Tbe Nat Belas Shows 
wlif pTay'oa Flic streets In Kensington, 111., week 

lector*: Jas. Powell, Will Pollard, Geo, Richard- 
son, Itobt. Johnson, asslstnat.. 

Condcinaiin Ferris Wheat— J. O. Fenn, man- 
ager; Howard McKlnstry, engineer; D. W. Ootto, 
assistant euglnetr; Mel. Jackson, ticket seller. 

Kutciijomimr Va4tle—Un. B. C. Normllc, 
manager; 11. L. Masters, principal clown: Geo. 
Brown, Jack White, assistant clowns ; K. E. 
Dowdy, masher machinist. 

lids Ten in One — C. E. Mcts, manager; Mrs. 

_ section of this issue 
of Tub Now Yoiik Cijipeu, It is not Improbablo 
that M imager Beiss will retire from tbe carnival 

1 10,000 from tbe Buffalo Hill Pawnee Bill Show, ,,,„ T „„ lm , H1 ,„ w uaB t^,,, disbanded for the owner aad general manager; J. G. Fenn, bnalueis Weston, door talker; Chick Walcott, mechanical auspices of the Elks 
which notes matured In April and May of this it . 1>0 „ „„ uat e. bsve been canceled, tbe perform- manager and treasurer ; Eeuben Oruberg and Jas. ■toll bally-boo: Ed. Wickwlre, E. H. Eckwroth, ■ 

year, aud which note., also, wsrs Indorsed by fri are scattering snd all the feature acts have Wal.b, concession managers: Z. A. Augur, gen- 

.--i" in a »na i"i"i» nv. !■- !•■> n s/i (ilrllli VUUsjTIsVavw ujnuaH^iD . mi. **. .iumih ■ o* ■• 

Major Llllle. Joined other alion.. Tbe Indians have been sent cru J agent. J. W. Balk? and Paul O. Binm, pro 
" 'Now, then, up lo the btglnnlng of July ; of tb » l, ack t<> „ ie (.Ko^fjtion,, 'fhomas Smyth, of Tul- outers ; J. Edwardi, general superintendent ; John, 
year my company bad supplied to tho Cody- Llllle )yt u wn, Pa., claims he l> owner of half the plant viilte, train master; Ed, Walsh, anlutant train 
•how printing to the value of $40,000. Up to tho „„t n(> gipce attsebment was Hied, nurcbaaed tnaatvr; Fred Kampeter, electrician; Geo. Ander- 
beglinilng of July wo had not received a cent ou Major 'Llllle's other half. He has tiled salt In aou, assistant electrician; Joe Moderer, chief car 
account of that printing. About July 1 my coin- federal Court agalnHt the sheriff tor SoO.000. 
pany loatructed me to attach the abow, which William 1*. Hall, of Lancaster, Mo., has a rep- 
came to Chicago at that time. I prepared to at- rcsentullfe here through whom be claim, the 
tech, but Major Llllle taw wo ami asked for time, taut elephants, now housed at the Sella-Floto 
Llllle agreed to send mo |10,000 on account of winter tiuarl.ra, where all tbo animal, ore lielng 
Ihe $00,000 if we would let the .how go un- carefully looked after, 

Lew Itea, Mra. Bca, ticket 

attnrbed and continue ou for about two mora 
weeka. Tbla I agreed to do, although Llllle's note 
for $10,000 on account of ihe printing fur the 

tircvloua season was then In default. W« felt 
rlentlly to Colonel Cody and didn't want to era- 
burraaa him. After agreeing to thai exteaaloa of 
time with Llllle ws lent the ahow printing to tho 
value of tIB.OOO, and that brought the total In- 
debtedness of the Cody-LHlle showa to tbe print- 
ing comnuny— for this present season — to more 
tbnii 110,000. And not one cent had beeu ptild 

Bide ahow Maiiuger Harry G. Wilson claims ho 
owns the wild ualniala In the side show, and tho 
U. 8. Tent and Awning Co., of Chicago, have 
replevlneil tbe canopy tent, claiming lliey are tbo 
owner, of same. 

lVrfomiers, who nro stranded In Denver, have 
begun suits through Varloua Denver attorney, for 
amounts owln* them. All employees so stranded 

jk J M j Oft g , rider, j i*w uea, «r.. ttss, ssssssi CARLSTROM'S FALL. 

' fatwnaflMal r»eatre— Chaa. Dekrako, mana- _ rrofeaaor Carlalrom, aviator, with the Fernrl 

ger; Ourley Hlder, ticket seller; Odette, Mamie, Show, bad a very narrow escape. Flying tan 

Lakeua, dancers; Joe Mills, canvaaman. Brautford to Toronto with a heavy wind behind 

Gtroldins and Babv — Bill Evans, manager; « lm. In fact, a small gale, Prof. Carltrom hutl a 

neuter; Alec. Bhodes, painter; Dode Corey, press Harry Smith, ticket seller; Walter Johnson, cau- nilahap with his machluc, the controller breaking. 

agent; Fred. O. Burd. secretary; D. W. Cotta. vaaman f u *' x " lt ,bo B, m» time tho frame broke, caused 

bllll-oard agent; Barney Loten, band leader. d, t „ b. Klowers, cookhouse, knife rack, dart by oak worms In tho wood which were not per- 

Band: 0. Uazcleaf, B. L. Isbell, Leon Jordau, eallery und hlch striker. elidible when tbe machine was made, aa tbo 

11. H. Meyer, O. Waplee. W. Psagusl, John Geo. Beynolds, China wheel, ball game and outside surface was smooth nnd had all appear- 

Bheppard. Geo. Calno. John O'Cnlela. L. S. Logan, r illo range. aim ol being a perfect piece of wood. 
C. A. Daleer, 11. Poos, B. Lewis, O. Hsney. Tony Spring, feather flowers and candy Boss. Falling fully teven hundred feet and lending la 

Free Acta: Marvelous Melville, the upside j. O. Gibson, Japanese! plug pong and China ? tree two miles from Oalcvllle. Ontario, Canada. 

dowu man; Ted and Kriu, high diving dog.; wheel. he milled himself together to Und that all thnt 

Iltieucn Gruherg, doll wheel, confetti and nov Mf had hapneoed to him personally waa a ten 

ATI J1A<: I IO.NH : 

DisfelosaT— Curley Blair, manager; Andy Lewis, 
Dutch Wllklns, ticket sellers; Qeo. Lucy, Bill 
Walker, canvsanen; W. Whltmore, Alex. Untlsen, 
Joe Bokea, principal comedians ; Mia.. M. Whit 



were cared for by tho sheriff, Hie cook tent being m nD mihi C. Bently, Mlas 0. Gadaen, Ed. John 

kept open to accommodate tbeae people. BO n, Karl Johnson, K. C. Jones, singers and 

Waiiukn A. Fatuok. dancers; 0. B. Johnson, plsno. 
111 Jfotelle, the BUj Girl Show: L. 8. Hogan, 

shaken up, but not seriously Injured. A local manager; W. H. Carden, chief electrician; Harry 

horse trader lu Port Jervls brought some outlaw. Bp|iB, Joe Barry, assistant electricians; L. Lock, 

Br al. niiri.uin. 

In yesterday, four rangy, wicked looking brutes, 
but they couldn't throw onr cow-hunds. 

Art La Pearl was ringing something abso- 
lutely new In the sent, before the sbow, tbo mes- 
senger boy clown. He really puts on some sei-euni- 
lngfy funny HtmitM with the crowds. Jud Brown 
la working with him. 

Our bunch of cowgirls was augmented last 

John Wilson, ticket sellers; Moselle, Miss S. 
Pluuket; Lottlo Bogert, Grace Blair, Ella Carden, 
Blllv Wells, Mlaa Lorton. specialties ; Miss Ham- 
mood, Mlas ElliBton. Mlas Cornell. Miss Johnson, 
i ; Dad Wolff, B. Morrow, Jsek 

HiiNKunAt.i:, Fa.. July 27. 

Business la One, thuuk you. luo last three 
days In Connecticut, and the two daya In New 
York were Just one thing after another la the 
matter of crowds. 

And we have a 
show bind, whose 
arena, and feats 

genuine specimen of the real article, who does 
thlugs and sava nothing about It, JUamlo Klchor, 
cowboy, la lli» man. 

Little Jliomle McOulre. a Brooklyn boy, la 
visiting frlenda hi Port Jervls, N. V. The little 
fellow has recently recovered from a fever and 
was sent by his parents away from the crowded 
ivudltloua of the lilg city life to tbe smaller town, 
to recuperate. Yesterday, with some of his com 

Mlas Imiiiell, chorus 
Morrow, canvasmen. 

Trip to Ifooti— W. L. Wright, manager; Slim 
. Leesman, master machinist; John Hogan, Geo. 
week by the arrival of Misses Dorothy Carter and Tate, assistant machinists; Mary Plclster, Geo. 
Iluclah Warg, Miss Warg comes from the J. Winters, ticket sellers; II. Walker, canvaaman. 
Frank Hatch Shows. Parker TarcO Ahicl Juntplnp aor.e Corpuissl game, 

J. Bosentbal, manager of tbe No. 1 Car. re- _sam Nngatn, manager; Joe Nagatt, aaalrtant J. Taylor, flah pond, 
signed, I understand, lo better himself In an- manager ; B. A. Stewart, engineer ; Geo. Bead, as; Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, bear wheel, country store 


Mra. James Wa!nh, candy wheel, country store 
ond hoop-la. 

Fred, Fnrr. knife rack and hoop-la. 

Sam Nagato, vase wheel. 

Fen Fouat. bear wheel. . 

Nate Miller, China wheel and poodle dog wheel. 

Ed. Sbrlner. ball game. 

J. Seeord, ball game. 

Mrs. 11. Meyers, hand strike. 

Sam Soloman, African dip. 

John White, ten pin game. 

Joe Dickson, soft tlrluka and cones. 

Mr. Pollard, postal gallery. 

Mr. Wnmsley, postal gallery. 

J, Finch, dart gallery and doll rack, 

it. Meltter, weighing scales. 

J. T. Howard, pop corn machine. 

Rd. Walker, ping pong. 

T. T. McOreary, ride range and ping pong 

Inch tear in his trousers on tho Inside of tbe 
right knee. When tbe wing broke It caused the 
engine to accede to the power of gravity aod most 
naturally being heavier than the profcKsor, got to 
the tree a little In advance, and broke tbe branches 
(ond tbe momentum) aavlug bl. life. 

Going to the nearest farm house he nrranged to 
be conveyed to Oakvllle, where be canght a 0. I'. 
It. train for Totonto. Arriving on ibe lot he was 
simultaneously accosted by Vic. Levitt and 0, II. 
Alnsworth, and asked where hla aeroplane was. 
Ills reply, to the astonishment of both partlea, 
was, "I have none." Then when asked to explain 
he said; "I once had one. but It Is a pile of 
kindling wood ond Junk out there about twenty 
mllcB." He also said: "It was my first 1011,* 
and I hope to God, boys, It will be my last. Boys, 
I thought of everything I hud ever done In my 
life during that fall." • 

Oarlatrom left for New York to get another 
machine, and promises to bo on the Job again la 
Woodstock next week. 

hero Not of ihe eustoinarv ° a "' capacity, not. however, wild this attrac- Blatant enguicer; Bll Heed, Joe Oweiia, ticket nnd ball game. • 

hernlami. iwifined to iSa tlo °- w a« »m.ble to see him. s» cannot say where aclivra ; Oeo. Parsons, Billy Bonders, ticket col- Al. Cullen, stein wheel 

of kroner Iv"^a7tai but a L « "O^- °- •*• Keunedv, from Ihe No. 2 Car. auc- ■ 

» .. B ? r "at, "v a — , i tIT/\T»TTT AM C T """ **-"'" , " i v - '* 

eeeds him, and Ed. Cunnlngbam is now lu charge 
et the No. 2 Oar, vice Kennedy. 

Col. H. 0, Sweeney, formerly of tho 101 Bench. 
1. now making arena annooncemvuls here. Col. 
Uweeney Is an old timer In Ibe .how game, and 
we are all glad to have him "with It." 

Mr. 8eaver, general manager, left last Thursday 
for Oblcago on business connected with his 
Yurtoas theatre and hippodrome enterprise*, and 


sx runs: s. nsgn. 

Winnii'ko, Canada. Joly 18. 

Jack Pollltt lost half of bla tea-ln-eoe top by 
Ore Monday evening. Prompt work on the part 
of the employees and a large tank of water 
handy saved tbe rest of it. 

Barney Garrlty. treasurer for onr shows, has 
had to work doable time thin week, as he says it 
takes him twice aa long to count the Canadian 
money. Barney Is one of those nice, quiet boys 

Ali'ins. better known as "The Florida Fat 
Girl," the early part of the season one of the 
big attractions at Point Breeze Psrk, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., la to go with tbe Armstrong Sbowa, 
of Rlvervlew Park, Chicago, III., en tour with 
the Con T. Kennedy Carnival Co., Joining tho 
show at Toronto. Aug. 20. 


Arthur Hammersteln arrived from abroad 

to recuperate, icsteruay, wiui some oi ma com- to ... _,,„. rjv,,-.,,, " '"' • ~ ,_ . .. ... ,. .,,,'„ ,,» tW^mwy>fVl«n and' it *hat toe. along a 

pnnlons'he wa* In bathing at a awlmmliig resort *'w ^a^nttonseoeral Insurance aavnt of New JSTsaaJL 2?aSa on^reSrvdasTverl^ MaaH ■Vm- t " 1 » business at U.> . 

. crnuin, which in hla weakened. physical comlltlon fl f^ rMmmln. alsn eniertaine,! r»r. W.lah. „LVtS. . iZ^f 

nd attemU to hi. work and bis i™f 20. on ha Provence. Ho expressed to- 
Uie some time. dignatlon at the dliBcuitlea placed In his way 

The board of directors or lb* exposition con be ""«' »y'"B i? engage uvuiuniic 
■ lltUe proud of Ihe line of exhibits they had the Uammcrateln operatic venture. 

BL J — - *iL. > \. i,.^, ,.,,,. ,k., «v wbvh. lueni iv, una win vsnuouut«-<iiy frame 

wafer am? SSSm^S'^SSS^ »' ""^ .£2? ^aS^SSSP 

boy bad disappeared aud dived for him. For a ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS 

tense moment be remained below, and when ho who la Joe Frohaln buying 

reappeared tho brcMldeaa apectators .aw the Ttou't know. 

uuouu8cloua form of tbo boy In bis arms. o. W. W. wa. heard 

This la but half of tbe story. When Richer )„ v0 (o s teep on tbe Hal 

stand the amount of big shows mat uss oeen in -tolned tbo Irwin Bros, while here, an ticj were 
ten lately. Oora makes the third big carnival to„ aca lu h , W ortham * Allen, and had not been 
compauy that baa been In this season, then Bella* rricsed. They were taken In charge by tho ens- 

brought the little body upon the sand be went to 
work over him with a skill that besirake m 
alenal knowledge of such emergencies, sua : 

result of bis efforts tho boy 1. allte, and although 
considerably weakened, will probably lu n few 
davs be none the worse for Ills narrow escape. 

Jlinmlo Etcher 1* an orphan boy, and at ono 
time lu Ills life was In the V. 8. Navy, where he 
K'Lrned Ihe uiore upprovetl methods of resuscita- 
tion, and yesterday put them Into actual practice, 
Hat unquestionably waved a human life. I uavo 
l*en told thnt the Carnegie Medal Commission 
tiiUtH uii caaes of this character, and rewnrda a 
man who risks his own life, for Just such mighty 
efforts aa Jlanale's ycatcrday which cheated 

}'•*>•• that will "not try to toko them away from 

Then, on the other bond, the carnival snows oilier show., regardless of consequences. Mu- 

1 a*'--.'" »:-tV-.v> ."-'-'.■•■'.■ -a.. 

room for somebody else'i 

In "ilM» sf tho Oi^aiTlX__ -1L1 """ :,;i " '■ 

mbwaIi anwul the wSsiu 1 am IncMuedto think T<, « ncn « ot tnera J&BA ln . tQ « , Dr0 't r ,, , lace ' "" lBn -' " ■ tulc ' w,u «fumbl« it . manager In- One machine earned 115,880 In 28 «£•»!£» 
BSf l &35, ¥ ^'ce' a.s m tuen^permanei^ £?! T*^J^J„*««Sa?2US S, %« fi!l B JS aJgA Jiff ■>!*■&* Jt » <» n »? 9?« "lS ! !«.»« »° 28 »• } Sag 

duurtera there. Can ; 

When I get the 
Will loan hlai to you, 


TsrSsStr" ron,, ^ twn ,e - tumi ■ r - \j^^%^j^*t*^ &™& ba we ln w^^ , t , o e^-!;tt^ beutek 

B. shows a better location than they are doing at tho We were it Bttle late lb. Erttlng our news this 

W. M. Atterbery. 
The band Is tnlnna one member, 


t<euth of a vlcthn. While EiehOT la very reticent Wilson, bass drummer and prince of good fellowa. present time. 

about the matter, I should like to see him rccclvo 
a public recognition ot bis bravery. 

Mrs. William Forbes, wire ot Lot Hunt. Forbes, 
van taken suddenly 111 at Spencer. Mann., and 
nwhed to her bonis In Toronto, Canada, where 
It was learned that she was suffering from up- 
liciiillcltls. She immediately underwent an opcrn- 
t-ln, and t. speedily recovering. Mr. Forbes re- 
turned ln-t Sitnday, nt Norwich, and etliecta his 
wife to Join as soon as oho la sutlklcutly recov talent, sad but rendition ot this dirge sbows him Is being rapidly cleared 

week aa Thb Clutu is not on sale until Monday 
morning, but It waa tar welcome when it did 

la gone. Boston galas what wo lose. She will Tbe fair was practically over last night. Ex- wl . 

claim him In tbe mote lucrative and prosaic occu- hlblts were removed, concessions were at liberty w ' • Snenrer chief *)M-tHeian «r «,r mm. 

ration of .railroading, Before he left Frank put lo tear down at any time, and yet they are com- D .nV .Th SSSTSk toe DrToOT^ OoUi h« .tSSt 

on for Ib'e benefit of a very select parly, Inclnd- pelllng na to stay over uatl! the last minute be- f \T uU e»aM«ce to h^nan^natute^aJd at^he 

ins: T. B. M. and McO., an atrocity, entitled fore wo can remove anything, aod as we play a 2^ {|m?nea1E ^1300 oS ^the nnAt rf low s 

•fh. Cowboys' Lstnent." lament la right for a three daya' stood at Orookston. Minn.. Fair, It onaeeimtof a hard' ran? sto™ be siv «i 

more mournful caterwauling than this master- to going to make us a little late In getting la 9 htT^lJ 5LS fftg?Bas*1sES; In hta^iS 

ldece, projierly rendered, It would be hard to there. At O.SO we got word that we could com- SLJ- «-»„. «r To *-?*J J» "-^* " W - 

Imagine. Frank la a comedian of considerable mene* tearing down, snd at tbls writing tbe lot * *=. *L«. 5*^ To show bio appreciation this 



Bnltoble for Frizes, also Stage J" w " lr T' 

. Urease Paints, Cold Cream, Burnt Corx, 

and we wSl likeBT «t ?£ rt * ^*"i 'V^'R' 1 nl ? V *™* and secured nearly ate., best in the market. Bend for C«tsvIo»t«e. 

ass. we wui uaeiy gee j^ hondtcd do n,r, (n money and some clothing, AddYcBS tho old rcllablo B. G. UHKIl « v°'t 

nt bl. beat. Long will w* mlas you, friend WU- »»« Iw^ly'morulng Cnloroform wa. used to the jobbery Md'lTwn's iSlSo. W«b«h Av«r'chic«i"o7lil. 

Irwin Vtom.' Frontier Days exhibited In front l.te the next day before Spencer discovered hla WaBaiali Ave., vnacago. _ 

wo pail a great time in our nuesing none «uu . yiw am rouaeu irom my ■ aiumuers m Irwin Btob.* Frontier Days exhibited In front late the next day before Snencer discovered hla 
department yesterday. Peoria SI in mounle.1 Ib.t time, tor parade many mornlnga bjr his discordant of u^ „„«i stand aa a freerttrsclton during the loos, -tte^arly hssbeen employed 1 « tbefront 
rtMlonbtable old renagade, Bald lie. net. and In a Wall, but It will live around the front door. Many f,| r . rte two brothers have gotten a chow to- Jloor M a talker and genSra^ I bnouncer «d «i 

general mnoanccr, and was 
seen leav- 
but no ono 
time. Mr. 


Sill either 

. Mr. Spea- 


The Home or all G,ulck FMotoarrsipliF 
3H3 It. Clwk St., Ohlcugo 


AUGtf ST 2 



T HE ^ **E>W YORK CITY aMmATlfcE}® 

coNTiwu n) attr actions. 


iviy)Rv— "Qao Vadis?" In notion pictures, 

A3W fifteenth week. 

«»8INO.— "The Purple Boafl," seventh week 

at this house. 
CORT.— Laurette Tsylor, In "Peg o' My 

Heart," thirty-second week. 
* UJ -" ..within the Xaw," forty-eighth week. 

BOOK OABDBN. — "All Aboard," 
ninth week. 
IiTBIC— Captain Scott's South Pole motion 

NEW P AMSTERDAM. — Zlcgfcld'a Follies 

seventh week, 
WINTBU. GARDEN. — "The Passing Show of 




Found the house comfortably filled Mon- 
day evening, July 21, when Dcl-a-Phone and 
"The Big Surprise" were voted equal favor- 
ites after everything had been summed up 
for the evening. Del-a-Phone i« Just as real- 
istic an Impersonator of sounds as ever, and 
among his offerings were an automobile, a 
Dinning machine, tn "Injured" cur, a horse 
trotting on dry twre flrma and then Into 
mud. a trolley car, a crying baby, sawing 
wood and otlrer things that made his eight 
minutes' stay a -very welcome one. 

"The Big Surprise," a cabaret type of en- 
tertainment Including a company of seven, 
working the songs and chatter for the 
irrenter part of the act from the orchestra 
and boxes, "sprang" surprises In rapid (Ire 
fashion and claimed eight bows at Its finish. 
(See New Acts.) 

The Kendall Trio, musicians and singers, 
presented a Tery neat offering and did sur- 
prisingly well in tbe following position. (See 
New Acts.) , , 

William Cohlll and company presented an 
old story. In "Getting Even;" Clara May, a 
singing comedienne, pot by fairly well, in 
"No 2 ;" Qcorgo Wlchman, a clever clay 
modeler, did very well, and Payne and Lee, 
singers and dancers, closed strong with a well 
executed dance by the woman In Bllllkla 
makeup. (See New Ac(b for all four). 

John C. Hanson and company, In "That 
Boy Fritz," and Myrtle and Daisy, two real 
girls, were the main favorites on the Incom- 
ing bill of Thursday, 24. 

'■That Boy Fritz,"' with the action of tho 
comedy laid In a department store, shows 
Johnnie Hanson at his best In the role of 
the stupid German salesman. He has lost 
none of his cunning in being able to arouse 
the giggles and laughs, and his supporting 
company of two men and a woman gave this 
funny fellow capital aid toward) making Fritz 
the "laugher" of the program. 

Myrtle and Daisy sing as charmingly to- 

f ether as they look, and that's, considerable, 
'belr offering is fully reviewed under New 
Acts in this issue. 
Frank Howard, the young-old tenor, was 

?lven a cordial welcome, offered a very enter, 
alnlng monologue, and tang "When the 
Robins Nest Again, ' "Silver Threads Among 
(be Gold" an«f "Comin* Thro* the Rye," in 
fine voice, and looked capable enough to do 
a clog dance, but didn't bave to. 

The l.u Belles bave o very well arranged 
juggling act, entering on the "train," which 
explodes at Ptankyvllle Station, and trans- 
forms the car into a large table, carrying 
the woman of the act and the balls, hoops, 
plates, etc. It gave the act a tine start, and 
every Juggling stunt by each and the comedy 
bits by the man in tramp make-up were 
"roperly applauded. The woman Is a neat 
-resser and finds time to make a change, 
both knee-longth. Good workers. Good act. 

Faust and Faust, comedy musical "pro- 
fessors." played little during their stay. 
(See New Acts). , _ . 

Katberlne 8cott and her company talked 
and talked for fifteen minutes, and finished 
with a trio song and dance number. (See 
New Acts). 

"Tho Little Lambs," a sort of miniature 
musical comedy, Including nine people, fell 
■bort of "being a hit. (See New Acta). 

The Klnemacolor and Association pictures 
claimed as much approval as the majority 
of both bills. 

Manager Matthews announces his big Sum- 
mer vaudeville festival bero for week of 
Aug. 4. Tod. 



(aim uccumb, mob.) 

A fairly good program Is being presented 
here this week, and was witnessed by a good 
sized audience, ■who were very liberal in 
applause. . . 

Dorothy Richmond and company presented 
Edgar Allnn Woolfe comedy, called "A Mid- 
night Marriage," and managed to make a 
good Impression. The work of Miss Rich- 
mond was heartily enjoyed, as was also that 
of her fine little company. 

Count -Beaumont, in black art and sleight 
of hand work, pleased. He has finely cos- 
tumed and staged bis little production, but 
needs to enthuse a little more speed In his 
work as It would greatly benefit nla per- 
formancc. ,. . . . 

I Hong Pong, a Chinese comedian, bad a 
hard time In convincing tho audience that he 
was a humorist, but nnclly succeeded, and 
walked away with several bows. 

Jack Anthony and Harry Ross, two Ital- 
ian comedians, put over a good line of talk, 
and at Its conclusion was rewarded by plenty 
of applause. 

Cbas. Howard, of burlesque fame, assist- 
ed by Jos. Ratlin* and Dorothy Hoyden, had 
no causs for complaint at the reception ac- 
corded them. The program stated that their 
sole aim was laughter ,and they surely got 
all they wanterd. Howard Is a clever co- 
median, and knows Just when his audience 
has enough. 

The Carl Bugen Troupe of nine men, in 
acrobatic stunts, show wbat experts can do. 
They show several new tricks that were big 
encore getters. 

Knlzo, a Japanese Juggler, In the opening 
'position, held his own. „ , 

Helen Goff, In a singing specialty; Mazlo 
King and her Terpslcfioreau Beauties, and 
Cecil Cunningham and company all presented 
new features. (See New Acts.) Jack. 

i , : l Academy of .Music (Robert B. Irwin, 

mgr.)— "Old Heidelberg,'.' with its beautiful 
popular German songs and Its touching little 
love story between a prince of the royal 
blood and the little barmaid, was nicely 
staged for this week's attraction. As Kathle, 
Prlscllla Knowles was a charming character, 
naive and lovable, and resigned to the sac- 
rides. Wm, J. Kelly was Karl Helnrlcb, 
eager and expectant for the new life In the 
university, and one of the Jolllest of the set, 
but fully alive to tbe responsibilities that 
came with bis position. Julian Koa was a 
fine character as old Dr. Juttner, the prince's 
tutor. La Verne Titus appeared as Lutz to 
good advantage, as did Joseph Crelghan, as 
one of the prince's fellow student). Richard 
Lyle, as Ruder, and Ed. Donnelly, as the old 
waiter. Others In the cast were : Wm. H. 
Gerald. Jobu J. Carroll, Fred. Merrick, 3. B. 
R. Keller, Ford Fenlmore, Glen Anders, Geo, 
Odcll, Harry Sothern, Bernard Thornton, 
Roy. Torrey, Maria Curtis and Lydla Kane. 
Next week, "The Two Orphans." 

MaxUe Dlllott'* (Geo. J. Appleton, mgr.) 
—"The Gentleman from No. 19" will be 
produced at this house Monday evening, 


Winter Garden (Winter Garden Co.. 
tngrs.)— -The Paising Show oj 1913. Dialogue 
and lyrics by Harold Atteridge, music by 
Jean Schwartz and Al. W. Brown, staged by 
Ned Wayburn, produced by the Winter Gar- 
den Co. on Thursday evening, July 24, with 
this cast: 
The Usher Tony Hunting 

Wright Songwords Herbert Cortnell 

Cinderella Janls Laura Hamilton 

Scarecrow Stone Freddie Nice 

lunkinhead Montgomery.. Charles De Haven 

Nover-Say-Dlc-Coiller Wellington Cross 

The Sunshine Girl Lois Josephine 

The Pair Lillian Orace Kimball 

Mrs. Potlphar May Boley 

The Parcel Postman Lew Brlco 

J'eg o' My Heart Mollle King 

Michael Kab. By Himself 

An Bx-Presldent Edward Beglcy 

Broadway Jones Charles King 

} v <)°<ly, ..-...'. aydncy Grant 

Gaby Gwendolyn .Lillian Gonne 

Joe Garson George Le Mniro 

Conspiracy Bill Frank Conroy 

Charles McNance Tony Hunting 

Bully Blllle Burke Corlnne Frances 

Inspector Burke John C. Thomas 

'Butler Georgo llnnlon 

Rellectlon George Ford 

Working Girl Charlotte Greenwood 

The Fifth Frankforter Sydney Grant 

A Flying Messenger Grace Kimball 

li'iniiii ...Corlnne Frances 

A Cabaret Artist Bessie Clayton 

The new revue at this Internationally fa- 
mous amusement resort Is the best show 
seen here since the opening of the bouse. 
There Is not a single Idle moment in It, and, 
although it Is at times lacking In comedy, it 
is always good entertainment. The musical 
hits are many, but there is no melody that 
will reach the whistling fiend. The show 
opened here without any out of town presen- 
tation and despite this it scored an emphatic 
success. That It will draw capacity audiences 
for some months to come was the opinion of 
almost every one present on tbe opening 
night, which, by the way, was ono of tho 
hottest of the Summer. Still, the show held 
them In their seats despite the fact that the 
final curtain fell around the midnight hour. 
The show is a kaleidoscopic review of some 
of the past season's successes, and the short 
burlesques on "Fanny's First Play," "The 
Silver Slipper," "The Argyle Case,'' "Peg o' 
My Heart," "The Sunshine Girl," "Broadway 
Jones," "Joseph and His Brethren," "The Poor 
Little Rich Girl" and others, all won Instant 
favor, Tbere Is the slightest thread of a 
story In "Tbe Passing Show of 1013," for the 
players are called upon to Impersonate vari- 
ous stage characters (the names of tbe play- 
ers and tho characters tbey portray are 
shown by tbe cast at the head of this notice). 
■Teg o' My Heart" falls Into the hands of 
ber aunt, Mrs. Potlphar, who wants to get 
rid of her. She employs Conspiracy Bill and 
Joe Garson to do the kidnapping, tboy take 
ber to the Mexican border where a revolution 
Is In progress. Here she meets and falls In 
love with Broadway Jones, who employes 
AsChe Kayton to protect her. 

There are novelties and dances galore. 
Indeed, with the exception of tho minuet, 
every form of dancing is Indulged In. Even 
tbe scenery "danced? 1 Ned Wayburn put 
over some new ideas In stage business and 
novelty effects, and may well place a wreath 
upon his head, for his work Is wonderful. 
The big feature of the show Is "The C'npl- 
. tol Steps?' which shows a huge white stair- 
case, with thirty-eight steps reaching from 
the singe to the -very fly-tops. Tho celling Is 
hidden from view by a huge canopy. When 
the performers appear on the top-most step 
all that can be seen Is their legs. Soon they 
descend and their whole bodies come Into 
view. Nothing more impressive has been 
seen on the stage In many moons, and the 
applause which greeted this scene must havo 
been heard at the City Hall, more than five 
miles away. The chorus girls and men 
march majestically down these steps. Tbey 
are followed in turn by dancers. Then came 
P.cssle Clayton, who was given tho great 
staircase to herself, and won much applause 
by her artistic toe dancing. 

Charles De Haven and Freddie followed 
on the ateps with a dance called "Tangle 
Footed Money Wrench Dance," which was a 
"knockout." It was a difficult dance, and If 
they do not break their legs during tho run 
of the show they will indeed be lucky. 

Wellington CrosB and Lois Josephine, who 
hove "class" written all over them, were 
warm favorites, and their dancing was at all 
times graceful. Many songs fall to Mr. 
Cross and while bo has not tho best voice 
In stageland, he rendered them all in good 
style. With Charles King he presented a 
skit, called "Won't You Come Into My Play- 
house," a burlesque on George M. Cohan 
and William Collier and their theatres, which, 
was liked Immensely by the huge audience. 
(The sketch was seen at one of the FTlnrs 
Club frolics, with Cohan and Collier.) Mr. 
King Is conspicuous throughout the produc- 
tion, and scored heavily in everything that 
he did. _. . 

Conroy and Le Malre were responsible for 
much laughter. Both of them played roles, 
but tbey got the most laughs when tbey 
did their vaudeville specialty In black face. 
Their cross-fire conversation about tbe in- 
surance business w.s a "scream." 

Swan Wood danced a sword dance In vig- 
orous but graceful style, and warm applause 
greeted her at Its conclusion. 

May Boley, Herbert Cortbrcll, Lillian 
Gonne, Tony Hunting, Corlnne Frances, Sid- 
ney Grant, Charlotte Greenwood, Lew Brlec, 
Harry Gllfoll, Molly King arc also promi- 
nent In the production, and all managed to 
score despite the fact that tbey have little 
to do, a fault not theirs. 

PIctOTlally, this latest of Winter Garden 
shows Is gorgeous. One of the most wonder- 
ful scenes is "Incandescent Lane," which 
faithfully reproduces Broadway from Forty- 
sixth Street to Forty-seventh Street, with 
all of tbe wonderful electrical advertisements. 
The costumes are the most beautiful Mel- 
ville Bills has ever designed, and the chorus 
girls are all visions of beauty, 

Lack of space prevents us from really 
doing the new show Justice, You must see 
it to drink in its beauties. That staircase, 
scene alone Is well worth tbe price of admis- 
sion (which, by the way, is 82.80 for the 
best seats this season). 

Of course, changes In the scenes will be 
made. As it stands now the show Is en- 
tirely too long. The curtain on tho opening 
night rose at 8.25, and fell on the first part 
almost two hours later. But the audience 
on the opening night did not tire of It, for 
tho show was a good one. Kclcci/. 


Proctor's Flftr-elnhtn Street (John 
Buck, mgr, ) — Vaudeville and moving pic- 
tures. A miniature musical comedy, entitled 
"The Little Lambs," heads tbe mid-Summer 
bill for the first 'half of this week. Others 
arc : Florence Horst and company. In the 
mm I skit. "Fun In tbe Woods j™ Hayes and 
Wynn, singing and dancing; Ward and Del- 
mar, comedians; Bollinger and Reynolds, 
comedy wire act: Harry Sydcll, comedian, 
and Klnemacolor and black and white photo- 

Hend«rnon*s (Carlton Hoagland, mgr.) 
— a"hls week's bill includes: James Thornton, 
B. C. Rolfe's "Arcadia," Hale Norcross and 
company, In "Love In the Suburbs" Louis 
London, Ben Beyer and Brother, Lorraine 
and Burks, and Bob and 'May Kemp, 

Circle. — Vaudeville and pictures. 


(a. r. boorrs, Mas.) 

Thero ts variety enough, in Oils week.'* 
bill to ploaso tho most exacting patron of 

To thoeo who admire splendid vocallsmt 
there is an artistic treat In listening to the 
superb efforts of Edna Showaltcr, the grand 
opera prima donna soprano, who is the latest 
recruit to tho ranks of vaudeville. 

Her debut here, on Monday, assumed tho 
form of an oration, during tho rendition of 
ber numbers, and also at the conclusion of 
her bouquet of melodies, when the houso rang 
with applause, and tho audience clamoring 
for more. (See New Acts.) 

T. Sot Barnes and Bessie Crawford sus- 
tained - the second position of the fine bill 
right up to tbe mark la their skit, "The 
Magazine Man and the Lady." 

It Is difficult Indeed, to attempt to coin 
new phrases wherein to extol the cleverness 
of Mr. Barnes as an original entertainer. 
There Is an lnexbauitlve fund of exbuoerant 
wit in bis composition which he sends across 
the footlights In a way that is clean and 
wholesome, and never In the least offensive. 
The act was, truly, tho laughing bit of Mon- 
day's bill. 

James T. Duffy and Mercedes Lorcnze got 
by very nicely in their musical and comedy 
offering, entitled "Springtime." It is a 
dainty act of comedy and song, and It goes 
With a snapplncss tbat never misses Ore. 

Alberta Moore and Myrtle Young, two 
pretty girls, who not only are captivating 
and capable In songs and7 dances, but cos- 
tume their act with extreme good tnate, were 
one of the most popular acts of the entire 
bill. Their dancing was excellent. 

Clayton Kennedy and Mattle Itooney were 
welcomed as old friends. In their sketch, 
"Tbe Happy Medium." Not an Item of tbe 
fun, which is almost Incessant during their 
set, was missed by the audience, and the 
result was a nice little hit for them. 

The -Five Suliys kept the fun going at a 
lively pace while presenting their comedietta, 
"The Information Bureau." It Is by far 
tbe best vehicle this talented family has 
ever appeared In. 

The Two Castllllans, In poses of classic 
art studies, scored an artistic hit, and were 
applaudco liberally. 

Hcrshel Hcndler, a European pianist, and 
Baisdcn, comedy cyclist, made their debuts 
here Monday, 28. (Sec New Acts, this 
issue). Old Timer. 


Thursday night, July 24, saw this theatre 
filled to its capacity, and a very good Mil 
was offered. 

Karlton and Kllford, two men, opened tho 
show with real good cartooning. Tho men 
have a neat appearance, and tho act was 
very well received. 

Keegan and Healy, a man and woman, In a 
neat singing and dancing act, got over nicely. 
Evcrs Wisdom and company, In a comedy 
skit; entitled "Bascballltle, certainly pleased 
everyone. Tbe company consists of two men 
besides Miss Wisdom. The act Is up-to-the- 
minute for laughs. 

Avellng and Lloyd, in a talking act, de- 
pended more upon "blue" Jokes than merit 
for their laughs, 

"The Bower of Melody" Is a very pretty 
offering of song and music. There are ten 
people In tho act, and tbey are all talented. 
Tbey carry their own director, who also 
shows be has a nice baritone voice by singing 
t lie 3ong, "To Have, To Hold, To Love." To 
repeated encores tbe act also sang classic 
and ragtime, and showed tbat tbey knew 
bow to render each with equal facility. Tbo 
act went over big. 

The Vander Knors, in burlesque magic, cer- 
tainly got oil there was out of their act. and 
the business with tbe mind-reading duck got 
many laughs. 

The Dunedln Troupe, three women and 
one man. do splendid work. Even though 
the man does all of the real bard work, tbe 
women are very helpful to tbo act, becauso 
of their "gingery" way of racing around. 
All told, they are a group of versatile bicy- 
clists and equilibrists, and tbe act was a 
big succees, 

Murray Bennett does some vory good work 
In tho way of telling stories and singing 
songs "Wbero Did You Get That Girl'" 
"When Yiddle, On Bis Fiddle, Leads the 
Cobaret" and "Pick. Pick On Your Mandolin, 
Antonio," were some of bis songs. Ho was 
a decided hit. 

Laypo and Benjamin, two men, in a com- 
edy acrobatic act, did some very good work. 
The act went over nicely. J>e<0. 

New Brtsrhton Theatre (Sam McKee, 
mgr.)— The bill for this week Includes: Cecil 
Lean, assisted by Cleo Mayfleid and James 
Hillings; "The Bachelor's Dinner," with 
Seymour Brown and a company of twenty- 
five; James Callahan and company, in "The 
Old Neighborhood ;" Martin and Fabrlni, 
Mabel Berra. Billy Arlington and company, 
fiwor and Mack, J. Roger West and Ida Van 
Stolen, Adonis and dog, tho Kratons, and 
Jessie Busley and company. 

Brighton Ueaeh Mn.lo Hall (C. 8. 
Breed, mgr.) — The program for this week in. 
eludes: Sophie Tucker Valeric Bergerc and 
company, Bert Fitzgibbon, Martlncttl and 
Sylvester, Nonctte, Lynch and Zeller, and 
the Stanley Trio. 

Madison Square Roof Garden.— This 
popular open air resort began its ninth suc- 
cessful week of tbo Summer season July 28. 
The big three-ring cabaret offers popular fea- 
tures, among whom arc I Justin D'Laury, 
Clark Lincoln and Dan Gray. Friday and 
Monday evenings are devoted to amateur 
shows, In addition to tho regular perform- 
ances. Sunday night "pops" with dnnclng. 

Jardln de Dnnae (Carter De Haven, 
mgr. i— The large ballroom and cabaret en- 
tertainment continue to draw well. 

Fourteenth Street (J. Wesley Rosea- 
quest, mgr.) — Vaudeville and motion pictures. 
Weber's. — Motion pictures. 
Loew'a Avennc B (8. N. Kubn, mgr.)— - 
Vaudeville and motion pictures, 

corned y (Albert Kaufman, mgr.) — Mo- 
tion pictures and Illustrated songs. 

Plnan (F. P. Wiley, mgr.)— Vaudovllle 
and motion pictures. 

Unique (B. L. Weill, mgr.)— 'Motion pic- 

New York (Wm. Morris, mgr.) — Vaude- 
vlllo and pictures. 

Keener'" Third Avenue (Ed. J, Mc- 
MahoD, mgr.) — Vaudcvillo and motion pso- 

Lincoln grjnare (Chan. Ferguson, mgr.) 
— Vaudeville and pictures. 

Loew'a Delancey Street (Julius Bern- 
stein, mgr.) — Vaudeville and motion pictures. 
Jefferson. — Vaudeville and pictures. 
Herald Square (A. Rothschild, mgr.)— 
First run motion pictures are shown here. 

Savor (Itosenbcrg Bros., mgrB.)— Motion 
pictures In wbtch leading stars appear Is the 
attraction at this house. 

Yorkvllle (Lawrenco Boatufl, mgr.)— 
Vaudeville and pictures. 

American (Charles Potsdam, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and pictures. 

Urand Street (Harry Bcekman, mgr.)— 
Vaudeville and pictures. 



ttoar holdovers help to make up tho bill 
on the "corner" this week. Chios Ling Foo, 
the headllncr, la on his fourth ana last week. 

A good attendance was on hand tho open- 
ing performance, Monday matinee. July 28. 
Chester and Jones opened the show, with 
Charlie Rossow in number two position. 

The Five Mowatta offered a clever Indian 
club act, which was a big winner. 

MJoshcr, Hayes and Moaner, comedy cyclists, 
held down their position on tbe Mil In fine 

Ernest Ball and Maude, Lambert cleaned, 
up In the usual Ball-Lambert style, with a 
new repertoire of popular ditties. They wore 
compelled to respond to numerous encores 
on each number rendered. 

Tbe Three Types, a holdover act from 
list week, was well liked, and no matter 
how often seen Is a pleasing; offering. 

Elisabeth Murray returned to tbe comer 
and wis accorded a warm welcome. 

Bert French and Alice Bis are on their 
second and last week. Although tbls act has 
held down tbe boards In and around New 
York for a number of weeks this season. It 
was heartily received by tbe Monday audi- 

The Roasow Midgots, tho world-famed 
midgets, scored tn their "strong" and boxing 

Wtlllo Weston and Mlko Bernard tore 
things up In their usual stylo. Mike was the 
same big piano riot, and Wlllto eased a num- 
ber of popular songs In his pleasing way. 

Dainty Marie, In her third week, scored, 

Wlnsor McCny cartooned himself Into the 
good graces, and Clilug Ling Foo and com- 
pany closed tho bill. Olio. 
s i 

Broadway.— Motion pictures. 

Kclth'a Harlem Opera House (Hnrry 

Swift, mgr.) — Tho stock company offers for 
this week, "Tho Battle," and the house was 
comfortably filled on Monday. To follow, 
"Our Wives." 



(few and Second Hand Scenery la Stock 



Clipper Post Office. 

In order to avoid mistakes and to 
insure tbe prompt delivery of tbe 
letters advertised In tbla Hat, an 
envelope plainly addressed tnuat be 
aeat tor raeb letter, and a written 
order for tbe letter, elsyaed with tbe 
tall name and addreaa aad tbe line 
ot bnalneaa followed by tbe sender. 
most also be rncloieil. 

Flense mention tbe date (or asm- 
ber) of tbe OLIPPUR In which tbe 
lettesa sent for were advertised. 

LADIES' list. 

Keith's Alhambra (C. White, mgr.) — 
ictures for this week. Tt~ 
will start next month. 

Pictures (or tbls week, The regular season 

Tremont, — Pictures only. 

National (Harry Lowe, mgr.) — Vaudc- 
villo and pictures.'n Meventb Avenue (C. ScwardB, 
mgr.)— .Vaudovllle and pictures are drawing 
big houses. 

Yorkvllle (C. Bcatnt. mgr.)— Vaudcvillo 
and pictures. 

Mount Morris (L Mlchols, mgr.)— Pic- 
tores only. 

Family (Loo Botoman, mgr.) — Pictures 

i.oew'i Fifth Avenue (A Lowe, mgr.) 
—Pictures only. 

Resent (Frank Dowers, aft.) — Pictures 
and music. 

Odeon (Chas. W. Thompson, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville end pictures. 

i:iiclit>-«l*tli Street (It. Mcflcc, mgr.) 
—Vaudeville and pictures. 

Wasblnirton (Louis Cohen, mgr.)— Pic- 
tures only. 

Nemo (Jack Lowers, mgr.)— Pictures and 

Riverside (H. Goldman, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. (J. Jones, mgr.) — Vaudcvillo 
and pictures. 

Aadubun (Harry Thorns, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures, 

l'roolor's One Hundred nnd Twenly- 
flfth Street (C. G. Allen, mgr.)— Hill 3t> 
Aug. 2: Webb and Hope, Fields and Fink, 
Dunbar's Goats, HcLeod and Lloyd, Zoellor 
Trio, Kearney, ltuckley and Cook, Ilalloy 
and Sborer, Stephen nnd MeKnlglil, Al. Itay- 
nor and company, "Victim of Love," Arling- 
ton Four, Alexander, Burt and Malvlnc, 
Johnson and Wells, Mlolnlo Brothers, and 
Jlnscray Sisters. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. — Busbwlck (Fred'k 
Whithi'fk, mgr.) for week of Jul; 28. tho ll. 
F. Keith's Players present "The Fortune 

Fulton (A. M. Lighten, mgr.)— .First class 
vaudovllle, changed twice weekly, is drawing 
capacity houses. 

Jones' (M. T. Jones, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and plrtureB. 

Firat Avknub (M. II. Saxe, mgr.) — Mo- 
tion pictures and vaudeville. 

Uoxal (Marcus Loew, mgr.)— J?hotoplsys 
and vaudeville. 

FoilT (Wm. Fox, mgr.) — Pictures and 

Commit (Wm. For, mgr.)— Pictures and 

Columbia (A. Slcbel, mgr.) — sit vaude- 
ville acts and motion pictures. 

Linden (A. H. Schwartz, mgr.)— Tho latest 
photoplays are shown here. 

Halbbx (M. H. Saxe, mgr.)— Miniature 
musical comedies, togothor with vaudeville 
and the latest photoplays. 

Bijou (Ooo. Bcbeock, mgr.)— Loew's 
vaudeville, changed twlco weekly, also latest 

Albright Clsude Davis 
Alarcou, Rosa 

Albright, Lcuaite 
Ada, "The Life 
Allyn, JO 
Andrews, Alice 
Athena, Maids 
Black, Vm« 
Uomicll, Julia 

Mnmlo LUoii 
Burg, Olate 
Bt'cbtol Mrs.F.O 
Bc)liuii|> Mildred 
llnrtollvltl, Irmi 
Bauette, Dlnucli 

Ohaplow, BeneO 
t'regu Catherine 
(urrlgau Mumto 
Cuilck, I'iijo 
Uinovcr Mn.J.T 
Clmiiey NtrtSN 
CrelRhton (ilrl»3 
liiirldgc, Helen 

Mrs. Olins. H. 
Davis, Mubel 
Davis, Kdni 
Dnyrc, Vera 
Daves, Frances 
Di.rn. Kdyllin 
!Vir«a, Marie 
IVm'im Minerva 
iK'vlne, Ann to 


Fnkc, Marlon 
Fay, Anna 
Ktodwaua Mlaslt 
Forrest, Dorothy 
li'euiotatou r.dlth 

Mia* Melville 
Gibson. Dorothy 
tlartllner 1.111'an 
Garden, Mar« 
Gray, KIvoimc 
Grey, Cecllo 
Grlggi Valeria li 
illllumn, Mxiulo 
Unyii™, Vivian 

Allco I/mine 
lluglics, Mnry 
llery, LanSt 
llyman, Ml as 
Jomt'l, l'ranlcle 
Jonea, Mrs Ullly 
King, Uoso 
Kelley, Mav 
Klncold, Kvolyn 
l.aTvlle, BtMjb 
UGal, Kinlly 
l.ucns, Helen 
ijuiwtit, Marie 
Lea, Delia 
Lewis BlancheA 
Kittle, Betrla 
I.awton lh'ti'ti 
..I I Her, Cherry 
Marlon. Gccll 
.vfnjfiiell, Mae 

.Mortimer Lillian 
Morgan, Alice 
M.inln, Ulanche 
Marie, Loona 
Mack, Tvlile 

Lillian Mat 
Nelson, Florence 

fierce, Nora 

refer, uijto 


Mian Bobby 
Price. Marie 

I'.iull. Mailiro 

I'lckanl, Ulie 

Platter, Vocha 
Hoy, Helen 

Pa it 1 1 no 
Raymond, Mous 
Ititannll, Olirslr 
Nonolo, Villa 
cierllng Lillian 

Mrs. T. H, 
Thr-o, Mlas 
Tumor, Clara 
Vane. Ethel 
Vaughn, Kmlly 
Warner Grsovlor 
Warren, lioiale 
Weston, Paulina 
Webber Floronoi 
Wayne, Francos 
Wluirra, Edna 

Adonu, Geo. U. 
Armstrong, Doo 
AlvlnoH, Mualo. 
A|iI«U, Nathan 
Apilalo Anlinnlt 
Arvliy, J. H. 
Andrew*. Bill 
Anderson Atldloj 
lfenwn, Iloht 1 
linker, J no. T. 
Blancharil O.M 
jnott, Harry L 
lirasi Men, i 
liurlouk, Wm. 
I'.uullll 4 

Burns, Jim. 
Harrow * Mile 
Ilunili, Boyd R. 
lluelier, Hurt 
Hanks, D. 
Burke, Orrla T 
BiirseU, Percy 
Bowse, Cbas. 
Broivne, Nell Kirk 
Belmont, 0. K. 
ItiTireran. A. 
Unary, FtM 
Holmid, J, A. 
Mraiinant, Mat. 
Uynl & I'.nrley 
liriuiiloii, Hay F 
nurtun, Bli-hanl 
Duller, lloy 
llurlon ft ltelmo 
llhlell Raymond 
Bean, Walt. 
Ilur.llek, l.'IniK. 
lirtiiley, Harry 
(lulllnglOB U. H 



Falter Bros, 
Glynn. Nick 
Gay, Walter 
Hay, Julian 
l.inlim, Geo. 0. 
Irento A Mnuil 
Heroine, I'.url 
tieni, Austin 
Unrln A Piatt 
Godfrey, Ilnl 
<)uy Bros. Mlnst 
< irnlimne. Fcrd. 
Giles, Olnlro 
illllesi.Ie, 0. S. 
'.Iran, Albert 
Henry Bros. 
Hoysn A Wllsle 
Milliard. Chas. 
lllckey, And. W 
Hamilton, Rust, 
lloytc, Harry 
Hawaiian Quint. 
lllckey. Andrew 
Hack, Billy K. 
Illgglnn, Arth. i 
llaiina, Albert 
llnlier, Harry 
HolUO, Jno. A. 
Harvey, Jock 
Ik-lacy, Mart II. 
Harris, Bob 
Italian Troub. 
Ircwm, Frank O 
Judge A Oalo 
Jonfon Bros. 
Jravoni, Tlios. 
Kelly, Jan. D. 
Kyle, Chas. 
King. Law. II. 
Klnnto 01 reus 
Knlkht, F. M. 

(Trnhtree, Frank KnrTaton A 

Cits- (Samuel Freed, mgr.)— Vaudcvillo 
and pictures. 

Alhambra. — Tbe pboto-drama. "Quo Va- 
dis?" ts tbo attraction here beginning July 

breeler gqaare (M. ML Binds, mgr.)— 
Vaudcvillo sod motion pictures. 

photoplays. Hill 28-80: ''Trapping Santa 
Claus;' Neil McKlnley, King and Oscar. Un- 
dine Andrews, Haskell and Wetrmaoi, Wilson 
and Washington, and Floyd Boblnton. For 
81-Aug. 2: Huang's sesls, Warron and 
Blancbard, Laypo and Benjamin, Ben Lewln, 
Gerard and West, Jose Perry, and Walton 

Oxfobd (Geo. J. Welts, mgr.)— Tbe latest 
photoplays are shown here. 

LuiER-rr (John A. Zero, mgr.)— Tho latest 
photoplays and vaudeville. 

Hhuiikut (Wm. Sbeehy. mgr,) — Loew'a 
vaudovllle continues to big nouics. Tbo pro- 
gram is changed twlco weekly. 

UroroaD (Ben Knhn, mgr.)— Continue 
vaudeville and the latest photoplays. Tbe 
program is changed twice weekly, Mondays 
and Thursdays. Tbe pictures oro changed 


Supplemental Mat— Hecrlved Too Lata 
for Claaelilenllon. 

Alien, Billy. Musical Comedy— Mujiflold, 0., 38- 
Ang. 2, Akron 4-0. _ 

Berliner's Orchestra— Lodlow Lagoon, Cincin- 
nati, lrulcHnlte. „ 

Dution's Tbreo Blng Circus— Cincinnati, 28- 

FrTgua'on' Bros.' Stock— Hot Springs, Ark., 28- 

Aug. 10. 
Greit Patterson Shows— Valley Olty, No. Dak., 

Aog, t-0. 
Gladys Kitrk Co,— Castlne, He,, 28-Aog. % Bar 

Harbor 40. 
Hutchinson Musical Comedy— aMoskOfSS, OUt., 28- 

Aus. 2, Okmulgee 4-9. 
Merlon Ootnedy Opera— Albany, N. T., 28- 

Aug. 2. 
Jlelrouolltsn Stock (Clifford Beeves, mgr.)— (Oor- 

lecfion)— BrookOeld, Mo., 28-Ang. 3. Hoberly 


Martin, Theresa L., Co Parsons, Kan. Aug, 4-0. 

Pollard Opera — Vancouver, B. .0., Osn„ 2»- 

Aug. D, 
"Quo Vadl»»"— KlelncOlnes Co.— Buffalo, K. I., 

38-Aug. S3. 
Barney, Marie, Players (Frits A Lawler, mgrs.) 

— Russell, M. X., 28-Aug. 2, Antwerp 4-9. 
Siooner Dramatic Stock — Muskogee, Gala., Inilfd- 

Xoung Buffalo-Col, Ouroralnt'— (Correction)— Bed 

Bank. N. J.. 8. Asbsry Park 9. 


"Nearly Married" will be produced Aog. 
18, ID, at Anbury Park. N. J., with Bruce 

Wollao as Its leading actor, assisted by John 
Westley, James C. Marlowe, Schuyler Lndd, 
Mark SmKb, Vlrslnla Pearson, Jane Grey, 
Hutu Sbopley and ticorgle Lawrence. 

Pontes. Olinrllo 
Clark, Jack L. 
Urlsty, Ivan 
Clark, Harry 
fViliec, Jack 
Collins, Tnos. 
ciiftmi, Jos. Di 
C'olTrln, W. II. 
Clifford, nillydo 
Ollfford, Harry 
i.'nrvlu, Jai. 
Cohen, Solly 
Corey A ltd ley 
Carriers. Adel G 
Clark, Jonla J, 
C'udulro, Harry 
Ctln. Le* IW. 
fVotty. Jack 
(.'tttledVn, O. 1" 
Crow, lock 
Davis, Jack 
Hudak, Jno, 
Downs, W. 0. 
Drees, Gns 
Dayso, Day 
Do Pvrun Trio 
Dennis, Jno. 
Davits, T. H. 
IhiDols, nan/ 
Desmond, L, L. 
Do Posts 
Do Vronde Ohett 
Donlsvy, Arth 
Dick, Vrtil. 
llrlnphune. Mr. 
Driison Hherldan 
Dunamure, Jno 
Dayton. II. 
Dsnfortb, Wm, 
Dogtn, W. F. 
Doyle, Jos. 
Evans, D. J. 
Ksland. T. A, 
Kvarts, K. S, 
ICtener, 1'rtd 
ICilrol. Uudolpb 
Psncil, Joe 
Vogtrty, Jobnnls 
I'lnley, B., A 

Lottlo Berks 
Fred i. Albert 
Fern, Rsy 
Foster. Ohas B 

lCrnmer, CJits, 
Kelly, Mlko 
Knapp, 0, 0. 
Kimiip, Bay. FT. 
Lludsey. WaltF. 
Link, II. V. 
Leonard, Jno, B. 
Lester*. Aerlsl 
Lal'octs. Aerial 
lella, CIiiib. 
lister, Hurry 
LogreNa, Chat. 
Lewis, Harry 
rxlghton, H.&O. 
Latimer, Frnrik 
i.iialmioTe, Gorw 
f.lnilley, Harry 
'. Inileinafi, Kd. 
Lawrence, It. K 
Iximhord Bros, 
Matthews Fara 
Miner, W. B. 
McLaughlin Bob 
Mrtlc-e, A I her t 
Marvin, Jack 
Miller, Fred P. 
Mann. Martin E 
.Murphy A 


Din 4 Myrtle 
Mel Ho 

Mooch, Edw. H. 
MeAnallan, Joel 
Melhorn, Jan. 
McCarthy, W, U 
Markety, T. 
Monrer, W. W. 
HMWfi fvod 
Morressey, T. 1', 

Rtoek Co. 
McIInth, II. 
Hilton, Fred N. 
Myers A Bond 
Mtrltnl A 

Mailnus Great 
Murphy, Eug. J 
Mcllugb, Jos. 
Hack, Olive 
McFayden, II. 

Mugliarnn. Jtrry 
\lokelkv, Kilw. 
Maim, Martin B 
McOree, Nell 
Marline, A. 
Meade llnrold 
North, Utiaa. 
NaunieUter Carl 
Nnukevllle H.J. 
Mrhols, D L. 
Norton A Carlo 
Oakley, Ohas. II 
(isirudo, Mr. 
G'Nell. Jes. J. 

Powers, K. I'. 

Payne, T, II. 
Proctor, Bert 
Phillips, M. I,. 
Powers, Kngcne 
Phillips, Joe 
Pollock, M K. 
Paige, Avis Oo\ 
Plant, IMw. 
Perry, 0. II. 
I'falr. W. V. 
Powell, Jos. II. 
Heed. Claude 
It.ihluson, II. 0. 
Hi-Ksls, Four 
Kuuuncl, Obas.O 
Hyan, F. W. 
Iteet. A. V. 
Boot, Frank L. 
Ilnssell, HariyJ. 
HI ley A I'owoen 
Klchardson P.W 
Roteoe A Slm» 
ilusk-Blsboo Co. 
Bice, Jno. J. 
Beddcld, D. S. 
Belli, Haral. 
Scliafer, B. 
Mtrauit, Wm, 
Stanvrood David 
Seats, Win. O. 
rwnyno, Out F. 
HM-ei.son, Alfred 
Basons, Musical 
Stcwartw, Mil*. - 
Hlubhlellcld TrlO 
Hauoar Twins 
Htnnoel. Wm. 
rlmltli, MndlsnW 
Kuicllffo, Alfred 
Hchuler, Chas. 
Hnntly, J. H. 
eeharfer, Henry 
Mimrt & Keeley 
Miitln-rlniiil J. 
Hcbnllk. F. J. 
Hharp, Honry 
tfeeker, I*w 
Hlatriik. N.R.W. 
yiellman. W. 0. 
Htanlcy, Tom 
Sklllman A 

Tli.nii|«;:n, frtd 
Tolley, L. 
Tbalasao, Arth. 
Thlelhar, A. L. 
Vnnderhllt It. W 
Vvnor, Musical 
Van Dyke II. W 
Veronee, J. L. 
Woodruff. Fred. 
Wllber, Thai. 
Wattt. A, O. 
Ward, Frtdk. 
WarM, Howard 
Williams, Leon 
Wlilte, I^o 
Wiser, Illchard 
Wllf, Howard 
Warrington, Geo 
Wottellieiwr. L. 
West, O. W. 
White, LymnuR 
Wools, Joe J. 
Wythe, Chss. P. 
Wlnograd Hiirny 
WoodwardN Dog 
A Pony Hliow 
Yonnat, Wvatt b 
XnutiK, Artie 



At the Nuton tbls week orei Tbe rower* Ele- 
phants, "My Lady's Tan," "DlnkcNptcl's Christ- 
mas," "The Tbreo Musketeers," Bonosuorl Arabs 
and tho Hallo Druthers. 

, At the Apollo, Henry B. Warner Is playing 
"Tho Ghost Breaker." 

_ I^ula Wesley bat leased the Savoy for aoolbcr 
five years. 

CO Nil AD 8TI 'll i:\IIOIlD DIES. 

Conrad Stubonkord, tbo pioneer Coney Is- 
land hotel man, died In his home at Boa Gate, 
of ncuto Indigestion. Ho was sixty-four 
years old. 

Mr. Stubenbord opened Hie Prospect Hotel 
lp 18T8, when Coney Island was a new Sum- 
mer resort, no built his hotel at the ter- 
minal of tbo Culver Railroad, which bad lust 
been finished. With tbo growth of the Island 
bo had to enlarge bis place several timet. 

The burial was In Oreonwood Coiactury, 
25. Mr. Stubenbord left two tons and three 



August 2 


rounded in 1BR8. 




editobial uio Bosmisa Manaoib. 


Live Tent Show News. Circus, Carnival, Wild West Gossip and 
Comment. Pertinent Paragraphs by our 

Special Correspondent. 



NEW TORE, AUGUST 2, 1918. 

Entered Jane U. 18T0. it ft* Post OlBctit 
New York, N. Y.. •« leeoBd elm matter, soaer 
tie act ot March 3. 1B78-. ' 

Adtertlaements— I2.BO per toeti, tingle column. 
AdiertlaeiuenU Mt Willi border, 10 pet ci. extra. 

One jear. Id advance. »« ; ill months, $2; three 
n-ontna, fl. Ctntda and foreign pottage extra. 
Blugle copies will te aeut, poalpUd, en receipt ol 
10 «nta. _ . 

Oar Terms are Cain. 
THB OL1PPEE "to lsaaed every WEDNESDAY. 
The Forms Cloalug Promptly- Q" 
Taeador, at 10 A. M. 
Pleaa* remit t>j expreaa mmtj order, cheek, 
P. 0. order or wintered letter. All caab enclosed 
« its letter to at rim ot tender. 
Address All Communication! to 
47 Writ SStla Street. Mew York. 

Tel. 2274-Madlsoo. 
TttgUttrtS Calle Aiir ci, "AcTHoniTi." 


of Thx Currn la located at Boom 505, Ashland 
Block, cticifo. Wanes A. Patrick, maaafer and 

TBI Oixrrxe oan as obtained weolxsali and- 
extail, at oar agenta, Brentaoo'i newa depot. 87 
Avenge de I'Opera, Pnrla, France ; Diamond News 
Co.. 120 Prado, Harana; Manila Book and Sta- 
tioner/ Co., 128 Eacolta, Manila, P. I. ; -Oordoo 
A Oatch, 128 Pitt Street, Sydney. N. 8. W., 

Chicaoo, Saturday, July 28. 
THB all abaorblng topic of conversation in 
tent enow circles Uito past week has been 
the Two Bills' catastrophe in Denver. In 
another section of this issue of Taa Old 
Reliable will be found an exhaustive report 
covering the attachments put on the wild 
West and Far East in Denver. Advices re- 
ceived by the writer from the Colorado 
metropolis would seem to indicate that the 
Two Bills* Show Is to be re-organlxed. In 
the meantime the four or five hundred peo- 

ln all lines of professional endeavor, has had 
a splendid opportunity to sense the prevail- 
ing opinion concerning the development and 
future of the S. L. A. lie declares that 
never was a movement Inaugurated affording 
so much promise of assured' success, and, 
while be does not expect to win. a life mem- 
bership, he intends to bring In new members 
all the time. 

Visrrrua the Nat Retoa Famous Shows in 
Chicago .Heights this week took me back in 
fancy to the old days on the kit. For I was 
most pleasantly entertained by Phil I 

•or Saaaon f 913-lOla* 

It contains the names and addressee of 
pLLA— a that Manager^auderillTand Dramatic Agenta 
2L£aEhJu& toHewtotx, Chicago, Bct£ZWJ 0m£ 

Pittsburgh, 8an Francisco, Canada, London;, 
Music PublUhen -Theatrical Clubs and &* 
defies ; T. M. A. •Headquarters ; Moving Pic- 
ture Finns, and other Information. 
Sent only on receipt ot 2c atam 
panted by a coupon cut from 




Sle identified with the Buffalo Bill-Pawnee most p • "'»- 

lill Shows have been putting In some anxious worth, the veteran side show manager, so 

momenta, awaiting developments. It la to many years identified with TJncle Ben Wal- 

be hoped that arrangements can be effected lace and other showmen. He recounted a 

so that Oen. W. F. Cody, "the grandest old very amusing experience In Lincoln, Neb., 

scout of them all," may continue nnd finish the home of our present Secretary of State. 

out the season. - As I understand it, Messrs. it waa a hot morning, the circus lot was 

Tammeu A Bonfils are making great prepara- jammed with people, and Phil exerted him- 

tlona for the season of 1014, when Buffalo self in making the first opening, in front of 

Bill will be a featured attraction. Pretty the side show. Among the folks gathered en 

tough for tent show folks to find themselves the lot who listened with more or leas rapt 

out of employment at this season of the attention to bts glowing remarks, enlarging 

year, and particularly with an organisation upon the wonders gathered together under a 

which In tne past haa broken all records as jfngle canvas. Phil noticed one particular 



ALBERT J. BORIE, Mmtgln a Dlnctor 
47 W. 88th STRUT, 5TW YOKK 

past — 
a money maker. It Is rumored (not con- 
firmed) that Major Cordon W. Lillie will pro- 
ject a Wild West show next season, to be 
known as Pawnee Bill's Wild West. 

Al. G. Babnis writes that business In 
Dubuque, la, was of the turnaway order, 
hundreds being compelled to occupy seats on 
the hippodrome track. 

George Meahan, general agent for the 
Yankee Robinson Shows, favored the Western 
Bureau of The New Yobk Clippeb with a 
call in Chicago last Wednesday, ant 

Individual who seemed well sigh overcome 
with merriment, and after the opening was 
made Phil descended from the tally-boo stage 
and, approaching aforesaid merry Individual, 
Inquired: "What alls you!" Whercoon the 
owner replied: "BUI Bryan has got it all 
over you." Phil Ellsworth la one of the 
grand old veterans who has belped to make 
circus side show history. It is little wonder 
that be Is held In high esteem by Nat Betas, 
who depends upon him to look after many 
affairs with the Nat Relaa Shows. Incl- 


Send this Con pen and 2c stamp for a copy of 



. (For ina-igi4> 

47 Weat HStb. Street, If aw York 



— - — — formance this season, according to Mr. Mea- 

DRAMATIC. ban, Is en admirable one. _. 

"K-NT««T."-We have no. knowledge of ^VBR^cordtal letter 'jom^Charl e,W. 

flmed the wort that thV present season is dentally Phil signed an application for mem- eTer . 
proving the most prosperous In the history bersblp In The Showmen's League of Amer. ^ 
htrnA Buchanan's Circus, "Punch'' lea, along with others of the Relss executive ft ™ 

and the general equipment Is better than 

his present whereabouts. Address him In £ ark f r '.. w ™'i e S n ,yY£a 'infornu ioe"thaT*K affalFs,' and" Is'a booster* for the S.L. A. 
care of this office .and we will advertise the undM tatejpi JollyJS, tafornu me mat m «J B ^ui D avis v , 8lted tnc Belss Shows, at 

the Rlngllng 

Tuesday. 22, 

letter tn. Currxa letter list. pw'sbowT In Kansas city. TuesdayT^ Chicago" Heights, this week. It Just seems 

M. L., Boston.— .Address Will Cooke, secre- "ros. a ,„A.l the Weld's ^fVeoregt sJmmcs as though Arthur cannot get away entirely 
"SL^iS! HHJS* m WMt V0H7 ' .ta^ to to*tu^waVta^ fro^thlt show fever, an/ while his official 

sixth Street, New York. 

D. M., West End. — Only the band In which 
the error was discovered ts dead. The other 
hands stand. 


The Al. G. Field Greater Minstrels are re- 
hearsing preparatory to the opening of their 
twenty-eighth season. The rebearsala are 
conducted In Columbus, O. The opening date 
will be In early August, at some point in 
Northern Ohio. _„ 

"The Mlnatrele of the NatlonB," the open- 
ing number. Is an international military 
Biicctacle, In which will appear soldiers of 
all nations, singing the songs of their native 
lands. A very liberal supply of flags aud 
bunting will close the scenic spectacle. Of 
course, the flag of our country will be para- 
mount, with a burlesque entitled "Every 
Knee Has a Flag But the Coon." 

The Aviation Meet la another new offer- 
log, although the management promises a 
new show In every detail. 

"Tho Days of '01," a big dancing number, 
and the closing number, "In Panama," will 
. not only have the full strength of the min- 
strel company, but ob an added feature will 
have n band of Hawaiian singers. 

William Walters' Gold Band will be the 
special parade attraction. Mr. Field prom- 
ises much for the twenty-eighth season of 
his compuny. 


We insert acrertlieoenti in this eolomn at a 
special rate of 11.78 par agate line tor 8 month! 
(or 18 times). This will enable local managers 
to keep their borne* prominently and continually 
before the managers of compaalea. During the 
time the ad. la running we will send each adrar* 
User a copy of Ta n Ourraa fr as. 


Beats 450. Electric lights. Bummer town, Aot 
enlokly forSpriagandSnm mer. J.J BPRNB.Mgr. 

TIPTONA'ILLE-Poiiulation.iaOO. W. 
N. BHELTON, Manager Lyceum Theatre, 

seating capacity 800,wantagood Dramatic Sbowsfor 
fall and winter aeason. New house and large stage 
with modern equipment. A. N. BH ELTON, Mgr. 

N.Y. SealaSM). JOIINN.Bl'LLIS JR.,Mgr. 

played to turnaway t — 
Monday, 21. and to capacity at both per- 
formances on TueBday. 22. -._.,.„. 
Accobdino to Mr. WorraU, the Rlngllng 

show has been meeting with wonderful busi- 
ness all along the line thlB season. During 
his visit In Kansas City, Colonel Porker was 

jManaoxb Ton Wiedemann, proprietor of 
„e Kit Carson & Buffalo Ranch Show, re- 
newed acquaintances In Chicago this week, 
and reported splendid business.- 

Fbcd. Wagner, who is making a splendid 
showing In looking after the general details 
In advance of the Goltaar Bros.' Circus this 
season, breezed into Chicago this week, and 
went on record In saying that the Gollmar 
Bros.' Shows are doing the. biggest business 
in their history this season. Fred. Is not 
only very popular with show people In gen- 
eral, enjoys the esteem and confidence of 
position with the Hotel La Salle keeps him hl principals, but hns a thorough knowledge 

staff, who appreciate the wonderful possi- 
bilities of a tent show .organization which Is 
growing stronger and Btronger every day. 

Lew Morris was a welcome caller at the 
Western Bureau of Thb Clipper last Wed- 
nesday. He Is mixed up with a lot of show 

Advertisements not exceeding one Hoc In lengtk 
will be published, properly clajslned ln'thli-loaoi 
at the rate of 110 for one year (52 laauea).' k. 
copy of Th» Naw Yobk CurriB will be aent free 
to each advertiser while the advertisement la ma- 
iling. ■( — ,-„: - 


0. W. Trainer Mfg. Co., 75 Pearl St.. Boaroa. 

Mass. » . . - . . 

Hart .Mfg. Oo., 832 Atlantic Ave., Boston, Most 

S. H. Mayland A Son, SI Wulosghby 8t., Brook* 
lyn, N. Y. 

Baeekbelsi Broa. A Eckstein, 248 So. Peoria St, 
Chicago, j 

8. Bower, 117 Harman St, Brooklyn, N. X. 

Edwin R. Street, 28 Brook St, Hartford, Ounn. 

A. Brauneisa, 1012 Grant Are., Richmond HUL 

N. £ - 

J. C Dragon, 5800 N. Clark St, Chicago, DL 
H. J. Harwood'a Sons, 69 Pearl St., Boston, Uaas, 

Rneckhelm Broa. A Eckstein, 248 So. Peoria St, 
Chicago. * 

O. L. Story Scenic Co., SocnervlUe Station, Bos- 
ton, Moss. 
Scsman * Landla Co., 417 S. Clinton St, Chicago. 
Toomey A Volland, 2312 Market St.',- St' Loala. 
Shell'e Scenic Stndlos, 581 So. High St, Colnm- 

bas. Oslo. 
New York Studio. 1001 Times Bldg.. N. Y. 0. 
Howard Tattle, 1202 .Center St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Planet Show Print A Eng. House, Chatham. Oat 
Paul Tauslg A Son, 104 E. 14th St, N. Y. a 


Kunkely Tent A Awning Oo.,' Iu3 Soath St., N. Y. 

Boston Regalia Co., 387 Waaa. St., Boston, Mass. 

E. Walker. 300 W. 39th St.. New York. , 

pretty busy, he manages to find time every j^, ^ country having made a close study of 
now and then to spend a few hours on the con ditl on g. 

lot. Hon. C. W. Holbkooe, Mayor of Venice 

Reports received to Chicago Indicate that (Cat), wag a very welcome caller at the 
the Young Buffalo Wild West and Cummins' Western Bureau of The Clipper on Batur- 

entertalned by Charles fttngllng, who was In Par East Show Is meeting with splendid day, i9_ upon the eve of his departure for 
charge of the show and seeing that things business. Governor Beaver s other amuse- 


Stock Cos., Vaudeville, 
Minstrel, etc. Bouse ca- 
pacity, 180: Pop., 6,600; to draw from. Per- 
centage. HOUSTON'S OPERA HOUSE, Lutcrne.Pa. 


tor any instrument or number of Instruments. 
Songs, Words and Music, Sketohcs.otc. Send stamp. 
CU AS, L. LEWIS, 420 Klcliiuoud St., Cincinnati, 6. 

outl (Price. n.oOi. Flvo of my latest "Red Hot 
Parodies" (Price, tl.oo). Will send them both for 
short while only on receipt ot tl.oo. F. J. LA- 
riERUK, Room 412, Lakeside Bldg., Chicago. III. 

AT LIBERTY — Orchestra Leader (Violin), 
double Brass. Dp In Vaudeville and all branches. 
Sober. Tollable. Prefer Vaud. and Picture Hooso. 
Would travel : good library music. BENJ. U. 
BROWN, 146 EAST 48th ST., ». Y. 

AT MBEBTY A A u ft g !' a 

BEN RUI>OLPH-He»vle«, Jnvpnllei. 
Some Characters. No Speclaltlea. One| Piece or 
Threo Night Rep. Aao26;ht, ift.syn.; wt. 146. 
' 'd. 1713 


i Barry Ave. Chicago 111. 


Useful young man, capable 
of dramatlo work. Others 
apply. Season's work. Doing the business despite 
hot weather. Address PR AS HAW & LIND- 
liBY, Reldavllle, H. O. 


Dramatlo Author 

America's most proline Vaudeville Wrltor. Over 
860 successful plays, sketches, etc., listed in the 
catalogs of r.B.Denlson A Company, Will. Roe- 
alter. Walter II. Baker, M. Wltmnrk A Sons. Penn. 
Publishing Company, and the Dramatlo Publishing 
Company. Plays, Sketches and Monologs to order. 
Man Dscrlpla. Address, 41 Grand Opera, 
Chicago, 111. 



Bight Reader and Transposes sobor; sir shows 
per week. Salary tl- per. Also Singers, Stock 
Ladles, Oriental Dancers. To open Aug. 11. Ad* 
drcwime until Aug. T.Clouicuttne Bath Co., Mt 
Clemens, Nlch. A. HAMMEHLY, Hamil- 
ton, ottio. 

were being taken care of In a proper manner, 

Colonel Parker reports wonderful busi- 
ness for the Parker factories In turning out 
amusement devices. This week he took an 
order for a 815.0O0 carry-us-all, which goes 
to the Pacific Const, and an 18,000 machine, 
which will be used In Kentucky. He says 
business Is better thnn last year, which sur- 
prises him very much. He Is building a 
bcnutlful three-liorso-nbrenBt machine for the 
J. C. Kepler Shows, now at Dayton, p., with 
electric lighting and a gasoline engine, and 
Is constructing two big carry-us-alls to go 
with carnival companies. It Is really mar- 
vcIoub that in the course of a very few 
years Colonel Charles W. Parker, who is 
generally known by the carnival fraternity 
as "America's Amusement King," Iisb es- 
tablished a business In Leavenworth In the 
construction of amusement devices which 
keeps his factory, the largeBt In the world, 
busy night and day. The Parker name Is 
standard on tent show lota, . .. . 

Harry C. Altino, In advance of the 
Johnny J. JoneB Exposition Shows, was to 
Chicago this week, arranging for the exhi- 
bition of hto attraction near Chicago for two 
weeks In August. . . 

Wallib Cochrane entcrtnlned a party or 
friends in visiting the Barnum & Bailey 
Show, in Elgin, III. Wallte Is now identi- 
fied with the Goes Lithograph Co.. and makes 
frequent visits to tent showB on the road. 

Frank L. Albert Ib to Chicago. 

Cuarleb Brice, who made a tonr or the 
world promoting aviation meets, and who 
has nssumed tho position of American repre- 
sentative for a big firm In Toklo, Japan, 
was In Chicago this week, and a caller at 
The Clipper office. Brlce Is a globe trotter. 
To-day finds him In Chicago, but Just like 
as not he'may be In London next week. He 
Is -very popular with the show people, and 

xnent ventures are also proving profitable, 
In spite of a general tightening up, which has 
affected all show enterprises to a more or 
less degree. 

Fred. Morgan, of the 101 Ranch Wild 
West 'Show, was a Clippbb caller Friday, 
26. Fred, is looking as hale and hearty as 
ever, and Ib enthused over the wonderful 
business which he says the 101 Ranch Show 
is playing to thi3 season. 

A brief note from Lew Nichols conveyB 
the Information that fisblDg Is good at Min- 
nehaha Springs, Wis., where Lew has a big 
country estate. I only wish that I could 
spare the time to avail myself of bis Invi- 
tation to spend a few days in this sylvan re- 

The Gentry Bros.' Shows ought to get 
a lot of money In Chicago. During their last 
engagement In this city they cleaned up a 
Jieat little profit of $12,000, and I believe 
Chicago folk are hungry for the Gentry form 
of entertainment and will torn out In great 

Harry S. Notes, general agent of the 
Great Patterson Shows, is making his tem- 

fiorary headquarters In Chicago, and in an 
ntervlew with the writer last Tuesday, said : 
"There is no use disguising the fact that the 
carnival season so far this year has not been 
one of an extraordinary character in the way 
of financial returns. Most of the shows 
were handicapped early in the Spring by 
extremely Inclement weather conditions. But, 
even In fair weather the receipts so far are 
not up to previous years. I have made a 
very careful study of the crop conditions in 
various parts of the country and, while they 
are none too bright In North ana South Da- 
kota and Western Kansas, yet Nebraska is 
in splendid shape, and reports from Texas 
indicate a bumper cotton yield. Canada baa 
had her share of tented amusements this 

the' far West. Returning from Rochester. 
N. Y., where he was a delegate to the Elks' 
Convention. His Honor, the Mayor, spent a 
few days as the guest of Al. G. Barnes, and 
during his call here was enthusiastic In his 
praise of the big wild animal circus, which 
Winters in Venice and is now playing this 
section of the country for the first time. 
Mayor Holbrook Is a power on the Pacific 
Coast, and Is a friend of the show people. 
He is past Exalted Raler of the Elks in 
Venice, and 8tand3 high in other orders with 
which he Is affiliated. He Is a charter mem- 
ber of The Showmen's League of America. 

Speaking of AL G. Barnes' Show, I wish 
to devote a few lines in referring to my 
recent visit with this organization. First of 
all. I want to say that Al. G. Barnes is a 
showman In all that the term implies. He 
is surrounded with a staff of competent 
executives. His big show performance is a 
delight — different from that presented by 
any other traveling aggregation. Naturally 
ambitious to make his show a predominating 
power in the field of entertainment, Mana- 
ger Barnes is continually adding to his fea- 
tures and equipment. The fact that he Is 
not burdened with an excessive salary list, 
as the major portion of his performance is 
provided by animal actors, there is not a 
chsnee for him to lose, but every oppor- 
tunity to amass a vast fortune. More power 
to him. 

E. C. Talbott stin holds the record for 
securing the greatest number of applications 
for memhbershlp in The Showmen's League 
of America to this date. To be exact, seven- 
ty-eight representative showmen have come 
Into the fold through Brother Talbott's In- 

In delivering a big top In nine days for 
the Al. G. Barnes Show, the TJ. 8. Tent and 
Awning Co., of Chicago, haB broken all rec- 
ords. I tell you that with Neuman and 

celpt of an official communication Inviting 
The Showmen's League of America to hold 
Its conclave at the Panama-Pacific Exposi- 
tion, in San Francisco, in 1915. 

Wjhting of our friend, Willard Backen- 
stoe, I must say that he Is In right at 
Belolt, where he owns a beautiful home and 
Is erecting a first class theatre, the only one 
of its class hi that community, which Is to 
open early in September with a line of su- 
perior attractions. Backenstoe is a hustler, 
a money maker, and an all around good 
showman. He is a charter member of Toe 
Showmen's League of America. 

It orieves me beyond measure to learn of 
the serious Illness of Mrs. Frank Albert, who 
has been brought by her husband from 
Arizona and placed in a hospital In St. 
Louts. Mrs. Albert has been ill for a long 
time, bat it Is to be sincerely hoped that a 
change of scene and environment may bring 
her back to health. 

John B. Warbbn Is as busy os a bee these 
days, and is as elusive as the "Will o' the 
Wisp," but now and then I have a chance 
to discuss show matters with htm. and It la 
gratifying to know that he is putting away 
plenty of dough this Summer which will help 
to keep the wolf from the door in the years 
to come Returning the other day from a con- 
ference with his associates In control of the 
Hagenbeck-Wallace Show, Warren reported 
good business. 

Ed. Jbssop, Identified with the Maxwell 
Shows, was a welcome caller at the Western 
Bureau ot Tub New York Clipper while 
transacting business in Chicago this week. '. 

I am In receipt of an interesting letter 
from W. A. Atkins, of Elgin, HL, who takes 
a great interest in tent show affairs. He 
nays : "In talking with the employees of sev- 
eral tent shown organizations this Summer, 
they all seem -to deplore the fact that the 
big shows especially seem to find It necessary 
to make such long runs, not only on Sunday, 
but on 'week days as well. They say tt 
would be much easier for them if they could 
reach a town, say about S.30 In the morning; 
and have some little tune to take things a 
bit easy. This would also give the working- 
men a little time to rest during the after- 
noon hours before It was necessary to tear 

was a pioneer In the aviation game, bring- ve ar, and I believe Brandon will be good on Driver on the fob there Is always something down the cook end horse tents preparatory 

Ing out flyers who have since become world account of the Dominion Fair being held stirring when it comes to making big show to getting off the 'flying squadron.' For 

famous. , there this year, and my acquaintance with canvas. Within the next sixty days the the past three Sundays the Two -Bills, Bar- 
Fxkd. Gollmar is in our mtdst, and natur- 

ally as happy as a clam, for the Gollmar 
ShowB are certainly getting the money this 

C. W. Finnet, general contracting agent 
for the Gentry Bros.' Shows, Is In Chicago, 
assisting general agent Ben Austin in per- 
fecting arrangements for the Gentry Bros, 
engagements In and around this city. 

Privilege Manager Bartlett, of the Kit 
Carson and Buffalo Ranch Show, was a wel- 
come caller this week. He reported great 
business and personally looked the part, 
for he was lit up with a bunch of sparklers 
rivaling the Koblnoor. E. L. Brannan, tho 
general agent of the show, was also here this 
week, In conference with Manager Tom 
Wiedemann, who states that It Is quite prob- 
able the Kit Carson oufit will have a long 
Reason, closing In the South late in Novem- 

Mas. Nat Reiss was In Chicago this week, 
doing a little "window wishing," and Inci- 
dentally setting Nat back for a lot of lingerie 
and other feminine knldk-naeks. She very 
graciously favored The New York Clipper 
ofllce with a cell. 

Tom North Is a familiar figure on tho 
Chicago Rlalto these days. For some time 
he has been la charge of the Great Ray- 
mond, whose entertainment at White , City 
has been a leading feature. I presume that 
Tom will be leaving us sooner or later In ad- 
vance of a standard theatrical attraction, 
for he haB the happy faculty of connecting 

himself up In a proper manner with the open- 
ing of every Fall season, 
IT is rumored that Ralph Kettering will 

divorce himself from press work in Chicago 
and enter tho political arena, cither at 
Springfield, III., or at the National capital. 
Kettering hae made hto mark In Chicago pub- 
licity circles, and we will hate to lose him. 
James Jay Brady, who for a number ot 

conditions in Begins, while fully appreciat- 
ing the fact that It bas been 'ginned' to 
death by clrcoB, Wild West and carnival at- 
tractions this season, I beUeve will be good 
for the Great Patterson Shows." 

Nat. M. Reiss, proprietor and general 
manager of the Nat. M. Relss Famous Shows, 
was here this week, and reported that his 
business in the South was not up to expecta- 
tions, but he did well after crossing tho 
river, and that Evansvllle and Glnton, Ind., 
turned out well, and that the opening at 
Chicago Heights, 111., was fair. Further 
bookings for the Nat. M. Relss Famous Shows 
will take them to the extreme Southwest, 
playing the New Mexico State Fair, at Al- 
buquerque, and the annual celebration at 
El Paso, Tex. Manager Relss bas closed for 
the Arizona State Fair, at Phoenix. He will 
play Tucson and Bisbee. Mr. Relss states 
that this will probably be his last season In 
the carnival business, ns he may sail for 
Australia Doc. 1, as national organizer for 
the Moose for Australia and South America. 
He is very enthusiastic over this proposition. 
He met Mr. Davis, one of the big moguls of 
the Moose order, and with him will take in 
the Moose convention at Cincinnati this 
coming week. Mr. Relss is a very popular 
man In the tent show business, and enjoys 
a nation wide acquaintance with city officials, 
amusement committees, newspaper men and 
professional folk. 

E. C. Talbot, general agent ot tho Con T. 
Kennedy Shows, has been making flying 
trips In and out of Chicago for the past 
fortnight, preliminary to his departure for 
the East and to Join the Con T. Kennedy 
Shows, In Canada. Last week he closed a 

United States Tent firm will move Into Its 
new building, and I understand preparations 
are being made for a housewarmlng which 
will go down In tent show history. 

A vert cordial letter from General W. F. 
Cody reached me from Lincoln, Neb., con- 
veying Information that he Is enjoying ex- 
cellent health. For e time his friends, who 

num. A Bailey and Rlngllng Bros.' ebows 
have made long runs, depriving tbelr em- 
ployees of a much needed Sunday rest, the 
weather being warm In all sections." 
Vic Hugo, -the well known, vaudeville and 
all around amusement purveyor, with bead- 

reports which emlnatcd from the South to 
the effect that the General was a very sick 

man. These garbled press accounts, enlarged 
upon by the provincial newspapers, caused 
the General no little annoyance, and the 
thousands of his admirers throughout the 
world will be glad to know that he Is In 
splendid fettle. 

A. A. Powerb, general promoter for the 
Rice & Dore Shows, has sent me a photo- 
graph of a monster lithograph stand posted 
by htm In Lincoln, Neb. There seems to be 
an ever growing tendency to put out more 
lithographic paper In billing carnival enter- 
prises, and Powers knows the value of 
printer's ink. The fact that he received his 
early education under the tutorship of E. C. 
Talbot and Con T. Kennedy speaks volumes. 

Colonil, Cuarleb Andress, first vice 
president ot The Showmen's League of Amer- 
ica, visited the Barnum A Bailey Show at 
Elgin, 111., last week, and was delightfully 
entertained by Manager 8am McCrncken and 
the executive staff of the big show. It was 
naturally gratifying to see so many Show- 
men's League buttons In evidence on the 
Parnum A Bailey lot 

John F. McGbail will exploit the United 
. Exposition Shows, a carnival aggregation, to 
contract with C. H. Armstrong, who has the Piny the Fall fairs, opening at Streator, 111 

' the July 28, with eleven weeks to follow. 

kUUU(ll,l TV 11. A) V,. A A, Alt UlDLIUUgji TT UU 11(19 

Big Pit Show at Riverside Park, to Join „ 

Con T. Kennedy Shows at the Canadian Na- The Beloit (Wis.) News, In Its Issue of 
tlonal Exhibition at Toronto, late In August Friday, July 18, devoted nearly half a page 
Talbott says reports he bas received from to Toe Showmen's League of America, mak- 

yoare was general presB representative for the Kennedy Shows Indicate good business lug known the fact that Belolt might be se- 

the Rlngllng Bros." Shows, prior to assuming in Edmonton, Alta., Can., this week. Week lected as a site for The Showmen's League 

the management of the Colonial Theatre, of July 28 the shows are at Calgary, and in- 

which haa recently passed under the control dlcatlons point to splendid returns. 

of Jones, Llnlck A Scbaefer, has been weaned I had a very pleasant chat with J. R. 

away from us by Klaw A Erlanger. who will Lowe, of the U. 8. Lithograph Co., who made 
place htm In charge of George M. Cohan's a flying trip from Erte, Pa., to confer with 
Theatre, In New York, the first of August Al. G. Barnes in Belolt Wis., and with clr- 

Home, which is to be erected for "indigent 
showmen. The secretary of The Showmen's 
League ot America was In Belolt, Friday In 
conference with Willard Backenstoe, who la 

Spain, France, Germany and England oa 
business and pleasure bent. He will return 
to tho States tbe latter part of August, and 
while abroad will pick np novelty attrac- 
tions for tbe coming season. The Hugo 
Bros.' World Tours hsve proven very suc- 
cessful, particularly In India and tbe Orient 
Vic Hugo is a shining example of what grit 
and good Judgment can accomplish in Hie 
profession of entertainment. He started out 
from Toledo, O.. about twenty years ago, at 
a magician, playing fairs and store snows. 
Entering the circus business he soon became 
a side show manager, and leaving the Bar- 
num A Bailey Greatest Show on Earth la 
1004 he blossomed forth as a vaudeville the- 
atre proprietor. Everything Vic has touched 
has turned to gold with but one exception, 
that of the Australian tour of the Hugo 
Bros.' Colored Minstrels, which broke about 
even. Hugo will be heard from more and 
more as the years advance. He Is a demon 
for work, and In his lexicon there Is no such 
word as "can'L" 

J. C. Miller, general director of tbe 101 
Ranch Real Wild West Show, favored the 
Western Bureau of The New York Cuppxoj 
with a call while In Chicago this week. Mr. 
Miller was In conference here with George H. 
Degnon, ot the advance forces, In reference 
to arrangements for the rest of the sea- 
son, and discussed the foreign tour of the 
101 Ranch Show, which will be inaugurated 
following the close of the present tour. 
. -P- 8. Rowe, general representative fof 
"Cheyenne Days,' r a Wild West exhibition. 
which Is being exploited by the Irwin Bros, 
and playing the leading State fairs and ex- 
positions, was a Clipper caller in Chlcaga 

George Kingsbury, without a doubt one of 
the most popular managers in charge of 
amusement afflairs In Chicago, has also been 
Induced to make his future residence Id New 
York City, where he will manage the Grand 
Opera House- Speaks mighty well of the 
West when Chicago talent Is drawn upon to 
manage New York theatres. Here ts hoping 
that things will break for Jay and George as 
they would have them. 

ll ask W. Wakbmbld, one of the grandest 
souls that ever trod shoe leather, wafted 
Into the Western Bureau of Tni Clippie 
last Thursday. Hank Is a charter member of 
The Showmen's League of America and 
standi high In other orders, and, traveling 
about the country as he does, cooing Into 
contact wltt taow people ol every tJefree, 

erecting a theatre there; James H. Clarke, a 

prominent business man: the Mayor, chief last Wednesday. According to Mr. Rowe, 
cus and carnival managers who are making of police and members of the City Council, the Irwin Bros, have lined up some excep- 

their headquarters In Chicago at this time. 
Mr. Lowe landed a large contract for some 
big special Btands for the AL O. Barnes 
Shows, and reported nice business all along 
the line. He ts very popular with tent show 
people, and makes It a point to visit the 
different organisations on the road every 

Ben Austin, general agent for the Gentry 
Bros.' Shows, has been with us for some 
time, paving the way for the Gentry Bros.' 
8he— s, which open a six or seven weeks' 
engagement la and aroond Chicago, July 28. 
It is gratifying to record the fact that the 
Gentry Bros.' Shows are meeting with ex- 
ceptionally good business this season, and 
I understand Out tbe big show performance 

and with them inspected the Preston prop! tlontlly attractive contracts for the exhlbl- 
erty of fifty acres, which, would afford a tlon of "Chevenne Days." It will be recalled 

splendid location for the home. Belolt la 
anxious to have tbe home, and prior to his 
departure Friday night tbe secretary of the 
League was given sssurnnce of a big bonus 
If Belolt should be selected, several hundred 
dollars being subscribed by James H. Clarke, 
W'lllard Backenstoe, aldermen and prominent 
merchants. Leavenworth, Kan. ; Denver 
ColOj and Cody, Wyo.. are In the race, but 
as Belolt Is so conveniently located and 
will undoubtedly offer exceptional Induce- 
ments, It Is not Improbable that when the 
selection of tbe alte to finally made the Wis- 
consin city may capture tho plum. 

that H. S. Itowe went to Australia as gen- 
eral agent for the Bud Atkinson Circus and 
Wild West, which unfortunately was forced 
to discontinue operations. 

Willard D. Coxbt, general story maa 
for the 101 Ranch Wild West Show, breezed 
Into The New York Clipper office In Chi- 
cago last week, and was a welcome visitor. 
Coxey Is a press agent of the manor bom, 
and his showing this season In advance ox 
the Wild West Is nothing short of remark- 
Before Joining the Singling Bros.' 


Show and other leading organlxaUMS, Wll- 




PMsiPENT bbrbbTCTC«S| to in re- I^ORBf'wE? tjk^'wuhSM d^ 








<F\ W. 

IR, Proeldont) 



All communications to Executive Office, SUITE 1510-151 I TIME8 BUILDING, NEW YORK CITY 

Tter.inn Journal, where he received his earlv 
atccatlon. A am of culture, gifted with 
BBiirir.xtlon ana i facile pen, Coiey has es- 
tablished himself In the hill of tent show 
lame and has done no Inconsiderable part 
xo molding the opinion of the .public in faTor 
tf tented amusement, 

The Western Bureau of Thb New Yobk 
Cupptb was honored last Tuesday when 
John D. Tlppett, of New York, paid us a call 
while In Chicago, on his way from 8an Fran- 
cisco to the Eastern metropolis. John has 
tad many years of practical experience In 
many branches of the show business. It will 
le remembered that he was very much In 
evidence at tbe St Louis World's Fair, and 
his statement that "the Panama-Pacific Ex- 
position in San Francisco will undoubtedly 
excel anything of Its character eter arranged 
in the world" may be taken with a degree of 
assurance. John D. Tippett Is a bundle of 
nervous activity. He Is a tireless worker 
and toll of ideas. For yean he has made it 
• point to develop his mental muscle In 
evolving stunts which, have proven profitable. 
Blnce leaving the tent show field John has 
teen mixed op in a rather prominent way 
In the moving picture business, and he Is on 
tbe job all the time. 


After a protracted sojourn In the Anti- 
podes, where he met with great success In ex- 
ploiting amusement attractions, Charles G. 
Klipatrlck is in Chicago, and favored the 
Western Bureau of Thb New Yobk Clipphs 
with a call this morning. At White City. 
In Sydney, and Luna Park, In Melbourne, 
Australia. Mr. Klipatrlck will introduce the 
motordrome, which is proving the prize 
money making feature In American parka 
and with the carnival companies. He for- 
warded the plans for the motordromes to 
tils Australian commissioner. John Kohl, 
who Is looking after the, Klipatrlck Inter- 
ests until Oct. 1, when Mr. Klipatrlck will 
return to Australia. Mr. Klipatrlck has 
taken a five years' lease on the race tracK 
and fair grounds in the city of Danville, III., 
and. starting next year, will put on ar> 
annual exposition. According to Mr. 511- 
Patrick, Australia Is one of the best show 
countries In the world for real attractions. 
The people are ready spenders for entertain- 
ment. While Klipatrlck did not see fit to 
divulge the exact nature of an attraction 
which he Is arranging for the Panama-Pa- 
cific Exposition, he declared that he would 
be m 'Frisco In 1916 with a novelty, 
- 9 

Baba. Deloama.v arrived In Chicago Thurs- 
day, 24, from Moose Jaw, Can., stopping off 
•n route to visit the Great Patterson Shows 
at Brandon, Manitoba, and at Winnipeg, 
where he conferred with railroad officials in 
reference to the movement of the Herbert A. 
Kline Shows from the Dominion into Dee 
Koines, la., for the Iowa State Fair, a Jump 
of 1,000 miles. During a call at the Western 
Bureau of Tun Clipper this morning, Baba 
said: "While conditions In Canada are not 
of the best and the country has been over- 

{dayed with circus, Wild West and carnivals, 
t is gratifying to Inform you that Delgarlan 
ft Zlnney's Beautiful Orient, with the Her- 
bert A. Kline Shows, has played to nice busi- 
ness so far this season, and now that tna 
Kline Shows are to furnish the amusement 
attractions at several of the leading State 
fairs in the States, I believe that the tour of 
1913 on the whole will size up well with pre- 
vious years. Conditions in Canada are 
rattier peculiar. The banks are not loaning 
iLoney on real estate and, as you are aware, 
Canada has been boomed by real estate men. 
There Is a financial stringency in the North- 
west and a surfeit of amusements in the tent 
•how line. The weather has been exceed- 
ingly inclement this season. Bain and cold 
most of tbe time. The Kline Shows No. 1 
had a blowdown In Swift Current." ..... 

Delgarlan and Zlnney have Borne ambitious 
plans for next season. They Intend to put 
©n "The Streets of Cairo, 1 ' with camels, 
elephants and other attractions; In fact it 
win be a carnival in Itself, where Oriental 
meals can be had and Oriental fights seen. 
There will be one hundred people with the 
aggregation. Mike Zlnney. with his magic 
and Omar Blta. with her spectacular dances, 
are making a big hit la Canada. 


Vancouver, Cam.— Imperial (X fcJfrPg 

sM, mgr.) Pollard Opera Oo. opened here J«b;». 
tor a three weeks' stay. "The Belle of New 
York" Is the first week's attraction. 

Bicpuss (Lawrence A Sandua*y. nigra.)— Tor 
week of 31. Del S. Lawrence Oo. presented "The 
Ne'er Do Well.". „ _ . , 

Avanfos (Geo. B. Howard, mgr.)— For week Qt 
11, the Arenas Players were seen In "Fifty Miles 
frooa Boston." . _„. , 

Obphmw (James Pilling, mgr.)— Bill week of 
28: Cbas. B. Bowser and company, Luciano Lucca, 
Max's Circus, Henry Frey. Bernard and Bcartb, 
Lew Palmore and talking pictures. 

PAHTlon* (J. Graham, mgr.) — Bill week of 
28: Cburtney and Jeanette, Jack Taylor. Dainty 
Dixie Southern, Joa. B. Howard and Mable Uc* 
Cane and tbo Telda Trio. 

Oust (B\ Smith, mgr.)— Burlesque and mu- 
sical comedy. 

Panama. — Pictures and specialties, 

National, Bijou, Kinbmacolob, mapui Leaf 
•nd Oixjbs. motion pictures. ... 

Noras.— The Imperial Is being remodeled. A 
large art aim owning Is being tnatalted In front 

of tbe house The Empress opened 14, ana 

had capacity houses all week, despite the warm 

weather Boy McCarthy, treasurer of Pan- 

tages' Theatre, la back at work again after a short 
Illness Airy and Wee Lawrence, child enter- 
tainers, ire doing big at the Panama Theatre.. 
Harry Ferns, the potillat actor, who la now 

Sarins the Pantages' circuit, saya be le training 
r a few fialits when he gets down to 'Frisco. 
Allan Bauson, his manager, and two other as- 




Have It sent to your Summer address, 


send orders to 

;«T W. 28th street, New York. 


nrl.jir i 
coUe J i 5 
} 5/1 11 

s w». : . 

alstants, an now appearing on the Pantagea' 
tune, In "The Trainer." 

Hamilton, Can.— At tbe Temple (J. G. 
Appleton, mgr.) for week of 28, "Tho Fortune 
Hunter." "Madame X" to follow. J. An- 
thony Stnythe, who has met with much success 
as leading man, concluded bis engagement July 
26, and u succeeded by Gerard Harcourt, from 
the Dominion Theatre, Ottawa, tor the balance 
of the season, ending Aug. 10. 

Mountain (Geo. H. Summers, mgr.) — Bill 
week of 27. "A Bachelor's Honeymoon." To 
follow, "The Boss." 

Montreal, Can. — Orpheurn (Geo. Drlscoll, 
mgr.) the Orpheurn Players present "The Travel- 
ing Salesman" week of July 28. "Divorcona" 

Sohkbs Park (D. Larose, mgr.)— Bualness Is 

KDd. B1U for week of 28: Dolores Valleclta and 
r leopards, the Glockera, Jordan Trio, Musical 
Alvlnos, and Arco and Ardo. 

Shreveporf, la. — Grand (Ehrllch Bros. A 
Coleman, nigra.) "Tbe Betura of Mark Denill," 
with Margery Land May, Aug. 8. 

Majbstio (Ehrllch Bros., nigra) — Bill week of 
July 20 Included: Espe and Paul, Luther and 
Lather. Laura Paul, and the Musical Hylands. 
Overtures by the popular Majestic Symphony Or- 
chestra and two reels of Association pictures com- 
Dleted the bill. 

Simons (B. V. Richards Jr., mgr.)— Pictures. 

Quaaw (K V. Richards Jr., mgr.)— 'Pictures 

PAXAoa (J). V. Richards Jr., mgr.) — Pictures. 

iMosas (0. A. Demerls, mgr.)— Pictures. 
' DsBAXLAirn (0. A. Demerls, mgr.) — Pictures. 

Notes. — Louis N. BrueggerbolT, tbe popular sec- 
retary of the Louisiana State Fair, left this city 
23, for LeesvUle, Vernon Parish, La., where he 
has been engaged to direct a pariah display at 
thl» year's fair. Mr. Brueggerhoff Is one of the 
"live wire" fair secretaries In this section of the 

country The Grand will re-open Aug. 8. 

Tbe house has been dark all Summer The 

nippodrome, which will be owned and managed 
ly 0. E. Demerls, now manager and owner of 
the Dreamland, Is Bearing completion. It will be 
an attractive "movie" headquarters, and will 
no doubt get the patronage the Dreamland has 
always enjoyed. 

Loganaport, Intl.— Broadway (B. B. Cun- 
ningham, mgr.) vaudeville, changed tri-weekly, 
and pictures, changed daily, are drawing big 

A ax', Tokio, Giano and Oozr, photoplays. 

Noras. — Harvey Crane has returned to this 
city from Chicago, owing to the burning of ths 
Panorama Theatre at Flfty-nrat and Prairie Ave- 
nue, where he waa employed as drummer. Prac- 
tically all his paraphernalia was lost.....-»ew- 

ton Underhsy, of the stage force of the Murat 
Theatre, lndlnnapolls, la spending bis vacation 
with bis parentito this city. Mr. Underhay 
will loin the force of tbe new Columbia, bur- 
kaaue house, on his return to the Capital wry. 
777... Two hundred new seats have beep lil- 
ts ailed In the Nelson Theatre........ I. N. 

Fink, routing agent for the Hooaler Carni- 
val Co., spent 20122 visiting friends In this dty. 

Sue Fink, manager of the Nelaon Theatre, 

baa returned from Lake Manltau, after vlalttoa 
the family of Manager Holden, of the Colonial 

Theatre, Indianapolis The rreeseont Music 

Oo. have Juat received, from the press, a new 
song, "The Land of Woo." Demands for copies 
predict a huge success. 

Indianapolis, Ind.— English's (Bingham., 
dorse A Oohen. eagre.) hill week of July !8: 
Alma Gene Peltier. Louise Dunbar and company. 
Bcmy, Boker and Adams, Marconi Bros.. Borer 
and Selhlnl, and tho photoplay, "la the Handa or 
the Conspirators." 

R'bth'b (Nod. S. Hsstlngs, mgr.)— Bill week 
of 28: Zenda, Brooks and Lee, Fred. Sanford. 
Oolllns and Roee, and tbe Indlanapolla Neweboys' 
Band will appear as a special feature at evening 

^Siio^oaea A Barton, mgrs.)— Bill 28-30: El- 
ale Kramer and company, Roman, Doris Green- 
wood, Duran and Jack 0"Leary, and Ernest Alvo 
Trio. For 31-Aug. 2: Hayden-SteveBioo company, 
La Target*. Troy Comedy Four, and Duke O'Ryan. 

Nora,— Tbe Park, which has been re-modeled 
and re-decorated during tbe closed season, will 
open week of Aug 11, under tbe management of 
Anderson A Zlcgler, and will be re-chrlstesed the 

Jacksonville, Fla. — Orpheurn — After sev- 
eral successful weeks of tabloids, vaudeville has 
returned, and Manager Leach has an exceptionally 

f:od show for week of July 28, In Brltt Wood, 
agg and White, O'Brien, Havel and company, and 
Clark and Verdi. 

Duval (Wm. Delcher. mgr.)— After severs! at- 
tempts to produce tabloids, this boose has closed 
for tbe Summer. It will re-opea about Sept- 1; 
with Sbnbert bookings. 

Gbano (F. T. Montgomery, mgr.)— Alando Is 
doing well in his third week at this bouse. 

PatNoa (O. P. nail, mgr.) — HcAnaUan and 
Otto are a bit, and drawing Immense crowds here 
with their singing act. Jos MeAnaUan appeared 
here last season with Nell O'Brien's Minstrels. 

Iktbbial. — Billy Beard is drawing large crowds 
dally, and Is in bis third week st this popular 
picture bouse. 

SAror.— Moving pictures, to capacity business. 

Bonhana, Tex,— Honey Grove. The Gay 
Hickman Stock Oo. Bam Msgeors from tbe Sleln 
Shows and Husti B. McOormick of St. Lotas, are 
valuable additions to tbe company. 

Nora — The Newton Stock Co. at the Alrdoae 
21 and week, did Use business. 
' . ' '. Ii *. : i 
w.'f I > * 

KcAleeter, Oklsw— Star Alrdome (Archie 
B. Wllkina, mgr.) too Hutchlnaoa Musical Comedy 
Oo. played to good business July 21 and week. 

TalshMajbstio (D A. McDonald, mgr.) —M a- 
tion pictures. 

Viotob (Will Tipplt, mgr.)— Motion pictures. 

Fount (John A. Stehson, mgr.)— Motion pic- 

Lisam (John A. Stetnson, mgr.)— Motion pie* 

Notes — F. G. Huntington's Mighty Minstrels 

were here 28, 29 Eddie O'Brien and wife, 

Lottie Darrarh, the Francisco Slaters ad Ed. 
Jones have left the Hutchinson Musical Comedy 
Co., and will Join tbe "Bachelor's Honeymoon," 
at WllbnrvlUe Minn., for the aeaaon. Ed. Jones 
will be in advance, taking the company to the 
Pacific slope for the remainder of the season. 

Enid, Okln. — Delmar Alrdome (Stebbtns A 
Bolton, mgrs.) — Wbyto Dramatic Oo. was the at- 
traction week of July 21. 

Royal (B. W. 'Wirt, mgr.) — Pictures. 

Majestic (B. W. Wirt. mgr. )— -Picture*. 

Wondxbxand (W. E. Winters, mgr. ) — Pictures. 

Oarasux (King A Bolton, mgrs.}— Pictures. 

Nora. — All companies playing Delmar now open 
Monday and close Sunday night, Instead of the 
regular Sunday night opening. 

Albany, N. V,— Harmanas Bleecker Hall 
(Edward M. Hart, mgr.) Lytell-Vaughan Stock 
Co. Is in the last fortnight cf their third con- 
secutive sesson of awenty-flve weeks each Sum- 
mer, to big business. "Hawthorne of V. S. A." 
la the bill for July 28 and week. "Madame 
Sherry" next. This theatre will then cloae and 
he re-decorated and re-palnted throughout. The 
regular Fall aeaaon will open Aug. 25, with Wm. 
F. Hodge, In "The Boad to Happiness." 

Giano (Cbas. L. Robinson, mgr.) — Herman 
Lleb, In Joseph Medlll Patterson's playlet, 
"Dope," heads the vaudeville bill for week of 

Colonial (Stacy A Perrln, mgrs.) — The Morton 
Comedy Opera Co. continue* to very satisfactory 
business. Tbe bill for week of 28 is "Tbe Time, 
tbe Place and the Girl." 

Paocroa's (Howard Graham, mgr.) — Bill for 
28-30: Tbe Ellisons, Webb and Hope's Minstrels, 
Cunningham and Corenty, Fred and La Zelle, and 
McCarthy and Major. For 31-Aug. 3: Al. Bay mo 
and eoapay, Oxford Trio, May Ambrose, Perry and 
Elliott, and Thomas and Wynn. 

Majbstic (Endl Belches, mgr)— Moving pic- 
tures snd vsodevllle. 

Clinton Squabs. — Moving pictures. 

Bsoaswax. — Photoplays. 

OaVBSUK.— 'Photoplays. 

Palace. — Moving pictures. 

Mapls Beach Pabs (J. J. Oarlin mgr.)— Bust'* 
cess is very satisfactory. 

Elsctbio Pabk (H. J. Chandler, ogr.)— Excel- 
lent attendance at this resort. 

Nora. — The Empire Theatre will open Aug. 1, 
with George "Honey Boy" Evsna' Minstrels, foe 
two days, . 

Mllford, Haas.— Lake Nlpmue (Dan J. 
Bprague, mgr.) vaudeville bill here week of July 
28 Includes: Brown and Brown, Sadie Bodgers, 
Beube Williams, Tom Keene, Ed. McEnaley, Bert 
Bros., Bob Flnlay, the Cbeslelgb Sisters. Angelo 
Truda, the Thule Singing Club, and the Svea 
Brass Band In concert. Business la big. 
' IoauL (M. Perhara, mgr.) — Motion picture* and 
Illustrated songs. 

Ltcshk (Luhy Bros., mgrs.) — Motion pictures 
and Illustrated songs. 

Tan-oLt (M. Consolettt, mgr.)— Motion pictures 
and Illustrated songs. 

Notes. — The Murray Sisters and Llasette 
Forbes will be with a Progressiva wheel burlesque 
company tbe coming season. This will be their 
first profeaslonsl engagement, but they should 

make good Manager Turner, of tbe Mllford 

Opera House, announce* that he will begin his 
season with the Chicago Stock Co. on Aug. It 
Instead of Sept. 0, a* formerly announced. 

Fall River, Haas. — Bijou (Ota*. B. Cook, 
mgr.) tbe Baylles-Hlcks Stock Oo. presents 
"Taken from Life" week of July 28. 

Aoadimt (L. M. Boas, mgr.)— Bill 28-30: 
Three Emmerson*, George Even, Blgelow, Camp- 
bell and Raydea, Gladys Kearas, and the feature 
picture, "Tbe Tiger Lily." 

Palace (Walter Blgelow, mgr)— Motion pic- 

Ltbio (E. Hlcbelfelder, mgr.) — Motion pictures. 

Stab (B. Mlcbelfclder, mgr.) — Motion picture*. 

Nickblooxon (Walter Blgelow, mgr.)— Motion 

Globs (Walter Blgelow, mgr.) —Motion pic- 

Scenic. (A. E. Archer, mgr.)— Motion picture*. 

Lowell, Mas*. — Merk. Squaro (F. J. Oar- 
roll, mgr.) bill for July 28 and week: 0. W. 

LlttleBeld, Wells Devaux, Manchester and Wens- 
lay, Lillian Sausny and photoplays. 

Laesvisw Pabk (Ralph Ward, mgr.) — For 28 
and week, motion pictures and songs In the thea- 
tre, and the Webber Family of acrobats are the 
outdoor attraction. Tbe theatre Is being re- 
painted and decorated preparatory to opening 
sesson hi August, with a stock company. 

Note. — The Opera House wilt open Aug. 80, 
with the La Rose Stock Co. 

Haverhill, Ma *• . — Colonial. Wot. E. Far- 
tier Is the new manager here. He Is a former 
newspaper man and was successful at the Nickel 
Theatre. Louis B. Mayer will retain bis interest 
In this bouse. 

Pinbs Pabk (J. W. Gorman, mgr.) — The Dennis 
Bros., aerial artists are the outdoor attraction 
for week of July 28. 

Bar City, Klclu— Wenoah (B. P. Leahy, 

mgr. moving picture*. 

Stab (Thatcher A Son, mgrs.)— -Motion pictures. 

Winona Baaoa Casino (L, H. Newcomb, 
mgr.)— 'Bill week of 27: The Dorians, Ed. Mar- 
shall. Dryer and Dryer, Evelyn Booonde, snd 
tbe Caalnoseope. 

Nora. — The WaUace-Hagenbeck Circus pleased 
Immense audiences st two performance* 26. 

Grand Ttaplds, Mich,— Itamraa (Lew Do 
Lamarter, mgr.) bill week of July 28: Three 
Bohemians. Boganoy's Lunatic Bakers. Boston 
and company, Al. Carlton, Wm. J. Dooley and 
company, Jeanle Fletcher, and Valmont and Bay- 

Note.— Hajenbcck-Wallace Shows were here 28. 

Ana Arbor, Hlelu— New Whitney (Arthur 
Lane, mgr.) Is dark. 

Majsstic (Arthur Lane, mgr.) — Kmemacoloe 
pictures to good business. 

Ikwu (Gordon A Knapp, ram.) — Photoplays 
and Illustrated songs to good bostness. 

Nora,— The Hagenbeek-Wallace ' 
hen July M lad old blf tsalnega, 



Th« dftwifif of the routes for franchise two shows going twice over the circuit 
holders on the Progressive burlesque circuit The houses are not given for publication 
was held Saturday morning, July 120, at the to date on account of several MntltJ 

added; then a full list with all dot alls Will 
he published. 

The regular season opens Aug. 20, though 
a number of Ibe shows will play a prelum- 
nary week. 

The following Is an official list of drawing 

numbers, openings, show titles and managers : 

Alanaotr and Owner. . Aflenti. 

executive offices of tbe circuit In the Times 
Building. New York. 

Tbe franchise holders gathered at 11 a, m., 
and tbe different cities of openings for the 
different shows were drawn for, Tho circuit 
offers forty-two weeks In the principal cities 
•f tbe United States and Canada, twenty- 

Route. Bhow. 

Philadelphia Tango Girls Chas. Taylor Walter Belcher 


and Scranton. . . .High Life Qlrls 

Penn Circuit Fay Foster 

Cleveland Girls of Follies 

Cincinnati Blanch Balrd's Big Show 

Indlanapolla Monte Carlo Girls 

St. Loud Jack Beld's Big Beauty Show.... 

Chicago May Howard's Girls of 111 Nations. . . J. D. Barton 

Chicago Mirth Makers Hatch and Ilcatty , . . . , . . ... . 

Open. Dolly Dlmplo Girls Butter and Levitt. . . . .. Joe Levitt 

Detroit Follies of Pleasure Kuhe Bernstein Abe Flnberg 

Toronto Crusoe Girls Chas. Robinson. ...... Doc 'Adams 

Buffalo Sunshine Girls Wash._Martln. . . .Hank Goldenberg 

, .Frank Colder. ... 
. J oo Opponhelmor. 
.Harry Strouae.... 

. Hilly Dunn 

, .Torn Sullivan.... 
. .,0. T. Crawford. 

.Frank Lawler 
.J. Williamson 
..Louie Lesser 
Walter Meyers 


Utlcs and 
Schenectady. . , 


Lynn and Lowell. 

Boston i 

Holy oke , 

New York 

New York 

Mischief Makers. 

• Honey Girls 

. .Parisian Beauties •••■ 

. Eva Mull's Big Beauty Show 
Panama Pansles • , , • 

..Rector Girls 

..Cabaret Girls 

..Stars of BurlesQue. 

...Jean lleulnl Arthur Harris 

.Bernard and Zelslcr. ..Henry Wolf" 


, Him Williams..., 
. Leo Talbot 

Mat. Armstrong.. 

.Morris Walnstock, 
.Cbas. Cromwell.. 

...Danny Mack 
.Henry Flnberg 
...Fred, Jacobs 

.Jimmy Morris 
.Jim Heams 

W. B. Uontley ..Bob Gordon 


A large corps of artisans are rapidly trans- 
forming Miner's People's Into one of tho 
niftiest stop* in next sesson's burlesque Itin- 
erary. The hitherto somewhat sombre tone 
of this erstwhile home of "high class" drama 
and opera has been been changed to a light- 
er, daintier color scheme. In which light 
greens and gold predominate. New carpets 
and draperies have been Installed, a smoking 
room and lounge replaces the old cafe at the 
right of tbe lobby, end many other Improve- 
ments of a distinctly modem character have 
been added. The traveling manager and 
agent have not teen forgotten either, as la 
attested by a neat little office, furnished with 
typewriter, stationery and many other con- 
veniences, which has been constructed for 
the use of these usually neglected martyrs. 
The stsge and dressing rooma have beea 
thoroughly renovated and brought up to the 
minute, and, In short, no detail making for 
the comfort of both audience or performers 
has been overlooked. The People's opens 
Aug. 18. with the (Happy Widows Company. 
Frank Abbott, who has been for ths past 
two seasons manager of Miner's Empire, In 
Newark, will be In charge, with Sam Granat, 
as treasurer; Frank Howie, stage manager; 
Carl Williams, musical director, 
s i 

The Loz Club gave a bog party to Carl 
Henry and Nellie Francis at Proctor's Fifth 
Avenue last week, July 28, Twenty members 
gathered under the guidance of Charlie High 
C. Falk. Among the notables were : Sheriff 
Jack Levy, Baron Nat Ooldcn, Hugble Ber- 
nard, Dick Zelsler, Dave Gordon, Lou Ep- 
stein, Dick Patton, L. M. Boris, Rube Bern- 
stein, Wash. Martin, Maurice Jacobs, .Max 
Armstrong, Vic. Baravelll, Darby Aaronsoa 
and Lew Watson. 


Harry Eknerson and Geo. C. Clark haro In 
preparation a new musical extravaganza, "A 
Night on Broadway," which is booked solid 
over tho Stair A Havlin and Jake Wells cir- 
cuits. An all star cast, Including Grace 
Celeste and Harry Emerson, will make up tho 


In the last Issue of Thb New Yobk Clif* 
pas tbe call for rehearsals of tho Big Re- 
view show was called for July 31. The date 
has been changed to Aug. 4, at Lyceum Hall. 
821 West Forty-third Street, New York. 

— jaiiNBu mmvErac — 

The Tom Miner Co.. Inc., has been formed 
with a capital of 11,000, by Edwin D. 
Miner, Tom Miner and Geo. H. Miner, for 
the leasing of a franchise on tbe Columbia 
burlesque circuit 

i s — sssaasas 

CoNim Una Firr.iru writes: "Have been 
home, Benton Harbor, Mich., resting this 
Summer, and Tna Cufpeb, which I buy at 
Bird's Drug Store every week, keeps me In 
touch with my many friends In New York 
and elsewhere, and believe me, I am always 
on time to get the paper. I secured my next 
season's engagement through it Thb Clip- 
raa and I are very dear friends, snd spend 
many pleasant momenta together." She baa 
been engaged by Hugh fihutt for leading 


1 . it- 

Folly Theatre Stock Co., 
"''« :■•■:■■ 


In The Brooklyn Baale Al. Beevea ventl- 
lates his opinion of buriosoue ss follows: 

"Unless some Inducement In the way of 
better terms or percentage Is offered to ths 
better class of burlesque shows, I believe 
that many of them wilt be permanently 
dlven from tho Held. 

"According to present arrangements the 
show with twelve girls and three prlnlpala 
gets exactly the an me percentage of the gross 
receipts aa the show with thirty-five chorus 
girls and six principal}. Our scenery snd 
wardrobe expense Is five times what it was 
formerly, and our salary list la double: but 
we ell get treated alike. Unless some Induce- 
ment Is made to the really good producers 
they will not bo able to go much further. 
The goose that laye tbe golden egg will die 
of starvation." 

BOBLBSQtra BtraiNBss steadily caowiNo, » 
box Fgorixa pacaguaa. 

"la the recent combination of the two 
circuits It waa corned to drop severs' of the 
less proatafcle houses of botli circuits. In 
order that tbe net results of the alllaaae 
might be as great as possible. The bur- 
lesque business) Is steadily on tbe Increase. 
Each year shows a slight gain over any 
other year. 

"It le the Increased cost of putting on t«a 
good burlesque shows tbst diminishes our • 
profits. Although I did the greatest busi- 
ness that baa ever been done in burlesque 
last year, I made 87,200 less profit than I 
have on soma previous seasons. People de- 
mand better scenery, better costumes and s 
higher class of show generally. 

7 'We find that we are drawing a better 
class of people to our shows now. I remem- 
ber when a business of 82,S0O a week In 
Pittsburgh was phenomenal. Now a business 
of $7,000 Is not considered anything out of 
tho ordinary." 

Asked about tho effect of musical comedy 
on burlesque and Hoe veria, Mr. Beevea 
emphasized tho fact that tbe burlesque com- 
pany remains tho same throughout the aea- 
aon, while tho musical comedies substitute 
secondary casts. 

"We give the same Bhow everywhere," be 
said. "But the musical comedies, as soon as 
ther are through with tbe Broadway sesson 
begin to put In inferior pcoplo, so that when 
the show takes the road In earnest It Is by 
no means tho same show tbst played on 

The advent of "movies" with cheap vaude- 
ville, Mr. Reeves believes, will have no ef- 
fect on burlesque. 



Yon bare all heard of Rattlesnake Fete I 
Well, Tom Sullivan aqutred his services this 
Summer to keep away the snakes nnd other 
evil things at tbe Monte Carlo Inn, at the 
Kills. Staten Island. The finish wss Harry 
Welch cut out Hassams, tho rest of the 
cang barred King Barleycorn, and Battle- 
•nake Pete takes out a show. No more 
peddling tho snake. Juice for Ills and pains I 
A real manager, now! 

S i n 


Tom Sullivan, of Monte Carlo fame, tho 
one of tbe best over the old Western wheel 
last season, has gathered together an all star 
caat for bis big show this season, headed 
by Harry Welch, Joe P. Mack, the Big Four 
Quartette. Arthur Lannlng, Leslie Claire, 
Era Sullivan. She troupe will open A pre- 
liminary season at the Cadillac Theatre, 
Detroit, Mich., Aug. 10, 



August 2 





JEAN BEDINT, Room 431, Knickerbocker Theatre Bldg., Sew York City. 






Rehearse KnlghU of Columbus Hall, 305 East 33d St., Aug. 4. Opens Benson Aug. 
10. Write or cull between 11 A. M. and 1 P. M. All I'coiilc Engaged Acknowledge Call to 

LEWIS TALBOT, Mgr., 001-00)* Fitzgerald Building, New York City. 


J U L. V 28^ IP J-., tVI,. «BSS». ». * 



ay PAT 


Dandy eirxcl. Cabaret Girls 

The sensation of both Burlesnne Wheels. The revelation season of 1113-1014. All art lat.t engaged for 
the shove attraction, kindly report for rehearsals, Monday, August 4, 10 A. M., Union Hall, 12? w. 
88lh Street, between 6th and?th Avcg. Acknowledge call to Ho om «3», Knickerbocker Theatre llldg., N.Y. 

•\f\f f\ NTED 


A few more people, nil lines, to complete companies. Want especially, Union Carpenter, for 
one piece production; Ingenue Leading wm»n (strong). Gen. Bus Man with Specialties, 
Comedian and Unabrette with strong Huecialtlea, and strong feature Specialty Team 
for week stand. Rep., Leading and Ilfuvy Man for permanent stock. People with good 
Bpeclalilcs will be given preference and long engugement. Htate all tlrst letter. Join at once. Those 
who wrote before, write again. UARYEY D. ORR, Mollrae, III. 

°Sam fowe's "LOVE MAKERS" 1 " ' 

All people engaged for above Company, n-port for Rehearsals at Arboar Hall, 
BM St. and 7th Ave., New York, t hnru», Wednesday, Aug. 0; Principals, Wed' 
neadajr.Aua. 13. Acknowledge Call to SAM HOWE, 414 Colombia Theatri 
Bldg., new York City. Can use a few more Chora* Girls, III A miller, Msr. 

; City. Can 


The Jack Singer Stock Co, Is now playing 
Its tenth successful wees at the Gayely The- 
atre. Detroit. Jt Is Mr Stager's intention 
to place stock companies la several other 
dies next Hummer, and also make on Int- 

R>rtant production for the Columbia Theatre, 
«w York. The book for the new production 
Is toy Aaron Hoffman. W. I). Norton has 
been engaged to attend to all the details In 
connection with the new companies. 
i s 

Charlie Taylor has secured the following 
people for his Progressive wheel snow: 
Tony Kennedy, principal comedian : Dolly 
Sweet. sonbreMe; Eddie Boyd, Borthn Rich, 
Mils. Vcols, Al. Fyne, Charles Collins and 
Ktl. Hawley, The staff Includes : Frank 
Hclcher. manager; S. Rnnkln, agent; Fred. 
Untied, carpenter; John A. Kelly, ''props," 
nml Peter Salmon, electrician. The snow 
unens Aug. 10. 

Walter Meyers, the ever hustling advance 
agent, slipped one over on the hoys last 
week, waiter said nothing but signed up 
quietly with Billy Dunne for the Blanco 
linlrd Show. Walter loft for Detroit Sun- 
day, July 27, to get thlugs ready. 


Marie Revere, having signed with Bernard 
A Zolsler's Honey Girls, Is getting everything 
in readiness to give burlesque fans a treat 
In the 11ns of swell wardrobe. 



write: "After a long season with the College 
Girls Co., and supplementary season of tea 
weeks of stock at the Hunt Theatre, In- 
dianapolis, we decided to take a short vaca- 
tion, so on July 10 we left Indianapolis for 
Blthurst, New Brunswick, Caa, stopping oK 
In Niagara Falls, Montreal and Quebec, 
reaching home July 10. We think Btthurst 
Is a beautiful place, surrounded by salt water 
ou all sides, with plenty of Ashing and boat- 
ing. In two weeks we will retnrn to New 
York ready to return to work, and hope to 
do as well as last season, which were both 
unnnclally successful. Oh, yes. we arc far 
from the city, but Till Karw York Curriui 
keeps us well posted on what's going on." 

Mn. AND Mrs. (iko. A. Harriot nre back 
from Lakeside. They have had a bully time, 
fishing and boating mid playing ball. They 
go to rehearsal July US for their Ufth season 
with Watson's Big Show. 

Law Fkin had to cancel his contract with 
Mat Spiegel on account of 111 health, Be Is 
gradually recovering his volco and health, 
and will remain In New York for treatment. 

Minku's Eiu-iiiB Tiikatue, Newark, Is be- 
ing completely renovated and re-decorntcd 
for the coming season, and will again take 
Kb place ns one of the handsomest theatres 
devoted to burlesque when the gong sound*. 
The opening has been -Used for Aug. 11. 

Jim Dixon-, after an nbsence from bur- 
lesque for several years, goes with the 
Dreamlands this season. 

Dak ubacxy returned to Pair Haven last 
week after filling In severs* weeka with the 
Jack Singer Stock Co, at Detroit His pro- 
duction of "Irish Justice" and "Big Foot 
Wallace" were big hits. 

Th* Dshman Bliow, after rehearsing n 
week at Detroit, will open there Aug. 4, then 
go to Toledo, O., Aug. 0. 

En. has signed with Max Spiegel 
for live years as principal comedian. This 
lesson with Watson Sinters. 
JBellb Hblmont goes with Billy Watson 

, Tun Empire, Albany, N. Y., will open th* 
burlesque season Aug. 0. 

W«, It. HATPisr.0 Is the official counsellor 
for the 1'rnircsslve wheel managers, 

Rom** K Morrow will manage the Trace* 
(lorn. Philadelphia, for the next season of 
regressive wheel shows, to «poa Aug, 11. 



The Dolly Dimple Girls, under the man- 
agement of Sutton A Levitt, playing the Pro- 
gressive Circuit, have engaged the following 
people for their new production : J. Theo. 
Murphy, Cole and Werner, Hazel Ford (sou* 
trette). Rose Forrest (Ingenue), Jack Sut- 
ter, May Bums, Gladys Soars, Dave Levitt, 
agent. The company will be under the man- 
agement of Joe Levitt. 


It Is reported that A. M. r.ruggcmann, pro- 
prietor of the Empire, Peterson, N. J., will 
?o to law against the Columbia Amusement 
'o. Through his attorneys, Collins & Cor- 
bin, he la seeking to secure an Injunction .to 
prevent the Columbia Amusement Co. from 
producing their attractions at any other the- 
atre in I'aterson than the Empire, according 
to exisMug contracts. 

fThe Columbia Amusement Co. will arrange 
the matter satisfactorily. 

s . ■ 

It was announced' that the reports con* 
cernlng the Hyde A Bchman affair with the 
Columbia Amusement Co., are still unsettled. 
The rumors that Hyde A Behman would with- 
draw are without foundation. It Is likely 
that the Colombia Amusement Co. will take 
arver the Gayer./, Brooklyn, on terms advan- 
tageous to both parties. 



Chicks* iinun- goes with Maurice Jacobs' trig 

Wu. BaKTunr wss kept real busy last week 
Signing up talent for his show over the l'rogres- 
Uve circuit. 

Nru LArairDss goes with W. B. Brntley as 
prims donna. 

Marcos thru* goes with Harry Stroose ss 

Maris Rama goes with tho Boncy Girls, In a 
stellar role. 

Davs viariob starts bis rehearsals this week at 
(be Empire, Newark. N. i. 

Tom Buixivan left for Detroit, Mich., for re- 
hearsals) of bla Monte Carlo Girls Show. Jul; 20. 

Hilly Dd»k Is reheamlug at the Cadillac, De- 

Dick ZtiatXR Is a boar commuter dally from 
Boekaway. banqueting at the A. D.. st noontime. 

Bulla llsxiroNX closeil her erqragwuent over the 
Loew tune, and stalled rehearsals with Sill wat- 

Wash. Martik Is aronnd again after a week's 
stsnil on ths, skk list at his spartments. 

Karxtxa Count arrived In New Tork from 
Cf nails Jaly 34. and immediately left for Juniper 
Street, Philadelphia, Po. 

IWta CtrsLXr arrived In New York with a 
newly written book for the Bnnahlne Girls. 

Frank Calscr has crerytblog In readiness for 
his High Life show. 

Ciiablis taxlor ssj» "No more vacation." 
Just work from now on 

John I'rrrt arrived In Hew York from a sac- 
eessfal season In Canada, where be produced his 
hlc musical show. 

Burn BAksona Is back from Oantils, and now 
rehearsing with Miner's Big Frolic. 

FLossra Mi-Clou., the prima donne. with the 
Honey Olrls, will Introduce some wonderful crea- 
tions In the costmae line Ibis season. 

Fern Rasas goes with Billy Watson, of Beef 
fame this season. 


Pat Whits will do the Irish sttrnl with Tlntler, 
cobs ft Lowry's Columbia circuit Blmw this sea- 

T/Or/rg DArns has retired owing to her 
mother's illness. 

Billy McInttbb, formerly Mrlntyre and 
Groves, goes with Joe Oppcnbelmers Pro- 
gressive Show. 

Kd. itimKiiH will put on the Happy Widows 
Show (Columbia), for Herk ft Fenncwy. 

IlKi.i.Aii Benton, Wm. Welp and Irene 
Cosslni go with the Star and Garter Show 

Marei. Lie will soubrctte for lloblnson's 
Crnsoo Girls (Progressive). 

lin.i.v Abi.inoton Is playing, at the New 
Brighton Theatre, Coney Island, this week. 

Tub Hippodrome Four, Warren Boyd, Wm. 
Kelly, Vic Plant and nenry Stromel, go with 
the Golden Crooks (Columbia circuit). 

Tub revised list of Cracker Jack folks 
(Columbia circuit) Includes : Beatrice Har- 
Inwe, Johnnie Jess, Leo Kendal, Dan Nlblo. 
Jim Doherty, Etta Hastings, Francis Riley 
and Zella Itambo. Charles Arnold la mana- 
ger; Maurice Cain, advance; Frank Cbamber- 
lin, carpenter; Larry tiero, electrician, and 
Lester Tingle, "props." 

Ah Lino Fno will be a feature with the 
Honey Girls (Progressive). 

Alice Courtney promises to go with the 
Mollle WilllamslCo. 

Virginia Hoyden will ibe with Marlon's 
Dreamlands (Columbia). 




Showing appreciation to .Sidney Toler for 
bis two tliouHnnd live hundredth successful 
performance In slock in Portland, Me., the 
evening of July 28 was designated Toler 
Night by the Keith Theatre management, 
and the well known actor was given a great 
reception, , 

■ s — — — — - 

"Isbail" was played last week at the 
Jefferson Theatre. Portland, Me., tinder the 
management of Julius Cahn, Mias Kelm play* 
Ing the part of Agnes, the powerful emo- 
tional role created by Constance Collier, In 
the original production. 

Tub Olympic Park Opera Co., located at 
Olympic Park. Newark, N. J., offered "Ma- 
dame Sherry," one of the best musical com- 
edies staged within the last decade. It was 
produced under the management of H. B. 
Franklin. This week they are producing 
Geo. M. Cohan's musical play, "George Wash- 
ington Jr." 

Owing, to the tremendous success of "Forty- 
five Minutes from Broadway," produced by 
Miss Percy Haswell at the Royal Alexandria 
Theatre, Toronto, Can., It was decided to 
keep It on for a second week. It la ploying 
to capacity at every performance. 

"Dorothy Veilnoh of Haddon Hall," with 
Vaugbnn Glascr and Fay Courtcnay playing 
the leads, Is the attraction this week at the 
Temple Theatre, Rochester. N. Y. 

Ella Ksamrb writes: "I am In my thir- 
tieth week, playing leads with the Garside 
Stock Co. I am enjoying a prosperous sea- 

AuacsTA Perry writes: "We closed our 
stock engagement at South Framlngham, May 
30, and opened our Summer stock at Hampton 
Beach, N. H.. June 80. This Is my third 
Summer at Hampton, where I have made a 
great ninny friends. The company opened 
with 'The Lion and the Mouse/ followed by 
'The Third Degree' and The Man on the 
Box.' This week, The Cfaorua Lady.' My 
husband (Mr. Downing) made me a present 
of a six room cottage last week. Next sea- 
son the company will only play the beat 
royalty plays/' 

"Tub Fortune Hunter" is the attraction 
at the Buihwtck, Brooklyn, this week. Enid 
May Jackson, who plays the leading role, 
la from Enid, Okla., and has teen with the 
Kansas City Stock, Garden Stock Co., St. 
Louis, and the Gaycty Theatre Stock Co., in 
Hoboken. Willard Blackmore will have the 
lending male role. 

"ALIAS JiHHX Valentine" will be the at- 
traction at the Long Beach Stock Co. Mary 
Roland has started rehearsals with John 
Drew, and will be replaced by Reglna Wal- 

"Tun Battle" Is- the bill at Keith's anriom 
Opera House this week. 

'ITta Coburn Players are showing this 
week on the Campus of the Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York, with the following bills: 
"Taming of the Shrew" on Monday evening, 
"Romeo and Juliet" on Tuesday evening, 
"The Canterbury Pilgrims," by Percy Mac- 
Kaye, Wednesday evening; ''Iphlgcnla In 
Taurls" Thursday evening, "Henry V" Fri- 
day evening, "Comedy of Errors" Saturday 
afternoon, and "Othello" Saturday evening. 
(Continued tin page U.) 

Hat Suirut canceled her contnet with Max 
Make * 1 * 1 J "° BK, ' n, ' , Ml " chl|,f 

JTanntS St. Clais ha* forsaken tmrkwrae for 
this season, and bom w ftf Sotly Fields' new 
vaudeville set. "A Henpecked mSSglt" 

Tot totter for Joe Owennerner't Fay 

Foster Co. Includes: Marls Ilea nrcsard, Billy 
Mclntyre. Oara Burg. Verons Husuann, Lew 
inJ W 1 ' ■»-«««. Saxoni, md Porn 




Her Ow/vCo. 






BBS*^ 3 ^**' :>; 

L— . 





Ethel Clifton will be the new leading lady 
at the Academy of Mnsic, New York, opening 
Aug. 4 as Louise in "The Two Orphans." 

'Prlscllla Know ice will take a vacation 
next week, et Holly Beach, N. J. 

Angela McCaull will spend a week at the 
Oriental Hotel, Manhattan Beach, 

Hdvrard Donnelly has been a member of 
Mrs. 'Flake's company, and for several sea- 
sons leading man for James O'Ncfl. 

"Mother," "Loma Doone" and "The White 
Sister" nre slated for early production. 

Victor Brown will return to the company 
next week. <Ue was in Brooklyn last season. 

The stuff includes: Wm. Bocb, general 
stage manager; Cliff Johnson, carpenter; A. 
J. Seward, electrician; D. Dodci, assistant; 
Arthur Burns, props. ; A. J. Bradden, scenic 
artist; Fred D. Wood, leader. 


The Francis Sayles" Players celebrated 
their one hundredth performance at the Mur- 
ray Theatre, Richmond, Ind.. July IS. A 
handsome silk program was given each lady. 

When Mr. Sayles moved his company from 
New Castle, Pa.. May 5, and opened la Rich- 
mond, It was the talk of most people that 
ltlcbmond was too small to support a com- 
pany like Mr. Sayles bad. However, the busi- 
ness has been even greater than was ex- 
pected, and O. G. Murray has extended Mr. 
Sayles contract to Jan. 1 ; the engagement 
was oookeil from May to Sept. 1. 

On Thursday matinee, July 24. the eom- 

Eany played to the largest matinee hi the 
Istory of the theatre, and more than two 
hundred people were turned sway. 


"We Btarted BehearaalB July 27. "Will Open Aug. 18, at Bellefontalne, Ohio 
(Fair Sate). Have invested over Ten Thcrasojid Dollars in Flays and Pro- 
auctions this Season. Eight New Y"ork Successes, and Two Plays written 
especially for MISS ST. CIaAIBE. All New Scenery; painted by Sosman 
and Landis, and Armbruster and Sons, and Two Artists who have been 
working since the show closed six weeks ago. Sight complete Sets of 
Interiors, painted on one side only. Six complete Exteriors, painted en one 
side only. "We want nothing bnt your front curtain and plenty of competent 
stage hands. "Well! I get the business, if anybody does. If you don't 
know about Miss St. Claire, ask. Twelve Acting People, Four "Working 
Men, and Ma There's a reason. Absolutely guaranteed to be the Best 
Equipped Stock Organization in the United States. 

EavVRI. D. SIPE, sVlsa nagor. 
Danville. HL, until August 17; after that, Boom 818 Longacra Building, 
Hew York. O. O. TENNIS, F*stern EepreBftntative, Boom 81 7, Longacro 
BjjjMjljfc Maw York. 




IPlcii Twenty-eighth Street was called Tin-pan 

flat Howie}', llavlland A Dresser published 
"Good Old Snrrrraertrine!'.' 

When the Six Von rilzer boys were all to- 

When llelf & linger were the biggest ballad 

When l-'cl'!i & Frnukcntlialer were doing busi- 
ness together? 

When I'hil Kornbelser was salesman for the 
Enterprise Supply Co.? 

H'Ani Mote Gamble first joined the staff of J. 
H. Remlck & Co. ? 

TF»e» M. Witmark & Sons were on Twenty- 
eighth Street. 

When Hilly Gray was In the nroslc game? 

When Jerome B. lUmtck started in business In 
New York with the Whitney-Warner Pub. Co. 

ll'ftcn Harry Von Tllzer wrote his first bit? 

When Irving Berlin wss working on the Bowery ? 

When Theodore Morse and Herman Snyder 
worked in Dllsoa's? 


Will Von Tiber left New Tork last Tuesday for 
Chicago, where he will open his Western ottlce. 
He expects to be gone about ten days. Nat 
Vincent accompanied bits and will nave charge 
of the Western territory. He will endeavor to 
make "You Hade Me Love Yon" and "1 Love 
Her. Oh I Oh I Oh I" and other numbers as popular 
in the West as they are In the East. 

Another big boost for the Wenrleh-Howard Co., • 
the Moore-Ollson Trio, using "Kentucky Days," 
playing the narks on the way to Philadelphia, 
where they will boat the abore firm's sew Winter 
hit, go and hear them. Some trio. 

Lou China, the wizard of the xylophone, fentur- 
ing "Kentucky Days," "Snow Deer" and "Ten- 
nessee Moon" and Is making good with these num- 
bers, at the Plan Theatre. 

The Fern Sisters. Borne sister team, using "Ken- 
tucky Days." which they say is one of tbelr 
biggest numbers. 

Nelson ami Ireland, at the Pete's Theatre, South 
Chicago, have had to repeat "Tennessee Moon" 
and "Kentucky Days." 


Irving Berlin, who has been on the other side 
for the past month, returned to New York last 
veek, bringing with hlra a bundle of manuscripts 
that he has placed with his publishers, Waiter- 
urn. Berlin & Snyder. 

Mr. Berlta, although meeting wltb ranch suc- 
cess with bla specialty of his own songs, was 
compelled to return to America on account of 
I'revlous contracts. 

He will shortly appear In vaudeville in New 
Ycrk, Introducing serenl of bis new composi- 
tion". * 


It Is rumored that tie Knights cf Harmony will 
shortly bring charges against one of its members 
en account, of collecting and misusing money be- 
longing to the association. The member in ernes- 
tlou Is sai d to be one of the officials. 

The many friends of Johnny Heiasman, who 
was connected with the Ilroawway Mosle Com- 
pany until he was stricken with sickness several 

HP ■"■•«■• u "*"■ comfortably st Penning- 
ton, N. J. 

s»WSJ M like a line from bla friends la tho 


ThlseleteT arranger and composer Is kept lejt 
hnsy writing melodies to words of amateur com- 

Mr. Platans n makes this line of work a Ma 
specialty, assuring all who do business ^wlth hlS 


y - 1 J r * T * f^'" ,h « ■«'«•' •"■"ad by "Tan shoes" 
JeB Braum Is being featured by many of the 
E?S ?«'^ l « r "' Bl« publishers, fSe Broad* 


t^l\ Sf^VUl a "\ P" 1 * Can ° n ssB Isst 
£££*' f? "J™ w **-» vacstlon In the Maine 
woods. Mr. Bernstein will take bla car aJmn? 
and expects to break some records. ""* 


Ons Edwards, who seems to have the bank- 
ruptcy bahit, W(l> t farther Into trouble when 
Referee Wm, H. Willis recommeDded that a (Un- 
charge be denied him for his third or fourth at- 
tempt In this line. 

The referee claims that Gus assigned a half 
dozen vaudeville acts to James E. McCIees, of 
I'blladel[,ulB, to conceal them from bis creditors, 

Bob. Miller and Jack Richmond, writers on the 
staff of leo Feist. leave Aug. 23 for an extensive 
tear of demonstrating through the South. Tliey 
exgiect to be gone uboot six mouths. They will 
feature their two new numbers, entitled "Let's 
Go Back to LoTeland" and "Bolls of KlUarnev," 
two songs that are bound to win much favor." 

Otto M. Belnznun, who makes bis headqttarl- 
ers In Harlem, has two song numbers that lie 
thinks will give good account of themselves the 
coming season. "Last Night" and "If Every 
Girl Was a Beautiful Bose 7 ' are getting all bis 
attention, and are being strongly featured la -II 
the vaudeville ho uses. 

..*?• Moe*os is now representing the Broadway 
Mosle Co., and Is bringing to his boose many 
leading vaudeville acts. 


Leo few announces that be will shortly Issue a 
special edltvjn of "Isle D'Anaour," one of the 
SSLtW S!" oomposKlons In years. Earl 
J*? 00 J* tn * composer and Jose Collins, faa- 

tffSJffJSft at "" T?lDt * r Oarfen, is making 

the hit of her career. " 

The special edition will be supplied in a band- 
gBLi0 » -•fwr. ss jsrsaal colors, oa which Miss 
Collin's portrait will appear. 

This beautiful edition has been warranted by 
the peat success of the song. 


"Don't You Wish Yon" Were Back Home Again," 
the latest ballad by Clias. K. Harris, song by 
J. Francis Btennan, won another cop In the 
alrdome at One Hundred and Tenth Street and 
bt. Nicholas Avenue, la*: week. 


Marie Boss! Is entertaining natrons of the I.a 
Salle Roof wltb "Yon Were All I Had" and 
"Good-Bje, Dear Old Moon." 

Sophie Tucker has taken several Will Rossller 
nnmliers to New York, featuring her phenomenal 
success, "Floating Down the Blver." 

Hanson and Drew are enjoying great song pros- 
perity wltb "Floating Down the Blver." 

Mae Curtis and Myrtle Hlbhard are working 
nicely together la their song revne of Will Kos- 
•Iter bits. "Good-Bye. Dear Old Moon" has been 
ibe eneow winner so far. 

"You Were All 1 Had" Is proving a wonderful 
song for Emma Cams. 

Ciystul Jackman, cnharetUng in Chicago, Is de- 
lighted with "Next tioDday at Hue" and "You 
Were All 1 Had." 


Violet Butler Is a tremendous bit singing 
"Bobbin' Up and Down." 
..« u , ay Schoch, the whistling girl, is a riot with 
"Salvation Kelt." 

Caroline Schilling, at the Wfuard, reports great 
success with "Desr Old oirl." 

Harvey. BeUlng and Harvey are taking several 
encores every dsy singing "When VaeJeJoe Plays 
s Bag oa Bis Old Banjo." 

Ncrrlne Coffey Is still going bag at Planters', 
f?3tmlng "Bobbin' Up and Dowa.'^ 

Temple Quartette are singing, wltb treat suc- 
cess, three Morse songs, "Dear Old (MrC" 'When 
llncle Joe Plays s Bag," and "Bobbin' Up and 

Scbaman and Schuman say that owing to the 
popularity of '"Llzabeth Ann" tbey have decided 
1o keep this number In their act all senaon. 
Obey alio are going big with "Desr OM Ohl." 

Theodore Morse's tbtee big song Mis, "Bobblr." 
lip oiid Down," "SalvaUoa Nell" and "Dear OM 
Wrl." nre without * oonbt among the best ia 
Chicago nt present. 


Jlmmr MoBaco, who is emttent with writing 
■Yon Made Me l«M You" and "I Love Ber, Oh I 
,.' °*» ! J* spending the Snromer tn Greenwood 
Lake, X. J., where he has a beautiful bungalow. 
Jlntmy has composed several new numbers that 
will shortly be released. 


Rvndam ( HollanA-Atnerican iin.i t-i- 
IBjTg end K J3S%£g*'dS& 

Praldtnt Lincoln ('Ixanitai^aSerlcan 

La Bavoft (French Line), JnJy 24: Ur. 
and Mw, John P. Kohl (Vlnic DghrT 

ZfffaW* (Bed Star Line), July 2fl: FcUpl 
Aninat, Blchford Houghton; ^ 

Tim McMahon, on July 21, had bla hand 
gffafrj-T "r • bt-'Mttw at Port Mot 
month, K 3. The thumb anil little linger of 
his right hand may have to be amputated. 

HrxiCKsoii and amiss open Ana*. 1 at 
Circus Carre, Amsterdain, Holland. 

Walttu P. Kbfifb will ahortlT remove his 
office to the Consumers' Building, Chicago. Mason and bbk Haxydat will 
shortly produce a new vaudeville acr. 

Job Cons and a party of friends have luBt 
returned from the 8hrewst>ury Hiver. where 
they were cruising on his big; motor boot, 
"San Toy." They »Islted friends m tbo 
"Actors' Colony," at Pair Haven, N. J. 

Maioauxt Mcdob returned from London, 
England, July 25, after sixteen weeks with 
the "Come Over .Here" Revue. 

Tub Kansas City Theatre, formerly the 
Century, will open with Fantam vaudeville 
Atts;, 81, 


Polo Grounds 

With CHICAGO, July 30, 31 
With DETROIT, Aug. 4, 0, 0, T 

'• i 

i I. 


£GUST 2 






— — — 

no»» Plnyeaa, l« "Jut Married." 

lI,0CT 8MMT, JOLY 25. 

A four people act, which takes place In 
the borne of a young couple who cannot 
nSree about money matters. The husband 
l B afraid that his wife Is "falling" for Suf- 
frage, and he will not give her any money, 
but he doesn't tail to drcas himself. The 
wife finding she cannot get any money from 
him calls In an old clothes peddler, and to 
him' she sella all her busbandB clothes for 
?30 In the meantime she has to call In 
a. nlamber to Ox a leak in the bathroom. 
While the plumber Is at work the husband 
returns, and seeing a man's coat on the chair 
nccusea the wife of belrg false. Then the 
plumber comes from fixing the pipe, and 
'when the husband sees him he points a gun 
nt him, and wants to know what he Is doing 
in his wife's flat. The plumber thinks he Is 
••up against" a "badger game," and tells 
them so. After a little talk the husband 
is convinced who he (the plumber) really 
is. Then the peddler cornea back for his 
coat which he left on the chair, and the 
husband and be have words, but he will not 
dve up the clothes he bought from the wife 
1!n tll the husband pays nlm the full amount 
(with Interest) that he paid for them. The 
husband does this, and then the peddler 
elves him a piece of advice, telling him If he 
dues not dress bis wife nicely some other 
fellow will. 

The act runs fifteen minutes, on fall stage. 
The men who played the plumber and the 
peddler did the best they could with the 
material, but the other two characters 
lacked the touches that one looks for hi 
parts of the kind they played. 

"Just Harried," with a little brushing up, 
will be a good enough act for the small 
time. Pete. 


"The Big Surprise." 


After a couple bad seated themselves In 
balcony box (left), and one girl bad doae 
same in opposite box, the principal woman 
of the troupe opened with a song, but was 
Interrupted by a "peanuts and candy" boy In 
the aisle, and then asked to "quit" by the 
"guy" with Maggie up In the box, "ao's he 
could bear what the fellow was peddling." 
Then followed an argument between the 
candy kid and the guy, Joined later by Mag- 
gie's "For Oord's Sake.' 1 and even the girl in 
the right band box. Then a "Nance" usber 
butts In to cease the quarrel. It ran foo long 
before the girl In the right balcony box led 
"That Naughty Melody," Joined by all. Then 
all did the exit but "the guy" upstairs, who 
remained to warble "When I First Met You" 
to good results, and; was repeated by three 
girls In the orchestra aisle and the principal 
woman on the stage. 

This was followed by the girls "cabaret- 
ting" up the aisle to accompany "Back to 
Carolina," and Joined in a march to and up 
on the stage to finish with a bit of tango by 
the three couples, led by the principal 
woman. The act was surprising and, al- 
though not new, will do very well as a nov- 
elty on this time. Constant rehearsals and 
a cat to the opening "quarrel" between the 
box party and the candy boy will make It 
more effective. Eighteen minutes, In one. 

i i 

Payne and Lee. 

PfiOCTOB'8 Twenty-third Sheet, July 21. 

After opening in two, seated upon a flower- 
trimmed swing, in a duet with "Sly American 
Keauty. Rose," the man started another num- 
ber and was Joined for an exit dance 
l.v the woman in white cowgirl costume. 
She followed with a hit more dancing In the 
"Western rig," but we didn't quite under- 
stand the reason for the number. It seemed 
misplaced and, In fact, did not harmonize 
with the rest of the act. 

Before a drop, In one, he followed with 
"That Society Bear," while she changed for 
the next and final number, in two, revealing 
her made up as a BlUlken, In tan Varna 
Yaoia suit and BUlikeu head. After be 
started "The BlUlken Man" she came from 
tbe "perch" and did a wooden shoe dance 
that proved the best thing In tbe act. Ho 
returned for an exit dance together. Poor 
arrangement is all that mars a good act. 
Could stand more of the fllrl's dnnclc-g also. 
She Is clever on the wooden soles, and he is 
capable of being more than the "feed" his 
present part shows him as. Fourteen min- 
utes. Tod. 

Kendall Trio. 

This refined musical and singing offering 
did very well following a cabaret act on the 
bill. The act is composed of two women and 
a man, nnd opens with one of the former 
playing a harp, tbe other kneeling at her 
side singing, and tho man playing a 'cello, 
using "Mother McCree" very effectively. 
This was followed with a duet by tho gray- 
wlgged young woman playing tho harp and 
the man on the 'cello, with "The Boaary," 
under spot. Then a solo by tbe singer. 
Joined by the harpist (without tho gray 
wig), and the man, on 'cello, to accompany 
the number. 

This was followed by a selection on the 
harp by the blonde girl, and the act closed 
with the latter accompanying a well rendered 
cong duet by tho other two in elderly make- 
up. Tbe act is well arranged and, although 
minus even one "pop" number, got over big. 
Tbe man and woman sing well together and 
the young woman does excellent work with 
the harp. Twelve minutes, In two. Tod. 
■ ■ 

Pamell Sisters. 

LIBERTY, Ba00iU.SK, N. Y., JDI.I 23. 

Assisted by a man la black silk knicker- 
bockers, these two well formed trapeze per- 
formers accomplished some surprising fcat» 
of skill and strength on the swinging bars 
and rings. One stunt done by the dark girl, 
that of holding the man on one foot wnllo 
suspended by tho other from the foot hold 
above (split fashion), was worthy of the 
applause accorded. .. , 

Both girl) are graceful artists, nnd their 
finishing offering, one hanging by the back- 
nock hold and the other by teeth, they woro 
spun around fully a dozen tlmea without tbe 
least sign of strain. . . 

With up-to-date paraphernalia nnd re-ar- 
arrangement. there's no reason wby tbeso 
girls shouldn't became a standard good act 
About eleven minutes, full stage. Tod. 
■ " ■ 

Peace and Termini. 
Libeett, BaoosxTX, N. X., July 23. 

Two clever young musicians, a harpist 
end violinist. They opened together, and 
then .the smaller boy was beard to fine re- 
sults on the harp, under spot. Then the 
violinist returned, and after another senti- 
mental one, under npot together, they romped 
Into a medley of popular tunes that cleaned 
up a nice little hit. Each is well up in 


the knowledge of, the Instrument he plays. 
they blend their talent "Just right." 

and . 

About ten minutes, In one. 


Clara May. 


Clara Hay 'looked well ia good costumes, 
but her voice appears "hidden," probably on 
account of a poor choice of songs. Tod. 




Word, by CHA8. A. BAYHA Music by HARRY JENTI8 

We Have A Double Version and Lots of 
Catoh lines — Better Than A Comedy Song 



Words by CHAS. A. BAYHA 

Music by RUBY COWAN 

A Positively New Idea In A Rag Song 
Also A Great Song for Ballad Singers 
We Have A Great Double Version 





«Tlie Little Lnrabs." 


A miniature musical and "talky" comedy 
In two scenes. The first, In two, showing 
the yard of a girls' boarding school, and 
five girls in white middle blouses, blue 
bloomers, white stockings and one or two 
pair of honestly tchUe slippers, being put 
through a calesthcnlc drill by the school 
"mnrm." Upon her exit the two principal 
girls showed they did possess fairly good 
voices in leading a number, which was fol- 
lowed by two young men appearing at tbe 
top of "the old garden wall" and their en- 
trance upon "forbidden territory." A aoug 
led by the principal girls and the boys, then 
exit the chorus of Three, leaving the two 
couples to pull some love sighs and make 
dates for nine o'clock "that" evening. 

But the professor appeared over that same 
old wall later, dated up the marm for nine 
also, and then, after lie sang "I was All 
Uight In My Younger Days," the scene 
changed to tbe dormitory of tho lassies. 
Here, in pink and white costumes, they sang 
a "good-night" song and adjourned to the 
bedrooms, made visible through the trans- 
parent set, nnd changed to pajumas in time 
to welcome the boys. Then one of the latter, 
made up as the "scbonlmurm" when 'bis 
girl" gave him a pair of R. & Q.s and a dress, 
and after tbe professor bad made bla en- 
trance, shoeless, and was turned out of Ills 
fiancee's room, and stole the mirror behind 
which the disguised lad stood, why, -when 
"teacher" came out to admire berseir pre- 
vious to the date "at nine," the female- 
togged cbap had to go through the old look- 
ing glass stunt to fool her, but his perform- 
once at this show was very much on time. 
Bliss Prunes, as the girls called her, made a 
discovery that the mirror "was not, pulled 
a faint, the Jig waB up, but the two prin- 
cipal students made known they were en- 
gaged to tbe intruding males, and a song 

eQ Tlie dark haired principal girl behaved 
more like a performer than her other four 
partners, and easily looked tho neatest The 
tenor singing youth should pay just as mucli 
attention to the shoes as tbe rest of his at- 
tire. They were In need of a coat of boa 
ami. On one occasion the staging sounded 
good, but "the little Iambs" need a Ilttlo 
"pepper" sprinkled In their work to live up 
to the good work of the couplo doing the 
schoolmnrm and professor parts. The lat- 
ter gave the best performance of the entire 
act. About twenty minutes. Tod. 

Helen Goff. 
Proctor's Finn Ave., Matinee, July 28. 
This handsome and shapely young woman, 
recently prima donna of "The Enchantress," 
had a hard row to hoe Monday matinee 
at this house, offering her singing specialty. 
The fault of her act lies la tbe fact that she 
has made a very poor selection of songs, 
only one, "I Have You," a ballad, being 
suited to her voice. -She tried a ragtime 
number and proved that she does not posscsB 
the qualities) in putting this style of song 
over. . ... 

Miss Goff hns a very sweet high soprano 
voice and, with the proper material, would 
most likely do better. 
The act runB about twelve minutes. In one. 

i — 

Union Sqdahb, JtrtT 28. 
This tall young man Is announced on the 
house programs as a "coaicdlna on wheels. ' 
The only comedy displayed by him was a 
running fire of broken Herman talk which 
did not seem to get over to any degree. 

His cycle tiding was, however, of a good 
order, especially on the high wheels. 

' Old Timer. 

i i 

George Wlenman. 


George Wlchmnn Is a clever clay modeler. 
At this show he worked out beads of Presi- 
dent Wilson, an Indian chief, nn Irish char- 
acter, "tils' mother-in-law. Buffalo mil, and 
finished by requesting "someone" from the 
audience. A boy accepted, and tbe bit of 
work was well done. tea. minutes, In two. 


Kntlierlnv Scott nnd Company. 

Pboctor's Twenty-tuibd Street, July 24. 

This company of three, two women and a 
man. talk their audience for fifteen minutes 
straight. Beforo a drop representing the 
home of "Dr. Clark nnd his daughter, Daisy, 
manicurist," tbo two girls meet, cbat and 
exit. Then, one Billy Taylor enters, and 
from a letter cxplulns that ho is doing a 
favor for a friend of bis ia looking up a 
young woman named Clark, who be (tho 
friend) succeeded in securing for a wife "by 
mall." One of tbe girls, Rose Clark, returns, 
mistakes Billy for his corresponding; friend 
nnd demands marriage immediately. Her exit 
and the other. Violet Clark, comes back and 
spies him, and' also puts In a claim for his 
future services. Exit Vi. enter Rose, enter 
VI., exit Billy, leaving the girls to scrap It 
out, and wben be returns be tin Jh that both 
are the wrong party, as he is looking for 
another flower-named girlie, Daisy, and the 
trio close with a song on suit cases, and 
finish with a dance. 

All three work well and make a good ap- 
pearance, but fifteen minutes steady lingo 
for mistaken Identity Is entirely too long, 
and should be broken with a song. About 
seventeen minutes, In one. Tod. 

Myrtle and Daisy. 


These two good looking (blonde and bru- 
nette), well dressed girls, bnve a sound idea 
of bow to entertain. Both possess good 
voices, and their solos and duets were equally 
well rendered. 

Opening together with the blondo at tbe 
piano and her dnrk partner standing on a 
chair behind the upright, "Million Dollar 
Doll" proved a good number to Introduce 
them, finishing the song with a few neat 
dance steps. Then the piano girl, In a change 
of gown, sang a solo, accompanying her- 
self, and followed with a clever imitation of 
the Trinity Chimes oa the keys. 

Then tbe brunette, in a creation gown of 
two hues of blue and a chic looking winged 
hat, rendered "That Parisian Ball/ hi real 
■Frencliy manner, to big results. A change 
by 'both to soft colored yellow and blue ac- 
cordion plaited ankle length dresses, and 
their duet "I Love the Moonlight" equaled 
all their other numbers in the sweetness of 
Its rendition. 

It is a great big clever girl act that ia a 
singing feast from note to note, and the girls 
have a taste for costumes that blends har- 
moniously with their talent. About twelve 
minutes, in one. Tod. 


Faont and Fnnnt. 
Pboctor's Twenty-third Street, July 24. 

Comedy musicians (man and woman), both 
dressed In burlesque professor costumes. Tbo 
man opened the act faking a number on vio- 
lin before a music stand, and was Interrupted 
by partner. 'Pantomime comedy and then a 
duet, playing on each other's violins in dif- 
ferent poses, etc 

They followed this with the woman seated 
on chair holding music while the man got 
comedy ont of his business on a bassoon, 
nnd followed this with a duet, bassoon and 
clarinet. They closed with a selection on 
bells, one attached to each foot, besides 
those held In band. It was the most music 
they offered during their entire twelve min- 
utes, in one. Tod. 
i i 

Cecil Cnniiliijthnin. and Company. 

PnocTOB'a Finn Ave., Matinee, Juli 28. 

Not to be outdone by the many "legits" 
that are now appearing in vandevlilo Cecil 
Cunningham, who lately appeared In "Io- 
lanthe,'' lr" making her first veudevillo ap- 
pearance at this house. 

She la presenting a singing satire, catted 
"The Married Ladles' Club," and Is assisted) 
by Isabelle and Daisy Cunningham, Miss 
leatberstono and Margaret Braun. 

It U a very dainty affair and plcaRcd 
grently on its first presentation here. Miss 
Cunningham has a remarkably One sing- 
ing voice and is ably assisted by tbe other 
four young ladles, all of whom have good 
control of their voices. • 

The act consumes about eighteen minutes. 


Maslc Klnjf. 

Proctor's Firm Ave., Matinee, Jew 28. 

For her return to vaudeville. Mazlo King 
assisted by u hunch of nine clever dancers 
and a male assistant, made a big Impression 
at tho inutlnco here, Monday, July 8. 

She gives a scries of four dances, featur- 
ing "The Spirit of tbe Spring," which sbo 
reserves for her finale. The costuming and 
scenery have been chosen with much care, 
the different colors blending splendidly. In 
her last scene sbo has spared little expense 
In malng It one of tbe prettiest pictures that 
has ever been seen at this house. 

Miss ' King again proved what an excel- 
lent dancer she Is, tripping over tho stago 
In a graceful manner. Her supporting com- 

8 any was adequate. Act runs about twenry- 
ve minutes, on full stage. Jack. 

Kdna Shovr niter. 

Union Square, July 28. 

Mlsa Showaltcr made no mistake In select- 
ing this tbeatre for her first plunge Into 

Her reception wan cordial in the extreme, 
and the prima donna's first vaudeville ap- 
pcaranco was a verv auspicious one. 

For her first selection she rendered un 
operatic aria, for which she played her own 

Then, with tho orchestra, she gavo the 
Pnlonnlso from ''Mlgnon," nnd concluded her 
selections with "Tbe Last Itone of Summer," 
all of which she rendered most charmingly. 

It ia hardly possible that Miss Sbowiiltiir 
has forsaken the operatic and concert stage, 
but tho vaudeville stage receives an uplift, 
even though her performances thereon may 
be limited. Old Tiitn:r. 

Ileroucl Ilt-udlcr. 
Union Houaiib, Jii.v 28. 
If this young foreigner, probably German, 
would announce his piano selections by stago 
cards instead of endeavoring to explain thorn 
in language (which It was Impossible to un- 
derstand), and also get rid of his manner- 
isms, which tbo Monday audience thought 
were funny, he would make a much better 
impression with American audiences. 

He played his own conception of a church 
organ and "Spirit of tbo Nile," closing with 
a medley of popular American airs. 

Old Timer. 

Win. Cohill and Company, in "Getting 

Pboctor's Twenty-third Stbert, July 21. 
"Getting Even" is tho thread-worn "de- 
ceitful husband" Idea, where the wife acts 
hep and hires a plumber to pnse na an affin- 
ity. Hubby finds them behind a screen upon 
his return home : threats, explanations, exit 
plumber, hubby pleads — curtain. Charm tern 
well made up to and played, but material 
too old for new laughs. .Seventeen minutes, 
interior. Tod, 


Manager Qua McCuue, of Proctor's Fifth 
Avenue, will have Corse Payton, tbo man 
who made "ten, twentviand thirty cent shows 
famous," as bia headline attraction for week 
beginning Aug. 4. The noted best "bad" 
actor will offer a bit of serious f unmaking in 
a comedy entitled "Tbo Wife Tamer." 

Others on the bill will bo Belle Adair, the 
charming singer ; Prince Floro, the educated 
simian ; Albert Hart, tho "funnier than ever" 
comedian ; Colo and Denaby, the terpsl- 
cborean couple; McKay and Ardlne, tbn 
fashion plate entertainers; La France and 
McNabb, tbe black face comics; "Tbo Three 
Kids from School," and Kidney, a cartoonist. 
■'■ ■■ 4»» 

"On account of the flood of July 14, which 
left me homeless and destroyed everything I 
bad on earth, I am helpless and alone, will 
some kind-hearted performers please help an 
old time comedian who is sorely In need and 
entirely incapacitated to help himself, on ac- 
count of my affliction (locomotor ataxia). 
I am strictly sober and reliable. Any small 
favors will be highly appreciated. Sincerely 
yours, Joe Miller, Lower Halein, Ohio." 


Tim Stroud Trio, Bert and the two Vio- 
let*, will opend their vacation at Saratoga 
Lake, N. V., after lining their engagement at 
Proctor's, Troy, this week. They have been 
polishing up their rods and gnnu for the 
pant fortnight, and by the time they get 
through In that upstate burg. President Wil- 
son will have to rc-stock Saratoga Lake with 
sea spiders and sharks, Tbe "babe" Is adding 
"new iiusincss'' at every show, nnd the happy 
trio are bitting, a la Ty Cobb, all over tbo 
circuit. •• 

Carrie Lair, that girlie who puts the "pop" 
stuff over In good old raggy style, is twitch- 
ing tbe melodic* out at Keith's, Louisville, 

this week. Dig at Cincinnati last week. Some 

Georoib ado Mna. O'Brien landed back 
from their honeymoon aojoura looking Uko 
"tho little millionaire couple." The trip In- 
cluded Atlantic City, Schenectady, Troy and 
Albany, besides playing a few dates at 
George's "dear old homo In Syracuse. 

Srlma Walters slipped Into town last 
week after a "bear" of a tlmo at Atlantic 
City. Dnnced through three pair of "kicks" 
the final night at the shore, and now "Eve — 
and a Man?' la receiving the big attention 
for an early delivery. 

i'uwin K. Nadbll, tho "famous" manager 
of Pat Casey's producing department, Is tho 
regular Ilttlo "tell 'em" guy. E. K. can tell 
a grapefruit from a llmcdrop, ami to dato 
no one has slipped any qulucc acts past him. 

Tom Fay and Louise Miller, "Tho Town 
Hall Actors." aro spilling 'cm in the alslo 
up In Dorchester Park, Dorchester, Mass., 
the last half of this week. Tom nnd Loulso'a 
Ilttlo novel sketch Is brimful of tho fun pow- 
der, nnd they usually spill 'em too. 

Harvey Maxwell and the Wheeler Sis- 
ter* nud Mrs. Wheeler opened tbclr second 
season with Billy Allen's Musical Comedy 
Company, July 28, at Mansfield, O. The 
company's "rep." Includes ! "Threo Twins," 
"Tho Itoyal Chef," "Coming Thro' the Bye," 
"(ireen Birds" nnd "Pinafore." Harvey ia 
singing tbo tenor roles, (tilth (Mrs. Max- 
well) Is playing Molly Summers, In "Tbrco 
Twins," and doing It very much a la Ilr-sslo 
McCoy ; Naomi Is also featured with her tat 
dancing specialty, while Mrs. Wheeler doe* 
small parts big. Tho show la bigger and 
better than ever, and Mr. Allen looks for- 
ward toward his biggest soason yet. 

Olive Hitk, of Utarlc's Water Nymphs, 
cashed a dinner bet at Atlantic City whllo 
the net was working tbe fond resort one day 
last week. Some "guy" on tbo bill bet alio 
couldn't do a Ilrodle from a ninety foot pint- 
form on Young's Million Dollar Pier, Blewy I 
Uight away OffcS did "that little thing," 
then ruined it to ono hundred feet. From 
Brooklyn Is Olive. No wonder she docan't 
take a dure. 

Mr. ani> Mbs. Fred. Thomas favored a 
few mntingers by collecting some salary In 
town the past fortnight, then romped back 
ou a rattler to their 1'redcna bungalow at 
Buy Shore, L. I., Wednesday night, July 2.1. 
Fred, and Mao have a new act up their 
sleevo that will not miss cuuslng as much 
success as "Tho Dog Thief" has been for 
them. Keep the peeper peeled, for they'll 
spring It, "Just like that." 

John Mock strolled in with tbe brcad- 
'lite at tho Twenty-third Street, one morning 
Inst week. John bad the usual smile run 
nlug half way down hla back on, besides ono 
of hla "repertory of Beau Brummct lco 
cream suit). 

Lawbencb Goboom and company were billed 
"some" at tho Jerforson first half of last 
week, ltuther warm weather, but "Back to 
Mother" did well. 

Mymti.h and Dairy present one of tho 
smoothest ii'iod singing acts we've had tho 
pleasure of listening to in soma time. Clover 
looking girlies, too. 

ItOTHKH and Antitony ii ro easing it nt 
Idlcrcst. llayshoro, L. I., until Aug. i, when 
they ship for a tour through tbe South, 

Lillian I.a Blanche cards It that she's 
doing her too dancing specialty with N'onilu, 
with tlio Great Patterson Shows, to greater 
results than ever, 

Has anybody piked Ellso Murray or Guy 
Swayne, that fushlonahlo duo of dancers, 
about the village of lata? 

Hkiia and Inez Kaufman landed safely in 
London and nro looking 'cm over In Paris, 
prior to opening their two year steady grind 

"nernim tha <»r<»nlf " 

''across tho creek.' 



David llclasco returned from Europe July 
20, after a mooth'» absence, looking better 
for his Journey. In an Interview ho said: 

"I have hnd a very Instructive visit, 
and particularly enjoyed my studies of tbn 
theatrical nudlenccs In London, Ports anil 
Berlin. I went to these cities to see tor my- 
self how tho pcoplo were taking tbo plays, 
and also to Hettlu tho question whether I was 
right or wrong 'n my own method of follow- 
ing nature closely, 

''At the Drurr Lane, Jn London. I -witnessed 
tin- dancing of NUinsky, and ho Impressed 
me more as a bird than as a human being, 
I also saw tlio revivals of 'Diplomacy' and 
'The Second Mn. Tnmjucray,' and was much 
Impressed with the acting of Mm. Patrick 
Campbell, who looks younger and la more of 
an nrtlKt thun ever before. In Parbi nnd In 
Berlin I found the ploys, as a rule, whole- 
•nine, ar-d tho audiences Just like tho au- 
diences Avorywbero else, made up of men 
and women who prefer tho natural and 
closc-to-naturo plays, 

"Personally I plead guilty to being' 
broad materialist, balding my curs as vloso 
to tho ground as possible. In Kngland I 
found that It was untrue that there was a 
dearth of good plays In that country. How- 
ever, I dl<T note a change In the public pro- 
ferment, the pvoplo having tired* of those 
plays that I might properly term tho 'tea- 
cup' kind. The French I found to be tlrod 
of tho triangle, and they want it changed or 
modified, In Berlin I came in contact with 
tlio rmpreaalonlst school, which consists of 
nothing for a background — Just a Ilttlo grass 
and a treo bearing a melon. The Uormans 
will welcome, a change from this, too. 

"Am for myself, I have not followed any of 
tlieso now Ideas, and I have no Intention of 
starting a new stylo, although at times I 
have hopod to write oa Impressionist play, 
Just for a rent, 

"I shall continue to go to tho people for 
my plays. I shall go among tho poor, the 
lowly, tbo suffering, into tbe hospitals and 
into tbe prisons, tuo byways, the alleys, the 
flluinji. Tho gospel of God's sunlight is and 
will continue u> bo my religion. In my work 
I want to live close to Mod. That has always 
been my Idea. 

"As for my own plans, I decided before I 
went away what I was going to do next sea- 
son, but f have not made those plans public, 
and will not do so until I have had a chance 
to look around and seo What tho others are 
doing, to find out if tbey are going to pro- 
duce anything which Is like or resembles 
anything that I have planned. There 
have lieeii limes when I buvc gone so far as 
to have the scenery for a production all pre- 
pared, nnd then 1 decided nut to produce the 
play nnd ordered tlio scenery destroyed." 

Mr. llcliiKco Htated that as soon as he had 
looked tho field over ho would resume hi* 
work where he left off on his departure, 
and would soon be ready for bla first produc- 
tion for the Hen son of 1018-14, 
"SU VMEC Dlllh" 

litis Is (he title of Chauncey Oleett's new 
piny, now rehearsing, with Pauline Moll- 
neaux as leading woman. 

i i 


% f« r 


August 2 




Jaly 81.— ; 

July 24, 
Jnly 27.' 
July 28. 
Jnly 31. 

Aug. ».■ 

Aug. it 

Aug. 7. 
Aug. 9. 

July 25, 
Aug. 0. 

July 11.—' 
July 21. 

July 22. 
July 28. 
July 24. 

July 25. 
July 26. 

July 20. 

July SO. 
July 81. 

Aug. 1. 

Aug. 2 
Aug. 4. 

Aug. E. 
Aug. 0, 
Aug. 7. 

Aug, 8, 

Aug. 0. 

July 21. 
July 22. 

July 23. 
July 25. 
July 20. 
July 2N 
July 20. 
July 30. 
July 80. 
Aug. 1. 
Aug. 2 
Aug. 4. 
Aug. G 
Aug. 8 
Aug. 0. 

July 21, 
July 23, 

July 25, 
July 2«, 
July 28, 
July 28. 

July 30, 
Aug. 1. 

Aug. 2, 

Aug. 4, 

Aug. 0, 

Aug. 8. 

Aug. 0. 

July 21 

July 22 
July 23. 
July 24. 



r» Bajs" (Own.) ml "While tb* 
Count Gee* Bathing" (Ooa.) 
"TIm Mirror" (Dr.) 
'The Coming of Angelo" (Dr.) 
•"The Vengeance of tlalora" (Dr.) 
."Halter Bprlgi Bays ■ Dog" (Own.) 
'Those Little Flowers" (Com.) 
"The Monument" (Dr.) "When Lore 
Forgives" (Dr.) 
■•The Widow'* Kids" (Com.) 
"Oupid and the Cook" (Com.) 
■"Under the Shadow of the Law" (Dr.) 
■"The Berormen, or the Lout Art of 
Minding One's Builneat" (Dr. Part* 
1 «nd 2). 

(0. Kleins.) 
■"Honor Thy Father" (Dr. » ptrta.) 
"The House of Myatery" <Dr. Part* 
1 and 2). 

. (0. Klein*. ) 
"Toe BUtoe of Fright" (Dr. 2 recti). 
-'Tapped Wires" (Dr. 9 parta). 
—•The Roae of Sharon" (Dr.) 
—"The Dance «t Bagle's Pass" (Dr.) 
—"The lirowns Study Aatrology" (Oom.) 
and "Building the Chattanooga Light 
and Power Dam" (Ind.) 
—"Making Good" (Oom.) 
—"Broncho Billy and the Schoolma'am,'* 

Sweetheart" (Dr.) 
— "The Call of the Platna" (Dr.) 
—"Bread Upon the Watert" (Dr.) 
—"Tit for Tat" (Oom.) Same reel, 
"Through the Cumberland Mountains." 
— "Such Is Life" (Com.) Same reel, 

"Hla Wife's Friends" (Oom.) 
.—"The Tenderfoot Sheriff" (Dr ) 
—"King Robert of Sicily" (Dr. ParU 

1 and 2). 
— "Homespun" (Dr.) 
— "Their Promise" (Oom. -Dr.) 
—"The Incriminating Letter" (Com.) 

"All Intimate Study of H Mole" (Kditc.) 
— "itesculng Dare" (Oom.) "Mr. llybo 
Itcforraa" (Onm.) 
— "Iimncho Billy and tha Navajo Maid" 



"A Tardy Recognition" (Dr.) 

"A Great Metropolitan Newspaper" 


"A Knife of Fire" (Dca.) 

"The Meadow Lark" (Dr.) 
— "A Proposal from the Dnko" (Dr.) 
— "The dreed of Osman Bey" (Dr.) 
— "Tho Bells" (Dr.) 
— "Orand Canyon of Arlsona" (Ed.) 
— "Aa the Tooth Come Out" (Com.) 
—"The Old Red Hills of Georgia" (Dr.) 
— "Tii, Robbers" (Dr.) 
—"Tho Substitute Stenographer" (Dr.) 
—"Dolly Vnnlen" (Dr.) 
— "Tho Itomniivc of Rowena" (Oom.) 
—"Ills Greatest Victory" (Or.) 
—"By Flro und Water'* tDr.) 


"A Holt from the Sky" (Dr.) 

."The Teudrrfool'a Luck" lOom.) and] 

"lllslorlc Savannah, tin," (Scenic). 

"Iiofltcd, Not Beaten" (Dr.) 

"Tlio Moonshiner's Mlstulic" (Dr.) 

."The Flying Switch" (Dr.) 

"The Qlrl and tho Gangster" (Dr. 

2 reels). 

•"Birds of Prey" (Dr.) 
-' Hoodooed on Ills Wedding Day" 

(Com.) Same reel, "Wondcra of too 

Briny Deep" (Zoology). 

"A Vlrglula Feud" (Dr.) 

"Intemperance" (Dr.) 

"Shipwrecked" (Dr. Parts 1 and 2). 

"The Mobo and tho llobblo Skirt" 


"Coney Island" (Scenic). 
—"Tho Alibi" (Dr.) 
—"An Actor's Strategy" (Dr.) 
— "The Benefactor" (Dr.) 
— "lloine, Sweet Home" (Dr. 2 parts). 

'Coltee Industry In Jamaica" (Ind.), 

At«. 8.— "MIhb Anhlin NiohU" (Com.) 
Vltsi (graph. 
"The Only Way" (Dr.) 
"The Pickpocket" (Com.) 
"An Error In Kidnapping" (Oom.) 
"An Old Man's Lore Story' (Dr.) 
"The Tables Turned" (Oom.) 
'Scene* In Honolulu" (Top.) 
The Spell" (Dr.) 
A Prince of Evil 1 ' (Dr. 3 part*) 

"In tin Loud of Dates" 

July 21. 
July 32. 
July 23. 
July 24. 

July 35. 

July 2fl, 
Jnly 2ci, 
July 28.- 
Jnly 20.- 
July 80, 
Aug. 1, 
Ang. 2. 
Aug. 4. 

Hoax" (Com.) 
" Hc,„74 (Be 

Aug. S.- 
Aug. O.- 
Aug. 7.- 
Aug. 8.- 
Aug. O.- 

July 1«.- 
Jnly 33, 
Jnly 80.- 
Aug. O.- 
July 24.- 
July 24.- 
July 81.- 

Jnly 12.— 
Jnly M.- 
July 17.- 
July 19.- 
July 21.- 
July 24.- 
July 20.- 
July 28.- 
Aug 2.- 

July 28.- 
Aug. 2, 
Aug. 4.- 
Aug. T, 

Dr. Oratbern's Experiment" (Dr.) 
"The Troublesome Daughter*" (Com.) 
'The Sixth Ctommsndtnent" (Dr.) 
"When Society Calls" (Dr.) 
•"Courage of the Omimonplaw-." 
■'The Intruder" (Dr. 2 reeli). 
-"The Fortune Hunters of Ulckarllle" 

"The Celestial Republic" (Top.) 
■"A Faithful Serrant" (Dr.) 
-"The Late Mr. Jones" (Oom.) 
"The Penalties of Reputation'' (Dr.) 
-"A Gentleman of Fashion" (Com.) 
•"The Lineup" (Dr. Fart* 1 and 3). 

-"Mutual Weekly," No. 20. 
-"Mutusl Weekly." No. 80. 
"Mutual Weekly" No. 31 (Top.) 


. v . (Travel). 
Alg. 8.— "A Honeymoon , 
A*g. «.— "Oamnont's Weekly," Ho. 74 (Kews) 
Aug. 7.— "Shoeing the Wooer" (Oom.) Some 
■ reel, "Up Mount Blanc" (Travel). 
Jnly 80.— "The Coat That Came Back" (Own.) 
Aug. 1 — >*Wben tbo Tide Turns" (Dr.) 
Aug. 0. — "The Heavenly Widow" (Com.) 
Aug. 8 — "Falsely Accused" (Dr.) 

Aug, 1.— "Obi Wafer Wet Day" (Oom.) Same 
reel, "The Girl I Left Behind Me" 

i I 



tse aforesaid smaller dramatic companies. 
What of them? Will conditions hurt then! 
Certainly not ! Tour knight of the suck ang. 
buskin, likewise knlghtesses, will hie them- 
selves, pretfo, to tbe motion pictnre studio 
.jj - - ■ 

'Mutual Weekly" No. 82 (Top. 

Mutual educational. 
"Does Onntrsn Bnore" (Com.) 
"Through Turkey" (Ed.) 
"Funnlcus Wins the Race." Same reel. 
"Microscopical Animalcules. " 
"Tbe Song of the Soup" (Oom.) "A 
Garden Party In California" (Ed.) 
"Truth in tbe Wilderness" (2 reel*. 

■"To Err Is Human" (Dr.) 
"At the Half Breed'a Mercy" (Dr.) 
"Jealousy's Trail" (Dr.) 
"Tom Blake'a Redemption" (Dr.) 
"She Will Never Know" (Dr.) 
."The Scapegoat" (Oom.) 
"Mission Bells" (Dr.) 
"Single Handed Jim" (Dr.) 

•"The 8ca:?ogoat" (2 reels. Dr.) 
"Mission Bells" (Dr.) 
-"Single Handed Jim" (Dr.) 
-"When Ohomiatry Counted" (Dr.) 

Golden (inie Park and Environs" 

Aug. P.— ''HI* Bister, Lucia' 

Jnly 21.— 

July 24.- 

July 28, 

33 fc 

Jnly 24, 

July 81, 
Aug. 7.. 

July 21. 

July 23. 
July 20, 
July 28, 
July 80, 
Aug. 2. 

July 25, 
July 20. 
Jul)- 28. 

July 20. 
July 30, 
July 31. 
Aug. 1. 
Aug. 2. 
Aug. 4, 
Aug. 5. 

Aug. 7. 
Aug. 8. 
Aug. 0, 

July 24. 
July 31. 
Aug. 7, 

July 21. 
July 21. 
July 22. 

July 23. 
July 24, 

July 24, 
July 24, 
July 25. 



ami "SSeb, Zoclc and Zulus" (Oom.) 

■"Tho Kxlle" (Dr.) 

"The Price Demanded" (Dr.) 

"A Whlow's WIIcb" (Com.) On same 

reel, "Itastua Among the Zulus" (Com.) 

"The Call of Her Heart" (Dr.) 

"A Dash for Liberty" (Dr.) 

—•The Fatal 8ear" (Dr.) 

— "The New Gown" (Dr.) 

— "The Message of the Rose" 

— "The Governor" (Dr.) 

—"Getting Married" (Oom.) 
"Rosea for Itosle" (Oom.) 

— "Tbe Camera's Testimony" 

—"Her Uuaband'a Wife" (Dr.') 

—"When Tony Pawned Louise" (Dr.) 

—"Japanese Dances" (Customs). 

—"It Happened In Java" (Oom.) 

— "Snapshots ot Java" (Ueenlc). 

— "Palhe'» Weekly," No. 88 (West). 

— "Pathe's Weekly. 1 ' No. 31 (Eaat). 

—"In and Around Scutari After Its Cap- 
ture" (Scenic) and "in Weird Crimea*' 

—"A False Accusation" (Dr.) 

— "Opportunity and a Million Acres" 
(Ind.) and "Tho Island of Tonga" 

— "I'nihv'u Weekly." No. 84 (West). 

— "Pnthc'* Weekly," No. 35 (East). 
"Viper's at Home" (Ed. Ool.), and 
:lp to the Grottoes of Usurno" (Ool. 

July 20. 
July 28. 

July 20. 

July 30. 
July 31. 

Aug. 1, 

Aug. 1, 
Aug. 2, 

Aug. 4. 
Aug. D. 
Aug. 0. 

Aug. 7 
Aug. 8. 

Aug. 0.— 

July 21. 
July 23. 
July 24. 

July 28. 
July 28. 

July 20. 

July 80. 
July 81. 
Aug. 1, 
Aug. 4, 


-"The Mail Sculptor' 

No. 8B 



"Paths'* Weekly" No. 

-"Curious Sea Creaturen (Scenic). Sims 
reel, "Dally Doings In Manila 1 ' (Ed.) 
-"The Haunted House" (Dr.) 
-"The Call of the Blood" (Dr. 8 reels). 
"Paths'* Weekly" No. 37 (News). 
"Panic's Weekly" No. 38 News). 
"A Study of Bird Life" (Science). Same 
reel, '\Monte Carlo" (Travel). 
."The Springtime of Life" (Dr. 3 reels). 
."Where Clouds and Mountains Meet" 
(Travel). Same reel. "Colombo, Capital 
of the Island of Ceylon" (Travel). 
-"Pathe'a Weekly" No. 38 (News). 
-"The Love Letter" (Oom.) 
-"The Orand Canyon of New York — An- 
■able Ohasm" (Travel). 
"With the Natlvea of New Zealand" 

-"When a Woman Wastes" (Dr.) 
"Pathe's Weekly," No. SO (News). 
-"Genoa, the Fort of Italy" Ool. 

'Mount St. Michel. France" (Travel). 
•A Woman's Way" (Dr.) 
Sellgr. . 
—'The Stort-ston's Double" (Dr.) 
—"The Unaeen Defense" (Dr) 
—"In Mainland" (Ed.) and "Two Art. 

tats and One Suit of Clothes" (Oom.) 
-"The Acid Teat" (Dr.) 
—"The Stolen Face" (Dr.) 
-"Henrietta's Hair" (Com.) Some reel, 

"Borrorrlnz Trouble" (Oom.) 
—"Tho Taming of Texas Pete" (Dr.) 
-"Man and His Other Self" (Dr.) 
"Through Another Msn'* Eyes" (Dr.) 
■■ Prescott," Arli." 

July 28. 
Aug. 4. 

July 20. 
Aug. 3. 

Aug. 8. 

Aug. 0. 

July 28. 
Aug, 8. 

Aug. 6. 

July 80, 

Aug. 1. 
Ang. 0. 
Aug. 8, 


—"While the Children Slept" 
— "Fate and Three." 
—'The Village" (Dr.) 
—"The Heart of the Heathen" (2 reel*. 

July 80.— "Soul to Soul" (Dr. 8 reels). 
Aug. 8,— "Grease Taint Indiana" (Oom.) 

reel, "Holy Cities in Japan." 
Ang. 0.— "The Honor of Lady Bcumont" 
3 reel*). 

"The Power of Heredity" (Dr.) 
."Otvlllsed and Savage" (Dr.) 
"When the Prince Arrived" (Dr.) 

Frontier, - 
"A Hasty Jilting" (Oom.) 
"A Brand from the Burning." 
"Masquerading In Bear Canyon" (Oom.- 

•oii the Ranger's Roll of Honor" (Dr.) 

'In After Year*" (Dr.) 
".Nature's Vengeance" (Dr.) 

The Granite Dells, 
.The Devil and Tom Walker" (Dr.) 

— The Mansion of Misery" (Dr.) 

— The Stolen Moccasins'' (Dr.) 
— "The ouioplng Borneo" (Com.) 

July 81.- 

Aug. S.- 
Aug. 7.- 


Attg. 2.- 
Aug. 7.- 

Aog. ».— ' 

Aug. 1.- 
Aug. 8.- 


July 28.— "Tbe Bride of the Sea" (Dr.) 
Aug. 24.— 'The Blindness of Courage" (8 neb. 

Caumont. .„.,„,, 

^SJ'^!*- 1 natr-Eaialag Affair" (Oobu> rtlrt 
JabStMUamnont'i Weekly." No. 7a (New*) 

July 8 i—'"! Beaourccfui Lothario" (C 

* m ,t m.rv lairiiiwi fwidire film* are and, Inasmuch aa tbe demand for -real (ant 

of tkls tvroe) In order to bold, picture companies win in time nave ever- 
nere M : of W motion ™lctiire Trun,' acenlc /prdperty and- other,, adjunct thai 
WCTiT VKOr TAT AT AT^iDTC Blng Into tbo multiple reel class does not money can procure and the s^tor. or actraaj 
BEW YOKlV LOCAL ADOrTS S3f rn J '?„„? «?, inMjwTy ellp orlor, to. the : of real genius will develop h|9 or her hl»- 

At a gpecuYmeeting of the Motion Pictnre &£ 8%*^*MMjSifWjStlm k «Sr9B Sffl23flB&&32& 

BgniMtors' Aiaoclntlon of Greater New York, that would be commonplace enough In oni's-I y™ oftte g le (ana tnerp are 



The Esaanay releases for July, both cont- 
edles and dramas, from the Chicago studlat 


July m.— "Heart Throbs" (2 reels, Dr.) 
July 23.— "Orand Dad" (Dr. 2 reels). 
July 80.— "A War-Tline Mother's Sacrifice" (Dr.) 
Aug. 0.— "Joe ULbbard's Claim" (Dr.) 

July 18.— "The Red Mask" (2 reels. Dr.) - 
July 20. — "Flotsam" (2 reels). 
Aug. 1.— "Ban-Zal" (2 reels. Dr.) 
Aug, 8.— "The House of Bondage" (Dr.) 8 

"The Peddler" (Oom.), and "Love and 
Courage" (Oom.) 
"Get Rich Quick" (Oom.) 
■"JiiHt Kids" (Oom.) 
"Professor Bean's Removal" (Oom.) 
•"Oohen's Outing" (Oom.) 
•"The Riot" (Oom.) 
July 22. — "The Adventurous Girls" (Oom.) 
July 20.— "Tbo Mighty Hunter" (Com.) 
."The Sure Tip" (Com.), and "The Bug 
Professor" (Oom.) 
"Loynl Hearts." 

"Tho Clroeu -Eyed Monster" (Com.) 
— "A Hospital Romance" (Dr.) 
-"Maria It onm" (Dr.) 
-"Tho Higher Justice 1 ' (Dr.) 
—"Below tho Dead Line" (Dr.) 
— "Koalta's Cross of Gold." 
.— "The Little Pirate" (Oom.) 

July 23.— "Man and Woman" (Dr.) 
July 80.— "I Should Worry" (Oom.) 

July 22. — "When Darkness Came" (Dr.) 
July 2B.— "The Top of New York" (Dr.) 
July 20.— "Willie, the Wild Man" (Oom.) 
Jnly 20.— "Little Dorrlt" (2 reels. Dr.) 
Aug. 1.— "In the Mldat of Time" (Dr.) 
Aug. 3. — "Proposal by Proxy" (Oom.) 


July 28, — "The Stranger" (Dr. 2 reeli). 

July 31.— "Lord Barry's Low Acquaintance" 

Aug. 2. — 'That Chinese Laundry." Same reel, 
"runny Fancies," by By Mayer (Oom. 
Ang 4.—" 'Llsbeth" (Dr.) 
Ang. 7. — "A Modern Romance" (Ooa.-Dr.) 
Aug. 0. — "Tho Cook Question" (Oom.) Same 
reel "Adventures of Mr. Pnlffles" (Car- 
toon By. Mayer). 
July 28.— "The Proof" (Dr.) 
July 80. — "Comrades" (Dr.) 
Aug. 1.— "Ills Friend tbe Undertaker" (Com.) 

Aug. 4 "The Second Home-Oomlng" (Dr.) 

Aug. 0, — "Mono" (Dr.) 

Aug. 8.— "The Girls and Dad" (Oom.) Same 
reel "Almost a Rescue" (Oom.) 

"Stan in My Crown" (Dr.) 
."Dob's Baby" (Oom.) 
101 Dlaon. 
"Robinson Crusoe" (Dr. 3 reels). 
"The Cave Dweller's Romance" (Dr. 
2 reels). 
— "The Death Stone of India" (Dr. 3 

—"The Snake" (Dr. 2 reel*). 

—"The Paper Doll" (Dr.) 
— "Whst Pan* Cot" Same reel. "Her 

Little Darling." 
—"A Ofalld'i Influence" (Dr.) 



•■eiirt-ain miner " xiosBlblv as a add a freslineBs to Easanuy releases that 

retaryr'H. W. Rosenthal ; S^rslon "or Sosslblv aa a means of cduca- will shortly be the talk of the country, 
•financial secretary, Adolph Baucrcnfreund ; « or ?al amuMmTnt Fhancis X. Bubhmak, aupportcd by m. ex 

Tho ir/oHon nliture all reports or feara cellent company, under the direction of two 

to the ^ntrar? will' never entirely s»*5S most capnbfe producers, is located at a new 

SaFX^S^'/JS^SLSS Dosslblj ?in Btudlo at Ithaca, N. Y, Tbls .country af- 


? A f B 4h» n( .S r mo .UJ C w„'iie , '''lt rnav seem para- ~Tu»iew studio and laboratories at Nllea, 
doxlcal L\Sffw a "ficT will Wtt. SfapokM Cal.. are completed, at a cost of $50,(100^ 

Sromn onil Mr. AnilcrHoii promises some unusual 


The trouble la that some u 

America, and hla refusal to submit a detailed manufacturera are prone to term any film a feet being their ^WKJMUltUi 

account 'of the expenditures of the League's ?eat^ that runs over the usual tnouaand ^QP^gL WSL "adopted. Wntft 

money during the paat year the following feet, which is considered about the natural 2!2nd the motion.? 

resolution wag unanimously adopted: length of tbe alngle reeler. aecona tne moi 

"Motion made and seconded that tbe New There la a legitimate niche in the field of 

York Local hereby endorse tbe action of tbe cinematography for the feature picture. In 

New York State delegates to the late Na- a short time, possibly tbe coming season. It 

tlonal convention at tbe Grand Central Pal- will occupy tbe important position in the 

ace in withdrawing from the Motion Pictnre theatrical firmament that is waiting for it. 

Exhibitors' League of America and affiliating Natural conditions have created the de- offer many new faces on the screen, n; 

with the International Motion Picture Aa- m ano W hich. whUe big, is nothing to what will prove very welcome to the cxblbltv*- 

•oclatioa. Carried unanimously." w m ar i ge in the next year or so. and the hungry-loving photoplay public. 

81mllar action has already been taken by i n brief the condition may be aummarifcd Tbe Essanay Flm Manufacturing Compaaj/ 

teveral of the other New York atate locals, .„ follows • The Blngle reel (dramatic or have almost entirely re-organlzed their Cat 

and a convention wUl shortly be held at CO medy type) may be compared to the twenty cago stock companies, adding many we« 

(Which the Motion Picture Exhibitors' Asso- minute sketch of vaudeville. Right here we known performers from the legitimate stagie, 

clarion of tbe State of New York, In ac- njeht say there will always be a demand each of whom holds an authoritative recor* 

cordance with the resolutions of all of Ita fVr single reel subjects and while the feature for artistic and meritorious work under tbe 

locals, will officially withdraw from the picture will displace the larger portion of best, well known theatrical managers la 

Motion Picture Exhibitors' League of Amer- t neee condensed dramas, hi the course of America. 

lea, and affiliate with < tbe International Mo- t i m „ tnere w im be a natural adjustment all No expense has or will be spared in the 

tlon Picture Association. r ' 0U nd and programs that contain a feature making «' Easapay photoplays either la 

The offlcerB of tbe New York local are aa Snilns: an honr or more will also have a Chicago or any other location that tbe corn- 
follows: President, Samuel H. Trigger: vice gln „ Ic B rceI subject or two. possibly in tho pany may operate, and the ohanges made 
president, J. A. Koerpel : treasurer, Grant „ifi f a "curtal " *~* h "°~ *» " "" '■ ■ — «*— • « 
w. AiiHim ; aecretary, ' ' 
financial aecretary. Ad,.,,.,. u . U c U ..,. uu| 
sergrant-nt-nrms, Robert C. Whittcn ; coun' 
eel, W. B. F. Rogers. * 

...VeS ANOTHER. §^&^SS^9S?iS^ of fords some" or the most magniacent | 

Malcolm Douglas has Just delivered to SokeTVama Swing to certain unavoidable grounds to be had In ^ •' * 

the Sellg Compapy the scenario of a comedy pnyalcal conditions, has never reached a very gSJtt-J™ r?ro2„ettnni ^ P 

film, called ''Two Artists and a Suit of filgh standard of excellence,. °fR?SSFiJB?SSP^ 
Clothes." Mr. Douglas hBB won great sac. 
cess in this field of writing. 

Daddy Manldv. the'ofllclal gardncr at the d Take a town, for llluatratlon, far removed & ^&* &*&L&& ^a*t»- 
Tom Evnns' sturfios, can be Seen any day, from any metropolitan centre, and which Is mo A ';L^P= ^ nrmmrntlon 
smoking in peace. bound by tbe very nature of thing, to receive months &«"•§«, P^^recl releases for 

July are "The Forbidden Way," released 
July 7, and "Tapped Wires," released July 
21. Be sure and book them both. Demand 
Essanay quality. 

A VERT Important notice has been Issued 
and lent forth to every exhibitor In the 
United Stales Informing them that the Es- 
sanay Film Mfg. Co. will release every Fri- 
day a special multiple-reel attraction in place 
of their tegular single reel subject. Com- 
mencing with Friday, Aug. 15, the above 
mentioned company will release a two red 
comedy feature, entitled " 'Alkali' Ike's Gal." 
Exhibitors and the photoplay public have 
been more than delighted with the past 
tlnglo reel subjects la which the famous Au- 

Sustus Carney, the "Alkali" Ike of Essanay 
Ims, has appeared. A great deal of Joy, 
fun and hilarity has been encased In these 
thousand foot subjects. What will tbe public 
do, think or say when they see tbls side- 
splitting two reel "Alkali" Ike feature. The 
wonderful drawing power of these "Alkali- 
Ike pictures have poBBeBBed, bldB tbls tw* 
reel Western comedy to be a nevcr-tobc- 
lorgotten coml.' picture. 

On Monday, Aug. 4, tbe Essanay Film 
Mfg. Co. will release the gigantic, stupendous 
two reel dramatic feature "King Robert of 
Sicily." This, beautiful poem, written by 
one of the world's greatest poeta, Longfel- 
low, has been, dramatized by an expert, ani 
will be shown upon the screen to the public 
on the above mentioned date. This produc- 
tion has coat several thousand dolliirs. N* 
expense has been spared In the costuming, 

-- _______________________________________________»____»_ acenery. and effects. It Is proclaimed by 

critics to be a revelation In photographic anil 

PUTT ATIEIPTTTA'C laTPTHn V *>' "est, Infrequent visits from strolling dra- dramatic portrayal. The Essanay star cast 

rnlLAJJllLrniA d WeXALI _, ftt | C companies. Tbe fact that tbe town is which will appear, will Include: B. H. Cal- 

RTTnUPT poorly situated and has the reputation of ve ". *_, Bailey and Chas. Hitchcock. 

uui/uli, being rather Indifferent, to say the least, la " » — 

The Old Black Horse Hotel, on tho East responding to the efforts oft the players, does TTT FTWT, UmirC 

side of iSecond Street, North of Poplar Street, not make for tbe best of companies Including s—UBl iH. l'E W J. 

has. been bought by Margolin A Block, who it as a part of their Itinerary. Tiieiie la a big undercurrent of excitement 

will erect on a portion of the lot a S15,000 Tp e natural consequence Is that the small aD . Q suspense In tho photo-drama world, a 
moving picture theatre. town has never haa the best drama. Un- lot of bl S 'doings and much mystery. All 

8. Alunobb has awarded a contract for questionably good actors and actresses have e ?, ca are centered on that master mind, Geo. 
a one story movie, 28 by 125 feet, on the p] a ycd tbe smaller cities and towns for years, Klelno, whose success In exploiting the Cine* 
West side of York Road, North of Luaerne J, ut a s soon as they were able to get into Production. "Quo Vadls?" has been simply 

Street, to cost J12,00(h higher paid and better conducted companies, Phenomenal, and seems to Increase every 

1 how long did they remain In the limited field, " fl J; , Hla recent trip abroad waa fraught 

CALIFORNIA STATE CONVENTION. with lta one night stands, poor hotel ac- ""»• Important projects, and the entire mor- 
Two thousand movins nlcture men from all commodatlons, and the thousand and one mg picture and photo-drama craft, as wcB 

£™™ /W&SE^ \rh!^iE& ofSan Utile- annoyancca? js tEc general public, are looking forward 

SSL _J 1 gi?^3£&«gsgs*K _ With pictures It Ja different, fiarah Bern- to hla future announcements with eager 
tlon of the Moving Picture BxhlMtor*' _*«**. "«»•* K - Hackett and stars of the E"' 10 ?'/' ' Mr - K 'elio la conservative, ant 
Ecaauc Tho foHowing have been appointed fl , r8t magnitude may be seen in their best _i» atatcmenta are seldom premature. It U 
a1nMWial^l™^^f^«lsl^^tnt?l ? ,ft J 8 b J »« inhabitants of the smallest known, however, that during his trip he com- 
the^U^rsTvi? Batentlne (Onion ? theatre), ' 0WnB ' a " a »* * Drlce whl £ h » ne » ve «* e Pleted arrangements for som'o big production* 
entortoinment : • R E I Hicks T (Plata )7 put rjnuaement aeeker can well afford. with the foremost American theatrical star* 

"' ■*-* There will be more dramatic stars going a; tho central figures, He la a great admirer 

Mr, Harry Bnnls, 

NEW YORK CLIPPER, Motion Picture itml. 
Dear Sir- 
In reply to t oar* of tlie 21*t tn»t., relative to the reaalt of oar ad- 
Tertlalnig eampalan In tbe Interest of the Real Life, Slaving; and Talk- 
ing Picture*, I I'«k to ktate vre advertlacd In TUB NEW YORK CLIPPER, 

We got onr blarscit return* from THE NEW YORK CLIPPER. 
From our advertising In the SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, IHI.I.lio vitlt 
and MOVING PICTURE WORLD we received return* In the order 
named above. 

Would *ay in closing that we consider THE CUPPER an excellent 
means of advertising. 

Very truly yours, 


(Signed) 8, SHEINDELMAN, Trea*. 

,'iiu'rwiiuiiiriii. , ii. iy. aitia \* »»««/, s— gr 

t-O-t ' ( Alh«m£aT n aecretary ^"c'o'nvention; Jnto Pictures In the near future" than "anyone of the imcriba"n°"acTor, and"his"ide*a* rs"~ttal 

SSS\r TTbiifls* q_i_i^v gi-S » ^aaarnriir "A" c 7 er flrearoed possible, and here Is where with all tbe advantages of the foreign manu- 

ftnd M ' T - Chrlatlanaon (Palace) , treasurer. , he p|ctureB wiu ag , l8t tbe drama facturcrs and absolute truth and pwfecttos 

. _' T '\ e town that might be indifferent to of detail and locale observed, the American 

Ai.Tiiouou the dog-day* are upon us, tea- Bernhardt herself for a night, at present actor will produce results that will astonish 

ture film activities are not paralyzed. A. will flock to see tho pictures of her for a the world. With all the advantages at his 

J. Xydios, of Houston, Tex., has purchased week. The pictures will act as an excellent command, combined with a hbthly developed 

the rights on "The Shadow of Evil" for advertising fore-runner and will whet the artistic taste, Mr. Kleine can achieve thing* 

Texas end Southern Oklahoma. A. A. wel- appetite of those who become Interested to of mammoth Import with comDarative ease. 

land, of tho Wetland Feature Film Co., of euch an extent that not only in the case of "Quo Vadis?" Is Just aa sreat n sensation 

Plttaburgh, Pa., and J. Singer, of the At- ^he great French actresa mentioned above, In Europe as In America and is the one 

tractive Fcatude Film Co of Philadelphia, but la tbe case of all successful metropolitan photo-drama yet nroduced that was nre- 

Pa.. who were in town this week, announco favorites as well, a new clientele will be sented at Buckingham Palace Bnaland. by 

Oat they are now obtaining bookings on created for the spoken drama. royal command. Among the 'many notable 

Bmb, nd Feature L FUm ^TLI&UB JffJH ^"*S&lJ!!*m !_«_«!_ol t th-. cart,. .B.^ Caateilanl/wbo .p 
la now booking '*" 
W. B. Greene, 

..... w A .. , -•""_ ._- »•"«»»«» ,u» .raoi uiouju. »"jui cumuinna. Amooir the many notao e 

" U X e ; X m "7£- *4g}Hf& •$ a .J" m ? Ik M"* 9 are naturally curlou*. Players of the cast, B. Castellanl, who op- 

w SS" 1 5?JI ? { y??>? m \ Cl f y ' S?° S on,y follows that once Interest Is pears as the giant, UrsusTla apparently the 

ag "Branded for Life" as Is also thereby aroused by the photoplay, with a greatest favorite. Ho T was prevailed Hupoa 

_L_&a_H_?^iaJft.^K 2SL2&S12L^K S!S»m* llSt-JI .ngm personal P appoaranc. P a| 

Gate Film Exchange, Ban Frnncaco Cal.; competent caBt, properly and elaborately pro- Albert flail, In London, for which, price* 
Northwestern Feature Film Co.. Portland, ducod as a genuine feature film, that the ranging from ten shlllinga (two anfT one- 
fire.; and the M. & F. Feature Film Co., spectator will eventually look forwatd to half dollars) down were charged The Ktoi 

Chicago, III reelng the same play spoken, or the actor and Queen were present end thc'mamxootS 

At th» instigation of Tom BvanB. a in the flesh. This phase of the. situation ball was crowded. Ursua ahook liMdawlth 

society has been formed at the Evans' Btudlos has been easily proved by the crowds which •thousands of warm English udmlrersT It 1* 

for the suppression of Macdonald of that have greeted such screen favorites aa John certainly to be marvelled at that on actor 

clan. The weather has been warm and Mac'* Bunny and Marie Ellnc (Thanhouser Kid) In a photo-drama can arouse such curiosity 

\r,"kr.a rm-Anil +!■*■ II.,' tn «aa**iA r.V,,,-.*- oas-iMal-i-itlla -.1 -._-_._ fitHl CDthUBlflRm *»**v*«i , vuaawtf 


Dotia— ._. Hackett 2. The Fajnona Plaji. 
crs Co. 

lakes beyond the limit. The other day whilst In recent ehort vaudeville plnngeo. 

In tbe desert tbe camera maa felt the heat, The "doubting Thomasee'^wlll possibly en- 

and Arthur Maude suggested he take the quire bow a small town will come to support 

scenes from tho Inside of a tent to give him the beat in the spoken drama in the" future 

relief. "Nay," said Macdonald. "the heat when It docs not support over well, at 

wood be too Intents." present, second and third rate drama. 

DiRgcTOi J. Fabreu, Macdonald took _ The answer is: instead of a town of Bxbtbitob.— 1. Features B. il\)o late t* 

three hundred and fifty people to the Ban 10.000 getting bIx or aeven Indifferent per- be of any value " ea ™ re8 " K ' uw ,M * w 

Fernando Valley to tako scenes In his formances a week In the "Opry" Houae by Main.:— l, - Cannot locate person, you name, 

"Mldlanltlah Woman" photoplay, which waa a company of poorly paid artfBto and almost 2. WIU Inform you late? 

■written by Arthur Maude. no scenic or property advantages, they will, Ws.— <l. Possibly. 2. One reel tTohJect «« 

Pl*ns for three story building on One in time to come, get one or two perform- that title was released br vltaa^ivh avear 

Hundred and Tenth Street, one hundred and once*. a week by > first class company and ago. J, I W«a«ea by VlUgraph a yett 

IgSaJg. w i?*!!. S^Jsss^ssz S2S25«e_ %aS_»!-!i J?j™f «BS.: a§4vfi^.i*«! condition. mshm, 

filed yesterday. It will be A moving picture company for the reasons stated above. 
(Own.) oa theatres and dwciUag. Now, about toe poor actor and actress la Try7 : 

4—1. Address ScenarioT. 
never can tell. 





ANOTHER SEl7aNNM | TIIE Ji!!! JL-!?^'? 

ONE OF SKLIO'B GRBAT BIOI.MV ^gg 1 ^ ^A^S!^ "^ ™ U *"» "*■** 







An InlfBM and absorbing drama of exceptional plot 
and denonment. A 8torjr of high kxIm, .n<l (hi hobo 
fraternity of the "underworld." Featuring Mlii K »<h- 
lyn YVlIUame ai the millionaire's .laugh ter and Mr. 
Henry Otto la the rolo Of MTU* Crow." A world re- 
nowned yeggman. Don't fall to book tall dramatic 

Aug. W^-THE MAGICIAN FISHERMAN. A comedy with a. touch of wholesome 
magic that Inspires great glee. On the same reel with THE BROKEN 
VASE. A touching little play which shows hon esty Is eventually rewarded. 

Aim. 1»-THE COAST OF CHANGE. A thrilling dram* of blgb life In which a 
wonderful sapphire ring plays a leading role as the crux of mystery. 

*■ 8 • It-Alt APACHE'S GRATITUDE. The brave wife of a frontier doctor tare* 
on. Indian, and he, In return, saves her and her family. 

*°f • "-BROWN'S NEW MONETARY STANDARD. An unctuous comedy 
dealing with pennies as a specie payment. On the same reel with MORO 
PASTIMES. AnotHereicellcnt educational, showing interesting new sights 
In onr Island possessions. 

One-Sheet, Three-Sheet Slides and Heralds will be Issued on oar regular Two-Reel Features 
Order from year Exchange, or from THE SEUO POLYSCOPE COMPANY. 





i » 






Ku¥iv[ornas:RSiii s ^CHiCAGo;jLLUs.A: 




Si I ,P£-,,,£S T r' I ' J JEE , " < * UO VADIS 1" IS TO MISS AN 

Booked [Exclusively Through Cohan & Harris, N. Y, 


166 Iff, State Street, Chicago, I1L 



Resrular Monday Sella- Reel Gives 

Way to Multiple Feature. 

Arrangements liavc been completed be- 
tween the General Film Co. and tbe Sellg 
Polyscope Co. whereby, the latter will re- 
lease each Monday, as part of Its regular 
program, some extraordinary two-red fea- 
ture. This new release will take the place 
of the regular Monday single reel, which has 
heretofore been considered one of tbe strong- 
est releases In tW Sellg program. The new 
arrangement starts on Aug. 11, on which 
date tbe Bellg Co. will present a unique 
drama based upon the exploits and romanco 
of a world-famous hobo, supposedly the no- 
torious "A No. 1." The famous tramp la 
this picture Is known by tbe cognomen of 
"The Crow." The plot Is unique, and tho 
story Is considered by many who have seen 
It at advance exhibitions to be the best pic- 
ture of its kind yet released by the House of 
Belle. The title of tbe drama Is "The Flight 
of the Crow." ___ _ 

On Monday, Aug-. 18. the Sellg Co. will re- 
lease the second of tbe series of regular two- 
reel features under the title of "The Child 
of the Sea," which Is a drama of the light- 
house service. „ . . 

In connection with the new policy WJt*' 
leasing a two-reel feature every. Monday, tiie 
Bcllg Co. will also release one or more spe- 
cial features each month through the feature 
program of the General Film Co. 

, Auono the big things being held In store 
fc-y tho Chicago concern for release this 
Summer, are several productions of great 
magnitude. Among them,, the three reel 
vllu animal masterpiece, which was exhibited 
recently at the New York Exposition of Mo» 
:lon Picture Art held In Grand Central Pal- 
ice. Another striking series ..which will 
nake Its appearance this Fall will He taw*" 
inder thejgenerol title of "The Man In the 
Street." Under this series, "The Man In the 
Street," who Is In reality one of the world s 
rreatcst detectives, runs to earth the In- 
visible GovernmcDt,".at present receiving such 
vorld wide publicity In Washington. In an- 
ither picture "The Man In the Street" solves 
i baOllng diamond robbery in New York 
city's high society. In the last picture of 
he series "The Man In the Street'' causes a 
:onsclence fund to be distributed by the 
obbylsts and political grafters who navo 
faxed wealthy through the organisation or 
he "Invisible Government." Each Picture 
n the scries Is complete In Itself, but the 
ame characters prevail throughout the en- 
ire series. Tom Carrlgan plays the pn«; 
toal part, that of "The Man in the Street.'' 

Tjlans are now under way for tie ■produc- 
lon and exploitation of a series of thrlll- 
ng animal pictures, featuring Kathlyn Wlll- 
img, This series will be started some time 
his Fall, and while no definite laformatloa 
an be gained at present from the Sellg 
facials, ft Is known that the pictures In ouea- 
lon will receive far greater publicity than 
»y one series yet released In this country. 
Gertrude Coshlan Join* Bella-. 

Announcement comes from the executive 
fllcee of the Sellg Polyscope Co.. that Ger- 
rude Cogblan will become a regular member 
f the Sellg organisation next month. She 
rill, for the present, be located at the CM- 
ago studios of the company, and will mere 
er first picture appearance In a series or 
ilays specially written to suit her person- 

Tn» combined forces of two oat of tbs 
ight Los Angeles companies, with tbe co- 
pcratton of the entire production and execu- 
lve staff of the Western branch, are at pres- 
nt actively engaged in the stupendous pro- 
uetlon of an eight-reel feature picture of 
The Spoilers," from the popular book of 
tex Beach. For the__purposes of this Ire- 
lendous production, W. N. Sellg, preildent 
f the Sellg Polyscope Co., who has been 

famous stock players, among them Beaslo 
Eyton. Kathlyn Williams, Thomas Santchl 
and Frank Clark. Colin Campbell, the well 
known Sellg director, Is the producer In 
charge of the mammoth production. Ho la 
being assisted by Norvel McGregor. Tlios. 
S. Nash, general manager of the Pacific 
Coast studio, has general charge of the 
entire production. Mr. Beach's great 
novel, which has been published in 
every civilized tongue, was arranged for 
motion picture production In eight parts by 
Lanier Bartlett. The production will take 
some fourteen weeks, exclusive of tbe 
months of preparation which already have 
been expended upon It. The entire Pacific 
Const will be traversed by the Sellg players 
during tbe process of making this big fea- 
ture, and several scenes will be produced In 
the original Alaskan backgrounds as de- 
scribed by Mr. Beach. 

Releases Week of Ann. 11, 

On Aug, 11, tho release will be one of the 
season's best drsmattc features, under the 
title "The Flight of the Crow." The pro- 
duction Is in two reels and Is an Intense and 
absorbing drama of high society life, and 
•the hobo fraternity of the underworld. 
"Tbe Crow" Is the disinherited and profligate 
son of a millionaire who becomes a world- 
famous tramp. The plot of tho story Is ex- 
ceptionally interesting, and the production 
Jb well handled by such players as Henry 
Otto, Kathlyn Williams, Wm. Hutchinson 
and AI. Fllson. 

"Tun Magician Fisherman " Is the first 
half of Sellg's split reel release for Aug. 12. 
It Is a comedy with a touch of wholesome 
magic, which undoubtedly will Inspire great 
glee. It Is on the same reel with r The 
Broken Vase," a touching little drama which 
Shows how honesty Is eventually rewarded. 

On Auo. 18, the release will be a thrilling 
drama of high life, entitled "The Coast of 
Chance." In this picture a wonderful sap- 
phire ring plays the leading role, and is the 
crux of an absorbing: mystery plot 

The bravo wife of a frontier doctor saves 
an Indian, and the Indian In return saves 
the wife. This Is the bare outline of the 
story of "An Apache's Gratitude," which will 
be released on Aug. 14. 

On Aug. 15. the release will be a split 

reel, the first half of which is entitled 

"Brown's New (Monetary Standard." This 

is an unctuous comedy dealing with pennies 

as a specie payment. On the same reel Is 

an excellent educational, entitled "Moro 

Pastimes," which shows Interesting new 

sights In our island possessions. 




There were several persons badly shaken 
up, two slightly Injured and one severely 
burned In a powder explosion at the Ryno 
Company's plant at City Island. N. Y., Fri- 
day. July 25. 

jack Noble, chief director, suffered the 
worst Injuries. He was removed to the 
Fordbam Hospital, where on Mondoy It was 
said his condition was 'till serious. 

The accident was caused by tbe premature 
explosion of a barrel of gunpowder, which 
was to be used with a slow burning fuse in 
a picture, called "Between Two Loves." 

A high wind blowing from tbe Sound 
caused the fuse to burn quicker than was 
expected, and the accident resulted. 

a new motion picture theatre In 
Ky., which will cost $125,000, to 
icroas from Keith's Theatre, will 

n the ground giving personal attention, 
o tbe supervision of the work, specially 
nnged William Farnum. the well known 
cfor. and. .Marshall Farnum, fcls brother 

■1 .! IVj 


Plans for 
Louisville, Ry.L 
be located across _ 

be built by the National Moving Picture Co. 
The theatre will be called the New Empress, 
and will have a seating capacity of 2,000. 
Daniel L. Martin has been appointed general 

i n s 


Augustus Thomas, undoubtedly one of the 
leading dramatists of the world, has formed 
a connection with tbe All Star Feature Film 
Co. Mr. Thomas assisted by Larry 
McGin in the direction: Jot "AxiEon*/' wW<* 
will be one of the first, KJcoaes of the All 
«t*rCvm*iljv .-"if--,, . 


Theatres, the nation over, arc at tho pres- 
ent time much exercised over tho quality of 
posters Riven them by manufacturers gen- 
erally. This is a fact well evidenced by the 
aiianlty of complaints that dally pour Into 
ic offices of the big film manufacturing 
companies. Recent examples of tbe work 
offered by George Klelno show that at least 
one manufacturer has responded to call for 
better lithographs. When tbe paper was 
prepared for "Quo Vadlsr Mr. Klelne was 
so struck with Its possibilities for the mov- 
ing picture theatre, that on lamcdlato ordor 
was placed to cover all future ICIclne re- 
leases. Tho utmost care Is given In the se- 
lection of appropriate subjects, and the me- 
chanical work Is easily tho very beet on the 
market. This has been done at considerable 
extra expense and entirely for the exhibitor. 

Mr. Klelno announces that In the future 
another make of film will bo released by him 
hi America. This Is tbo product of tho Cello 
Company, of Rome, Italy, a new corporation. 
Whose releases have never before been seen 
In America. Mr. Klelne was so Impressed with 
ynat he saw In the new company before ho 
left Europe that contracts were made to re- 
lease the Cello Company's pictures regularly 
In this country. 

Beginning Tuesday, Ang. 12. Mr. Klelne 
will release a two reel feature every Tuesday. 
"Mong Fu Tong," the title of the first re- 
lease, Is a sensational story of a band of 
Chinese thieves and their dissolution by an 
American coyboy employed for the purpose, 
fne addition or the two reel every Tuesday 
Is the result of a steady demand from the- 
atres and exchanges for moro Klein multiple- 
reel subjects. * 
1 s —a— 

Supreme Court Justice Golf Issued an order 
Which was served on Carl Laemmle last 
week, tbe Import of which was that Mr. 
Laemmle refrain in any way from disposing 
of the stock of tbo Universal Firm Mfg. Co!, 
formerly owned by David Horsley. 

This stock, consisting of upwards of 1,500 
shares, more or less, of the big film company, 
Is claimed by both Carl Laemmle and P. A. 

It looks as If the fireworks were about to 
start again. Not much cannonading, but a 
little desultory sharp-shooting by both 


C. Lang Cobb, sales manager of the Ramo 
Film Corporation, states that bis company 
will make a specialty of feature films during 
the coming season. 

. Mr. Cobb Is the author of a descriptive 
booklet which will be released shortly, ex- 
tolling the merits of the Homo product. 


L. W. McChesney, former advertising chief 
of the General Film Co., has been appointed 
sales manager of the Thos. Edison Co., Inc., 
with headquarters at Orange, N. J. 

Mr. Ashton succeeds McChesney at tbe 
General Film Co. 

■ s 

Tut first motion picture spectacle to be 
produced by the Llebler Vltagraph Company 
will be "The Christian," with Viola Allen 
in the leading role. Walton Bradford has 
arranged for motion picture presentations of 
some of Mall Calne's plays. 

Constance Cbawlbi, who has been en- 
gaged for leads in tho classical plays under 
Director J. Farrell Macdonald, at tbe Tom 
Evans' studios at Holwood, has added a tag 
black Angora' cat to her menagerie. A 
monkey, a eat. a Japanese cook, a French 
maid and a colored woman for housework la 
now Miss Crawley's repertoire at home. Miss 
Crawley Is doing some magnificent work, and 
it will he a revelation when seen on the 

Tub Tiffany Theatre On. of Heir Tort 
has been Incorporated try Jacob Emanuel, 
Morris 8. Aroado and Jacob Valmai. 

"Quo VAnisr pictures are the attraction 
at Keith's Hippodrome, Cleveland. They are 
also a feature at the Majestic, Buffalo, this 

WMaCs I - * 


A Big Redaction In Film, loo rools at 1 cent a ft., somo at {3 n rool ; have Western uiid'f ndlan llools. NO 
worn out mm. 500 Sets of Song and gl.ouu ml; Power's No. o Miiclilno, (TA: Powers Now 
o, tlMj also othor oheap Naoulucs; Model ''U" Calcium Miiclilno, I 'JO. I alio buy Film, Slides 
and Machines, If good. Q. F. QALLOT, 70 Chrl.topher Street, N. Y. City. 



But. Hudson, of tbe Centaur Film Co., 
and formerly advertising chief for the Uni- 
versal, is paying the folks "to bum" a visit. 
said "hum folks" being the inhabitants of 
Elgin, 111. "Watch out," Karl. 

TsrrT Johnson (Vltagraph), It is Mid, is 
interested in chicken farming. 

Tub Eclectic Film Co. will release through 
the Exclusive Supply Corporation about 
Sept. 1. 

JiiLsa Bernstein, of the Mutual Ex- 
change, will hereafter mckc his headquarters 
in the Masdnic Vemplo Building, Twenty- 
third Street. New York. 

Jos Enole, of tbe Universal, has returned 
from California. A foreign trip is under 

The North American Compony, under di- 
rection of Bill Stelnor, Is making picture la 
the old Reliance Studio at Coney Island. 

"The Stuketb or New Yohk," a three- 
reel thriller, Just completed by the Pilot 
Company, was exhibited Thursday, July 17, 
at the .Savoy Theatre, Thirty-fourth Street 
and Broadway. Many requests had been re- 
ceived to seo this film, so tbe Pilot Company 
arranged for tho private exhibition at the 
Savoy. A large crowd was In attendance, 
and all proclaimed the film to be ofie of the 
belt features witnessed In a long time. There 
was a treat deal of applause at different 
parts of tbe picture, especially wbere the 
hobo beats bis way from the Coast to New 
York. J. W. Ilartman, as tbs hobo, surely 
makes a big hit. 

The Pilot Co. is now preparing another 
three-reel feature. It Is the Intention of the 
company to turn out a State rights feature 
about once each month. 

Wonder what the names of those "turrl- 
ble malefactors" could have been, referred 
to rather generally as manufacturers and 
exchange men? If anybody knows anything 
why be to stingy and keep It to themselves. 
Instead of making random and exceedingly 
vague accusations, let's hear the Inside dope. 
If there is any. Out with tho big "Info.,'* 

J. V. BiTCBix has succeeded in Interest- 
ing another well known author in writing 
dramas especially for picture production. On 
Aug. tbe Reliance will present In two reels 
a drama entitled "Tbe Fight for Right," 
from the pen of James Oppenheim. 

Cuabus Sutton, who has played import- 
ant parts ln'Edlson films for several years, 
does a .powerful pleco of character work as 
tbe hunchback In "The Rightful Heir." As 
a member of the Rdlson Western Company 
last Winter Mr. Button took advantage of 
many excellent opportunities to display his 
talent as a dramatic actor. 

Hbssebt Prior spends all his time, when 
not engaged In one of his clever character- 
Itations. In piloting Mabel Tnmnelle around 
in his benslne buggy. "Herb." Is sn accom- 
plished chauffeur, but It is doubtful If he 
will ever be is good at the wheel ts lie Is on 
the screen. 

Fbank MpOi.tnw, tate of the Chicago 
production of "Officer 000," made his return 
to Edison films felt at once by the power 
of. his feting. Mr. McOlynna #ork bus 
that 'gripping realism which holds 
*n« every uwoA tint he Is on tho 


St. Paul, Minn.— Metropolitan (L. N. 
Scott, mgr.) the Wright-Huntington Playets, la 
"Kortr-flro Minutes from UroaJwnr," with a spe- 
cial cborua, Is tbe bill for week of July 37. TM 
company his made good in every ten»s of the 

Kurasss (Gas 8. Greening, msr.) — nnsiness 
conlluuci hlg, mil for wttk of 38 s Tbo Ntfiys. 
George Hill, "Tbe Trainer," Brlorru and King, 
and Karoo's Comedy Ooopany. 

I'iinosss (llert Goldman, mgr.) — This bouse 
continues to draw big business, wltb vaudeville 
and moving pictures. 

Majistio (11. S. Courtney, mir.)— Business Is 

good. MsvlSSJ picture* week of it. 
Staeland (0. IT. 


Hon©, ni|<rj— Good business 

->*? ffi 

• -%?. '- ■: 

Notes.— The llaruum A Ilslley Circus bid cs- 
imcltr tenia afternoou. sod evening of 28. Their 
ateret parade wis especially One, and drew lov- 
nutiae crowds, ... The Weat End Carnival showed 
big net recelnte, the proceeilH going to tbs bene- 
fit of the West Hud Ouuvmtrclal 01obV7. .V?T 
The attractions it Wlldwood, While Dear Like and 

Ooiuo 1'ark are drawing big It hss been 

definitely settled that mis city Is to have nana 
opera next season 

is ?loacd lai1 *' '* — ° ,U>i " 0,a BmI *»*. tlgr.) 

Majihtio (Jske Rosenthal, mgr.)— Oloird. 

AiiumiiB (Jake Rosenthal, mgr.)— Jack Bessey 
Stock Co. to good business, " "" 

Union Task Tiisitis (Jake RosenthaL nur.l 
—Vaudeville. Iltisliieis good. ^ ^' 

I'lixuxss Tiibatib u. w. Fulton, mft.)--pie- 
turea. [s ' - - 

Star (A. 0. Thompson, Igr.)— W1U Open Ate. 
*, with Ethel North In aougs. ^ 

Amuss (A, L. Stevens, maT.)--Ploturet. 

Hor* i, (A. L, Stevens, mgr T— Pictures. 

DaSAMUNO I (f K. Bo/1*, mgr.)— Pictures. 

Drramlanu II (A. 0. Wrlsht. mgr.)-*'letures. 

Note.— AI. 0. Barnes' Wild Animal Snow did 
capacity business bete. This wai tbs first cir- 
cus of tbe season here snd none others are Mltea 
SO far. 

Omaha. Neb^-Brinder's (Obtf. W. Tur- 
ner mgr.) Eva Ling md itoek presents "The 
Bachelor" Jul/ 27 ani week. "Our Wives" weak 
of Aug. 8, 

Kxraiss (Frank Barrit, mgr.) — > Moving pic- 
tures snd vaudeville, ' 

Kino I'assc (Geo. Mnschoff, mrr.|— For week 
of July 37, Franceses Creators sad dblS concert 
bund la tbe siloed attraction. 

Notb.— Barnura * Bailey's Circus is billed 
to: Aug. S. 

Hot Hprlnas. Ark.— UrArme (Frank; Head. 
tsar.) tbe Arthur Demlng CO. cloaed a two week? 
•saaasnent Saturday night, July 30. Dualneas 
wss good. The Ftrguaon Bros.' Stock Co. opened 
a three weeks' engagement 2fl, presenting as tbtll / 
Opening sttractlon, "The Belle of Richmond." ' 

Wiiinmarorv Park continues to draw ItrgS I 
crowd! nightly, with bid concert*, dancing, and 
the concession rides drawing latge patronage. 
. New Okntssl, Rotat. and Lyceum, piers* 
bouses, ire doing good business 

Hartford, Conn. — Poll's (W. D. Ateongh 
mgr.) "A Fool There Wis" ts being pretentes 
by tie Poll week of July 28. 

II art void (Fred P. twin, mgr.)— -Bin 38-80 1 
Gerard and Gardner, Tod Nods, Hilda Barton, 
Qnslanq, snd Ricbirds and Montrose, for tail 
half: Cowboy Minstrel*. Anderson and Oolne* 
May and Lilly Bora*, BIJoo Rnisell, and Pitbe-i 
— tekly. "i.i •■■ ■■ 

prjhobss, Ojow», B*rm» snd Qarrr Hots, >■ 




August 2 




Clipper Bureau, 5 South Siinnre Gray's Inn, London, W. C. 

Jdxe 1ft. 

There lias been a sudden collapse of whit 
Ls called "the London aeasocf." After the an- 
nual cricket match, between tho boys of Eton 
and Harrow schools, which always means 
t busy night at the theatres and music IiqIIh, 
everybody who could do so hurried away ou 
i vacation. This withdrew the last prop 
from the theatres depending mainly on 
fiiHhlonaulo support, ana there are closures 
■ 11 'round. There is, however no great 
difference to be noted in the attendance at 
the pdpular music halls, especially the revue 
houses. A long time ago, the iHlpyodxamo 
people commissioned Lcon.Cavallo to prepare 
the music for an citravaeania concocted 
by Ue C'ourv.llle and Max Pembcrton, who 
wrote "What Ho! Ragtime," but thcro will 
be no need, clearly, for a successor to that 
delectable delight these many months, so the 
neighboring Prince of Wales' Thcatro baa 
been secured, and bore, Immediately tho Leon 
Cnvullo show will be worked off. 

America bns sent ns the orfly novelty of 
the current week — 'The Barrier," namely, 
which was produced at the Strand Theatre 
on Thurjilay night. The average Kngllsh 
audience Is perfectly unable to appreciate 
Hie color feeling ; so "The Barrier" has 
iinicli to contend against. Many of the 
critics feel called upon to exercise tliclr wit 
on Its ultra-melodramatic sentiment and sit- 
nations. Still "The Harrier" Boomed to 
make n popular Impression. The company 
Is local, and Its attempts on accent are 
innuy. lint Mattliesan Cnng, who has been 
long absent from the West Wild, made a hit, 
nil right, as the French. Canadian. Poleoa 

Our university authorities lmvc no great 
kindness for the stage, and will not be molli- 
fied by the sketch entitled "Oh I Oh I 
Daphne," which was produced at the Tlvoil 
Music 'Hall on Monday. If, however, Hart- 
ley Carrh-k, the author, nnn Frederick Nor- 
ton, the composer, have not produced a very 
dignified or dependable picture of varsity 
lire, they certainly have contrived a moat 
amusing farce, ami Daisy Lc liny makes tbo 
most of it. The hero, n high spirited under- 
graduate, was conscious of having run as 
near the risk of expulsion as he dare. He 
sat late into the night considering bis case 
when there suddenly appeared in bis rooms 
e vivacious girl, who offered him marriage- 
Just, as she explained, to secure her escape 
from a less attractive husband. It was 
pointed out lo her that ber discovery in such 
circumstances would complete the disgrace 
Of her unwilling host In the eyes of the col- 
lege authorities. Hut this only served to 
Increase ber mlscblcvousucBS. She attacked 

cated of Carrlck 1 What novelty there is to 
place at Mr. Pembertoa'a credit lies in a 
Bklllfnl adaptation of the play to the needs 
of vaudeville, and in some picturesque ef- 
fects Ingeniously introduced. Carrlck Is seen 
on Drury Lane state, playing Blchard, and 
fights a duel with an Insolent aristocrat, 
whom he properly humiliates. Seymour 
Hicks haa Improved greatly olnce the first 
performance. Bllallne Terrisa is charming. 

"Typhoon" superseded "The elided Pill 
at the Clobe Theatre on Monday. 

George Bdwardes believes be will be able 
to conre to town hi a few days, to superin- 
tend the production of "The Eleventh Muse," 
a new Viennese play, at the Adelph!. 

Harry Bickards widow and her two daugh- 
ters are In London. 

Sir James Harris has written a one act 
clay, entitled "Half an Hour," which Irene 
Vanbrngh will shortly produce at the Lon- 
don 'Hippodrome. , 

T. C. Hales, well known In the theatrical 
world, is dead. Ills business was nominally 
tbat of a spangle maker, but he made bis 
vast fortune by hiring out animals for the- 
atrical prodnetlons — the 'horse for "Henry 
V," the hounds for "Dorothy," the ass for 
"La Clgnale." the bull for "Paqulta," the 
parrot for "Delpblne," and so on, 

Eugene Stratum ls holiday making in 

Taylor Granvlllo Introduces bis New York 
police sketch. "The System," to London au- 
diences on Monday, at the Palladium, 

Cus Hombrook opens in London shortly 
with his "Cheyenne Days" show. 

Arthur and Grace Mcwatters have brought 
suit against the 1/ondnn Opera House peo- 
ple In respect of salary. A question of 
ability Is said to he raised by tbc managers. 
Oscar Ascbe and ■ Lily Drayton sail for 
this country from Australia In August. The* 
n'ean to try London management. 

Kdraund Payne Is to return to the Ed« 
wards niuniigcnunt not immediately to 
the Gaiety, hut to the Atlelpbl. for the new 
Viennese piece *hcrc. 

Charles llawtrey haa been filmed, is "4 
Message from Mars."' J 

appearane this season In London at the 
Islington Empire on Monday. 

May Moore Duprex has Just completed a, 
two months' holiday trip, motoring with 
mama through the Highlands. She opens at 
the Grand Theatre, Birmingham, on Monday 

Plans for the rebuilding of the Plvoll 
Music Ball bave been accepted by the 
authorities. It Is to hold 2.050 people. 

Belle Store? Is to open at the London 
Coliseum on Monday. _ 

The Three Lelghtons make their first Eng- 
lish appearance at the Palace, Hail, on Hon- 

Uamlyn and Hack are due at tho Victoria 
Palace, Ptmllco. on Monday night. 

Wednesday registered the one hundredth 
performance of "Tile Girl on the Film/" at 
the Gaiety. 

Frederick Melville Opened at the Aquarium 
Theatre, Moscow, with "Motogtrl." for a 
short season, but It was extended— bo will, 
In fact, play Northeast Buropo till the Fall. 

Harry Uckards, the Australian music hall 
magnate, proves to have left $675,000, which 
will be divided between his widow and 

A writer about ragtime declares tbat It 
threatens the whole moral code. Says he, 
"Dcrutlntzlngly criticised, everyone of the 
songs Is Insidiously perverting. They arc In- 
dicative of relaxatlve morality, a di spars g- 
ment of the martial tie, of triviality in the 
relationship of sex." 

There is a fine American flavor In the pro- 
gram current at the London Pavilion— 
Hedges Brothers and Jacobson, Charles Aid- 
rich, and Mrs. Coleman. 

For years the circus In England has been 
a dead thing. Nineteen out of twenty of the 
so styled "Hippodromes" never had a horsa 
past their doors. They run a poor kind of 
music ball show. But there seems to have 
been quite a remarkable revival of Interest 
In what Is really the most typical of English 
entertainments. The proprietors of the big 
tenting concerns report the best business 
known for years this season. 

Arthur Clements, a theatrical journalist, 
whose "Captious Critic" articles In The Il- 
lustrated Sporting ant Dramatic Scics, W8J 


Amageneats have been made tor conference! 
between the National Association of Theatrical 
Producing Manager* and a committee representing 
the International alliance of Theatrical Stage Em- 
ployees, it 1 r. e, Monday, 28, and between the 
managers' committee and the musicians' anion on 
Thursday, 31, at the rooms of the Managers' Asso- 
ciation in tho Near York Times Dull din*. On ac- 
count of Mr. Sbea not arriving In New York, the 
Monday meeting was postponed until Friday. 

The managers bad s uhmltted to the stage hands 
a contract form which they instated on having 
adopted, fie stage bands dM not come back 
irit£ aa aUImatem, which tbe Ufht men have. 
This set of conditions submitted by tbe light men 
of New Tort provided for advance* u pay 
amounting to as mock aa SS per cent, in some 

Tbe stage hand* have received from the mas- 
agers an uUraatam lo (be form of a set of eoj- 
dTttooa tbat the managers insist are only fair to 
born sides. The* conditions, besides calling tor 
tbe adoption of the managers' contract, ask nut 
the right te given the producing manager to sees 
a new production on the road for four weeks 
with tbe crew of tbe New York house to which 
it la to return, aid also tbat tbe manager I s not 
to be unreasonably nurdened with a working crew 

for which he hai no employment. Vuderilllans 
wilt try to combat tbe demands of me stage 
bands in a role requiring acts tbat need tho 
services of aa extra stage band to carry a man. 
Tbe representatives of the Allied Theatrical In- 
terests ask that all differences be settled by ar- 
bitration. A permanent board for this purpose 
suggests one arbitrator from tbe employees, one 
from the managers and the third a disinterested 

Tbe managers at a meeting afternoon of July 
44 appointed the committee which will meet tbe 
representatives of tbe stago hands and the ma- 
stelans. It Includes: Hare Klaw, J. 3. Sbubert, 
Charles A. Bird. Edward F. Albee, William A. 
Brady, Walter Vincent. Henry W. Savage, Theo- 
dora A. Llebier, Law Fields, 8am H. Harris, 
Benjamin F. Boeder, Marcus Loew, A. H. Wools, 
John Cort, Milton Aborn, Sargent Aborn. Qu 
Hill. Edwla D. Miner. H. H. Frazee, J. Herbert 
Mack and BolUs E. Cooler. 

When tbe American Federation of Musicians 
met in Toronto, In June, the Allied Theatrical 
Interests, of which Hollls Cooley ls chairman, 
and Serjeeat Aborn secretary, sent delegates. 
Among tbeaa Charles A. Bird and Arthur Phlnney. 
They addressed the convention, and a committee 
of the annlelus was named to confer with a like 
body of the managers. 


Our new professional studios are the talk of the town I They 
Cook's former friends! they are as bright as the Sun, and as 

In one word, they are DIFFERENT! Our new staff la one 
one. You'll be given undivided attention the moment you 
will be answered the same day that It ls received. Our new 

Our writers have handed you some of the biggest applause- 
they hand you the bacon! Each song has been TRIED and 
up every thing In sight! Each and every song is a sizzling 
is no grape juice, either I 

ATT EN TION, ballad SINGERS! You seldom find a real novelty among ballads. 


This ls the ballad that gets the press notices. 


Do you remember "That's How I Need You"? Some song, wasn't it? Well, 


If you sang "Honey Man," you can put the v acuum on ANY bill singing this. It's an 
Here it is! The Imperator of Rag Songs! The 1914 Coast to Coast 


A Five Day Greyhound! You can steer it slow or fast! It's sure to sail you across on the Top Wave of 
RELEASED AT LAST! For over a year Laurette Taylor's $1,000.00 prize song at the Cort Theatre, New York 



We promised it to you and here It is! Anyone can sing it arid Everyone WILL sing it! A Gem to brighten your act! 

Another release! It was restricted, but it became such ax 

the liend of tbe college himself, captivated 
lilm. after the manner of soubrcttvs, then 
threatened to compromise htm uuIchb he 
llxed things right for her, which, of course, 
' he tlld. 

Anna Held. Id her $5,000 stockings, was 
Introduced tn thu Opera House recuo on Mon- 
day night. Kin- inis long been absent from 
our stage, but her welcome was enthusiasts. 
A special part has been written Into the 
rnbnret scene of "Come Over Hero" for tho 
artist; but, tn fact, It resolves Itself into 
throe songs. One is In French, another Is 
(he poivmilnlly popular "Obi You Beautiful 
Dull," nnil, finally, there Is a quaint ditty, 
lulled "Kverybody Loves a Chicken." Anna 
Miys she has tome back to the stage to 

King George and Queen Mary arc to at- 
lend the last performance of Utisalnii opera 
nil Monday, al Drury Lane. Botes can't 
l>e luul ut *2<mi, and all stalls at $10 were 
lung since sold. Hir Joseph Heeeliara has 
liKiiuisc-d to share his prodls with the chorus 
in recognition of their good work. 

I.on Tolllngcn, who was for n long time 
Snub lleriiliardUslleadlng mini, comes to the 
vaudeville shortly for a season, lie will 
finliire au adaptation of Oscar Wilde's 
"liorian Gray" and play the Barne author's 
"Uuchess of Padua." Tclllugcn will employ 
the liigllsli language. 

dene llodgklus. with a surrounding of 
American girls, will appear at the Palladium 
'on Monday. 

Sarah Hcrnhardt comes to the Coliseum 
early In September. She will stay u month 
or more, and frequently change Ucr pro- 

■ .Martin Harvey's season at tho Prince ot 
Wales' Thcatro will come to an end on Fri- 
day next, lie runs "me Only Way" right 
I ■ 'We arc just awakening to the fact Hint 
many of the American artists originally ap- 
pearing in "Oomc Over Hero" at the London 
• Opera House have quietly stolen away, and 
that the mukc-up ot the rot'iio Is now almost 


(Seymour Illcks and Kllallne Torrlss ap- 
peared at the London Coliseum on Monday 
iu what is Impressively described as an "en- 
tirely new" play, with Oar rick for its cen- 
tral figure. All the same. Max I'cmberton 
uses the well known story of the actor's 
nlfectntlon of drunkenness In order to dis- 
illusion u girl who him Impulsively de- 
clared her love for him. Tills la the stock 
I Mutation of nil the Unrrlck plays snd of 
I eomc others, and It Is nut to bo authcntl- 

fek i 


The mother of all "Doll" songs! You need It! You want it! When you hear it, you'll 

Hilda Sporrg will be starred In tbe new 
melodrama, by George It. Sims, to be done at 
the Aldwych In the foil. 

Mews comes from South Africa that out 
of the debacle (here has developed an amal- 
gamation of the two Important survivors, 
tho African Theatres Trust and Africa's 
Amalgamated Theatres. They will, through 
their Lonilou agent. Rule Naylor, otter a 
minimum eight weeks' tour to performers. 
They control twenty-seven houses. Umpire 
contracts arc taken over up to Not. 1. The 
llyinaua hnve no part In tbe new scheme, 
but they declare that they will continue to 
run Independent ventures In South Africa. 

Harry Uoudinl and his wife are recent 
arrivals In town. 

Lee White and George Perry arc this week 
at the London Palladium, effectively depu- 
tising for the Harmony Comedy Four. 

Mnry Forbes Is timed to wreck the draw- 
ing room nightly, iu "The March Hare," at 
the Ambassador's, in 15% seconds. 

"Oh I Oh I Dctphinc" ls ncsrtag Ha end at 
the Shaftesbury, but two companies will Im- 
mediately take this vivacious piece on the 

Nearly $7,000 was raised for King 
George's Actors' Pension Fund by the recent 

Scrforniancc of "London Assurance," 'at the 
t. James Theatre. 

Gerald Grimn ls duo to open at Birkenhead 
with "Other People's Money," on Aug. 11. 

l'anny Fields lias at last given nay to 
the moving 'picture people, and ls on sale 

A new play, by a new author. Is to be done 
at the New Theatre early In August It la 
"The Big Game," by Sydney Wcntwortn 

Charles Lococq, the veteran composer of 
"La Fllle de Madame Angot," protests that 
he ls not dend, though he did read his obitu- 
ary notice thu other (lay. M. Lococq Is, at 
eighty-two, probably the doyen of the com- 

Victor Listen, a famous old time singer. Is 
dend. His great song was "Shabby Genteel." 

nissetl and Scott have Just completed the 
Moss Empires tour. They make their first 





much esteemed, fell UI while reading a proof, 
and died. 

Pcrlo Bartl, formerly of tbe Opera House 
revue, ls now doing a solo act In vaudeville. 
She sought an Injunction from the law 
courts, to prevent the Opera House pcoplo 
from continuing her name In their bill, but 
the courts held that this waa only an acci- 
dent of office routine, not Important, and 
declined an injunction. Pcrte must keep ber 
grievance till the general action she has 
brought against the Opera House people ls 

♦ »» 

II. H. Fratce has engaged Mary Malton to 
replace Florence Ma lone In the fading in- 
genue role In "The Silver Wedding," the new 
comedy by Edward Locke, which will open 
the season of the Longacrc Theatre, Mon- 
day evening, Aug. 11. Mis3 Halloo appealed 
last In New York In "The Talker." 

"The Silver Wedding." with Thomas A. 

Wise in the principal role, will bo played at 

Anbury Park, N. Jf„ Aug. 4. and Long Branch, 

Aug. 6 and 0, before lbs New York premiers. 

« it 


W. A. Doyle died at 3 a, ir., Wednesday 
morning. July S3, at his residence, 503 S. 
Central Park Avenue, Chicago, 111., from 
yellow Jaundice and a complication of dis- 
eases. He had been ailing for a long time 
and was seriously ill for about one year. 
The funeral was held from the residence Fri- 
day morning, July 25. Mr, Dojle wns.rixty 
three years of age. 


LEO. FEIST, Inc., 135 W. 


CHICAGO, 145 N. Clark St. 


While driving his auto from Liberty, N\ T., 
to Brooklyn. Fred. Dupres, the comedian, 
was seriously Injured, having his nose bro- 
ken and being bruised shout the face and 
arms. The machine ran into a pillar at Two 
Hundred and Twenty-eighth Street and 
Broadway, New York. He wsb removed to 
the Washington Heights Hospital. Others 
in tbe auto were : Mrs. Marthy Dupres, badly 
shocked and bruised; Charles Duprea, Mrs. 
Karthcrino Duprea and Mary Black, also 
bruised. All except Mrs. Dupres 8r., afte* 
being treated at the hospital, were able to 
proceed to their home in Brooklyn. 
■ i > 

TTm. Sisto ••too study lu Italian." haa 
proved himself to be a manaof many accom- 
plishments. He owns a beautiful come at 
YVoodhaven, N. X, and recently presented 
himself with a new touring car. Finding ho 
had no place to keep it he decided to build 
a garage. Acting upon bis decision he be- 
gan'work at once, and finished It in a week's 


Frieda. Hall, the wife of O. L. Hall, dra- 
matic critic of The Chicago Journal, ls -is 
New York doing .work for several of tbe 

Srominent booking peoples and managers. 
Ira. Hall has been called the "Female Geo. 
Cohan," from the fact ot supplying the hook, 
lyrics and music as well as producing for a 
number of prominent managers- 
Mrs. Hay, while in New York, ls making 
her headquarters with Chas. Gocttler, In the 
Heidelberg Building^ 


Doc. Somen, or Martin Somen, la Im- 
pruning from an operation, and would ba 

?lad to have a line from some of his many 
rlends, Just for "Aula Lang Syne." He Is 
not in want, ex:ept for a few cheery words 
or lutes from any one who recollects nU 
worth. Hie address is Post Office Box 103, 
South Bound B:.wk, N. J. 
» i* 
A second son arrived, Cor Mr. aad Mrs. 
John Pollock July 20. 





Arkansas ._. _ 

California..,. 7, IT, 26 

Canada 11, 25 

Orion* •• 25 

OooMCtlcut IB, 17 

District of Colombia. 17 

Florida. ........ ... 11 

Georgia............ 20 

... 11, 25 
7. IB, 26 


Indiana. .... . 

Iowa • 


Louisiana.... 11 

Maine 7 

Massachusetts... 11, 26 


•bSLd 4 *^ 7 8*W Trainer, on July 26, 
"rained from Jnstlee Phllbbi of the 8u 

sS?*!?^ ""i. anl0B ■ »ttoroey. to show 
ornww Tuesday why they should not be 
to^jS^ -%r "-rt"Sl of coon In refu.Ini 
£ rZ?L!? °^ d *. r *"l"l the defendants 
» s^nM tatt) Twbbs* to all hia rlghtsaa i 
nKSnbcr of the organization. 



New Jersey 17, 25 

N«w York.. 11, n, 25 

Nebraska 15 

Ohio 7, 17, 25 

2S Oklahoma. 


Abode Ialaod 

7, 17 Tennessee.... 





. 7, 20 

.... 25 

... 26 

11. 23 

... 29 

... 20 

♦At Van Harbob Casino, the Annual Ball 
of the George's MUla Volunteer Fire Depart- 
ment -will be held, Jnly 31. The Newport 
N. II, Cadet Band will give a concert end 
die Newburgs will cross bats with the Tan 
Harbor dub. "Van Harbor" Is named after 
Billy B. Van. 

CHA8. EL Kohl was in New York recently 
witii ilrs C. H. Kohl, to see Mr. and Mrs. 
John Koll off for Europe. 


fcitlnfactory business, last awk. 

Cui.iiumt (Kieil Q. Herges, rugr.)— "A Oon- 
Unted Woman" was well daw ky tbe Colombia 
Players, and enjoyed by tbe pi irons as usual. 
Bverett Hstterflwd Ud well, bat the honor. g*> 
to George W. Barbler. who was excellent. Mr. 
TralDor was oidrinsiw »;,.* «_ a. SUa " J * B **- ■■■* Robertson, Artbnr Bitch*, 

SibS, nWed^n« STi l0 5 H « Dr °»«« Pl-I«> »he ««e role, and [gave a delightful 

hists^ 5. iESm S*.' 51 WM ordered re- performance. Carrie Thatcher. Jessie Glen- 

affirm** 5 .^', C, L. G I? !ab " OTn ' * w <* W» denning. Francis Yovmge, Besste Maxwell and 

amnnea on appeal by the Appelate Division. Boby Harmond were all good. "Prince Otto" 

-aJ" re-matated by the Bats, but lm- week of July 28. "A Social Highwayman" wee* 

S.J-i^ J B 2»P end « 1 . pending the trial on. of Aar. 4. A« usual the CWamMa Player*' 

I<*. Mia to be the same on which lie ■lock season will ran until the regular season 

was expelled. 



i/wJ?' D?*, nn(le ^' formerly editor of The 
rwJ'tS . Pie J ur . e Newt - D " re " r «J from the 
iSl S . f " de Jouniallsin. Mr. Saunders will 
engage In the manufacture of educational 

TO 135 W. 44th STREET 

are as clean a* a baby's thoughts! They are as cool aa Dr. 
cheerful aa YOU want to make them! 
of the largest in Now York. We have a piano room for every 
enter. Our mailing facilities have been trebled. Your letter 
songs are In keeping with our studios, in one word, THEY 

getters in recent years. Again they have made good! Again 
FOUND GUILTY— guilty of "Having the Kick" and smashing 
sensation; a rip-sawing riot; a genuine "get there"— and thlc 

opens, which will be In September. 

I'ou's (James Thatcher, mgr.) — The Popular 
Players, la "Madame Sherry," .cored one great 
big hit week of Jaly 21. It In seldom a stock 
company Is so constituted thst It Is able to handle 
a musical comedy as tbe Players did la.t weak 
when they gave one of the most enjoysble per- 
romances given by them. Fred. Frcsr. Hurry 
Stephens, Victor Kshn, IT. Dudley Hawley and 
Thomas William, were all good, (lertrnde Bond- 
tjlll was s real hit. Lotta Linthlcum waa a sor- 
prise. No one wss aware she bsd such a delight- 
ful voice, and her singing was a treat. ReJea 
Tracy was good. Avlts Sandier wss excellent. 
Tbe chorus was good, the enlarged orchestra did 
lis share, ami the whole performance was a sue- 
cms. Capscity business ruled for tbe week. 
"Arlsona" week of 28. "galomy Jane" week of 
Aug. 4. Isetta Jewel, tbe charming leading lady, 
after a much needed rest, returns week of Aug. 4. 

Onaiios (A. Julian Brylawskl, mgr.) — Bill 
week of 2Sr FJTsle Clifford's Gfrla and Collie!, 
Boach Brothers. Anita Primrose, D'Arcy and Will- 
lams. Bs wfgal and Stlrk. Gemge Fredo. and new 
pictures. Sunday fenrerta, with music by "Tbit 
Orchestra," do capacity. 


Mant nice things have been said In regard to 
Carl Anthony, the new leading man «f tbe Co- 
lambM Playera. who nukes his nest appearance 
In "Prince Otto" this week. He baa had a 
thorough experience, and his associations with 
Jcbo Uason. Nat C. Goodwin. Otis Skinner. Babrrt 
Lorraine, Jan* Marlowe, Bertha Qalland and 

«*» atattrr what afr. SaHth sac 
to do, his many friends wish bum success and re- 
turn of sport health. 

Tns return of Mark Kent, the nopola and 
sterling- actor of Poll's Popular Playera. Is to b* 
a feature of the week of July 2sTSlr. Kent has 
had s rest " 'way down In Malar." and as now 
hxaaelf seals, and ready for work, no will get 
a warm reception, and wOl be mads r» fee) that 
he is welcome back home. 

Wha* will be a real novelty to Washington will 
occur this week, and when tlie patron, of the 
(Vumbls Players and Poll's Popular Players will 
.have the npsvlcssVe of seeing tbe Brat sppesrsnes 
of two new leading men In tbo two comrmnles, 
Carl Anthony at tbe Columbia, and Bobcrt Oalne. 
at Poll's. 

Nawa received from Fran* MetsrroM Is that 
after a deligbtrai trip «Wer the seas," he Is Dem- 
on his way home, ami will be soon scabs at his 
post In the Columbia. As soon aa that news wss 
received. Manager Pred O. Brrxer sat ai> asd 
began to "anlB" the gtfod salt air brerata. 

Th a Immense tuceem of "Madame Sherry," by 
the Poll's Popular Players has coatpletely turned 
Manager Tbatcher'a head, and nowW U running 
wild for another musical comedy, to repeat that* 

Cleveland. O — Colonial (F. Bay Con-stack, 
mgr.) week of July 28. the Oosonlaf Stock Co. 
In "The Easiest Wsy.'' "Ilawtbore of the V 



From Our Own Correspondent, 

f m jwg m m. 

Vlcforla Monks featnrea at the Pnllnillnm 
sketcliea framed upon Amcrltnn lines. She 
aluga a sons entitled "Hello. London!" with 
• snrronndlng of New York chnrux girls. 
The stage la drtrped with Kngllsb and Ameri- 
can flags. 

Ben rjnn, hilled u Ameriea'a heaviest 
comedlnn. opened at the Palladium with 
■ratifying; acceptance to-night. 

Qfthrtel Itay, who left Ibc Gaiety to mnrry 
an aristocrat named toder. guccessfnlly i« - 
tltlonett the divorce court for the restitution 
Stock Co., of her conjugal rights 

"They're all alike," you say! /Here's the DIFFERENT one! The Song of the Century! 


A great lyric set to a great melody! 

S. A.," In which Miss Buckley will appear aa the 
Balkan Princess, week of Aug. 4. 

HirroogOMg (H. A. Daniels, mgr.)— The sec- 
ond week of the "Quo Vailti*' pictures brgan 
July 28. and they will undoubtedly be as greet a 
drawing card as tbe first week. Practlesilr every 
one of the 4,500 seals In the Iraromw auditorium 
waa sold for every performance, which Is a rec- 
ord breaker for tbe lllpnod-ronie. 

aumitmu ir, u. Harsell. mgr.)— High class 
multiple-real dims, biclsgUng "A Straggle, fur a 
Klagdom," with organ asm orchestra Incidental 
mnxle and a soloist, week of 28. 

K-nntXBBocKas (E. N. Downs, tagr i-JPhe 
Dance <rf tbo Nations bat week, by arventynve 
children, under FmsHer's directing, was Isrgelr 
■ttendtd In honor of Perry'r Vletory Celehratloa. 
The photoplays week of 28 Include a two and a 
three ret tenure, with tousle by Bpltalny's Or- 
chestra, Pabk — Week of 28 Is featare week at 
this resort. Liberate, f uxxm • bsart will give 
two C4»eerla dally. dlKereat solelsts sppearlnc 
for each evenrig, when oprra s«teetlons, In cos- 
tame, will beglves. Tbe singers Include: Amelia 
Sedelmayer, Sena K*ltrr, Mme. Saoes ami Mme. 
Seharff-Peasctii and Bigs. Tenerasdl, Preddl. Pes- 
rettl, Modesll and Cervl. with Slg. Lehmaas na 
chorus director. Dare-devil Set npyer. gate n fsre- 
wefl appearance 2S. The motordroom races will 
be held Sondsy oolf. In sddltlon are Ibc osusl 
bathing, dancing ard skating attrsctlona. 

Psi.nt.i.A (P. B. Ses.i, mgr.) — This house will 
re-onen Aug. 4. 

OiuM-t (J. II. Michaels, mtrr.) — .Tnckxon's n»se- 
tall reports mo well attended here. 

here's a new idea-TN RAG BoTELODY-wrltten around that great ballad. 


ELECTRIC MELODY! No shock, but Just enough "Juice" to hold your audience so they can't let go! 

acre • 11 new iaea— in iumi 


• » 


Tlie J. C. Williamson company of Aitatrn- 
Iln. has ttcfiafred tho Wheeler Interest)) U\ 
Africa, for a Joint tour. 

A new bntle-f, mggestlnc « spider luring 
the mothg to her web, mndo A success at tin) 
Albtmbra. - 

May Tobe gnnonticts the publication of her 
n n reserved biography. 

Sysmeas*. jr. Y.— Wletlng irrancla P. Mar- 
tin, mtr. ) '•CrWrley's Aunt" week of July 28. 

Vailbt (PkIMp llsrroW. mgr.)— "ThreeTwIiiH 
week Of 38, •'Madamo Sherry'' next week. 

Waterbary, Costnw— Poll's (Bay S. Averlll 
mgr.) bill week of July 28: Frances Williams. 
Twu Lawlttoa. "I Died," Miller, Uogrins and 
Lee. Jones ana Bartnett, and plelarn. 

PtrMOSSS (A, B. Oobb. mgr.)— Pictures. 

Oaauaot tOortlsnd Darker, mgr.)— "The Battle 
•f Oettysbarc'' 28-M. 

AtrHAsrssU and Sraa I Ben Banidorf, mgr.)— 
Big b u si n es s srlm pletarss. 

Lvato, Scsntif, BsotnwAi and Cototstai.— Ple- 

I^kbwood Pass. (J. J. O'Keit, ngr.) — lister 
end Ktsnlon, Mildred Rougere, hand concerts, enr- 
nltal nlghl. and asorge Koousn, high diver, ami 
pictures, week of 28. Big business. 

QtrisMPANci (M. T. O'Onnnclt. mgr. I — nmid 
enncettg, dancing and hydroplane nhlMilnw on' 
Mnne to draw well here. 

Niitks, — For'a Theatre la rapidly nesrlng emn- 

pletlon laeqaes' Theatre, under tin- manngf- 

nient of Harry Parsons, will re-open Aug. IN n-iih 
a first class stock company. ...J. J. Jones' Show 
did big business week of.ZI. 

rnferaom, >. J^-Msjestle (W. H. Walxh, 
ngr.) Mil for July 28-30; Artistic Ttlo. l.nw- 
tence ami Tunmuson, Dan Msrlsw, and Tngenn 
and Oenva. Pot ,11-Ang. 2: gam n.irton. It"»n 
Berry, the Kendall Trto, and Monarch Comedy 
Font. Capacity It'siars rale. 

l/rngtik). — For four weeks, eonuneiielng July 2R, 
George Klelne'a photo-drama, "Quo Vadlal" will 
be the attrartUm here. 

OSFHSUK.— ThU asason will brlag T. M. Mc- 

Sensation*! Our 'Round-the-World-Nothlng-Can-Stop-lt ONE BEST BET!! 


Success! Book your passage early. There's goln' to be some crush! By Joe Goodwin and Lew Brown. 

A sensation for Sopranos! The only high class ballad in New York today! Eaay but effeotive! 


It's that haunting melody which you have heard everywhere Grace La Rue in London; Jose Collins, •'Follies;" New York; Marie UoFarland, Otpheum, 'Frisbo. 

We published "Senora" and "Cavalier." 'Nuf Ced! 

applause getter, we Just had to buy it baok to give It to you! 


have to have it! A double version that will make you light to put It on! 






44th Street, NEW YORK 


BOSTON, 170 Tremont St. 

IKtitts in Ifte Prof essfott. 

fConHnucrf on page H-) 
Mrs. I.ttcv Irvino, July 20. 
Frank Tunis. July 22. 
Jack Stanley, Jnly 15. 
Bilue A. Li.sni.KY. July 20. 
Wade Bccklki, July 2L 
Notice* of the above wttt appear <n otir 
mmt isaae. 

Lattiutte Tatlor, on July 24, appeared in 
the two hundred and fiftieth performance of 
"Per o* My Heart," at the Cort Theatre, New 

*Tas PimPLB Rumi" waa given Its one 
hundred and twentr-fifti performance on 
Jaly 24. 

Adolf Pbilipp will open bis Fifty-seventh 
Strtet Theatre Aug. S, with his adaptation 
«f the musTteai farce "Tbe Midnight Girl." 

MUroahet Angus hag engaged Ada Dwyer 
•nd Fuller Melllsh for her Shakespearean 

Nick Baker writes: "Jost closed with 
the Marguerite Clark Htock Co., In St. Lools. 
wBere things tboatrlcally arc very bid at 
present. I will make myself very Busy with 
Tun Old Bsliabli after mailing tbeec few 
Hues, believe me. Best sacceis to Tan 

Abtkck Jarbbtt will be located In stock 
at Yonkers. Near York, neit Winter. 

MiBius BABitar opened at Keith's. Phila- 
delphia, Jaly 28, in "The Wedding Night." 

Roy Gordon played the loading role In 
"The Battle" at the Harlem Opera House, 
July 8, and was well received. He showed 
that, besides being n clever Juvenile man, be 
can alto do real things aa a "lead." 

Till I,yt;ll-Varjghn Btock CO. wUl close 
their season at Hermanns Bleecker Htll, Al- 
bany, Aug. 9. 

Bita JolivsTT boa been engaged by Har- 
rison Grey Fltke, for the principal female 
role la tbe new Ferenc llolnar comedy, which 
he will offer at the Lyceum, New York, Aug. 

Wm. A. landau, Bam Beck and Ed. Water- 
man have formed the L>. A B. Amusement Co. 

Clara Bloodgood should bo enough guarantee of 
bis fine abilities. 

Tus Kvouvo of Gertrude Bondbll! ' was n Hit. 
Her dancing waa gracefnl and she has a good 
voice, which she knows how to use. Her Hinging 
of "Pa All Hlgbt" was' excellently well done. 
This yong lady surprised her friends. 

DntaoToa Edwin II. Ccbtis, always up-lo-date, 
has pit this advertisement In a Washington paper: 
"Wanted — 25 Men for 'Arlsona.' Apply to Poll's 
Theatre." During the week, In answer to that 
ad., a middle-aged man, with grip packed snd 
ready for an early start, applied to that impular 
young man, Steve Coster, Poll's treasurer, ami 
ukad him bow be Intended to select tbosv twenty- 
ove men for "Arlsona," and wanted to know If 
he could not be one of tho favored few. 

A, B. Van liuass and Doiotiii Bbsnabp 
(Mrs. Van Bona), on leaving for Winnipeg, 
stated that their contract for forty weeks would 
prevent their return to Washington next Summer 
for a stock engagtment. 

Fxan. Ftaaa, the popular comedian, must have 
felt at borne on che stage at Poll's, for It cer- 
tainly carried bin back to tbe days when be 
scored many a bit (when It was "Albaugh's"). 
There were many present who have been pleased 
by him In dsys gone by who gave him the warm 

HiNiosa Gaoaoa Paox has given out tbe fact 
that Ue Gorety will open Aag. 11 with Queens of 
Psrls. 4 

Tns thanks of Poll's fees*/ lift of pstrons Is 
dee to tbe big tbrse, fl. Z. Poll, Bdwsrd tk-ntnn 
snd June* Thatcher, for tbe treat given them la 
"Madame Sherry." 

Ciiabb'h Home of Polite Vaudeville will have 
s new director on ojx-nlng Sept. 1. In tbe person 
of K. O. Weber s well known musician, lie will 
succeed Director Harry Smith, wboss health Is 
poor, and he is compelled t» give ap tbe director. 

Dccnsss (W. B, Gnryn, mgr.)— High class 

(Ootoplsjs and special orchestra music. 

Oobdon goUA»».— Feature dims and music. 

Stas (Draw A Campbell, mgri.i— lmrk Will 
CsVepan Aug. 0, with the Hoeey Posey (Jlrls. 

Orxau lluisa (A. F. Harts, mgr.)— This home 
Win re-open Sept. I, with Geo. Bvans' Houey 
Boy Minstrels, 

Baffsslo. I*. Y— filar (Dr. P. 0. Oornell. 
mgr.) the Northampton Players present "father 
and the Hoy." week of July is, followed by 
"Hawthorne of tbe U. H. A." 

Majsstio (J. i.sughlln, mgr.)— Ceo. Klelne'a 
producUon of "Quo Vadlsl" opened a four weeka' 
enviigens'iit 2S. 

Siika'k (M. Shea, nmr.)— Bill for week of Mi 
Loo Hall and Hilda Thomas, James II. <lnrw,n, 
Vsrnanl tlraurillo five Perlscoflls. Norrls' 
balloons. Has Kliuore Hall, Valentino Voi, Mini- 
Inmbo and Wells, anil lingll.h and Johuaoii. 

l.rtiKi (Alfred Rberry, mgr.) — Hills for week of 
28 Include: The Vanderlioor*. Mr. Felix, Lulu 
Hunter. AI. Phillips and company, la "Tbe Hus- 
tler;" Hrown, Arliimx and Fletcher, and Flying 
Waldo. Dullness Is excellent. 

Family will rtmeln dark will! September. 

Cahmiv/.i, Coust (11, G. Johnson, mgr.)— This 
park Is doing well. Roberta's Circus Is tlie fea- 
ture for week of 2H. 

AoansMY (II. M, Marcus, mgr.)— "Quo Vudls?" 
la also the feature here for week of 28. 

Taw, K. V^-Proetor'a (II. Graham, mgr,) 
vaudeville and moving pictures. 
Paooroa's LrosuM.— Kdlsoo talking pictures. 
Novstm. — Photoplays. 
Mi/awTic — Photoplays. « 

Tsui am. — Photoplays. 

PUXA. — l'liolO|,liiy». 

KstiTii's.— Photoplays. 

BxNHsctisa HisK.— Vandovllle and open air 


Cohoea, N. Y. — Proctor*B (Dan Odrr, mgr.) 

Ellison talking pictures. 

majsstiv (m. lxibbs, mgr.)— Moving plclnres 
and Illustrate,! songs. 

RMrias— Pbotoiilsys. 

Bstonr Mpot.— Photoplays. 

Nuts. — Dig boslness causes K, J, Fagakerly's 
medicine Show to remain here another week, begin- 
ning July SIS. Friday evening, itfl, a wood .swing 
contest wss held, In which three young women 
computed. First prlxe was 91). ^^^ 


I : 

prsady from it. Paul. Minn., ss sassier of this 
bouse. He Is an ex-judge from Baltbnors, auil Is 
wall knowia In tbe UnatrlrJH Held. Paul lip, who 

abas succeeded Lew. Watson, and will be treasurer 
be koose this season. Sam Cohen, head usher 
I season will be ticket taker Ibis season. Watson's Hbow sisrted rebesrsul. W, 
asd from the dope hs will hsve soother 
abow. Tsn carpeotrrs are working bard at this 
. *".L 1 ' °."i ,r ., to '"'• " rf *"r for opening on 
Aug. 18 with Bos* Hyilell's company, it will Iw 
tho most beautiful show house is, Pu tenon. 

lllchmond, K>-._0r,n,1 (W. P. Baxter. 
mgr. ) moli™ yWures and 4 change of set each 
night, by Scbasfler and Mssoa. 

Amiamba (Colonlsl Amasetnent Co, mgrs.)— 
>fadJoiijih2tares_jnd^utb^ Uw child viollnlnt. 


(Hptctal Dlipatch to Tin Nrw Vohk Clipfkh.) 

CotUHniA. — Beginning Hunday, July ^7, 

fourth una last week of Klnemncolur pie- 

l!" - ", .."'.. ^ Vbo ^ mkfB f. oi tn « Panniua 
<anal," "Tho flcarlct Letter" and other 
CoiiT.— Monday 28, beginning of rngiiuo- 

w'* ,t /. , i, J i' 1 ". 1 . Mason, and company, in "An 11 
Men Thinks." 

Bavoy. — Hunday, 27. photoplays. 

ALcAZAR.-flion<iay, 28: Forrest Stnnley, 
Bessie Darrlscale, Howard Iliekuinn, kiii»- 
portocl by the stock compuny of the Imusti:, 
in Mrg, Dot. 

.-gW»M i JMsO A j . July 28, second week of , 
"The irikedo. " ' 

Obpiibuh. — Bill opoiiliig Hiiinlny (mati- 
nee) 27: (Jus Kdwords' Kid Kahniet, with i 
Kddle Cantor. Ucorgo Jessel aail eotnpitny of 
twenty Kid Komlks ; Jane Connelly ami com- 
pany. Fred Watson and Ilunn Bantoo, Brent • 
Jlsyee Irene Franklin (third nek), .Miss 
Orford and eleplinnts, Pat Iloonoy und 
Marlon Bent, Lninbcrt, and IMyllgbt motion ' 

BMFgESs.— Hilt opening Hunday (matltioo) 
27 : Tho Three Bennett Slstors, Joo Hlrtie. '„ 
tho Oeorgla Trio. "Tho Passenger Wreck ''• ll 
the Palace Quartette, "Tho Cavaliers" nml 
Twilight pictures. 

'V S 2?" l BfcrP , A WC 1 "* Gnnday fnnitl- 
nee), 27 : Fred J. Ardath and company, Dim 
Hamnrofl Trio. Lester Brothers, Will 11 
Armatrong and company, .Too Bernard nmi 
H, i c A Harrlngtari. Boy isj. I'earo. Hownrd 
and Dolores and 'Sunlight pictures, 

Ambrcan.— Clurles Alpliln's Twentieth 
Century Girls. 

Tns New Wifwagn Theatre, in the Mission, 
opened Thursday ^ evening, 24, with tiildolti 
comic opera, vaudeville Bud notion pictures. 

•i in- 


August 2 




Chicago, Monday, Jul; 28. 
The Olympic, first of the downtown thea- 
tres to resume activities, began the season 
of 1918-1* -Sunday night, offering as the in- 
troductory attraction under the new policy 


•r popular prices that will hereafter prevail 
at this playhouse. Margaret Illlngton, la 
Bayard Velller's modern play of human In- 
terest, "Within >h» !..«'' • n,mnnrtln> (h« 

at this playhouse, Margaret Illlngton, In 
■ Velller's modern play of human ' 

star are Howard Gould, Sydney Booth, 

'Within the Law/' Supporting the 

George Wright, Frank Camp, Charles Martin, 
Hilda Keenan, Agnes Harrington, Honln 
Jasper, Marie D'Aryllle, Nell Moran, Ber- 
nard ftandell and Thomas Davis. The pro- 
duction, In lieu of the talent presented for 
auch popular prices, should enjoy a most 
prosperous visit. 

"The Elixir of Youth," a new. fares com- 
edy by Zellah Covington and Jules Slmonson, 
will be produced by John Cort at the Cort 
Theatre next Saturday night, when tbla the- 
atre will re-open for the regular season. 
Several members 'of the cast are already 
known to local playgoers for their appear- 
ance In plays that have bad long runs In 
Chicago. Mr. Cort tried out "The Elixir of 
Youth" several months ago In Los Angeles, 
with Oliver Morocco's stock company, at the 
Burbank Theatre, and the play became so 
popular that It continued to draw amused 
audiences for a period covering nine con- 
secutive weeks, a long run for that city. 
All the fun la occasioned by situations and 
complications brought about by the belief of 
an old professor that he had solved the 
problem of perpetual youth. The action li 
said to be fast The company will have 
these players : Frank Bacon, who for thirty- 
six weeks appeared as the old druggist in 
"The Fortune Hunter," during the long run 
of that play in Chicago: Amelia Summers, 
who was with "Fine Feathers" at the Cort ; 
Harry Mcstaycr, who appeared In "The Es- 
cape ;" Winifred Bryson, who has been ap- 
pearing In "The Tlk-Tok Man of Oz ;" Jo- 
seph Urennan, George Barnum, Marie Taylor 
and Betsy Bacon. 

The "Quo Vadls?" picture* will enter the 
Whitney, now knows, as the Joe Howard 
Comedy Theatre, also on next Saturday night. 
The theatre has been re-decorated and refur- 
bished for the new season. The musical 
comedy version of "A Texas Steer" will open 
the rebuilt La. Sallo Opera House on Aug. 
18. On Aug. 25 "Stop Thief" -will come to 
the Grand, and about that time "Little Miss 
Brown" will be seen at the I'rlnccss. "The 
Whip" comes to the Auditorium on Aug. 30, 
"The Lady of the Slipper" to the Illinois on 
8opt. 1, Fanny Ward, In "Mme. President," 
to Cowers on Sept. 1, and poslbly "Oh I Oh ! 
Dctpbino" to the Studebakcr on the samo 

"The Blindness of Virtue" la In its last 
week at McVicker's. "The Tlk-Tok Man of 
Os," numerously populated and richly en- 
framed, will proceed at the Grand Opera 
House. -"When Dreams Come True," the 
musical comedy of youth by Philip Bartholo- 
mew and Silvio Hcln, began the first month 
and last two weeks of its engagement to-day, 
10d. Leo Wrotho end the Ginger Girls con- 
tinue at the Columbia. 

Amibican Music Hall (Samuel P. Or- 
son, mgr.) Is dark. 

Auditorium (B. Ulrlch. mgr.) Is dark. 

Blackbtonb (A, J. Pltou, mgr,) Is dark. 

Cobt (U. J. Herrmann, mgr.) — Joseph 
Brcnnan, George Barnum, Harry Meatayer 
and others of the cost of "The dsllilr of 
Youth," are rehearsing at the Cort Thcatro 
for the first presentation of that play, Aug. 
8. One of the leading woman's parts will 
be acted by Winifred Iiryson, now appearing 
as Flash. In "The Tlk-Tok Man of 6a." 

Fin* Abts Tiiiathr (Albert Perry, mgr.) 
—Owing io a rally of the patrons of the 
Floe Arts Theatre, C, U. Hopkins' now com- 
edy, "How Much Is a Million," engagement 
la still to contlnuo Indefinitely lnatead of 
closing, as announced previously, 

Garbick (John J, Garrlty, mgr.)— In leas 
than throe weeks "When Dreams Come 
True." featuring Josoph Bantley, will close 
at the Garrlck and travel to New York, 
where It will endeavor to please the metro- 
polltes. This has been tbo most successful 
of all the Summer shows having a produc- 
tion In Chicago, and has continually defied 
all sorts of weather, which Chicago Is noted 
for at this season. Few changes have been 
made, In tbo cast during its long run. * 

Gkokob M. Coban'8 Giund Opbba Housb 
(Harry Hidings, mgr.) — Oliver Morosco's 
fairy extravaganza, "The Tlk-Tok Man of 
Oi," retains Its popularity as a Bummer 
•how, with Its caBt of alluring femininity. 

Illinois (W. J. Davis, mgr.) Is dark. 

M.'VtM ITVIl'u It fi 111, *-/>>. ..,(*» \ P. 

IMcVicko'h (J. G. Burch, mgr.) — Cosmo 
Hamilton's "Blindness of Virtue. 7 ' played by 
Olcason's all atnr company, still holds the 

.Boards at McVicker's. It has received excel- 
lent press notices ns well as a gratifying 
patronage. The house will soon pass into 
popular priced vaudeville and pictures, which 
policy will be In vogue for next season. 

Olympic (George c. Warren, mgr.)— Ly- 
man B. Glover, general manager for the 
Kohl-Castle Interests in Chicago, baa an- 
nounced the appointment of George Warren 
as manager of the Olympic. Mr. Warren 
has been for a number of years connected 
with McVicker's. Margaret Illlngton and 
tier Western company of "Within the Law" 
began an engagement at this house on Sun- 
day night, with $1 as top price. Consider- 
ing the long run of this production In New 
York and toe fact that such popular prices 
•re In vogue at this theatre, there is every 
reason to believe that this play will enjoy 
a most prosperous visit for the next season, 

I'owhhs' (Harry Powers, mgr.) 1b dark. 

Pbincksb (Wm. Singer, mgr.) — The mov- 
ing pictures of dipt. Scott's ill-fated Ant- 
arctic Expedition, now showing at the Prin- 
cess, hove been the continual target for ex- 
ceptionally favorable comment front both 
press and public. 

Studkbakbr (Sam Lcdcrer, mgr.) — 9am 
Lcdorer, formerly inanastor of the Olympic, 
has been appointed by Klnw & Erlangcr as 
manager of tbo Studvbnker. The house has 
been dark Blnco the unfortunate venture of 
Prltal Scheff, although in all probabilities 
"Oh I Oh I Dclphlne" will be the first offering 
of the new Benson. Messrs. Connor & DIlF 
Ingham will surrender their tenancy Aug. 
1, after six years. 

Majestic (Lyman B. Glover, mgr.) — 
■Balph Hera, In character hongs and serious 
recitations. Is at. the Majestic Theatre this 
week. The Avon Comedy Four present their 
speedy farce, "The Now School Teacher." 
Jcanctto Frnnxeskn, considered one or Hol- 
land's greatest opera and ballad singers, Is 
beard for the first time In Chicago in a spe- 
cially selected repertoire. "Berceuse do 
Jocelyn," "The Princess of the Forest" and 
■ongs from "Lledorschats" aro three of her 
principal songs.' Frnnzcska has been hon- 
ored with the title of "Kamtncrsangerin" by 
the Queen of Holland, and has also received 
the Order for Beautiful Art. she waa prima 
donna of the Amsterdam grand opera for 
nix years. She Is assisted at the piano by 
John M. Schouten, composer and conductor, 
ltd. Wynn will present a sketch, "The King's 

Colonial (George Harrison, mgr.) — The 

Colonial's vaudovlllo bill for the first half of 

the week consist* of the following nets: 

Haden Steven* and company, in. a novelty, 

. t :-'.v\' >>• . 

entitled "Tho Love Specialist ;" "Prince Lad- 
wig," said to be the tiniest vaudeville per- 
former in the world ; Hendricks and Bell 
Isle company, in a frolic, called "Fun In a 
Schoolroom;' Bert Ross, eccentric comedian; 
"The Aviator Girl,": Holland and Dockrell, 
and the Empress Quartette. For the latter 

?art of the week, beginning Thursday, the 
olio wing acts are offered: Walter MoCol- 
lough and company,. In "Conscience," a 
drama In one act, written by two.Chlcagoana, 
Norman Buckley and Ralph Kettering. 

GKKAT Northern Hipponxoim (F. C. 
Bherts. mgr.) — Tho Great Northern Hippo- 
drome, having discontinued motion pictures. 
Is now offering fourteen acts of vaudeville, 
divided into two bills of seven acts each. 
The bill for the week includes: Vic Le Boy 
and Mae Cab 111, singers and entertainers ; 
Les Alvarez, sensational novelty trapezlsts ; 
Borla-Frcdkin Troupe of Russian dancers. 
Brown and Jackson, conversationalists; the 
Three Crelghton Sisters, pianists, singers 
and dancers ; Four Casting Campbells, aerial* 
tots; Goyt Trio, canine gymnasts; Frits 
Houston, cartoonist ; Four Marvelous Mells, 
comedy gymnasts; Walter Hale, banjolst; 
Gorrallas Brothers, the Tlvoll Trio, Instru- 
mentalists, and the Royal Quartette. 

Ziurau) (W. K. Zlegfold Jr., mgr.) la 

Palace Music Hall (Mort H. Singer, 
mgr.)— /This house will be dark until the 
Diddle of August. 

Columbia (B, H. Woods, mgr.)— Hit Gin- 

?er Girls, with Ed. Lee Wrotbe, la to con- 
Inue as long as business warrant*. 
Emfibe., Stab and Qabtbi will re- 
main dark nntll the early part of August 

IifPBBiAL, Cbown, National and Victoria 
are all showing "Quo Vadls 7" pictures. The 
Crown will open with vaudeville on Aug. 18. 
The National and Imperial will present al- 
ternately "The 'Shepherd of the Bills" and 
"That Printer of Udell's," two attractions 
produced by Gaskell ft McVltty. 


Dorothy Halsit, of Zlcgfetd's "Follies of 

1012," who was secretly married) three 
months ago to Clifford Stevens, of the "When 
Dreams Come True" Co., Is charged in 
court by her husband of caring more for her 
pet dog than sho did for him. That Is going 
some. However, there are nlways two sides 
to every question before It Is settled. 

It Bab been reported that Frlttl Scheff, 
whose recent experience at the Studebaker, 
In this city, resulted very unfortunately, has 
accepted the call to enter the "trvro-a-day." 
Sho Is to ctnr in the varieties, under Martin 
Beck, in ail probabilities at a very favorable 

If Eva tanouay's plans are not marred, 
she will re-appear In Chicago In the regular 
houses In Fall. 

Matt Kusscll Is producing a new tabloid, 
entitled "Little Miss Cuba," written by Dan 
KubhcIL Mr. Kusscll Is at present gathering 
up tbo proper song material to be used In 
the show, which, will have Its premiere la 
Nashville. Term., on Aug. 4. 

"Horn, a la Cabtb" has flnlshca tho TJ. B. 
O. time down South, and Is coming North to 
play Association houses. 


■ ,?*. T S9 companies will be sent out by Gas- 
kollft MacVitty this season, five of "The Shep- 
herd or tbo Hills" and two of "That Printer 
of Udell's." _Both plays are dramatisation* 
of Harold Wright's novels, made by the 
author and Elsbery W. Reynolds, One com- 

gauy of each is rehearsing and will go on the 
.JW r „* H «»"n tlmo. "The Shepherd of tho 
Hills" will open the Victoria on Aug. 3, fol- 
lowing at the Imperial. "That Printer of 
Udell's" will open the National on the same 
date, and later follow at the Imperial and 
Victoria. Tho other five companies will Btart 
out later In August for the Pacific CoaBt, 
Canada, the Eastern, Central and Southern 

B. Got Cauvuan (of "Railroad Jack" 
fame) and his wife, Constance Caufman, 
who have appeared in the leading roles of 
"The Wolf" and "Tho Arab" for the past 
two seasons, with Jones ft Crane, will be fea- 
tured with the Jones ft Crane new produc- 
tion this coming season, "The Virginian," 
No. 1 company, playing the Middle West and 
the East. The company will be under the 
management of Chas. B. Mills. 

Dwioht A. Mbadb, of the Seattle Stock 
Company, Seattle, Wash., Is spending his va- 
cation with his mother in Elgin, ill. Mr. 
Meade expects to return to Seattle about 
Sept. 1, to join bis stock company for next 

Aobli Rowland ia seriously considering 
the acceptance of flattering vaudeville offers 
upon her retirement from "The Tlk-Tok Man 
of 0a." 

Davb Lewinsohn,; owner of the CongreeB 
Cafe, in Chicago, the original home of caba- 
ret In Chicago, Is back from a three months' 
motoring trip through Europe And, wonder 
of wonders, Mr. LcwtnRohu has Joined tbo 
ranks of those who oppose tbo tango In Loop 
restaurants, calling the latest craze more 
disgraceful than those he had seen In the 
slums of PnrlB, and was very much surprised 
to find that the authorities had permitted It 
In Chicago. 

... R ' L ' jA fonT, manager of the Allmmbra 
Hippodrome, In Chicago, and who Is greatly 
responsible for the present bucccss of tho 
Alhnmhra under its new policy, Is about to 
affiliate himself with Mr. Silver's and Mae J. 
Jennesey's Consolidated Theatrical Exchange. 
Mr. Jncoby was formerly booking representa- 
tive for the Hamburger company, 


A new theatre Is about to undergo con- 
struction at 8-10 N. Clark Street. Chicago, 
directly opposite the Planters' Cafe. It will 
bo an eighteen story affair, with offices and 
thentro combined, the latter to be called New 
Central Theatre. Morris 8. Silver Is to 
assume the management, and announces that 
medium priced vaudeville will bo the policy, 
the bookings to como through the Fenuescy- 
Sllver-Jucoby office. 


Frhd. Griffith has accepted another six 
months' time on the Pacific Coast beforo 
sailing for Europe, where ho is slated for a 
number of the London music balls. 

■ ran, 8. Van, cabaret manager for the W. 
V. M A., In Chicago, has left lor a two 
weeks mention. No one has been informed 
of where ho will procure his rest or Beck bis 

Irving Yatrs, of W. V. M. A., passed his 
vacation at Ceosor ft Qlrdellar's Dreamland 
TlPl nn i' 9°»"80 City nt South Haven, 
Mich. He Is aurely strong for that place, 
and acknowledges a most enjoyable time. 

The fjtneral of 3. C. Williamson took 
Place In Chicago, Saturday morning, 20. Mr. 
Williamson was an Australian theatrical 
manager, well known for hie keenness which 
no exhibited in this lino of endeavor in Au- 
stralia. Members of tho Chicago Theatre 
Managers' Association paid their last tribute 

...»••. » 

to the man' who achieved fame in the the- 
atrical wbrd of the Antipodes, including 
Lyman B. Glover, Will J. Davis, Augustas 
Pltou, Sam Lcderer, Harry Powers, J. J.. 
Garrlty, U. J. Herrmann. E. H. Woods, and 
several managers of productions now In the 
city. The deceased leaves a wife and ten 
year old daughter. 

Thx Palace Music Hall, In Chicago, is In 
the hands of decorators, Mort Singer, man- 
ager, Is In New York. 

Leroy and Cahill, local favorites, are 
back at the Great Northern this week. 

Sullivan nnd Hager, • two 'magnetic per- 
sonalities, who had an electrical sprout into 
popularity, have split at least for the time 
being, as Mr. Sullivan Is planning to enter 
tbe world of commerce. Walter Goodwin 
will absorb his position. 


Walter Db Obia booked the attractions 
for a celebration at Eldora Springs, Mo., 
July 18, 10, sending Asura Japs, Mile. 
Asiata. Fred. Gardners bulldogs and Happy 
Jack Gordon. 

Frank Q. Dotlb has given the Hurstey 
Troupe • contract for ten weeks, starting 
Sept. 8. 

Ella Racblin, "The Female Paderwiskl." 
will make her first American tour under the 
direction of Archie Levy. 


Cleo Balcom denies emphatically the ru- 
mor of her marriage to Colonel Prentice, of 
Prentice and Cornell. "You will do me t 
great favor by contradicting the story," she 


The outlook for vaudeville In the South- 
west Is very bright, according to Charles E, 
HodklnB, who recently returned from a tour 
of that section. His line-up of houses for 
next season Includes some of the finest popu- 
lar priced vaudeville houses in that section 
of the country. 

The Alpha Sextette will shortly resume 
Its tour after a brief lay-off. Wlllard Jarvls, 
the manager, returned to Chicago last week, 
after a fishing trip In the neighborhood of 
Bau Claire, Wis. 


Janet Tate will resume her vaudeville 
bookings Bhortly. after an eight weeks' rest 
at Des Moines, la., following a threatening 
loss of her voice. 


Jos. H. Hiioties, lately seen In "Tbe Little 
Isle of Green," is recovering from a second 
operation performed at his home, Saginaw, 

B. B. Meredith Is back at his office in 
Chicago, after a vacation at Charleston and 
Fairmont, W. Va. Meredith formerly oper- 
ated a press bureau at Charleston (the State 
capital), and on different occasions edited 
newspapers at Fairmont (his home town). 

Paul Hbbbick leads the line of thoso 
holding out the longest for the New York 
and Western Agency the past season. 

Excela and Fsanks continue on the S.-C. 
(Middle West time, filling in tho all girl show 
at Des Moines. Ia., lost week. 

Mknio e. Moors will make an Invasion of 
the East with his popular girl acts, which 
have met with favor West. 

Norwood AND Norwood were switched 
from opening to third at Duluth, Minn., after 
the first show. Thomas II. Dalton was 
moved from second to "next to closing," at 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fheu. Irsland owns three fine flat-bouses 
on the North side of Chicago, which shows 
that all players do not spend all they make. 

An impoutant change of plans by Halton 
Powell, Inc., discards "Mary's Lamb" as a 
tabloid production for next season, and 
names In its stead Charles Fr oh man's com- 
plete production of "The Circus GlrL" This 
Is one of tbo most elaborate shows yet an- 
nounced far tabloid. It opens Oct 6 at Port 
Huron, Mich, 

"Henpecked Henri" will open at Urbane, 
0., Aug. 18, This change In opening point 
came about through Jack Tralnor being such 
a favorite in Urbana. He went there to re- 
hearse Billy Clifford's 'Relieve Me," and 
folks Just made him make an effort to get 
"Henpecked Henry" there. This Is not a 
tabloid date, It la a special engagement at 
the Clifford Theatre In that city. Jack 
Tralnor, Louise Willis, Lillian Durham, Andy 
Lydon, MIbs Johnny Ray and Louis (J. 
Mlers (musical director) are among the en- 
gagements already made for that company 
by Halton Powell, outside of a captivating 

"The Rdnawats," in which Earle Dewey 
and Mable Rogers will be featured, opens 
Sept. 7 at Port Huron, Mlcb. Other prin- 
cipal* will be : Howard Langford, Dolly De 
Vynne, Nell Capron, Frank Smith, and Frank 
Wlnatelu, musical director. 

"Oh t Look Who's Here," which opens at 
Port Huron, Mich., Aug. 24, will have Hal 
Johnson as Its star. Arthur Rowland, 
Charles Grelner (a son of tbo late Phil. S. 
Grelner), Alice B. Hamilton and Louts L, 
Russell, musical director, are others to go 
with this show, 

"The Telbphons Gibl" opens Sept. 14, at 
Port Huron. Mich., and a capable cast of 
principals and a pretty bunch of chorus girls 
has been gotten together by Halton Powell. 

Frank Jones will be starred In "Hello, 
Bill," which opens at Port Huron, Mich., 
Aug. 17. He Is recalled as tho boy wonder 
of years back, and lately starred la "In Old 


Chicago. III.. July 20.-— The Pontages cir- 
cuit experienced an important growth this 
week. Three full week stands for the Pan- 
tageB Road Show rewarded the efforts of J. 
C. Matthews, the booking manager of the 
circuit, who 1b located at Chicago, 

The Century Theatre, at KanBSS City, Mo., 
and tho Krug Theatre, at Omaha Neb., 
came through tho Instrumentality of James 
J Butler, who met with J. C. Matthews at 
St. Louis for a consultation, which was fol- 
lowed by tho signing of a three year fran- 
chise. Thy other theatre Is the Grcenwall, 
at New Orleans. 

«.^ J8 ™P cntur y wil1 •« re-named tho Kansas 
City Theatre, and will open Aug. 80. The 
HH*"-. at Omaha, will open tho samo date, 
following the expenditure of $15,000 In reno- 
va S8 , " , ^ ?* e Grcenwall will open Sept. 21. 

Tho Century and Krug were a part of the 
Western burlesque wheel last season. Both 
are splendidly located. 

The report that tho Pantages Theatre at 
Denver, had closed was without foundation. 
The shows are playing there and will con- 
tinue next scnBon, coming to the Batter 
houses and thence to New Orleans, and mak- 
ing other points on the way to New York. 
Pantogcs' Theatre, at St. Joseph, Mo., baa 
passed to C. U. Phllley. who will offer tab- 
loids and vaudeville next Beaton, according 

Nick Kopbland'b Five Bunatics have an 
Association route, opening In September. 
AnavB BucEitu, the Itinerant agent,' has 

reached Chicago, < coming from the Pacific 
Coast. ■ - 

S. S. Walters and Robebt Sbdbman have 
disposed of their interest In "Little Lost 
Sister" to R. E.,Eick»on, another partner, 
who will Bend the show over the Stair ft 
Havlln circuit ... _ • " ■ ,__^ _ 

Robert Shbbhan will have "The Chorus 
Girl," "Paid in PnU," "TJie' Third Degree" 
and other dramatic shows on the Aflardt 
and Thlelen circuits early the coming season, 
and later on other Association bookings. 
He la In New York. this week in conference 
with a committee' from the I. A. T. S. E., 
which was to meet him and Charles B. Bird 
for an answer to' certain requests for modi- 
fication of rules. ' Tie committee waa ap- 
pointed at the recent stage hands convention 
at Seattle. _ 

John R. Andrews and Charles A. 
Phbbnbx will have out P. G. Lowery*a 
"Fashion Plate Minstrels" the coming sea- 
son. Andrews is treasurer and Pheeney is 
twenty-four hour man with the Hagenbeck- 
Wallace Circus. 

Mrs. John It. Andbbwb Is visiting her hus- 
band with the Hagenbeck-Wallace Show, 
which la now in Michigan. 


(Special to The New Yobk Clippeb.) 
Chicago, Saturday, July 26. 

At the Majestic, this past week, we saw a 
hill much better than we expected, and much 
better than we are ordinarily accustomed to\ 
see during the warm weather months. Wm. 
Hun-ess and his company of thirty songbirds, 
headed the list with a delightful singing and 
comedy number. Gertrude Barnes, "that 
wonderful girl," caused a cultured riot among 
the audience, who applauded madly the ef- 
forts of this clever performer. Carl Mc- 
Cullough was great, as was also Mullen and 
Coogan, and the Aliens, -A good size house 
witnessed most of the performance, due, par- 
tially, to the Palace Music Hall being closed 
and Its favorites naturally turning towards 
the Majestic for amusement. 

The royal entertainment started the min- 
ute the show began, for Thomas Handera 
and Arthur Mlllls, two of "England's eccen- 
tric dancing pianists," who appeared In the 
first position, were right there with the 
goods, which were delivered the way the 
audience likes them. Tbe soft shoe dancing of 
this pair was eccentrically perfect and it was 
this part that made them so popular, al- 
though they did numerous other little stunts 
up In good style, a bit of hat Juggling, com- 
edy piano playing and the likes. But it waa 
their dancing that tbe crowd liked best of 
all, and for which they were forced to en- 
core. Nothing heavy but an excellent opener 
for a good solid show. 

Dave Lane and Chas. O'Donnell, calling 
themselves "The Lunatic Tumblers Looping 
tbe Bumps," gave an entertainment which 
waranted their appearance in a position 
other than that which is usually given this 
style of act, either first or last. They 
Jumped and cavorted around as frisky as a 
couple of colts, half of the act taking a com- 
edy role and the other half straight, aa 
usual. But the comedy was not borcsome 
In lieu of the good work. Tbo comedian took 
so many hard knocks and falls that It gave 
the audience a headache to even watch him, 
which they seemingly did very closely. The 
other half, although not being quite as much 
In the limelight, executed uome very difficult 
feats with apparent case. It was good, al- 
though the tumbling around of the comedian 
became a bit monotonoua before the close, 
and a lot of It could have been cut out, 
leaving Just as good, if not a better offect. 
They received a good hand. 

Carl McCullough surely takes pride In his 
personal appearance, for not a detail was 
overlooked In bis make-up, and be looked as 
spick and span as though he had Just 
emerged from a glaSB cage. He dresses like 
a regular business man, the acme of neat- 
ness and trlmness. But Mr. McCullough 
does other things besides look nice, for ho 
Rings popular songs In a likable way with a 
likable voice, using "Pullman Porters On 
Parade," "Just a Little Haln with the Sun- 
shine" and "Melody Man." all of which 
were applauded satisfactorily. Better than 
all else, however, he tells us about a charity 
basaar held for the Actors' ■ Fund, at which 
he was floorwalker. As he tells us the etory 
Carl gives excellent Imitations of Harry 
Lauder, Eddie Foy, George Munroe and 
various other actor and actress celebrities 
who attended. The Impersonations without 
a make-up show up Mr. MoCnllougb's talent 
ton marked degree, while the material 
which he uses Is not at all lacking In efful- 

Although Mr. Allen Is "sort of art ellpsa 
affair In appearance, he most assuredly car- 
ries with nlm an air of naturalness while 
M LlM stage. He Is assisted by his wife, In 
a little skit, called "She Had To Tell Him." 
an affair which makes Mr. Allen show up so 
noble and grand and Relf-aaerlflclng that 
everybody liked him, even though he was a 
fat man. It Is a novel idea which these 
SBL5 wry ?, ut J n th . elr Pl«yiet, and JUBt the 
Oilng exactly for Mr. Allen's ability. And 
no dooen't lose a chance. Tho act closed 
with a nice hand. 

Now for "That Wonderful Girl," Gertrude 
Barnes. She wore the most exquisite gowns, 
and proved herself a distinctive Blnger and 
a clever, bright nnd breeiy performer. There 
£!I? 5?S n Jttcr comediennes who, In the 
past, did what Miss Barnes did, and have 
boon cheered and applauded, so that tho char- 
acter she portrays Is not new to us by any 
tteans. But MIbb Barnes and her style are 
new, so that Is enough. You become at once 
quite at homo with this charming entertain- 
er whose grace and personality afford her 
-??« Sfi, ""S of weapons to vanquish, tho 
ggtoJ jgWW In font Miss Barnes carries 
a few helpers. ■ 

■JP '^ ¥jg r Jw»J Birds," which William 
S. u I rM8 ^ nc A ds ' tto muBic Is by Victor Hef- 
Sin '85 th ? wordB D 7 George V. Hobart, 
While the principal birds are of considerable 
Importance In the musical world. The 
sketch represents a rehearsal on a stage of 

v£M,i? w JtE*! by «ogairagagazi (Ben 
5f.?Si5 e) i"."* hls JS"»P«ny or songsters, In- 
cluding Florence Clements, Big. Mnrlus, J. 
O. Hnnlon, and a chorus of Fjanclsco Col- 
lins, J. Howlsnd Clinton, Trlxie Raliston, 
Jose Brosston, Edith Foote. R Fink Lee 

2S*wfci He T rman ' Henkte A- Beatrice Haskell 
and Ellta Jerome. At this moment. Oscar 
Hammerahlne (William Burresal appears at 
the theatre with his retinue of singers, in- 
eluding; such names as Almora Hallam. Fred- 
erlco fhsher. Wlllard Andelln, and a chonTs 
KSSSSKS! ^P He A rat ' Marjorle Armour, 
sv^!-? X en,,nd 5*l Madeline Bailey, Blllle 
Frances. Harry Nelson, Bmmett McDonald. 
Tony Moore. Jack Logan and Lillian Stew- 
art, They have a contest for a magazine 
representative (Carrie Graham Burrcas),fS? 

3L!LP*Hy&iy£&i$* elOBter of 
songsters. As a, result tbe. audience la 

"'Theatrical Lawyer 


'-,.,"■ ADVIOB FREE. 

1628 Otis Bldg., La Salle and Madison Bts., Chicago 






treated to a rare musical . melange of much 
better calibre than vaudeville Is accustomed 
to hearing, as well as excellent travesties of 
well known characters In the operatic Held. 
It affords the spectators the best kind of 
•port It is truly an astonishing and ad- 
mirable act for vaudeville and the latest 
thing In novelties. Mr. Ilurress' wprk Is of 
great value and distinguished in attain- 
ments, as is also the rest of the cast 

Everybody thought the fun was over with 
the close of the preceding act; but James 
Mullen and Alan Coogan came back and kept 
the audience howling with laughter. These 
boys call their arrangement "Odd Nonsense," 
Which It fulfills In all senses of the words. 
They are clever, original artists. Mr. Coogan 
•cored tremendously with his eccentric dan- 
cing, while the comedy of Mr. Mullen will 
be remembered for some time to come. 

Klutlng's Entertainers proved to be as 
the program stated, the ''absolute limit In 
animal Intelligence.'' Mr. Klutlng has gath- 
ered about him a remarkable group of per- 
forming cats and dogs and other animal 
talent' The astonishing feature of the af- 
fair was the fact of having a pigeon perch 
upon the head of a dog, while a snow white 
rabbit ran under and Jumped over a line of 
dogs. Truly a marvelous collection. Kvery- ' 
body stayed to watch It all. 

At the Great Northern Hippodrome where 
pictures have been eliminated from the pro- 

?ram, a good snappy show, consisting of 
ourteen acts (two shifts of seven acts each) 
Is now being offered. As popular a pastime 
as the "movies" have come to be, Manager 
Eberts decided to leave them from the bill. 
In view of the fact that so many of bis regu- 
lar patrons were forced to sit through a repe- 
tition of the picture which they had, In all 
probabilities, seen In some house devoted 
to that form of amusement alone. With the 
new form of show there '.a action every 
minute. The house 1b doing a nice Summer 

The first half of this week's entertainment, 
well balanced and full of variety, might 
well claim as Its headllner Lew Hoffman, 
comedy Juggler, and a gentleman whose tal- 
ent In this lino has enabled him to play 
Llgger time. Perhaps some of tho "regu- 
lars' remember him as occupying a spot on 
tho Majestic program a short while back. 
Lew Is a competent as well as corniest Jug- 
gler, and affords more than an ordinary de- 
gree of amusement with his many nats, 
which he handles like the professional that 
he is. He pleased. In all probabilities, mora 
than any one else on the bill, and closed 
with a nice hand. 

Among others on the list was Davis and 
Castle, two gentlemen who play on the saxo- 
phone and piano. While not any of the num- 
bers offered by this duo were to be "spoofed," 
still the feature of the affair was the piano 
playing by half of the turn, who rippled 
over the Ivories in quite a masterly fashion, 
and wore his hair long, which rather assured 
us that he was good as a pianist. The other 
devoted his efforts to tbe saxophone with 
fairly good results. The stunt made a good 
straight musical act for tbe bill, and was 
accorded a pleasing amount of applause. 

It la very seldom that two gentlemen ap- 
pear and sing three or four popular songs In 
straight succession and call It an act, bat 
that Ib what Messrs. Falrman and Fnrman 
did, and obviously got away with It all right 
(They open by appearing In full dress and 
singing "Mammy Jinny's Jubilee," stop a 
minute for some sign of approval from the 
crowd, and then start off with "I Love Her. 
Oh, Oh, Oh," continue with "Salvation Nell" 
and close with "Bobbin' Dp and Down." 
They Introduce no patter or Individual sing- 
ing, like the average run of these sets do, 
nor do they Indulge In any dancing. The 
boys are good, however, at putting over 
popular songs In vaudeville style, backed 
by fair voices, and they retired In good grace, 
it would make nn excellent act when It cornea 
to boosting Dongs, 

The Seymour Duo, the only song and dance 
team on the bill, were a little bit lacking In 
punch" to cause much of a panic or excite- 
ment To begin with, neither one can sing 
to any marked degree, and while every now 
and then the feminine portion of tbe num- 
ber showed pretty good form as a come- 
dienne, still she had no support whatsoever, 
and our hopes were again spoiled. Tbe 
young lady also offered an Impersonation of 
Anna Held singing "I Just Can't Make My 
Eyes Behave," but outside of bearing a few 
French e's every once In a while, It did not 
attract much attention. The soft shoe dan- 


Are Cordially Invited to Hake 

Headquarters it the Western Bureau 


The New York Clipper 

In tbo Heart of tbe Rlalto 

505 Ashland Block, Gar. Oaifc ft Randolph 


if not convenient to call, HAIL ROUTES 

ventional. It Is original, aggressive, im 
partial, reliable, and above all, IT HAS A 


.. :.',!*" 


August 2 


Here It Is!! The Big lovelty Song of 1913!! 












Pa, come home, baby boy have we, 

He told Ma, and Mamma told me, 

Thro' the chimney, huffy jimneyl he came in; 

Stork up high was flying by and dropped him in; 

Fat like Ma, gee I he's bald like Pa, 

Wheel he's mad, for he wants you Dad; 

Ever bawling, ever calling 

Daddy, Papa, Daddy, Papa, please come home. 




Orchestrations (10c.) 
Professional Cooies (Free) 


Requests for above must be ac- 
companied by late program or man- 
ager's O. K. 


141-147 W. 45th STREET 


fin* was easily the best part of the proceed- 

I/owe and De Marie -performed on the tight 
wire for ua the straight naif giving an ex- 
cellent exhibition of skill, but the comedian 
wag not to successful. Taken as a whole, 
however, the work on the wire was easily 
dp to standard and above reproach. They 
closed with a fair hand. 

The Three Aerial Zechs, despite the fact 
that they had a new man In action, got 
along very nlcly In their trapeze work. The 
■$» .constate of two gentlemen and one lady, 
• i though the general run of the work was 

Suite ordinary. The trio worked bard, but 
acre was something lacking to moko It stand 
out superior, even though parts shone. 
..Another act often heard of in Chicago la 
the Bonesettl Troupe, drat class tumblers 
end acrobats. These three gentlemen and 
one lady run through the usual routine of 
stunts in tip-top fashion, with a scattering 
here and there of originality. The youngest 
members of the four executed several 
intricate flops, nnd one especially that called 
forth applause — doing a double flip off the 
shoulders of his partner into a chair held 
on the shoulders of a third party. It was 
neatly done. 


if anyone donbts the stability of popular 

8 need vaudeville and pictures, of which 
lere la no better champion than Jones. 
lAnlck ft Scbaefer. let them stand in front 
or the Colonial some evening at about the 
hour of eight, where they may witness one 
•r the modern seven wonders of the world. 
yrowds clamoring for admittance, adults and 
Juveniles, rich and poor alike recognize that 
nowhero In the city can they obtain three 
Jours of such high calibre amusement for a 
top price of twenty-five cents as the Co- 
lonial. Fortunately Manager Harrison in 
continually on the Job, handling the crowds 
in a systematic manner, so that there Is no 
more delay than Is absolutely necessary, 
and every one receives fair attention. 
it Is good proof of quality when the waiting 
list stands patiently for a quarter of a block, 
Knowing that their trouble will be more than 
■Hft [ np for when they are Inside. 

while all variety performances have, of 
course, their dull moments for everybody, 
feme liking this part, others that, yet the 
latter halt of this week's program was quite 

bits of the classics that savor of pure art 
and a high quality of talent. Their ability 
is not to be challenged. The selections of- 
fered were a worthy treat In comparison 
With the many ragged character songs which 
are forced upon vaudeville managers and 
audiences almost without a let-up; the at- 
mosphere at all times was pungent with re- 
finement and appealed to the betteryct more 
critical class of music lovers. Here and 
there a bit of sentimental ballad to act as 
the dessort after a heavier meal. AH in all, 
It Is a most desirable act for a high claes 
bill, and Is worthy of enjoying a very pros- 
perous future. 

Bush and Shapiro offered a general rough- 
house which the crowd evidently thought was 
immense, for they were eitrcmcly free and 
easy with applause. Half of the act Is a 
fairly good Hebrew comedian, who does not 
Impersonate so much as he caricatured, and 
who sings "Yiddlsha. Ball" and accomplishes 
"Ylddiaha" glides, much to the delight of the 
spectators. The other half sings a bit now 
and then, talks "tough" to his partner and 
Is a general all round utility man for the 
act It was slangy fun, but scarcely brilliant 
comedy. The boys handle themselves very 
well, however, on the stage and received aa 
good a hand as any number on the bill. 
They are top notchere for this class of 
vaudeville, but would have to add a little 
more sparkle before being able to appear 
only twice a day. The act la not a now 
one, by any means, to Chicago. 

Pally and Pearson exhibited' to a marked 
degree ability as a contortionist and Iron jaw 
artists, and at the same time fully demon- 
strated that it takes a comedian, to wit over 
comedy and not a contortionist. They ac- 
complished a number of interesting ana ap- 
parently difficult feats, although the affair 
moved alowl* at times and it seemed aa 
though the two artists -were stalling us a 
little. The comedy Is hardly worthy of 
criticism. They received a fair hand for 
their hard work. 

Alex. Chrlstensen, a pianist of merit, who 
Is known Chicago over for bis good work in 
this line, occupied a spot on the bill In which 
be pleased with bis usual gusto and vim. Mr. 
Cbrlstensen bas a distinct style of playing, 
his repertoire Including both classic and pop- 
ular pieces, for be is master of both. Mr. 
Chrlstensen is by no means a stranger to the 



imbued with music and fun, and Chicago amusement seeking public, although 
1 be classed as a show to he always changes bis "turn to fit the occa- 
sion. He was forced to take at encore as 
well as numerous bows. 

Harry Leone and Annie Dale offered an' 
attractive costumed few minutes of opera. 
The singing was mediocre, the gentleman of 
the act seemingly straining bis singing a bit, 
for his voice naturally le quite melodious, 
while the lady could easily bave been im- 
proved noon. However, there were many 
good points to offset a few trivial faults, and 
on the whole the affair waa quite enjoyable 
The conversation at different times waa 

on the whole should 
be recommended. 

Mile, Ameta. who presents a most pleasing 
spectacle to the eye with her fire dancing, 
occupied a spot during the entire week, and 
round little difficulty in getting a Just re- 
qulttal for her work. In fact the audience 
at this honse liked her dances much better 
than they did when she played Palace Music 
Hall bill a short time ago. The act occupies 
e full stage surrounded by a set of mirrors 
Which reflect Mile. Ameta in a dozen different 
places and In as many different angles. From 
the centre of the stage various colored lights 
■re thrown upward upon the artist, which 
give a very attractive effect to her dancing 
and appeal to one's aesthetic sense. Mile. 
Ameta presents three distinct forms of 
dances. The number closed with an apprecia- 
tive hand. 

Another act held over for the entire week 
wss that of the Great Buckner, trick bi- 
cyclist This chap presents a number of 
new tricks for this style of act exhibiting 
no little display of skill and daring, and keep- 
lag things continually on the move. A little 
comedy now and then, nothing deep, but 
which at least takes up a little time. Mr. 
Buckner has the habit of making a trick 
look extremely difficult by making a "grand- 
stand" miss every once In a while, ana then 
with a determined look doing it right They 
fall for it readily and It usually helps in the 
applause. Mr. iiuckner really deserved more 
applause for his hard work than what was 
accorded him, although bicycle acts have lOBt 
a great deal of their power to eiclte. 

One of the best straight singing turns that 
has been heard for some time at this house 
Is the City Quartette, an act more or less 
new to the regular Chicago patrons, and an 
act that any manager should be glad to ob- 
tain for a cultured bill. Immacnlateiy 
dressed, tiro mma and two men, present 


No. 3. Tell Taylor. 

The writer dislikes to encroach on a busy 
mane time, and It was with considerable 
timidity that he tbrust his shrinking form 
within the portals of Mr. Taylor's private 
office. In Cohan's Grand Opera House. 

"My object In calling, Mr. Taylor, la to 
obtain a brief outline of your life — a bio- 
graphical sketch, so to speak. Would you 
mind answering a few questions?" 

"Not at all," ho responded cheerily, plac- 
ing one hand carefully on his wallet ana tho 
other on his watch. "Go ahead." 

"What's the outlook right now?" 

"Well, It looks like the Giants and Ath- 
letics again," he replied without hesitation. 
Were endeavoring to get a line on pres- 
ent and future conditions of the music pub- 
lishing business. We understand you're In- 
terested in It." 

"Somebody's been kidding yon," h« 

''Hardly possible," I per&lBted. "Your name 
is on the door, and the slogan, 'Music Pub- 
Usher,' underneath." 

He glanced quickly at the door in question 
•*&£. enrpr'scd | ok flashed into his face, 
*„ ??M Qe0 .ft e Y £ d0 , 'believe you ' r « right T' 
he sold. "I had almost forgotten." And 
he buret Into a boylBh, hearty faugh. 
nwU *™e, Mr. Taylor, that 'Down By the 
Old Mill Stream* was an lnsntaaUonr* * 

"Was and la," he replied; heatedly, the 
day being along that line. 
* He removed one hand from kls wateb to 
feel If his diamond stud was still Intact, giv- 
ing me opportunity to frame my next ques- 
tion. ^ 

3E-W yon always a music publisher?" 

m»Xb A * bt L ? ,gDea - "" » a8 only been 
within the post few years I've been so un- 

I stalled a moment to give him time to re- 
cover bis composure. Then: "I've always 
understood that there was lota of money In 
tn ?.J! u8lc Publishing business, Mr. Taylor!" 

"There must be. T ' he sighed. "Nobody 
ever gets any out of it." 

"*^OWW»j Plenty of hard work 
connected with It?" 

..^rP ard work J 8 rl * Bt '" he replied, grimly. 
Why, man, I have to get down to my office 
at two and stick here until three every day— 
that 1b, when I'm In the city." 

"You travel a great deal, then?" 
Oh, no, only during the Summer months, 
end four or five months during the Winter. 
The rest of the year I put In here." And 
again he sighed. 

"Smoke, Mr. Taylor?" 

"Sure." he replfed quickly, eagerly reach* 
log out a hand. 

. j^li ***-, 111 make a note of that 
:5 ct V & ur 'J* 4 *" XK ", ,wai8 interested la 

a case of "Who turned off the enin?" but It 
mluBcd mo by the fraction of an Inch. 

"You scouodrell" he hissed. "Consider 
yourself on your way out. "Why. I laughed 
so hard the tlrst time I heard that pun on 
my name that I dropped and broko my milk 
bottle. Uegone I" 

And I went 

And as I waited a half hour for the elova- 
tor, I had ample time to reflect on the vicis- 
situdes in tho life of a music publisher. * 

"I haw you on tho street yesterday, Al."— 
Larry Keating. 

"Wih.l, don't go around bragging about 
It.— Al. Abbott. 

8ion In front of the derrick Theatre: 
"When Dreams Come Truo. 188 Times." 
Wo'd be satisfied If one would come true. 

It's all In the point of view. Hurry Spin- 
gold says that when he's trying to cross a 
street the autos aro In tho way, and when 
lie's In an auto, the pedestrians aro In tho 

DoaoTiir Halsit Stbvbns, formerly of 
"The Follies of 1012." Is In court with bus- 
bsnd troubles. Ho claims her pet bull ter- 
rier Is absorbing all her affection, and she 
says he's got to "quit klckln' her dog 
around." Behave I It's too hot. 

Some modern proverbs : A ring on the 
hand la worth two on tho 'phone. Don't 
rush. The last man Into the elevator Is 
generally the first one out. Be a "live wire" 
and you won't get stepped on, 

FniNK Wehti'hal invited us to motor 
from here to New York with htm. He prom- 
ised to make the trip within three daya, so 
we gracefully declined. His promise Bounded 
too much like a threat. A tbouaand miles to 
three daya In an auto ? Hu h 1 




Character Woman, Juvenile. Light 
Comedians, ltuhouriwls Aug. 10. People? all 

lines, write. HondjilioUi mill lowent. In first loiter. 

Pare of Sheldon Opera Houwo, Ilumllton, If. V. 




Poll Acting Co,, Man for Juveniles, Oomodlan. 
Olmructor Woman with Hpoclalllos. Would coa- 
sldor un organized Co. Short cunt. 




era toe shadow 

falls. Get a 
copy of MA BI- 
OBT No. 14 
beforo tbo sup- 
ply becomes exhansted. Contents Include 
II monologues, o acts for 2 males, o sketches 
for male and female, 82 parodies, a great 
minstrel first part, a ono act farce, besides 
sketches for two females, for male quar- 
tettes; also hundreds of new gatm and 1 ' nldo 
walk patter" loses. PUICEODICDOL- 
jbAjl. JAMES MADISON, "t* 
Thi rd AT»Ba«, New York. 


J AUKS MADISON vrtUt Jbr Jot WekTt, 
Al. Jolton, Ben Welch, Marshall P. wmer, 
Howard and Howard, xoontv and jsent, 
Nat Oarr, Hunting and IrancU, etc., etc. 

on Royalty 

the habits of a celebrity." 

His hand fell slowly and again he sighed. 
It seemed to be his sighing day. "■""°' 

"I deduce from a remark yon made a few 
moments ago, Mr. Taylor, that sea are In- 
terested is baseball. Do you attend the Cub 

"No," be snapped. 

"But you like baseball f I persisted. 

"I do— that's wby 1 don't go to the Oub 

"What do yon think of the so called •pro- 
fessional copy evil'?" 

He straightened quickly. "Are yon sup- 
posed to print everything I eayT' no asked 

1 made quick shift to draw my pencil 
through that question aa I shot a look at 
his face. 

"No." I mumbled. "Not on your music 
publishing life." ' 

He appeared much disappointed. 

"Did anyone, Mr. Taylor, ever manufacture 
a pun on your name? I joat thought of a 
clever one. Por Instance, I might say to 
someone, tell me a story,' And be eonld say, 

•no I wont tell pou e story, M 1 will Tell 
Taylor.' Pretty good, eh?" 
wovJd. tore keen 

__J com), ch?"' 
Had the blow landed It 

(Special to Tub New Yobk Clipper.) 

... . ™.. CnicA00 ' Saturday. July 20. 

All of Chicago has been pulsating with 
reports received which claimed tbat a con- 
solidation had been effectuated between the 
Western Vaudeville Managers' Association and 
Jones. Llnlek ft Schaofcr. both powers In tho 
Western show world. When Interviewed by a 
representative of Tub Now Yobk Ci.ii'fbb 
neither interest would confirm or deny, and 
with • gracious smile declined to discuss the 
rumor that had set all theatrical folk opining. 

Messages received from tho East during 
the last few days containing New York gog- 
sip to the effect that the impending vaude- 
ville warfare In tho Middle West had been 
Averted by an agreement reached between 
these contemporary variety monarchs. natur- 
ally started, a turmoil with tho many per- 
sona interested In the Chlcsgo situation. 

Press notices from New York announce tbo 
fact of a conference, In tho East on Tuesday 
and Wednesday, between tho principal figures 
on both sides. Newspaper men were denied 
either admittance or information, and de- 
spite the numerous dispatches received here 
that the subject of a consolidation had been 
discussed,, it la most safe to say that ao 
definite plane were agreed upon. It Is not 
the habit of either Jones, Llnlek ft Schaefcr 
or the Western Vaudeville Managers Associa- 
tion to hold back anything that fans been 
definitely settled; on the other hand. It la 
flashed to the world In general, barring nj 
expense. ■ 

A settlement of what looks like an Inevita- 
ble warfare between these Interests during 
thy coming season appears to be very uncer- 

ffift !BS wo .,f*i 1 „ onl ?.," walt P»tlently what 
time alone will tell. Wanaig a, Patbick. 

Baa Coras, who died July IS, at Boe- 

ton. Mass., was the wife of Bddlo Klein, ef 

Kleuj, Abe and NlcUoHoo. "^ n 



Comedy. Juveniles. GUn. Bas.. Special- 
ties, Repertoire, Stock or Masloal Ooaa* 



With Full Una of Tripi 

To locate In small town In or nosr Indiana, la 
Vaudeville House. Kxnurlcncoil, and play Xylo- 
phone. Address OLBNN HUOHANAN, 




cross ■ftgsa^cmcAto 


Manigir Oramatlo Department 


Boohing Reliable People for Reliable 

Suite MO to 830. 17 Mo. LaSallo Bt, OlilOAQO, ILL, 


Eipsiieictd Ores'. Clarinet and Piano Player 

Doublo Alto la band, liavo both pitches Instra, 
Specially and small parts If dcKlriid. 11. and 0_ 
Hep. Go, or located job preferred. 

E. BTOODILL, jjjg Kvsns Ave., Chlcsgo, III. 



For refined Musical Skotch, in Vaudeville. Violin- 
ist, barplst or good singer. In either case, must 
play piano accompaniments, and do a few lines la 
souiiretto work. Must bo good looking (or make 
up so), not too tall, and have good figure. Send 
photo (wlilch will bo returned), height and weight 
to J. PAltKHB, 881 llUKON ST., toIbPO, OUlff. 

W A NTEI1— N0 VK, ' Ty PERFORHKfia for 
W ARI Jll'~-i f KD. SHOW, under canvas. 
Eat and Bleep in hotels, Long, pleasant enasge- 
ment to good hoeople. People In other lines wr fie. 
Address V/UO&&U tOHJSBY CO., Kl. P-i 



August 2 






I've got* do* named Rover, 
Here, Royer-coiiic, Hover; 
He rosins around all over. 
Just home tbree limes a <Uy. 
I'll bet lie hears inc whittling. 
The neighbor* arc listening, 
'•What d'ye mean , you lout yer dog," 
I hour the people Hay. 


i my Rover f 


I'm looking for Urn dow all over; 

He's a hunter's dog all right, 

He heap me booting day and night. 

This Is what I worry over. 

Bay, who put the" Kor" In Rover. 


Mr whistle's getting dry, 

Seems as If I Lear that mongrel whine; 

(BARK>-Woof-Woof— Woof— Woof. 

i.t fi,.™ J I should worry like a tree. 

isi moras j And , |ftVe g 0n)e body trlmmln' me. 

„ r«,-_. 1 1 should worry like a hen, 

m moras j j^^ Bcrat ch all day wiUiout a pen. 

Where'* that dog-gone, dog-gone dog of mine. 


I'm looking 'round all over. 
Here, Rorer— come, Rover; 
I got him up In Dover, 
A hundred miles a day; 
Walt till becomes, I'll chain him, 
I'll train him. Ill brain him; 
"What d'ye mean, you lost yer dog," 
Again I hear him say. 

Music Publisher, Inc., Gaiety Theatre Bldg., 665 Washington St., BOSTON, MASS. 


Oil* Hill bubble* over with enthusiasm and 
optimism ns to tin- policies which will be adnitiil 
by his new Theatrical Clulde aad Reporting Com- 

' Mr. I III I stated In n rorciit Interview Mint be 
Ims lotit! Isvn of the opinion that there should 
lie M IMsass 1 why the hIiow business should not 
!*• pliiicd mi iih similarly a e a basis 
lis flu- einuiucrclal, while ncceptliiff the fact that 
it Ix a IpiisIiioks is'irullsr to ltBdf. lie claims thai 
It Is n stfa In the rljflit direction b> cstatillsh 
n clearing limine of iieciirnlo ami (jiMwnil Informs- 
tloii. lie logically argues, why should a man 
who baa Invested several tliiautsnil dollars in 
amusement enterprises blindly place It lu territory 
Hint inay be surfcrlng from Inferior industrial 
cmnlltlons ns the result of poor crops or dullness 
In the line of trmlc aaVctlag tbut territory, 
when this can be obvlntiil to n (trent degree by 
■■Irking up scattering reports from the sccllons 
of Us- iMiutry thai the producers expect to ploy, 
learning the true stste or affairs; anil, on the 
oilier hand, la view especially of the fact tbot 
the present amusement conditions are greatly over 
crowded Willi various amusement enterprises, the 
public naturally Is <llscrliiiliiatlng and only picks 
out the best, so that It « man Ims a meritorious 
» how or a vaudeville net. It is a protection to him 
If nenirnte >e|iorls can be obtained showing the 
fart thai Ills enterprise Is legitimate and pos- 
m'-hm merit. And the sooner the limelight .of 
publicity Is thrown on the nmiiHements that are 
lultlclcd on tin- .public by unscni|iuloua niniiagera, 

who know Unit there lire no rlt in them, the 

belter opportunity the more deserving attractions 
linre to succeed. .Surely the limn who books 
the attraction la confronted with Identical con- 
dlt Ions .such lis these, nnd no hiirtii can result in 
the long run If everybody has unbiased informa- 
tion concerning everybody else. 

. ■ » 


Louis Wesley 1ms comolcted arrangements 

■whereby lie retains the Sivoy, Atlantic City, 

N J., bu n live rears' lease, for vii'idevllle. 



On Sept. 1, Wm. Fox will open his new 
theatres, one In New Britain, Conn., the 
other In Wnterbury, I.'onn. 
4 i » 

Frederick McKay lias engaged Gene Ruck 
and Dave Stamper to write several songs for 
the list) of Hlancbe Ring, in her new .show,- 
"When Claudia Smiles." 

cuke Toy, daughter of Chlng Ling Foo, 
the Chinese magician, cave a dinner at mid- 
ulght July 24, at the Jardln de Danse, for 
several players who are appearing in New 

William A. Brady has accepted, for early 
production, a play by J. P. Drayton, caUed 
"A ljady of Long Ago." 

Makqarkt Wyciibkliy, who will play an 
linporinnt role iu "The Fight," Bayard Veil- 
ler s new play, which opens at the Hudson 
'1 hen ire Sept. 1, arrived In Kow York last 

Muna Limeiik'K, the emotional nctross, 
who was long the leading lady of the Abbey 
Theatre, Dublin, arrived last week for her 
llrsl visit here. 

Etiiki. Haiiuymobk Is not booked to appear 
(luring the wesson 11113-14. 

William (lu.i.urrE will not appear during 
the season of 1D1U-14. 

Lout it KitiKiint, known as the "Merry Ma- 
gician," was tnkeu to the psycopathlc ward 
nf llelleviic Hospital. July 25. He was 
brought from Snrnuac Lake by his son. 

William A. Ilium has engaged William 
"Morris for one of the Important parts in 
"The Family Skeleton," which opens either 
the I'lnylioitse or the Forty -eighth Street 
Then I re early in the season. 

•Mtis. Mavricb B. Flynn, wife of Lefty 
I'TVnu, Hit) Yale football player, was granted 
nn absolute divorce July 26. Mrs. Flyun 
wns formerly a charun girl. 

Cii.uu.ks K. Bacon Is Al. II. Wilson's new 
business mumiger, assisted by Fred. IS. 
Voting, hr iitlvauee agent. . 

Mtts. C.vuniE M. llmni has taken charge 
of Ihc Marguerite Clark Thentre. on Olive 

Street, St. l/ouls. 

I'iikd. Thompson hns arrived at son Fran- 
cisco, nutl Is located ut the St. Francis Hotel. 

lhniMAN Law successfully shot the seventy- 
five fool Uainbo.v Falls, nt the head of Au 
Sable (Miasm, In n rowhont, on July 27, for 
a motion picture concern. 

Cohan A IlAttttm will present, for two 
nights each In Asbury Pnrk. Lung iininch 
nnd Hed Hank, during the week beginning 
Aug. 18, Edgar Selwyn's play. "Nearly 
Married.' It will open at the Gaiety Thea- 
tre, on Sept. 1. 

.Makoahet Dale will play the role of the 
Spy, In "Disraeli," which she has played 
continuously for tour seasons. 


Sixty with a Forty anal Thirty. All 
brand newt Seat*, Marquee, Stage. 
Scenery, Slakes. Piano, Furniture. All 
ready to set up. Formerly Jewell Kellcy Com- 
pany outfit. Cheap It taken at once for cash. 
<;KO. II. BARKER, La Grange, U», 

once. Write or telegraph. N. E. TUCKER, 
Manager, July 30, iUchford, Vt.; 31, 
Newport, Vt.; Aug. 1, llarton, Vt.; K, 
Orleans, Vt.; 4, Lymdon-rtlle, Vt. 



At once. Piano Player, Han Preferred : also, Man 
for Props, with Specialty. Must be able to Join 
otl Wire. Address J. EDMUND BALFOl'R, 
Thomas ton, Maine, Joly 28, 29, ao j Castlne, 
July 30- Aug. 1,2; Bar Uarhor, Aug. 4, p. 


For J. M. Cole's KINO OP TRAMPS CO. 

Musicians Doubling Stage. Actors in all lines for 
two shows. Address J. M. COLE, Mgr., 

KINO Or TRAMPS CO., CANAAN, COSTT. Mai'dk plans to use Gaston Mayer's 
"French ns She Is St>okc" ns a curtain rais- 
er for one of hla bills during his American 
tour, the Licblcr Company announce. 

Hlanche Kino 'will open her season in 
"When C'lnudla Smiles" Aug. 20, at Asbury 
Park, N. J. 

Miis. llisitY B. illAitiiis gave a benefit for 
the Hebrew Infant Asylum at West Klnirs- 
brldgc Itoad and Aqueduct Avenue, July 27, 
The entertainment was held nt the Arverne 
Iter Thentre, and wits attended by Frank 
Tinncy, Mr. and Mrs. Carter De H.iven, 
Laura Gucrlte, Nat Wills, Sophie Tucker, 
Ilert Leslie, Eddie Leonard, James Morgan, 
Andrew Mack, Lucy West and the SU Brown 

"Tub Pink Lady," with Olga De Baugb, 
bus been playing the Jersey shore resorts. 

"Within tub Law," with Margaret II- 
lington. opened nt the Olympic. Chicago, 28. 
Tits Cort, Chicago, will open Aug. 2 with 
"The Elixir of Youth." Including Frank Ba- 
con, Joe Urcnnan, Winifred Bryson, Barry 
Mestnyer and Oeorge Barnum. 

Tub U. B. 0. and Orpheum circuits, tt Is 
reported, will not book any of the acts 
handled by the It. 11. Marlnclll Agency In 
future, but will deal direct with all foreign 

•At.. II. Wlson will open Aug. 24, la "A 

Boiling Stone," at Bed Bank. N. J. 

E. (>. Cooki: has returned from England. 

"Tub (Je.nti.kman fhom No. 10" was clvcn 

its American premiere July 28. at Asbury 

l'ark, N. J. 

Tub Manhattan Ofeba House will re- 
open on Monday, Aug. 4, with "The Third 
llegree." 'llie members of the stock com- 
pany will include: Ethel Grey Terry, Joseph 
Jlyron Totten, Wllllnm Klley Batch, Bernard 
J. McOwcn, Harriet Bossind and Carl 

Mii.i..\nn Ttno.q., Bill and Bob. closed a 
fM>:< son of forty-seven weeks at Pittsburgh, 
July 2D, nnd will spend the Summer on their 
fa nu nt Bugle Mills, New York. 

Wit, ItnisTOi, writes : "1 sustained qulle i 
loss this weeK (July 21-26), at Hoosu-k FHnlls. 
N. Y., when, mt the mnUnec Wednesday, the 
Ktnble where I kept the ponies was burned 
to the ground, nnd a little uony and mule 
were lost in the fire. They were under- 
studies. Both handsome and very highly 
pilied by r.te. No insurance was carried." 
Claiu Tuttlb and Company closed a t-uc- 
cessful week nt Slnrlnn, O.. July 28. Tha 
company Is under management of Bernard 
J. Nnnkevllle. 

Bmma Carus Is on the Pantages time. 
The Pantagts headtiuarters will probably 
be removed to San Francisco from Seattle 
before Ions. 

Royus Woolkolk is producing a number 
of now tabloids. Including: "A Knight for a 
l>ay." with Janet Priest, and "Boca-a-Bye 

tbat can and will pasie. Good money to the right 
man. Prefer one that knows the South. Boss 
Canvasmun that can stay sober and handle men. 
Also worklnginen. Cornet Player and Single 
Circus Acts. Aildress HUNT'S SHOWS, Liv- 
ingston Manor, Aug. 1; Roscoe Si, 
Cook's Falls 3, Yoangsvllle S, Jeffer- 
sonvllle 0. All Neir York, 

WANTED-MedlclDO people that Change for 
week and work in acts; also Silent Han that 
changes for week. Steady engagement. Must be 
able to Join on wire. A. J. CAKR, Copenhagen, 
N. Y., week of July 28; Castorland, x. Y., week 
of Ang.4. 



Full psrricnlars In ffrst letter. AUGPSTA 
PERRY STOCK CO., Gen. DtU, Haa- 
«a>«»ter, N. H. 



People in all lines, for my Musical Production. 
Leading Han, light comedy ; Jew Comedian; Sis- 
ter Team : Chorus Girls ; Musical Act ; Piano 
Flayer ; all must be ablo to sing and dance. Be- 
hearsal, August IS. Can also use for Erlck Erick- 
son, one night attraction. Cornet, Baritone, Trom- 
bone. State lowest, pay own. Win. Wantslier. 
SLwr., 415 N. Clark St., Chicago, III. 


Dorothy Reeves Company 

Leading Man; Comedian; Gen. Business Man. 
and Woman ; Sister Team. Prefer People Doing 
Specialties. Alrdomes. Pay Own. Address, 
CLIFFORD REEVES, >Igr. Metropoli- 
tan stock Co., BrookOeld, Ho., week July 
28 ; Mubcrly, Mo., week Aug. i. 







CHAS. P. GILMORE, Oswego, N. V. 



Juvenile Man to piny some Leads and Lady 
Plaulst. Playing small towns. Summer salary, 
and you get tt. FRITZ * LAWLER, week 
July H§, itns.dl, N. Y.| wsek Aug. 4, 
Antwerp, N. Y. 




Wardrobe, experience, ability. Write or wire 
C. E. FRANCIS, Gen. Del ., Terra Hants, 


NOW RELEASED! At $1 each. "Trail of the Lonesome pine." "That Old Girl of Mine," "In lay 
Barcm," "You're My Baby." Each Parody and Permit signed by NAT M. WILLS. Applyto 
author Of above parodies. MATT WOODWARD, GAIETY THEATRE BLUG., K. Y. CITY. 

Large, Cool, Airy Rehearsal Rooms 


New Grand Central Palace 

Lexington Ave., 46th to 47th StS. 

'Faone. 6990 Murray Hill CHAS. E. SPR ATT, Manager 


Gents' Dress, real hair, ventilated part, $1.85, $2.35, $3.25, $5.00; Bald Jew, Irish, Tom, German, Old Man, 
Rube, $1.15. $2.50, $4.25, $6.00; Crop, $1.00, $1.75, $2.60; Negro, 50c. . 75c, $1.00, $1.25, 12.25; Topsy, 75c., 
$1.50, $2.25; Indian. ?5c..$1.50,$2.25, $2.75, $4.00; Marguerite, 75c, $3.50, $7.00; Clown, 50c, 85c; Japanese 
Lady, 75C, $3.50; Chinese. 75c, $1.00, $2.50 : Bridget, $3.50; Soubrette, $2.50, $3.50, $6.50, $8.00: Old Maid, 
TSc,, $3.96; Pompadour, 75c, $4.35, $9,00: Mary Jane, T(c.. 12.76; Cowboy, 75c. $2.60; Circassian, $7.00; 
Ladies' Short Curly, $3.00, $3.50, $4.50; lien's Statuary Wigs, $8.03, $4.50; Ladles' Statuary, $4.25, $6.00, 
JT.00; Legit. Wig, |US $3.25: Ladles' Utility [c*ndresseltherw«y],anaModernEayDre*8Wbl8,(with 
parting) $6.00; Wild Girl. $2.00, $2.75. $3.75, $5.00: Negress, $iiO; Indian Lady, 76c, $2.50, $6.00, $7.09; 
Japanese, 76c, $2.35: End Men, $1.00; Imported Bald Character Wigs, $2.50, $4.25; Tricot Animal and Hen 
Heads, $1.25 each; Mustaches, 20c. 30c, 50c, $1.00; Chin Pieces, 20c, 35c, COc, 76c, $1.26; Fall Beards. 
coc, $1.00, $i.2i, $2.50, $3.00; Tramp Beards, 60c, $l.oo. $2.60; sluggers, 35c, 60c; Mutton ctiops,a6c..T5c 
PSg. stage Money, 26c. Poll Line Stein's Make-up. Hat measure for wlgslze. AllwlgsprepalJ. Keep 
this Clipper for reference, as this ad. appears only occasionally. 

PERCY EWMfl SUPPLf HOUSE, ™-&&£.*S!£?ffl. "• 


Owing to misrepresentation, GOOD CLEVER COMEDIAN with specialties. Good General 
Business woman (that can handle comedy); Man and Wife preferred. Two bills per week. One show a 
night. Stato your very lowest, first letter If you want an answer. Also Photos and Programmes. Just Got 
Stung, twice In the same spot. Tickets UI know yon. Kepjfeople write. Mustjoinonwlre. Address 

AUG. H. FLAIC. Grand Theatre, Escanaba. Mich 

Martin and Austin (thanks tor reply). 



State fall particulars first letter. Address J. S. GARSIDE. care of Garslde Stock Co., 
Peshtigo, Wis., July 31-Ang. 1,2; Iron«Mouutaln, Mich., week Aug. 4. 




Young Leading Woman. People In all lines. 
Wlro or write. Those doing specialties! given 
preference. MUSICIANS for Band and Orchestra. 
Loug season, going South. Ted Bracken, Fred 
Wear, Llllluu Betiche. Ilruutmago and Clark, wire. 
L. L. LIMPSEV, Newton, Iowa. 




BiggeBt variety of Honey-Making Novelties, Paddle Wheels, Country 
Stores, Shooting OoUorios, Doll Racks. All kinds of supplies— Jewelry, 
Watohes, Silverware, Cutlery, Basore, Yankee Notions, Canes, Pennants 
and Everything else handled by Street Venders, Park Concessionaires and 
Outdoor Merchants. 

Catalog free to everybody who buys and sells goods. No catalog or goods 
sent to Consumers, Curious People or Rubbernecks. 

., Wholesale 
on S-t.. Chloago 





*'i-ttl~'tti uml »8 North Desplnlnes street, CHICAUO, ILL., V. S. A. . 

3IDE SHOW AND ' r £ 1 . ccs ! u f nl -. Wo 9 h J^ lB . r K o . ,n P. Wo . rld .- B « iw o' - k 


Good Hair Lip and Hick Character 

!Mth St., New York City. 


In all lines, Wanted at Once. Sketch Team, Illaok 
Pace Comedian, etc., that change specialty often 
and work In acta. Mate salarr and all you do. 
DH. WHITK MOON, Mar. Nature's Rem- 
edyCo.. Old Bridge. Middlesex Co., N.J. 



Magicians Drop, beautiful Satin Damask, llsSS; 
red color, coat $260.00; sncrlllcc for $21.00. Great- 
est bargain ever. 8. ROBERTSON. Sails 
Weal Columbia Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. 


Two bills weekly. Rehearse Aug. 14. State If yon do specialties. String Musicians who play parts, 
write. Experience, refinement and good wardrobe essential. PhotosTnul particulars and absolute 
lowest, first letter. Address ALFRED CONIBEAR, T User Howell St., Toronto, Can. 


Owing to sickness in company, Young Man for Heavies and General Business. Also Yonng 
Woman fpr Character, and General Business. Thoso with Specialties glren preferenOO 
Otliernaefui people with feature Specialties write. Answer quiet to CORNELL C* PRICE. July 
»8 to Aug. a, St. Ignaee, Mich.; Aug. 4; to tt, East Jordan, Mien. 




many played nine months at the Lyrio Theatre, Lima, Ohio, aad produces the veryh 
Now playing Hazel Park Theatre, Hazelton, Pa, Address, J. R. BARRETT, 
St., Haicttoa, Pa, 

This Comi 
people. I 
Laurel I 

best, is 

Man for Leads and Heavies ; also Clever Gomedian with Specialties. 

Write or Wire. Must Join Immediately. State all in flrat. No time to'correspomd, 


H. P, 


8eymour, Iowa 

Finest Equipped Studio In the Unhid SUtei 
We are In a position to ejtecute orders ImniodlaMlj 

nnd to guarantee delivery on time 


Change for three nights. Al Double Acrobatlo 
mid Minrp Shooting Act. Strong enough to fea- 
ture. Kach two good ainKles, Rup. shows, one or 
threo ulghts, write. Address 



Sketch or Act, at a very reasonable price. 
Sstisfiietiou Kuamuteed or money refunded. 
Write me now. W. £. NELSON, 34 Buckingham 
St.. ilaillord, Oonn. 





Show opens early in Aagust. Address JACK REILLV, 1607 ScaUier Bnlldlng, Chicago, HI 

and May 
keep off. 

| ^Ropcrtolre pooplo In all lines, Musicians, double B. 4 0. and B. * S. 

t Send photos, and stato all first loiter. Salary positively sure. AL 0. 
lson, Theo. Carroll, Cora Adutns, answer. Dlsorganlzors, boozorsand would-b» TnanaoRni 
Wo ato now booking our fair dates for oue of the best stock companies playing. 

ENOCH BROS. BIG STOCK CO., Napoleon, Ohio. 

Fir Sill-On ElecWcLlghtlngPlant.20 H.-P. 

Engine, One 13 K. W. Generator, One Edison 
Switchboard, only used two years. Will sell for 
one-half the cost. Add. BANKS BA1KD, Lorain, o. 

At Liberty, Musical Artist 

Work in acts, fake piano'. Ticket. 
GEO. W. SNOW, 7 AUstoD Street, Boston, Mass. 

August 2 





IS New Jersey Central 

Ono Hoar Fifty II In at el 
front Llb.riy SI., 8 A. M. tr, 6 P. M. 

Tea. nUnlm of tit* Hour 
tcrom Md it., 6.SO A. «. to 5.80 V. M.. 


T.SO, 8,80, 9.50, 11.50 P. «. 

tester! P. W. HEROY, Z. P. Agt. 







Van Cortlandt 

142 to 146 W. 4911 St, lear Brudiii 



100 Rooms — Neor Dath, $1.00 per Day and up 

Boom and Bath, $2.00 per Day tod up 
Parlor, Bedroom and Batn, $3.00 per Day 

and op 

Excellent Rcitturnni Good sfuale 

Club Break fust. 25 cents op. 

Special 76 cent Table d'Hote Dinner. 


or Instrumental Music! If so, be SURE to 
km* aame arranged by an KXPRRTt Anartlstlo 
arrangement MM SUCCESS! 1 have done H FN 
DUDS of BIO BITS! Write or" call afternoons »*. 

Care Shapiro, 1410 Broadway, N. T. C 


BED HOT PARODIES- "Oct You Alone Tr> 
night," Somciiody Else. Getting It," War Did Too 
Kate He CarcP* "I'll Sit WgM On too Mood," 
"Row, How, Row," "My Harem."" When I Lost 
Ton," "Hnookle Oolcuma." "Ragtime Violin," 
"\VMitaOlrt""Devn'»Bidi l"loc. each. Alitor 
$1.00. L. n.HOLMKS,47 W. 2Mb St., New York. 

Harris, Sam J., Met. O. B.. Phlla.. Sl-Aug. 2. 
Hill. George, Empress, St. Paul. 
Hayden-Stcrensou Trio, Lyric, larllanapolls. 31 

Aug. Z 
Hall ft Thomas. Shea's. Buffalo, 

Starrctt, Howard 8.. atcgfeld'a Follies Oo. 

8tataer, Oarl, lackaoDTllle, Fla. 

Staaley, Stan Trio, Uusle Hall, Brighton Dcaeh, 

Stroud Trio, Proctor'a, Troy, N, Y. ; Saratoga 

Lake, 4-Kl. 
.Stipes. Musical, Keith's. Louisville. 
Maataer, Carl, Jacksonville, Kla. 
stsnleys. The, Savoy, Atlantic Oily, N. J. 
Sntlon, Larry, Lyndon's Big Show. 
Hummers, Cecil, Mllea, Detroit. 
Swor * Mack, Hew Brighton, Brighton Bears. 

N Y 
Swain-Oatman Trio, Orphcum, OakLind Cal.. Aug. 

Swrathaaa, Wilbur, namnteratetn's, N. Y. 0., 

Aust. 40. 
Tumto A Taaaho. Touring England. 
Tnobert Slaters A llrntber. Slu-n'a, Toronto. 

'inner, The," Empress, Ml. Paul. 

1VO lICIiiaia» 8lT ^ J ° t ^° „„ u o| 
July 28-AnK. 2 la represented. 

Abies, Edward, ft Co., Keltb'i, Boston. 
Ablngton, W. L., Orpbeum, Spokane, Wash.; Or- 
pheoia, Seattle, Wash., Aug. 3-D. 

Clifford, Ethel, A Oo., Oosmos. Washington. 
Coombs & Aldwell, Orpbeum, Loa Angeles, Oal., 

2K-A0K. S. 

Cotton. Lolo, Ban Diego. Cal. 

Colburn, Jennie, Billy "8wede" Hall Oo. 

"Confound It," 5th Arc., N. Y. 0. 

Conroy A Models, Forsythe, Atlanta, Ga. ; Shea's, 

Toronto, Can., Aog. 4* 

Connelly. M. A Mrs. Irwin, Orpbeum, San Bran., 

ante » «al. . Omhmm (l.kl.n.l Aiur .1.8. 

U1CUU, acwiuv, „■»«., aw«. u a. JBSUC. UQJCSXO AQX- S-tl. 

Abarbanell. Llna, Majestic. hlllwautee, Wis.; Ma- OorelU, Trio, Keith's? Clnclrroati. 

Cal.; Orpbeum. Oakland, Aug. 3-8. 
Conway, Nick, Lexington Park. Boston; Artie, 

R. I., Aug. 4-9. 
Colllna A Ode, Lexington Park. Boston. 
"Coort by Girls," Nixon, Pblla. 
Collegians (3), Majestic. Milwaukee, Wis.; kta- 

Jsstlc, Chicago, Aog. 4-9. 

ir.rwrll, Htrrry. Ik Wheeler Staters. Billy AUen'a 

M. U. Oo. 
t'adcane (81, Forsythe, Atlanta, Aag. 4-9, 
McMillan, Waller, A Co., Vendotne, TTeuapie. Tex. 
28-30; AirJome, Brownwocl, Tm., 31 Aug. S. 
Hal A Francis. Music HaU; Brighton Beach, N. A'eAtoy. Dan. P., Hsgenbrck-Wallaee Show. 

Y., Aug. 4-lt. NeDevltt. Kelly A Lucie, Kelth'a, Uoitou. 

Hart, AL, 6ti Ave., ». Y. O. Aug. 410. KeCsy. Wladsor, llaotnierateln'a, N. Y. O. 

liar try, Devora TrMi. Iluiuiu. . . .. t: itcMohoo, Dliuwnd A Olouuucnta, New Brighton, Taj lor Eva. A Co., Union 8q., N. Y. 0., Aug. 

Aug. 4-0. Erlghton Beach. N. Y. 4-10 

Ifaakn A Haalon, Shea's, Buffalo, Aog. 4-9. Mcllao ft AM Morrison's, Rockaway Beach. N. t^,, k x* Bell, Proctor'a, Albany, N. T., 31- 

Ilendler, Herabel, Union 8q., N. Y. 0. *•: Basic "alt, Brlgfatoa Beach, N. Y., Aog. Aug. 2. 

Human A Shirley, Union Sq.. N. T, a. Aog. 4-9. 4-10. Teckow's Cats, Hipp., Pittsburgh. 

Uenry A Francis, Mnalc Iiall, Brighton Beach, McDonoogh. Kthel, Orphcum, Winnipeg, Can.; or- 

N. Y. iihrnm, Edmonton, Oan., Aug. 3-9 

Unman Trio. Hipp.. Pittsburgh; Majestic, Mil- HcLallen A Caraou, rorreat Park. .St. Lools. 
waukee. Wis., Aog. 4-0. Mclntyre A llarly, Orpheuai. Loa Angeles, Cal., 

Aug. 3-9. 
XeCulk'Ugb, Carl, Orphetnu, Wlnalpeg, Oan., Aug. 

KcFnrlauds, The, Mnjoitlc. Mllwaukav, Wis.. 

Aag. 4-10. 
McLean. 1W., A Co.. rantages*. Denrer. 
McParland A MadtmT Miles', Detlolt. Aag. 4-10.( 
Meyer. Hyiuan, Temple. Detroit. 
Melrille A Ulgglne, Mojlc Ball. Brighton Beach. 
N. Y. 

'llKtuKu. Mr. A Mrs. Ftcal, Detancey St., N. Y. 

C, 31-Allg. 3. _ 

Tbornlou. Jaaiea, Ut-.<denon's, Ooney Island, N. 1. 

Jestlc, Chicago, Aag. 4-9. 

CoUlna A Base, Keith's. Indianapolis. 

Abdallahs (0), Sohmer Park, Montreal, Can., -Cowboy Minstrels," Hartford, Hartford. Conn., 

Herbert, Hugh, A Oo., Kmprcaa, Man Diego, Cal. 


Irish Piper, Scotch Piper, Irish Dan- 
cer, Scotch Dancer, Violinlgt (Musi- 
cian!. SaBsstaVrW- Mew York, 
B. *.. or caro N. Y. CLirPER. , 

Herbert A Goldsmith. Savoy. Atlantic City, N. J. 
Uenshaw A Avery, New Brighton, Brighton Beseh, 

N. Y.. Aug. 4-19. 
Hill A Aekerman. Moss Tour, Baglaad. lndesnlte. u^Si J" «.•« ■—*—«. rw». i.l.j m v 
Hlnes A Fenton. Rmpreas, Portland, Ore. Merrtll A Otto, Beaoeraea a. Coney Island, N. Y., 

Hlbbclcr, Hay. Auto Inn, Chicago. ..**• •*. .. 

Hlnes A Fox, Henderson's, Ooney Island. N. Y. 



Aug. 4-9. 
Adair, Belle, Keith's, Phlla. ; Fifth Are.. N. T. 

0., Aog. 4-9. _ ^ 

Adonis A Dog, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, 

N. Y. 
Adair A Dicker, Sassy, Baa Diego. Cal. 
Adams, Billy A Edith, Miles, Detroit. 

Sl-Ang. 2. 

Ode A Denahy, 5th Are.. N. T. O.. Aag. 4-10. 
Craig A Williams. Miles, Minneapolis; Orpheam, 

Duluth, Aog. 4-8. 
Cresey ft Dayne. Hong Kong, China, 29-Ang. 12; 

Kedong. China. 14-10. 
Cunningham, Cecil, A Co., 5th Are., N. Y. 0. 

Howard, ItatlltTc ft Ilayden, Oth Ate., N. Y. 0. 
Howard Bros., Touring Borope. 
Hoostoo, Henry, Nankin, China, 28-31; Shanghai, 
China, 1-31. 

Tnonua A Thomas. Academy, Norfolk, Va. 

Those Four Kids. Saroy, Han Diego, Oal. 
MelsmO. 8., Ferret Park St. L^w^AagJ-9. !,„„„ & WrnDi Proct or's. Albany. N. T., 31- 
Mermslda A Maids, Kast Bad, Metnpnis, Tenu., ^ a „ » 

Tornado, Mabel, A Co.. 5th Arc., N. Y. 0.. Aug. 

Trlx, mien, Orpbeant. Oiklind, Cat. 

"Trained Norses," Orphean, Los Angeles. Cal., 
27-Aug. ». 

Iroy tk>or, Lyric Indlaaapotls, 31-Aug. 3. 

^Trainer, The." RnspreM, St. Paul, 

Mehlinger. Artie, Shea's, Buffalo. Aug. 4-9. 
Millers. Jtgrrllog. Oroheam, Winnipeg. Can.; Or- 

fheoo, BtuaoatOT, Can., Aog. 4». 
ler A Lyte. Mites. Detroll, Aug. 4-9. 

"7E* S9 VS "«■ lh°- '' ***—*'•> 1-ikeTWhlo: MuriJHnli, llrlghToV Beach, N. Y. 
Holman. Harry. A Co., Psatagea', Dearer. Col., „OP*Y. » *»& * Itt-M» -W*. _^ _^ Types \3THaatasetake4a's. NY 
3-9. Monmmho A Wella, Rhea s, Baffalo, tsaess, to- Vao i enli The, Orpbeum. Seattle, Wash.; Orpbeum, 

Abeam. Okas. A, Sasoy, Atlantic City, S. I.; Crrinlnsnani A aSorton, Forajthe, Atlanta. 

Haiaaterateln's, N. Y. C. Aug. 4-». Cotter, Harry. Nixon. Ptills. 

Alexander Bros., Forest Park, St. Louis; Majestic, Cjclonians (8), Normabegs Park. Boston. 

D'rcy A Williams, Cosmos, Washlagton. 

Cnleago, Aog. 4-9, 
Alien, Fred'k, A Co., East End, Ueambis, Tenn. 

Aug. 4-0. 
AlTinos, Musical, Sohmer Park, Montreal. Can. 
Ax-erlcan Trompeters, Lexington Park. Boston. 
American Comedy Four, Norombega Park, Boston. 

D'ArfUle, Jeanaette. Montreal. Can. 
Darts A HeOaaley, Orpbeom, L09 Angles. OaL 
Darrell ft Conway, Majestic. Milwaukee, Wis. 
4-10 - 

Boey A Lee, Orpheuai, Wburpeg, Can. ; Orpaeom, 

Edmootou. Can., Aug. 3-0. 
Holmes, Taylor, Orpbeom, San Fran., OaL, Aog. 

3-0. . 

"Hcase Warmers, The," Fontaine Park, lLoolsrile, 

Aug. 3-0. 
Hood. Sam. Crystal. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Howard A Delores. Pantagcs', Sac Fran.. Cal. 

nam. Can., Aug. 4-9. 

UUM.-irr, AUVi uiuuciuui ui» 

aw ait^' a w| j l T~ ar, JDwBrw, Phlla.; ror.ytb^ r.^liX'sexwtte^Orphea-. San Fran.. 

Atlanta, Aug. 4-9. „ SB! «m, 3.0 ^ 

Mosber, Hayes A Moaner, Bamtaerstela'a. N. VanTallldrol. Mllea'. Detroit. 

Ambler Bros (3), Hammersteln'a, N. Y. C, Aog. Oammann, Carl. Troupe, Hipp., Pittsburgh. 

Att i ^,iaj>»BfcMshrs»M J W-.. ^rrtrK^L&.aiZF/jMZ&aiTTH.t. Montgomery. Marsaali: Hammersteln's. N. Y. 

^M^S^trlh^-iZ TW Anf^l-lf?" Howard's Ponies, Music Hall. Brighton Beach, Aug. 49. 
^•fi^T^^Sfno^tiblrsh 1 . 118 - ~**ZE*&*. _ _ _ Murray, KUaauetb, Hjun^r^ln'a^N. Y 0. 


Anthony A Boss, 5th Are., N. Y. C. 
Anderson ft Ooines, Hartford, Hartford, Conn., Si- 
Armstrong, Will. H., Fantages', Ban Fraa., Oal. 
Arlington, Billy, A Co., New Brlebton, Brlcbton 

Eeach, N. Y. .. . 

"Arcadia," Henderson's, Ooney Island, N. I. 

Arthurs (3), Sachsonvllle. Fla. 

Arenera, Orpbeum, Portlad, Ore. 

Ameson, Crystal, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Arco A Ardo, Sohmer Park, Montreal, Can. 

Ardath. ». J.. A Co.. Pontages', to Fran.. ggBB jfiSS^S^SSPk 

Aotalre, Fred ft Adele, Union Sq., N. Y. 0., Aug. De Anno, Hlppo.J Pittsburgh. 

Dalley, Robert L., A Co., Forsythe. Atlanta. 
Do Oroote ft Lsngtry, Casino, Charlotte. N. 0. 
DelaToye A Frits. Strand, Winnipeg. On. 
De Ooe, Harry, Temple, Detroit. 
Dehaore A Morgan, Orpheam. Winnipeg, Can. ; Of 

pbeum, Edmonton. Can., Aug. 3-0. 
De Vine A Williams, Orpbeum, San Fran., Oal,. 

Aog. 3-9. 
DemokTitos, Orpbeum. Winnipeg, Can.. Aog. 3-9. 
Deleon A Davles, Majestic, Milwaukee, Wis., 

Aog. 4-9. 
De Lnxe. Models. Rmpreas, San Diego, Cat. 

»■ C. Valloclto, Bolores, Sohmer Park, Montreal, Can, 

Mowatt*. Toggling, tTammersteln's, N. Y. O. Valmoat * Haymen, Ratnonn. Urand Rapids, 

Moran A Wiser, Orpbenm, Oakland. Cat; OC* Mich.; Majestic, Chicago. Aug. 4-9. 
pheum. t/oe Angeles. Cal., Aug- 3-9. _ Yaaderkoora, Toe. Lyric, Buffuto. 

. ..._^... .. .-!«•- w v 0.. vardaamn, Sidney, AustralU. indellnlte. 

Van ft Sclieiiek, Music Hall, Brighton Beach, N. 
Y., Aug. 4-ii. 
Muller. Oene, Trio, Orpbeum, Spokane, Wash.. Valreou A Lamara, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. 

Aag- 3-0. 
Mullen A Googan, Orpbeum, Winnipeg, Can., Aug. 

MykofT & Vanity, nipp., Pittsburgh. 
Nagfys, The, Kmprvsa, St. Paul. 
Nestor & Bergman. Keith's. Phlla. 
Keaport a Sttrk, Obataua, Waaliliigum. 
Nick's Skating Olrla. Temple, Detroit 

Y.. Aug. 4-1). 
Versatile Trio, Keith'*, Boston. 
Vivian A Altos, Richards' circuit, Australia. 

VIcNiriiw A Solar, Temple, Detroit. 
VlnlliiNky, Keith's. Phlla.; llenderaoa's, Coney 

l«kiid N. V., Aug. 4-9. 
Vinton, Ed.. Savoy, Han Diego, Cat. 
Vox. Valentine. Shea'*, Buffalo, 


Austin, Bob ft Elsie, King Edward, Montreal, 

Can., Aug. 4-9. 
Anger, Capt. A Oo., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Avery, Van A Onrrie. Keith's, ClncinnaU. 
Arards (2), Keith's, Boston, Aug. 4-9. 
Barnes A Crawford, Union Sq.. K. Y. 0. 

Baisden, Union Sq.. N. Y. O. 

De Mar, Grace. Forsythe. Hants. Aug. 4-9. 
Dickinson (Rune), Orpbeum, Portland. Ore. 
Dolly A Hack, Empress. San Diego. Col. 
Derlandcs. The. VVeuona Casino, Bay City, Mleb. 
Donley. Wm. J„ ft Co., Ramona, Orsnd Baptda, 

Dolan ft Lenhnrr, Forsythe, Atlanta. 
Duttoos, The, Hipp.. Pittsburgh, Aug. 4-9. 
Lwnbar, Looise. A Oo., English's, Indianapolis. 

Hunter ft Ross, Waldameer Park, Brie, Fa. 
Hunter, Lulu. Lyric, Buffalo. 
HoUng'B Animals, BIJou. BUn.. 31-Aug. 2. 
Imhoff, Conn ft Oortnne, Fontaine Ferry, Louis- 
ville, 27-Ang. 9. 
Indanlas <6), Keith's, Boston. 
Inge, Clara. East End, Memphis. Tenn.; Ma- 

Jeatk. Milwaukee, Wis.. Aog. 4-9. 

Ioleen Bisters, Keith's, Phlla. „ ul o U iu« u..». ..u.^.i. . 

Irwin ft Beraog, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. Nlkko Troii|ie. Jacksonville, Fin. •««•• • «•"■■ ■■«■. "■■■-" "> ""l',"™', _, ._>.«.,. 

Y.. Ang. 4-0? Nichols, Nellie V.. Music Hall, Brighton Beach. Walker, MnalcaL Ulsgrfliig Ilraa.' BuotOi definite. 
JarvU ft Dare. Fontaine Ferry. Louisville; East N. Y., Aug. 4-10, Jl."?"' r "SSs r °"r ln "f Mjftrti SSffc 1 

End, Memphis. Tenn., Aug. 3-9. Nooette, MuhIc Hall, Brighton Beseh, N. Y. W "J 1 » , J'- """«• »*■, West Briglitoo, M. I., 

Jackson, Joe, Orpbeum, Salt Lake City, Utah., Norton A Nicholson. Orpheam, Loa Angeles, Cal. r»- >■ 

Aog., 8-9. Norrls' llaluons. Shea's, Baffalo. Ward, Elsa, Forsythe, Atlanta; Jiickuonvllle, Flo., 

Jnmes. Billy. Lexington Park, Boston. Nugent, J. C, Orpbeum, Wlunl|ieg, Coo. 4-1). 

Johnson. Obas., Fair. Madisosvllle, Ky. ; Fair, Oakland. Will, ft Co.. Henderson's, Ooney Island, Wslsh ft Bent ley, Orpheum, Portland, Ore. 

Providence. Ky., 3-0. N. Y.. Aug. 4-9. Wstson A Rantoa, Orpbeum, Son Fran., Cnl., 2T* 

Jchnson, Johnny, Fontaine'Ferry. LoulavlUe; East O'Kurrells, The. Rlngllng Bros:' Show. 27-Au«. 9. 

End, Memphis, Tenn.. Aug. 3-9. O'Day. Billy, Bijou. Knoivllle, Tenn.; Victoria, V.'ulsh. Blanche, 4 Co., Orphenm, Spokane, Wash., 
Jordon Trio, Sohmer Park, Montreal, Can. Charleston. S. C Aug. 4-9. Aug.ll. 

Jutiges (2), Korumbcga Park. Boston. O'llrten, Havel A Co., Forsythe, Atlanta. Oo. Waldo. Flying, Lyric, Buffalo. 

Juliet, Morrison's, Bockswsy Beach, N. Y., Aug. O'Day, Ida, Orpbeum, Oakland, Cal.; Orpbeum, Warreu A Ulanchara, 

4-10. Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 3-9. _ Aug. 3. 

BIJou, Ilklit., N. Y., 31- 

BsBMtyjJterlssv a . Ota, ErtB» PawB w pg & ^5,,,,, oiean. N. Y.. Indennlte. 

Bartholdl's Birds, Orpheuro, Spokane, Wash.: Or- ajw,,^ Ton ' Tooring England. 

B. l ker%arf W Orph?um?" 9 Spotane. WsA; Of Ir^^F & -Cooke... Wm, )»dd_8how* laden, 
pbeum, Seattle, Aug. 3-9. 

Barnes ft Robinson, Empress, Denver. 

Baker. Belle, Temple, Detroit. 

Barry A Nelson. Chester Park, OunclnnaU. 

"Bachelor's Dinner, The," New Brighton, Brigh- 
ton Beach, N. X. ; Onion Sq., N. Y. 0., Aag. 

Beaumont, Harry, & Co., 5th Ave,, N. Y. C. 

Benway ft Dayton, Black Mountain, N. 0. 

Beeson, lime., ft Co., Sheas, Toronto, Can. 

BeU, Helen, A Qnlnn Bros., Keith's, PhUa. 

Bergere, Valerie, ft Co., Music Hall, Brighton 
Beach, N. Y. _ . 

Bern, Mabel, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, 
N. S. 

Edwards', Gus. Kid Kaboret, Orpheam, San Fran., 

Cal., 27-Aug. 0. 
Bdwards, Davis k Ox, Orpbeum. Seattle. Wash.; 

Orpbeum, Portland. Ore., Aug. 3-9. 
■lias. Harry, Stetson's "U. T. U," Eastern Co., 



Kennedy ft Kramer, Boiling Green Park, Sunbury, 
Pa.; Halsey, Bkln., nTY., 4-9; U«th St., N. 
Y. 0., 71(1. 

Kennedy A Booney, Union Sq., N. Y. C. 

Wmt and KRiMER 3 


Majestic, Mil- 

FJmo A Bob. Norumbega Park, Boston, 
EUls, John. Crystal. Milwaukee. Wis. 
MUott A West, Emprea, Sao Diego, CaL 

Beyer. Ben, ft Bro., Henderson's, Coney Island, mirons J8)_. .Miles, Detroit, _Aug._ 4-10. 

Bell' ft 'Caron, Jacksonville, Fla. ; New Brighton, 

Brighton Beach, N. Y.. Aug. 4-0. 
Be Anos, The, Jacksonville. Fla. . . _. 

Bendlx, Theo., PUyers. Orpbeuu. Oakland, CaL; Ernests (3), Touring Kngltnd. 

Orpbeum, Los Angeles. Aug. 3-9. Kmte A Ernie, Sohmer Park, Montreal, Can. 

Beresford. Ceelle, Orpbenm. Los Angeles, Cnl. Bsgen, Cart. Troupe, 6th Ave., N. Y. O. 

Berlin Madcaps (8), East End, Memphis, Tenn. Eugene Trio, tttlth's, Louisville. 

Bell Family, Orpbeum, San Fran., CaL, Aug. x-ay A Miller. TJorcbesler, Dorchester, Mass., 31- 

3-9. . . Aug. 2 ; Acket's, Halifax, N. S., 11-31. 

Berger, Edgsr, Orpbeum, Oakland, Cal.. Aug. 3-9. rels Trio, Orrbeum. Spokane, Wash., Aug. 3-9. 

Berkln, Mike, Orphenm, Salt Lake City, U., Aug. Felix, Lyric, Buffalo. 

3-9. • Fenton, Marie. Keith's, Boston, Aug. 4-10. 

Bennett Sisters (3) EmDress. San Fraa., Cal. Fiddler A Sbeltoo, Orpbeum. Seattle. Wash.; Or- 

Bernard A Harrlnaton. Pantages'. Son Fran.. CaL pbeum. Portland. Ore.. 3-18, , 

BwSST I ^Arthur?^avoy. Atlintlc City. N. J. Fltxglbbons, .Bert, Music Hall, Brighton Beach. 

I£ca»c«i% E B£m,? A'tStwA Amrieia^m. tS^Wm t, * Co^J Savoy. Sm, Diego. OU. 

HoUand. Aug. 1-31. E lt !? 11>b ? »i ll ?»> Chester Park, Cincinnati. 


""*"" v*»«|wm wixnaaiMM Kennedy, Jack, ft Co.. Orpheam, Edmonton, Can. 

Patrieola, Kbea's, Toronto. 
- Palace Olrla. Orpbcuni, I-os Angeles, Cal, 
Kenton, Dorothy, Keith's, Boston. Parrllo A FnMrito, Forrest Park, St. Loads, 

Kemps, The. Henderson's, Coney Island, N. Y. Ang. 8-0. 

Kenny. Nobody ft Piatt, Orpbenm, Spokane, "passenger Wreck, The," Empress, San Bran., 


ig. : 

Mi-'ch, Joe. Forsythe. Atlanta 

wnukee. Ang. 4-11. 
West, Muf Miirrltou's. Rockaway Beach, N. Y. 
Weilnnd, Qreut, Oriiheura, Wlnalpeg, Cun. ; Or- 

l-bi'uni. Eilmonton, Aug, 3-9. 
West, Ford. Enst End, Memphis, Tenn 
Weler, Obrs., Fontaine Ferry, I/oulavllle. 
snlbJtn Polo Team. Keith's, Phlla. , Aug. 4-10, Weher ft Wilson. Majestic. Milwaukee. Wit, 
I'alucc Quartette, Empress, Ban Frsn.. Can. Wevton, Haael, Majestic, Chicago, Aug. 4-0. 

Oxford's Elephants, Orpbenm. San Fran., Cal.; 

Onheum, Oakland. Oal., 3-9.* 
Oreille ft Frank. Lexlngtoa Park, Boston. 
Ott. Sadie. Met. O. H„ Phlla., 31-Aug. 2, 
Owens, May. Majestic, Rumford, Me., 31-Aug. 2 
Pavtoii, Ourae. A Oo., 5th Ave, N, Y. C, Aug, 

Wttrrlers, The, Hmprest, Denver. 

Whipple, Waldo, Sreolc, Bloomlngton, 111., 31- 
Aug, 2; Penroao Ganleu, St. Ionia, Aug. 4-0. 

Will ft Kemp. Hipp., Pittsburgh. 

Williams, Tliomjisun A Co., Orpbeum, Seattle, 
Wash.; Orpbeom. Portland, Ore., Aug. SI). 

Kelr. Angela, 'ft Co., 'Orpbeuxo. Ban Fran., CaL, 

Aug. 3-9. __ 

Kenting's Animals, Majestic MUwaukee, Wla. 
Kelly, Andrew, Matesttc, Chicago. Aug. 4-9. 
English A Johnson, Shea's, Baffalo: Shea's, To- Kennedy A Burt, Academy, Norfolk, Va. 

nioto, Can.. Aug. 4-9. KeBy ft Pollock, Keith's. Boston. Aog. 4-10. 

Erinllll Bros., Shea'o, Toronto, Can.; Majestic. Kennedy ft Booney, Keith's. Phlla., Aog. 4-10. 
Milwaukee, Wit., Ang. 4-9. King. Maxle, 5th Ave., N. Y. O. 

Pero t Wilson. East End, Memphis, Tran.: For- w,, , l " 1 " ,, „* Stryker, Orphenm, Hpokone, Wash,. 

sylbe, Atlanta, Aug. 4-9. 

Pellller. Alma Gene. English's, Indianapolis. 

Perry ft Elliott, Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., Sl- 
Ang. 2. 

Perry, Joe, BIJou, Bkln., N. Y., 31-Aug. 2. 

Pearl A Roth, Bth Ave., N. Y. C. Aug. 4-10. 

I'hlna, ft Co., Orpbeum, 1'ortland, Ore. 

Phillips. AL, Lyrle, Buffalo. 

Aug. 311. 

Wilde, Mr. A Mrs. Gordon, Orpbeum, Salt Lata 

City, V., Aug. 3-8. 
Wllsiui. Margie, Einpreas, Ivnver, Col. 
Vllliama Trio, Met. O. It.. Phils., 31-Aug. 2. 
Wlltnu ft Merrick. Rmiiren*. Knn Diego. Cal. 
Wilson. DorlH. A Co., Kiivoy. Atlunllc (Jlty. N. J. 
Wood A U'yile. Keith's, Ibmton, 

Kids from Scliool (3), 5th Ave., N. Y. O, Aug. i. h |i B p.tlcan Players, Kellh'a. Phlla., Aug. 4-10. Woodward, tlomiiln L., Cook ft Itais Comedy Co., 

** __ . „ _ _ l'lrlscoflls (5), Mliea'a, Buffalo. 

Klnto, 5th Ave.. N. Y. O. jj|„ no u ug , ( o>, Empress. Denver. Col. 

Klrke ft Fogartby, Orrbeom. ffdmonton. Can. pinafure Kiddles. Keith's, Boatou, Aug. 4-10. 

Knickerbocker (4), Forrest Park. St. Looia, 27- x/oiiock, Milton, ft Co.. Orphenm, Portland, Or* 

Aug. 9. - . . rMh . a I'rlesl. Janet. Miles, Detroit. 

Kramer ft Morton, Shea's, Toronto; Keiths, pfjmro,,,, Ann,,, Co*mos, Waablwrlon. 

PhUa., Aug. 4-10. _!, R S y, Bllyl B., Sycamoor. III.; Clinton, S-10. 

Krntons, The, New Brighton, Brighton Beach, I 

Lsng A May, Tark. Sunbury. Pa.; Waldameee 

Park, Erie. Pa., 3-0. 
Lttham. Chas. ft Ada. Keith's. Phlla. 
Lumbertl. Orphcum, San Fran., CaL; Orpbeum, 

Oakland. Cal.. Aug. 8-9. 


Bower9*"wn"terB "ft" Crooker. Touring England. Fields A Lewis, _ Henderson's, Coney Island. N. La Valera A_ Stokes. Jlrphemn. Oaktand^Cal 

Boises '(4). Touring Enrope. v-JLS 

Btgart A Nelson, Orpbeum, Salt Lake City, Utah. fJoro, 

Btmu*A Benton. Majestic. MBvvaokee. Wtaj. . SSn?™,, 

Bchemlans (3), Batnona, Grand Baplds. Mleb. ■* A n "/ w S 

«SJ^ -**-» " m ~- ■**••' [giK &2& k. y. a zrzu h &gg&. &&£*? 

town £>A!% WET VttiEp& jm NJL i-*5-e. ft UcpSabb, 5th Aw... N. Y. O.lug. 

Lnas. i'Traxx^runTwic? M?' T^^T^&F^^ ^ " M La^fc. Bokrser Park, Montreal. Can.. Aug. 4-10. 

RaiSr' ISSISb StTPaoL *>»* * Kla. Hammersteln's, N. Y. O. Lewia, Jack M-, '•Seminary Girl" Oo. 

Brook? A ^ , Kel^a^'nalaxtai«Us. wranklha ft Green. Orpbeum, San Fran., OaL ; Or> Lean, CedJ, New Brighton. Brlgbioo Beach, N. 

IBS K St"1^»10- ^T^X^^^^. Jt^iSo^^L^ Oal.. 27- 

SngSc, n*%£ iaghS. Abt. S^^Bs-t^: K5tf^ 4.,. t Al on^. «-« c. a . 

■ * ' als. Ornheom. Winnipeg. Can. Gatvbt, Joaaale A EUs, "Uttlo Miss Mix-Up" Oo. Lee. Agnes Empress. Denver. CoL 

Georgia Trio, Empress, San Fran.. CaL Lestera (3), Nixon. Phlla. 

Gerard ft West BIJou, Bkln., 31-og. 2. Lewis ft Norton. Nixon, Pblla. 

Gilbert ft Brammlck. Auditorium. Venice, OaL, Lester Bros., Pantages', Sao Fran.. Oal. 

28-30: Bottom. Long Beach, Oal.. 31-Aog. 3. Lewis. Ben, BIJou, Bkln,, N. Y„ 31-Aug. 2. 

Glllen, Eddie, Panama Canal Show, White City, Leffell Trio, Forsythe, Atlanta, 

Barneses, Orpbeum, Portland, Ore. 

Bavenscroff, Chsrlottc, Orpboum, Spokane, Wash., 
Aug. S-9, 

Bayfayette's Dogs, Fontsloe Park, Louisville, 

Baymo. AL. ft Co., Proctor's, Albany, N. I., 31- 
Aug. 2. 

Randalls, The, Jacksonville, Fla.. Aug. 4-10. 

Lodl, N. Y. 
Work ft l'lsy. Acsdetiiv, Norfolk, Va. 
Wynn, Ed.. A Co., Majestic, Milwaukee, Wis.. 

Aug. 4-9. 
Wynn. Ik-sale, Now Brighton, Brighton Beach, N. 

Y., Aug. 4-10. 
Yntes, Fronds, ICellli's, Boston, 
Yetiiiu. Fontaine Park. Louisville, Aog. S-0. 
Yniitnninto Bros., Hipp., PllUurgti. 
ISralla, Furreit Park. St. I-oulo. 
Zeadn, Keith's, Indlsiiapolls. ^^^^ 


Buckley's Animals. OTpbcum. Winnipeg 
Bvtsa'a Dogs. Chester Park. Cincinnati 
Bush Bros., Cosmos, Washington. 
Burns, May ft Lily, Hartford, Hartford, Conn 

81-Aug. 3. 
Burke. King A Walsh. Shea's, Buffalo, Aug. 4-0. 
Byron ft Langdon, Eaet End, Memphis, Tenn. 
Oeiriilllana (2), Union 3q„ N. T. C. 
Carter, Suzann, Cosy, Houston, Tex., Indefinite. 
CenBeld b Ashley. Temple. Detroit. 
Carl ft Lotty, Orpbeum, Oakland, Cat 

n^"^™ m. rv. \>Mt n tr nan. m. awSgnsT(>B»BwaBfcaBBt«sn (af'ajrbaayjvntTiMJrairtl 
Beo. Connors, A Co.. Met O. IL, Phils., 31- m: t»n«la^ other ttsoful people for No. 1 And 3 
Remey', Baker ft Adams. atagUah's, ladlsaapolla. Oow. l<«w.aetd'.tll..w,Orldly,lU. 
Klchmood, Dorothy, ft Co.. 5th Av».. N. X. C. 

Rio Bros. (4), Toarlag Enrope- 

Rlce. Klmer ft Tom. Touring Baglaad. 

Riley. Eddie, A O'Neill Twins. Wslassaser Park, 

Erie, Pa.; Idora Park, Younotown. O.. Aug, 

nitchle, Adele. Savoy. AUtatle CNty, N. 1. 
Itosaow Midgets. Hammersteln's. N. T. a 
ltocasaon. Buxanne. Forsythe, Atlanta. 
lioouey A Bent. Orpbeass. San Frss., OaL; 0r- 

paessa. Oakland, Oal.. Aag. 8-9. 
Robins, The. Orpaeom, HeaUle, Wash. ; Orpbeum, 

Portland, Ore.. Aug. 39. 
Roberts, Utile I«rd, Forrest Park. St. Louli; 

Majestic. Milwaukee. Wis.. Ang. 4-9. 
Bolters (4). East Hod. Memphis. Tenn.. Aug. 3-0. 
Ilcroondl, Evelyn. Wetiooa Casiso. Bay City, Mich. 

Chicago, indefinite. 
Gllmour ft La Tour, Empress, San Diego, Cal. 
docker. Chas. A Anna, Sohmer Park. Montreal, 

Golf. Helen. 5th Ave., N. Y. O. 


Canton, 0. 

F onk A CUra. Meyer's Laks Park. Boyer ft Hell Rn<rl<«k's, Indianapolis. 

*'*• m * , ** "* »-**»"a»i "Wo *-aasaaw atasssat D . _,_.„ p «, HU »f*npf>lvtl1 ItlttTnrk 



Corson Bros.. Orpbeum, Salt Lake City, tjtah, Golden. Claude, Shea's, Toronto. Can.; Keith's, 

Aug. 3-9. Phlla., 4-10. 

Orrrsrs, The Music Hall, Caoarste, L. I., N. Y. Gormons (5), Orpbeum. Los Angeles, Osl 

---. r . atoi E *■ . v^o, aaa_ O^aAak seh- . — CVaS* •-.**■■ f>oa»b. ft4I mwt * won a, I flat 

CampbeU Slaters. Nixon, Pblla. 

OaupoUcon, Chief, Majestic, Milwaukee. 

Cameron A O'Conner, Majestic. Milwaukee. 

Cslr. Bisters, Keith's. Cincinnati. 

Carlton, Al Rsmooa, Grand Rapids. Mich. 

"Cavaliers, The." E&iprcss. San Frsn., CaL 

Crrson, J. B. Shea's. Buffalo. 

Callahan, James, ft Co., New Brighton, Brighton 

Beach, N. Y. 
Chonna (4) • Touring Europe, ladeflnlte. 

Gordon Bros., Sohmer Park, Montreal, Can., Ang. 



Roberta's Circus. Carnival, Buffalo, 

Rosea (2). Music Hull, Brighton Beach, N. Y., 

*■»• 40 - _ . . . 

Romalu A Delano, Henderaoo's, Ooney Island, 

Aug. 4-ip. 
Roegger., Kiss, Onlieum, Wlolopeg, Oan. 
Rusw-1. BIJou, Hartford. Uarttord, Oona., 31- 

Aag, 2. 

Attorney at Law 

320-224 West 42d Stroot 


Specialist fn Matrimoaial Difficulties 

Special Dcpirtmtnt (or Collections 
Corvaritioiu OrgAttlMd*, $25.00 


Lille, Carrie. Keith's, Ixmlsvllle. 
Lores Family, Touring England. 
Longhlln'B Dogs, Shea's, Toronto^ 
"Love In the Bobtrrbs,'" 


ronto, Can.. Aug. 4-9. 
Grees, Carl, Forsythe, Atlanta. 
Gygl, Ota, Majestic. Chicago, Aug. 4-9. 
Ujywnrd, Harry, ft Co., Msiestlc. Hlrmlugbam, 

Is.; Orphetim. Jacksonville, Fla., 4-9. 
Ilnrt Bros.. Barton ft Bailey Show, Indefinite. 
Haxsard, Jack, Keith's, Boston. 
Chalooer, Xatherlae. ft Co., Temple. Detroit; Hayes, Brent, Orpbeum. San Fran., CaL; Or 

Music Hall. Brighton Beach. N. Y.. Aug. 4-9. _ pbenm^ Oakltad, CaL, Aug. 3-9, 
Chickadees. Academy, Norfolk. Va. 
Oblnko, Miles, Detroit, Ang. 4-10. 
Gsrke A Owen, Sydney. Australia. Indefinite. Hsmll, Fred., ft Or>., orpnenm. Ban jrras., OaL, r, TIltn ' ft"'zellcr." Music" 'Hall. Brighton Beach 

CUrk. Wallace ft Co., Orpbeum. Wlnnepeg, Can.; Aug. 3-9. . N. Y.: Keith's. Boston, Aug. 410. 

Orpbeum, IWioonton. Oan., Aug. 3-9. Henders ft Millis, Orpheum, Winnipeg, Can., Aug. ygL* DaintyT liaaxmersteb?*: N. Y. O. 

Clay, Clarle. Mllea, Detroit. 8-9. - - . _ . ._. ... 

Clair A Martin. Keith's. ClncinnaU. Uosslcr, Bsdle. Festalne Park, Lomsvllle, Aug. 

Corson, Onra Yonagblood, Sextette, Pomoko City, „S-9. _,„„.. 

Md., Ang. 4-31? Haras Family, Patages*, Denver. 

rUatsraff, Olga. Trio. Pontage*'. San Fran., Cat. 
Haaford. Fred.. Keith's, Indianapolis. 
Hcbrlner A Itlebanls, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Bestoo. ISIIIte, On.lieam, I'orilsnd. Ore. 



.'• Henderson's. Ooney ^1" ' M« *X Orpkt^ lilt Lite Olty, Blfles, Swortls, Khaki »n«t ClotU Uniforms, Shoes 
, , , ii 'auc s'-ii liiankela, Tents, llatu, etc. Cutaloguo aent oil 
lemons, Ouuey Ialand, ^ elUn i A aro , lB i # nipp.. Pittsburgh. ._ wquost 

•*- ' - -rson's, Coney Island, 

°*<5SJS U v1.*aSJ£; &"&**&"*' ' **>*•* * «««lia«. Empress. Salt Lake City, 

n°T? w l^^^^LSlL'^J" n nL. nail tAmoa, aTive Musical, Btpp., Plttslicrgh. 

Hsmll, Fred.. A Co., Orpheam, San Fraa.. CaL, , ^' u zaint. Music Llall. Brightna 

latand, N. Y. 
Loratne ft Burks, 

N. Y. 
Luxkm. Louts, ltender s cn'w, Coney Island, N. Y. 

- Utah. 

Memon. Chas. P., Keith's, Boston. Aug. 4-10. 
Bbowaller, Kilun, t'nlon H(|., N. Y. O. 
Sboesasker A Martin. Keith's, Cincinnati. 
Shunny, Lillian, Mer'k. Sq.. Lowell. Mass. 
fUurlner A Richard. Jacksonville, Fla. 
Blaelalrs (3). Fontaine Ferry, LovlsvlUa: For- 
rest Psrk. Ht. Lsals, Ang. 3-9. 


»43 W. 4UM Btreet, New York City. 


Does sot mean buying tie thing that is cheapest 

in the beglnulng — It's buying the thins; that 

Is cheapest In the end. Don't bay the theatrical 

trunk that Is cheapest to bay— buy tie one t hat 

Is CHEAPEST TO KEEP. Buy the lightest, to lessen your excess baa^rage ejrrjejise; tho strongest, of 

stand the rough uso (and abnse) it's bound to get; and the most Berrlceablo to Insure many jean ot 

service. What you need la the trank that cost* you tho least for tea or more jests' use. 


WILLIAM SAL, InC. I Mack Trank Cov, 102 8. Main St. Memphis. Tenn. 

46 W. 45th STREET, • NEW YORK CITY | victor Trunk; Co., 74 Bills St., San Francisco. 
t..\ ''■ 

MurtlnetU A Sylvester, Moric Ball, Brighton Binlw. Gi^y's ir^rtmadT Me 
Beach, N. Y.; Keith'.. Boston. Aug. 4-10. n"»awr. """"■ "™""' "' 

Mack. Baunbean A Co.. Orpbeum. Oakland, CaL; 
Orpheurm. Las Ajwrtes, Cal.. Aog. 3-0. 

Maybsw ft Taylor. Orpheam. Spokane, Wash.; 
Orpheam. fseattle, Aog. 8-9. 

Mack ft Williams, Orpbeum. Spokane, Wash.; Boyd At.. Woodbaven.N. Y. Phone 


A laugb, scream, riot-, Booked solid 

eomcdlan, Dancing Hpccliilticn, Character, Tend- 
ing Man, Ocnernl HnalncHM Man. Al Piuno Plitycr 

Orphenaa. Beattle, Aog. 8-9. 

Manalng, Moore A Armstrong, Orpbeum, Edmon- 
ton, Can. 

Matthews A Shayne, Orpbenm, Salt Lake City. 
II.. Aog. 8-0. 

rTsglln, Kitdy A Roy. Nixon, Phlla. 

ijuy.j ai.i . 

ntond Hill. 

JjMJJ" (piny istrlti.) Appeumuco, ability and wardrolio 
uei nr «ic u absolutely casentlnl. Thin Is a pleasant, attrs) cn- 

Sldney. Sth Ave., N. T. 0.. Aag. 410. 
Rmltti, Aerial. Touring Enrope. 
Bmltli, Onok ft Brandon, i'orrest Psrk, SL Tyonla, 
Aug. 8-9. 

g-gement. A. LAW1IENCR, M«r. Block 
Cat. Air Dome. Wire Mllnta, Mo., Chllll- 
rotlio, Mo., week Aug. 3. 


Boog Birds, Orpbeum, Winnipeg, Can, ,Aog. 8-9. 



August 2 

The song that 
put the "Co" 
In Tango. Your 
Copy Is ready. 



FREE21QUT MUSIC CO., Loganoport, Ind. 

Great combination 
of Harmony, "Pep" 
and Sentiment. 
SI two-a-day acts 
are already using it. 



DRAMATIC i jjjSjgjL 

•onin Intended for TBI* Colama 

Hut Reaek Thla office. Not later 

Tli.n Saturday Before Day- Of 

Publication to In. are 


-All Aboard"— Lew Field*'— Forty-fourth BtroM 
Root Garden, New York, indefinite. 

"Blind™., of Virtue"— Chicago. JT-Ang. 3. 

-Bought and Paid For" — ffu. A. Brady's, Ltd. 
—Touring England. 

-Brewater's Millions" — Somaeralde, P. E. I., 80, 
Oberlottetown SI, Amherst, N. B., Aug. 1, 
SackviUe 2. SpringhUl 4, Kooeten S, Sussex 6, 
St. John 7-9. 

CBburn Players — Columbia Utverslty (Xmpji, New 

York. ae-Aog. a. 

Osrieton Sliteri (Varney A Montgomery, mgn.) — 

Marlon, led., indefinite. 
Be Vou, Flora. Oo. — Lake Genera, Wli., 30, 31, 

Richmond, 111., Aug. 1-3, Beedsburg, Wis., 4-9. 
"Bverywomsn," Henry W. Sarage'e— Fresno, Cal., 

30, 31, Baker, Portland, Ore., Aug. 1010. 
-Elixir of Youth, The"— Chicago, Aug. 3, IndeO 

Cordlnler Bros.' Co.— Aatorla, 111., 28-Auft. 2, 

Tablegrove 4-9. 
-Gentleman from No. 219, The"— AUmtlc Otty, 

N. J.. 28- Aug. 2, Mai toe Elllott'i, New York, 

4, indefinite. 
"Girl and the Baron, The"— Keene, H. II.. 28- 
Aug 2. 
"Olrl Outlaw, The" (Clyde Anderson, mgr.)— • 

Tezarkana, Tex., 30, Pine Bluff, Ark., 81. 
Hatfield, Jolly Finny— Oiwtfo, N. Y.. Indefinite. 
Harrison's Associate Playen — Burnsvllle, Me., 30, 

Mllo 31-Aug. 2. 
"Hsnky Pinky" — Loj Angeles, Cal.. IndeBnlte. 
"How Much la a Million?" — Chicago, Indefinite. 
Hark* Broa, IB. W. Marka, mgr.) — Hamilton, 

Can., Indefinite. 
Morton Opera — Albany, N. Y., Imlefinlte. 
Bason. John — Oort, San Fran., Cil., 27-Aug. 2, 

Oakland 8, 4, Ban Jose 0, Stockton a, Modesto 

T. Fresno 8, Bakersneld 0. 
McOInley. Bob A Bra— McKlnile, No. Dak., SO. 

Steele Aug. 1, 2. 
Modern Drama Player* (O. G. Man tie, mgr.) — 

Obnrleaton. S. 0., Indefinite. 
Murphy'. Comedians — Johniton Olty, 111., 28- 

Aug. 2. 
"illisonrl Girl, The"— Merle H. Norton'! — Michi- 
gan Olty, Ind., Aug. 3, Lowell 4, Rensalser 5, 

Fowler 8, Oxford D. 
-Mlnourl Girl, The"— Norton A Blth'i— Hunting- 
ton, L. U N. Y„ 30, Nortnport 31, Oyster Bay 

Aug. 1, Glen Core 2, Hempstead 4, Great Neck 

6, Obeator 0, Goshen 7, New Pelts 8, Ellen- 

rllle 0. 
-Oh! Oh I Delphlne" — London, Eng.. Indefinite. 
-Pualng Show of 1012"— Oakland, Cal., 28- 

Aug. 2. 
"Purple Road, The" — Casino, New York, Indefi- 
"Paragon Glrti, The" (Geo. W. Gebow, mgr.) — 

Paragon Park, Nantasket, Maai., indefinite. 
"Printer of Udell'a, Thnt" (Oaakl)l A MacVltty, 

tnc, nigra.) — Sheboygan, Wis., SI, Green Bay 

Aug. 1, Oshkosa 2, Chicago 3-9. 
Bnak-Blabee Co. (J, W. Ruak, mgr,)— Auburn, 

N. Y„ Indefinite. 
"Seven Hours Id New York" (Wee A Lambert. 

mgra.)— Yarmouth, N. 8., 81, Dlgby Aug. 1, 

Kentvllle 2, Halifax 4-8. 
•Wlver Wedding, The" — H H. Fresee's— Aebury 

Park. N. J., Aug. 4, Long Branch 8, 0. 
-Sweatee! Olrl In Dixie"— Quia* Broe.' — Oharle- 

toIx, inch., Aug. 2, Petoekey 4, Sault Ste. 

Marie 0. T, ManUtlque 8. Oladatnne 9. 
-Spendthrift, The" (Wee A Lambert, mgra.)— 

Freehold. N. J.. Aug. 6, Vlneland. 7, Ocean 

Olty 8, 0. 
-Shepherd of the mils, The"— OasklU A Mac- 

Vltty's— Michigan Olty, Ind, Aug 2, Chicago 

Taylor, Laurette— Oort. New York, Indefinite. 
-Trip to Paris" — Majestic, Chattanooga, Tenn., 

28-Aug. 3. 
•Typhoon, The"— London. England, Indefinite, 
'Tik-Tok Man of Os" — Chicago. Indefinite. 
-Dixie Tom's Cabin" (Wo. Kibble, sole owner), 

— OhlciBO. 28-Aug. 0. 
-Within the Law"— Margaret llllngton — Chicago, 

"Within the Low"— Eltlnge, New York, Indefinite. 
"When Dreatne Oome True" . — Philip Bartholo- 

mae'a— Garrlck, Chicago, 28-Aug, 9. 
••Wolf, The"— (Nan Kngleton) — Darwlnsvlllo, N. 

Y., 30. Red nook Aug. 1, Obpake 2. New PalU 

4, Delhi 5, Sherburne 0, Oaseaovli 7, Oamden 

8, Cannstota 0. 
"White Slave, The" — Harrlsbarg, Pa., Aug. 7, 

Johnstown 8. Altoona 9. 
"Yellow Jacket, The" — London, Eng., Indefinite. 
Blegfeld's Follies of 1013 (Florens Zlegfeld, 

■St.)— New Amsterdsm, New York, Indefinite. 

Permanent and Traveling. 

Academy of Music Stock— Wo. Fox's— Academy, 
New York, Indefinite. 

Academy Stock (F. E. Henderson, mgr.) — Jersey 
Olty, N. J., Indefinite. 

Academy Stock — Washington, D. C, Indefinite. 

Arvtne Players— Lancaster, Pa., indefinite. 

Alcaiar Stock— San Fran,, Cal., Indefinite. 

Aubrey Stock, No. 1 (D, Otto Hlttner, mgr.)— 
Huntington, W. Va„ Indefinite. 

Albee Block— Providence. R. 1„ Indefinite. 

Buma Brock — National, Philadelphia, Indefinite. 

Bnhler, Richard, Stock (A, O. Delimiter, mgr.)— 
Oolumbua. O., indefinite. 

Bishop Players— Oakland. Oa!„ Indefinite. 

Barrett Players (J, B. Barrett, mgr. )— Baieltoa, 
Pa., Indefinite. 

Bryant, Billy, Stock (Sam Bryant, mgr.)— Dover, 
Ky„ 28-Aug. 2. 

Baldwin-Melville Stock— Buffalo, indefinite. 

Boyer, Nancy, Stock — Jersey City, N. J„ Indefi- 

Bonatelle, Jessie, Stock— Detroit, Mich., Indefi- 

Beseey. Jack, Stock — Dubuque, la., Indefinite. 

Broadway Stock — Springfield, Mass.. Indefinite. 

Bunting, Emma, and Players — Memphis, Tenn-, 

Bryant, Marguerite, Stock — McKcesport, Pa., in- 

Baylles-lllcks Stock— Fall River, Mais.. Indefi- 

Bralubrldge Musical Stock— Minneapolis, indefi- 

Colonial Stock— Salt Lake City, IT., indefinite. 

Orescent Players— B. F. Keith's— Brooklyn, N. Y.. 

Colonial Stock (Oortlaoil rtonkliis. mgr.) — nawkes- 
bury, N. S„ 30-Aug. 2, Inverness 4-0. 

Colonial Stock (Holden 4 Kdtrarda, mgrs.) — In- 
dianapolis, Ind.. Indefinite. 

Oolcnlsl Stock — Cleveland, 0„ Indefinite. 

Oolunibla Players — Washington, Indeilnlte. 

Oook & ITaas' Oomedy — Sayrc. Pa., Indefinite. 

Oorncll-Prlce Players— St. Iguace, Mich., 28-Aug. 
2, R. Jordan 4-0. 

Davis Stock (Harry Davis, mgr.) — Pittsburgh, 
Pa., Indefinite. 

Dudley, Frank, A Associate Playera — Galveston, 
Tet., Indefinite. 

Doyle Stock— Decatur, HI., Indefinite. 

Delmar A King's Musical Comedy— Denver. Ool., 
Indefinite. ^^ 

Dillon A King's Musical Comely — Oakland, Cal.. 
Indefinite. .1 

Dowcll Stock — Milwaukee, Indefinite. 

Delmar Stock— St. Loul*. Indefinite. 

Drama Players (K, Weston, mgr,)— Lowell, Mass.. 

Dominion Stock— Ottawa, Can., Indefinite. 

De Grootc Stock (Ed, De Oroote, mgr.) — Char- 
lolte, N. a. Indefinite. " 

Douchcrry Stock— Dougherty A Cox's — Spring- 

_ field, Mo., 27-Aug. 2. Carthage SO. 

Dramatic Stock— St. Ixmls, Indefinite. 

Davidson Stock — Milwaukee. Indefinite, 

Empire Stock (Bergman A Todd, mgTl.)— lu> 
elng. Mich., Indefinite. ' ' " 

Fealy.Durkm Oo Denver, Cot,, ladcfljUtO, 

Fill? Stock (Aug. EL Flalg. mgr.) — Eecaniba, 
Mich., Indefinite. 

Franklin Stock — Olooster, O. 28-AnC 9. 

Oreenpolnt Players— B. F. Keith's— Brooklyn, N. 
Y„ Indefinite. 

Gotham Stock— B. F. Keith's— Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Gaiety Theatre Stock (Chas. Franklyn, mgr.)— 
Hebeken, N. J., Indefinite. 

Grand Opera House Stock (Loots Ban, mgr.) — 
Brooklyn, N. Y„ indefinite. 

Gallup Stock (Bert B. Gallup, mgr.) — Mexico, 
Mo., 28-Ang. 2, Brookflrld 4-9. 

Gorman, J. W., Oo.— Portland. Me., Indefinite. 

Gorman, J. W., Co.— Haverhill, Mass., indefinite. 

Gorman, J. W.— Worcester, Mass., indefinite. 

Gorman, J. W-, Co.— iMedford, Mass., Indefinite. 

Gorman, J. W.. Co. — Aoburndale, Mass., Indefi- 

Gorman, J. W., Oo,— Salem, Has., Indefinite. 

Gorman, J. W„ Oo. — Brockton. Mass.. Indefinite. 

Gorman, J. W, Oo— Dover, N H, Indefinite 

Gorman, J, W., Co.— -Lynn, Maes., indefinite. 

Gorman, J, W., Oo. — Lowlston, Me., Indefinite. 

Gorman, 'J. W., Oo. — Bangor, Me., Indefinite. 

Hale, Jeaa, Stock— Ironwood, Mich., 28-Ang. 2. 

Huntington, Wright — St. Paul, Minn., Indefinite. 

Hlllmsn's Ideal stock—Omaha, Neb., indefinite. 

Hlgley-Harrlngton Stock— Mobile, Ala., Indefinite. 

Hickman Stock — Honey Grove, Tex., 28-Ang. 2. 

Harrington Stock — Shawnee, Okla., indefinite. 

Hall Players — Altoona, Pa., Indefinite. 

Hudson Stock— Hoboken, N. J.. Indefinite. 

Hone Stock — Akron. O., Indefinite. 

Horaan Stock— Providence, R. L, Indefinite, 

Hampton Stock— Charleston, 8. O., Indefinite. 

Hlllmaa'i Ideal Stock (Harry Soon*, mgr.)— 
Independence, Kan., 28-Aug. 2, Webb Olty, He-. 

Hayes, Lacy M., k Players— Kearney, Neb., 28- 
Ang. 2. . • 

Jefferson Theatre Stock (Julius Oahn, mgr.)— 
Portland, Me., indefinite. 

Keys. Sisters Stock (O. A. Keyes, mgr.)— Clarks- 
burg, W. Vs., Indefinite. 

Kelly. Win. J„ Stock (Ed. Kelly, mgr.)— Sort 
Lake Olty, 0,, indefinite. 

Keith Stock— Portland, Me., Indefinite. 

Knickerbocker Stock — Eugene J. Murphy's, No. t 
Company — Oreencastle, Ind., 28-Aug. 2, Wain- 
ingtoo 4-9. 

Kilmt A Oassolo Stock— Baltimore, Md„ Indefi- 

Kovaca' Stock (Edw. A. Kovacs, mgr.) — Perth 
Amboy, N. J„ Indefinite. 

Knickerbocker Stock — Eugene J. Murphy's, No 2 
Company — Clinton, III., 28-Aug. 2, Champaign 

Kelly-Brennsn Oo.— Pllston. Mich., 28-Aug. 2, 
Boyne City 4-9. 

Kellard Stock (Ralph Kellard, mgr.) — Syracuse, 
N. Y-, Indefinite. 

King Dramatic (Ohaa. P. King, mgr.) —Living- 
ston, Tex., Indefinite. 

Keith Stock— Toledo, 0., Indefinite. 

Latlmore A Leigh Co. — Lynchburg, Vs., indefinite. 

Lang, Eva, A Players (O. D. Woodward, mgr.)— 
Omaha. Neb., Indefinite. 

Lorch Stock (Theodore Lorch, mgr.) — Passaic, N. 
J., indefinite. 

Lllley Stock— Chilllcothe, 0„ Indefinite. 

Lyceum Stock (Fox A King, mgrs.) — Ogden, D., 

Lonergan Stock — Lowell, Mass., indefinite. 

Long Stock — Denver, Ool., Indefinite. 

Lytell-Vaughan Stock — Albany, N. Y., 28-Ang. 9. 

Lyceum Stock — San Diego, Ool., indefinite. 

Longacre Stock (Wee & Lambert, mgrj.j — Hagen- 
town, Md., Aug. 4-9. 

Matthew-Elliott Oo. — Lima. O., Indefinite. 

Morrison Stock (Llndaey Morrison, mgr.)— Lynn, 
Miss., Indefinite. 

Malley A Dennlson Stock— Fsil Blver, Msss,, In- 

Maher, Phil., Co.— Clayton. N. Y., Aug. 2, Oar- 
thags 4-9. 

Murat Stock — Indianapolis. Indefinite. 

Mountain Theatre Stock — Hamilton, Can., Indefi- 

Horoseo Stock (Oliver Morosco, mgr.) — Lei An- 
gelea, Cal.. Indefinite. 

Mayer Stock— Orpheom, Haverhill, Mods., Indefi- 

Manhattan Players — Trenton, N. J., indefinite. 

Modem Drama Players (O. G. Muntbe, mgr,)— 
Charleston, 8. 0„ Indefinite. 

Manhattan Opera Co. — Elmlra, N. Y., Indefinite. 

Metropolitan Stock — Cleveland. O., Indefinite. 

Majestic Stock— Teias City, Tex,, indeilnlte. 

Northampton Player*— Star, Buffalo, Indefinite. 

National Stock — Philadelphia, Indefinite. 

National Stock — Washington, D. 0„ indefinite. 

Ornheum Playera (Frank Williams, mgr.)— Phila- 
delphia. Indefinite. 

Opera House Stock (Reed A Zabrlskle, mgrs.)— 
Peterson, N. J„ Indefinite. 

Oliver Drsma Playera (Otis Oliver, mgr.)— Lb 
Fayette, Ind., Indefinite. 

Ornheum Stock — Nashville. Tenn., Indefinite. 

Oliver Drama Playera (Ed, Williams, mgr.)— 
Oshkosh, Wis., Indefinite. 

Orpheum Players— Montreal, Can., Indefinite. 

Olympic Park Opera— Newark. N. J„ Indefinite. 

Obrecht Stock (Christy Obrccht, mgr.) La 

Crosse. Wis., Indeilnlte. 

Poll 8tock (Gordon Wrlgbter, mgr. )— Springfield. 
Mass,. Indefinite. -»—.-» 

Prltchsrd's Select Plsyers— Orpheum, Hancock, 
Mich., Indefinite. ^^ 

Poll Player* (James Thatcher, mgr.) — Washing- 
ton, D. O, indefinite. ^^ 

Psvton, Joe. Stock— Newark, N. J„ Indefinite. 

Princess Players (0. L. Richards, mgr.)— Tf 
coma. Wash., indefinite. ' 

Poulter A Welih Oo,— St. Joseph, Mo., 27-Aug. 2. 

Permanent Playen — Edmonton, Can., Indefinite. 

Prlncesi Stock (Elbert A Oetchell, mgrs.)— DM 
Moines, Is., Indefinite. .- » 

rename Stock— Fall River, Mass., till Aug, ». 

r 'f, rl , B '5S k .,. (A - A - Webster, mgr. ) — VdlsBMat 
Park. Wllliamsport, Pa., nil Sept. 8. " u " mon 

Peruchl-Gypseae Stock (A. Peruchl, mgr.)— Mew 
Orleans. La„ Indefinite. »w.»-^v«v 

Po Stock— Wllkej-Barre, Pa„ Indefinite 

!° |, 10<:k — Hartford, Conn., indefinite. 

CS I'ock— Scrsnton, Ps„ Indefinite. 

pS wV~w w . I l" ,en ' £"">■• "">»*»«», 

Poll Stock— Wateibury. Oonn.. Indefinite. 
S u Sl'i tT 8 J°c«— Oentwvllle, Tenn., Indefinite. 
Kobblns. Ollnt and Bessie— Carthage, Mo.! 87- 
„ Aug. 2, Plttaburg. Kan., 4-9. ' 

Read, Roma— Ottawa, Can., Indefinite. 
Reynolds A Ross Players (Billy Ross, mgr.)— 

Salt Lake Olty, U„ Indefinite, 
gentf row Stock— Texas Olty, Tex., Indefinite. 

«fen°te Stock - Jenttre <». AubuS, N. "I, to- 

B*a*r. *■■*> T 's s li tB. Ont„ indefinite. 
Stalnach Players— Blngbsmton. N. Y„ Indefinite. 

8t i OI,lr . S,ock , iH, " r st O""". mgiO— BraS: 

don. Man., Can.. Indefinite. 
"■fiS K ™ nc '»> Players (F. H. Saylc*. mgr.)— 

Richmond, Ind., Indefinite. 
Suburban Park Stock— St. Louis, indefinite. 

■SL* ' gi * ■ * Ad «» 1o i *5 Jndefi- 

Sherman Stock— Burlington. la., Indefinite. 
Slanrord Plnyers— Wlldwood, N. J., Indefinite. 

'uirefinlte ~ Sprln * i " ul11 Part . aVmdon, Oan., 

Temple Theatre Stock (F. Falkncr, mgr.)— Cam- 
_ den, N. J.. Indefinite. "at„-Ma- 

Tlvpll Stock— S>n Fran.. Cal., Indefinite. 
*33SX? m,bov * Plejers— Oakland, OkL. In- 

Vn Lf£ t&rtt."- mtk ,aIr • > - ,)e, 

Uughan ouaer Stock— Detroit. Mich.. Inneflnltsv- 
Wlrinlnger Player. (John D. Wlnnlnger. mgr.)— 

Minneapolis. Mlna., indefinite. 
gg*!!** Theatre Stock— Detroit. Indefinite. 

"ndefinUe ' "*'• )— WlcWw . Ktn - 

Whitncr Slock : (Welsh A Walbonrn. mgrs.)— Bar- 

lx>r Ikach. Mich., 28-Aug. 2. 
Wletlng Stock— Syracuse. N. Y., Indefinite. 
VWdawortb Players (Kdw. Ornsteln, mgr.)— Wash- 

v.u"Sf Iffti'' New York ' Indefinite. 
Jnlo Stncb— Winchester. N. n., 28-30. 
JoungMown Players— Yonngitown. O., Indefinite. 
Toung-Adams Stock (H. Wllmot Young, nvrrT — 

Halifax. N. S., Can.. Indefinite. 
American Players (Yin Blcbmond. mgr.)-JThre. 

Blvcrt, Mich,. 24-Aug, 3, WatiawT^ii,. «* 

Kryl. Bohsmlr, tad Band— Chirlotte, Mich., 80. 
Hutlogs 81. Lansing Aug. 1, Ypsllantl 2, Mon- 
roe 3, ML Clemens, 4, Fort Huron S, Li Pee* 

TutUe, Clair, A Co.— Vermillion, O.. 28-Aug. 2. 

Benxtd** Entertaners — Bloomlleld. Neb.. 28- 
Aug- 2- M 

Arena* Theatre Stock (Joa. Weedon. mgr.)— De- 
troit, Mich., indefinite. 

Benaun Snow (Jack Singer, mgr.) — Oayety, De- 
troit, Aug. 4-9. Empire, Toledo, 11-18. 

Folly Stock (Mai Gorman, mgr.) — Folly, De- 
troit, Mich.. Indefinite. 

Ginger Olrl*— Ed. Wrotbe — Chicago 27-Aug. 9. 

H a stings , Harry (Jack Levy, mgr.) — Johnstown, 
Pa., Aug. 1. 


Brans, Geo.— Albany, N. Y., Aug. 1, 3, Schenec- 
tady 8. 

Field's, Al. O — Jamewcown, N. Y., Aug. 7, Brad- 
ford, Pa., 8, Salamanca. N. Y., t. 
O'Brien, Nell— Schenectady, N. Y.. Aug. t. 
Todd, Wm — AabevlUe, N. 0., 28-Aag. 2. 


Alexander'. Band— Woodside Park, Phil*.. 18- 
Aug. 9. 

Ballman's Band— Forest Park. Chicago, Indefinite. 

Obevaller, N. B., Emanuel Band— Blvervlew Park, 
Chicago, Indefinite. 

Osvallo's Band— Forest Psrk, St Louis, Indefi- 

Creators'* Band— Omaha, Neb., Indefinite. 

Cincinnati Symphony. . Orchestra — Cincinnati, In- 

Bpoel's ftcche*tr*--Uk». Akohsil. Lynn, Jias*., 

rermllo.'. Band — Delmar Garden, St Louts, in- 

Gsarea'a Orchestra— Forest Park, Chicago, indefi- 

lime*' Band— Willow Grove Park, Phils., Indefi- 
BL - 

Hutlogs 81. Lansing Aug. 1, Ypsllantl 2. Mon 
roe 3, Mt. Clemens, 4, Port Hon 
8. Flint 7, Saginaw 8, Alpena 9. 

Lily's Concert Bind — Waselngton Park, Pnlla., 

Landlno's Orchestra — Johnstown, Pa., Indefinite. 

Lynott's Orchestra— Ideal, drbondele. Pa,, Indefi- 

Lower's Band— Toledo, 0., indefinite. 

Lombard!'* Band— Milwaukee, Indefinite. 

Marine Band — Providence, R 1., Indefinite. 

Natiello'a Band— Fontaine, Louhrville, indefinite. 

Obbneyer's Band — Idora Park, Oakland, Cal., in- 

Pike's Orchestra— Logansport, Ind., Indefinite. 

Phllllpplnl's Band— Lake Contrary Park, Bt 
Joseph, Mo., indefinite. 

VesseU's Band— Steel Pier, Atlantic Olty, N. J.. 

Veleno's Band — rolnt Breexe Park, Phlla., indefi- 

Weber's Band — Cincinnati 27-Aug. 2. 

Zlto's Brass Baud— Palisades Park. N. J., Indefi- 


Barnum A Bailey — Fargo, N. Dak., 30, OrtonvlUe, 
Minn.. 81, Aberdeen S. Dak.. Aug. 1, Water- 
town 2, SIcmr Falla 4, Sioux City, la.. 8, Oma- 
ha, Neb., 8, Ooluxnbus 7, Grand Island 8, 
Hastings 0. 

Buckskin, Ben— Minneapolis, 29-Aug. 2, St. Paul 

Bamon'* Oircua — Patten. Me., 28-30, Island Falls 
Aug. 1, 2, Presque Isle 4-6. 

Barnes), Al. G.— .Washington, la., SO, Eldoo 31, 
Trenton, Mo.. Aug. 1, Atchison, Kan., 2, 
Leavenworth 4, Lawrence 6, Ottawa 8, Emporia 
7, Newton 8, Wichita 9. 

Cole A Cooper Shows— Livingston, Tenn., 81. 

Downle A Wheeler — Plttsfleld, N. H„ SO, Suneook 
81, Newport Aug. 1, Olaremont 2, Oharleatanro 
4, Keene 0, Athol, Mass., 0, Greenfield 7. 

Ottitry Bros.— Cblcago, 28-Aug. 4. 

Gollmar Bros. — ^Beedsourg. Wis., 80, Sparta 31, 
Falrchlld Aug. 1, Mondovi 2, Spring Valley 4. 

Hagenbeck-Waliaee — Elkhart, Ind., 30, Angola 
81, Auburn Aig. 1. Oolumbla City 2, Frankfort 

4, Kokomo 5, Bluffton 6. Newcastle 7, Dayton, 
O., 8, Richmond, Ind., 9. 

Honest Bill'. Show — Union/town. Kan.. Aug. 4. 

Bronson 6, Savonbog 8, Erie 7, Thayer 8, 

Altoona 9. 
101 Ranch Wild West — Fond du Lac, Wis., 30, 

Osbkbsh 31, Waupaca Aug. 1, Neenah 2. 
Jones Bros.' Shows, No. 2 — Oloy Olty, Ky., 30, 

Jackson 31. 
Bobbins. Frank A. — Manaiquan, N, J., 80, As 

bury Psrk 81, Bed Bank Aug. 1, Butler 2, 

Sussex 4. Bilenrtlle 5, Liberty 8, DownsvlBe 8, 

MsrgaretsvUic 9. 

Bugling Bros. — Cheyenne, Wye., 80, Evsnston 81, 
Sslt Lake Olty, 0., Aug. 1, Ogden 2. Butte, 
Mont, 4, Bosetnan 6, Billings 8, Lewlstown 7, 
Great Falls 8, Helena 9. 

Bells-Floto — Winnipeg, Can., 30, Konora. Ont, 
31, Port Arthur Aug. 1, Ft. William 2. Sud- 
bury 4, Parry Sound S, Lindsay 6, Belleville 7, 
Kingston 8, Beckwlth 9. 

Sun Bros.— Holly, Mich., 80, St. John 81. 

Silver Family Show— iMelvlo, Mich. 30, Yale 31, 
Rmmett Aug. 1, Oapae 2. Allenton 4, Bervllle 

5, Memphis 6, Richmond 7, Armada S, Banno 9. 
Sawtelle, Sis. — Naugstuek, Conn.. Aug. 1. Port 

Cheater, N. T.. 3, Plalnfieid, N. J., 4, Somer. 
vllle 8, Elisabeth 0, Perth Amboy 7, Long 
Branch 8, Red Bank 9. 

Sparks, John H— Traverse City, Mich.. SO, Char- 
levoix 31, Petoskey Aug. 1, Boyne Olty 2, Gay- 
lord 4, 

Tompkins' Wild West— North Collins, N. T., 80, 
Gowanda 31. So. Dayton Aug. 1, Randolph 2, 
3, Salamanca 4, Allegany 8, Portvllle 0, Boli- 
var 7, Friendship 8. 

Thompson's Msmora Show. — Kasbeer. 111., 28- 
Aug. 2. Van Orin 4-7. Oreen Oak 8-10. 

Young Buffalo Wild West— Wlkes-Btrre, Pa., 80, 
Ma&anoy (Sty 31. Alientown Aug. 1, PotWown 
2, Phofnixvllle 4, Princeton, N. J.. 8, Perth 
Amboy 8, Long Branch 7, Asbury Park 8, Bed 
Bank 9. 


Atop of the World In Moving Picture*— Beverly 
B. Dobbs' (Joseph Ooooly, mgr.) — London. Eng., 

Atop of the World In Moving picture* — Beverly 
B. Dobbs' (Joseph Oonoly, mgr. ) — Portland, 
Ore., Indefinite. 

Atjp of the World in Moving Picture*— Beverly 
B. Dobbs' (Joseph Oonoly, mgr.) — Honolulu. 
H. I., (definite. 

Atop of the World in Moving Picture*— Beverly 
B. Dobbs' (Joseph Oonoly, mgr.) — Sydney. N. 
S. W., indefinite. 

"Battle of Gettysburg"— National, Boston, Indefi- 

Ospt. Scott Pictures — Lyric. New York, Indeilnlte, 
Capt. Scott Pictures — Chicago, Indefinite. 
Klnemncolor Pictures— Forrest, Philadelphia. In- 
Klnemscolor Picture*— San Fran,, 0*1.. Indefinite. 
"North of S3"— Lyceum, New York, Indefinite. 

"QUA Varila.*' ITUtu.niM. fb. i.,~. mi 





People in all lineal alio good Male <*a*rtette| Producers for Dancing Sumheni 
good looking Young Ham, who can act, sing and dance; Musical Director. Send 

photos and all parttcolara. 

NL 18. 
OH, c 

BERT LEIGH, care Academy of Mtuie, Charlotte, If. C. 




sTis-st Class 1 



WANTED, to join for regular Winter season 

EXPERIENCED ORCHESTRA LEADER (Violin), double Cornet er Alto ( SECOND 

VIOLIN, doable Comet or Altai TE.fOB, BASS AND BARITONE 


Preference given those who doable In band. No fare, advanced. Salaries paid when due. Nothing 
> Pi?J r ^. ted *^£! s J^L° e i dnot * Dnl7 ' Be P re P*rcd to Join on receipt 

but sober and experienced 
of wire. Adlrc-sa DE R 


Permanent Address, RoekcTtlle Centre, N. T. 


For Permanent Stock or Repertoire 


Gen. But, Anything Cirt For. | Soubrettti, .Ingenust or Second Builrtu. 

Height, I ft. 6 in. Weight, 18S lbs. ! Height 6 ft, 1 in. Weight, us lbs. 

Wardrobe, ability and experience. Just finished eight and six years' respectively with one company. 
Joint engagement only. Write or wire. Tickets? No. W. H. EVERSTUS E, Box 91, Rent, O, 

\A/ A M T 

Those Playing Banjo orOuitar given preference. Must Know the Business and be Performers and 
not Managers— OR, Ex- Managers, as I hare Just got through with an Ex-Manager. The Bt. Rev. Harry 
Ashley. So Woman wanted. Will open Aug. n. Address OB. J. F. WILLIAMS. 

Herb* of Life Medicine Co., SPRINGFIELD, ILL. 





Add. BUTTER <fc LEVITT, 31B Oayety Theatre Bldg.,*oU* St. and B ' w a y , New Y o rk 


Good Character Man, Specialty Team (must pUy parts), Union Carpenter, Scenic Artist: for about 
three weeks. State ailperticulars m first letter as yon must Join on wire. Address 

FRED CHAUNCEY, Mgr. Cheanncey-Kelfser Co., Boch e»t*r, Pa. 


5? A fi L S. ? |I ! I ™ , T 1 .^ Sp * ol *!?S s '.^P- Comedian with SpeclalUes: Juvenile Han. Wire. 
Prepaid. State Salary. Alrdomes till September 13, then Permanent Stock. Scenic ArUit.PlayParta 

EDWIN R. STANLEY, Emporia, Kansas. 

\*4V M I 

OH El. 

Best of np-to-dfcle wardrobe. 
/East or West), 





PerrnanentS^kp're'e^rred, or Repertoire. Address by Utter only 
WHIT BBAif DOIf, fog Tyler St., Topeka, Kan. 


a22^SK^ e i OB a?T Mb J . 8 ^ eUMlM s»*«»w«.diAl Dramatic People 
loweet aaTary; week stand*. HARRY SHANNON, EVrc 

oreat, Onto, 






W?an« ^m!Soo k^; P^jrf BBM . H ' T - "" » ' 

"»™ oi 0,1--— Lyceum, New -lore, Indefinite. Oreat Fmnlm 13 nr tt.«.<.~, _-. , .. : 

E5S l=b - °*- Ajtor ' "•' S&^oi^r^^"^- 00008 *" w n , ^p1u. A 3^•• mt[ " ■. < ■ ^* 

"Quo VadlsT"— Klelne-Clnei Oo.— McVIeker's, 
Chicago. Indcdnlte. 

"Quo Vsdlsr'— Klelne-CInes Co.— Tremont, Bos- 
ton, Indefinite. 

"Quo Vidli T"— KlelneCloes Co. — Garrlck, Phila- 
delphia, indefinite. 

"Quo VadlsV'— Klelne-Olnes Oo.— Academy of 
Music, Baltimore, Indefinite. 

Bainey, Paul J. — Chlcsgo. Indeflslte. 


Adians' Greater Exposition Shows — Franklin V*„ 
28-Aug. 2, Elisabeth City, N. O,. 4-9. 

Allison Bros.' American Shows — Olendlve, Mon., 
28-Aug. 2. 


Great Eastern Shows — T, 
N. T., 30, ~ 


K ttS g.E fc Al"l V,V tt " AB «- *' 
K *X2*? T - 9S? T - Show— Lethbridge, A1U., Can.. 
-9+ m, 2. Swift Current. 8*1^4-7. 
M vK r ' 'JL ?• < A - B - Ml "«r. mgr.)— Apnleton, 
srtati. Ool. Francis. Cnlted Show*— OoeJph. a*?' 1 - ,.?- A °S- 2 - M ""«nkee 4-9. ~ 

Ont.. Can.. 28-Aug. 2, Stratford 40. Me iJE!l2i t,a . s ?? w " < a ■ BsrBeld, mgr.)— Mil- 

Fairyland Oarelval— ft. A. Ettenger's— Nysck. N. „ dleport. O., 28-Aug. 2. 

T., Aug. 4-0. 
Oreater New Rngland Show* (Harry Six, gen. 
nirr.)— Brockton, Mass., 28-Aug. 2, Plymouth 

Groat Griffith Show— Arnold's Park, Is., indefi- 
Great Pattuiaeo-Ecsin*, B uk,, Ota., iS-Aug. 2. 

_ .._! Show*— Keene, N H.. 28- Aug, 2. ' °* 

gonter Shows— Altoons, Pa, 28-Aug 2. MISCELLANEOUS. 

*' y * Nawsw V*waV » e-t. rm ., ..was sssL. aWssa.jsl 

,0 ^"' oJ°? llnjr J'— Exposition. Mt. Vernon. N. 
Y., 28-Aug.. 2, Du Bois, Ps., 4». . 

New York Amuse. Co. — Wheeling, W. Va.. lndefl- 

Opels, The— Burner, W. Va., 30, WUdell 31, 
Thornwood Aug. 1. Hoe term an 2. 

PemahoBfka'a Pets — Humboldt, la.. 30, Wllmlng. 
ton Aug. 1, Cadis 2, Somerset, Ps„ 4, Edln- 
bora S\ Havana, 111., 7. SnelbyvlUe 8, Oreea- 

Bicton tsssWasMaaja, o., 28-Aug. 2. Wiyneeoeld 

Blee A Dore'a Witer Carnival (Harry Dore. nur I ^5& I WPssjB -Hlist, IU.. Aug. 1, Mathers- ■ 

Twin Falls. Ida., 28-Aug. 2 BoSe 4^0 IS* Si ■£■■£ *■ McLean 6. Rutland 0. Mill- 

Relss. Nat., Co.-kenalngt<m . Il" . M-Ank 2. »5 d ff. Tl,1 5. 7 - Obadwlck 8, Hanover 8. _ 

Kensington, I1L. 28-Aug. 2. 
Butherfonl Oreater Show*— Cadillac, Mich.. 2a% 

Aug. 2. Cheboygan 4-0. 
Savldge Bros. 

Walden, Dana — Trenton, Mo., Aug. I. Chester. 
Neb.. 2. Emmettsburg, la.. 0. Hastlnc*. Neb.. 
7. 8. Hebron 9. 

'B^-^eyenoe^yo*; S&JV* T * tUl ' "tf^*'' B " *»* Show-Dlghlon. MfcaV 30. 

August 2 





^^g^xAbsolvtely guaranteed SELLING AGENTS 

HftSMS 1 

RB. Nortec Drop 
eats' raarauer 
UUw ■ 
Uuan'e Ftaraaey 
.Polloa-Fope Co. 

WHU, i.S5. 

Van Antwerpe, Drugs 
Dart 8. taut 


Oco. Martin Drag Co. . 

nttau-l Dili Stan 
FI.e Bl.t 


Salts Drag Co. 


jut b rot, D ran 

ruttnoa Buck nu. 
salts Bnk' L. 

Oa when Drag Co. 

Aogtlus Purmaey 
Sm'DrotCo. ~ 
Tit OwlT>rcg Co. 

lastlna Dm co. 

X. B. MX., 

Tta 0*1 Drag Ca, 

NtMttt Dnstttm 


law aVaraaaaia* 
Tbe Owl Drug store 
Twain, aacuab.*AMl*on 

Saa Die*. 
Plat* Pkaraaey 
Eilire Drug Co. 

Soa Praaatae* 
Tk. Owl Drat Co. 
Parrs re Stallone rr 
CteJsatrb,-. Haer Btor. 
IBn numuj 
No Percenter. Dreg 
P Sj BS Drag Co. 
B, « s. Drug Co. 
Beertet, a Baoyoa Co. 

Saa Java 
Taacsaa Drug Co. 

BoMca Dm j Co. 

J. V. Ultaolt 


Xn I. Sua, Hall 04a, 

Caltarr, Alta. 
Jae, Flr.dl.jr Drog Ca 
Wendell M.cleeo 

J. F. HeCalhns 

1'orl Wllltaai 
W.R. Brews 

Halifax, a. a. 
f). A. Burble*. 

4. P. Heuetaer 

K e lot. a a, D. C 
P. B.Wtlllt.ACo. 

VillJOd • Droi Store 

UelhbrlJ,.. alia. 

Float UedJej Dim Co. 

a.U Guinea cot 

Sanitary PaanoiCT 
Mrw Free mas 
K Albert 
J. H. IVaolt 
Biatrlaid Pharm acy 

Allen A Cochrane 

Part Artk.r 
W. T. 

v, „ fcWs , a. a. 

at. V. Piddock 

sa.k.tooa, Saalc 

_ Wall ste. Mart r 
CT. AaaaeACe. 

_ * Tofoato 
0, Tatalyx Dtej» 

J. P. DnaeMey 

Llgglire, Usilted 
Toe Hococr Co. 
. VairflBTrr. B. G. 


Bom** Calm. 
Owl Drvg Co. 

SBeawaawS larlatf. 

Uoblnton Drug Co. 

8caoIta Drug Co, 
George W. Cord 
Too Id.aa Paaraiej 
Oat Drug Store 

Metropolitan Drug Co 
Pueblo Drue Co. 

Pwple's Drug Store 


IUbII ton'* Pharmacy 
llartlgia'a Drug store 
rYotsao's Drug Store 


w J. Midden 

If* H ford 
The Rapelye Drug Ca 
C B. MUter, Dniga 
Goodwh'e Pharmacy 
•Udcraui Dm r Co, 


Bwll ABUtcIVij 

1>f¥ Hiffl 

A. r Woods Rone 

Biker I>njg Co. 


Broadway narsucy 

W. T. Harron, Drugs 

J. Chsnnagoe 

Wat* H. wry 

Brown Dr assists 

Riser ft Ucgrmao Co. 

CbrUtttnl Drag Co* 

AOeek'e Prog fttorrt 
I'eoplfi Drug Store 
Tempi* Drat Store 
Loon Drag Co, 
BUer ft HfccBu 


Snja«r Drug; Co. 

Tb* Film PbtrmMcj 
Crjjtil Ftunnicjr 

■ t. A 

•feffenoa 7%m. Pbtr. 

T« jt«r'« Drog Store 
HtttcIUssoo'i HuRMcy 
Ceitnl Ave. Phtraac/ 

Owl Drag A Seed Co. 

A oa* plena 

Kurtjr k Uooka Plur 


Jicobi Pbjrnicy Co. 
Tbc Orind Piarmiey 
Blkln Drug Co. 
Ceonty ftuupo 
Coi Prcacrlptloo Slop 

T.G. Howird, Druji 
Rcld'i Piurmtcy 

T*ylor-Bayo« Dnif Co. 
Max Uoma Drug Co. 
CSaptnaa't Pharmicy 

Llrlc n lon'a pba ma cj 


Becuon, Scaltb A Co. 

L. J. Baatr 
Qobbj Fbaraucf 
1 wan Drag Stort 

H ft. Btoart 
Camrron ACo, Coat . 
UDnmu'i h&armacj 
u. 11. Uair 
TTioa. WLllOeld A Co. 
Cblattfl Hrot, 
N. Y. CoatniDf Co. 
Mfjcr Drug ft Truu Co. 
K. E. B«bika 


H. Kfuter, Druga 
La Sail- Hta. Drag Btor* 
Orteoaif in A Vaoae 
Bojernian Drag Co. 
W. Swotxtda. Druga 
New Central lTur. 
Nortbwt-atem Term. Pbar. 
A. Arend Drag Co. 
J. J. BaBueta 
ilottlug-r Drag Co. 
Iver L. Qualet 

CwJcaU* lit ighta 
Stolte'a Drag Store 
Da*. Ills 
Lytic Pharmacy 
Woodburj Drug Co. 
P. BwkDl 8 ore! y HooM 
i. rftV LwaU 
Kca-rt Dreg Co. 




J. W. Hoover 4 Co. 

Coorer a Shrere 
Ceotrat Drog Store 

La SaHe 

CluKj'e Drug 8lore 

Jertebo'a Drag Blore 
Red Croat Phanucy 

B. D. ateDootal, Dreg. 
Red Cron PstrBoer 
De Krojft'. 



Rid Croee Phtrmoci 


Sell k Coo, Dregrt.u 

MltcoeU'a Drog Store 

■aed Dodaa 

Ofioon Drag Co. 

Ked Cruo Drug SWo 

Wllklnago k Co. 

Bttnert Drog Co. 
C. I. Laodar 

Haaoa Cltr 

Bred/ Drug Co. 


W. L. Barren t. Druga 
sloe. Cllr 
Wo. J. KllM. Drug. 

On. u. Soprr 

Watorl aa 

Koaup Drog Co. 
Waagler Broa. Co. 
loggart Drug Co. 
C. J. Jllller 

Public I'Sarmatj 

Nlchol. Drug Co. 

«'. R. Irwlo 

Brlgg. Brca. 
Hebraok Drug Co 

Kaaaaa Cllr 
0. Q Lata 

Ed. C. Prilacbe 

W. C. McKee. Drop 
Ball Liadborg, Dngo 

J. P. Boeleri Droga 


Carl.ton k Uot.7 
Carter S Soetborae Co. 
P. ]. Coapoetl. Drug. 

J U. Netaoo. Droga 

Naar Bel roe* 
Tb. Brown. Paarmacr 
VVI.well. Druggllt 

I'm. a. 14 

Uotoo Drug Co. 

a. Fraaataskaaa 
Wae«rly Drug Co. 


J D. Smlib 
tirero. the Drunl.t 


Oreen. Tb. Druggl.t 
ball* Lion Co. 

St. Paal 

Clt J Drug Star* 
H. A. BeclrraS^i 
chaa T. Heller 
y.nrer Drug Co. 


ltdw. A. Brooo 
King A Ce*. Droga 


CoIoaalA Drog Co. 

lot O'llern 


Ilea na Broa, 
Catbertcc Tepfct 

Drog Co, 

Btwrbarb Pharmacy 

bat ilt* Creek 

Biker -JcnM Co 

Ura. Clara M- Read 
Standard Drug store 
E.C. KJnael. Druga 
Gray A Woreeater 
We. W, FI<ro, Droga 
Pontcbartralo Pbar. 

v. u. iittabier 

C- B. CrtmptOD 

tiraod Rai.Ma 
Peck Broa.' Drag C« 
Srtiroi.drr'4 Drug Storei 

Jacbjpoa Drug Co. 
Ikolaon Drog Co. 
MrOirty'a lirug S4or» 
Kaaaau Cllr 
Owl Drog Co. 
Ked* rroanni Drag Store 
Onidblatt Broa. 
Dlriey Brotbrra 
Baltlmorr Drug Co. 
SI. Jolfpk 
Biir.t Jotepb. Drog Co. 

■t. Lob la 
It. SebmlfJt. Coiturqer 
Anll-Uonoiwly Drag 
Kirlerle Drug Co. 

A. Kufirr. wlga 
Jadge ft Dolpb, Droga 
Cllr Hall Drag Store 
Mil C Slvcrlfng 

B. Xatilv Dror Ca 
Ctntral DrugCo. 
Welpert Drug Co. 
Hefpor pbaraucy 


O. La. Qlguera. Druga 

Kra aa II. V ftngat e 


Uattlton Ate. Pbar. 
Lauer Dttig Co. 

Atlaatlfl Cllr 
1 polio Pbarmacy 

Opyra Houae Drug Store 

Ulehfleld'a Pbgratcy 

Tboa-K Kuwarda 

Gdwewcler rharmac/ 
Gratiaa A McCloaker Co. 
Markry Broa. 

Ho -vol. .a 
Win. Kanlab 
W. W. Ttaeger 

■fareer Cllr 
Uarrnrlt Drug Ca 
Laaer Drug Co. 
Uegenu A Ca 

Flrenea'a 1'barote; Ca 
Cbaa tlolabaner, Drag* 
Rlker A Sooi Ca 
lienka Pba rxoac / 
Cr-tcent Drug Stort 
U Bamberger A Ca 

Hew DrannloU 
Van I >jrr»cn l'barmacy 
Uonlgta'a itannacy 
lll.trra Drug Store 

Janra C. II alta 

Carroll Drug Co. 




Central Pbanogey 



Boawwor tb Broa, 


3. F. Bomm Drug Co. 
Bcblaepfer. Druga 

Fori Wayaa 
Mfj* r Broa Co.. Drags 
People 'i Drag Store 

E. B Merrltt 

StrlngfeHlow Drug Co. 
_ PbarmiCT 
Cbaries W. Elcbrodt 

UK. Ben tea. Drags 
P. G. Hart a Drug Co. 
a P. Grlaim 

J. C Cobleate Drug Co. 
Prey a Drug Store 

H. Swaanellft 


H. B. Wyaaag, 

0. P. Wlainack Co 

Cb logo CoatntB* Wo rka 

Brrtra Fc*rmarr 
CasRireu Drag Co, 

Ferger • Pbirtnicj 
Weber Drag Co. 

E. W. Btuclj, Drags 
Henry J. Iluder 


F. H. Uubbanl, Drjga 

La fay aj| to 
A. V. Klenlj, Dnigf 
La Porte 
C Emoett Treea 

W. H.Porter A Ca 
The Medicine Bbop 

Xlaklgma City 
Obmlng Drag Co. 

Owl Drug B tore ' 

Cockey Drug Co. 

Ion tit Head} 
Economical Dreg Store 
Terra Haste 

Oak Hall Pharmacy 
Valentine'! Drag Bbop 
Butler-LDdiain Drag 

Cedar Rapid . 

Boy aon Drat Co. 

Waller a. Kreajfcnp 
A. B. Feehter 

H a rr I sen Pbarmacy 
Public Drag Ca 
CiMaofMrav Drag; Co, 
Oncer B. Bet ting 
C. W. Uoyer 
New Pbannacy 
Boae DnigCo. 
aablnnd Drug Co. 
Acaitcrina. Ptansj^j 

• Pb 

Jaaea Da Lajigw 

Co a n e I f BlaaTa 
Opera Home Pbarmacj 


iita Molaaa. 
rreaaer A Wlogate 
Mo-d Coon Ca 
11 J. Olaea Pbar. 
Owl DrugCo. 

T, W, Be He Drag Co, 


W. B. A-ertJl'a Boae 

Cooper A Dunn 

Ess la villa 
BDad-eneyir Broa. 
Iwyja r 1 1 1 a ca Drag Co. 
A. Koprlon. Coat 
NewgwnDraf Co 
T. P. Taylor A Ca 


Ollberta Pbarmacy 

Raptdea Drug Co. 

Baton Rouge 

Van A- Woods. Drags 

Lake Chat-lea 
Van Pbul A Gordon 

Monroe Drug Co. 

- Xow Orleans 
Amrrlcin Dng Store 
P. L. Cuaacia. Druga 

Baecger Bros.. Drugs 

A a unit a 

W R. Partridge 


C A. Foaler. Drugs 


0. F. Franco A Bon • 

. Porslaael 
A Carld 
U.U. Bar Bona 

George A. Davlau 

■alt I eta ra 
8. Le Rot Robinson 
H. B. Hartoaeoil* 
Morgan A Millard, Drugs 
Sonne* bu rs>Hsbl latoo 
BpeUttr Krog Co. 

ScBastea Pbarnarr 
Aaioclated Storee Co. 
Le* Williamson A Co. 

L L. Klmraft Bra 
J an ci K. Ford 

Central Drug Co. 

Kleln'a Drug Stores 
flreen'e Pbersuey 
Kalgbl's Pbartseey 

W, 15. HunlCa, Drugs 
Woodward DrugCo, 
8.A.D. SbipptrdACa 
Epeteln Drug Co. 

Brock I od 
HilIftLjon Co. 
W, A.Cbip[ainC«, 

Cud Bingham 'a Drug Store 

Vt.ll River 

s Pba rmacy 
Haver nil 
Ball A lay on Ca 

Geo. F. O'Connor 


Alpine Cola Creass 

Peund Caaa, T5t BaiTta. 40c. Jara, 10e. 
Kalekerbookcr Cold Creaas 

Pouad Caaa, DOc. llalrea, 2U. 

Tubes, 10c 

MIU*s Bora I Cork 

Large, 79c. Medlua, 40c. Small. 25c. 

Wheat croft 

40c.. Bottle or Tie 

Face Powder 

Half Pound Cana, 30c Quarters, 20c 

Black Eye Pale* 

Complete with Puff, 25c 

Toolk Enamel 

25C Bottle 

Mcaleola Roane 

20c. Box. 

Blaek Wax 

20c Bog. 

Eyebrow Peaotla 

10c. Bach. 


Box with Mirror, 40c 

Annnrtea Palate 

60c. Tin Box 

Clown Wblte 

Tin Box, !5c. 

Bosa Patty 

20c Bol 

Lip stick 


Creol* Cork 

7dc. Large Tin 

Groaaa Paint 

28c Stick In Cardboard Tubes 

Ltalasr Colors 
10c Stick la Cardboard Tabes 

Molat Roar* 

Light. Medlun, Dark, 25c each 
Creole Roagre* 
20c. Bos, 
■TonpM Wax 

20c. Tin Box 

No. IB Rooao 

20c Bos. 

Iplrlt Gaaa 

15c Sottle. with Braab. 


JiVc. Tin Tube 

Llqald Roage 

20c. per Bottle. 

Manufactured by THE HI. STEIN COSMETIC CO.. New Yotk 

Weal's Drug Storea 
Alhcoaua Fhtrmicy 
While's Drag Store 

Kolliiii Bros. 

Roblnion DrugCo. 
Rouaer'a Drug Store 
City Drue Store 

Kred Brundage, Drugs 

E. L. Keyaer 

Port Baron 
3. T»b rat offer 
C. a Brleker 

aJurkloake A Loebrlcb 

Saalt f to. Baric 
Kred B. Price, Drags 

Tearerae Clip 
E. E.Mlll*rABon 

K. O. Wold 


Mattli Drugstores 
Wlftb't Dragsters 


John J. Uao 

A . D. Tbcauion Drag Ca 
fssrles HTcirkler 
Vorgell Bros. Drag Co. 
Pnbllc Drug Co. 

Red Wing 
Kobn's Drag Store 


ficolten Drug Co. 

C. II. Dairy ccple 

Lee Warren. Drugs 

Itoie Drug Co. 

Colbert Drag Co. 

Ureal Falls 
Model Fbarreacr 


Beck A Bullla 

Pobl'a Pbarmacj 

Graad Island 
Clajton Pbirmacy 

Meier Drog Co. 

Norlk Platte 
Stoat Drue Co. 

oh* ram A McCocnell Co, 
Beaton Drug Co, 
Toco. Llebea A Sen 
Unl tt-Doceka) Ca. 
Mrers-Dllloo Co. 
Owl Dreg Ca 
Haloea DrngCa 
Pssloa Motel Pbar. 
Wee* Drog Co. 

Coumojer Pbarmacj 


J 'fjMI'l 

JsastsL. Smart 

Perth Anboy 

Lauer Drug Ca 

Oiei Slacken 
Rlkire Drag Store 

Uaton Hill 
Lau'.'f Drue Co. 

Wild wood 
Major'a Pharmacy 

-new miiioo 

U. Ituppc 



Warner Drug Co. 
Wia. Sautter Co, 
Uoriia Drug Co. 
Louta Bautter 

Wm. Wilson, Jr, 
John Karuika 

i. K. Adams. Drags 
Ctvss. B. Ragar Co. 

Watd ran Drag Ca 
Cbirlea M. Reerea 

Block Drag Co. 
E J. Horrlaey 
Thea H. Boblt 
Tbeo. H. Bonmers 
Hikers Drug Stores * 
I. Bchlesiherg 
Cbas. P. Ooeriig' 
Ales. Gardner 
R. c. Knlpe A Bon 
Steta'e Pbannar/ 


Ctntral rtssctlption 
aibb*S Drug Btore 

Budln i Drag Store 
lleegaird Sloan Co 
VBrlea's rtal. 

Coney Island 

Edward A. Aaeeltn 

Uerlty Bros.' Drug Ca 
Central Pbar. 

Qloao Falls 
Bert II. Bentler. Drags 

Ecooitaj Drag Co. 

Arthur n. Brooki A Son 



Wb, & Kit Inn " 

LI (if*- PalU 
ORourki* Barley 


lit j i ui A Isresi 


D. P. Ano A en, 


N. T. Van Renaaelaer 


UeMftoasle A 
Mi* Tarawa 

Ankarsans I'tsroucy 

Merrltt a Sons 

Hew Hoeholla 

N. J. PaiUraoa 

Hoar Vark 

Knickerbocker Pbar. 
Hegenan A Co. 
Wm-B. Biker A Scaie 
Circle Pbarmacy 
Janes' Drugstores 
John W. Ferrlcr 
Ceo Bblndbelm, Wlga 
Polk's Pbarmac* 
A. K, Mcllae A Co. 
United Drug Storea 
K rauie A Ca 
Pens. But Drug Co. 
8. lloliman.l'b.O, 
Co dr A Btrger 
K. J. BaeLtn 
Collln'a l*haruiicr 
Hartr DrugCo. 
C. A. llenrlcbaen 
Harry Dolen 
Scbtaf Broa. 
Cain DrugCo. 
3. f. need Co. 

A. Halt air 

A In. Hudnut'a* 
Paul Tlorrbard a 
LlKptt'a Drug Store 
Drlvaen'i Pbarmacy 
(bis. M. Du Uay 
Toblai Pharmftry 
F. W. Ktnamaa A Cv. 
Eds-anl F. Miller 
It. II. l.uthlo. lac 

Ntagrara raUs 
Cror'a Drug Blare 


Will lama Drug Co. 


F.R. BrolberaACa 


Cllr Drug Co. 


Dutiar Pharmacy 

McCu.loch'i Pharatey 

B. M. Hjde DrugCo, 

Paine Drag Ca 

niker A llrgrmaa Cu. 

II rough ton Drug CO. 

W. II Qutnn. Druga 
LjuD Drue Co. 

Sloli Bros., Drags 
Mggetta. 4 Stores 
F. J. N-e. Druga 
Monarch Drug Co. 

rtuMell AUwrlc 

John P. Klllllea 
Know 1 icm A Coi 

ft Ion 
flaUtran A Slsoson 


Btgeaan ft Co. 

Smith'* Drag Store 


WoodiU A Sbeppard 
Wake Dreg Stor* 

Hanover Drug Cn. 
TurllngtOD ft Moure 

r A. Tboapaop 

Uroadway Itiannicj 

Grand Foaka 
Jobo U. Veld, Drugs 



Tb, Harper Drug Co. 

V.lMb. DiogUan 

Breonao k Wllaoo 

Boleod.r". l'b.rcoaej' 
Sibil. A KcbmlOt 

We.iberbe.d I'bamaej 
U. C. Dow. Drug. 
Tbto. Uoawitul 

W. 0. Manball 
W. Kr.uMktoo 

A. R. Keep 

Bar. Ca.lle 
Lot, k u ego .o 

Oil air 
IV. K. George. Drug. 

It. A. NeJU, Drag. 
(leo. B. B.aa% Drug. 
Waa.A Boa. coatomer. 
Miller DrugCo. 
Jacob, Broa. 
II. U Herat A Co. 
Pblllp L Borleaeot 
llunaet-norall Drug Co. 
K. J. KelljACo 
I'e.coef. rbarmie. 
Central Drug Co. 
C. w. Llodlg 

Tb, u.r Drog Co. Broa, 
R.B. Bert 
Mr Kenr an DragCo. 

Standard Drug Co 

" oaperl Pbar 

Oleloj A Seller Co. 

tbe l'roaw 


J.nklm ArradeTbirmecr Dartori Dru. 

atW>.,lltu.k Urn. Cft. X*l X 5 nUrU « 

Wlngvr . marmarj 

E. K. Ilgkrutt 
gajnaojin Coetoae 
Ma/ DrugCo, 

Botkllt'o Drot Stor. 
W. I>. Jentlna 

C. V. 1'blllrpa 

Centrtl Drug Store 

Bactellle Drug Co. 
Rutler'o Drug Btorv 
Kntarprtt. Drog Slot. 

T. 1. 1.(1. 


Hedge, A Hlggln. 

Central Drug more 
A. B. Will.'. Pkirmiew 

n. J. Casrchnaa 
WealU't Cul Bel, Drug, 
Aden Sehmldt. Drug, 
• leobe.Yin. 
0. B.PiercACo 

IVeel Drug Btore 
Boode Iloui. rB.rmlcj 

SUU'a Drug Store 
Slrouaalllrtbberg Co. • 

Balrd'a Pb a reaaey 
Clt; Drag Store 

Red Croia Drag Blore 

Jonee Broa. 1 Drag Co, 

aforbart Drug Co. 

Oklakoraa Cllr 

Weill all Drug Co. 

Creiceat Drug Cu. 
The Retail Store 

Powers A Erte i 
Woodtrd. Clerks ft Ca 

The May DrugCo. 


Palace Pbarmaey 

H. U Helper 

Henry E. Peters ft Co. 

Botching A Meredith 

W, A. Eulp, Drugs 

DntleP . 
The Crystal Pharmacy 

En at on 
A. J. Od en welder 

. Erin 
Frank L. Krlilir, Drugs 
Andrsw'a rbsrmary 

Blrpbenaon Chem. Ca 

Ocrgn, (ba Drug flat 
B.1* rbsrmscy 

MeKes Dreg Ca 

• Jnhiilows 
Cbirlrs Young 


Brabtksr Brothers 
8. II. MrGowio 



llrCullocb Drag Co. 
Union De,vot Thar. 

rbln. Dr 
Head _ 
Rietn's rbsrmscy 
Amerlcsn Med lefne Ca 
HeiPe Drug Btore 

rsbrenhoil. Coetoaver 
Baameletera Pharmacy 
Ma tt bewa Hmi 
Krnnedjr'i Medldnc Btore 
Jrrtnrn Drug Store 

llolletiback A Baker 

I nsbirjr 

Ruascll I-:. Kelly 


Frank ft Barber 
1 ba Mebin* Pkinaaey 
Swain bank, Drags 

Bmltb DrugCo. 

A. B. Hodges 



Hall ft Lyon Ca. 


Flak Drag Co. 


Colonial DrugCo. 
J. FiedOlbeenCc 
Hall A Lyon Co. 
The Refn*r Ca 


Tboa 3. Hannon 

Dearochera Bros 

"•«ctRraH? A 

Tarloi DrugCo. 
MWlrrgor'a Drug Stor* 
Kmltli'i. Inc. 
Mlofa Pharmacy 

n. F. Drown , Dra g* 


Lift ft Let Ure Drug 
Jo Anderaon 

Knaa villa 
Koblman'* Drug Btetta 
Bhsrp'i Drug Store 
U A. lluftpnthal 

Wa. Kaitea 
A. Jlankert A Co. 
Mcialry- Hob In ton Co, 

Baa hv Ills 
C. R. rtadoux Hair Good* 
Handi A Humpler. Druga 
IleMorlllr. Drug Co. 
Jennings' Pbirotacy 
Mil IHoomitetn 


Star Drag Star* 
J. J.aekott 


lawrn'sDras Store 
Itlce Asoes Pbar. 

Mayea-Butcber Pharinicy 

Baa Aalaata 
Wa. C. Kaltsyer . 

.Oth Canlury Pbar, i 

FeKbar'a Drag Store 

(Nwrt Houae Phar. 
Old Corner Drat Btore 

WlehKn Falta 
Retail Drug Store 

ins , 

blarabail Drug Co. I 

Colli-, Drug Co. 

Sal(\ak. Cllr 

B. P.Otl DrugCo. 
Dayton Drug co. 
owl Drug Co. 
Wllle. Home DrugCo. 
Sejiwrom Jnl.nfcin Drug Co. 


C. II. KendllrbACo. 

WllrrodP. Root 

BellrOM Pb, rcaaeg 
Ward Drug mora 


Law Bids. Pbirmaqt 
Dlrickenn Vrarmaeg 
Coot. 'a Pbamaer 

1. Blair, Droga 
Tragi. Drug Co. 
T.oaT. Jelrlee 

R 0. Dale. A Co. 
Van Irf.r tiro,. 
eTfgwer-Warren Co. 

Uwi Pbaraac* 


Drao'a Ph.rmaej 

rrank Olllelt. 

Rarlk Taklaa 
Clark', Ptamaer 
Pioneer Drog Co, 

Ooabcr Drag Co. 
Klaail Drea. 
Ilarttll Dru, Co, 

Club Pb, rater 
We,t,ro Drog Co. 
Jo.ner'a Drug Hloral 
McSah Drug Co. 


Van BnltB Drug Ca. 
11. C. JaeKon 

Ben. wo. t 
Port OBro Drog Store 

1. W. Peeler 

lfarper-Iuabnll Co. 
Tbe Owl Drat Co. 
^M.rvln'. rfi.rm.ej 
Trlnllr Drug Co. 
W. s. Klrbr Co 
Rrlttton*. Drot Btore 
Roger, Koothleod Pb. 
■I Paaa 

a, BLnitnaco. 

rt. Warlk 
low,', Drog Stare 
prn'ro't Pberatcr 

Tb, Owl Drat Co. 

Wall. Wall. 
Te Heats Dng Co, 
Plane Pbarmacj 

"aSoWif 1 * 

Wblte Ptoarnucjr 

Optra Pbjraacj 

Clerk. a. eg 
Wald, Drug Co. 


MoualaloCIU llrugaa. 

Cooitrf ord', Pbar. 

Wild a llorllo 
1. U I'lrk Din, Co. 

O. J.SIoutACo. 


alelawi'i Drug Store 
Hi. r . Pbaratct 

J. Front 

W HS8W" 

Downer*a nuraacy 

road da t«M 

W. B. Plank DrugCo, 
flrsea Bay 
(1, I- McLWnild, Drug* 

K rid wilt Drug Co 

aVa Vt—%9 
Hotsehler Broa 

Thi Mtngts FkirmielM 

DatHott'a Pbironcy 

Dadd* Drag B tore 
The A. BplegalCo. 
Scbrsder Drug Co. 

Pok o my Drug Co, 
Kridatll DrugCo. 

lltnion Drug Cu, 


BT jace Koona. 
(Tht Jttltng Kit). 

Olxtblard, Ohio.— A sreit Sondajr town and 
atondsr two big houses. Met two hoys from my 
home town (Wichita, Kansas), Biiph and 
John Hsnklnson, who put auto polo on th« 
nop. They play here Aug. 25 to Sept. fl- 
uty, bojs, auto polo Is somtt exciting game. ] 
asw the first game that they e»er n!ayeiJ lsst 
8mniDcr la Wlchlts, and they played It In an 
alfalfa, held. Tbe game arts played by Evans and 
King, and It wss tucfa a great game that since 
then they bate played all the big clues. Including 
aladlson Square Garden, Is New York City. 

Bert Worthlngton, of Olereiand. Is a large stock- 
holder In the euterprlse, and he Is s regular fel- 
low. Sir. and Mrs. Lltdiell were guests of his 
Sunday erenlng, and finished tip by going for a 
long auto ride. I bear they went some, as Des- 
perate Carroll wss at tbe wheel, and he Is con- 
sidered the best driver In the auto polo gsmc. 

John Warren, one of the stockholders In the 
Bagenosck-Wsllace Show, joined us Sunday, so 
tow I think we have seen them all. 

Willis Cobb, who la now an old gentleman, but 
years ago waa a press agent with this show, wax 
a visitor, and certainly bad a good troe. The old- 
timers surely do like to see the wblte tops. 

Floyd King, our little live wire press s;ent. 
was back on the show digging up new press stuff. 
He Is slways on tbe Job. 

Geo. Conner,) leave* for Chicago to-night, as he 
lust got word that bis wife la very 1U. So that 
leaves our all-around nun, Joe Lltcbell. to tare 
charge while George Is away. You csn't lose Joe 
anywhere yon put him, ss they semi for Joe to 
get the train loaded, and on a Isle morning to 
pnt op tbe tent. Then someone relit, "Joe, go 
o\»r there and atop that Ogbt" And besides all 
this being train-loader, canvas man and equestrian 
director, Joe gets time to do two sets in the big 

lK'b Knapp end Chris Cornalla visited the ahow 
Tuesday. Cbrla COrnalla was one time under- 
atacder with the 81k Cornalla,. 

Dave Beehl.r. the Chicago agent, wss on Wed- 
nesday looking the acta over, snd I hear, booked 
quite a number. 

Phil. King, that jolly Joker. Joined the show 
to-day, and pnt some new clown stunts on tbe 
m in. 1'hll. U sure there «n those lugr stilt". 

Carl Lester and Cbas. Bell have some arguments 
about parade as they are tbe two marshals. 1 
think Catl bas Charles going now, but don't know 
bow it it going to turn oat, ss both want to be 

We play Toledo Thursday, and it Is golaf. to 
be a big day for the Davenport-AlcOree Troupe, 
at that is their horns town. Also Nettle Greer's 
borne. Sol. Beno'a brother came over la a seven' 
passenger auto, snd they are all going borne after 
tbe show to-night. I tee them loading the auto 
with plenty of eat* and drtcks, so it will ba soma 

Well! Here we are In Toledo— the big day at 
last— and the MeOres'a and Nettie Greer art car- 
Lately busy folks, entertaining relatives and 
friends, tad they have yards of them. Between 
shows, Mr. and Sin. McOree Invited a few of 
their friends up to dinner, and they sure bare 
tooe floe home and also a swell ring barn, and 
say, that dinner. Wo all ate ao much fried 

chicken snd home-cooked food that we were cer- 
tainly pudlng that night when we wero working. 
After the show at night wo all went to their 
house again and had s swell Dutch lunch and all 
the champagne and other good things to eat and 
drink. Tbe McCree's certainly know bow to en- 
tertain. Wo stayed so late that the cars hail 
stopped running, so Beno 'phoned snd bad four 
sutoe come and take tbe folks to tbe cars. It 
wss a great day. Among the guests were: Jos 
Lltchell snd wife, Geo. Connors, Paul Ooudron. 
Olga Eeed, Bert Cole and wife, Joe Ooyle and 
wife, snd Little Joe; Pete Cornalla and Emma 
Cornolla, Nettle Carroll, Kid Kernard, Phil King. 
Warren Irons and Quiet Jack Moore. It was 
some housetull, but plenty of room for all,. Obi 
I almost forgot Mr. and Mrs. Bedlna were also 
there. I tell yon, boys. It was bard to keep track 
of wbo was there. 

In tbe afternoon and evening performance. 
the McCree's and Nettle Greer were presented 
with the most beautiful baskets of dowers that 
1 ever saw. It wta a great doy for Iheto. 

And now I must tell you of the big event that 
we have Uvii waiting for no long, the birth of 
a little daughter to George snd Mary Corners. 
George had Just returned from Chicago, and about 
ono o'clock a telegram came and everyone gath- 
ered around, and when the telegram was opened, 
there was one big cheer that could be heard for a 
mile, ftecree is some happy Icy, snd we all with 
the happy littlo family the very beat of lock. 

George says tbe nut Is off for twenty-tour bouts 
snd every thing goes. He Is going to give a big 
masquerade ball In honor of bis eight pound baby 
girl. Will tell you all about It when It happens. 

Psnl Goudron. the Oblcaau representative of the 
Sullivan at Obnaldlne circuit, came back with 
George Comers from Chicago, and will stsy with 
tbe show until Saturday night. He la having a 
great time with tbe show, and is a floe fellow 
and In for anything. Saturday night, a crowd 
Is going Into Chicago to see the new baby. Mary 
Connert and tho 'Ttty" one are living with Mrs. 
Paul Ooudron (Anna Gonners), to Stdie Couriers 
and George, the happy father, Paul and Albena 
Sutton nod Mrs. Bedlna are all going, and they 
can hardly wait until tbe time comes. 

Al. M laser's band wagon Is getting to be to 
agent'a wagon, aa Wednesday rare Wheeler rode 
on It, and Thursday Paul Goudron was on. Both 
wore uniforms. Paul was on tbe elonhsats. and I 
think we will have him on a camel Saturday. 

Poor Lin. Sooner gets peeved about hit prop. 
broom, at be can't find It when be want. It. 
Held your tuck, I,ln, as the stage Is not level. 

Gee, fellows, this Is tbe moat Jolly ahow In tbe 
world. If you haven't caught it yet. Just coot* 
over and make It a visit. 

Henry Stantx was a visitor In Toledo, his boms 
town. He la not trooping; this season, hot will be 
teen with tbe IlAgenbeck-Walltoa Show next sea- 
ton with a lot of new dope. Ha hat trooped 
with all the big show's and fooled many a person 
with bit old lady make-up on tbe hippodrome 

Say, boys, It coats money to have a rare coming 
in from parade. 1 mean Harry Cornalla, Earl 
Kelley Oevene, Pblllp Eddy, English Delevantl. 
Bam Nevrxoan. That's right, Leo, take yonr time, 
at yon will toon base to buy the baby shoes. 

Spot Jerome, who bas qnlt show burlnews for 
a better lire, was s visitor in Jackson, Mich., hit 
borne town. Spot la In tbe saloon business, and 
look* fat and prosperous, 

Blackl* Williams, boat propt., la back an tbt 

show. He It well now. and on tbe Job In the 
aamo old way. 

We bad a little excitement Friday, after parada 
Philip Eddy tnd Oarl Lester settled a little srgu. 
nutnt with their lists. Eddy Is toatlng a nice 
black glimmer around, and they knocked over 
several trusts before tbe fight ended. 

The new management hss changed the salary 
day. They pay Saturday Instead of Sunday, which 
makes it better for everyone, don't It, folks? 

They toy tt McCree's party Pete, who likes hit 
sle, after he had several, soinorne rang la a glass 
of beer on him, an he drank It, and did not 
know but what It waa ale. 

Pete. Victor Bedlnl snd Get-RIch-Qnlrk Wsl- 
llngford ended by going to sleep on the front 
porch. Could not stick any longer. But Old Folks 
was on the Job. 

Tbb Natw Yobi Ot.ltpsa hot sure put Itself 
on the map on this thow, at everyone on tbe 
ihow rends that newsy paper. . . 

Arthur Thou.pton is sure leading s fast life this 
seaeon. He Just began to realise tbtt tbe tlow 
stuff la too mild. 

Jos Prlckett and Carl Letter will visit tome 
old friends In Detroit that they hare not teen 
for ten years. 

Our ball team was defeated to-day by tbe Ann 
Arbor team, 13 to 1, Some of tbe hoys osy they 
are going to throw their suits away; be calm, 
fellows ' You will do better next time. 

A big fellow Joat run me off his trunk that 
■topped me writing; ao now I will go visit Jim 
Williams and get a high one. "Got me, yet." 

If a Pittsburg atogle wtt lost would a Pith- 
Under? Now, that will Co, Jack. 


Capt. Jack and Georgia Kearney, champion rifle 
and pistol siiots, are tho very nest I hnve seen. 
Capt. Jack Kearney does tho most dlHIcult pistol 
shots while standing on bis bend. Miss Georglo 
does all the tricks that made her famous, esiie- 
dolly her feat of breaking glu.a balls wlillo riding 
at full apeed. 

Speaking of Interesting and picturesque cbarsc- 
ters. Uncle Don Itoylngton, tbe trainer and owner 
of the 110,000 troupe of mulct, 1, cerli-.lnly the 
most Interesting. He Is t wonder, nuil his mules 
are the very last word In horse and mule train- 
ing. He la without a doubt the only man that 
has ever trained mulct to go to bed, the saiae as 
a high school horse. 



bt jewill jrrr. 


We are still with it— tbe Arlington A Beck- 
mnnn Beal Wild West. Tbe ahow It playing to 
record business In Canada. 

Lucille Mulhall and her high school hone. Ed- 
die O , are featured, and bar trick and fancy 
roping la nothing abort of marveioaa. 

Otto Kline, cur entropion trick and fancy rider. 
Is always a bit. Col. Zack. Mulhall, our arena 
dliector. la a busy man, and bas bis hands full 
at all timet. 

Bobby Kane Joined tt Calgary, and hit taken 
over tbe tide show. And believe me, be Is a 
tegular manager. Hit opening!) are tbe moat per- 
fect and classy I have ever had tbe plot sure to 
betr. Eddie Brown, oar ever popular- s'.cwsrd. 
Is tbe builest man with the ahow. He is run- 
ning tbe privilege car. 

Ed. Hleaa, the legal idjuster, hat his hands full 
at all these little towns. 

Jasper Fulton left the show at Banff. Alta., and 
Mike O. Welsh hat charge of the privileges. 

Jtck Goldberg la riding tbe pony express tad 
doing bit trick and fancy roping, also playing the 
nuto polo, and doubling on the bucking boTses, tnd 
believe me, be Is all right anywhere. Hit vault- 
ing over a hone It wonderful. 

Paul George, tbe celebrated Indian athlete tnd 
tatebell player, baa been tick for tbe post week, 
but be Is Improving — thanks to Dr. McLaughlin, 
our cver-resdy Y. 8. tnd M. D. 

All the folks wish to thank Tna Old RtLUSUt 
for the photo*. They are all pleased with them. 

Little Tommy Duglttt, tbe smallest cowboy In 
the world. Is featured In tbe bucking horse set. 
Be Is only four feet tall and weighs nloety-flva 

Florence Moore and Emma Btalr ire fettnred 
on the high jD,mplax horse,. 

Dsnny London, tbe acrobatic cop. btt a new 

Etg, and he and Billy Bead, tb* Jew comedian, 
ilroduce many novelties. 

Mty Holme*, tbe trick tnd fancy roper. It out 
of the ordinary. Bbe It tlwty* a hit. 

The Sparks Show It once more In the United 
States. Thla does not mean tbtt 11 hut been 
oat of It, but waea one hat apent three weeks la 
the copper and Iron ranges of npper Michigan 
he will be led to believe he baa been either to 
Finland or Austria, Sweden or iluaala. News- 
papers printed In Finnish, you cau't tell whether 
they roast you or not, and the ouly thlug you can 
do with your notice la to give it to one of the 
band boy, and let him play It to you. If It 
sound* good lt't all right, of course It depend a 
on the musician, I gate one of them to Musical 
Director Jack Pbllllpt tnd bo pltyed it on hit 
cornet. It sounded 0. K,, tnd probably tbe editor 
liked tbe thow. 

Bulbars* wat good despite opposition trilling 
by tbe Gollmar Brot. and the Yankee Iloblntou 
Show*. The latter wit one day behind us In 
Everleth. but a wreck delayed their arrival, and 
It waa vltltlng day for tb* Robinson bunch with 
ut. A big party of perforrueTt and musicians 
came over to give ua a call, snd Eddie Martin, 
In to automobile, itayed long enough to shake 
bands with Manager Sparks, 

It bas rained In every good town, and the Iota 
have been knee-deep In water. We ire once more 
In God't country with grass lota and English 
speaking people, and everybody la happy. Tike 
It from me thit range country Is great. 

Tb* baseball team la pitying garnet every Sun. 
day, and while they btve not a, yet won, they 
are putting up a good ttiff rime. Jack Phillip* 
Is manager and captain, and Clifton Spirits doing 
moit of tbe pitching, Willie Green I* ;he change 
pitcher, and he la one to the good also. Tbe 
team has Just received new uniforms, tnd are 
ready for challenge* from any team within a 
Sunday Jump. 

It wat with ilncer* regret that ill of ut beard 
of the death, at Cleveland, Tenn., of Alonxo 
Turner, for tbe put two season* tbe leader of 
tbe side show band and director of the colored 
minstrels. He wit taken home by his wife snd 
died about two days tfter bit arrival. 

Oaptalo Wesley bat bad tbe hard luck to lose 
bit best performing seal, but another waa shipped 
from tbe training qutrtera, and tbe let 1* Joat 
at strong as ever. 

"Mote'' Treadle, Of Ltconls, N. II., who w*t 
with as last season tnd up to a week ago, hat 
left mil Is now on bit wiy home. He longed for 
the good old Summer time on Lake Wlnnlpratukee, 
where the Ashing It good, ind couldn't resist tbe 
esll of tbe wild. 

Steward A. 0. Orcnlt, he cf "Uncle Tom" tnd 
repertoire fame, It thinking of returning to bit 
first love next Fall, and actually started rehear- 
tils s few days ago, nit specialty It Tom. 

Tbe new Pullman Sleeper, Import, bat arrived 
to take the place of the Virginia, destroyed In tbe 
Ore. By tbe wiy. tbe fire was a great thing for 
n Chicago manufacturer of musical Itrrument*. 
There Is some class now to the band with all new 
silver tnd gold plated burnt. 

"Slim" Kelltr 1* ante prating a bottler on 

tOlUMALK. PIMl'si 



w lite. 


3 Convenient Storea 

51! 6th Ave., near. 31st St. 

"ee-ar lOllt Ht. | Wtil of li'way. 



bOvsr 2.000 


; Dlamond^utt*™- \Sr$u£ 

-■ — — 'Dtpt. CtdOloeN. Stats St. Ilaw.laawaa* 

■ ew.caua eHioAoo.iu. W^'SST/ 

UltTl'Ii First-claim ono-nlf/lit attraction to 
IISlllljlr"~opon now theatre, now building; 
earlvlnSoptemiicr. Be&tlngcaiiadtrSuO. I'ALAOK 
TiiEATRB, itockvllle, Conn. 

tho privilege*, tnd he 1* getting big return, dolly, 
HI* "llino" Joint la i big winner every day, 

The bill team lost the game lost Htinilty at 
Ellsworth, Wit., by a acor* of 4 to 2. It wat a 
good game, and the boy* put up * clean nrtlcls 
of ball. Ollftoo Spark* pitched after I he flnt 
Inning, and the runs were all nude on errors. 

The Fltlier Sitter* (Mrs. Geo. Valentine tnd 
Mrs. Herbert Gro) biv* added a novelty to their 
tooth *uipcniIon act, by Introducing a selrctlou 
on tlelgli-hell* while revolving In lbs air. It If 
one of tho big hit* of the program. 

Bert Mayo, with bit pony on the revolving 
table and his backing mule, 1* getting some big 
hand* tnd It closing the tbow. It Is one of the 
strongest net* on tho program tnd alwayt creates 
plenty of laughter. 

Stoddard and Wallace play their homo town 
next week and are thinking up new clown stunts 
to aurprlsc their friends. Vising and Marsh are 
llg laugh getter* with their original foolery and 
acrobatic work. 

Joe Edward*, doing punch and magic, ti a 1st* 
addition to the aide ahow. Manager Horry Hire 
now hi* a ttrong frame-up. Harry Coffey baa 
also Joined is ticket teller tnd hit wife, I* 
Belle I.stura, It doing the Oriental dancing Id 
the annex, 


Tie Young IJuffalo Wild West mil Rig. Saute!!* 
Circus will both play Red Bank, N J, on Satur- 
day, Aug. 0. 



August 2 


Complete Line of 





Al war* OB Hand 

Orders rilled 

THE BALI0T8 Promptly 

Cotton Tights, very (rood quality, • pr. f .T5 
Wonted Tights, medium weight, a, pr. 2.00 
Worsted Tights, heavy weight, a pr, . 2.T5 
Bilk Plaited Tights (Imported), • pr. . 2.50 

Silk Tights, heavy weight, a pr tt.00 

Pure Bilk Tights 77. 8.50 

Shirt to Match, same price as Tights 






mmm * No. 2 


The most convenient Trunk ever made 
for Clrcua usage. Size, 24 Inches long, 
18 Inches wide and 18 Inches deep. 
Bend for complete 1018 Catalogue. 


CHICAGO, i »8 & Randolph 8b 

new YQ Rgi 131 w. aatu at 



Look at these prices tor oaah with order. No ship- 
ments made 0. 0. D. Union workmen, Union Label. 
MM 8x8 to-nlghts, 8 changes. 1 side, no casta, $10.80 
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8DH 4x13 to-nlghts, with cast and synopsis, ■ 18.60 
soil 4x12 to-nlghts, printed both sides, ■ 18.00 
ion 8Ki»X card heralds, .... 10.00 
ion 8x24 heralds, both sides (or 1x31) - 12.80 
10H 12X18 hsralda, 4 pp. (or 9x24, both sides) 18.C0 
10M 14x21 heralds, 4pp. (or lOKxas.hoth sides) 18.M 
80H ladles rree or coupon tickets, ■ • • 10.60 
800 ball sheets, from type, black on yellow, 4, to 
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800 one sheets, from type, black on yellow, 7.00 
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We oarry no stock paper. Above prices are for 
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»ondence Invited. GAZETTE SHOW PRINTING 


I I've Paid Thousands In Hoy alt ic* 

I Send your song poems or nuiBlcal compost- 

I tlons to me for acceptance. I'll publish under 

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HIaatle and Cloth Supporters, 

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(n «• «n fr— HO «• Still) • •«> a, u A.a, W, tan jaMaa- 

eaHvOnnl la Utmt, »IW» «. MX Nil h. • Ualaa fba, a* 
IUt lm«j«lulij4lillMh.«nl l n(.l«|«i»»«< 
laMMM hi Mat a aalU tauttl Un.l*li|i»l» 
Malt M ■* tllllimi la too 1»,«1M» »• ' A* • «?T A, 
BM atafW, Him rf laanrtM m, amaBateS. IlalUampa 
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Removes Hair or Fuzz from 

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Neck and Arsna 

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Fine Magical Catalogue 

Grand End of Century, foil* 
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Catalogue of Parlor Trick* 
free, martinka a CO., 
Mire.. 408 Sixth Ave.. N. T 


Trick and particulars. MAGIC 
CO., Bta. I, mo West 38th St., N. Y. City. 


Deaibs in the Profession. 

MnKKle Fielding;, who gained promi- 
nence In the theatrical world as an Irish 
comedienne with her husband, Jobn Fielding, 
died July 15, of a complication of diseases, 
at Dr. Carney's Sanitarium, 171 West Ninety- 
fifth Street, this city, and the body was 
placed in a vault in Calvary Cemetery, July 
17. Mrs. Fielding was about sixty-five years 
of age. She began her stage career In the 
early seventies. The Fleldings were members 
of the famous road company of Tony Pastor's 
which Included such celebrated artists as : 
Harry Kernell, Gas Williams, Ella Wisner. 
Jennie Morgan, Sanford and Wilson, and 
Frank Glrard. Afterwards abe went on the 
legitimate stage, under the management of 
Charles Krohman, with whom she continued 
for several seasons. She had also appeared 
under the management of Henry B. Harris 
and others. Her last engagement was with 
Fiske O'Hara, In "Love's Young Dream. 
Funeral services were held July 18 at St. 
Vincent Ferrers Church, and Interment was 
made In Calvary Cemetery. 

Henry D» Schaad, who had a wide ac- 
quaintance among theatrical people of this 
cl»v died on Thursday. July 17, of Bright a 
disease, at his home, 1081 Amsterdam 
Avenue. He was fifty-one years old. His 
father, David Schaad, was one of the organ- 
izers and -was treasurer of the New York 
Philharmonic Society. Henry was connected 
with the Academy of Music tinder the Maple- 
son regime. After that he became identified 
with Stclnway Hall. For twenty years he 
was connected with the box office of the Met- 
ropolitan Opera House, after which, for ten 
years, he was treasurer of the Belasco Thea- 
tre. He was one of the charter members of 
the Treasurera' Club of America. His wife 
survives blra. , , 

Henry B. Emery, a theatrical producer 
and manager, and the husband of the well 
known actress. Katie Putnam, died suddenly 
of cerebral hemorrhage, July 13, at his 
home at Benton Harbor, Mich. Mr. Emery, 
besides managing his wife's starring tours, 
hnd produced out West "Parsifal," "The Red 
Mill,'' "Texas Steer" and other popular East- 
ern plays. For the past two years he man- 
aged the Aborn Bros? "Bohemian Girl" com- 
Jany. Ills remains were removed to Chicago 
uly 10, and cremated at Oak-woods Cemetery 
In the presence of delegations of the Elks 
and Knights of Pythias, of which Mr. Emery 
was n member. He was flfty-nine years of 
age. He la survived by his widow, who will 
continue on the stage. 

Jack Stanley, on actor, died In a lodging 
house In Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., July lo, 
from tuberculosis. He was the son of Henry 
M. Stanley, the famous explorer. His widow 
said that her husband had kept his secret 
from nil his friends. Both were In Sault Ste. 
Marie as members of a Summer stock com- 
pany. They were married on the stage of 
the Odeon Theatre, in Clarksburg, W. Va., 
four years ago. Mr. Stanley contracted the 
disease that caused his death In India. He 
was a graduate of Cambridge University, and 
of Heidelberg where, In the latter Institu- 
tion he specialized In medicine and surgery. 
Rita Cartla, who was one of vaudeville's 

Sopular violinists, died from pneumonia In 
loston, Mass., July 18. She was playing 
nn engagement at a theatre in Beverly, 
where she contracted a severe cold, and later 
became so 111 that It was necessary to move 
her to a Boston hospital, where she died soon 
after arriving. The body wsb brought to her 
mother's home, 251 West Thirty-fourth 
Street, New York, and after the funeral, 
held July 21, was shipped to Los Angeles, 
Cal., for Interment In the family plot in 
that city. 

Thomas A. Hearn, an actor, died at the 
home of his brother, in Kalamazoo, Mich.. 
July 17. Mr. Hearn had played prominent 
parts In George M. Cohan's "The Honey 
Mooners" and "Running for Office." He had 
also appeared with "Arizona" for three years, 
as McFadden, in "McFadden's Flats ;' r "My 
Cinderella Girl," and bad managed the 
"Merry Mary" Company. He was a clever 
performer and beloved by all he came in 
touch with for his Jovial disposition. 'He 
was forty-two years of age and a member of 
the White Bats and B. I*. O. Elks. 

Lewis Braham, who claimed tbe dis- 
tinction of being the original "Handcuff 
King," died July 19 at the Alexlan Brothers' 
Hospital, Chicago. Mr. Brabam was born in 
Manchester, Eng., Feb. 14, 1857, and was 
known on tbe stage as Paul. More recently 
he toured with Braham's Fhantographs. He 
Is survived by a brother, A. J. Braham, 
stage carpenter of the Prospect Theatre, In 
this city. 

Joaeph Ray, former assistant treasurer 
of the American Theatro In Philadelphia, Pa., 
committed suicide, night of July IT, by snoot- 
ing himself through the head, in his home, 
1508 Susquehanna Avenue, that city. In- 
ability to secure work is said to have been 
tbe reason for his act. 

AI. Dunlap, a cabaret singer In a cafe In 
Fort Worth, Tex., was shot and killed by 
bis wife, Eva Dunlap, July 19, in tbclr apart- 
ments at tbe Del Key Hotel, in that city. 
Jealousy Is said to have caused the woman's 

Bdward.Dodge, a veteran circus man of 
Providence. R. I., who waa connected with 
the Rlngling Bros.' Circus, fell under the 
wheels of a wngon while tbe circus was load- 
ing in Bloomlngton, III., July 16, and was 

Frank Tohln, a Chicago stock actor, 
shot himself dead In Omaha, Ncb„ last week. 
'Mr. Tobln went to Omaha to fill an engage- 
ment at tho Brandels' Theatre. He lived at 
3838 Calumet Avenue, Chicago. 

William K. Kinross, who was basso for 
Pascha Rosa, manager of bands and organ- 
izer of operatic companies, died at the Battle 
Mountain Sanitarium, Hot Springs, S. Dak., 
July 10. 

Wllllnm Lnshley, a vaudeville perform- 
er, committed suicide at Colorado Springs, 
Colo., on 'Monday, July 21, by cutting his 
throat. He was in poor health for some 
time. His home was in Steubenvllle, O. 



An ambitious attempt is to be made the 
coming season to make San Francisco an 
important theatrical producing centre. G. 
M. Anderson, known to the movie patrons of 
all countries as "Broncho Billy," on Oct 18 
next will open his handsome new playhouse 
in the Coast city, Bltuated opposite tbe Or- 
pheum Theatre, on O'Farrell -Street, and 
present there the big musical comedy suc- 
cesses of Broadway, Interpreted by a spe- 
cially organized company. 

Mr. Anderson's plan Is to give San Fran- 
Cisco playgoers the diversion that has es- 
tablished the success of New York's Winter 
Garden, London's Hippodrome, Berlin's 
Mctropol, and the Folles Marlgny, of Paris. 

J. J. Rosenthal, the well known theatrical 
manager, Is now in New York arranging tbe 
details for the transfer to San Francisco of 
the Initial organisation and production. 
"The Gaiety Jubilee" is the title of the first 
piece to be produced, George. Hobart is the 
author of Its book, and John L Golden, a 
contributor to tbe score. 

The cast includes: Rock and Fulton, AI. 
Shenn, Tom Waters. Will PhUbrick. Gene 
Luneska, Maxlne Brown, Hazel Cox, Cather- 
ine Hayes, Sarah McVlckcr, Franklin Far- 
nurn, and about sixty others. Following tbe 
run of "Tbe Gaiety Jubilee," Manager An- 
derson proposes the presentation of the moBt 
successful of the newest of Broadway mu- 
sical hits of the first part of tbe coming 
New York season, interpreted by a specially 
selected cast, supplemented by "additional 
spectacular and novelty features secured 
here and abroad. 

Here's one thing the 
critics are agreed upon 

This "Likly" Tneatrical Trunk— 
"The Roustabout"— gets no knocks 
and fears no knocks. 

It is the lowest priced theatrical trunk 
on the market, if quality and length of 
service are considered. The foundation 
box is of basswood. Covering is heavy 
waterproof army duck. Comer caps are 
cold rolled steel. 

We've put all the quality into these trunks 
that our experience of sixty-nine years has dis- 
covered. Every point is thoroughly reinforced 
against the humps of travel. 

The line of "Likly" Luggage is the widest 
in America. Every member of the profession 
ought to send for a copy of our special The- 
atrical Luggage Booklet. Tells you what to 
look for when you buy luggage. Be sure to 
write for your copy today. 



Have your dealer show 
you this smart Oxford. 
Ready for the hardest 
trials you can give "it. 
Notice the end and comer 
leather design. 

Only the finest imported 
English Oxhide can qualify for 
this bag, Frame ii English 
hand-sewed. Solid brats trim- 
mings. Lined with plaid serge. 
Inside it has three (olio pockets 
and two short pockets. Guar- 
anteed for five years. Called 
•'The Heavy Duty." 
Prices $16.50 to $19.50 

Down the gangplank comes 
our swagger London cousin — 
the "Likly" Kit Bag, This 
type of bag was invented by a 
British Army Officer. Here 
you see its best development — 
'•The Advance." 

Empty, it flattens out into 

almost nothing. Filled, it — 

well you simply can't seem to 

fill it. Guaranteed for 5 yean. 

Prices $26.50 to $31. 

"Li ICLV Llfllii AH I! 

Asks no favors of the baggage man 


DELIVERIES For All Theatrical Merchandise 






Phone Central tm. 


148 No. Dearborn St, CHICAGO, TJ. I. A 


6th Ave. and 20th St, 
Leading House In America for Theatrical and Street Shoes 

Theatrical catalogue "SO" mailed free. We fit out theatrical companies without dels* 
•CASUaaSVBR stamped on a shoe means Standard of Merit." 






•a-dar la received, or we will let yow know by card. 
We are the LARGEST THEATRICAL HAIL ORDER HOUSE in the country, ana we will tend our large 
illustrated catalogue, lately revised, to any address free ot cnarge. 
AHATBVR8 HOTB that we carry the largest stool in the country ot Costumes foryonr shows 

and school plays. 19 W. LAKH STREET, CHICAGO, ILL. 


261n., $10; 281n.. Ill ; 82111:, $12: 86ln., $18; 40ln., $14.80. Circus Trunks, 24x18x18,- I0JO. 
BUI Trunks, 80x28x16, Inside, $18.60. Lltho. Trunks, 42V,x28Hxl2, inside, $10.60. Shipped 
on receipt of 13, balance C. O. D., except over 800 miles, then remit whole amount. 
CENTRAL TRONIC FACTORY, Est. 1864, SIMONS * CO.. 8. W. cor. 7th & Arch Ste.. Phils. 

Gowns | notice:. | wardrobe 


We oarry a full line ot Professional wardrobe, nrvenmg, iHnnerand HecepUon Gowns, alio Gentleman's 
Sack, Cutaway, Fall Dress and Tuxedos, Norfolk Coats and Trousers, Prince Alberta, and O vercoaa la 
all weights, ^ __^^_______ 

Trados ud Dress Suits I ^K^X's^tS?:**?*' I Full Lioe of Mei's Silts 

<J, '/J '4, 


Get an Electric Belt that sells and gives satisfaction and pays you big profits. 
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Electric Belts and Appliances of all kinds at lowest prices. Est 1878 ; Inc. 1881. 



"We apenlallin In Stock WIsTSJ 








•mttjemenL Negro Play*, Paper, Scenery, lira. Jartey's Wtt 
Worts. CstsJoxpe Free! Freel Fieel 

SAMUEL PRRNOH, 28 West 38th St., New York. 




MM tiled on short BOttoe. Prompt delivery our apeolalty. 

WAI6HT LUMBER CO., 140-150 W. 3811 St, Nil York 




On the unlucky thirteenth day of July the 
I,o Itoy Stock Co. lost almost everything in 
the flood that almost wiped out Belle Valley, 
o All the members of the company, four- 
teen In all, lost their wardrobe. We had a 
new tent from the United States Tent Co., 
of Chicago, first time it had been up, but it 
went like the rest of the stuff. To make 
matters worse, we could not get out of town 
owing to the railroad belDg washed away, 
bo bad to remain there a week, but Mr. La 
Hoy had a special car to take the troupe out 
on the first train that made its appearance. 
You can bet It was a happy sight to see 
that train come steaming in, and it was a 
happier sight when we commenced to steam 
out We have a complete new outfit or- 
dered, and will start up again a week from 

The bunch is the same as when we started 
out In the Spring. No mall could reach us, 
so performers will know why they got no 
answers from my "ad." In that week's Issue 
of Th« Clippm. 



The E. 3. Hall Stock Company are en- 
joying a very successful run at Lakemont 
Park, Altoona, Pa., playing all first class 

J lays. Last week they put on "The Girl 
rom Rector's," and will follow with "The 
Country Boy" and "The Time, the Place and 
the Girl." 

Mr. Hall will feature Jane Lowe and John 
Adair Jr. in a special production of "The 
Girl In the Taxi," opening on Labor Day. 

The boslness at Altoona has been to ca- 
pacity since the company opened, the natives 
being high In praise of the meritorious work 
of toe whole company. 


Qtltman's Ideal Stock Company, under the 
management of Harry Sohns. featuring Ida 
Root Gordon, has been playing to reported 
big business over the alrdome time In Kansas 
and Missouri. This is the No. 1 Hillman 
Company, which opened May 17, and will go 
Into the regular season without losing a 
night, playing several of the best Nebraska 
fair dates. The company Is equipped with 
all new scenery this season, and is offering 
an entirely new repertoire of Mr. Hlllman's 
own plays. The roster Is : Ida Root Gordon, 
Kffle Dalrymple. Cora Adams, James Blaine, 
.Earl Jerome, Harry Willard, Monty Myers, 
J. S. Bavls and Harry Sohns. 




The Dowell Stock Co., which opened a new 
theatre (Lyceum) at San Diego, Cal., in May, 
lias been most successful. Several new plays 
have been staged, one by R. Beers Luce, 
tailed "A Paris Graduate," will be seen In 
the East next season. Julia Gray, leading 
lady, heads the company, which comprises 
the following: Ed. Dowell, Walt. Whitman, 
Ed. Cllsbee. Alice Meyer. Frank Kelly, Verne 
Layton. Oliver Wright. Eoy Van Fosson. 
The stage is under the direction of Ed. 
Cllsbee, who is a very capable man and a 
clever character actor. 


Corse Payton baa confirmed the report 
that he Is to build, in Brooklyn, a 1350,000 
theatre. It is to be in Bedford Avenue, Just 
South of Fulton Street. The Newark firm 
that put up the Corse Payton Theatre in 
that city will be tbe builders. 

It Is promised that the new theatre will 
be one of the handsomest in Brooklyn. It 
will seat 2,400. Work on it will be begun in 
a few dnys, and it is expected that it will be 
ready- for opening In" the Fall. The Payton 
policy of stock productions, ten, twenty and 
thirty cents, will prevail. 


Have you teen a copy of The Academician, 
the bright little press sheet gotten out 1n the 
interests of William Fox's Academy of Mu- 
sic Stock Co., New York? It Is handsomely 
Srlnted and Is capably edited by Edward F. 
Illece, the house press sgent. Wyun Hoi- 
comb, the young and clever son of Willard 
Holcomb, Is the cartoonist 

William Thompson is now treasurer of the 
Academy of Music. His courteous treatment 
of patrons has won him many friends. 

Tn Roma Rbadh Stock Co., after ap- 
pearing for one week at the Russell Theatre. 
Ottawa, since tbe burning down of the Grand 
where they spent such a long and successful 
season, are now located at the Auditorium, 
Britannia, Ottawa, for the balance of the 
Summer season. Although Miss Reade suf- 
fered great losses In the fire, the capacity 
Business to which sne has played since her 
opening at the Auditorium has been a source 
of encouragement to this plucky little woman. 

Tub original Van Dyke at Eaton Co., under 
the management of F. and C. Mack, opened 
their second Summer season for twenty 
weeks at Namur'g Alrdome. In Des Moines. 
la., on May 25, and triumphantly entered 
on the nineteenth year . (Summer and 
Winter). Tbe cast Includes: Cliff Hastings, 
Willard Foster, Juste Fontaine, Harry F. 
Vlckery. W. B. La Rose, Claud Gagnon, Helen 
De Lande, Eunice Vickery, Ethel June, Helen 
A. Held. 

Rot Gordon will ploy leads at the Harlem 
Opera House for three weeks, while Lowell 
Sherman Is taking a much needed vacation 
at Brighton Beach. 

Shbbman Kelly Stock Notbs. — We ere 
rehearsing in Harvard, III., preparing for 
another season through Illinois, Wisconsin, 
Minnesota and tbe Northwest. This season 
Mr. Kelly is booked solid over the H. L. 
Walker circuit as far as Billings, Mont., for a 
season of forty-seven weeks. Special scenery 
is carried for each and every bill. All props, 
electrical effects and productions are assured. 
Tbts season looks brighter, financially, than 
heretofore, and the Sherman Kelly Stock Co. 
baa played practically to capacity every 
night of the season. The company numbers 
eighteen people, all told, this season, and 
will be tbe largest repertoire company in tbe 
Northwest. Members of the company are: 
Sherman L. Kelly, Frank Moore, Olenn Coul- 
ter, Jack Richards, B. B. Ray. Frank Molone, 
Louie Hathaway, J. F. Lewis, Elmer Gage, 
and liobt. S. Kelly, advance agent: Evelyn 
Kincald, Violet Clifford, Crete Cbadwlck, 
Grace La Rue and Bessie Fountain, the Mor- 
ion Sisters, cabaret entertainers, and Joe 
Willis, stage carpenter. _ 

Cbcix, J. Pbashaw writes : "The Prashaw 
Stock Co., after closing a five weeks* engage- 
ment In Durham, NT C, opened In the 
Alrdome, at Beldsvllle, on July 21, to capa- 
city badness. Tbe company advertises 
twelve people, and carries eleven people and 
Little Yvonne, who Is eleven years old and 
who Is also featured In "Little Lord Faantle- 
roy." On the opening night tbe little girl 
does not appear, and after the show, recently, 
a negro remarked to the door tender. 'I dldn t 
see no twelve people. All dey was Is leven. 
but whst was on oat stage sho was dar. 
Th» Clippkb finds Its way to as and we 
hope It always will." ' . . . „,.„* 
•Win FOBTUHl Hoktm" Is being played 
at the Temple Theatre, Hamilton, Ont., under 
the management of Clark Brown, 


We'll sjo nut on the ocean, 

Bobbin' up and down, 

Bobbin' up and down. 
Oh, what a motion — 

Bobbin' up and down, 

Bobbin' up and down. 
It's a funny ship, 
And you'll take a dip 
In the briny Iionry, if your fret should 

All the chairs and the dishes 

Are bobbin' up and down. 

Bobbin' up and down. 
Even the fishes * 

Are bobbin' up and down. 
See the Captain and the Crew; 
Everybody, even you. 

Keep bobbin', bobbin', bobbin' up and 

Send for Our Band and 
' Orchestra Catalog 


1 43 145 WEST 40th STREET m^^mms^'' 

.*--.'■"„-.- . Or ALL IIMK 

Through to 1437 BROADWAY; NEW YORK dear old girl 

NAT VINCENT, Prof. Nl^r. | h, thkq. mohsk 




"Hawthorne of the U. 8. A." was the 
attraction last week at the Morosco Theatre, 
Los Angeles, Cal., with Chas. Buggies play- 
ing the part of Hawthorne, and Frances 
Ring that of Princess Irma. 

'"A Foot, Thkiie Was," with Louise Ran- 

dolph and Carl Brlckert playing the leads, 
was the offering at Foil's Theatre, Spring- 
field, Mass., last week. 

"Hawtuosne, or the U. S. A," la tbe at- 
traction this week at Harmanns Bleecker 
Hall, Albany, N. Y. Next week they are pro- 
ducing "Madame Sherry." Ibis Is their fare- 
well play In Albany. 

"Father and tub Boys" is being played 
this week by the Northampton Flayers, at 
the Star Theatre, Buffalo; N. Y., under the 
management of Jessie Bonstelle and Bertram 
Harrison, ' • 's> J«sJ 

Thos. J. McGbai Is the man who Is re- 
sponsible for the shows given at the Harlem 
Opera House. He is a director who knows 
how to direct. 


Schenectady, IT. Y. — notion pictures S3 
tbe attractions it the following mined Looses : 
Crescent, Park, Kenllworth, Happy Hoar, Art, 
Keeney'e, ind Brsndywlne. 

Pbootob's (Charles Oonldlng, mar.) — Vaude- 
ville snd motion pictures, for the first half of 
week, starting Monday, July 28 1 Elliott and Neff, 
Henley and Doiinold, John Kevfe, Dick McAllis- 
ter's Trio. Bit Jim. For the last bslf of week, 
starting Thursday, 81 : The Throwing Tabor, Cun- 
ningham and Oonerrey, Ollson and Banner, Billy 
Barron, and the Big Surprise (song and dance 

Mohawk (Aktrraan 0111, mgr.) — Nell O'Brien's 
Minstrels are booked to ptsy here Friday, Aug. 1, 
giving two shows afternoon and night. 

Tan CUBUra (Obirles McDonald, mgr.) — Geo. 
(Honey Boy) Evans' Minstrels booked to plsy 
here Aug. 0, giving two shows, afternoon snd 

Osmose (l\ X. Preymaler, mgr.) — Tbe 


One of the Big Money Making Fea ture* with the Wortham A Allen Shows. 

"Sheslock Holmes" was the offering 
last week at Keith's Theatre, Toledo, O., 
under the management of Joseph Fearlsteln. 
This week they are producing "Little Johnny 

"Madame Subset" was produced at the 
Burbank Theatre, Los Angeles. Cal., last 
week. It also serves to bring forth a new 
prima donna by the name of Selma Faley, 
whoBe home Is in Los Angeles, Cal. James 
Darling will play the part of Theo. Sherry. 

Thurston Hall, only recently engaged 
as leading man with the Orpheum Stock Co., 
at the Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, 
will relinquish hla position on Aug. 15, to 
become leading man for a stock company 
conducted by Harry Davis, In Pittsburgh. 
His successor will Be Mitchell Harris. 

Marta Oatmah, second woman of the 
Harlem Opera House Co., left July 26. She 
has signed to appear in a Broadway pro- 
duction. • 

Daaw A. Mobton tins been engaged by 
Harry Clay Blaney for the American Theatre 
Stock Co., In Philadelphia. Itoy Phillips, 
who has been playing the Juvenile roles at 
the Prospect Theatre, Bronx, will also go to 
the American Theatre, which opens its sea- 
son Aug. 16. with "Girls." 

Arris two years with the Academy of 
Music Stock Company. Theodore Frlcbus has 
resigned as leading man. He will be featured 
in a new plsy next season. 

Bomero Family, Welds and Bersno, Derry, Gould 
and Merrick, sod motion pictures. Last half: 
"The Dashing Widow," tabloid musical comedy, 
presented by M. J. Kelley, snd motion pictures. 

Geneva, It. Y.— Smith Opera House (B. B. 
Gutetadt. nagr.) pictures, with occssslonslly vaude- 
ville for half of the week. Matinees snd evening 
performances to good business. 

Tsui-lb (P. C. Pierce, mgr.) — Pictures with 
high elan musical turns between ■ tbe reels. 
Knowing twice afternoons snd twice evenings to 
satisfactory business. 

Thb new stage for the Temple Is nesrlng com- 
pletion, and when It is Installed it will stage sny 
of tbe largest traveling companies. 

Penn Van, N. Y Trolley Oar Girls, four- 
teen people, with Joe Bulllran ss betdllner, July 

DsUlns, Tex. — Dallss Opera House (Geo. 
Amy, mgr.) Is dark. 

Lake Clot Oabino (Obss. Mangold, mgr.) — 
"ostomy Jane," July 20-26, to gool business. 

Gasdbk (B. J. Stinnett, mgr.) — Production of 
"Hlawaths," In moving pictures, Oils tbe bouse 

Crci.m Pabk (W. 3. Brown, mgr.) — The stock 
company Is doing well. 

Cbfbbitu (Daltoo Bros., mgrs.) — Vaudeville, 
to good business. 

I ' aib Pabk. — Frc« pictures and outdoor nmuae- 


Kisklaho Pabk. — Outside amusements. 

Dins, Qubsn, Hippoobomb, Biosooes, Pauox. 
Oami>t. Kmpeess. Prinobus, Osi-hium, Grand. 
Bbaltt, Ltsic, Fobbsi Arsaius, Crrr Pabk snd 

Washington, are all doing big business with pic- 
tures. Sundays they are operated on tbe dona- 
tion plin on account of tbe Sunday law. 

WonK Is progressing rspltlly on the Crystal 
Theatre, also on the Old Mill Theatre on Elm 
Btreet, which Is being erected by the Daltoo 

Denver, Col. — Elltch's Garden (Tbos. D. 
Long, mgr.) "The Greyhound" July 27 and week. 

Bsoadwat (Peter McCoort, mgr.)— Lyman II. 
Howe's Travelogues 27 snd week. 

Lakssidb (Jstnes Darkln, mgr.) — "The Only 
Son" 28 and week. 

Kmfbbsb (Geo. A. Bovyer, mgr.)— Bill !6 snd 
week: Jlmmle Ilrltt, Six Piano Bugs, Agnes Lee 
sud company, Barnes snd Boblnson, the wheelers, 
Msrgle Wilson, sod Oaumont's Weekly. 

Pantaobs' (Nat Darling, mgr.) — Bill 27 snd 
week: Haras Family, Ted McLean Co., La Ber- 
gere, snd moving pictures. 

Bakkb (Harry Ward, mgr.) — Locb Musical 
Conieiiy Co., snd moving pictures. 

Notts. — George A. Bovyer, the genial manager 
of the Empress, leaves Aug. IS, to take the man- 
ngement of tbe Empress at Los Angeles. The 

Los Angeles manager comes here Ulngllng 

Brothers' Circus plays here 20. 

Providence, B. I. — Keith's (Charles Loven- 
berg, mgr.) the Albee Stocs Oo. presents "Mother" 
week of July 26. 

Scinic (Fred. Uomsn, mgr.)— Homan Stock 
Co. and pictures. 

Union (Charles Allen, mgr.)— Vaudeville and 

Casino (Oborles Williams, mgr.)— Photoplays 

EjiriEs (Sol. Braunlg, mgr.)— Klnemacolor and 
black and wblte pictures. 

Nick si, (Frank Westgate, mgr.)— Talking mo- 
tion pictures. 

Buou (Matt. Belly, mgr.)— Pictures. 

Thb Westminster Is the latest of the Provi- 
dence theatres to dlsplsy the "OkMed" sign. Thla 
makes the fourth bouse which will lie dark till 
the latter part of August, the Opera House, 
Bullock's, and tbe Colonial having been closed 
tor some time. 

Toledo. O.— B. F. Keith's. Keith's Stock 
Co., festurlng Fay Bslnter and Mara 1), Uardy, 
In "Little Johnny Jones." 

Toijbdo Bsaoh. — Spellman's bears snd Lower's 
Bsnd. twice dally. 

Thsi management of the Alhambra was the. Unit 
in the city to secure the eight reel production of 
'Quo Vsdlsl" 

Ths Princess, wbleb was built by the Bralley 
Amuse. Oo. over a year ago. and which was a 
Nat failure both as s vaudeville and stock bouse, 
Is standing them up with feature films. 

Locis Frjr, tbe scenic srtUt of the Keith 
Htock Oo„ Is receiving many compliments for the 
excellent work he Is doing. 

Pbank T. Colli™, character change artist, 
was a welcome visitor, Thursdsy. 

Oonobssiohisth at Toledo Beach were delighted 
with their financial results week of July 21. 
Grenade and Fedora were tbe free attractions. 

St. John, Can. — At the Nickel the Metro- 
politan Trio, In operatic selections aud tbe mov- 
ing pictures. 

urriQua. — Moving picture*. 

Stab.— Moving pictures. 

EisrsBss. — Moving pictured 

Gani. — Arthur P. Cameron, In songs snd ths 
moving pictures. 

Ltsio.— Vaudeville and moving pictures. 

Notbs. — Betty Ohspman, who has been singing 
st tbe Gem, wss taken suddenly III ot the con- 
clusion of ber song, July 17, and was rushed to 
the General Public Hospital. She la suffering 
from rheumatic fever, and la slowly Improving. 

The Opera House will remain dark until 

Aug. 7. Among the stniotlons coming are; 
"Brewster's Millions" Aug. 7-0. "The Pink Lady" 
11-16, "The Chocolate Soldier" 21-23. 

Terre Haute, Intl.— Varieties (T. W. Bsr- 
hjdt Jr., mgr.) pictures. 

Osrnsutf (Breotllnger * English, oigrs.)— 
Orgsn recital snd pictures. 

Lois (IT. B. Sheets, mgr.)— Vaudeville and pic- 

Youno's Aisdomb (Sam Young, mgr.)— Oliver 
Narama Players closed engagement July 20. 
Knickerbocker Stock Co. week 28. 

Savot, Colonial, Fountain, Pbinosss, Elk, 
Cbkscbnt, Ambsioa. Rotal. Imp, Mooss, Ma- 
jstxio and Thbatobioic, moving pictures. 

tub John Lawrence and .Alexander Rtsmes 
Stock Co.'s combined at Washington, Ind.. July 
IS, opening esrly psrt of August as tbe Starnes- 
Lawrence Co, 

Keene, If. II, — Keeoe Oners House (A. W. 

Qulnn, mgr.) "The Girl and the Baron" Aug. 2. 

MAissna (Ray Snow, mgr.) — Motion pictures 
and vaudeville. 

Black Km In Hllnpor, dm strap, GnuE 
XV llci'ls, Ntyln No, Ut, fll.UO. Also III 
white, pink unit liluu lo iiiulclt gowns. 
Ilcncli Hindu in order. 

M West alst Btreut, ami lAul Hruuilway, 

TO HUNT for l|uy or 
Night for UiirJvHque and 
_ _ Vaudeville, ljirgu l)rn«M- 

Ing ItnoiriH. Opera Pimm, l,uw Itnti'H. MUTUAL 
II Al, I., 4.18 Dili Ave. ,liot.:ifitlmnil 8(lth His., New York 



For Hale or on Hoyalty. Act* written to 
order. Adrtress WH. J. C'AHTKIt, 143 
W. J43«l Bt., Wow York City. . 

Promoter for nice 4 Dore^Bhows at North Platte, Neb. 

Dbbamund (Robert Worsley, mgr.) — Slotloo 
pictures to 8. R. O. 

Iobal MosAni.ii Siiowh (Carnival) under tbe 
auspices Spanish War Veterans, July 28-31. 

Downib A WilBSMm's Cisuus Aug. B. 

Winchester, N. H — Opera House (Qulnn 
A Bhlpmsn, mgrs.) Yale Stock Co. July 28-30. 

St, Joseph, Mo. — Mnjestlo (Fred Cusman, 
mgr.) vaudeville snd pictures. Business good. 

OBPHBUII (M. 15, Fields, mgr.) — Singers sud 
plclures. Business very good. , _. 

Rotal (Barney Riley, mgr.)— Pictures snd 
singers, Business good, 

AlBDoHB (O. U. I'hilley, mgr.) — Tbe Poulter A 
Welsh Co. presented "Ths Orest Jewel Mystsry" 
to large audiences July 21-20. Commencing 27 
tbe company puts on ''Jim, the Westerner," 

Kauo I'abb: (J. II. Vau Brunt, mgr.)— Pictures 
and vsoulevllle. _ „ , 

Lakb Coktbibt Pask (It F. Ingersoll, mar.) 
—Pictures and vaudeville, balloon ascensions, Don 
Pbllllplnl's Band. 

Nashville, Tenia. — Orpbeum (Oeorg; II, 
Hlckmsn, mgr.) bill week of Jul v 21, "Orau- 
elark." Week of 28, "Who's WbnJ" 

I'siKciss (Harry Biulckinn, mgr.) — "Pa- 
nulls" bad good business lost week. 

OnveTiL, Bi.itb, Kimt AvEMUK, AuiAMBBA 
and Rbjx, moving pictures, ..,.,, 

Nora.— Manager Bheols, of the Veiutome, has 
lust returned from New York, where be com- 
pleted bis bookings for the romlng season. .Ho 
snuounees that bo lias secured it list tiist cannot 
be surpassed. 

Newark, N. J.— Olympic Psrk. Ths Opera 
Co. presents "0eo. Washington Jr." week of July 

NawAsac TilBATBa.— Psylon Mnslial snd Com- 
edy Co., In "Keren Days." week ot 28. 

Lrata. — Hill week of 28 : Hhoadea' Marionettes, 
Al. Hnow. Eugene McGregor snd company. Adams 
and Shaffer, Stewart and Donoliite, Bully and 
l.amsen, Ksust nnd Paust, Hello nnd Jones, Henley 
aud Dunwolil, Weslyn Trio, Harry Bose, and 
Monkey Cabaret. 

Norfolk, Va.— Academy of Music (Olio 
Wells, mgr.) sets billed for week of July 28: 
Win. A. Weston and company, Thomas srul 
Thomas, Work nnd Play, Keuedy and Burt, aid 
Chlckadede. Business good. 

Obakov (Otto Wells, mgr.)— "Les Mlseralilea" 
In motion pictures la booked for week July 28. 


Potohiiow and BokiTA are doing good business 
wlili motion pictures. 

Decatur. III. — Powers' Grand (Tbos. P. 
Iionsn, mgr.) the Edward Doyle Stock Co. Is doing 
well, at popular prices. 

W. h. AtiiiustiWB has completed In Hie last 
end of the city one of the finest Artproof eleoirls 
llieatres In the Stale. Tim seating capsclty «f 
420 was Ailed st tbo formal opening July 28. It 
Is cel led the Crescent sml runs motion plclures. 

Cabloh Inmchiip and wife (Oolda /one) 
were colled home 10 on nccount of the denlh 
of Mrs. Inskcep's father, Ira Hoober. of 
Darlington, Ind. Puneml services were held 
TucHdsy, July 22. While Mr. Ihxrtcr was 
never financially Interested In Iho theatrical 
business, yet he had met a grent ntMty mem- 
bers of the profession while visiting with 
Mr. Inskeen's commnlcs. He will bo kindly 
rrrnnmlMi'Mi bj those who were with Iho 
above named romnnnles. especially Uioko Who 
rehearsed nt Darlington. 

ANNBT-rn asu Oiiach IIiimphrrvh are 
spending llielr varation In (lilcago after a 
stiecccssful firty weeks wlLh "rho Missouri 

Jahuh Ham., electrician, with the King 
Amusement Co.. writes: "W« closed * very 
streunuous season at Hamburg, N, J,,- last 


August 2 




Bound with oar New Cold-llolled 
Steel Binding. Three-ply B. B. i. B. trunk, 
wood, hand-rlvcieil tipping trey. 


B. & B. TRUNK CO., Pltlstoorgti, Pa . 
Earn $35 to $500 Weekly. Study 



Vaudeville Act*, Sketches, Drama, 
Mimical Comedy mid New Novelties 
In St line Dancea. Write for Illustrated 
booklet how 3,000 students succeeded 
Kngagenienta guaranteed. Failure 

Alviene Theatre School of Acting 

23rt St. and Hth Avis, New York 


Tell Your Manager 


Short Vamp Practice Slippers 
Oiiu Strap lllack Kid, ii 


Formerly with 

la now located at the 
"ShoeOriift" Shop. 
Cataloe"A" of stiw jhots Free 
-TUB- . — 

SHoecRAfr shop 

37S Hlli Ave., N. V. C. 

2 Blocks South or Fa. Station 
Tel. Chelsea 207:1. 



1 TIIVNK. Let our catalogue 
tell whnt an Improvement. It Is. 
lion- easy lo get at anything. 
How quickly packed. How use- 
ful In small room as chiffonier. 
Holds an much as a good box 
trunk, Costa no more. Strong- 
est made; hand riveted. So 
good that we ship it l.'. O. D. 
subject to examination. Scud 
2c. Mump today for catalogue 
F. A. STA U.MAN, 85 K. Spring St., CUI. I'M Ills, O 

iPANai.ES, #1.00 PER POUND 


Cotton Tights, pair |1.M 

Wonted Tights, pair 2.00 

Plaited Silk Tigbti, pair 2 2( 

Beat Silk Tight! ( a m 

Inch cotton topa I " w 

Calf, Thigh and Hip Padding*. 

Gold and Silver Trimmings 
Send deposit and route with order 


887 Washington St, Boiton, Hast 


Fourth Ave., bet. 29th and 30th Sts., N. Y. City 
Kuropcan plan, llcstaurmil. a la carle. Fine 
cuisine and service. Prices moderate, lleait- 
iiuiu'Uth for artlsla anil professional guests, 
llooms single and en suite, Willi jirlvatu butli. 
'I'raiiHlent and permanent. Appointments up-to- 
dalo, Including elevator and nil night service. No 
extra charge. Special rules lo permanent guests 
Inspection ilivllcd. 'Phono 2410 Madison Square - 


Wanted to write your net, uudor Hie strongest pos- 
Hlble guarantee. ActHloonler; alaowrlllenarounil 
your own ideas. Sails ruction guaranteed or 
iniuicv refunded. Wrllu ' mo about your play. 
Kong'lvrlea lo mill any act. Write me. Do It now. 
\. .1. Ill I KW1IKKT, Huntington, Muss. 



No threads, pulls, clastic, hand box or luig. The 
neatest and beat over. Kemcinbcr, you got a silk 
handkerchief, apparatus, and full Instructions and 
:>ur illustrated catalogue for 10 vents, (iOltl)UN 
A HALL, llox 1112. Win, A ., Cambrid ge, Mass. 


PASSES, CARDS, Kto. Write for Samples, 
Webb l'tg. Co.. M2 So. Dearborn St.. Chicago, Ills . 


II Hill (MAliK, SLIGHTLY WORN, $5.00 niitl up 

WAIUHKIIHST. lUilH Hlue I s land Ave, CHICAGO 


Write tor Oatalogoo and Frioea 



Win, H. Aston Print, Detroit. Catalog. 


For Show ParadcB, Horse and Pony Aots, Adver- 
tising Purposes, otc. Send tor prico Hat. Manu- 
factured by If. BUHAKMUS, Ui Metropolitan Ave., 



m i it 


24 Hours 

Each Cap-^^v 

aole bears the |M|DY1 

namsW \^f 

Samrs of oounitrfriU 




Open the new season with a new song that is a "good song" and a "make good' 

song. I want you all to here this GREAT ballad, so send for a copy 



135-th STREET* 


Music p-u.blisli.ex- 



W. W. SPARKS, Scenic Artist, 
Little Theatre, Pblla., Pa. 

Contracts were awarded last week and work 
begun on the Improvements to the Walnut Street 
Theatre and the Trocadero. In both houses the 
alterations will consist of tho erection of fire 
tower escapes, fire escapes, aud the flrcprooflng of 
the dressing rooms and stage equipment. Similar 
work Is going on at fill other houses, and this 
will have the effect of delaying the opening of 
these bouses until about the mlddlo of September. 

Gamuck (Nlxoo & Zimmerman, nigra.) — There 
doea not seem lo be any end to the run of the 
film pictures of "Quo vadls?" which baa now 
been Been for eleven weeks of excellent business. 

Chestnut (Will A. Page, mgr.) — The Orpheum 
Stock appears In "The Boss," 28 and week. "The 
Gay I. oid Quet" was cleverly revived by the 
slock last week, to bouses of excellent slse con- 
sidering the weather conditions. Thurston Hall 
lu the title role and Gertrude Dallas aa Sophy 
were particularly well cast and they carried off 
the big scene In the third act In a most praise- 
worthy manner. Edward E. liorton aa Sir 
Chichester, and Mabel Oarothers as the Duchess 
of Stroud were also admirable characterizations. 
Florence Roberta, Joseph Kaufman and Constance 
Hyatt were prominent In the production. 

D. F. Keith's (H. T. Jordan, mgr.)— Marlon 
Ptruey, the former leading lady of the Orpheum 
Stock, la the heodllner week of 28, In the playlet, 
"The Wedding Night." Others are: Vlollnsky, 
Belle Adair, Six Drown Brothers, Monkey Hip- 
podrome, Nestor and Bergman, Charles and Ada 
Latham, Sisters Ioleen, Heleu Bell and Qulnn 
Brothers and moving pictures. 

Metropolitan Or-SRA House (Eugene Myers, 
mgr.)— The bill for the first holt of the week 
2830 consists of: Hullng's Seals, Lewis J. 
Cody and company, Loreiuc and Gallagher, Parlse, 
Iieegnn and Henley, and Alice Hanson. For the . 
rest of the week the acta are: Reo. Connors 
and company, Lawrence and Edwards, the Four 
La Delia Comluucs, Bam J. Harris, Williams 
Trio, and Sadie Ott. 

Nixon (Fredk. Leopold, mgr.) — BUI 28-Ang. 
2: "Court by Girls." Mailln, Eddy and Roy, 
the Three Letters, Campbell Sisters, Lewla and 
Norton, Harry Cutler, and moving pictures. 

Willow Gnova- Pabk (J. T. Davles, mgr.) — 
Innes and his band were accorded a big welcome 
Inst week, which was the twenty-fifth anniversary 
of that organisation and the seventeenth consecu- 
tive year that the band has been beard at the 
Park. There were a number of out-of-town ex- 
cursions lo the Park, and the crowds were the 
largest of the (season. The amusements all did 
enormous business. 

WooosmK Pa UK (Win. O. Martin, mgr.) — Alex- 
ander's Band Concerts were of popular quality 
last week, and the big music pavilion was crowded 
nt all of the concerts. The two doien amuse- 
ment fealiirea are being well patronised. 

Point Breeze Park (Fred McOlellan, mgr.) — 
Fine weather last week resulted In a big attend- 
ance. Vcleno'a Band, tree vaudeville, motor 
cycle races and numerous other diversions keep 
the visitors ou the jump to take lu all of the 

Wasiunoton Pahk-on-thh Dei.awaiu (H. F. 
Slttscr, mgr.) — This resort, which is reached by 
a delightful river ride. Is receiving more than Its 
i-hiiee of patronage. Lily's Bnnd nml the Schu- 
mann Quartette arc providing; the musical features. 

Bijou, GiRARD, Fonci-Auou's, Hart's, Fho- 
ri.r.'B. Victoria, Plaza. 1'al.icb and Aluamrra 
give vaudeville and moving pictures. 

Dick Zimmerman, brother of Manager J. Fred. 
Zimmerman Sr., anil for many years doorman at 
the Chestnut Street Opern House, la getting ready 
to open bla new theatre at Berwyn, a swell 
residential suburb on the Pennsylvania main line. 
The house, which will open In shout two weeks, 
Is a one-story structure, 53 feet by 133 feet, 
with a 1,000 seating capacity. 

Manaoek James Wall, of the American Stock 
Co., la back In town after an extended Western 
trip, and la having the house put In rondlncsB 
for the opening on Aug. 10. Fred Wagner will be 
the treasurer of the Bouse. 

IIaiivev M. Watts has tendered his resignation 
as business ninnager of the Philadelphia Orchestra. 

Owners of residences overlooking Woodslde 
Park have asked for an injunction to restrain 
the o|iernt)on of several amusement features nt 
that resort, on the ground that they are extreme- 
ly noisy. The courts have granted an extension 
of time until Aug. 4, for the purpose of enabling 
the management of the park for experimenting 
with noise reducing devices and running the 
nppnrnlus In such a way ns to reduce the objec- 
tionable whirring sounds. 

Tin: Illness of Miss Seller, whose band has Just 
concluded an engagement at Woodslde Park, has 
turned out to be so serious that she Is still con- 
lined to her apartments. Hei band was to hare 
none to Toronto for a three weeks' engagement, 
but awing to her Illness the ongngoment baa been 
cancelled nml the band disbanded. 

Cnrlnuidnlc. l»n. — Ornnd (Slsson A- Tuttle. 
nigra.) "A Butterfly on the Wheel" Aug. 2B, will 
open the Reason of 1013-14. "Within the Law," 
"Mutt and Jeff" and Kirk Brown wllh his high 
grndc company, in repertoire, for one week at 
popular prices, ore to fill early dates. 

Iiikal (L. A. Farrell. mgr.) — Lynotl's Orches- 
tra and a dally disuse of historical and dramatic 
moving pictures. Special added attraction each 
Wednesday eveulng. 

Orm (Alfonso Slrrlnnnl, mgr.) — Mechanical or- 
chestra and feature nmvlng pictures changed 
dally. The animated weekly service Is shown 
on current dates. 

Savov (The Screen Amusement Co.. mgrs.)— 
Orchestra music and pictures, changed each after- 

Victoria (Loula Matule. mgr.) — Orchestra mu- 
sic and dully change of pictures. 

Youko llorrAMi Wil.n West ano Colonel Com- 
siinos Far East Is scheduled for our city July 
20. The billboards are resplendent with lltho- 
graphs selling forth the excellent quality of the 
features to gladden the eyes of our people. 

CirecnabtirtT, Pa.— St. Olalr Theatre (J.~G.' 
flay, mgr.) will open Aug. 0, with "Fine Feath- 

Guano, Casino, Princess ami Staruout, pic- 
ture houses, all doing good business. 

Tim Lvrio, a new picture house, to be con- 
ducted by the Manos Bros., Is nesrlng completion. 
It occupies (he ground Door of a concrete and 


brick building belog erected on South Main Street, 
by Jos. Slrouce, and Is modern In every particular. 
The house will probably be opened about Sept. I. 

Johnstown, Pa. — Cambria (Scberer & 
Kelly, mgrs.) will open Aug. 7. with Harry Hast- 
ings' Sbow. "The White Slave" 0. 

Majbbtio (M. J. Boyle, mgr.)— Will open Aug. 
4, with high clnss vaudeville snd photoplays. 

Nemo (if. McOann, mgr.)— Land Ino's Orches- 
tra, Jenlta Enrlgfat, vocalist, aud motion pic- 

Pabk (Soberer A Kelly, mgrs.) — Motion pic- 
tures aud songs. 

Grand (George Panagotacos, mgr.) — Pictures. 

Stadium (George Panagotacos, mgr.) — Pictures. 

QaAND (J. Q. Foley, mgr.) — Vaudeville and 

Emou Driaii (J. G. Foley, tigr.) — Pictures. 

Windbeb Opbba Bouse (J. G. Foley, mgr.) — 

The Park Family Theatre has :\ocn thoroughly 
re-modeled, and la new one of the handsomest pic- 
turn houses In the Southwest. Managers Scberer 
and Kelly deserve great credit. 

Altnonn, Pn. — Lakemont Park Theatre (J. 
M. Shuck, mgr.) the Hall Stock Co., In "The 
Country Boy," July 28 and week. Business good. 

The Hunter Shows will exhibit at Broad Ave- 
nue and Twenty-ninth Street Carnival Grounds 
28 and week. 

Manaobr J. C Misiiler has returned from hla 
Summer vacation and will open his theatre lu 

Chnmlierauara;, Pn. — New Theatre (Wm. 
P. Brltsch, mgr.) pictures. 

Rosedalb Is dark. F. A. Shenrtbrook, manager 
of this house, has transferred picture machine 
to Red Bridge Park for the Summer. 

William V. Mono, a native of Chambersburg, 
Pn., after a visit home, has gone to New York 
City for rehearsals. Mr. Mong will play a lead- 
ing role la "The Conspiracy." 

Mllwnnkce, Wis. — At the Davidson (Sher- 
man Brown, mgr.) the Davidson Theatre Stock 
Co. gave a delightful presentation of "The Boys 
of Company B" July 21-27. "The Talker" 28- 
Aug. 3, "The Deep Purple" 4-10. 

Majestio (J. A. Hlgler. mgr.) — The season of 
high class vaudeville st Milwaukee opened Mon- 
day. July 28, with the followlrg bill ! Llna Abnr- 
bsnll. Chief Oatipollcan, Cameron and O'Oonner. 
Tbiee Collegians, Bond and Benton. Weber and 
Wilson, Dnrrell and Conway, and Heating's Fe- 
lines and Canines. 

Crystal (Wm. Gray, mrr.l — Bill week of 28 
Includes: Sam Hood, John Kills. Arneson. All 
the information they could give. - 

Oentbt Bros.' Famous Show will be here for 
tints? days this week at different locations. 

Ban Claire, 'Wis.— At the Grand (C. D. 
Moon, mgr.) the season opens July 80, with 
"Pine Feathers." 

Orpheum, Ltrio, Unique. Rex and Stab, play- 
ing motion pictures, to good business. 

H. T. Rtoos, owner of the Lyric, sold the 
pwperty and lease to 0. A. Miller. Mr. Hlller 
now owns and manages the Unique and Lyric. 
Mr. Rlggs leaves. Aug. 1, for Los Angeles, Cal., 
to take up the hotel business 

S. W. Bruhdaoe Carnival Co., under the 
nusplces of the Northshle business men. are enter- 
taining large crowds dally, and giving the best 
satisfaction for the week. 

Dnlilln. Ga. — Aoiusu (R. W. Csrswell, mgr.) 
is dark until Sept. 1. 

Crvbtal Palace (R. H. Hlghtower, mgr.) — 
July 28-Aug. 2, moving pictures aid vaudeville. 


Tlio lny public sca7ccTy~rcallzcs just to 
whnt proportions miniature burlesque has 

frown In tbc past few years, but this fact 
9 readily seen and appreciated in the ranks 
of tho professionals. 

The houses appear to have struck just tbc 
popular chord of fancy that in Hungers have 
so long striven to reach, and now that tho 
Idea has proven a success, the senders have 
changed their tunes and are rapidly getting 
to tbo other side of the fence la an endeavor 
to rench the fruits on tho Inside. 

The men who arc really tbc originators 
and promoters of (his highly successful en- 
terprise arc Sol. Flrhlcnbcrg and Sidney II. 
Scllg, sole owners of the firm, the Fichten- 
bcrg-Scllg Company, Chicago. 
. Mnklng tliclr advent In the production 
business us owners of the once highly popu- 
lar penny arcades, they rapidly branched 
out nnd are now justly regarded as the most 
successful showmen In the city of Chicago. 

They own and operate the New Chicago 
Theatre, U. S. Music Hall, American Then- 


tre and the Gem Theatre, names that arc 
synonymous of success, laughs, pretty girls 
uud striking scenarios, 

No metropolis in the country can boast of 
houses that universally please to any greater 
extent than thoso managed by this highly 
progressive firm. 

In addition to the regular tabloid shows, 
feature acts that bave never been Been on 
any but the largest and most well known 
circuits are appearing lc these houses from 
ten to twenty-live weeks' running, nnd the 
popular prices of ten and fifteen cents do 
not seem to be any drawback to the most 
discriminating clnBses. 

In these houses true democracy Is reached, 
Where Hie laboring man, having finished with 
Lis dny's work, rubs elbows with the pro- 
fessional and business men and women of 
the highest standing, and unite lu applaud- 
ing the deserving features that are placed 
before them. 

All credit Is due to Sol. Llchtenberg and 
Sidney II. Sellg, fathers of miniature bur- 
lesque stock. 


Now that the Plymouth hi closed the only places 
of amusement In town for the stay-at-homes and 
visitors from and on their way to beach and 
country, are the vaudeville and moving picture 
houses. Of course there is plenty of entertain- 
ment to be found at the parks and nearby beaches. 
The weather waa fairly comfortable last week. 

Trkkont (Jno. B. Schoeffel, mgr.) — Moving 
pictures of "Quo Vadls?" continue to paying busi- 
ness. There does not seem to be any Indication 
of closing before the regular Fall season com- 

Keith's (B. F. Keith, mgr.)— Tbo Mil la 
topped this week by Edward Aoeles, supported by 
Charlotte Lander In the comedy. "He Tried To 
Be Nice." Francis Yates, John B. Haxzard, Tom 
McDevltt, Jack Kelly and Irene Lucy, Franker 
Wood and Banee Wyde, Six Andlnnaa, the Crom- 
wells, Dorothy Kenton, Gordon Rlcker, and the 
Palbe Weekly complete the program. 

Globe (Rcbert Janette, mgr.) — In the variety 
porton of the bill week of 28 are: The Three 
Martins, Carson and Brown, Jack and Mabel 
Price, and Rube Willis. There are mony new mo- 
tion views, and the Rays continue lo help out the 
song sheet. 

Orpheum (Victor J. Morris, mgr.) — For tie 
first half of the week: Purcella Brothers, Billy 
Inmnn and company, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Be 
Wolfe, Bruce Darren and company, Ethel White- 
side and her Plcka, and John Hlgglns. For the 
last half: Musette, Morrlssey Trio, Avellr.g and 
Lloyd, Evers, Wisdom and company, Clipper Quar- 
tette, and the Seven Plcchlannl Troupe. 

St. James (Marcos Loew Management). — 
Musette, Morressey Trio, Avellng and Lloyd. 
Evers. Wisdom and company, Clipper Quartette, 
end the Serea Plcchlannl Troupe for the first three 
days. The last three: Porcella, Billy Inman and 
company, Mr. and Mrs. Ward De Wolfe, Bruce 
Duffett and company, Ethel Whiteside and her 
Picks, and Jobn Hlgglns. 

GoinoN's Oltmfia (J. 15. Comerford, mgr.) — 
Week of 28: Romero Family, Wayne and May, 
Wm. Rich and company, Saronl and Marconi, 
Loja Troupe and others. Geottery Whallen con- 
tinues with his picture talks. 

Bowdoin SqvARE (G. E. Lothrop, mgr.) — Violet 
Mnscotte's Merry Maidens, De Grace and De 
Paul, the McCarvera, Ruth Becker, Eddie Markee, 
and Dick How are the acts mentioned tor this 

Nohumbeoa Park (Carle Alberte, mgr.) — Car- 
rent week: Three Cyclonlans, American Comedy 
Four, Two Judges, Elmo and Bob, and Morgan 
and Reese. 

MXDrouD Boulevard (J. W. Gorman, mgr.) — 
The musical comedy "The Refining of Father" 
occupies the stage of the Bustle Theatre this 

Lexington Park (I. Jackson, mgr.) — 
Week of 28: Americas Trumpeteers Trio, Orvllle 
and Frank, Collins and Cole, Billie James, and 
Nick Conway. 

Pahaoon" Park (G. A. Dodge, mgr.) — Roslta 
Mantilla, assisted by Lloyd, Clara Ballerina, 
Three Pendleton Slaters, Mason Slaters, Minnie 
Hughes, Art Spanldtng, Marie Camilla, Edna 
Leader. Louise Laurie, Rambolllo Trio, Guatemala 
Marimba Serenaders, Nervo, Alius Brothers, were 
the entertalers last week, 

notes.> rong and picture houses are the 
BIJon Dream. Old South, Scenic Temple, Beacon, 
Pastime. Obmlque, Star, Unique. Apollo. Liberty. 
Ntw Palace, Harvard, Wlnthron, Ideal, Superb, 
Dudley, Oriental, Back Bay. Dreamland. Niagara, 
Dorchester, Imperial, Combrdge, Huntington 

Avenue. Williams' Ideal, Smith End and the 

Wtblet Birch, who baa had a stock company 
at the Plymouth for the past seven or more weeks, 
with Eleanor Gordon restored, announces that he 
Is completing arrangements for a permanent stock 
organisation In this city. A theatre haa already 
been leased and the engagement will commence 
In the early Spring. 

J. W. Gorman's musical comedy companies: 
Lincoln Park, Worcester, Mass. ; Bonltvard Sum- 
mer Theatre, Medford, Mass.; Nornmbega Park, 
Anhuindale, Mots. ; Willows' Summer Theatre 
Salem. Haas. ; Highland Park, Brockton. Mass. ; 
Central Park, Dover, Mass. ; the i'lnes, Haverhill 
Mass. ; Floating Bridge Park, Lynn, Mass. ; Riv- 
er ton Park, Portland, Me.; Lake Grove Park, 
Lewleton, Ma, and Riverside Park. Bangor, Me. 

Boston's children, after July 20, will have an 
opportunity of enjoying free "Punch and Judy" 
•hows on the various playgrounds. At Mayor Fitz- 
gerald's direction the park and recreation de- 
partment ofllclsls closed a contract with Frank 
, I'rjor. who haa been a "Punch and Judy" show- 
man for years, to keep making the rounds of the 
various city playgrounds with his show for the 
rest of the Summer. The mayor said that he be- 
lieves the shows will furnish the youngsters a 
great amount of Innocent fan. and be figures 
that the money paid for the shows will be well 

Springfield, Mass. — Poll's (fiord. Wrlgbter 
mgr.) the stock presents "Zsza" week of July 2s' 

BaoanwAY (D. D. Seullen, mgr.) — Rath Sberi- 
ley. In "Such a Little Queen," week of 28. 

Nelson (J. J. Moener, mgr. )— Vaudeville and 
rrctlon plctn.-es. 

Plaza I J. M. Carney, mgr.)— Vaudeville and 
motion olctures. 

RrvEisiDE Pais: (Horan A Moloney, msrrs ) 

Txlklnn plctuies. * ' 

Axdbll, Bijou, Eoisoxu, Gband, Globe, Hud- 
son. Lyiio. Mirbob, Novelty, Palace ' and 
Svbwat, moving pictures. 

Notes.— Alphle, the Florida fat girl, with ber 
husband. Louis H. Albeo, who have been spending 
some time with friends In this city, has signed 
with the Armstrong Shows, which sre to go with 
the Con T. Kennedy Carnival Co. She will loin 

them In Toronto. Aug. 20 Carl Brlckert 

returned to the Poll stock company last week 
after a three weeks' vacation, apent at his home! 
in Indiana Manager Goldstein, of the Broad- 
way, has completed arrangements for Miss Sben- 
ley to continue to appear In "Such a Little 
Queen," which will positively be her last week 
with the stock company. Edna Baker has been 
secured as leading woman and will make her bow 
to a Springfield andlence In "The Deserter," 

week of Aug. 4 Ethel Downle, "the child " 

wllh Robert Hill lard. In "A Fool There Was." 
played her original role with the Poll Stock last 
week, and was so favorably received she was 
especially engaged to appear la "Mary Jane'a Pa." 

which will be given later Souvenir pillow 

tops, stamped with Mlsa Shepley's portrait, are 
to be given to the women attending the Tuesday 

matinee.. Louise Bandfki:!. assumed the leads 

with the Poll Stock OoasiajiKlast week, In "A 
Fool There Waa," and at*rH vampire, showed 
herself to be an actress* ej aaarked ability. 

Lynn, Mans. — Olympat fl. R. Lord, mgr.) — 
opened July 28 after a two weeks' renovating and 
repairing, with usual Summer policy, vaudeville 
arid motion pictures. 

Dreamland (J. O. O'Connell, mgr.) — Motion 
pictures and Illustrated songs. 

Comiqub (Al. Newball, mgr.) — Motion pictures 
and Illustrated songs. 

Centbal Squabs (J. A. Donavan, mgr.) — Mov- 
ing pictures and Illustrated songs. 

Floating Bbiogb Park (J. W. Chase, mgr.) — 
J. W. Gorman's musical comedy, "A Trip to 

Relay Theatre, Bass Point, Nahant (H. A. 
Chenoweth, mgr.) — Motion pictures and vaude- 

Notes. — The Lynn Theatre has been leased by 
I.lndsey Morrison, of the Llndsey Morrison Stock 
Co. He will open the house with a stock com- 
pany, prsentlng modern plays. He formerly man- 
seed the stock company at the Auditorium 

It la rumored that the Central Square will pre- 
sent a high class vaudeville bill when It abolished 
Its Summer policy. No effort has been made by 
any of the Boston vaudeville promoters to obtain 
possession of the Auditorium. 

Haverltlll, Maaa.— The Pines Park (J. W. 
Gorman, mgr.) week of July 28. J. W. Gorman's 
Comedy Company presents "The Newlyweds and 
Their Baby." 

Majestic (Jannellt ft Boskettt, mgrs.)— Week 
of 28. motion pictures,' Illustrated songs. 

Scenic Temple (A. Benjamin, mgr.) — Week of 
28. motion pictures. 

We surely must give Gorman credit for hla 
first class attractions and the best of players. 
Handicapped by a partly burned bridge, so patrons 
have to change cars and walk quite a distance, 
still business Is fine. 

San Diego, Cal. — Spreckela' (Dodge fc Hay- 
ward, mgrs.) "Everywoman," July 23-20. closed 
the regular season. The opening attraction next 
month will be Jobn Mason, la "As a Man Thinks," 
Aui. 17, 18. 

Savoy fPantsges' — S. A. Palmer, mgr.Vi— Week 
of July 28: Cora Yonngblnod Corson Sextette. 
Those Four Kids. Adair snd Hlckey, Ed. Vinton 
and dog, Harry Fisher sail company. 

Empbess (S. & O.-^.IM. Cooke, mgr.)— Week 
of 28: Wilton and MerrlcV. Elliot and West. Oil- 
moor and Latonr, Hugh Herbert and company. 
Dolly and Mack, Edison talking pictures, and 
Models De Luxe. 

Princess (Fred Bnhaow, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and pictures. 

Majestic. — Photoplays and Otto Jcancon, 
•loser. __ 

Lyoirtm. — The Dowell Stock Co. continues. Bill 
for week of 28. a new play by R. Beers Luce. 
"A Parla Graduate." Mr. Luce Is a resident of 
(his city and is quite well known as both actor 
and playwright . 

Ifis, Plaza. Pickwick, Queen, Grand an* 
Ai.hambra all have good patronage with motion 
pictures. There are seventeen picture houses, and 
ell doing a fine business Mr. nml Mrs. Per- 
kins D. Fisher bought a S9.000 home, and have 
declared their Intention of making their home 

here when they retire from the Btnge A 

large number of theatrical folk have homes here. 

ami the number Is fast Increasing Mnnnget 

Rubnow announces the musical Btock discontinued 
at the Princess. Hereafter he will play three 
acts and pictures Rlngllng's Chcus Is an- 
nounced for Sept. 11. 

- Detroit, Mich. — Gartlrk (R, H. Lawrence, 
regr.) Ihe Bonstelle Co. presented "Salvation 
Nell." to good atendance, week of July 21. The 
pame company, in "Hawthorne, U. S. A.," week 
of 28. 

Washinoton (J. Slocum, mgr.) — Detroit's new 
l.omc of drama opened Its doors to the public fit 
the first time July 21. under most happy clr- 
eumstnnees. James K. Hacxett and Ms excellent 
company of players presented "Samson" as tip; 
attraction, nnd that the persona who visited the 
plnee during the week were not disappointed was 
evidenced Iry the expressions of approval heard 
on every hand. The same company will present 
"Monsieur Beancolre" week of 28. 

Gatbtt (Wm. Roacbe. mgr.) — Follies of New 
York and Paris pleased fair slsed honses week 20. 
Thr Marathon Girls week of 27. 

Temt-lb (J. n. Moore, mgr.) — Business E«od 
week of 21. Bill week of 28 : Belle Baker, Nick's 
noller Skating Girls. Harry De Coe. Hvman 
Meyer, Osnlleld and Ashley. Cathryne Chsloner. 
Myrtle Vlctnrlne. and Irene Zolar's Thro Baltns 
Brothers, and the Mooreoscone. 

Miles (0. W. Porter, mgr.) — Attendance up 
to (he standard week of 21. BUI week of 28: 
A tabloid edition in two acts of "A Knurht for 
a Day," will take un the entire time of the per- 
formance. Janet Priest will assume the title role. 
Amoinr the other nrlnclnala In the cast are: Mil- 
dred Van, Cecil Summers, Claire Clay and Oscar 

Des Moines, la.— Princess (Elbert « Get- 
ehell. mgrs.) opens Aug. 24, with musical stock 

Beroket.l (F.lhert * Gelchell. mgrs.)— Week of 
Aue. 8, "Quo Vadlar" "Stop Thief" Aug. 24. 

Euranas (Elbert A Getchell. mgrs.)— This 
house oorns Sept. 24, with Sullivan A Consldlue 

OariihUM (n. V. Burton, mgr.) — Opens Aug. 
14. wllh vaudeville. 

Majestio (Elbert & Gelchell, mgrs.)— Week of 
27: Arthur Huston and company. Zlnka Pannn. 
Johnny Moran asd company. Boyle Bros., Vaney 
and Drover. Two Deaaons, Three Yoscnnnys. Gil- 
bert and Covlnalon. Bell and Nichols, Oallonctte 
and pictures. Big business. 

Unique. Star, Colonial, Family, all picture 
shows, draw big business. 

Iowa State Fan opens Aug. 24. 


F. F. Proctor'i 

6th Ave. 

B'wavAZSth SI. 
Dally Mat., 25c. 
Eves. 25c to f I . 
Sun., 2.1ft A 8.16 
All-Star Bills 




Bllokenderier, Remington, Underwood, Standard Folding Carona, OIW, and 
other mater, now and sligntlv used, from «15 TJP. Sold, Rented and Repaired 


Send for Catalog C 136 pages 140 R. Dearborn St., CHICAGO 


And the Utest and Host Popular Styles In Ladles' Hair Oreulni 

A. M. BUCH & CO. 

119 N. Ninth Street Philadelphia 


The Married I. miles' Chili." MA- 
/.IK KiNti itml Iter dozeu Dancing 
Girls, en as. Howard and jok 
ltATCLIPFK, Helen (loir, Count 
Beaumont A Co., Dorothy Rleh- 
uiuml A Co., Hong Fiiiiit, Curl 
Engen Troupe, Anthony A Rosa, 
Kln/.naiHl others. 

Fl Tllinr THEATRE, tad St. W. of W'way 

N IN 111* Eves, at 8.1b, Mats. Wed. ami 

kmiiiuk Sat., 2.18. Wed. Mats. Popular. 







H . 0W ,&!!?H I J? rione9t effects for tbe least expense to readily solved, by using CRONER'S SPARKLE 
ElMROflHERY on your Oostnmes, Gowns, Curtains, Banners? etc. Sparkle Inoroldery atoo ^orks 
wonders with old Costumes and Gowns that yon might consider worthless. Chiffon Tunics a Specialty. 
Send 60c. for Spangle Butterfly or Sunburst fully demonstrating Sparkle Embroidery. -■-—■»■ 
'Phone Bryant ana, orosbb'b sparkle embroidery works, 5 w. m st N y 


*06 §o. State It., Cku H . 

■TOOK PEOPLE— win send goods 
on approbation. 

PflDT TUClTDC «8thSt. Just E. of B'way. 

UUnl nLAInL Telephone Bryant 48. 

Direction of John Cort. 

Eves. 8.U0. Mats. Wed. and Sat. 2.30. 



In the Comedy of Youth, PEG o* MY 1IBART. 

42il St.. near B'way. Eves., 
8.1ft. Mal».,\Vcd. A Sat., 2.1ft 
Coolest Theatre In the World— THE ONE BIO 


(Series of 1013.) Staged by Julian Mitchell 
Remarkable Cast-IDBAL ZIEGFELD CHORUS 100 


¥?&*> 44th ST. ROOF GARDEN 

Just West of Broadway. 'Phone 7292 Bryant. 
Every Evening at 8.1ft (except Sunday) 


No. 2, 3, 4 COMPANIES 


Dramatic People In all Lines. Strong Leading People. Musi be .ruling, good looking, quick study 
and have the very lies! of wardrobe. Young Character Women, capable of playing it strung line of 
Heavies; A1 Juvenile Men, Al Young character Men, Directors that enii play pails, General business 
Men and Women, Ingenues and Souhrcttea. Scenic. Artists and I'nlou singe Carpenter*, All of the 
aliovo people must bo high-class, experienced Slock people. Slate aje, height, ivelght. past experi- 
ence »nd lowest, salary In ilrst letter. No one considered without plinlo. The above eotnpnnles will 
be located In Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Address 

THE IIOKNE HTtlt'K COMPANY, (nlonlnl Theatre, Akron, Ohio. 
P. S. -Can use three Managers with Stock experience thai can write press dope. 

^rV/% IM 




Broadway and 39th St. 
'Phone 3H46 Greeley, 
ilngs, 8.1ft. "Matinees. Wed. A Sat.. 2.16. 

R. H. MATLAIH) & SON N ^gJssg^ 8 ^ * 





filJT TT OTTT * nd 8ave Ms, jou may need us some day. We manufacture Stage Properties 
Z. . , " ,T Scenery, Papier-mache Work of every description, Mechanical and Electrical 

effects and deal In everything pertaining to the stage or theatre. Trunk Scenery a specialty: Stage 
Money, green and yellow backs, the best printed, 40 cts. per pkg.; ta per 1,000. Write for estimate. 
Nothing too small or too large to the oldest house In this line In tbe U.S. Established 1878. This 
paper for reference. J. SI. LEAV1TT& CO., 1544 BROAUWAY, NEW YORK CITY. 

WANTED — For Tabloid-Dramaiic-Comedies 




ECCENTRIC COMEDIAN, tall and slim, with Specialty 
MAN to Flay the Indian in the Original Bunco in Arizona 
Rehearsals start Aug. 1ft at Sun Theatre, Springfield. Booked solid for 30 weeks over the Sun and in- 
terstate Time. State all In first letter, giving experience, etc. Add. SUN A VERONEE Springfield, O 


Evenings, 8.1ft. Matlm 


ENTIRE 1st HALL'., fl. ENTIRE 2d 1JAI.C, 60c. 

U/IUTCD PIDflCIl B'WAY and 61 

if ini en uAnucn -Phone «•■!«> co 

Evenings at 8.10. Mats. Tiles., Tliurs. II nil 8 

60th ST. 
rj«) Columbus 
Sat., 2.10 


The PASSING SHOW of 1913 



griml lino of specialties; Al HEAVY 
MAN; Al LIGHT COMEDIAN, with good 
line of specialties; Al CHARACTER 
WOMAN, with specialties. Always pleased 
to hear from good people. Many thanks to those 
who wrote before. Address AL. GOULD, 
■ ■ Box 87, Jomnlioro, Inil 

Small, Good Looking Soubrette 
Small Character Comedian 
Large Character Man 

Give full Information as to size, experience, salary e.xpecleil, etc., in Ural letter. 


Tall Character Woman 
Man for Heroic Lead 
Carpenter for Small Part 

Send photo, If 

lyoamora, III. 

A -r i_ i 

R T V 

Characters, Comedy, Oen. Business* also Direr 4 or. Una several Original Scripts, 
TRIED MII.VEY UKTTKHN. Height, It ft. 10 In. 

Heavy, Some Character*. High Clus* Hinging Valve. Height, fl fl. S In. 


Addrosa It No. *, EAST JORDAN, MICH. 




■alllvaa and Consldlne Bids;., Third 

•ad Madison 81a., SEATTLE, WASH. 

rRID.UXOOLII, . . Gen. M*r. 


llOS Broadway (Heidelberg Uldg.l, K . V. 

CHRIS O. BROWN, - - - Its*. 

BRANCH BOOKING OFFICES I PAUL O0UDRON, t North Clark St., cor. Madison, Chicago, 
111.; MAURICE J. BURNS, 8d and Madison Sis., Seattle, Wash.: W. P. REESE, (MS Market St., San 
franclsco, Osl.; B. OBERMAYER, firoadmead House, 21 Pauton St., London, S. W., England. 



General Business Woman, Comedian and Prooerty Man 

All must do specialty. Long season. Edwin Treva, Frank Hayden, let me hear from you at once, 
It to about time. WALTER DOWNING, Itgr., Gen. Del., Manchester, N. H. 

II linn 



No. 1 people In all lines. Those doing Specialties preferred. Good Sketch Team tor Small Parts and 
specialties to change for one week or two weeks. Wire lowest. 

JAS. A. PARK, Mgr., Hopklnsvllle, Ky. 





MA It .1 IK 



Oeneral Badness, Chanirlrn, Hem lew 


Souurettes, Juveniles; anything cast for. 
Sober and experienced. J. WHITMAN, 
General Delivery, Luke Charles, La. 


Singer and Duck, Walt/., Clog and Too Dancer. 
Age, 10; height, 5 ft. 4 in.; weight, ion lbs. Also 
Woman, age 3ft, as Wardrobe Woman; can slug 
Alio and do little bits. Vaudeville Act or Musical 
Comedy Show preferred. Address MISS ELE- 
MIIKA K1IAIIS, 418 N. Plica St., Haltl- 
more, Md. 


ANNETrEHUMPHREYS A1 w h o!n, r a t » , ' r 
GRACE ,8 rm ^sJSSSSS^ " om " 

Both do specialties. Cily time preferred. Add. 
T35 Dearborn Ave., Chicago. 


of royalty for work. Experienced men only. 
4 II AS. II. WAGENER, Hln.ilule, III. 



Al Heavy Man, some Juveniles; Gen. Bus. Man, with specialty; also CLEVER 
WOMAN, tor fourth business. Rep. and Stock Experience necessary. Strictly sober, reliable, 
well dreHsed people. State all, with progruius ami photos. Rehearsals Aug. 18. 

11 * F II. WILMOT YOUNG, Masaena, N. Y. 



Play responsible parts for small stuck. 
It. E. THOMPSON, Nelilavlile, Wis. 



September. Dramutic, Farce and Musical Comedy People; all lines. Singing and Dancing Acts. 
Ageuts, Carpenters, Property Men and Piano Players. All particulars llrst letter, what you can and 
will do, age, heleht, weight! lowest salary, etc. Address 

, »ge, uugm, nilgai, nines HARKy N . HALE, 670 N. 86th St., Lincoln, Neb. 

morris & Mcdonald's tabloid version of 

Headed by Eddie McDonald, America's Famous Pantomime Clown. Now booking season 1013-14. 

Opening about Oct. 0. «•«■« . 

Specialty People who can work In pantomime. Can use good Toe Bancer. Slate your lowest salary. 
Pay yoar own. Vaudeville Managers In Pa., N. Y. and Canada, send .open time. Address 

FRED MORRIS, Oakmont, Pa. 

AT LIBERTY, After Aug. 23 

Musical Director, Pianist, sober and reliable. 
10 years' Vaudeville Exp. Member of A. F. of M. 


People In nil lines for Permanent Ninek. Those wlio wrote before, write again. Address 
NELSON A. LAWRENCE, eiu-i. Muoae Theatre, Mouse Jnw, Mnsk., 4'nnndn, 



Competent People in all Lines 

Season opens Sept. 1. Sam Myllc, Lev Ellsworth, Leon !■'. lib e, writ*. Address 

II. A. IIICRHMAN, Peritonei, Indiana. 


lliilome of Mummer anil Winter Nensnii 
ACTORS who double band or spec lullloa, Work she year 'round; sure salary. 

Address II. It. MARSHALL, Orangcvlllc, III., July a and week; Wliislow, III., Aug. 4 mid week. ' 



IRMA A.-HOUBKETTES, INGENUES and LIGHT JUVENILES, height, I, ft. 'i III., age SI, weight, or,. 
ROBERT J.-HEAVJESmidGEN. BUS. Height, f. ft. In In., welglu, I Y<, age ;ui. 
ItlKXK «), flU>.. care Gen. Del. 


Featured wllh PROF. RICTON'S Greatest 
Medicine Show on earth. This wk., Harrod, Ohio 


CASSELLI (Case) p" 

the late 
John W. World, or VENUS CASSELLI, or any- 
ono knowing their whereabouts, kindly cotninuni- 
cate with FREI) MILLER, care «f CLIPPER. 


A FEMALE GOAT with three legs and other 
freaky finalities. Good for pit show. Address 
C. S. GOODNESS-, Kiiwt Douglas, Muss. 

Ambitious Young Men or Women Traveling In Vaudeville 

Who arc desirous of making ?J0to *40 per week extra, working a few hours each day, obtaining per- 
mission from factories for us to semi Emergency Cabinets on approval. BJa easy. If you're ambltfuiis 
to earn extra money, write today. THE ACCIDENT CABINET CO., Kalamazoo, Mich. 


112.00 to $20.00; Spot 
Lights $20.00 to $36.00. 

Catalogue of Moving 
Picture Supplies. List 
of Used Films. 

302 E. 23d St., New York. 

WANTFfl Act8 of Alt K,nds 


100 Letterheads and Fine Cat for $4. 
FINN, the Printer, dt East 91st Street, 

Bet, Broadway and Fourth Ave, New York City. 


Containing cuts of Leading Conjurors, 60c. New 
124 page book OataL, 10c. None free. 
W.Ta. LBROY. 103 Court BL.Bt 



And tbe right to produce them at 

rlpt. Get New Cat- 



cost of mannscri 

alog. N. Y. 

Theatre, N.Y.O. 


ALL KINDS of new and second hand scenery 
In stock, l-nrge stage for scenic rcticursuls. II. 
P. KVI6HT. 140th SI. and Mott Ave., 
New York City. 20 minutes from TlmcsSquare 
to Mott Ave. Station, Bronx Subway. 'Phone 1031 
Melrose. . . 



i Evening and Soubrette, Fancy Stage and * 
ft Street Dresses, Opera Coata and Fnrs, Poll- A 
i dress, Taiedos, prince Alberts .and English * 
ft Walking Suits. Silk and Opera Bats. ft 

ft 343 N. Clark St., Chicago, ft 



Writing Sketches, Patters, Monologs, and Paro- 
dies al reasonable prices Is my business. Whaldo 
you want! R. L. J KN NB, Box 32, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Illl-ll & I.0H S1I0HS 





495 Sixth Ave. bet. 2tl h A 301 h Sts. 
Another Jack's Shoe Hhop will 
open early In August, at II VY 
.'itiii St., opp. Walftorf-Astfirla. 



WANT8-AI PIANO PLAYER. Would like to 
hear from Managers with Fair Dates. Also Per. Stock 
House, up In 10 Plays. FRANK MILLER, New Philadelphia, o. 


Send photos and programs. 
EOPLE for 

Including Leading Man, Second Business 
Woman and Good General Business Actor 

Imincilbilo engagements for I'KHMANKNT STOCK, Also 

Opening Labor Hay. 

Can place Sister Teiiiu that can act. 


A I too mi, I'll. 

24 SCREAM S-3 4 

Parodies on "Row, Row, How," Ho As Much For you," "Humble Bco," That's How I Need You," 
"Midnight Choo-Choo." "Old Girl of Mine," Flddle-Dco," "Kagtlnio Soldier Man," "Want To Bo In 
Dixie," "(ilrl Behind Man," "I'll Sit on Moon," Ghost of GolillH Man," "Ijist Night in llrcnmliiiid," 
"In New Orleans," "What Beautiful Dream " "When I Lust You." "All Night Long," "On Missis- 
sippi," "Mellow Melody," "Get You Alone Tonight," "Elevator Man," "Hobl. E, Leo," "You're My 
Baby." "Somebody Else Getting It." Last 12 for Hebrew. lOe. each, 3 for JiOe., or whole U4 Ilig 
Parody Riots, Sl.SU. Cash or M. O.I nostumpst Other material. Send for catalogue and onllius- 
lasllc testimonials. MRS, MAHY E. P. THAYER, SUM lilt(iAI) ST., PROVIDENCE, It. I. 


Sllghdv worn for Stage and Street. 
BAHNRTT - 503 8. State St., Chicago. 


Wants Al attrailions, including several good Itep- 
ertolre companies, dining coining season. For 
time and terms address W. N. CLEVELAND, 
140:4 Broadway, New York t;lly. 

Theatre Wanted 


Changing weekly, within MM miles of New York. Full purfleiimrs regarding theatre, appnl 
population, In llrst leiter. Address ALHEItT M. YOCNGEIt, earn of 

atrr, appointments wid 




In aniKcrlng ads. jtleate mcnllon t'l.ttfi-ii. 


YOUNG'S GARDEN, "Ihoiana"' 

Will book 3 nighls, 4 nights, 1 week, or any good company wllh siillli'leiilehiiiigesfHii piny the two 
weeks. Ilsvo not had a dark night since the opening, May 4. HALTON POWELL CO. now 
playing to splendid business. SAM M. YOUNO. 

Amateur Authors and others sunfl uni your iiiiimiHcrliilH. All mailer no! accepted will ho returned. 
Address PRODCCKIt, 415 No. Wiilmil Hlrrel, Orrvllle, Ohio. 


The House and the Man that Never Fails to Please the Singer, Manager and the Public 


When all other composers and writers fall to turn out hits, the profession Invariably turn to the only real, live, original song writer and pub- 
'isher, CHA8. K. HARRIS, and his famous staff of writers, who always turn out the real, live hits, year In and year out. This season Is the 
COMING BANNER 8EA8ON of all. One glance over the great list of original titles will convince the most skeptical. This list Includes 
high class ballads, descriptive songs, sentimental love ballads, double songs, ragtime hits and novelty song successes. Pick out the song that 
Is best suited to your style and voice. Send for It now, don't wait, and you will find your success assured for the coming season. 




















Lyrics by *WTXX D. COBB 




Lyrics by WILL D. COBB 














Lyrics by A M. SWANSTROM * Music by CARET MORGAN 


^«° "Traveling Man," by Edwards & Lew Brown; "Please, Central, Find My Mama," Chas. K. Harris; "I Went to Dance, Dance, Dance," Edwards and Merrill' 
"Sweet Rosie Summers," Edwards and Cobb; "Not Till Then Will I Cease to Love You," Chas. K. Harris; "I Long lor You Tonight," Chas. K. Hatris; "Hello, New York 
Town," by Marshall and Murphy tf m ^ g gmg m AT k{im m ^ m ^ m mmm m Mm mm THROUGHOUT THE U. S. AND CANADA. 

COMMUNICATIONS TO ^^/ M""M A^. ^J-^ m W^ 9 JtjaL j£^L *R tlC S J> 

Columbia Theatre Bldg., Broadway and 47th 8t. f NEW YORK CITY. MEYER COHEN, Mgr. ^ 


AUGUST 9, 1913 


-::'■ >■■;■: ' ',-.\- ■",.... ::?■ , ,.■■.; 


Oldest Theatrical Journal in America 

Tounded in 1853 by frank tyu&etx 







August 9 

ve» •-• ^jcb 

Hits-H ARR Y VON TILZE R-Hits j 

The most wonderful collection of spn^s ever turned out of one house. THAT'S WHAT ALL 
•THE PERFORMERS TELL US who > have been all oyer town in search of new material. They _^ 
all say: ''Harry, you have certainly ^ot the hits this year." They are all so good we don't know 
how to routine them. Now, IT'S UP TO YOU, take your pick. The SontfS below are all HITS. 

6Uh taXocfiA/ir: 



Better ; t Haiti I WinrS Girl. Great ,'or ^ 

It has the- punch 



oks like :i 

hit than Row. Row, Row. Crf-ai comic ~atch lines 



iston !or boy and girl. Also two men. or two girls 



A new Idea. A real- STERLING, and VON TILZER coon song lik2 they ".sed to write 






Great extra chorus. Great boy and girl version. Pull ol laughs- 



-~~^ W GOOD TO ME) 

' A better »onp,. than PICK ON. ME. Girai extra comedy verses. A sure hit 



s a real novelty song, better than THE GREEN GRASS GREW ALL AROUND 



Lots o! lumv, catch. Lues. This song has got the punch 



WATCH. Hiis song it ''looks "Tike, .the dark hot's c 

ED; MORTON'S big' rag sonc hit 

GJEO. WHITINGS great irish song hit 




. CHjCACO OFFICE: Crand Opera House Building, ROCCO VOCCO, Manager 

Copyright 1918, by tie Frank Qnem Publlihlng Company (Limited). 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, AUGUST 9, 1913. 


Price, 10 Cents. 


The announcement of the V. B. O. and 
Martin Deck that they would do no further 
business with the H. B. Marlnelll Agency 
lias brought offers from several of the inde- 
pendent circuits to affiliate with MarlnelU's 
International Agency. The Sullivan & Con- 
sidlne circuit is one of the large Independent 
organizations which are announced, among 


♦ ■> 

several others, as having joined tho Mar- 
lnelll camp. 

At present Marlnelll is supplying acts for 
the Eva Tanguay Co., the combination head- 
ed by Gertrude Hoffmann, Lady Constance 
Stewart Richardson and Mile. Polaire, as 
well as several road shows which John Cort 
will put ont. 

II. n. Frazee announces that he has prac- 
tically completed his plans for the beginning 
of the coming season, so far as new produc- 
tions are concerned. They include a new 
comedy, two musical offerings the bookings 
of bis Longacre Theatre, New York, and Cort 
Theatre, Chicago, and four companies on 
tour in "Fine Feathers," for all of which 
preparations are now in progress. 

•The Silver Wedding," by Edward Locke, 
has been selected to re-open the Longacre, 
Monday, Aug. 11. Thomas Wise Is to be 
featured In the principal role, and the .com- 
pany will include: Alice Gale, Florence Ma- 
lone, Edna Temple, Violet Moore, Lillian 
Rose, Frank McCormack, Gulanlo Socola and 
i/ouls Esposit _ . . _ 

On Sept. IS. at the Nixon. Pittsburgh. Pa., 
Mr. Frazee will produce "The Coquette" for 
the first time on any stage, with Anne Swin- 
burne featured in the prima donna role. 
Harry B. Smith, who has many recent suc- 
cesses to his credit, is now putting the fin- 
ishing touches on the libretto, while Victor 
Herbert has contracted to deliver the score 
before the middle of August, when Miss Swin- 
burne returns from abroad for rehearsal. 
The production, which will be staged under 
the direction of Frederick Latham, com- 
prises two acts, the locales of which are first 
In England and later in Paris. Miss Swin- 
burne io to create the role of an English 
tchoolglrl who develops an unlooked for tem- 
peramental nature, which leads her Into 
many apparently compromising escapades. A 
cast of unusually capable and well known 
principals are now being assembled for The 
Connette," which will also have Its New York 
premiere In the "Longacre Theatre. 

Considerable Interest attaches to the an- 
nouncement that Mr. Frazee la to produce 
"lole," made Into a libretto by Robert w. 
Chambers, the novelist and author of the 
book, with the assistance of Ben Teal, as 
collaborator. The Idea of visualizing In a 
musical comedy the characters In Mr. Cham- 
bers' "nouveau art" satire is considerably 
enhanced by the announcement that William 
Frederick Peters Is to supply the score. 

While no definite date has been announced. 
Mr. Frazee has engaged Frank Lalor, or 
'Tlnk Lady" fame, for the principal com- 
edy part In "lole," the New York premiere 
of which depends largely upon an available 
date at the Longacre Theatre. 

Although its first season is Btlll In pro- 
gress, the completion of which will comprise 
Just an even year of performances, 'Fine 
Feathers," with its all star cast. Including 
Robert Edeson, Wilton Lackaye. Rose Cogh- 
lan, Max Flgman, Lollta Robertson, etc., 
will begin its second year on Aug. 30, by 
opening Cohan & Harris' new Bronx Thea- 
tre. In addition to the original company of 
stars three other companies have been en- 
gaged to present the play, alone as many 
different routes of one night stands through- 
out the country and Canada, so that every 
community with a theatre-going public will 
have an opportunity to see what Mr. Frazee 
considers his most successful production of 
last season. . .. 

Among the players engaged for the new 
"Fine Feathers" companies are: William 
Macauley, Brandon Evans, Blchard E. Web- 
ster, Mrs. R. E. French, Elizabeth Irving 
and Edna Botliner. for the Eastern com- 
pany; J. J. Ivan, Graydon Fox. W. H. Pen- 
dergnst. Ethel Strickland, flue Stillman, 
Mabel Strickland, David J. Marlowe andMay 
Greville. for the Western company; Willis 
Reed. J. H. Granby, Virginia Hall, Helen 
Hilton, Mercedes Clarke and Grace Bryan, 
for the Southern company. , 

Following the scheduled productions al- 
ready announced for the Longacre Theatre, 
Mr. Frazee has contracted to produce 'The 
Realist," a new play by Eden C. Greville, 
and later in the season will also produce n 
new play by Francos Whltehouse, and a mod- 
ern drama by Catherine Chisbolm CusMng, 
the author of "Widow *y Proxy," "The Real 
Thing," etc. 


From Philadelphia last week came the an- 
nouncement that the Loew-Nlxon-Nirdllnger 
syndicate had come to a parting of the ways. 

Marcus Loew, by the split-up. Is to retain 
control of the Metropolitan Opern House, 
while Fred. G. Nlxon-Nlrdllnger Is to devote 
his individual efforts to the big Grand Opera 
House, at Broad Street and Montgomery Ave- 
nue, now undergoing a complete reconstruc- 
tion. . • . . 

What disposition will be made of the other 
interests of the firm lias not yet been an- 
nounced. These consist of the big theatre in 
the course of construction at Gormantown 
and Maplcwood Avenues, and the Chestnut 
Street Opera House, which was to have been 
opened next Fall as a vaudeville house in 
opposition to B. F. Keith. 

Estimates have been taken for a recon- 
struction, to cost $75,000. to this latter 
house, but It is now said that the owners 
will withhold the awarding of the contract 
until it has been absolutely determined who 
the lessees will be. 



Prof. L. W. Titus, a blind singer of St. 
John, N. B., Can., died July24, after an 
illness of several months. The body was 
taken to Dnxbury. Mass for burial. Mr. Tltiis 
had sung in several church choirs In too 
Canadian city and also several motion pic- 
ture houses. 


Lama Hamilton, who plays the part of 
Buster Collier, in 'The Passing Show or 
1U13." at the Winter Garden, and later docs 
an impersonation of Elsie Janls as 'Cinder- 
ella," has been placed nnder n five year cop- 
tract by Messrs. Shubert She will remain 
with "The Passing Show" however, during 
the life of it* run. 


That Delavan Howland made a very wise 
suggestion to Manager Otis, of the Lyric 
Theatre, In Hackensnck, N. J., when be ad- 
vised putting on a couple of acts of vaude- 
ville lu addition to the moving picture at- 

Manager Otis was not Blow In considering 
the move, and ever since the new policy of 
two acts besides the pictures was Inaugu- 
rated three weeks ago, the house has done a 
really wonderful bnslness, and scores of let- 
ters are being received at the theatre dally 
from recognized ns well as amateur per- 
formers requesting dates to show their new 


"Some banquet" was the verdict heard 
after the family spread given by Tom Marks 
at his Summer cottage, "Erin go Braw," 
Christies Lake, on Saturday, July 26. It 
was a family reunion of the famous Marks 
Brothers, with an extract of theatrical folks 
to give It flavoring. All the brothers with 
the exception of Joe Marks were at the ban- 
quet. Joe in still on the road gathering In 
the "shekels" with his big Summer attrac- 
tion. It was one gala day for the Marks 
Brothers and their relatives and friends. A 
more delightful day, a more picturesque spot 
or a more sumptuous repast could not have 
been asked for, and the event will not be 
forgotten for many a day by those present. 
The party broke up about midnight, and they 
all wore "the smile that won't come off." 

Among the family party were : Mrs. Marks, 
the mother of the Marks Brothers; It. W. 
Marks, his wife. Mey A. Bell Marks, and 
family ; 'Emlc Marks, his wife, Kitty, and 
family ; Alex. Marks, George Marks and Mr. 
and Mrs. Mac Marks. The 'host was Tom 
Marks, and the hostesses, Mrs. .Tom Marks 
and daughter, Arlle. Among the theatrical 
guests were : Mr. and Mrs. Mathews, Mr. 
and Mrs. W. L. rhilllps, Chris Allen, Mr. 
and Mrs. II. Webb Chamberlain, Mr. Helbcrt 
and A. R. A. Barrett. 

s&W -i*sj¥St3B 

w^r l^^^¥^^^i 




FA \JMnu 

W^t HI.."' f 


&HsJ| B W 

5s*R "'-' ' * t *■* 

li»A? Hi 




*■ '•*»'^..«jH 






fcl . LU 

r Wfl. ) 

ME -S 



H A Lr '*" j 


iii'-'y;..-! .. 

^^THr^wl H* Kmm * i 


.■ r ; rU* *^1 

" . \ Hi ^4j^H Hhn 

Bjfcgj - tet 

in| <-•.-•■ KV 

sjip |Ss l j| 


WA \ 

'.v l7it.rwH 



Among the passengers who arrived In New 
York on board the Kronprinzesuin Cccile, of 
the North German Lloyd Line, July 20, was 
Harry Houdlni, "the handcuff king." Mr. 
Houdinl was In Stockholm, Swceden, when 
he received word of the death of Wb mother, 
Mrs. Ceclle Weiss, which occurred July 10, 
at her home In this city. The funeral took 
place at 278 West One Hundred and Thir- 
teenth Street, July 30. 


General Manager E. F. Albee announces 
that B. F. Keith's Colonial, Alhambra and 
Bronx Theatres will open for the season of 
1013-14, on the afternoon of Monday. Sept. 
1. with bills of all Htur Keith vaudeville: 
The Bushwlck will open Its season on Mon- 
day matinee, Aug. 25. The Orpheum's open- 
ing date will be announced Inter. The new 
Prospect Theatre will open lis doors to the 
public late next Winter. 


The historic Walnut Street Theatre ban 
been given Into the hands of architects and 
contractors by its new lessees, for the pur- 
pose of making It one of the safest and most 
beautiful playhouaeB In the city. In accord- 
ance with the city's specifications many ox- 
tenslre and noteworthy improvements will 
bo made, chief among them being the con- 
struction of a mammoth tiro tower, wider 
exits, Improved flro escape equipment and 
various other suggested alterations, all of 
which will make for the theatre's safety ns 
well as for the comfort of its patrons. The 
alterations will extend to every part of thu 
building, so that when completed It will pre- 
sent an appearance of nowncss equalled by 
few of the city's playhouses. 

A centrally located, popular priced thea- 
tre presenting traveling attractions hns been 
a long-felt want In Philadelphia, which the 
Walnut Street Theatre promises to fulfill 
the coming season. It will be devoted to tho 
presentation of a splendid line of attrac- 
tions following Its reconstruction, Us re 
decoration and its general rejuvenation. 

Traveling companies playing downtown 
theatres have hitherto been routined to thnso 
whose prices arc above the dollar scale, mil 
with the advent of the Walnut in the Held 
these same attractions, after having played 
at high prices, will return for popular priced 
engagements. In other words, the Walnut's 
policy will be Identical with that of tie 
Grand Opera House, In Now York, acknowl- 
edged to be one of America's most hii hmIiiI 

playhouses. It will be the theatrical bargain 
counter of the city, for not only will popular 
priced attractions be presented, but In addi- 
tion there will be many of the present day 
slellur successes, hitherto unseen In Phila- 
delphia, at low prices. 

Among them will be: "Rough! mid l'nld 
For," "The Man from Home," "The Spend- 
thrift," "Rebecca of .Sunny Brook Farm," 
"The Round-up." "Offlcer (111(1." "A Fnol 
There Was," "Madame X," Chaunccy Oleutl, 
"Mutt and Jeff" and "The Common Law." 

Messrs. Louis It, Mayer and Hen Stem, 
the new lessees, have risen to nn en viable; 
position In theatricals, and their Invasion In 
the local Held promises much far the advance- 
ment of a higher standard of popular priced 
amusement. Tho resident management of 
the house has been entrusted to W. Dnyton 
WcgcfnrLh. one of Philadelphia's most ofll- 
rlent and most popular theatrical inn ringers. 

Although the opening Is yet uncertain, It 

will In nil probability occur on Sent. 1. mid 

the attraction will be one of New fork's well 

known musical successes. 

♦ »» 


Edward V. Darling, chief booking expert 
of the United Hooking Offices, has returned 
from an eight weeks' tour of European music 
halls In search of novelties for "big time" 
theatres next season. Mr. Darling studied 
acts from Liverpool to Moscow, and signed 
up several score celebrated artists to appear 
in B. F. Keith's New York theatres, begin- 
ning on Labor Day. Mr. Darling opened 
negotiations In London with Ethel Levy for 
her appearance at tho Colonial In September, 
during her brief holiday in this country. 

A cable from Miss Levy, last week, gavo 
the Information thnt if her terms were grunt- 
ed she would appear for two weeks at the 
Colonial, In a farcical sketch, by Sir J. M. 
Ilnrrie, who Is writing a four net comedy In 
which Miss Levy is to bo starred when she 
milts musical work at the conclusion of her 
engagement at the London Hippodrome. 

General Manager E. F. Albee. of tho United 
Hooking Offices, gave Mr. Darling e«r/e 
Wnnrhi: while abroad, and as a result of the 
booking expert's European trip tho II. !•'. 
Keith theatres will present the pick of Euro. 
pean acts during the coming season. 

To celebrate nls return Mr. Darling wns 
given a banquet by his associates nt the home 
of Max Hart, in Freeport, L. I. ' 

4 «> 


Rehearsals have begun of "The Midnight 
Girl." the new musical farco comedy which 
Adolf Phlllpp has adapted for tho (lormnn- 
Amorlcan stage from the French of Puul 
Ilcrve and Jean Briquet. 

"Tho Midnight Girl" will bn produced on 
Monday evening, Sept. 1 (Labor Day), at 
the comedian's cozy little playhouse on East 
Fifty-seventh Street. Adolf Phlllpp will piny 
the lending male role, supported by (Irele 
Mnyhoir, Emll Bcrla, Dora ilrcgowskii, Marie 
Serin), Ernst Naumnnn, Flora Arndt, Lie- 
schen Schumann, Karl Stelndler, Jacob 
llruxt, Otto Meyer, Lllllc Eckert, linns Klss- 
llng Dobcrs, Emmy Dascklng, V. M, KIiIbIki'Ii, 
and other well known actors and actresses 
whom Mr. Phlllpp has engaged from tho 
principal cities of Europe. 

Carl von Wcgorn will lead the orchestra : 
Paul Phlllpp will continue to look after the 
business end ; Milton S. Harris, assistant 
manager, and Otto Hess, trensurcr. 
« i» 
' Arnold Bennett's comedy, "Tho Great Ad- 
venture," which has been the grentest suc- 
cess of the theatrical season In London, will 
open its New York engagement Monday. 
Sept. 1, at Mr. Ames' new theatre on West 
Forty-fifth Street, for which the name, "Tho 
Gotham," has been definitely selected. 

"The Great Adventure" was written by 
Mr. Ilennctt, around the story used In UJs 
novel, "Burled Alive," which was originally 
published in 1008, and lias long been one of 
Ids most popular books. Mr. Bennett has 
taken tho salient Incidents and situations of 
the novel, and used them ns a basis fur his 


Scene from Eusntmy's Tiro-Reel Feature, 
"ALKALI IKE'S GAL." (Released An*. IB.) 

Janet Bcccher will play the principal role 
In Mr. Ames' production of the comedy. Tho 
remaining members of the company were en- 
gaged by Mr. Ames while ho was abroad, and 
arc already arriving for tho rehearsals. 

"Potash and Pcrlniultcr," the three rti'l 
enmertv presented at Nixon's Apollo, Atlnnlle 
City, N. J., this week, Is founded upon char- 
acters and incidents in thn famous stories by 
Montague Glass. Tho company Includes : 
Ellta Proctor Otis, Alexander Carr, Barney 
Bernard, Louise Dresser, Lee Kolmar, Joseph 
Kilgour, Leo Donnelly and Albert Parker. 
"Potash and Perlmutter" goes to tho Cohan 
Theatre, New York, for the season, 


Under this heading wo wilt publish each 
week Important and Interesting amusement 
events occurring In tho corresponding week 
a quarter of a century ago. 

Aug. 3, 1888.— iBInncho Savlno (Blanche 
Walsh) ninilo her professional debut, 
as Desilcmona In "Othollo" at Windsor 
Tliciitrc, New York. Stanislaus Stango 
was the (ago. 

Aug. 4. — Ulchnrd Mansfield made bis Lon- 
don, Mug., stellar debut In tho title 
role of "Dr. Jckyll and Mr. Hyde," at 
Iho Lyceum Theatre. 

Aug. 0. — American debuis made by Millie 
■llyton, Twlbcll Sisters, Tom Costello 
and Illbb and ilobb, at Long Branch, 

Aug. 0. — Turner Grand Opera House, Da- 
venport, la., opened. 

Aug. 0. — llljon Theatre, Ban Francisco, Cal., 

Aug. 0.— "Craig's Hollow," by Howard Van 
Horn, originally noted nt Birch's 
Opera House, Burlington, N. J. 

Aug, 8. — Crawford Grand Opera House, 
Wichita, Kan., dedicated. 

Aug. 0. — "Twenty to One," nn adaptation of 
"Zehn Mnedelien unil Kcln Mann," by 
W. A, Mealnycr. originally acted In 
ICngllsh at (ho Wlctiiig Opera House, 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

Aug. I).— "Three Blind Mice," hv Frank Dii- 
niont, originally sdea at Powers' 
Opera Mouse, Grand Itnphls, Mich. 

W. I,. Don. it, as warned his put runs through 
'1'iik CT.ii'i'Kii, to ho sure that his 
name was stamped on thu bottom of 
nil Douglas shoes. 

Tin: portrait of Win. .1. Gllmore appeared on 
the front page of Tub (T.ilTKn. 

Tub Nosh, Finally were In Wisconsin and 

(Irs Williams' Co. was In Canada. 

IIkniiv K. Dixkv arrived In I'urls, Crane* 

l'ATiui'K signed for "Ixist In Now York." 

Ai.iiini ami N'KLLIH Maoiiiiih were engaged 
to aims from Kurope by Harry W. 

Will Dklakiyk was with the Harlow Bros.' 

Minsih Lki; was at tho Casino, Hen Isle 
City. N. J. 

flMMttn Hpn closed with the Bnrllno Hhow. 

Tiik (irton (Trcus was In California. 

.Ii.ihik Di; .Mni t was with the John llnblnson 
Show. "Muster" Johnny Itoblnsoii 
was visiting the show, 

I'atti Ihmx sailed for Kurope. 

A. M. Pamiku'h Company left New York for 
Sun Krnnclsco, to piny "Partners," 
Including Annie Russell, J, II. Htod- 
dunl, Alex. Knlvlnl, K. M. Holland, 
Frederick llohlnson, Wm. Dnvldge, C. 
P. Flockton, Herbert Mlllwnrd, Mrs. 
10. J. Phillips, Murlo Burroughs, Clara 
Llpinnn, May Brooklyn, Annie lloiaaii 
and Little Gertie Ilomnn. 

Fay Thmi'Liston signed for lllco's "The Cor- 
sair" and "Kvnngellna." 

May HowAiiti's Ilia Huklkhqiim Co. an- 
nounced Snhlaii, Hurry Morris, Fisher 
and Clark, G. Donald Melville, .Tennla 
Mlnco, Harry Morris, Kitty Wells, 
Georgia Bliikn. Robert l'ulton was ad- 
vance represuiitntlvo; Wm. Skuse, 

Ada Oilman signed for "Bubbling Over," 

J, K..Mmmktt stilled for Kurope. 

Kihiaii Hki.hhn signed to star In "Will o' tho 


Lkvk.'k signed for "Philip Home." 

llriitKKT Nki.hom sailed for Kurope, 

Laiiiiy Tuiilhy was at Myrtle Klngslaud's 
Casino, Itocknwny Beach. 

Thomas Glknuoy recovered and rejoined bis 
bra) her, Will. 

I'liANic Kaiiiicll rejoined till) Field Minstrels. 

Tin: Human Gas Jet was lit Kpstcau's Mu- 
seum. Chicago. 

Aniiiikhn' i'aiinival ok Novkltiks played 
Leadvllla, Colo. 

AMtiKHd'H Oi'riia Co. woru nt Terrace Gar- 
den, New York. 

Tin: Bant wns benlon by Flrensl ; Badge 
bent ltncnland. 

Gr.iinriK Cahtlr announced his circuit, In- 
cluding Robinson's Wonderland, De- 
I roll ; New Olympic, Chlcngo : Kolil 
ft Mlddloton's Hoiilh Hide and West 
Side Museums, Chicago; J. Lilt's Pal- 
ace Museum, Milwaukee, and Kohl & 
Mlddlctuii'H Museum, at Hi. Puul, 
Ml mi. 

A i„ IIaynkh left Austin ft Hloim's. Boston. 

Oit. Paul Boyton was with tho II, & B. 

Nun Stuahikt signed to write tntislc for 
Hi'nry'«i Mliislrels. 

lI.miiY Williams issued n rail for tho N. n. 
Wood Combination. 

A. II. Knoll and Maiiifi Mi-Nkii, nnnounceil 
themselves nt liberty. 

llAitiiY Kmnhrpv christened his net "Wooden- 
headed ArlstoK-rncy." 


'IT en signed with l'nstiir's HoiulMhow. 


R F, Albeo arinoiinees the engagement of 
Clifton Crawford for flftcon weeks of vntnlo- 
vlllo In B. F. Keith's theatres, beginning 
Hept. I, at tho Colonial, Mr. Crawford will 
present a new act. 


One of tho prettiest, as well ns one of tho 
most promising of all of Lew Fields' pretty 
girls, Is Gortmdo Itullnnd. daughter of tho 
Into Professor John Rutland, of Harvard, in 
ids tlmo one of the best known of American 
educators. Miss Hiilliinil, who Is baroly 
(wenty years old, graduated from tho Box- 
bury, Mass., High Hchool three years ago and, 
wishing to aid her widowed mother, came to 
New York with n nolo of Introduction to 
Mr. Fields. Attracted by her youth and 
beauty, Mr. Fields at onca placed her with 
"no of Ids big musical productions, and she 
bus remained with him ns n solo dancer and 
player of small Ingenue parts over sine, 
rthe Is now playing with Mr. Fields In "All 
Aboard." Hhn is one of thn best dancers on 
the American stage to-day, and has been 
offered many opportunities of going with 
other managements, but sho prefers to re- 
main with the man who first gavo her state 


August 9 











BROADWAY (MSfC CDRPORATfOD Exchange Building, 

WILL VON TILZER. President IS «r 



TOD'S TIPS. Is a clever looking, dainty staging 
comedienne "In town" lust now, who began 
to bloom Into ft star while with tbe "Three 
Twins" company alongside of Bessie McCoy 
nnd Clifton Crawford. Blanche Colvln Is 
this young lady, who Is on the speed road to 
becoming one of "oar own" future vaudeville 
headllners. Blanche only dropped Into tbe 
vaudeville end of It as a "single" recently, 
and those danclble limbs of hers, ber good 
singing voice, pretty face and r heap of cap- 
tivating -personality bounded ber Into tbe 
tays of fame In a surprising manner. She 
made the big time managers take more tban 
one notice of her when she "ran away with 
the bill" at tbe New Brighton Theatre, down 
by the sad sea waves, a few weeks ago, anil 
— well. Just watch how neatly that name of 
Blanche s will fit the calciums "out front" in 
the near future. 

Carmkn Krceix, the dainty violinist, -who 
recently cashed sweet success on the Proctor 
circuit, continues to clean up the encourag- 
ing thing while kept bUBy through J. C. 
l'ft-liles offices. galore were guests at Hilly 
Matthews' Twenty-Third Street Theatre one 
evening last week. Gus and Frank McCunc 
spun up In a big yellow car (to look 'em 
over), Mt. nnd Mrs. "Tom" Kyle wandered 
In with Winnie Vacation Cornell, and to top 
oil tbe very delirious evening Impresario 
Harry I.oonhardt came rattier late, and even 
Johnnie. Buck called up "Little Napoleon." 
It's the climate, my boy. It's the climate. 

IUyks ano Wynne pretty nearly stopped 
the show with their rapid (Ire song and dance 

Mary k'Eoait, "the kldlet," wss a full 
grown hit nt Locw's Greeley Square, latter 
half of last week. 

Davb Phroubon worked the Columbia, 
Brooklyn, three days of Inst week, but Dave 
says that's all lie did "do," as his stuff went 
dean out Into Washington Street at most 
allows. Somebody asked Dave If lie had ever 
played Newburgli — I Everything got black, 
fellers. The party Is "doing nicely." 

Tin: Crotly Trio, the comedy, singing and 
dancing three, closed a successful season at 
the Empress. Ft. Wayne, Ind.. last week, nnd 
nfter a few weeks of the rest stuff at their 
home In Orvllle, O.. Ihey will Jump to San 
Frnnelsco to (111 engagements out along the 

Okrtib Gir.RON's fractured limb Is coming 
Into Its own again nicely, (lertle doesn't 
regret "that day 1 ' she had at Rockawny. even 
If something did give way on her trip home. 

I'escb and Tkrni.m, the boys with the 
violin and harp, are getting more "class" to 
their neat little act nt every show. These 
boys should cause some excitement "up there" 

"Ql'kknik" Thomas will be "Indisposed" 
enrly this mouth, but "back on the Job" for 
hers, after a fortnight's Idleness, because 
contracts are railing. 

"Ics CliRAU" BlM.V Matthews Is laying 
In a store room full of Moc I*vy specials 
for the Winter, for the purpose of looking 
the part be plays at Proctor's Twenty-third 
Street Theatre. Billy has been wearing a 
sad chin of late, for Jules bas failed to show 
at his big small time house as regular as of 

"Jm", the "big feller" of the 
actor forces at the Reliance M. 1\ studios. 
Is liable to be seen In vaudeville In a nifty 
monologue this season. That's providing 
the pictures can spare him. James pitched 
the Reliance baseball team to nine victories 
during the existence of the Motion Picture 
League, but the club wouldn't loss a game bo 
the whole thing went up In smoke. Too bad 
for Rosemary Thcbc and all the rest of the 
plrls, for they were grabbing bets on "their 
boys" every Saturday, whllo leading man 
Cnptaln Irving Cummlngs was combing 

. _ng Cummlngs was combing out 
the necessary blnglcs that won manv games. 

WiNipnrn Cornbm,, "the girl at the win- 
dow" np In V. F. Proctor's booking offices, 
opened a few weckB' vacation Mondnv up In 
!- airfield, Conn. Fairfield Is noted for its 
graponut trees, so whllo being wafted In the 
hammock by the breezes from the lake nnd 
listening to the squirrels, Winnie should 
grab off enough pleasure to put a new wreath 
to that ever ready smile of hers. 

Jimmie Britt headed the bill nt the Em- 
press, In Snlt Lake City, week of July 21, 
nnd knocked 'em dead with that real nifty 
monologue, nnd the fight recitation to finish. 
Gentleman James Is the same little rtilftv 
guy up there behlud the footlights as he wa's 
In the ring. 

Lauwb Obpway. who had to cancel an 
engagement at Pant ages' Savoy, In San 
Hlcgo, a short time ago owing to Illness, 
showed there s fortnight ago, and "the folks' 1 
Just gave her tho biggest kind of a welcome. 

Cora Youngblood Corson's Sbxtkttb of 
pretty and musically talented girls arc being 
rated "the best ever" out on the Coist, at 
present. Some girls, some music — ab I Con- 
siderable act 

Frances White, soubrcttlng with Charles 
Alphln's company at tho American Theatre, 
In San Francisco, romped away with grent 
mccess In her renditions of ''Mr. Gibson" 
snd "I'm Craiy 'Bout the Singer at tho 
Cabaret," when the company presented "Tho 
Follies of Paris" as their week's attraction 
ending Julv "ft. 

Tiir Cnrrnys. with their novel Juggling, 
wire walking nnd hoop rolling act, aro 
around town working tho local open nlr re- 

♦ »» 

Margaret 8. Mar low, of Hnntoii and 
Mnrlow, has been seriously 111 for some time 
in Chicago, and expects to he sufficiently re- 

^ T he r Wolf'' A c"' °' *° " tSrt rehcarw,U w'*' 1 


Louis Kreldler, baritone, was engaged 
some time ago for tbe coming season of 
grand opera at the Century Opera House, 
but did not know It until two days ago. This 
paradoxical situation came about through a 
meeting of Milton Aborn and Gattl-Casnzza, 
In Paris, In June. Kreldler was a popular 
member of the Aborn Opera companies until 
last Fall, when Mr. Casazza drafted blm for 
the Metropolitan Opera Company, with which 
he sang last Winter. The American mana- 
gers were lnronvenlenced at the time by the 
loss of one of their best baritones, and Mil- 
ton Aborn told the Metropolitan director 
that the only way be could make amends for 
his high-handed seizure made last year was 
to let him have Kreldler for the Century 
Opera Company. This was agreed to, and 
the services of the baritone were transferred 
without his knowledge. 

Since tne senior member of tbe firm re- 
turned from Europe, tbe Messrs. Aborn have 
completed n number of other Important en- 
gagements for the Century. These include: 
Carlo Nicosia, who was one of Hammersteln's 
conductors nt the Manhattan nnd Philadel- 
phia Opera Houses ; Mary Jordan, an Ameri- 
can contralto; Francisco Daddi, tenor-buffo, 
who has been with the Chicago-Philadelphia. 
Company, and two other former members of 
Abom Opera Companies: Jayne Herbert, con-, 
tralto, and Morton Adklns, baritone. Mr.. 
Adklus, In addition to bis services In the. 
Century Opera casts, will give Instruction 
In English diction to members of tbe com- 



The stock, office furniture and fixtures of 
Ihc German Medicine Co., which went into 
the hauds of a receiver some time ago, will 
be sold at public aucttoa Aug. 8, at 1013 
Central Avenue, Cincinnati, by Edward T. 
Dixon, lecelver. 


The Lynottb Sihtbus moara the loss of 
their father, who died July 24. 

hi /' ''V.-'S' ' 

v* '■' B^l 






W. '.- ::B?.;; :: U'Wfc~- 

' JJBipw:. '' . * ' 

:■-■::■■■;■£ ■tt«jb£ 

■ ■■, Kvyi 

■ . - ^^k ' 


The major In 1807 was on tho road with 
"The Block Crook" Co., the following season 
with tho "Cinderella" Co. At that time he 
was only eight years old, and after his first 
venture he stayed at home until 1872 and 
went to school. In the latter year be opened 
at McVlcker's, Chicago, playing the oboe in 
the orchestra until tho Summer of 1870 
when he left thcro to go with the Great 
Roman Hippodrome Circus, in which he 
changed to drums. 

Tbe show closed In Buffalo and ho went to 
Rochester, N. XV, opening there at the St. 
Paul Street Theatre. While there he Joined 
Hie Fifty-fourth Regiment In 1879 he went 
with J. II. Haverly's Minstrels. Then ho 
opened in Waldmann's, Newark, N. J., in 
1881. Following this he opened in the 
btniidard Theatre, Chicago, in 1888. 

In the Summer of 1887 be opened at Mc- 
Vlcker's Theatre for the run of "A Midsum- 
mer Night's Dream." In 1800 he was with 
Haverly's Minstrels again. In 1892 he went 
to the Coast with Goodyear, Elltch & Shil- 
ling's Minstrels, and the following season he 
was In Chicago with Sam T. Jack. In 1804 
ho was with Haverly'B Mlnstrela again to 
the Coast, and returned to Jack's. In 1800 
? c IBS , t0 totilsvllle. Ky.. for two seasonr. 
In 1808 he joined Wilson & Cleveland's Mln 
Blrels. lie then retired from road! work and 
went back to Chicago, where ho worked at 
the following theatres: American, Globe and 
Calumet, after which he went to writing 
untie with Charles Miller, the arranger. He 
had a fall last Winter that will Incapacitate 
mm from further active work, so he expects 
to continue with his present occupation. 



OH! OH! OH! 


Dumont's Minstrels "will be composed of 
grander and better material this coming sea- 
ton tban it has been for some years past. 
Among the names favorably known In Phila- 
delphia may be mentioned: Eddie Cassady, 
Charley Boyden, Bonnie Franklin, Josepb F. 
Hortlz, Will Lawrence, Fred Jarvls and Dick 
Lilly's Orchestra. Tom O'Brien returns to 
the fold, and among the new faces will be 
Dan McGarragan, a local singer of great 
popularity, ana a young basso with a fine 
voice, named Jobn Alexander. An "Immense" 
comedian, and tbe largest and fattest man 
on tbe minstrel stage, will be added to the 
company, this Is Harry P. Murphy, a "South- 
ern Colonel with a Dixie dialect." Then there 
is the new comedian, John Lemuels, who is 
a quaint character, familiar with black face 
burlesque work and who is sure to become 
a favorite with Dumont's audiences. Little 
Baby Martha and Franklin's three talented 
tots will be seen at intervals daring the sea- 

The theatre Is entirely renovated outside 
and within, and the opening wilt soon be 

«■» » 


Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Dransfteld died last 
week after an Illness of eight months, at ber 
home in Clay City, III. Mrs. Dranslleld was 
greatly beloved both in nnd out of tbe pro- 
fession for her many good works nnd char- 
ities. Every theatrical company playing in 
Clay City was entertained by the Drana- 
flelrts. nnd words cannot describe the bereave- 
ment felt In that city, which universally 
mourns her loss. 

Mrs. Dransfleld was a sister of Mrs. J. 8. 
Gnrslde, wife of James S. Garslde, manager 
nnd owner of the Garslde Stock Company. 
Mrs. Garslde was prostrated by her loss, and 
.'.He attended the funeral, which was held in 
Clay City. The company Inld off four days 
in respect. 



E. F. Albee, general manager of tbe United 
Booking Offices, and Martin Beck, managing 
director of the Orpheum circuit, formally 
announce that their respective vaudeville or- 
ganizations will have no farther business 
relations with H. B. Marlnelll, the Inter- 
national booking agent. This means that 
Marlnelll can no longer book acts in the "big 
time" or first class vaudeville theatres of 
America, as every house of major importance 
Is included in the United and Orpheum 
groups. In explanation of this radical action 
the official statement Issued by Messrs. Beck 
and Albee says : 

"It has been the object of Mr. Marlnelll 
for the past few years to control everv thea- 
tre throughout tbe United States and Europe, 
and wherever he found a manager that 
was Independent enough to do his booking 
in his own way and with whomever he 
pleased — that Is to say, UBlng the different 
agents throughout the United States and 
Europe who nave energetically created and 
controlled a large number of acts — be im- 
mediately endeavored to disrupt every at- 
tempt to do business except with himself, 
thereby placing the managers la a position 
of doing business with one man, which they 
absolutely refuse to do, and which Martin 
Iteck, representing tbe Orpheum circuit, and 
E. F. Albee, representing the United Booking 
Office, object to. These circuits are so vast 
and so Important, representing, as they do, 
over one hundred high class theatres through- 
out tbe United Stales and one hundred more 
medium price houses, these Arms playing 
every character of act known to vaudeville, 
they object to Marinelll's arbitrary manner 
and will not tolerate his dictation. 

"One of his pet methods of doing business 
Is to represent that he controls everything 
in Europe and tie United States, and then 
to procure artists' signatures to agreements 
making Marlnelll their sole representative. 

"For the benefit of the artists hereafter, 
Messrs. Beck and Albee announce that they 
can do business with any agent In the United 
States or Europe for their respective Institu- 
tions. This will give the European agents a 
broad field to work In, and they will receive 
encouragement where they have heretofore 
been muzzled and controlled to a certain ex- 
tent by Mr. Marlnelll." 
1 1 » 

Kllegl Brothers, proprietors of the Univer- 
sal Electric Stage Lighting Company, of New 
York City, have Just Issued their latest cata- 
logue on electric stage lighting. It is a book of 
eighty pages, excellently printed In large 
type, and everything electrical used back 
stage and. In fact, In any part of a theatre, 
Is profusely Illustrated and described. Tho 
book is also tbe price list of the firm. One 
of the most Interesting features of the cata- 
logue Is the list of telegraph code words which 
the firm uses to enable out of town pro- 
ducers and managers to order goods and 
also give shipping directions. This method 
reduces telegraphic expenses nnd there is 
not the slightest chance of making a mistake. 
This table will be found on page 70. 

For almost twenty years Kllegl Brothers 
have been the undisputed leaders in the 
manufacturing of electric stage effects, and 
many a manager owes much of tbe success of 
his productions to the two wizards of stage 
lighting who compose the firm. Among the 
attractions that they have fitted out with 
electrical effects are: "The Garden of Allah," 
"Creation," "The Galveston Flood," "Fall of 
Pompeii," "The Johnstown Flood," "The 



fP*or S«ason 1913-1814 

It contains the names and addresses of 
Managers, Vaudeville and Dramatic Agents 
in New York, Cblcago, Boston, Philadelphia, 
Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Canada, London ; 
Music Publishers ; Theatrical Clubs and So- 
cieties: T. M. A. Headquarters; Moving Pic- 
ture Firms, and other information. 

Sent only on receipt of 2c. stamp, accom- 
panied by a coupon cut from THIS NEW 


ALBERT J. B0RIE, Managing Director 
47 W. 28th STREET, NEW YORK 

Send this Coupon and 2c. stamp for a copy of 



(For 1913-1914) 

47 West asth Street, New York 

Land of the Midnight Sun," "San Francisco 
Destruction," "Last Day of the World," 
"Adcle," Dreamland Burlesquers, "Madame 
Butterfly," "Under Two Flags," "Rbeingold," 
"Darling of the Gods," "Ninety and Nine," 
"Wizard of Oz," "Babes In Toyland," "The 
Vandcrbllt Cup," "The Blue Bird." "The Bird 
of Paradise," "The Lady of the Slipper," 
"The Whip," "The Poor Little Rich Girl," 
nnd many vaudeville acts. The catalogue 
will be sent free to responsible parties inter- 
ested. Kvery stage electrician should have 
one, for It contains much of genuine Interest 
to him. 

1 1 » 


The Coburn Players presented, night of 
July 31, on the campus at the Columbia Uni- 
versity New York, Euripides' "Ipbigenia in 
Taurls." This was the first time this com- 
pany bad presented this play here, and it 
was given with a special setting. 

Mrs. Coburn, as Iphlgenia, carried off 
first honors. Mr. Coburn was the brother, 
Creates, and Thomas Mitchell, the Pylades. 
The minor roles were entrusted to F. Peters, 
George Gaul, Eugenia Webb, Kate McLaurln 
and Constance Howard. 

+ ■» 

Atthewhooi. Making it pleasant for T„n c™®"* nIThlcago "ffit's, in. 


Arrangements have been completed for a 
production of "Peg o' My Heart" in Berlin, 
'the German presentation, which may be en- 
titled "Hcrzblnettchen," will be made in 
August, 1814, according to the terms of a 
contract signed Inst week, by Author J. Hart- 
ley Manners and an unnamed. German cap- 
italist who divides his time between New 
York. Berlin and Hamburg. The director 
will be Emmanuel Relcbcr. Mr. Releher will 
study the current production nt the Cort 
Ihealre, and the adopter will come across 
In the early Autumn, making not tho custom- 
ary library translation, but studying the play 
In actual performance on "points." He will 
endeavor to score the same effects with nlB 
German audiences. Later, the entire German 
company will be brought over and will spend 
n week In New York. It Is not proposed to 
foster an indefinite run In the German capi- 
tal, but to play for short periods in Berlin, 
Hamburg, Munich nnd tho provincial cities. 
Vienna will see 'Teg" in the Spring of 101',. 

♦» » 


A well known and established firm of man- 
ufacturers' agents In a foreign country In- 
forms an American consular officer that It 
deslrea to be put in touch with manufacturers 
or dealers In chairs for theatres, churches, 
lodges, halls, schools, etc., for the purpose 
or t>oth handling on commission and purcbas- 
ng outright. The firm has in view the supply- 
ing of chairs for an opera house in course of 
construction, with a sentlng capacity of two 
thousand, and deslrea to get in touch with 
a firm handling this line as a Bpcclal feature. 
Any late design or improvement in this class 
of chair will Be of value In securing this con- 
tract, ob the owners of tho building wish to 
furnish it with the most modern fittings, 
regardless of expense. The firm furnishes 
bank references. Apply for address of this 
firm to Bureau of Foreign and Domestic 
( omtneree, Washington, D. C, mentioning 

Sample Cold Cream 


-Mention tail Paper- 


August 9 






LAST NIGHT was the END of the WORLD 










HARRY VON TILZER MUSIC PUB. CO., 125 W. 43d St., N. Y. City 

CHICAGO OFFICE: Grand Opera Home Building. ROCCO VOCCO, Manager 


Albany. If, Y. — Harmanns Blcecker Halt 

rniml 51. Hart, mgr.) Lytell-Vauglion Stock 
will close a very successful season with 
"Madame Sherry" week ending Aug. 9. The 
louse will then be prepared for the regular Fall 

Ouand (Obas. Ii. Robinson, mgr.) — Sill for 
week of 4: Joggling Barretts, Berry awl Wilhelm, 
the Mnscagnls, So nil berg and Lee, Arthur White- 
few and the Livingston Trio. 

Kmsirb (Jas. H. Rhodes, mgr.) — The season 
•pened here 1, with George Evans' Honey Boy 
Minstrels, to eicelleat business. "Beauty Parade" 

Colonial (Stacy & Perrln, mgrs.) — Morton 
Comedy Opera Co. continues to good business. 
The bill for week of 4 Is "The Awakening of Mr. 

1'uocTOE's (Howard Graham, mgr.) — The bills 
for week 4 Included : Bbood's Marionettes, John 
C. Hansen and company, Lew Welch, the Kendall 
Trio, Hayes and Wynn, Haywood Sisters, Clifford 
and Douglass, Miller and Tempest, Mabel Carew, 
Artie Gibson and Altos Brothers. 

Maplb Buck Paek (J. J. Carlls, rogr.) — All 
foatures at this popular resort report good busi- 

KLicraio Pabk (H. J. Chandler, mgr.)— Jack' 
Clear y and Julia Raymond Tracy 'head the bill 
.at the Rustic Theatre week of 4. 
■Majbstio (Emit, mgr.) — Vaudeville, 
with moving pictures. 

CtiHTOK Squabb, Bboadwat, Osp-nntnc and 
Fat-ace, moving pictures. 

Buffalo, N. Y. — star (Dr. P. 0. Cornell, 
Mr.) the Northampton Players, in "Hawthorne 
•X the V. a. A, week of Aug. 4, followed by 
"The Upstart." 

- TECS (Messrs. Shubert, mgrs.) — Paul J. Rain- 
sy's African Hunt pictures 18-30. Era Taoguay 
will open the season here week of Sept. 1. Stage 
tas been enlarged, and the house re-decorated. 

SiiBA'a (M. Shea... mgr.) — iBlll for week of 4: 
■TJoyd and Whltehouse, Burke, King and Walsh, 
niMbeth Murray, Artie Mchllnger, Harry DeCoe. 
■anion and Hanlou, LevIne-CImcron Trio, and 
*e pictures. 

Majestic (J. Laughlln, mgr.) — The "Quo Va- 
4ls?" pictures are drawing good houses. 

Acadbmt (H. M. Marcus, mgr.) — "Quo Va- 
sal r" pictures and Tauderllle. 

Oolvkbu (Charles Bowe. mgr.) — Now..plctures 
statures dally, to good returns. 

Penn Tan, If. Y,— Sampson's (0. H. Slsson, 
sagr.) "Trolley Girls," a tabloid musical com- 
•ay, pleased capacity houses July 28-30. Mort 
Kendorson t». Axel Henscn, wrestling match. Tor 
week of 18, Bristol's Equine Paradox, The regu- 
lar season Will open 28. 

Terr* Haute, Ind,— Varieties (T. W. Bar- 
•jdt Jr., mgr.) pictures. 

CMOTUM (Brentllnger & English, mgrs.)— Or- 
gan recital and pictures. 

Lois (R. B. Sheets, mgr.)— Vaudeville and pic- 

Sound's Adjdomh (Sam Young, mgr.)— Halbon 
fowell Stock Co. did good business week of July 

" koiiiu. Haij The Ben Greet Flayers ireit 

sere 29. 
Savor,' Colonial, Fountain:, Fanrcisa, Elk. 

■ Cmsoirt, Aubbioan, Rotal, Imp, Moons, Ma- 
jibtio and TuauiomCM, moving pictures. 

■ Noras . — i Under protest the morlng picture 
louses. of Clinton, Ind., opened on Sunday, July 
IT, and the W. 0. T. Association hare printed a 

• warning to the city offlclalB that unless they clow 
t same they will be removed from office Mo- 
torcycle races will be held Sunday, Aug. 8. at 

fie Fair Grounds The Hsgrabeck- Wallace 

Circus are billed to show at Brazil, Ind., Aug. 10. 
■ Grand Opera Howe will opes Sept, 1, 

- I.uKitnspnr t, Ind. — Nelson bag been re- 
decorated, sew draperies and carpets have been 

. added, the house thoroughly renovated, and It 
■resents a handsome appearance. Miss Hue Fink, 
who successfully managed the theatre last season. 
will again be In charge, and announces a good 
net of attractions. Lyman Howe's pictures Aug. 
f, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 11. 

Buoadwat, — Vaudeville and pictures. 

Ask, Oozr, Gband anil Tokyo, photoplays. 

Notb.— Dixie Harris, vaudeville artist, Is si>end- 
Jng her vacation here prior to leaving for the 
Pacific Coast, where Bho will open the season. 

Detroit, Mlcli. — Qarrlck (R. II. Lawrence. 
sigr.) Bonetellc Company, In "Mary Jane's Ps," 
week of Aug. 4. 

^WABniHoxoK (J. Slocum, mgr.)— Louise Gun- 
king and the William MorrlB Players, in "Forty- 
■ve Minutes fro mm Broadway," week of 4. 

GATcrr (Wm. Roache, mgr.) — Tho Behmin 
•how week of 8. 

Tbau>lb (j. h. Moore, mgr.)— Bill week of 4; 

Marie McFarland and Madame ?, Ball and West, 

toe Three Ellisons, Helen Pago and company, 

«hinko Minnie Kaufmann, Miller and Lyles, Billy 

. end Edith Adams, and the Mooreoseope.' (0. W. Porter, mgr.)— Bill week of 4: 
t- Giuseppe Slrluuao's "Banda Roma," the 
exondcr Sisters, 'Leone and Dale, flrlmm and 
■Ullott, the Arnesccis, and the Mitescope. 

Ann Arbor, Mich. — Whitney (Arthur Lone, 
•ugr.) Is dark. 

Majbstio (Arthur Lane, mgr.) — Klncinacolor 
and black and white pictures. 

Tumi-lb (Gordon A- Knapp, mgrs.)— 'Motion pic- 
tores and Illustrated song*. 

Notbs. — Ben Greet Woodland Players played to 
•Ig business on the University Campus July 31. 
-. ..Arthore Lono has been bus7 booking some acts 

for Big Merchants' Day, Aug. 7 The Temple 

neatre will have new scats Instilled. It will 
he one of the most comfortable theatre* la Ann 

Kalamaioo, Mich.— Majeetlc (Gerald Flta- 
gerold, mgr.) bill Aug. 4-0: Lowe and DcMarl, 
Wilton Sisters, Gibson and Ralney, Lllionattl. and 
the Star Quartette. For 7-0: Jack ami Jessie 
Gibson, Marlon De Beauclalre, Dave Livingstone 
and company, Sol. Berns, Kelo Bros., and Jr.i- 

Notbs.— The Majestic has been entirely rc-deco- 
rated and new scenery made at a cost of lit.nuo. 

All the moving picture shows are doing 

nice business Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus give 

two performances here, to capacity business, July 

Bay City, Mich. — Wenonah Beach Casino 
L. H. Newcomb, mgr.) vaudeville and moving 

Wenonah and Stab, motion pictures, to good 

Dallas, Tex.— Cycle Park (W. J. Brown, 
mgr.) the stock company Is doing good business. 

Lass Cliff Casino (Chss. Mangold, mgr.) — 
"The Private Secretary" week of Aug. 4. 

Washington, Follt, Queen, Pbinokss. Pal- 
AG*. Candt, Empkbbs, Dixie, Hippodrome, Dal- 
ton, Bioscope, Nickelodiak. ObphbuaC, Qappt 
Hods, Ltbio, Beauty and Gband are all doing 
nice business with motion pictures. 

Opiba Hot/si and Majestic) are dark. 

Racine, Win. — Mew Orpheum. "Fine 
Feathers," with Wilton Lackeys and an all star 
cast, Aug. 1. The house, seating 1,400, was 
entirely sold In advance. 

Racine. — Moving pictures, under lease, until 
Sept. 1. 

Majestic, Gband, Bijou, Lyxio, Gas* and 
Casino, moving pictures. 

Notes. — The College Avenue Orpheum Is closed. 

The White House will soon open under new 

management In all probability Toots A Mc- 

Klvltt, managers of the Bijou moving picture 
bouse, and who are also showing pictures at 
Racine Theatre, will be given the management 
for the coming season, of the New Orpheum and 
also the Racine Theatres. 

St. Paul, Minn.— Metropolitan (L. N. 
Scott, mgr.) WrlRht nuntlngton and Players gave 
a One presentation of "Forty-five Minutes From 
Eroadwoy" week ot July 27. Billy Kent, as 
"Kid" Burns, and Anna Bronough, as Mary 
Jane, were especially fine. "The Man From Home 
is the offering week of Aug. 3. 

Obi-heum (B. 0. Burroughs mgr.)— This bouse 
will cpen 10. with a bill Including: Ted Loralne ' 
and Hattlo Burke, Kluldng's animals. Georgette, 
Tt-tee Bohemians, Wlllard and Cain, Romano 
Bros., and Paths Weekly. 

Gband (Theodore L. Hays, mgr.)— mi la the- 
atre will open for the regular season 24 (East- 
ern wheel), with Miner's Big Frolic Co. The 
Behman Show will follow. 

Empbbsb (Gus S. Greening, mgr.) — Business Is 
big. BUI week of 3: Happy Heam, "Who Was 
He?" the Village Choir. Shereck and Perclval, 
and Kelly and Galvln. 

Majbstio, Peinoesb and Sxablanp, moving plc- 

Noth.— 'Wortham k Allen's United Shows 4. 

Greenfield, Mass. — New Lawler (Lawler 
Bros., mgrs.) "The Girl and the Baron" Aog. 4. 
"Tha; Chocolate Soldier" 5. Vaudeville and pic- 
tures rest ot week. , : 

Victobia (Stretter 4 McCarthy, mgrs.)— 
Vaudeville and pictures. A patriotic entertain- 
ment for the old soldiers. "The Re-union at Get- 

Bwot (H. S. Davis, mgr.)— Vaudeville and 

^ Ltbio 1 ' (Fred. SheHler, mgr.)— For week of 
4, Blllv Ray, Japanese musician. 

WEHBT.ET (W. A. Weseley, mgr.)— Motion pic- 
tures and Illustrated songs. This bouse opened 
1, to good business. - ... , 

Notes. — Downle a: Wheeler's Show* will plsy 
here 7 Lake Pleasant Is doing good busi- 
ness The Franklin County Fair will be held 

here Sept. 17, 18. 

Attleboro, Mass.— Bates, the Three Mar- 
tins, May Hawthorne, and motion pictures weak 
of Aug. 4. 

Columbia. — iWdlo Childs and company, in ran- 
leal novelties and Independent picture*. 

Nora — ■Tho Eddie Childs Ob. is making a 
distinct hit at the Columbia. All of their acts, 
which are being changed twice a week, are models 
of originality, and Mr. Childs deserves unlimited 
prats©. The black art which he Introduced in his 
act, July 81-Aug. 2, was a riot. Mr. Childs is 
ably assisted by Valeeka Conrad, whoso personal 
charms and voice are fast capturing the crowd*. 
Tho rest of the company is a stage mechanic 
who has been playing rube, Indian nod magician 
with equal good results. 

Tannton, Mass. — Park (A. A. Kellemann, 
mgr. ) hud a grand reopening Aug. 4, with vaude- 
ville and feature photoplays, 

Sabbatia i'AiiK. — Homan's Musical Comedy Co. 
have been drawing big audiences and has proved 
to be one of the best park shows ever seen here. 
A chance of bill Is mad twice a week, with s 
concert Sunday evening. 

Casino, Stab, Nickel and Whitibnton, mov- 
ing pictures, 

Mansfield, Mass. — Pastime, motion pictures 
and songs. 

Woouioeket, R. I. — Woonsocket (Charles 
Pet ford, mgr.) bill for Aug. 4-0: Qulnliy and 
Sanford, Oullen Brothers, and the Four Rlsnos. 
For 7-0: Taylor Twins, Wayne and May, and 
"The Street iPavers of Paris." 

Smith's and Nickel, moving pictures and 

Nora— The Bljoa Theatre will open 18. 

PnwtncKet, It. t. — Scenic, John and Mae 

Burke, Smith, Onmpbell and company, Allle White, 
Mbdena Singing Four, Mason and Dutlel, and 
Asskl week of Aug. 4. 

Stab, MPSIO SAtVL sad OlOBb, motoa pictures 
and songs. 





has happened In tho history of this aicgregatlnn, 
and created quite a little excitement among the 

Next Sunday we have a short run, eleven 
miles, over to St. Paul, where we play around 
the State Capitol BulMIng next week. Guess tbo 
most of them will trolley over, but Steve Woods 
will probably hitch a team to the privilege car, 
aa the other way would get It over too quick. 

Red Onion was waiting for us when we came 
in Sunday. Onion left for Chicago on a little 
visit last week, but says he only got this far 
on account of running out of mileage, but 1 think 
Red was lonesome for the buncb. 

Walter Stanly has the reputation of being one 
of the beat lot men la the business. When 
Walter lays out s lot It Is very seldom any ot 
the wagons has to be moved. 

We are playing under the K. Pa. this week, 
and they are a nice bunch to do business with. 
Mr. Walker, who Is at the head of the committee, 
knows mors about the show buitneas thsn a lot 
of the "regular" show people. lie has had t 
number ot years' experience In bundling affairs 
like this. We opened with a big attendance on 
Monday evening, but In about half an hour they 
were all driven to shelter by a heavy rain, which 
kept op all evening;, but we look for a big weak 
before It la all over, 


WATBBBuar, Conn., Aug. 20. 
Johnny J. Jones bbows, a first clsss carnival 
organisation, played this town week of July 31- 
26, under the auspices of the local lodge uf the 
Loyal Order of Moose, to tho biggest of business. 
Same was proven by the gladsome smile of 
Johnny J. himself, who displayed It to your 
Oliitkb correspondent on various occaalona dur- 
ing the entire week. 

The people of Waterbury certainly got the kind 
of entertainment they like, namely, good, clean 
shows, and tho enormous crowds that visited the 
show left with a aelf-satlsfleil feeling that they 
got all they wanted, and then soroe more, in the 
llDe of outdoor entertainment. 

This show Is an all year 'round company, play- 
ing week stands wherever they go. Johnny 
Jones' Rhowa have been on the road for srveral 
years, consecutively, without s lay-off. The 
ahows are transported on thirty-two sixty foot 
can, .all handsomely and uniformly painted. 
The show leaves July 27, lor Mt. Vernon, N. V. 
There are a dosen or more paid attractions be- 
sides two spectacular freer attractions. These 

■i" ■ «u» u»«»« •«•■»<•»• -■— — ~rr— : - are, namely: Oscar V. Babeock. la his Ison-the- 

BU1 is a hard worker, and. little thing like joopjind gf tog flum e set. TO Tact ii Indeed ons 
having to hunt new girls does not worry him. of (,„ bes t aeAtational 

En Route to Minneapolis, 

Oar regular Saturday night storm arrived last 
night about 10 p. at., and cleaned the midway. 
The lot was red clay and pretty tough hauling, 
but ever j thing was loaded in good time for an 
early start. Our lot thla week, while email, was 
located well. Just off tbe main street, and business 
wss very satisfactory, fair crowds every afternoon 
and big at night. The midway was deserted oa 
Thursday, as B. ft B. Circus was across the river 
and a big picnic on our side, but we had an 
average night crowd. B. ft B. was delayed oa 
account of a wreck and had to pass up the parade, 
but they did a big business at both performances. 
A number of the carnival people vlalted them. 

Next week we play Minneapolis, with St. Paul 
to follow, both on tbe streets. We anticipate 
a good business at both places, ss the Bible tells 
us that St Paul la good, and Con Kennedy got 
the money at Minneapolis, so we have no reason 
to doubt either one or them. 

In my notes last week 1 reported the loss, by 
robbery, of a. large sum of money , taken from 
our chief electrician, supposed to have been taken 
by an employee that was rooming with Mr. 
Spencer that night. Spencer had left a descrip- 
tion ot the man with the officers at Dulnth, and 
upon onr arrival at Superior, he waa Informed 
that the man was under arrest and being held at 
Duluth ; his trial came op on Wednesday, and he 
waa held over to the Grand Jury. A large part 
of the money was found oa his person, together 
with a new watch and several other articles that 
bad been recently purchased. The case against 
him Is pretty strong. 

We made the run from Crookaton to Superior 
in twelve hours,' two hundred and eighty-six 
miles, and that'a going some for a twenty-seven 
ear train. The papers here have given us a num- 
ber of flattering notices, with no end of praise 
to O. A. Wortham tor tbe clean and buslness-llks 
manner In which the carnival Is conducted. Of 
course, as long as there are carnivals, there will 
be some undesirable characters, but 0. A. pays 
partlculsr attention to tho weeding,, out process, 
and keeps It pretty well cleaned up sit tbe time. 

Oapt. Cardona has succeeded Billy Dyer In the 
management ot the Animal Show, and It la now 
op among the top money getters. 

Bill Everett, who bss the India Show, lost two 
ol his girls last week. In the middle ot s bal- 
lyhoo some one In the front yelled our "Coffee 
and three started for the kitchen. But 

Joyland, lbs Fun Factory— Klnall, manager; 
tickets, A. Oustin; talker, Geo. Block. 

Leon W. Marshall's IMilfl Minstrels— Talker, 
Shorty "Pest" Uartel; niniiarer, U W, Marshall; 
tickets, Mrs. L. W. Marshall. 

Tiny Mite, smallest wvman In world — Cham- 
bers, manager; talker, (leo. White. 

Little Wonderland— Tom Pldire, manager; talk- 
er, Frank Rlcoj tickets, Mrs. I'ldge. 

Sadie, tbe Snake Charmer— Turn Davis, man- 
ager; Pete Swift, talker; mil Stevenson, talker. 

Motordrome— O. V. Ilalieock, manager; Sam 
Fisher, tickets; Barry, talker. 

Flea Circus— Prof. Kunls, manager; William 
Tysol, tickets; Fred fllmms, talker. 

J, J, Jones' Living Woudera— Two Soldcens, 
Punch and Judy, ventrlllqtilslt, Fred Coleman, 
tattooed wonder; Prince Nemo, Malay wonder; 
Tom Sally, glass blower; Mme. Vera, snakes. 

Mldste, the smallest pony— Dlek Ford, man- 
ager; tickets, Terrence Rellly, Geo. Miller; talk- 
ers, Norman Bros. 

Alms, the fat girl. 

Zasa, the Midget— Nasi H. Austin, manager ; 
Tom Price, tickets. 

Monsters of the Deep, Blue Sea— N. H. Austin. 
manager; Prod Van Qulncy, talker; Tommy 
CNelf, ticket*. 

I'rof. Jean Michaels' Band— J. Michaels, man- 

Merry-Go-Bonnd snd Ferris Wheel— J. M. Hin- 
di, manager; Lin King, Harold Wilson, Jams* 
Lswlor. tickets. 

The Due Finally, high divers— Ales. Dos, man- 
ager; Mrs, Due, tickets; Ally, Louise and ramus, 


Spot tht Spot— Al. Bamberger. 

Sammy Grimm's Pint Pong Stan. I. 

Al. Edwards* lee Cream Stand. 

Jap WhatamoUy, vase wheel. 
Pillow Ton and Baby Doll— Mr. and Mr*. Hick. 

Teddy Bears — Mr. and Mrs. Aldrlch. 

Country Store — Lools Radell. 

Photoa Gallery — Mr. and Mrs. King. 

Hoop-La Wheel — Mn, Ourley Wilson. 

Ghlnawars Wheel— Sill ton Morris. 

Knife Rack and Lnnch Stand— Tom Watts. 

Knife Rack— Mn. Lena Coleman. 

Baby Doll Rack— Tom Johnson. 

Country Store— O. B, Tamer. 

Shooting Gallery — Geo. Mace. 

Newsstand— J. W. tl afford. 

Candy Booth— Tom ind Joe Waters. 



His abow always manages to got Its share of the 

One of the busiest men on tho trick is Jack 
FollHt. Jack la interested In several shows, han- 
dle* all the newspaper men back with the show, 
and still finds time to go out several times during 
the day and buy P— ntrts. Jack came from tbe 
South, (Mayrrllle, Ky.). and he can't get away 
from those Southern habits. Mrs. Pollltt 1* with 
him. and I* one of the nicest little ladles oa the 

He* ^.*_ 

Five new concession* joined at Puperlor. to take 
advantage of the big week* looked for at Minne- 
apolis and St. Paul. 

(Special to Tub Hurra). 

Mmxrurous, Minn., July SI. 
After a day of intense heat and a burning sun 
a hard wind and rain storm struck tho city about 
midnight snd played bavoc with tbe midway. The 
Wortham ft Allen Shows are playing In an en- 
closure thla week, and tho front entrance Is built 
of massive arches snd pillars. Tbe cyclonic wind 
started with the front, lifting them from thrlr 
foundation and scattering them along tbe street. 
Tbe wsgon fronts were all braced up and with- 
stood the storm, but nearly every tent was nmo* 
or less damaged. Tbe concession tent* were 
turned over, stood on end anil ripped, strings ot 
electric light globes were demolished, and the 
total damage will foot up considerable. Probably 
the heaviest damage was done to the Bockskin 
Ben Wild West Shows, the canopy front and cook 
house went down, seversl poles were broken ami 
the marquet torn, but tho workmen started In 
early and will hare things ready In time for 
the afternoon shows. There waa very little left 
of the cook bouse except tbe ropes, bat as it 
happened, Ben ordered a new cook house from th,) 
J, C. Goes Co., which will be In to-day. Con- 
siderable damage was done In ihe downtown part 
of the city with the wind and lightning. This 
company has been In a number of storms this 
season, but this is tgs first one that has done 
any speclsl daroaue. ' Everything; Is being re- 
paired and straightened out, and by night all 
traces of the wreckage will be gone. 

Ana. 1, 

.. acta I have ever wit- 
nessed. Then we have Tom snd Margaret 
Qulncy, a team of daring high divers. Tom, at s 
W**LS "a*" - fo8t ' • n<s saMsPst at s height 
of thlrty.flva feet, doing their stunts twice 
dslly lo appreciative audiences. 

Michael Vltucel'* Boyml Italian Band, thirty 
pieces, and Marshall's Dixie Minstrel Bond of 
twenty-six pieces, famish the concert and show 
music, and enough cannot be said to Justify their 
end of the show. 

Johnny J. Jones Is general manager and own- 
er; Charlton Turner is the old reliable business 
msnager, hsvlng been with Mr. Jones in this 
capacity for Ave yesr», consecutively; Tom Davis 
is assistant manager tnd proved himself s genial 
jsitertalnor. Otpt. Harry Vvilson, the lion tamer, 
u general overseer, snd Is sure to make a good 
Impression wherever bo goes. 
, i*"*lJ *e attraction* are: Johnny Jones' Wild 
Animal 8now,Thos. Devise and his Polar bears. 
Cunt Harry Wilson and his Hon, Louie. 

Princess Daniels and leopards. Mister Charles 
Wuatln, boy lion tamer, and Kip. tho baby ele- 
pl'tnt. R. C. Jones, talker; B. Molrord, tickets; 
Oapt. Harry Nelson, manager. 

Gennler'a Socloty Circus— Dale's dogs, featuring 
Rex, high diving slog. 

Cfaas. Gennler, rmd Tom, In tbe clown depsrt- 

George and Margaret Oennler, tumbler*. 

Upside Down Kolotta, Mrs. Ohas. Gennler, 
wire walker, and Mr*. Vedder Oennler. ticket*. 
Geo. Gennler, manager; Oba*. Currier, talker; 
Tom Murray, ticket*. 

Trip lo Mars — D. Bamsey. manager: Harry 
Ford, tickets; Nick Wall, ticket*. 

Mrs. Kennedy, wife of Col. Kennedy, was bally 
hurt Monday evening, July 11, at Cslnmst, Ms**. 
The bono she was riding fell, throwing her to th. 
ground, and It wa* soms hour* bsfore (a* re- 
gained consciousness. 

Shorty Price met with a slight accident st th* 
■sme performance, but plucklly went on with his 

Blsle Wayne Joined the Broadway Belle* at 

Ths A, B. Miller Greater Shows, after playing 
a very saecstwcul engagement at Hancock, Mich . 
under the suspices of tha Sons of St. Osotar. 
moved to Oaltsnet Mich., for th* week of July 
21, where they are showing on the street* tor th* 
Annul Oosventloa of Fireman of tbe Upper Psnta- 

At Calumet. Mich., Wednesday morning, the cop- 
per miner* went on strike, and within rwsnty- 
four hours the town wss s bedlam, It was esti- 
mated there were 20,000 men involved la this 
strike. Soldiers from ill over the Stat* wet* 
rushed into tbe 'j»wn, sad they had plenty to do. 
Of course It hurt baslness, but w* finished the 
week to fair business, and strange to say the 
strikers never even offered to molest say of tlu 
show ,pro|»erry. 


Lecturer; S. and D. Comedian, state lowest. 
Covington, Ky. 

For Stetson's Uncle Tom's Cabin Co., 
Woman who canplay parts; also Piano. Address 
LEON WASHBURN, Chester, Pa. 


Height .etc. Must Join on wlro. WRIGHT 

■TUCK CO., Marlon, Iowa. 




Biggest variety of Money-Making Novelties, Paddle Wheels, Country 
Stores, Shooting Galleries, Doll Racks. All kinds of sappUes-Jewelry, 
b2£££?LZ&BmVP£&i3S\J3& W 5 t0 ^ 8 ' Silverware, Cutlery, Baaora, Yankee Motions, Canes, Pennants 
ofTiiuie^'bao, fij .. BaSTrstawS com! SEL^^St*^! eh "> **ndle<{ by Street Venders, Park Concessionaires snd 
lag through St. Paul. Tbe boy has been named Outdoor Merchant*}. 

™Jr £iTl& S? jLSS?.*? E£. m J££8£!22^5&*** bu y» «d »lta goods. NosjUalog or goods 

mother waa employed on cant. Oardooa's Animal Bmu *° ^onaumers, Curious People or Bubbernecks. 

Showa. handling the leopards. Upon tbe arrival __ ^ ___ _ _ __ _ _ _. 

of Ihe Irsln here the mother and child were IM. SHURE C O \A/ *-» *-» I <% B* SB I *Sk 

to the hospital, where they could receive ™* *•**■*•■ '* lr •»»■ o> c* *al I «» 


the proper attention. Both are getting alo-vg 

nicely. Thu- suite first Uoe anything like that 

•a*»l >*V.© on S*v Ohlo«g< 




August 9" 


Fault STB. Maris, Mich., July 31. 

Ilarrbicion's Great Southern Sbows had a food 
week In retoskey. »nd everyone was well pleased 
witli the attraction* furnished them. 

J. B. Moore, wbo recently purchased the merry- 
go-round from Wa, Ionian, had the misfortune 
to bleak bis cable Saturday, In Petoskey, and 
Lin machine was oat of eommlaalon all aflemoon, 
when Anally Joe La Boux came to the rescue. He 
■pllced the cable, and in a abort time every thins 
won running- along smoothly. 

The shows left Petoskey Sunday, at a. u., 
bat on account of poor train service did not arrlvo 
In the Soo until 9.30 that night. 

Joe La Ronx hat one of the neatest concessions 
oo the midway, both bis glass atoms being tastily 
decorited with pennants from everywhere, besides 
the grand flash of glassware which be never falls 
to carry. 

Bunlnem been Tery good here, all shows 
doing a tuxnaway tuslnem. - . 

Dolores Hillings and Kutli Smaller, formerly 
of the Wortliajii k Allen Cabaret Show, Joined 
at the Boo. • ..... 

The allows leave here Sunday, for Uamstlqne, 
where tbey allow for one week, under the auspices 
of tlie city lire department. 


(Spcctol to The C'Liri'EB). 

Kehbinoton. III.. Aug. 2. 

The Nat. Relaa' Famous Show* concluded a most 
scccwafu! engagement here to-night. Baslnesa 
throughout the entire seven days has proved satis- 
factory to the Business Mens' Association, under 
whose auspices the Heine' .Shows were presented. 
All of the various attractions gave excellent satis- 

Mr. and Mrs. Relse and Col. PhD. Ellsworth 
were kept busy nil week In welcoming friends who 
motored out from the city to renew acquaintances, 
nnd to take In the lights on tbo midway. 

The Nat Rebut' Sbowa will play South Chicago 
week Aug. 3. Splendid time tins been booked In 
the West and Southwest for tbo Fall reison, and 
In the South for the Winter. 

Tub Decatur, HI., Trades and Labor Assembly 
will give a carnival, week of Aug. 11, the purpose 
bring to raise money for the fund for entertaining 
the Stale Federation of Labor next October. They 
have made arrangements with the Gorman & Rot- 
bins United Shows troupe to furnish tbo enter- 
tilnment. The committee from the Trades and 
Labor for tlie State meeting are in chnnte of this 
carnival and will handle all of the business. 

Summer Parks and Tain 


The nig nirmcaboo or Concessioners' Ban- 

Suet took place licre nt the Imperial Hotel, 
irandon, Man., the night of July 23, and as 

Death'* Hnrvcut nt the Motordrome, 
near Cincinnati. 
When Odin Johnson crashed Into the safety 
rail of the motordrome nt tbo Ludlow lagoon— 
the big saucer of Cincinnati'* r^«**««g" 
team in the Motorcycle League — the racing 
cyclist waa inatantly killed. Ilia machine ex- 
ploded, throwing W^W,«aaoIliie pv« ttrea rowi 
of spectators in the section at which tbe accident 
occurred. Nearly four-score people were burned 
and tbe total toll of death fasten. Tbo tragedy 
occurred on the nlgbt of July 30. during the run- 
nlng of the twentyflve minute Moore Stakes. 
Tbe grout motordrome was packed with thou- 
sands, but fortunately there was no panic at too 

As an official echo of tbo tragedy three arresta 
were made. J. B. F.berhordt, manager of the La- 
goon Motordome; Arthur Wllber, of Lagoon Park, 
and J. II. Rush, of Cleveland, Cincinnati's repre- 
sentative of the Motorcycle League, were charged 
with voluntary manslaughter. Tbe future of the 
motor cycle racing in this Kentucky suburb of Cin- 
cinnati In not yet clearly defined. All other 
racing booked for the week waa canceled. Joe 
Bommer, the old ball player, la referee at tbo 
saucer. _„ 

Tbe remains of the dead racer, Odlm. were seat 
to bis old home. Salt Lake City. Hla young wife, 
soon to become a mother, was a witness of the 
terrible catastrophe that widowed her and brought 
sorrow Into so many homes. 

•— — -e— — nasa 

Job Devlin (Dcvlllno), the one-legged 
steeplejack, mokes his elide for life twice a 
day at Long Park. 



Have It sent to your Summer address, 

6 WEEKS - - - fiO GENTS 

Send orders to 


;*7 W. 28th Street, New York. 



The billposters paged a resolution at the 
last meeting of their association that the 

the Rig' Dominion Fair was held b'ere this •tMid'ard s . cale ° f wages tb I a season will be 

year, there was a large crowd present. Platen 
were set to accommodate everybody in the 
big dining room of the Imperial Hotel. 

'Hie guests entered the dining' room about 
11.30, to the tune of "Men of Harlech," 
played by an. orchestra that enlivened the 

firoccedlugs with music throughout the even- 
□g. After a few words of welcome by tuo 
president (Dr. E. D. Sutherland), everybody 
sat down to a banquet that sure was tit for 
a king, and those princes of the gasoline 
torch sure did ample justice to it Many 
toasts were drank and stories told). Ben 
(.."oval told of his trip around tbe world on 

$18 a week. The committee will notify the 
managers of the change of wage scale for 
house posters at tbe opening of tbe tegular 

♦ »» 


Oay Ramsey, treasurer of the Opera House 
in St. John, N. B., Can., and Gladys Boyer, 
of that city, were quietly married in St. 
John, July 10. 


3. Bernard Dyllyn bag bis natural Mc- 
a "collar button," and took down the house Sweeney make-up In good shape for "The 
when he told of lie and Jimmy Simpson laying Follies of 1013,'' and be walks right off the 

street into his uniform, without bothering 
with a wig or artificial make-up. 
■ i» 

Horace Bornham, father of Edwin Felix, 
Aire, Abble, Clyde and Clara Bumham, all 
members of tbe theatrical profession, died 
In Sullivan, Ind., from a stroke of paralysis, 
Aug. 1. 


Fred. Leslie, English comedian, arrived 
4, for 'Xieber Augustin." at the Casino. 

•■America." is the title of the new specta- 
cle which will open tbe New York Hippo- 
drome Aug. SO. 

Hajifil dawn arrived from Europe on the 
slenmcr Jialtia Aug. 3. 

Blsms Ivy has joined the "All Aboard" Co. 

Habrt Grebn will open bis second season 
of "The Town Fool, 1 ' in Ellis Theatre, 
Rensselaer, Ind., on Thursday, Aug. 14. Mr. 
Green will have in hie support Louis U. 
Daly, Frank Martin, Raymond Dunakln, 
Dr. E. D. Sutherland was again elected Robert Foster, Lizzie Eelier and Chick Daly. 
president, and it was decided to hold the Business was exceptionally good lust season, 
next big hnnmiet at Saskatoon, Sank., during Special scenery will be carried for each act, 

in the grass in Australia and carrying on a 
conversation with some bird. It was sure 
a bird of a story. Ben swears it Is true, 
but a great many attribute the story to the 
brand of wet goods that they sell in that 
particular part of Australia. 
Dr. George Fay told a number of his ex- 

ficrlenccs at tbe small fairs In British Co- 
umbla. John L. O'Connor (Uncle Johnny) 
told of some towns In California that, after 
lie bad paid for his "Reader," they charged 
him $10 extra for a medical examination. 

George Cohen, the little Russian prince, 
told a number of Jew stories, which were 
very appropriate for the occasion. Baser 
Illli-v tried to recite "The Knocker," bnt fell 
down, but he has promised to bave it letter 
perfect lor the doings next year. 

A number of performers from tbe Patter- 
ton Shows entertained during the evening, 
and their efforts were highly appreciated. 

Telegrams of good wishes were read from 
H. It. Goodrich, Ben Cochrane, Win. StokeB 
and Willie Green. 

tho fair of 1814. 

The party broke up at half-past three, 
after singing "The Star Spangled Banner" 
and "God Savo the King." Everybody pro- 
nounced It a grand success, and all will loos 
forward to tho next Big Itlnacaboo. 

with a cracking good cast to back this up. 
Maude Lascbllk, formerly Maude Hood, 
of the Hood Sisters (011a and Maude), 
writes: "I enjoyed the pleasure of visiting 
my parents, sister and son, at Sharon, 
Mass., lost month. Sorry to find my sister 
(Olla Hood Hols ton) in a serious condition 
after her second operation, but Improving, 


The news hnt been confirmed that a eyndl. •H r 9ff%tS&. 1 <BLi 

rate of capitalists, headed by President John 
II. Myers, of the Seashore Amusement Com- 
pany, which controls tbe Tri-Stato Baseball 
League, are negotiating with tbe present les- 
sees of Young's Old Pier, at Tennessee Ave- 
nue and the Boardwalk, Atlantic City, N. J., 
for taking over tbe property and erecting an 
Immense "sporting pier. 

Wmu: playing Pittsburgh, Pa., week of 
July 28, announcement was made of tbe en- 
gagement of Doc. Mulford to Marie Connoly, 
Both of which are with tbe Flying Floyds 
casting act. The wedding will take place at 
the home of tbe bride in Cblcago, HI., on 
Sunday, Nov, 16. 

Tho Doblado and his sheep act is engaged 

™ i.r, rxn ,ha VLI*4K Hn\.' Alrmlf In An. 

Sn» ollVe" «SW for a structure ♦•open oathejjlrth Bros circuit in An- 

that will bo given over entirely to popular 
sports, and no other amusements. 

atralla, commencing in November, for a 
year's tour. 

in length, and coating fully one million 

A striking and novel feature of the pro- 
posed pier will be a complete diamond and a 
complete gridiron for tbe playing of regula- 
tion baseball and football games. This "field 
over the ocean" will be constructed at the 
extreme end of tbe pier within an Immense 
stadium, four hundred feet square. The field 


Cv, Hbchbbt, singing comedian, will re- 
sume his vaudeville engagements week of 18. 

TOM Watbib Will leave for San Francisco 
In a few weekB, to join the Gaycty Theatre 

Sam Mann arrived la New York, from 
London, England, after a successful trip. 
8am has been engaged abroad at a large 

From the stadium to the Boardwalk it is moon :" 

planned to have a variety of attractive rooms 
ami the like. From one end to tho other the 
new pier will be a sporting haven. 

A nominal admission feo will be charged. 
It is Mr. Myers' opinion that sports liavo not 
been patronized tuo way they should in At- 
lantic City simply because most of the games 
arc played nt the Inlet, which is too far re- 
moved from the centre of population. He 
believes that football, baseball and other 
sporting attractions at Tennessee Avenue ODd 
tbe Boardwalk would bo a bonanza, 
a i - 





CnicAoo, Monday. Aug. 4. 

Tbe Gentry Bros, have concluded their Brat 
week on Cblcago lots and, as predicted In this de- 
partment of the Nxw York Clifpcb, business baa 
been of a top notch variety. 

Opening on the lot at tbe corner of No. Clark 
and Leland Avenues, Monday, July 28, tbe mati- 
nee waa Immense, while at night fully twenty- 
five hundred people were unable to rain admit- 
tance, the big top being filled to overflowing long 
before 8 o'clock. 

General Agent Ben Austin has evidenced aplen- 

.i lud a i dream waiting lor mm, tx 

high this season, which Increased, the capacity ox NjrB . joint Clucks agent knows. 


(ax ion ixsns,) 

All are happy and doing welL The Wisconsin 
basinets for tbe Bit-Bloc Bang ha* been Mr, play- 
tag Wasnaea for Its first visit, to two packed per- 
formance*. At Neman, tbe 101 will make 101 
miles into the Schllti City. 

Zach T. Miller sails Sept. 1 for Germany. Ther» 
1b talk around here of working all Winter, whether 
abroad or at home, as yet has not been anally 

Joseph Lewis, Ylddlsher cowboy clown, spent 
a happy day at Battle Creek, Mlrh., with bin 
wife, Mrs. Lewis, alao his companion, Ed. Nel- 
son, of Jackson. Joe Lewis will Winter in Al- 
ula, Mich. 

Stewart, tbe staff tent waiter, decorated bis 
taWe to tbe best of Aster dishes. He claims to 
be a Hector white coat. 

Cheater Byers longs for Revere Beach. There 
i» a dream waiting for Mm, believe me. Tub 

the bl? top over that of previous seasons. ^^ The cowboys of the 101 Show all received 

Brothers Wells and Weaver keep the ""•!" l00 T flock of new Stetsons. Ob, yea high crusher, 

performance In constant motion, said perform- j_ new g^g j 8 now |„ toe , display of the show, 

ance being a well assembled potpourri of anauc ^^ Beton, „f the Denteber Wedding, cowboys 

divert l wmen tn in which dogs, ponies^ moaafy"; knock opera bats off one another's bead, the last 

roots, elephants, camels and moles are skilfully 
preeenteil. There are some novel acrobatic mnn- 
bera. Art. Daooma puts on bis We aerial act, 
wfclch goes big. Tbe elephant act Is a xeatore 
very mnch enjoyed. The huge beasts are toteUl- 
eent performers and handled in a masterly man- 
splendld preliminary band concert Is 

one remaining with bat on is the winner — It's 
to see cowboys with those high Ibis, Im- 

ported from Germany, and invented by our notable 
Blllie Cbrke, the Mew York vaudeville booking 
Tub Nbw Yobk CLimni wants all firmly to 

did Judgment in the selection of bii lot locations, Bcr. A splendid preliminary J* n f'f°™ e " J? realise that this paper Is the oldest and newsiest 
and playing a different lot every day seems to be vrartbyjC notice, and the mnateal program xor uu» jg^,^ jn America. No rain checks laaued and 
tbe proper caper. 

It keeps Austin busy in look- 
lag after the details, but Ben Is a fiend for work, 
and glories to getting results. Beverly White Is 
doing some great press work. 

The Gentry Bros, have always put up a good 
show. Tbia season's offering ia exceptionally at- 
tractive and complete. Catering to* ladles and 
children, which naturally means t > the daddies 
as. well, the Gentries have established an un- 
assailable reputation for cleanliness and high 
(lass entertainment. Tbe blues are fourteen tiers 

big show Is a well selected one. 

The Gentry Bros, will play la and oo* «*pan> 
eago for some week to come. Cblcago Is hongry 
for their form of entertainment. ^^ 

Among thoso who graced the taaugaral last 
Monday night, were: Fred. Sargent, Geo H. 
Degnon, Arthur Davis, Walter 8". Driver, BJdw. 
j>. Neumann Jr., W. W. Cochrane, Tom W. Anea, 
Harry S. Noyea. E. C. Talbott, and the Western 
representative of Tni Nrw Yoaa: Ouitib. 

WAJOunr A. Rirmcmr. 




TAot Energette Fellow. 


auo c ac r a are not admitted. 

Beatrice Brosseau, oo her high school horse, 
Is the cynosure of lU ejtt and a model for neat- 

Warren Patrick looked us over at Vond da 
Lee, and was very touch impressed with the 
Besi Wild West 

Hank Darnell Is ssanmrng one of those Eva 
Tancnay "I Don't Care" attitudes for the past 
tew days. "How come. Hank?" 

If Doc. Webb receives all tbe Mesamcs be- 
stowed on him by 0. B. 0. L. and T. K-. he has 
the golden gates cinched. 

Those Buster Girls In tbe concert, with tbe 
sonny disposition, have a very neat act and are 
always well received. 

Dan DIx, that funny scamp with the mule, has 
the first day of each month stamped deep in hla 
cranium. Is there a reason? Chess ! 

The man that whistles with the band has a 


Week Endino Aug. 2. 

WelL folks 1 We are anally waking up, uot much peculiar method ol accumulating diamonds, 

sports around here this Summer until now. Last F. p. Morency and wife, formerly of lbs 

Saturday Ernie Cornalla and Phil. Eddy bad a Ferarrt Shows, joined us recently. Mrs. Morency, 

five-round boot Phil, won the decision on points, known among the profession as "Thelmo," is an 

Before tbe bout a great many thought Ernie added attraction to the aide show. Mr. Morency, 

would finish Phil, before the fourth round, bat en the front of tbe show. Is a most Impressive 

Phil, held his own, and as far as 1 could see, the talker, 

PlIODfrXTILL.1, Pa., Aug. 3. 

Last week the sbow experimented on a new 

venture that has been talked of for several years, , 

making it the big 25 cent feature attraction, of mit ^ b wag aD00t a araw. They both started in Say, Barney, bow came yon to present the 

this country. The Idea was put into practice fast arld furious, but about tbe third round both wrong package. Or were yon carrying a package! 

twice last week, at Wllkes-Barre and Alleotown, h wero u \ >oa i p i a yed out, and It wouldn't have Ourly Flattery Joined at Neenab. 

with the result that the price is back to 60 cents , l m mncn to haTe pnt either one of them out. Rocky Mountain Hank, "Tbe Silent" and plc- 

to stay. Wllkes-Barre and Altentown. were two ,, waa a E00(1 ^^^ an< i we were all oat to see toresque, threatened to sing at Galie's Cabaret the 

representative towns to experiment on, both^ have lt ag Jt took p] lce in tbo big top, between shows, other evening, thereby causing much bavoc among 

After the fight all yoa could bear wis prlxe fight 

excellent reputations for patronising tbe tented 
attractions, and with tbe attendance hardly up 
to the average, tbe management concluded that 
a reduced price show rather savors of cheapness 
and has a very visible effect on the volume of 
business. , 

When approached on the matter of his 
offer to Col. Cody, Mr. Seaver ssld, "It is true 
that I have written Col. Cody, making him a 
proposition on the basis of $1,000 per week and 
a percentage. As I bave not yet received n reply 
I am nnable to stste whether or not tbe deal 
will bo consummated." 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Butler (Anule Oakley) and 
niece. Fern Campbell, were entertained at Cor- 
bondale, Pa., at the residence of J. W. Spencer. 
Mr. Spencer Is president of the Oarbondale Na- 
tional Bank, of that city, and owns a Winter 
borne at Leesborg, Fla., adjoining tbe Butler 
estate there. 

At Oarbondale I bad the pleasure of meeting 

and by the looks of things 1 think we are going 
to have a nnmber of bouts. 

John Gulran and Frank Ardell are go Ing to 

bave a wrestling match next Saturdsy. Will tell 

■~™„.~t you all about It next week. 1 think It wlU be 

tnmot ™ some match. . _ . 

Our baseball team was defeated again In Grand 

Rnplds. Some one told the Grand Rapids team 

that we had a wonderful team, so they picked a 

team from their six best teams in town, and, of 

course, beat our boys eight to two. But never 

mind, boys, I am sore you will win the boouy 

those present. 

Hot cakes and coffee and cream on de aide. 
What two bits? Ouily gee, Cull! "Comoro 

Have you noticed those chapeaus the cowboys 
dolled up with? Ncne but tbe best for tbe best 

Cbanoy Burnell gave a farewell party at Nee- 
nab, Wis., as be Is abont to embark on a business 
venture that be knows from A to Z. After In- 
viting all tbe Mulligan Guards to a Dutch lunch, 
they reciprocated by presenting him with a beau- 
tiful twenty-one piece combination toilet 

prlxe if you will only practice up s little. manicure set. To say Chappy was surprised 

" Everyone spent a pleasant Sunday in Grand wonM ^ pnttln Jt ^, M Verily, 'tis sid to 
Rapids. .*>erytblng_open„bnc the pin ees^wbere relate, but _such Is .our fate; be has slipped us 

they kept the foaming lager. The Elks have a 
beautiful home here, but it was cloned up as 
tight as a drum oo Sunday, so the Elks with the 
sbow that were planning on having a good time 
little disappointed. But 

tbe gate, leaving behind bis good old'pards; 
(one Is the fashion plate of tbe Mulligan Guards. 
Guy Robinson hobbled on the lot at De Kalh, 
and dropped anchor at Bert Earle's. After ful- 

At uarnonoaie i nau rne pursaure ui "f^"'K „. , h< . home W p re a little disappointed. Hue flmn^ thi-want. rf ihi, im»r mn >— .. V«i,i. 1. 1 

«£FmwLH3S|5Xffl Ms^SiiSS^s **39EUer m r'"r~ m 

performance and spoke very highly rf .^show. SJ^/g* ^^ aM T^y i» jure busy entertaining 

Tbe first really bed accident of tbe season hap- 
pened at Wllkes-Barre. Bert. Sinclair, assistant 
loss chandelier men, was boned while making 
acme adjustment on one of our arena lights. His 
entire left arm and right band were peeled of 
the skin, which, while not necessarily serious, ho 

Nicola Lombardo will steer shy of all shooting 

Part's borne and Tony is sure bosy entertaining gnlierlee in the futnre. ■ 

telatlovis and friends. - Prof. Ls Booea baa gotta my numb, he claims, 

Mrs. Lou. Sunup was also outto the sbow, ^jh that new Irish piece he has teen bmnmlng 
and outside of being a "«* «* al * r 1 Jg Jejg _, Harry Fink built a new addition to the million- 
tbe same as ever. She is going to play parks ,!„■„ C0IT corner, an original lofty erabera 

vmsf***—* SOKBwfn tsssasssn^ 

as many deer, and some of the larger specimens. 
Jos. II. Hart, formerly manager of the Buffalo 
BUI Show, when that attractIon_was In .Europe, fj-,,",,-,- ^j".;, thewi, the aodience sat spell- 

arcund Michigan, and the eopl eveninga. won- trjoee baI 7 S ot 0re , t flw d(m a fl =g_ ag 
gan was certainly a great State for the t show ^ this c^ „„. MW ,^ h , nd oMtertal, boysTanrlng 

was the gaeat of Mr. and Mrs. Butler, at Allen 

Early yesterday morning when we came on tbe 
lot at Pottatown, one of the first sights to greet 
us was the smiling face of Pete Rosar, ono of 
the real old-timers and head of the Musical 
Rcsars, playing this week at Sanatoga Park, 
near there. He said everything was lovely, and 
I knew It beforehand. There Is a man wbo never 
failed to moke good. 

One of tbe boys "with it" ls Just five dollars 
better off since he left Allentown. as a result of 
a difference of opinion with a local cbnracter. 
on the Identity of Annlo Oakley. He thought we 
advertised something we did not have, and It cost 
bim five to learn how truthful our psper Is. 

This season, as rcunl. the first man on the lot 
In the morning and tbo last to leave It at night 
Is Geo. Applebaus, lot superintendent. George is 
probably the oldest circus ticket seller in tho 
country, and one of tbe most valuable of men. 
It was erroneously stated In this column 
week that BUI Forbes was lot soperlnteni 
This ls sn error on my part, as I am reliably 
formed that BUI is still working on canvas under 
Pst Murphy. 

The "11 Straw Hat Club," an organUatlou 
which springs np tbe latter part of July, and 
dies late la September, has quite a flourishing 
membership on the Young Buffalo Sbows. Some 
of the boys got In on the charter for ninety-eight 


"Friday morning 1 got shaved In Doe. Flsther's 
barber shop, which was temporarily pitched under 
a tree. Before be was through with me It started 
to rain, and taking off my remaining whiskers 
with three or four wfld swipes of the raxor, be 
collected a dime and said tbe Job waa done. Do 
yon think I have all I was entitled to?" 

o. w. w. 

If yon get all yon are entitled to from blm 

bound, '1 think it has been rightly named the 
Hooder State. 

Deacon Smith, the old reliable property nun, 
from the Barnura Show, Is over here, and Is as- 
riFtnnt boss. He is sure a big help to Blackle 

Uncle Ben Wallace paid us a visit in Elkhart, 
and he certainly does look good; gained ten 
pounds since be left tbe show, which goes to sbow 
that the simple life sgrees with onr old boss. 
Everyone was sure glsd to see him, 'and wo were 
in, hopes be would stay with ns awhile, but be 
says be has got a hundred men working for blm 
on tbe farms, and paying them five dollars a day, 
so had to get back and boss tbe Job, but 1b com- 
ing back and pay us a longer visit later oo. 

Yesterday we were near to a river, and as It 
was about one of the hottest 
we all went in swimming, 

(Continued on page *J). 

Th» company wblcn will support Fannie 
Ward in "Madatne President," will include: 
Pattle Brown, lone Bright, Belle Daobe, 
ueorge Glddens, John Dean Jack Devereaux 
and J. J. Horwlts. 

Thbodobb Robbets haB signed with Wro. 
A. Brady, to play the role of Buck Ramman. 
a Colorado sheriff, in "Believe Me, Xantippe." 

"BiTA's Romancb," a musical play, by 
Leo DltrlehBteln, with lyrics by Benlamm 
Hapgood, and music by Silvio Heln, will bo 
produced next month by Oliver Morosco, at 
th &. § u , rbnn & .Theatre. Los Angeles, Cal„ 
it days of tbe season with Seima Paley In the leading role 

&JHhL &. £s «DHa?^*a ? av « ?. .»?* tWre to . 

the elephants and camels enjoyed it as they sure $200,000. 


it before going to play their psrk and fair dates, j- 3tx * Cowi, arrived from Europe Ang. 8. 

It looks as tbongh farming agrees with them as 5"?. sPjnt her vacation motoring through 

they all look fat and sassy. Switzerland, France and England. 

Elizabeth Thompson has Joined the Nettle Car- Tub Palace, New York, will open Sept 1. 

roll Troupe and Is practicing bard every day on "HANKT Pankv" will open tbe Grand 

tbe wire. Bettle is sure going to be some little Opera House, New York, 18. 

wire walker, as she has plenty of nerve and Gbobob Tsleb has engaged Arnold Daly 

ambition, and Is a general favorite with everybody, to play the lead in "Gen. Sir John Iteran » 

nit 9 SaVa sfSW»? F^ee '^VSl^^sSSl 
15K3ftaS? « ™ ■*« to »"• — went^ntn^elra^^tb^w'eer 4 Wat 
NoVmuchnews M c^tatl«toUmK«t.rsA Good B*&»lJ^S^Sm m Blsa Ryan, 
bye. fellows. Ml ' 8 *JI«°. J^'J* 1 , 1 * ^. Percy Standing, 

s J* 8 !* Bnrtank, Louis Bdgirdc, Henry Stan- 

ford and Percy Denton. 
Thomas Dixon's play, "Sins of tbe 
began rehearsals this week. The 

Blanche) Gordon, tbe girl wbo pats over a 
coon song, Is now demonstrating rag ditties 
for a New York music publisher. 


after a forty-tlve weeks' engagement with tbe 
Peruchl-Uypzeno Stock Co. at New Orleans 
and Tnnrpa, ore spending the Summer at 
rasB-a-Grllle, Kin. . They are re-engaged by 
Manngcr Peruclil for next season. 

Nil its from the Harrison Associate Play- 
ers (Chas. Harrison, proprietor). — Wo havo 
been playing the Quebec, Canadian towns, to 
standing room only, and bave made three 
returns to Cookshlrc. Quebec, within three 
weeks without any falling off In business. 
The nmijmny includes : Gladys Moffat, prima 


One of the latest province* wherein electricity Father," _ 

you will have to use a ball book and boiler furnishes light at nlgbt la under tbe Wf canvases principals include r Mrs. Charles fl Crnle 

J 'Whoa I" of the great modern circus, a veritable dry that William Balfour, J. W CovJell^rniae CoS 

"There were some empty staterooms and berths is always on tbe move, and moat therefore be Mil June Houston mil Pari v„«iinkf r 
on the passenger coaches from Allentown to Potts- completely self-contained and portable. Open (Vpilia Lon-rnH wh« fe »« vS.7. villa* in 

town, Thursday nljtht, can yon furnlBh names of Uame gasolene torches or gas lamps have lighted ^wE!r \!S£!g-* m J*-~ a«g jWa WW J» 

the missing parties 1" J. F. circuses for many years, but this season two ot „„„.,„ %SS^SSSS&JF^f%JSSl D » K 

Yes, there were two engine cob passengers on tbe largest tent sbowa in tbe world. Baminn & 7°"* J n J "■ Vroaoettoa of "Othello, sailed 

tho Bat car sectloo of that run. WlU advise Bailey and Bingling Bros., are equipped wltb SBtA. «B ,*"£, Olmpto, for England to con- 

names under separate cover. their own powcr^ pleats .for lighting the big top Ier ^™JJ _iH£ , J _ a 7 c,an *: D ?* 

Spectacular circus acta, sensational air- . 
ship flights night and day. popular baud con- donna: Charles Harrison, singing comedian; 
certs every afternoon and evening, and Arc- Lawrence Jenkins, character comedian ; 
works every Thursday nlgbt are Includca Frank Im Prayne, leading characters : P. Og- 
atnong the ifree 'features presented at Schonck den C arll. romantic leads; Kathryn Thay- 
er, juveniles and bcnvles; Jack Mellenry, 
neavles: Mrs. W. J. Mycr, characters and 
rand dames: AI. Wilson, characters: Harold 
ileson. musical director. Vaudeville fea- 
tures ; Al. Wilson, ventriloquist ; operatic 
vocal selections by Gladys Moffat; Lawrence 

Brothers' Greater Paltsnacs Amusement Park, 
that great, glorious, glittering garden of 
gaiety perched on top o£ the historic Pall- grand dames ; Al. Wii R on, characters • Harold *$?>. ■** °» 

(As a role, anonymous communications are sot 
answered; for obvious reasons, this Is on excep- 

Is it customary for L. I. M. to tssue transporta- 
tion when he settles bis accounts! 


Not always. 


Raxor strops snd hair brushes are gndoally 
displacing tbe old fashioned alarm clocks as a 
means of awakening ia the morning. <They com. 
nletely do sway with thst Jarring on the nerves 
that tho ringing of a bell frequently causes. 
Willis Attebery has the exclusive on the sbow. 

Full particulars ot our new "talkies" next 
week. The first reel will be a minstrel perform- 
ance, taken Friday night 


and smaller tents by electricity. 

Tbe Bamem A Bailey Sbows have re-engaged 
Jim. H. Rutherford, the producing clown, for tho 
season of 191*. He will produce several now 
big clown entree*. Rutherford Is abont tbe busiest 
elown in the tented field. At present be Is sup- 
plying the Setls-rioto Shows with three big 
mfrret, has ono with tbe Hagenbeck-Wallacc 

aades overlooking the Hudson River, 
addition there is an impressive array of In- 
vigorating riding devices and almost innu- 

The Powers' elephants, playing at the Nixon, 
„ ttantio City, on Aug. 1, frightened a horse, 
which dashed up tbo Incline from Deaware Ave- 

merablo other attractions to entertain the Jenkins, character Impersonations and mlml- 

tbrongs at this big natural park which has ery ; colno d, sketches, by Harrison and Mof- 

come to be known as the 'luring land of fatt. Company's route Includes : New Bnins- 

laugbter." Especially popular is the mam- w iek, Nova Scotia, Prince Kdwsrd Island, 

moth natatorium, tbe biggest swimming pool r a pe Breton and Quebec. Robert PUnn Is 


In the world, where aquatic events are held 
every Wednesday and Saturday, and where 
bathers are always in evidence from enrly In 
tbo day until late nt night, for "moonlight" 
bntlitnrr Is a feature of the miniature Inland 
ocean that even the tea Itself cannot equal 

business manager and advance representative. 
Janb left New York on La 

Vrnvcttoe, for a two weeks' rest, after a Ion 
sJoronto season, and will again play Cnl 
jjhtirnla, In the all star east of "Julius 

•oronto season, and will again 
phurulft, In the all star cast .. 
Ctcsur," With t'avershnm this season. 


rroe, and crashed Into a roller chair, in which 
was seated Adam Porepaogb Jr., of Philadelphia. 
Forepangb, who ls sn invalid, was flung Into tbe 
air and landed on tbe walk In a shower of 
broken glass. Many people rushed to his aid. 
and when be bad recovered from the shock, he 
was taken to bis hotel. 
I s 

Rkd ban*:, N. 7., will have two shows this 
week. Young Buffalo 8, and Big. Santelle 0. The 
Frank A Bobbins Show did well Ang, 1. 

Thjb principal members of "The Whip" 
wiriarive here next week on tbe Oceanic, to 
■tart rehearsals. 

John Drbw and company began rehearsals 
Aug. 4, at the Empire Theatre, for "Much 
Ado About Nothing. fi 

. TSS lMDIAN Plasms will close their run 
in "Hiawatha," at Pleldston, Saturday, Aug. 
9, and leave for their reservation. 
. Leona Rijssbia, daughter of Ada Dwyer, 
Show, and two with tbe Barnum Show, and Is haB been engaged to play Taxnatl. in "Joseph 
alw booking his vaudeville act for the Wlute» and Hia Brethren." 

I. Francis Doourr anij Corinnb Aavljis 
Will be one of the features at Proctor's Fifth 
Avenue Theatre week of Aug 11. 

LnsBMra & Co. are now installed in their 
new offices at 481 Fourth Avenue. 

Tits aforris Rose Amusement Co. has been 
formed by Sam W. Rosenthal, Albert N. 
Gates and Morris Rose. 

Justicb Gtjt gave a Judgment In default 
against Evelyn Nesbttt Thaw in favor of 
Lonise ft Co., for gowns. 


A serious blow-down occurred Ang. 1, on tbe 
chicken farm ot Harry La Pearl, in Jamaica. 
His 11x14 test was knocked down, and It re- 
quired some quick stake driving on the part of 
Harry to save tbe canvas. The chicken run con- 
tains several line breed of fowl, Including: Ply- 
mouth Rocks, Rhode Islands, and Brahmins, bens 
and roosters, also duck and geese in profusion. 



W.ED P. NKUMANN, Jr., Prea. WALTBR P. DRIVER, Vioe-Pres. h Trees. EDW. R. L1TZIN0BR, Bec'J 
UU-«4-SoO and HH North Desplmlnes Street, CHICAGO, ILL., V. 8. A. 

8IDE 8HOW AND I ^.^P5 B H WB ? n -*. lle 5« o . tB ?. w ?r , ^ B ¥^ Wort 

Waui Hawks, who has been liT tor eorernJ CARNIV&I RANNCDC 
weeks, will go to Dot Springs, Vs., for a long VHIiniTAL BANnEffo 


Finest Equipped Studio In ins United Stales 

We an in a position to execute orders Immediately 

and to *usm«tee delivery on time 



August » 




(0L8 MCCUNB, Man.) 
A prcRrnm of unusual excellence Is being 
presented hero this week, and was viewed 
by the largest audience that has attended 
tufB thentre diirlnr; the Summer. 

Bud Fisher, with an entirely new reper- 
toire of pictures, made his usual good Im- 
Tresslon. He works from the orchestra pit 
now and uses a calcium light to throw 
bis drawings on a screen on the stage. 

Beautiful and fascinating Belle Adair, 
with a budget of English and American 
songs, combined with her captivating per- 
sonality, was one of the hits of the bill. 
This young lady opens with an English song 
that was well liked by the audience, and fol- 
lows with another of the same order. Sho 
really doesn't begin to make her hit with the 
_-_._ ,,_. ,, _ — crowd until she rendered "Peg of My Heart." 

PROCTOR S TWERTY-THIRD ST. At lt8 conclusion "^ wan rewarded with 
IftWrtvaw aestwwai »«u*w v.. anny encorea . For a finish she gare a reci- 
tation song and again proved her originality. 
Cone Fsyton, assisted by Mlna Phillips 
and company, were seen for the first time 
with a vew skit, entitled "The Wife Tamer." 
(See New Acts). 

Prince Floro, one of the most educated 
Elmlans that ever appeared on the vaude- 
ville stage, performed tricks and rode a blcy- 
illd f 


ASTOR. — "Quo VadlaT* la motion picture*, 

sixteenth week. 
GOBT. — Laurette Taylor, in "Peg o* My 

Heart," thirty-mini week. 

"Within the Law," forty-ninth week. 

ROOF GARDEN. — "All Aboard," 

tenth week. 
IA'RIC. — Captain Scott a South Pole motion 

pictures, last week. 
NHW AMSTERDAM.— Zlegf eld's Follies 

eighth week. 
WINTKB GARDEN. — "The Passing Show of 

1913," third week. 
■ s 


Having a recognised headllner here for 
the entire week of July 28. In Walter U 
Wale and his company, satisfied the patrons 
of (tils house after seeing Mr. Wale's presen- 
tation of "At the Tbrcshhold" the first half 
that they wished very much to see "His Big 
Brother put on for the latter four days of 
the week. Mr. Wale (as we found him here) 
is undoubtedly one of the real artiste on the 
vaudeville stage to-day. His characterisa- 
tion of the burglar who .made a "man of 
promise" see the wrong In himself by forcing 
Ills attentions upon "an old man's darling 
wife, in "At the Tliresbhold," suffers not one 
whit by comparison to this same actor's per- 
formanse of "the big brother," who refuses 
to allow bis romantic brother to uarry a 
woman whom he himself believes to be an 
Illegitimate offspring of his own. until a let- 
ter came explaining that he was mistaken. 
And big Jim gave them his Messing, while 
pot a few peepers out front were squealing 
out a few "salty ones." ._„.__ . , 

To return to the first naif ot the week's 

Bob Stone, black face comedian, did very 

welt with his good delivery ot a bright line 
of fun chatter and sang his numbers to 
like results. . 

The Menards, band to band and head to 
head balancers, as well as the boy (In female 
garb) •doing a clever bit atop of a pole 
balanced by the woman, were the main thrill- 
ers of the evening. 

Dertlno and his dogs Is a clever canine 
act The best work Is done while Mr. Bar- 
tins balances himself on a slack wire, the 
dogs going tbrougti a course of stunts that 
were thoroughly appreciated by the audience. 

Ifrber and Wnitcliff, William Edmonds and 
company, In "Help wanted," and Rose Lee. 
singing comedienne, are all reviewed under 
New Acts. In this Issue. 

Besides the change of act presented by 
Walter Wale and company, for the new bill 
on Thursday. 31, Hayes and Wynne, a sing- 
ing and rapid fire dancing couple, copped the 
next big piece ot applause, along with Ward 
and Delmar. The scrap was a draw. 

Hayes and Wynne opened with a song, to 
work Into the feature of their being salary 
collectors. Mile-a-minutc wooden shoeing is 
their main specialty, and besides being 
worthy of that speed stuff each possesses 
o stage personality that is seldom found in 
such acts. 

Ward and Delmar, one working « tough 
guy expressman and the other straight, tee 
latter first In gray suit and straw hat. and 
then to evening dress, present one of the 
funniest slang, comedy and singing acts that 
has struck this particular neighborhood in 
many weeks. The express gink with the 
granulated eye handles that character very 
well and, although neither claim being great 
singers, they warble well enough to keep up 
with the rest of their material and to con- 
tinue tearing open Proctor pay envelopes 
twice a week tor future dates. 

Art Adair followed soon after the rube 
character U the "Fan In the Woods" act 
of Florence Horst and company, but besides 
presenting a real tunny different rural char- 
acter, Adair gets a proper share of comedy 
out of one or t>wo of the musical Instruments 
he plays on, first on a peculiar looking article 
that turned! out to be a snare drum, then a 
clarinet, and finished with a cornet, playing 
lt head to lead anon a dummy figure. They 
liked Art, but not quite as much as he de- 
served for his hit. probably because there 
was a rube ahead of him on the bill. 

Dunbar's goats are worthy of a few words 
of praise for what they do accomplish. 
There's nothing sensational about the ani- 
mals* stunts, but they do enough to get by, 
and with fresh, paraphernalia the act would 
behold a better appearance. 

Billed as Sully and Laursen, these tum- 
blers offered their funny acrobatic act to a 
bunch of good laughs, and nothing was miss- 
ing in the applause for their attempts to pull 
new springs and twists. 

Florence Horst and her company of two 
males presented "Fun In the woods" to a 
rainy finish that drew a big hand. (See New 
Acts.) Tod. 



Ward and West, two young women, opened 
the bill at this house the first half of this 
week. They offer a straight singing turn, 
but both of the girls work very stiff. Their 
singing of "Honeymoon .Express" Is the only 
number that they showed any life. They got 
by nicely. 

Charles De- Land and company, a three 
people sketch, did very well. 

Ed. Keeley takes credit for discovering 
Enrico, an Italian singer and violinist. With 
a little more self-reliance folks wilt bear 
more of this clever act. He "cleaned up" on 
this bUI. 

"A Day In Court," a tabloid musical com- 
edy, with eleven people, did some good work. 
The Irish judge did very well, and is de- 
serving ot special mention. 

Fletcher, Ltbby and McCabe, two men and 
a woman, do a very good talking and sing- 
ing act, and certainly pleased all present. 

JtoneB and Brown, man and woman. In a 
high class singing, pleased immensely. 


Canine fW. L, Rowland, 'mgr.) —"The 
Purple Bead" closed its engagement here 
Saturday evening, Aug. 2. _ . 

Longaox-e (H. u, Frasce, mgr.) — This 
house wilt re-open Monday evening, Aug. 11, 
with "The Silver Weddine," a new comedy, 
with Thomas A. Wise In the lead. 

Fnlton (Henry B. Harris" Estate, mars.) 
—On Monday evening, Aug. 11, Richard Ben- 
nett will resume bis engagement at this 
house In "Damaged Goods/' 

Maxine Blllott'a (Geo. J. Appleton, mgr.) 
— "The Oentleman from No. 10, announced 
to be produced at this house Monday evening, 
Aug. 4, was indefinitely postponed. 

Academy ot Mnsie (Robert E. Irwin, 
mgr.)— "The Two Orphans" is the offering 
or the Academy Company this week, Ethel 
Clifton, the new leading woman, played Hen- 
rietta, and Angela McCaull was Louise. John 
J. ■Carroll played Jacques. Next week, "Zlra." 

Million Square Ttoof Garden, — Dan- 
cing In the moonlight Is as popular as ever. 
The cabaret for this week includes: Edith 
'Barton, a ballad singer; Stella Ford, so- 

Srano; Myrtle Roland, character singer; 
[able Bentley and Grace Hall, Bello Daniels, 
a coon sttouter from Alabama ; Clark Lincoln. 
American tenor, and others. Monday and 
Friday nights are devoted to amateur per- 
formances after the regular bill. 
Broadway. — Motion pictures. 

cle that woulld do credit to a human being. 

Irwin and Herzog, put on the bill at the 
last moment, cave a singing sieckilty that 
earned them tremendous applause. Both ap- 
pear !n evening dress, and make a fine ap- 
pearance. Their voices blend finely together, 
and the Bevcral songs they render stamped 
them finished artists. 

La France and McNabb, black face comics, 
had little cause for complaint at the cordial 
reception given them. They put over a 
line of talk that kept the audience in a roar 
of laughter each minute they were on the 

Cole and Denahy, Coast favorites. In the 
latest terpslchorean creations, made their 
first appearance in New York. (See New 

"Three Elds from School," composed of 
two young men and a young girl, was easily 
one ot the cleverest acts of the entire bill. 
All three are excellent dancers and singers, 
and know how to ntlllzo their feet and voices 
to good advantage. 

Casteltne, the funny man on wheels, per- 
formed tricks on the bicycle that had the 
audience gasping for breath. The opening 
position was no handicap for him, as he 
took three bows at the conclusion ot his 
good work. 

The Great Tornadoes, featuring Mabel 
Tornado, presented their sterling acrobatic 
performance, and were big favorites, jack. 


(■. BLOCH. MOl.) 

A good bill entertained Aug. 1. when the 
cool evening brought a good siscd house. 
Karlton and Kllfford, In regulation artists' 

fet-op, painted landscapes and sea-views on 
ranspareactes with good results. 

John Zlmmer, the adept at Juggling things, 
was an added attraction, and held attention 
with marvelous work with four, five and 
six balls, especially In the "bounce" act. 
Hats, cigars, handkerchiefs, etc., all found 
ready handling from the master juggler. 

Mary Keogfa, looking like a little nine 
year old, sang "What's the Use of Being 
Good," la regular kid style, also "I Didn't 
Miss Anything," and told a number ot juve- 
nile comics with good effect. 

Frank Brothers opened in fancy plantation 
suits with a dance full of lively steps and 
original movements. A grotesque number 
had many quaint manoeuvres, and their 
straight clog finish earned them several en- 
cores and bows, and they left, well liked. 

The Three Emersons, In acrobatics, with a 
Turkish, bath setting, performed their won- 
derful leaps, head, hand and foot balances to 
the head by springboard and the leaping 
board way. The comedian made good in 
comedy as well as In acrobatics. Xbe strength 
and skill of the trio are exceptional. 

Then came Murray Bennett, walking on 
unconcernedly In street dress. Before he was 
on a minute he was well liked, and during 
his second song and with his stories he made 
himself a riot. "Where Did i'ou Get That 
Glrlr" was well sung and acted. "When 
Ylddle with fits Fiddle Leads the Cabaret" 
was thoroughly characteristic. Then the 
jokes, one better than the other, and finally 
"Pick, Pick on Your Mandolin" to a great 

Budd and Clare's was a funny comedy mu- 
sical act The Eton boy played the straight, 
and the comedian, with a funny moustache, 
apparently growing from his nostrils, and 
a tailless coat, had more than plenty of com- 
edy hits. The concertina duets, a solo on 
a one-string fiddle, and other musical offer- 
ings were well liked. Their finish, with the 
comedian as a prima donna and dancer, and 
the gent hi full dress, made more laughs. 

Dick Bernard and company presented their 
sketch, 'The Animal Staffer." with Ber- 
nard's well known tactics In German, ming- 
ling his language in pathos and comedy, with 
a cranky rival in business and an at- 
tractive daughter in love with his rival's 
ton, a funny pinochle game and a final recon- 
ciliation, it proved to be well worth while. 

The pictures were an Interesting assort- 
ment. UilL 


(E. F. BOGEU3, uaii.) 

New acts are again well to the fore here, 
this week's program having no less than five, 
with one of the new acta in the position ot 
the bill's headllner. 

(Seymour Brown, the well known composer 
of popular songs. Is the favored one. and, 
at the head of his own company of eighteen, 
presented on. Monday a musical offering ot 
his own composition, entitled "The Bachelor 
Dinner." See New Acts. 

Walter C, Percival and company also hold 
an important program position in a new dra- 
matic playlet, entitled "The Choice." See 
New Acts* 

Other acts on this week's bill which are 
new here are : Hermann and Shirley, in "The 
Mysterious Masquerader ;" the Aatalres, 
singers and dancers, and Jack -Mooncy, bari- 
tone vocalist, all of which receive further 
mention in this week's New Acts columns. 

Mlddleton and Spellmeyer, In their Inter- 
esting and finely played sketch, "An Ocean 
Wooing," need no Introduction In tbls article, 
as they have been long end favorably known 
In vaudeville. 

This also well describes the act of the 
Florenz Family of acrobats, whose expert 
and graceful work has never been excelled 
on the American stage. 

Maud Mullcr and Ed. Stanley, In lively 

I miter and the splendid singing by Miss Mill- 
er, were easily one of the bills best fea- 
tures, and they sent their excellent material 
across In a most entertaining manner. Miss 
M tiller Is also one of Am erica 'a most talented 

Lhtnett and Wilson opened the show In a 
bar tct of good calibre. Ofif Timer. 


Proctor's Flfiy-ela-hth Street (John 


This large and beautiful theatre, with its 
comfortable seats, re-opened on Monday even- 
ing with stock. You may not believe it, but 
you have lt on the word of the writer that 
the great auditorium was crowded, and 
bear in mind that the Manhattan Opera 
House Is one of the largest theatres in the 
country. To fill It at this time of the year 
la indeed marvelous, and Manager Frank 0. 
Miller may pat himself on the back. 

Charles Klein's drama of police condi- 
tions, "The Third Degree," was the open- 
ing bill, and a splendid all around perform- 
ance was given of the piece by the excellent 
company. Joseph Bryoa Totten, the young 
but capable stage director, played the role 
of Howard Jeffries Jr. In a convincing man- 
ner. The stage management and production 
left nothing to be desired. 

Ethel Grey Terry, as Mrs. Howard Jeffries 
Jr., scored heavily. She Is a clever actress, 
who throws her heart and soul into every- 
thing she does. It was no surprise to learn 
that she has built up a strong personal fol- 

Pauline Neff, a tall, statuesque beauty. 
was entrusted with the role of Mrs. Howard 
Jeffries Sr., and gave a satisfactory per- 
formance. Miss Neff is a woman of "classy" 
appearance and gives evidence ot being an 
actress of ability. 

A dignified and impressive performance of 
the role of Richard Brewster was given by 
Bernard J. MeOwen, an actor of distinction. 

William Riley Hatch, who long ago won 
his spurs as a character actor, was capital 
as the hard-hearted police captain. 

Raymond Wells, as the father, rather 
marred his performance by being too stagy. 

The other roles were played by Carl Ge- 
rard, Slgmund Fischer, Lee Mettord, L. 
Kufus Hill, Louis Wolford, Dennis Macklo 
and Frank Brady, 

After the third act iMr. Totten came before 
the curtain and made a witty speech about 
his recent European trip. 

The underline for week of Aug. 11 is "The 
Country Boy." ATclcey. 




'Evelyn Nesblt made her American vaude- 
ville debut at this bouse Monday afternoon, 
Aug. 4, and scored a real hit it was her 
first New York appearance since she ap- 
peared in "The Wild Rose," at the Knicker- 
bocker Theatre, this city. and. while many 
In the audience that packed the theatre to 
Its capacity were attracted by Idle curiosity, 
Miss Nesblt (as she prefers to be called) 
showed that she possessed ability sufficient 
to warrant her holding a prominent place on 
the vaudeville stage. 

She was assisted by Jack Clifford, and 
together they presented one of the cleverest 
dancing acts the local stage has seen for 
some time. Miss Nesblt is agile and grace- 
ful, and also proved that she is quite adept 
et acrobatics. Those who expected to see a 
stage "freak" were agreeably disappointed, 
and while her ability alone might not make 
her a sensation, the act presented hy herself 
and partner, will compare favorably with 
the best of d!an:lng acts. 

Other acts on the 'bill were: Callaa and 
Davis, singers nnd dancers; Lawton, comedy 
Juggler; Wilbur Sweatman, clarinet virtu- 
oso ; Three Ambler Brothers, equilibrists ; 
May West, singing comedienne; Charles 
Abeam and company, cycling comedians; 
Marshall Montgomery, ventriloquist; the 
Coopers, music and song; Dainty Marie, sing- 
ing aerlallst; Wlnsor McCoy, cartoonist; 
Three Certs, acrobats. 

Buck, mgr.) — Vaudeville anil moving pic- 
tures. Tbs Arlington four, novelty singers, 
and Mark Sullivan, operatic comedian, head 

the list of entertainers for the first half. 
Others are: Florence and Wynne, the two 
singing girls; "Reno and Return," a comedy 
sketch ; Dunbar's goats, the Meuards, sensa- 
tional aerlaltsts ; new KInemscolor views and 
black and white photoplays. 

Jardln de Dime (Carter Da Haven, 
mgr.)— Joan Sawyer and Wallace McCutch- 
eon. now in their sixth week, continue as the 
feature attraction at tbls popular place. 
Other entertainers in cabaret are: Diane. 
French cAanreua*,- the Hartmans, who hold 
tbe world's long-distance waltzing record of 
sixteen hours; Helen Atkins, contralto; 
Woods and Woods, turkey-trotting special- 
ties; iLeona Shcrwln, mezzo soprano; the 
Whirlwind Hlgglns, popular plnoutters; 
Blanche Huntington, and La Barbs and 
Mazle, eccentric dancers. Carter De Haven 
offers nightly surprises, and souvenirs ore 
distributed at Intervals. 

Colombia. — The Society a la Carte com- 
pany will open this house Monday, Aug. n. 

Fourteenth Street (J. Wesley Rosen- 
quest, mgr.) — Vaudeville and motion pictures. 

■Weber's.— Motion pictures. 

Loew's Avenue B (S. N. Kubn, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and motion pictures. 

Comedy (Albert Kaufman, mgr.) — Mo- 
tion pictures and illustrated Bongs. 

Flaaa (F. P. Wiley, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and motion pictures. 

Unique (B. L. Weill, mgr.)— Motion pic- 

New York (Wm. Morris, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Keeney's Third Avenue (Ed. J. Mc- 
Mahon, mgr.) — Vaudeville and motion pic- 

Lincoln Square (Chas. Ferguson, mgr.) 
— Vaudeville and pictures. 

Loew's Delancey Street (Julius Bern- 
stein, mgr.) — Vaudeville snd motion pictures. 

Jefferson. — Vaudeville and pictures. 

Herald Sqaare (A. Rothschild, mgr.)— 
First run motion pictures are shown here. 

Savoy (ttosenberg Bros., nigra,) — (Motion 
pictures In which leading stars appear is tbe 
attraction at this bouse. 

YorkTliie (Lawrence Beatus, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and pictures. 

American (Charles Potsdam, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and pictures. 

Grand Street (Harry Beekman, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and pictures. 

Alhrtmhra. — The photo-drama "Quo Va- 
dls?" Is the attraction here beginning July 


American Hoof (Charles Potsdam, mgr.) 
—•Vaudeville and motion pictures. Acts 
playing the American Theatre tbo first half 
of the week : Kitty Flynn, Carney and Will- 
lams, Burton and Lerner, Marguerite, Two 
Baileys, Lewis J. Cody and company, Dave 
Ferguson, Cart Damann Troupe. The pro* 
cram on the roof includes: Lewis J. Cody, 
Marguerite, Dave Ferguson, Carl Damann 
Troupe, Burton and Lerner, Kitty Flynn, 
Wilson and Nash, Huren, Ryan and Cohn, 
Graham Slaters. For tbe last bait of the 
week the performers are : Zlngari Opera Com- 
pany, In selections from grand opera ; Mar- 
guerite, Dave Ferguson, Neff and Statr, 
Scott and Wilson, Anthony and Ross, Kai- 
ser's dogs. Oracle Hurlelcb, and Three Mor- 
ton Sisters. 

New Uriah tou Theatre (8am McKce, 
mgr.) — Mclutyro and Heath, back from tbelr 
trip across the sua, are the bcadllners this 
week. Other features aro: Mabel Berra 
(second week), John £>. Ilenshaw and Grace 
Avery, Col. Pattee's Old Soldier Fiddlers, 
Eddie Howard, the Monkey Hippodrome, 
West and Van Slclen, Mosber, Hayes and 
Moshcr, Bell and Caron. and the Plcchlani 

Brighton Deoeu Hemic Mali (C. 8. 
Breed, mgr.) — Odlva Is the big splash here 
for this week. (Diving contests for cups by 
amateurs will be featured three night*.) 
Others are: .Laddie Cliff, the Gliding 
O'Mearas, tango dancers ; Jas. T. Duffy and 
Mercedes Lorense, in "Springtime;" Mor- 
timer McRae and Gertrude Clegs, bicyclists ; 
Hal and Francis, In "Tbe Stock Farm ;" the 
Two Roses, and Howard's ponies. 

American Music Mall, Beeksway 
Bench. — VaudevUle and pictures ars draw- 
ing good houses. 

Morrison's, Roeknway reach. — This 
week's bill Includes: Juliet? James and Bon- 
nie Thornton, Trovato, Mac West (second 
week), and the Threo Types. 

Circle — Vaudeville and pictures. 

Henderson's (Carleton lloagland, mgr.) 
— For tbls week the bill Is beaded by Naucc 
O'Neil. presenting "Self Defense." Others 
are: Billy Arlington, Will Oakland and com- 
pany, In "A Night at tho Club ;" Lola Mer- 
rill and Frank Otto, in "After the Shower ;" 
Vlollnsky, Moore nnd Young, Adclc Oswald, 
the Leo Zarrell Trio, and Valveno and La 

Keith's Harlem Opera Houae (Harry 
8wlft, mgr.)— The bill for this week, "Our 
Wives," with "The Rack" to follow. 

Keith's Alhamkra (F. White, mgr.) — 
Motion pictures. 

Mount Morris (I. Hlchels, mgr.) — Pic- 
tures only for a tew weeks more. 

Audubon (Harry Thorns, mgr.) — Vaude- 
ville and pictures. 

Hamilton (R. Robins, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and pictures. 

Proctor'a One Hundred and Twenty- 
fifth Street (C. S. Allen, mgr.)— The new 
policy of a long vaudeville bill and few pic- 
tures has given good satisfaction. This 
week's bill : "Reno and Return," Harry Rose, 
Florence and Wynn, Lafonltl Brothers, Miller 
nnd Tempest, Smith and Farmer, Becker 
Brothers. Billy Klnkald, "Fun On the Ocean." 
Gertrudo MeOlII and company, C. TerrlSH and 
company, Wm. Morrow and company, Rice 
'Brothers, Le Roy and Paul, Wheeler and 
Wilson. Julln Hilton, Juggling La Holies. 

Washington t Louis Cohen, mgr.) — Pic- 
tures only, to fair business. 

Family (Leo Soloinan. mgr.) — Pictures 

Odcon (Chns. W. Thompson, mgr.) — They 
cannot complain here, as they urc doing good 
with vaudeville and pictures, 

Lafayette (B. Nclbur, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and pictures. 

Loew's Natlonnl (Harry Lowe, mgr.)— 
Vaudeville and pictures. 

Lowe's Fifth Ave an i- (A. Lowe, mgr.) 
—Pictures only. 

Hearst (F. Bowers, mgr.)— Pictures and 
music ate attracting good houses. 

Loew's Seventh Arcane (C. Seward*, 
mgr.)— •Vaudeville and pictures. 

Yorkvllle (Lawrenco Beatus, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and pictures. 

Nemo (Jack Lowers, mgr.) — Vaudeville 
and pictures. 

Riverside (Hermsn Goldmnn, mgr.) — 
Vaudeville and pictures. 

Tremont. — Pictures only. 

One Hundred nnd Sixteenth Street 
(R. Johnson, mgr.) — Vaudeville snd pic- 

Brooklyn, K. Y. — Bushwick (Benedict 
Blatt, mgr.) for week of Aug. 4 B. F, Keith's 
Popular Players present "Tho Nigger." 

Fulton (A. M. Light on, mgr.) — First class 
vaudeville, changed twice weekly, is drawing 
capacity houses. 

JoNBS (M. T. Jones, mgr.)— Vaudeville 
and pictures. 

Firm Ansei (M. H. Saxe, mgr.)— Mo- 
tion pictures and vnudovlllc. 

Rovaii (Marcus I.oew, mgr.) — Photoplays 
nnd vaudeville. 

Folli (Wm. Fox, mgr.) — Pictures mid 


Commit; (Wm. Fox, mgr.) — Pictures and 

Com: Mm a (A. Slchel. mgr.) — Six vaude- 
ville acts and motion pictures. 

Li mien (A. It. Schwartz, mgr.) — Tho 
latest photoplays are shown here. 

Halsbt (M. H. Saxe, mgr.)— (Miniature 
musical comedies, together with vaudeville 
and tbe latest photoplays. 

Buoo (Geo. Schenck, mgr.)— Loew's 
vaudeville, changed twice weekly, also latest 

Oxroko (Geo, J. Weiss, mgr.)— The latest 
photoplays aro shown here. 

Liukrtv (John A. SSero, mgr.) — The latest 
photoplays and vaudeville. 

Shl'I'ert (Wm. Sheehy, mgr.) — Loew's 
vaudeville continues to big houses. The pro- 
gram Is changed twice weekly. 

Bkdfokd (Ben Knbn, mgr.) — Vnudovlllo 
and the latest photoplays. Tho program is 
changed twice weekly. The pictures are 
changed dally. 

Majestic— The "Quo VadtsT" pictures 
will open at this theatre 11. 

Casino (Chas. M. Daniels, mgr.)— This 
house will open Saturday. 0. with Rose .Sy- 
dell, who presents Johnnie Weber with, the 
London Belles. 

EtirtBK (Jas. H. Curtln, mgr.) will open 
with the Happy Widows. 

Stab will open ft with the Golden Crook, 


Olympic (While Rtar Line), Aug. 2: Tudor 
Kvnna, Jack Headerton, Cells Lnftus. 

Ulnnctonka (Atlantic Transport Line), Aug. 
2: Frsnk R. Allen. Mr. ami Mm. Chirlw Newell. 

Crdric (White Stir Line*. July 31: Harry It. 
nsrJy, Mildred Lane, sir. sod Mrs. Harry Thcrf- 

Pcnmiileoiifa (Himliurg-Amerlcsn Line), July 
31: Junes V. Detenny, Helena I'atrowskn. 

Itymlum (llollBDd-Anierlcau Line), July 20; 
Mr. «ud Mrs. John Nylind. 

Print rrieirtah Wllhclm (North German Lloyd 
Line), July 20: Mr. and Mrs. Ilnle Hamilton 
(Myrtle Tonneblll). Alene Hardin, 

Va&crlant (lied Rtar Line), Auv. 2: Hirry 
Ghipin, Henry H. Norilirop, Helen Rawsoo. 


"Potash and PnuMrrrca" opened Aug. 4, at 
tbe Apollo. 

At tbs Savoy, this week are: Qua Rrtwards 
■ml bis Song Bevue. Btan Stanley Trio, Yerra, 
Hobble Qonlone, Williams anil Wolfis. Kdgar 
Atchison Kly smt eompuy. Bertha Kills!) is 
underlined for next week. 

At ran New NIron ire: Kthel Whlteslriw and 
Plrks, Tlerncy and Catwt, Musette, Livingston 
Trio. Oeo. Armstrong, Wm. l.anipe and company. 

AT tiii Million Dollar I'ler Hippodrome ire: 
BoMimor'i Arabs, Dent snd Hasrl, Klre Musical 
MacClaren*, tbo D» Mara, Archie Dunbtr, Jos 
Hortls Minstrel Boys. , 

Mtmrux's Aouirlcan Minstrels and Vasselli's 
Bind are at tbs Steel Plrr. 

AT the Windsor AlrdoBKi large crowds tee the 
pictures every night. 

MiBBiiALt- Brno, of Philadelphia, and his me- 
chanician, while ranking a flight In his hydro- 
aeroplane, at Atlantic City. Aug. 1, plumed into 
the Inlet Channel from a height of 200 feet. 
Both cms were titen out by a motor boat. Tbs 
machine wis a total wnek, 

Adah Knntumii Ja. hid a narrow cscspe from 
c'eatli. his chair being demolished by a runaway 

Tub Board of Assessors reduced tbe vatnatlon 
of the Steel Pier to fSOO.OOO, on tbe application 
or President llurk, of th» Fltr Oo. This Is 
$100,000 less this last year. -v 

Plans have been adopted by Cant. John ••, 
Bailey, of the Atlantis (sty-Beach listen Htesm- 
ship Co., for a stcaoar to touch at ill tbe sea- 
shore resorts along tbe Jersey coast, from Atlantic 
City to Long Brunch, Indodlng Anbury Park. 
Ktery day, In addition to tho Ikiich Haven-Atlan- 
tic City boat a largs boat wilt leiv* Tom's Hirer, 
stopping it Islam! Heights, Ocean Oato and Bsr- 
negat Pier, there connecting by train with Long 
Branch, Astnry Park, Oceai Grove, Ocean Beach, 
Spring Lake and Seislde Pirk, ami running thence 
to Heach Haven, wbars connection will lie made 
With Atlantic City. 


Robert Wilson and Lorna Holcomh, both 
members of the Whyte Dramstlc Co., were 
married on the stage ot tbe Delmar Theatre, 
In Bold, Okla., at tho close of the perform- 
ance of July 24. The Rev, A. G. Smith, of 
tho Christian Church, otttclated. 




Row and Second Hand Scenery In Stock 


WALTBK MA3CBV,Matr. Tel.8868Mnr H1U 

Clipper Post Offices 

In order to avoid mistakes and to 
insure tbe prompt delivery of tbe 
letters advertised la this Hit, sua 
envelope pUsJnly addressed meet lie 
seat for ench letter, and a wrrlttaa 
order tor the letter, alcmed wltb tbe 
fall name end address and tbe line 
of bnslnesa followed liy tba sender, 
mast alio be eaeloeed. 

Please mention the data (or num- 
ber) of tbe CLIPPER In which tbe 
letters seat for were advertise.!. 


Marshall. Boi IFowIcr, Enuua Uontclln, 
Allen, Florence (lardlner Lillian 
Antoinette, illymlim, Tellt 

Queenlo Ollmore, Alice 
Rlailly, Lillian Howard, Alum 
IVlmont, Mia* Q Hoyden, Vivian 
Hurt™, Louise Hnvcs, Alice 
Ileneke, Lillian HID, Marie 
Crawford, Nellie IhsRlien. Mlsa V 
Clcmencc, Ida Ktitif, Rose 
Chesllk Ohorvla Krlst, Mrs. O. 
C'llrTord, Klsa Kent, Dorothy 
Clark, Almn Kennedy, Belle 
Uaniplcr, Krauac, Violet 

Mrs. Alfred l^hjh. Mabel 
Darlcy, Ii'lo. Leivltt Mrs. Leo 
lie Voo, natty Imurd. Suaio 
De Mar, Boae 
Dunne, Marie 

Vliher, Olive L. 
Frank, Miss B. 
Fox, Florence 
Falls, Anna 

Allum, rred. 
Alfred*, Two 
Allen. Jack 
Atkins, Richard 
Alden, Royal 
BlShop, OhoM«* 
llarlow. Blllr 
Iluchcr, Bart. 
Road, Joha 

Mr. (Coined.) 
Bell, Chester A. 
Birnon A ltcadc 
llrtnkrnan. Bmst 
Bruise, Alfred 
IlreckenrldKe, 0. 
Rrackett, Tedd. 
Olase, (Jliai. 
Cortrs, II. 
Cooper I'rof.L.H 
Croasirain Ohaa. 
Carroll, Faul 
Carroll, J. 
Corhctt, Jack 
Coulter, O. It. 
Davlon, S. O. 
Diimrel, Oeo 
Dlppel, ni|ipy 
I Mi Fray ne, V, 
IUxon. Tbos. 
ims Reno, Ohas. 
I Hi on A Doyls 
Deblman, W, H. 
DlHormei. Wilt. 
Dunn, Leslie 
Iluncun, Kay 
Miwle, O. W. 
Emmy's PelS 
KIlMt. Max Q. 
Fu<|iiny, Jack 
KldrlKC & 

Mr*. Ony 
Korrls. Juno 


Opel, Mrs. n. 
i'oul, .MiilKO 
Power, Julia 
lUifc-ori, Mae 
ituaaell, Marls 
Royal, Max 
Hoerla, Eilm 
RaUton, I'Mlth 
Stafford, Bea* 
slump, Madeline 
Southard, Lea. 
St. lyiilre. Kens 
Stanley Mrs. 0.1, 
White LllllWilla 
Wilson. Arts 
White, Beoela 
WMtforn, Anna 
tosng Jeinetts 


Denitist Margie Moyer, Dottle 

Lawrence Mta 
Lawtoa. Itelene 

Martin, Baby 

Molar, Maude 
Moore, Flora 

Gordon, Lew 
Qoild, Jack 
dates, F. «. 
(Jesting. H, L. 
airy, ft. 0. 
Gallup, D. R. 
ilabaoa, B. 
Holdea. Bo 1 1 las 
Harbarfie Wa. 
UiyaUke, T. 
Hsrrtnium L. I 
Hnllelt, W. H. 
llislden, Uerta. 
Heily. J. 
Howard, Tbos. 
Ilsrnden, 0. W, 
Uirrlnftos, WT 
Ilnyden. Torn 
Htraclioff, 1*. 
Ilebrrt, Arthur 
Jacobs, Jack 
Knehle. Ohas. 
Kins, nobtry 
Kins. Watter 
Kennedy Button 
Keeley. O. W. 
Knlrht. Frank 
Link. H. F. 
Le VarcU. W. S 
Lewis, J. a 
Lawrenco, K. B. 
I, at roll. Km lie 
I.aBurr, Karl 
Li Roe, Art. 
Lawrenos O. u 
Latham, a A. 
.Mac, Frank 
Hachstt, W. IT. 
McOosker Frank 
Mack, A. V. 
.Mitchell. Jss. B 

KlklnKton W. B. 
Krnrat, J. 8, 
Fdwunls, 0. J 
Fos, Ri.r a. 
Foi, Jolly Ed. 

Barlow Montsomery A. II 
Murphy, F. J. 
Moles. Harry K. 
Morrisaty T. P. 
McOkU, Bex 
Murphy, Bert 

McLaBihUo, LP 
Newnun, Mr. 
Mevlson. Chas J. 
Oetioen, Chas. a 
Owens Urart 
Omar, Ben 
Putnaro, (X S. 
Pkcbalsl Trosn 
Perdnl. Wall 
Pttoe, O. L. 
Plaskl. Law. J. 
Peters, W. A, 

Bobaon, David 
lUuers, Frank 
Ruiilitaon, R, 0) 
Rio ton. Prof, 
Reed, Joe D. 
Richmond McK 
Simpson, F. W. 
Sloan. Tods 
Sawyer, a 0. 
Bliirkley F. w, 
Bteta, J. 
Stuwarr, Walt 1 
Simpson. F, 
Sauaden, Alex. 
H< nler. II. 
Baoiarlns, 81X 
Swift, Jas. 
Stewart, Oil. 
Smith, Walt. 
Stewart, Will J. 
Taylor, Al. 
Vemon, Jiok 

Stock Oo. 
Wilson, Ohestb 
Whltcomb, B. P. 
WUbar, R. L. 
Worth. Loots 
Wallace, Jack 
Wlllams, J. 
Whitney, U.S. 
Waher, Byroa 
Wiles, Karl 
Younger, Al, M. 



Saitiileuental Llei— Received Too Lata 

for clasiiucuiioii. 
Angell's Oomodlw. — Killni. Mo„ 4-0, 
American player* (Via Richmond, uiiir.)— Hunt- 

Insloii, Iinl., lllil. 
rirolllee, Bobby, Oo — No. Judson. Ind., 0. 
llowdlHh Stock Ob — Dllloavalt, O., 4-9. 
Doiurlierty Hlxk Co.— 4'Utabuuli, I's., 11-lfl. 
Drenmliiiida (Burlesque)— Murray 111!!, N. Y. 0., 

Kvnna', Oeo. "Iloaeyhoy" Mlnatrels— Rutland, 

vi. , 0. BurlliiKtoii 7, l'lattarrars. 14. Y., H. 
Franklin Rlui'ir (Jo. — Orooksvllle. O,, 4-0. 
(irahaine. Fred., Stock Oo.— Jefferson, 0., 4-10. 
Ilowe'e Pictures— Losaninort, Ind., V, 
Illimnclcln'n Anwiclite I'layera — Muncte, Ind., 49, 

Terre llante um. 
ITiilipy Wldowti (Rurlesnuei— Umpire, Bkln., 11-10. 
"Lion ami (he Mouse. Tho" — Jins|ier, lull., 24. 
Lewis. W. F., Rtock Oo.— Huniuor, Neb., 4-0, 

Callaway II -ID, 
McOlnley, Rob & Kva— Ilisclton, No. Dak,, 8, 

Linton T-l), Btaulnirg 11-13. 
Mvrdock linn.' Doxh & Ponies (Al. Munlock, nmr.) 

— nimby, Vt., 4-il, IMtlafiird 11-10. 
O'Brien's, Nell. Minstrels (Oscar F. Hodge, mar.) 

— Karatoga. N. Y., T. Troy M, Niagara Fall. 0, 

Lyceum, Detroit. Mich., 11-10. 
l'rli.glo, Jolly Delia, Co. — Umpire, Ilutto, Moot., 

4, Indefinite. 
Pelbama, The— Silver Oreek, N. Y„ 4-0, North 

Collins. 11-10. 
Itlogllag Bros.— Vsnemiver, n. 0., Oin„ 10. 
Rowland Oliln (Ilurl«*i|noi— UoJiuubla, N. Y. O., 

Huushlno Olrls (Uarlcwjue)— Olympla N. Y. a, 

Hwifford's. J. R., Theatre Co.— Woodstock, N. II., 

"Third Degree, Tho" — Rensselaer. Ind,, 28. 
Vunl's, John W., Minstrels — Kenton, 0„ 0, Tif- 
fin 7. Norwalk B, Adrian, Mich., 0, TecuniMih 

11, Coldwater 12, Angola, Ind., 13, 14, Auburn 

18. Ft. Ways* 16. 


•tag • Dancing, Etc. 

fVo to Date In avarr 4stslU» 
SutS, flf, Skirt, Ousnat ▼»*, Oft** 

EUast Ian, ttaujiag, VauaUvIlU Acts 
Shstchas, Artiog Dtwnatle An, Sis 


School Always Open. 
11 No. La BaliiBt .CUICAOO.IU, 


Btrictlv snbor snd reliable. Mnat bo np-to-date 
Fine chance. Address LKIIOIX BIBDICINls 
CO., 4X0 Boelld Ars., Toledo. Ohio. 



OomhlnsUon bouse. No bossors need apply. 


OOOD RABS 81 NO KR. Adilrcso 

030 Liberty St., Hprltaf Held, Mass. 



August s 



R BI^BAS 15 ®. 


July 28. — "The Vengeance of i!»lor»" (Dr.) 
July 31. — "Master Sprigs lluys a Dog" (Com.) 

"Tuoae Mule Flowers" (Ooei.) 
Aug. 2.— "Trie Monument" (Dr.) "When Lot* 

Forgives'" (Dr.) 
Aug. 4.— "The Widow's Kids" (Com.) 

"Cupid and the Oook" (Com.) 
Ang. T.— "Under the Shadow of the Law" (Dr.) 
Aug. 0. — "The Reformers, or the Loat Art of 

Minding One's Business" (Dr. Part* 

1 and 2). _ . 

Aug. II.— "I Waa Meant Tor You" (Dr.) 
Aug. 14. — "Papa's Baby" (Com.) 

"Come Seven, Lebra" (Com.) 

Aug. 18.— "An Indian'* Loyalty" (Dr.) 


(0. Klelne.) 

July 26. — "Honor Thy Father" (Dr. 2 parta.) 

Aug. 9. — "The House of Myatery" (Dr. Part* 

1 and 2). 


(Q. Klelne.) 
July 11.— "The Statue of Fright" (Dr. 2 reels). 
Ang. 12.— "The Mong Fu Tong" (Dr. Part* 1 

and 2). 

July 29.— "The Call of tlie Plalna" (Dr.) 
Jnlyau. — "Bread Until the Water*" (Dr.) 
July 31.— "Tit for Tat" (Com.) Same reel, 

"Through Hie Cumberland Mountain!." 
Aug. 1.— "Such la Life" (Com.) Same reel, 

"Ills Wife's Krlenda" (Com.) 
Ang. 2.— "The Tenderfoot Sheriff" (Dr ) 
Aug. 4 "King Robert of Sicily" (Dr. Farti 

1 and 2). 

Aug. 6. — "llomeanun" (Dr.) 
Ang. 6. — "Their Promise" (Com. -Dr.) 
Aug. 7. — "'The Incriminating Letter" (Com.) 
"An intimate Study of u Mole" (Ednc.) 
Aug. 8. — "Rescuing Dave" (Com.) "Mr. Kyne 

Reform*" (Com.) 
Ang. 9. — "Broncho Hilly and (he Navajo Maid" 

Aug. 12.— "The Edge of Tilings" (Western Dr.) 
Ang. IS.— "Good-Night, Nurse" (Com.) 

"Up Lookout Mountain on the Elec- 
tric Incline" (Scenic). 
Aug. 14.— "The World Above" (Dr.) 
Ang. IS. — "Alkali Ike'a Onl" (Dr. Part* 1 

and 2). 
Aug. 16.— "The Man In the Cabin" (Western Dr.) 


July 28. — "The Orcod of Osman Bey" (Dr.) 

July 29.— "The Bella" (Dr.) 

July 30. — "Orand Canyon of Arltona" (Ed.) 

July 30. — "As the Tooth Came Out" (Com.) 

Aug. 1.— "The Old Red Hill* of Georgia" (Dr.) 

Aug. 2.— "Tlie Robbers" (Dr.) 

Aug. 4. — "The Substitute Stenographer" (Dr.) 

Aug. B. — "Dolly Varden" (Dr.) 

Aug. 0. — "The Romance of Rowena" (Com.) 

Aug. 8. — "His Greatest Victory" (Dr.) 

Aug. 9.— "By Fire and W»ter" (Dr.) 

Aug. II. — "The Treasure of Captain Kldd" (Dr.) 

Aug. 12. — "The Rightful Heir" (Dr.) 

Aug. 13. — "Battle Field* Around Chattanooga" 


"Tlie Right Number But the Wrong 

House" (Com.) 
Aug. IS. — "Tlie Coast Guard's Bister" (Dr.) 
Aug. 16.— "The Pled Piper of Hamelln" (Dr.) 


July 28. — "The Flying Switch" (Dr.) 

July 28. — "Tlie Girl and the Gangster" (Dr. 

2 reels). 

July SO.— "Birds of Prey" (Dr.) 

Ang. I. — 'Hoodooed on His Wedding Day" 

(Com.) Same reel, "Wonders of the 

Urlny Deeii" (Zoology). 
Aug. 2.— "A Virginia Fend" (Dr.) 
Aug. 4. — "Intemperance" (Dr.) 
Aug. 0. — "Shipwrecked" (Dr. Parts 1 and 2). 
Aug. 8.— "The Hobo and the Hobble Skirt" 


"Coney Island" (Scenic). 
Aug. 9.— "The Allld" (Dr.) 
Aug. 11.— "For Her 8l«ter'» Sake" (Dr.) 
Aug. 18.— "The Skeleton In the Closet" (Dr. 

Parts 1 an 2). 
Aug. 15.— 'Tlie Millionaire and the Gnose" (Com.) 

"The Amateur Burglar" (Com.) 
Aug. 18.— "The Escaiw" (Dr.) 


July 28.— "A Widow's Wiles" (Com.) On same 

reel, "Ilnstus Among the Zulus" (Com.) 
July 20.— "The Call of Her Heart" (Dr.) 
July 80.— "A Dash for Liberty" (Dr.) 
July 81.— "The Fatal Scar" (Dr.) 
Aug. 1.— "The New Gown" (Dr.) 
Aug. 2.— "The Mesaage of the Rose" (Dr.l 
Aug. 4.— "The Governor" (Dr.) 
Aug. 5.— "Getting Married" (Com.) 

"Roses for Rosle" (Com.) 
Aug. 7. — "The Camera's Testimony" (Dr.) 
Aug. 8.— "Her Uusbaud's Wife" (Dr.) 
Aug. 0.— "When Tony Pawned Louise" (Dr.) 
Aug. 11. — "The Outlaw's Gratitude" (Dr.) 
Aug. 12.— "Into the Light" (Dr.) 
Aug. }4 — "Good For Kvll" (Dr. Part* 1 tad *). 
Aug. IS. — "Orer the Crib" (Dr.) 
Aug. 16 — "Drega" (Dr.) 

"Surprise for Four" (Com.) 
July 81 — "It Happened In Java" (Com.) 
Aug. 7 — "Snapshots of Java" (Scenic). 
Aug. 14. — "The Robber of Angkor" (Dr.) 

July 28 — "Patbe'* Weekly" No. 35 (News. 


"Pntbe'B Weekly" No. 30 (News. 

July 29. — "Curious Sea Creatures (Rcenlc). Same 

reel, "Dally Dologs Id Manila" (Ed.) 
July 30. — "The Haunted House" (Dr.) 
July 31.— "The Call of the Blood" (Dr. 3 reels). 

"Pstbe's Weekly" No. 87 (News). 

"i'athe's Weekly" No. 38 (News. East). 
Aug. 1 — "A Study of Bird Ltfo" (Science). Sumo 

reel, "Monte Carlo" (Travel). 
Aug. 1. — "Tlie Springtime of Life" (Dr. 2 reels). 
Aug. 2. — "Where Clouds and Mountains Meet" 

(Travel). Same reel, "Oelomlw, Capital 

of the IbIiikI of Ceylon" (Travel). 
Aug, 4. — "I'athe's Weekly" No. 38 (News. West). 
Ang, B, — "The Love Letter" (Com.) 
Aug. 6, — "The Grand Canyon of New York — Au- 

soble Chasm" (Travel). 

"With Oio Native* of New Zealand" 

Ang. 7.— "When a Woman Wastes" (Dr.) 
. "Patbe 1 * Weekly," No. 80 (New*). 
Aug. 8. — "Genoa, the Port of Italy" Col. 


"Mount St. Michel, France" (Travel). 
Aug. 9, — "A Woman's W«y" (Dr.) 
Ang. II. — I'athe's Weekly,'' No. 40 (New*). 
Aug. 12, — "Every Double Causes Trouble" (Com.) 
Aug. 18. — "The Erring Brother" (Dr.) 
Aug. 14 — "The House Divided" (Dr.) 
Ang. 14.— "Patbe'* Weekly," No. 41 (New*). 
Ang. IS. — "Comonolttan Life of Cairo, Egypt" 

(Colored.' Travel!, Same reel, "On the 

Lake* of Bayrlsch, Bavaria" (Colored. 

Scenic). Same reel, "Plcturesiiue Jura, 

France" (Colored. Travel). 
Aug. 18. — "The Turning Point" (Dr.) 

July 28.— "The 8lolen Face" (Dr.) 
July 29. — "Henrietta's Hair" (Com.) Same reel, 

"Borrowing Trouble" (Com.) 
July 30. — "The Taming of Teias Pete" (Dr.) 
July 31.— "Man and Ilia Other Self" (Dr.) 
Aug. 1. — "Through Another Man's Ryes" (Dr.) 
Aug. 4.— "The Granite Dells, Prescott," Arlt." 


•The Devil and Tom Walker" (Dr.) 
Aug. 8. — "The Msnslon of Misery" (Dr.) 
Aug. 6.—" 'The Stolen Mocrsslns" (Dr.) 
Ang. 7. — "The Galloping Romeo" (Com.) 
Aug. 8.— "Mis* Arabian Nights" (Com.) 
Ang. 11.— "The Flight of the Crow'' (Dr. Part* 

1 and 2). 
Aug. 12 — "The Magician Ftahrrman" (Com.) 

•The Broken Vase" (Dr.) 
Aw. IS—'Tbe. Ooatt of Chinee" <»R> 

Aug. 14. — "An Apache'* Gratitude" (Dr.) 
Aug. 15. — "More Pastime*" (Educ.) "Drown'* 
Monetary Standard" (Com.) 

July 28.— "Dr. Oratbern's Experiment" (Dr.) 
July 20. — "The Troublesome Dnughters" (Oom.) 
July 30. — "The Sixth Commandment" (Dr.) 
July 31. — "When Society Calls" (Dr.) 
Ang. 1. — "Courage of the Commonplace." 
Aug. 2. — "The Intruder" (Dr. 2 reels). 
Aug. 4. — "The Fortune Hunter* of Hlckivllle" 

"The Celestial Republic" (Top.) 
-"A Faithful Servant" (Dr.) 
—"The Late Mr. Jones" (Com.) 
-"The Penalties of Reputation" (Dr.) 
—"A Gentleman of Fashion" (Com.) 
-"The Line-up" . (Dr. Parts 1 and 2). 
-"When the Press Speak*" (Com.) 
-"Blng'c'n Nightmare" (Oom.) "Joys 

of * Jealous Wife" (Oom.) 
-"The Flirt" (Dr.) 
—"Keeping Husband Home" (Com.) 
-"The Lady and the Glove" (Dr.) 
-"Father and Son" (Dr. Parta 1 and 2). 

Aug. S. 
Aug. 0. 
Aug. 7. 
Aug. 8. 
Aug. 0. 
Aug. 11. 
Aug. 12. 

Aug. 13. 
Aug. 14. 
Ang. IS. 
Aug. 10. 

July 30.- 
Ang. 6. 

July 28.- 

July 31.- 

Ang. 2. 

Aug. 7. 
Aug. 0. 

Aug. 11 
Aug. 14, 
Aug. 10. 

July 28, 
July 30.- 
Aug. 1. 
Aug. 4. 
Aug. O.- 
Aug. 8. 

Aug. 11. 
Aug. 13, 
Aug. 15. 

July 28. 
Aug. 4. 
Aug. 11 

July 29. 
Aug. 2, 

Aug. 6. 

Aug. 0, 
Aug. 12 

Aug. 18, 

July 28 
Aug. 3. 

Aug. D 
Aug. 10 
Aug. 10 
Aug. 12 
Aug. 17 
Aug. 17 

July 30. 
Aug. 1 

Aug. n 

Aug. 8 

Aug. 13 
Aug. 15 

July 30 
Aug. 3. 

Aug. 6. 

Aug. 10, 

Aug. 10. 
Aug. IS. 
Aug. 17. 

July 31. 
Aug. 3 
Aug. 7. 
Aug. 10, 
Aug. 14, 
Aug. 17. 

July 81, 
Aug. 2, 
Aug. 7.. 

Aug. ». — ' 

Aug. 1. 
Aug. 8. 
Aug. 15 



Animated Weekly. 

-"Animated Weekly," No. 78 (News). 
-"Animated Weekly," No. 74 (New*). 

—"The Stranger" (Dr. 2 reels), 
— "Lord Barry's Low Acquaintance" 

— "That Chinese Laundry." Same reel, 

"Funny Fancies," by Hy Mayer (Com. 

— "A Modem Romance" (Oom. -Dr.) 

•'The Cook Question" (Com.) Same 

reel "Adventures ot Mr, Pnifaea" (Car- 
toon Hy Mayer). 
— "Mating" (2 Reel Dr.) 
— " 'Lltbeth" (Dr.) 
— "Poor Jake's Demise.'' 
The Proof" (Dr.) 
Comrades" (Dr.) 
'Ills Friend the Undertaker 
"The Second Home-Coming' 
— "Mona" (Dr.) 

-"The Olrhj and Dad" (Com.) 

reel "Almost a Rescue" (Oom.) 

"Darkfeather's Sacrifice" (Indian Dr.) 
— "Juanlta" (Dr.) 
— "Uawkeye to the Rescue" (Com.) 
Gem. ..... 

— "Stars In My Crown" (Dr.) 
— "Bob's Baby" (Com.) 
— "A New Way to Win a Girl" (Oom.) 
101 Illson. 

"Robinson Crusoe" (Dr. 3 reek). 

"The Cave Dweller's Romance" (Dr. 

2 reels). 
—•The Death Stone of India" (Dr. 3 

— "The Snake" (Dr. 2 reels). 
. — "Campaigning With Custer" (3 Reel 

, — "Soldiers Three" (2 Reel Dr.) 

—"The Paper Doll" (Dr.) 
— "What Pan* Got" Same reel, "Her 

Little Darling." 
— "A Child's Influence" (Dr.) 
— "0, You Scotch Lnssle" Split Com.) 
— "Starving for Lore" (Spilt Oom.) 
— "How Women Love" (Dr.) 
■ — "Pearl and the Tramp" (Split Oom.) 
— "Due Wife Too Much" (Split Con.) 

—"While the Children Slept" (Dr.) 
— "Fate and Three." 
—"The Village" (Dr.) 
— "The Heart of the Heathen" (2 reel*. 

— "The Grent Towel Robbery" (Oom.) 
— "Fut?'s Vegeance" (Dr.) 

— "Soul lo Soul" (Dr. 3 reels). 
— "Grease Paint Indiana" (Com.) Same 

reel, "Holy Cities in Japan." 
— "The Honor of Lady Bcaroont" (Dr. 

2 reels). 
— "Clara and Her Mysterious Toys" 

(Trick Oom.) 
— "A Woman'* Trick" (Split Com.) 
—"The Thirst for Gold" (2 reels. Dr.) 
— "Iter Tutors" (Oom.) 

— "The Power of Heredity" (Dr.) 
— "Civilised and Savage" (Dr.) 
— "When the Prince Arrived" (Dr.) 
— "Man's Duty" (Dr.) 
—"Sally Scraggs, Housemaid" (Dr.) 
—"The Animal" (Dr.) 
—"A Hasty Jilting" (Oom.) 
— "A Brand from the Burning." 
—"Masquerading In Bear Canyon" (Oom.- 


•On the Ranger's Roll of Honor" (Dr.) 

"In After Years" (Dr.) 

'Nature's Vengennco" (Dr.) 

-"The Heart of a Jewess" (2 reels. Dr.) 

July 29.— "Little Dorrlt" (2 reels. Dr.) 
Aug. 1. — "In the Nick of Time" (Dr.) 
Aug. 8.— ."Proposal by Proxy" (Com.) 
Aug. 3. — "The 225th Anlvcrsary ot the Landing 

of the Huguenots." 
Aug. 6. — "The Protectory's Oldest Boy." 
Aug. 8. — >"Tbej Girl of the Cabaret." 
Aug. 10.— "Oh, Such • Beautiful Ocean." 
Aug. 12.— ."The Missing Witness" (2 reek). 

Aug. 15 "The Llo that Failed." 

Aug, 17.— "Waiting for Hubby" (Cora.) 


July 28.— "The Bride of the Sea" (Dr.) 

Aug. 4. — "The Blindness of Courage" (3 reels. 



July 29 "A Halr-Ralsmg Affair" (Com.) 

July 80. — "Gaumont's Weekly." No 73 (News). 
July 81 — "A Resourceful Lothario" (Com.) On 

same reel. "In the Land of Dates" 

Aug. 5. — "A Honeymoon Hoax" (Com.) 
Ang. 6— "Gaumont's Weekly," No. 74 (News). 
Aug. 7. — "Shoeing the Wooer" (Oom.) Sam* 

reel, "Up Mount Blanc" (Travel). 
Aug. 12. — "Tiny Tim and the Adventures of HI* 

Elephant" (Com.) Same reel, "The 

Lakes of Saljburg" (Scenic). 
Aug. 13. — "Gaumont's Weekly" (News), No. 7f>. 
Aug. 14.— "His Stomach and His Heart." 


July 30. — "The Coat That Come Bsck" (Com.) 
Aug. 1. — "When the Tide Turns" (Dr.) 
Aug. 0. — "The Heavenly Widow" (Com.) 
Aug. 8. — "Falsely Accused" (Dr.) 
Aug. 13.— "Four Fools and a MaUl" (Com.) 
Aug. 15. — "A Drop of Blood" (Dr.) 


Aug. 1.— "Ohl Wafer Wet Day" (Com.) Sam* 
reel. "The Girl 1 Left Behind Me" 

Aug. 8. — "The 'Triumph of Love" (Dr.) 

Aug. 8. — "Should Women Work?" (Com.) 
Great Northern. 

Aug. 0. — "The Five Copies" (Com.) . 






July SO, 
Aug. 0, 
Aug. 13 

July 28. 
July 31. 
Aug 2. 

July 28. 
July 31. 
Aug. 4. 
Aug. 7, 

Aug. D. 
Aug. 11, 
Aug. 14 
Aug. 10 

July 30 
Aug. 0, 
Aug. 18, 

Aug. 1, 
Aug. 8 

Aug. 15. 

July 28.. 
July 81.- 
Aug. 4. 
Aug. 7. 

July 29. 
Aug. 2. 
Aug. 3. 
Aug. o. 
Aug. 9. 
Aug. 12, 
Aug. 10. 

July .11. 
Aug. 7. 
Aug. 14. 

July 28 
July SO. 
Aug. 2 
Aug. 4. 
Aug. 0.- 
Aug. 9.- 
Aug. II.- 
Aug. 13.- 
Aug. 10.. 

July «»... 


. — "Mutual Weeicly" No. 31 (Top.) 
i — "Mutual Weekly" No. 32 (Top.) 
, — "Mutual Weekly" No. 333 (Tap.) 
Mutual Educational. 

— "The Scapegoat" (Oom.) 
—"Mission Bells" (Dr.) 
—"Single Handed Jim" (Dr.) 
"Tlie Scapegoat" (2 reels. Dr.) 
'Mission Bells" (Dr.) 
.—"Single Handed Jim" (Dr.) 
.—"When Chemistry Counted" (Dr.) 
.— "lolden Gate Park and Environs" 

— "His 81ster, Lucia" (Dr.) 
— "The Adventures of Jacques" (2 reeli). 
, — "The Mystery of Tusa." 
—"An Even Exchange." 

.—"A War-Tune Mother's Sacrifice" (Dr.) 
.— "Joe Hlbbard's Claim" (Dr.) 
.—"The Quakeress" (2 reel*). 

,— "Ben-Zal" (2 reels. Dr.) 
—"The House of Bondage" (Dr.) S 

—"The Flame In the Ashes" (2 reels). 
"Just Kids" (Com.) 
"Professor Bean's Removal" (Con.) 
"Cohen's Outing" (Com.) 
•"The Riot" (Oom.) 

"The Toy." 
. — "Tempest*." 
-"Told In the Future." 
-"Hearts and Hoofs." 
-"The Devilish Doctor." 
-'■The Doctor's Ruse" (Oom.) 

■„ A f t lckle ■"""""J 1 ", <C*nt-) Sam* real, 
"A Horse on Fred" (Com.) 


-"Loyal Hearts." 

■"The crwiiK.reil Monster" (Oom.) 

-"Getting the Evidence." '«"»•' 


—"Below the Dead Line" (Dr.) 
— "Roslla's Cross of Gold." 
.—"The Little Plrste" (Oom.) 
—"Tlie Doctor's Dilemma." 
— "The Silly Sex." 
-"The Fight for Right" (2 reel*). 
—"Kentucky Foes." 
— "Knnn Play* Oupld." 
—"Of Such is the Kingdom." 
■•'I Shosia Worry" (Oom.) 



Tbe Warner's Feature Film Co. baa closed 
the . arrangements necessary to fulfill Its 
j.lans Tor tbe distribution of a superior and 
complete feature program, through Its 
twenty-four established exchanges, compris- 
ing its American and European representa- 
tion. To increase Its exchange operations and 
to adequately handle the program which it 
will provide in September, Messrs. Warner 
have sneceeded In Interesting P. A. Powers 
to bead ibclr company as president. 

In the new organization A. Warner will 
be vice president and general manager : H. M. 
Warner, treasurer; «. M. Goetz, assistant 
treasurer, and J. A. McKlnney, secretary. 

The new Warner's Features, Incorporated, 
la the bolntlon of tbe problem up to now 
confronting producers. Many manufacturers 
have undertaken and others In numbers have 
been willing to undertake the making of pic- 
tures of the greatest proportions and value, 
but, owing to tbe present combinations, could 
not rcacb the exhibitors with their output. 

The exhibitors, on tbe other hand, have 
been confined In their efforts to increase their 
business by the stronghold In which manu- 
facturers who have had exchange Interests 
have entrenched themselves and followed 
their own disposition as regards the quantity 
and quality of film they prepared. This 
company's operations open a new epoch in 
tbe motion picture field. Exhibitors will 
linxe the nssurance from now on that the 
American and European manufacturers will 
vie with each other in their efforts to meet 
the growing and exacting demands of tbe 
patrons of moving picture playhouses for 
productions of excellence and originality. 
No motion picture plays of extraordinary 
quality will be shelved by reason of there 
not being an opportunity for spectators to 
place the stamp of their approval thereon, 
and secure for the manufacturer the returns 
be deserves for his initiative and ability in 
producing the film on which the growth of 
the patronage of the business depends. 

The feature productions already controlled 
by the Warner Company will be augmented 
by the output of several manufacturers of 
superior film. The combination of Mr. 
Powers' Influence lu increasing the capitali- 
sation of the company for its greater opera- 
tions and In making satisfactory purchasing 
agreements, gives the Warner's Feature Film 
Company tbe distinction of becoming one of 
the most important and successful distribu- 
ting factors in the moving picture business. 

A number of manufacturers have been 
anxiously awaiting the opportunity of secur- 
ing this outlet, and with their co-operation 
the program handled by tbe Warner's ex- 
changes in September will equal any source 
of supply tbat exhibitors have available, and 
give to manufacturers the opportunity tbey 
nave sought of successful disposition of tie 
best productions tbey can make. 

The company will perfect its re-organizs- 
tlon and direct Its operations from its bead- 
quarters in the Candler Building. 



Oeorge Klelne's photo-drama marvel, "Quo 
Vadls?" continues to break records for big 
business all over the United States. Last 
week at Keith's Hippodrome, in Cleveland, 
0., the average dally attendance Including 
one matinee and evening performance only, 
was over four thousand people. When It is 
considered tbat this occurred in midsummer, 
it becomes a phenomenal record. It has 
never been approached by any other indoor 
entertainment. The gross receipts for tbe 
week exceeded the average of the usual two 
dollar musical attraction, yet the prices were 
only twenty-live and fifty cents, with box 
scats at seventy-five cents. 

Monday, Aug. 4, four new companies open 
(he regular season presenting George Klelne's 
photo-drama success, "Quo Vadls?" One at 
the Columbia, San Francisco, Cal., which 
will tour the Pacific Coast and Southwest, 
and Is in charge of Albert Hoogs and John 
Brehany ; another at Des Moines, la., which 
proceeds to Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, 
and a comprehensive tour of the Northwest 
and Canada, in charge of Charles Wuerx and 
Ed. Msnley ; a third begins at the Nlxnn's 
Theatre, Pittsburgh, Pa., and is booked all 
ever New York, Pennsylvania and the Middle 
States, in charge of John niack and Arch 
McGovern. The fourth opens at the Park 
Theatre, Bridgeport, Conn., and will tour 
New England and the Eastern States, In 
charge of Sam Mott and Ed. Lester. In 
addition to these there are four more travel- 
ing companies covering different parts of the 
country, and permanent companies in New 
York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleve- 
land, Brooklyn, Paterson and several other 



has been formed by Amos M. Hnber, Llndsav 
D. Holmes and L. A. Thompson, of 291 
Broadway, New York. 

The week Just passed In film circles has 
been fraught with highly interesting de- 
velopments, mostly of a constructive char- 
acter. True, there has been little or no war- 
fare (that is, of an individual nature), but 
as it is always admittedly better to build up 
rather tban tear down, the absence of war 
bulletins and sharp-shooting tactics among 
tbe manufacturers' and exhibitors' various 
factions is hereby gladly recorded. 

One of the chief developments along con- 
structive lines is the announcement of the 
formation of tbe re-organized Warner's Fea- 
tures, a concern which, with P. A. Powers, 
resourceful and aggressive film magnate, in 
tbe executive chair, should become an im- 
portant factor in the rapidly growing list of 
feature distributing companies. 

The Dame of the new corporation will be 
Warner's Features, Inc., and the officers, in 
addition to P. A. Powers, president, are: 
A. Warner, vice president and general mana- 
ger; H. M. Warner, treasurer; H. ML Goetz, 
assistant treasurer, and J. A. McKlnney, 
secretary. Vic Johnson will continue to 
shoot out the weekly newspaper dope, as of 

Geo. Klelne, tbe film impresario, who in- 
troduced "Quo Vadls?" so successfully in 
America, bas a new one, which is said to be 
even superior, in several respects, to the 
famous cinematographic reproduction of the 
religious play. "The Last Days of Pompeii," 
during the action of the spectacle entails the 
destruction of an entire city of many 
thousands of people. 

This phase of the terrible results of old 
Vesuvius' volcanic tendencies will last seven 
minutes, before the camera. The eruption, 
which will be faithfully reproduced by ad- 
vanced scientific and artificial methods, will 
undoubtedly form one of the greatest and 
most breath-boldlDg spectacles seen in a 
modern theatre. 

Through tbe sale by court order of tbe 
effects of the Two Bills' Show at Denver, 
Thursday, July 31, the Universal Film Manu- 
facturing Company came into possession of 
a big addition to its West Coast Zoo. Two 
camels and seven elephants are among the 
beasts acquired. They will be^sent Imme- 
diately to Universal City, near Los Angeles, 
where tbey will be employed in the making 
of a new Biblical picture, which General 
Manager Isidor Bernstein bas in contempla- 


A valuable circus horse was crushed to 
death by a twenty foot python, which escaped 
from its cage one night last week at the 
Universal Coast studios, Hollywood. Cal. 
The horse cost in tbe neighborhood of $1,000. 
Flty the poor actor who can't stop drinking 
after this. Imagine a twenty foot snake. 
Tce-wenty ! ! 


The Famous Players Film Company, be- 
ginning Sept. 1, will Inaugurate a policy of 
regular releases of three, four or five reel 
features. These productions will be Issued 
tbree times a month, their length to be de- 
termined by tbe particular requirements ot 
tbe subjects. This monthly program will be 
as pretentious and Influential as the former 
releases of tbts company, and will conform 
entirely with the high standard established 
and maintained by the Famous Players Film 

This extended policy was formulated as a 
direct effect of tbe unanimous demand for 
more frequent and regular releases of this 
company's product, and is virtually an ac- 
knowledgment of the wide and general en- 
dorsement of their activities; and a favor- 
able acquiescence to the repeated requests of 
exhibitors and State right buyers through- 
out tbe country. 

'Among the first few productions to be re- 
leased under this new plan are Mrs. FIske, 
in her famous success, Thomas Hardy's pa- 
thetic story Teas of the D'Urbervilles," 
tbe film production of which bas already at- 
tracted such wide attention In the dally 
newspapers throughout tbe country ; Mary 
Plckford, In tbe favorite novel nnd play, "In 
the Bishop's Carriage;" Henry E. Dlxey, In 
"Chelsea 7760;" Litlle Langtry, In a tense 
dramatic play, "His Nelghbr's Wife," de- 
scribed as a powerful sermon in film, and 
Laura Sawyer, in "An Hour Before Dawn," 
a female detective play, 


Alfred H. Saunders (ex-cathedra) re- 
signed Saturday. Aug. 2, from the post of 
editor of The Moving PMure Nctcs. Mr. 
Saunders has been In the film game for 
twenty years, more or less, and was editor 
of the motion picture Journal for six vears. 
He will devote himself In future to the field 
of educational pictures for schools, colleges, 
etc. As Alfred; H. has always been strong 
for the high-brow thing, he should meet with 
success in his chosen atmosphere. Here's 
our best wishes I 


H. D. Stryckmans, editor of The Mutual 
ObMrver, house organ of the Mutual camp, 
will leave the service of the Mutual Corpora- 
tion nbout Sept. 1. when he will engage lu 
the active end of the motion picture business 
handling Imported feature films. 


The Exclusive Supply Corporation has ar- 
ranged to become the •North American rep- 
resentatives for all brands of pictures 
handled by tbe following London concerns: 
The Tyler Film Co., Gerard Film Co., Cos- 
mopolitan Film Co., Globe Film Co. and 
American Film Releases. 

The above mentioned English agencies have 
been recently amalgamated into enc company, 
and will handle the weekly feature output 
of fourteen different manufacturing concerns. 

After a process of elimination, three fea- 
tures will be selected by the London office, 
and sent to America. These features will bo 
picked with discrimination as legards their 
suitability for American audiences. Upon 
arrival in New York the throe features will 
be carefully scrutinised, and a final selection 
made. This method Is most assuredly a 
"survival of the attest," in the superlative 

The additional feature will, when released 
by the Exclusive Supply Co., bear the brand 
of Film Releases of America. 


A meeting was held lut week by the Ex- 

hibitors' Board of Trade, Inc., Local No. 1 
of State Branch of No. 2 Motion Picture Ex- 
hibitors' League of America, at tbe Unloa 
Square Hotel, New York. Debate ran fast 
and furious, and discussion and argument 
seemed tbe order of the day. -t Is said very 
little of an important nature was accom- 
plished. ••»-- 


John Noble, known to his many Intimates 
as "Jack," who . unfortunantely got In the 
path of a barrel of dynamite which ex- 
ploded last week at the Ryno' studio, it 
slowly recovering. (Mr. Noble,' who was se- 
verely burned,'- will be discharged from the 
Fordham Hospital very soon. 


Albert BUnkhorn sailed Saturday, Aug. 2, 
on the Olympic? for London, Eng. Mr. Blink- 
horn, it is said, will arrange for the Ameri- 
can representation of certain English film 


The Essanay Film Manufacturing Co. 
made known Its intention, this week, of the 
discontinuance of its regular Friday single 
reel release. In place of the single reel, 
however, there will be a multiple reel attrac- 
tion every Friday. The first of these features 
will be released Aug. 8, and entitled "Alkali 
Ike's GlrL" with the Inimitable Augustus 
Carney. The second feature will be released 
Aug. 15, bearing tbe title of 'The Power of 
Conscience," and containing, in ' the leading 
role, Francis X. Bushman. 


"Doc." Wlllat, co-producer with J. Parker 
Reade, of "Victory," the new naval five-reel 
feature thriller, and also laboratory eipert 
of the New York Motion Picture Co., owns 
one of those low, rakish little cars, known 
to fame as a "Bulck." There are some who 
assert solemnly that the genial "Doc's" 
"Road Rabbit" has no greater speed possi- 
bilities than a turtle, but "they" have been 
proven to be all wrong for once, and entirely 
off In their estimation of transportation 
vehicles. Worthy Butts, cheerful distributor 
of "movie" posters, was kidding "Doc." Sat- 
urday afternoon, about the speed qualities of 
n foresaid Bulck, with the result that "Doc." 
decided to settle, for all time, Any doubts la 
that direction. _ _ . _ , 

Accordingly "Doc," Willat and Bert Ennls, 
publicity promoter of the New York Motion 
Picture Co., accompanied by a newspaper 
maD, who Is said to be a close relative of 
the publicity promoting youth, started from 
Times Square Saturday, at 8 r. M., with 
the avowed intention of reaching Prospect 
Park, Brooklyn, In thirty minutes I ■ 

Now, Prospect Park b a good ten mile 
run from Times Square, and the first lap 
of the journey, made, miraculously without 
mishap, through the crowded downtown sec- 
tion of New York City to the .Brooklyn 
Bridge In fifteen minutes, can stand as an 
official record all by Itself. Arriving la 
Brooklyn "Doc." decided lo let 'er out for 
fair, and rubber ilants. baby carriages and 
other familiar Bi^oklyn products were passed 
like a streak of lightning. The little "Bulck" 
all the time holding up like a racer. Pros- 
pect Park was reached within the specified 
time limit, and, In fact, according to a re- 
liable timepiece, in twenty-eight minutes, 
which was two to the good. 

Just at tbe entrance of tbe park, however, 
an event occurred which, sad to relate, 
slightly dampened the elation of the en- 
thusiastic autolsts. A gendarme with a nice 
little ticket was in waiting, and he spake 
thusly : "You guys have been hitting it up 
like an express train for the past twenty 
blocks, you didn't slow up at two separate 
and distinct trolley car crossings, and In 
parting I am sorry, but I can't listen to any 
explanations. You will have to tell it to the 
judge Monday at 10 a. m." Only be didn't 
use those exact words. What "Doc Bald can't 
he printed. What worthy Butts *ald was: 
"I lose, whafll It be?" The publicity pro- 
moter and the newspaper man refused to 
speak for publication. 


The Vltagraph Co. has some open air 
studio, occupying a stockade enclosure cover- 
ing nn area of ICO by 450 feet. Tbe stage 
is 100 feet deep by 150 feet in width, which 
can be enclosed whenever necessary. TblM 
studio Is set apart and the stage built for 
the large productions which it Is rapidly 
making preparation to enact la the near fu- 
ture. The new buildlog being added to the 
already large plant, is nearly completed. It 
provides a new glass-covered studio 400 by 
J 00 feet. So rapidly has the business grown 
these additions were '.mperatlve, and it 1* 
now hoped that they will meet tbe immediate 
needs of tbe company. 

Mr. Reader, the European business man- 
ager of the Vltagraph Co., is here to study 
American condltlois in anltclpatlon of In- 
creased facilities oemg added to the Paris 
factory and probably the erection of a large 
studio In Europe. 


Edward Frleberger, lecturer-at-large on 
Klnemacolor pictures, who has been touring 
the Chautauqua circuits with great success 
this Summer, finds the audiences not only 
oppreclotlve but anxious for more. Many 
•wait after the show to ask questions, and 
some "speak out In meetln'." During the 
solemn coronation scene a little boy piped 
un with the query: '^Mister, why does the 
King wear that fur rug?" 

During tbe Durbar scene a lady sent up a 
request that Mr. Frelberger "make the ele> 

Shants go slower," explaining tbat ler 
aughtcr was an art student who -wanted to 
■sketch some of the designs on tbe state 

While the historic photoplay of "Nathan 
Hale" was being shown, a little girl was so 
overcome with the tragic fate of the martyr 
spy that she burst out crying, upon which her 
mother tried to console her by saying: "Don't 
cry, dearie; it'll all turn out right In tbe 
end. It always does in moving pictures, you 

H. M. Goodhue, manager of Hacker's Thea- 
tre, Fort Fairfield, Me., presented a solid 
week of Klnemacolor pictures, including the 
coronation. Durbar and Panama Canal, In- 
terspersed with trnvel scenes, fashions. and 
photoplays. Mr. Goodhue advertised It as 
the "largest and best display of Klnemacolor 
ever given In any theatre anywhere — requir- 
ing 48,000 feet of film »-lnc<f „t jag.OOO." 

"The Accident Kid" is what they now call 
F'o. La Badle at Thanhonser atudlo, The 

August y 




all flfVllVj tMslni I ,""° n °/ *"* ' 0r * he - M l rt l T *» «»«• work—day world,[n»d. 

•nd the neo.ltv r„- it. »?-« Con,1,Un * «•" ••»« eternal vlgllamc. are the price of suecesa 

lUh^ent to meke --?*--'-"-? 1 ""— i-"" — •*■« •>•• *••» «P«ed In the "Diamond 8" eat.b- 

wm5?JEm£TLrZZ£ " U V« -»•«->•■ « » good Monday .tarter for the >EL1G .errle., 
Will he ■ thrilling and moving melodrama of the lighthon.e .errlee, entitled 



The waif cait up hy the lea grows to be a 
beautiful woman, save* the light-keeper and hU helper 
at the mo.t embarrassing point of their lives, lights 
the beacon and mvei the ■hip on the far sea, which 
bears her fathvr, and ■o wins the reward of love and 
faithfulness through her own effort*. ThU part 1« 
created and acted by Kathlyn Williams. This Important 
two-reel plajr will be releaaed Aug. 18. 

Aag. 1U-TOBIAS TURNS THE TABLES. TbisUan amusing 

story of a new army recruit who Is wiser than he looks anil 
turns rldiculo Into respect. 

ado about a pretty pink toe, that bas a scar which will mako 
or mar toe hopes of its finder as a millionaire. On the same 
reel with SELIG'S educational, entitled SCENES IN 

I Aug. 31-FATE FASHIONS A LETTER. A famous detective 
is almost outwitted by a notorious criminal ho has started 
out to track by a letter that accidentally comes from his wife. 

Ang, aa-THE GOOD INDIAN. The wife of a doctor in the wild West saves an Indian's child from death, and in return 
the Indian saves his white friends from the hands of bis frenzied fellows on the warpath. 




****** ** ** ****** 

ether week a railing of the Mutual booth 
•t the moving picture exposotlon, fell on her 
knee, and Just the other day the horse she 
was riding la "The Ward of the King," an 
llstorlcal play, rea-ed and brought his lead 
ap la crashing contact with Ml*i La Badle'a 
lace. Then the girl tumbled from the home, 
and Director Eugene Moore, rushing up, 
thought she was severely injured. But Miss 
La Sadie hadn't even fainted, and except 
for & swelling on the left side of her face, 
tore not a single mark of the accident It 
was like that other "lucky mishap" of Mlsa 
La Badle's, in "Unllne," last Fall. when, 
diving In a, water scene, she "struck bottom" 
•n her mouth, and merely broke a few teeth I 
After her "ward of the King" adventure, 
Visa La Badie rested up at home for a few 
days and nursed her face, but It must be 
recorded to her credit that before taking the 
rest she plucklly "finished" 1»i»r scenes In the 

Jilctnre. It was a two reel affair, and 
ortunately for Director Moore, had 'but s 
few more scenes to "go" at the time Miss La 
Badle's horse reared. 

Eugene Moore, who served many seasons 
with the famous Tbanhouser Stock Company 
in Milwaukee, and then appeared In ■ the 
Tbanhouser films up to the day of his ap- 
pointment as a director with that producer, 
will be seen in the New Bocbelle films again 
— once. The single re-appearance bears the 
title of "The Spartan Father." The "lead" 
In the story was of the type that Mr. Moore 
tised to ably portray when a Than* 
kouser actor, and so Lloyd Lonergan, who 
wrote the plot, persuaded Moore to play the 
part as well as direct it. As a Thanhouser 

?>lcture player Moore will be best remembered 
or his work In "The Politician," "The Pa- 
triot," "A Mystery of Wall Street," "Good- 
Morning, Judge," "For Another's) Sin" and 
"The Boomerang." Frank Grimmer, another 
ex-Thanhouser actor, is Director Moore's 
chief assistant at the New Bocbelle studio. 

It .is said the General Film Co. Is contem- 
plating the Issuance of a weekly magazine 
devoted to the Interests of Its film releases. 

The Sellg Co. win make ita Initial multi- 
ple reel Monday release Aug. 11. It will be 
• two reeler called "The Flight of the Ctow." 


A rather thrilling but amusing experience 
befell two members of the Bssanay Eastern 
Stock Co., In Chicago, a few days ago. 
They had been taking the parts of tramps 
in a photoplay being produced at Lake Bluff, 
a small suburb, end to save themselves the 
trouble of changing and going to their homes 
only to return early the next morning to 
complete the scene, they decided to spend 
the nlgbt in a bathhouse. Charlie Hitchcock, 
an actor, with the same company, lives at 
Lake Bluff, and strolling on the beach In 
early morning with bis pet collie dog, "Don," 
who hoi a pronounced antipathy for tramps, 
he had great difficulty In preventing "Don' 
from making a breakfast of two scared actors 
before lie recognized thorn. 

Florence Roberts, who, for years, presented 
"Sapbo" in all sections of tho country, bas 
been persuaded to do It before the moving 
picture camera, so that posterity might know 
what Miss Roberts considered high art. New 
Majestic did the persuading. With the star, 
at number of other "legitimate" favorites 
have been signed for the film production, not 
the least among them being Shelly Hall, well 
known to Broadway. All the recently added 
stages at the Majestic Los Angeles studios 
have been pressed into service for the 
"Bapho"-Roberta production, resulting in 
"sets" of greater dimensions than any tho 
Majestic directors have so far shown. Spe- 
cial scenic and property departments were 
organized for the feature. It Is said that 
Miss Roberta la to collect a royalty on tho 
tale of the film, expressing a preference for 
this mode of payment as against a lump sum 
for her work and the use of her name. Tho 
number of reels that will be released hasn't 
been settled yet. but around five reels is the 
studio guess. The production cost will run 
well into tho thousands, ta reports go. 

",-fRl if . 

■in <c*d) ! 

.oiba.'e s- 


'*. 3lf."' 
i tC .<' 


"A Knife of Fire' is the title of a new 
Edison film, showing bow steel Is cut and 
welded to-day. This remarkably instructive 
film illustrates the use of the "oxygrapb," 
an apparatus operated by acetylene gas and 
oxygen. The Jet of flame thus generated Is 
6,300 degrees Fahrenheit, and is shown weld- 
ing together two pieces of sheet steel in a 
miraculous manner. The oxygraph Is also 
shown cutting out fancy figures from half- 
inch sheet steel as one would cut cardboard 
with a sharp knife blade, then a piece of 
armor plate, sixteen inches square, is cut 
through by this little Jet of flame in four 

' A current film, which combines an Indus- 
trial, a travel, and an athletic subject, is 
released by Pathe Freres, in General Film 

The first section, "Porcelain," shows how 
some of the finest of the world's porcelain 
Is manufactured In the celebrated porcelain 
works of Limoges, France. This Is followed 
by a "travel" film, taking us for a delight- 
ful trip "On the Roads of uiupnlnc, France." 
The fine hand coloring of this section adds 
materially to Its already remarkable beauty. 
"The Exercise of the Twenty-third French 
Dragoons," the third section of this very 
entertaining film, shows us the athletic drill 
of one of 'France's crack military regiments. 
There are few better athletic bodies of men 
In the world than the Twenty-third French 

Closely following the defeat of the Moros 
by the U. S. troops under General Pershing, 
in the Philippine Islands, comes a Sellg film 
entitled "In Moroland." The life and habits 
of this highly interesting tribe of blood- 
thirsty Islanders is depicted in great detail. 
No tribe In the whole Philippine Archipelago 
has given Uncle Sam so much trouble or been 
so difficult to pursue. This is partly due to 
their sagacity and partly on account of the 
rugged nature of the mountains which they 
Inhabit. This film will be a welcome one to 
the already remarkable list of educational* 
under the bead of "Customs."- 


Ir BUMS only a short time since the 
act of Filson and Errol was one of the best 
to conjure with in the realm at vaudeville. 
They began with Tony Pastor and they ended 
up as "topllners" in the bright lights that 
limn the porte cocheri in front of the modern 
vaudeville palaces. They were the first to 
produce George Cohans premier sketch, 
•'The Tip on the Darby," In New York. They 
used to end up their season early in Chicago 
eo that Al. Filson could get back to his farm 
over at old St. Joe, Mich. He also struck 
oil in Oklahoma, which helped him along, 
but while be retired from the stage he felt 
the lure of moving pictures, and some while 
ago stopped orange farming la California to 
join the Sellg Co. Now his wife, Lea Errol. 
Las Joined blm In the same organization, and 
they will reproduce some of tbelr famous 
vaudeville Bketches together at the big plant 
in Los Angeles, Cal. 

Among the new additions to the Sellg 
Stock Co. at Edendale, Cal., are: Joseph 
Knag. W. K. Rbyno, Norval MacGrcgor and 
Mabel Tan Buren. The last namel lady was 
formerly associated with Klnemacolor. Edw. 
J, (Jack) Le Saint, formerly leading actor 
well known to theatregoers, and late director 
for Klnemacolor, has Joined the Selig forces, 
and is the father and producer of a new and 
unusual drama, entitled "Between the Rifle 

War. E. Wiso, who, for several yeara past 
has supplied very trenchant silent dramas 
for the Blograph, has signed his exclusive 
service to W. N. Sellg. to be stationed at tho 
Los Angeles studio, and is now engaged upon 
a three-reel mystery detective story which 
is opined will mako the conventional class 
pale to Insignificance. His first big release 
is "When Men Forget," a drama of unusual 
power. The mystery crux Is tho stronghold 
of dramatist Wing, and he will Specialize in 
that line. 

Thb Sellg Wild Animal Farm, on the Old 
Mission Road, has become ono of the noted 
places In the neighborhood of Los Angeles. 
Bveryttdng tiet the coming of landscape 

■ I • 'TJltt. 

.1 til"* 

■ •i\ To - • 

gardeners could suggest baa been done to 
make this a rare botanical garden Impressive 
in palm line vistas, In shady turns and all 
the natural environment for its savage in- 
habitants. Last week "Papa Puma was 
surprised when "Mama Puma" heard the 
news that three puma pups were welcome 
strangers In her den. The infants arc lithe 
and likable, as playful as domestic kittens, 
and very popular with the women of the 
Sellg companies. Sunt. Thomas Persons has 
been very busy since he was placed in charge 
of the park, and has erected a studio build- 
ing with dressing rooms and a large stage 
where interior scenes can be given In prox- 
imity with the exteriors, and the animals 
can be used if necessary. The jungle por- 
tion of the big park bas been enhanced by 
the planting of many additional Indian and 
African trees, shrubs and all the foreign 
flora befitting tho fauna that make this park 
the equal of any zoo In America. Two of 
the Sellg stock companies are constantly at 
work in this park. The river that runs 
through the park can serve with equal truth, 
the Zambesi, the Nile, the Ganges or the 

Elmeb Geandik. actor and director, for- 
merly associated with the Imp, has joined 
the Sellg stock forces at Los Angeles, bring- 
ing with him Guy Oliver. Stella ftosetta, Mr. 
and Mrs. W. H. Brown, of the Klnemaco'or; 
camera man McKenzle, likewise Betty Schada 
(formerly leading ladv with tbe American), 
Madeline Post, Ethel Davis, and Francis 
Newberg, leading man with tbe Kalem and) 

Last week, while tbe Tamalpals Conserva- 
tion Club was passing resolutions and worry- 
ing over tbe terrible destructions of forest 
fires on the Pacific Coast, the people of tho 
Mill River Valley, in BUtbedale, were busy 
fighting the flames back toward tbe top of 
Warner's Ridge and Corte Madre Ridge. A 
group of motion picture operators, accom- 
panied by Lanier Bartlett. Paul Pincus and 
others from the Sellg Polyscope Co., were 
high up on the mountain taking Alms, show- 
ing tbe lire and the fighters. They were sud- 
denly surrounded by a ring of flames that 
was discovered by B. W. Cary, a private ol 
the Sixth Infantry, who was fighting the 
Are in that neighborhood Several of the 
company were almost overcome before they 
could reach a zone of safety, and were only 
rescued with tbe greatest sort of difficulty. 

Last week,»at Ft. Riley, Kan., Gov. Hodges 
and his entire staff, as well as all the officers 
of tbe post saw a number of moving picture 
(lima that had been made for the Sellg Poly- 
scope Co. by Chaplain Dickson of the United 
states Army. The Kant at Vity Star, whose 
correspondent was present, wrote : "The con- 
sensus of opinion was, that the Alms were 
the finest military pictures that have ever 
been produced. The photography was per- 
fect, and the scenes went on the screen with 
almost the same pleasure to the eye that a 
person would view the scene in nature. • • • 
At times tho camera was bo closo to the can- 
non that every detail of tbe 'recoil of the 
service charge could be seen the same as In 
the field. Into action and out of action, 
through the woods, stringing wire, and 
across ditches rushed the red guidon. Even 
hardened campaigners thrilled as they 
watched — every person shown In these pic- 
tures was an officer or soldier of tho regular 
army. There wns no posing or lovo scene: 
It was a masterly dignified presentation of 
the American soldier as he really Is." 
Sellg Releases, 

Aio. 18. — The leading two-reel special re- 
lease will be a big moving melodrama deal- 
ing with tbe lighthouse service, entitled "The 
Child of the Sea." It shows storm and ship- 
wreck, deals with love and duty. 

Auo. 10.— "Tobias Turns the Tables." It 
is an amusing comedy, enlisting a new re- 
cruit In the U. 8. service, who furnishes fun 
by seeming greenness and then turns the 
tables, showing himself a man of consequence. 

Al'O. 20.— "The Ten Thousand Dollar Toe." 
The difficulty of detecting a scar on a coy 
young lady's toe Is tbe thing that keeps a 
young man busy, as it means a big inherit- 
ance. On the same reel with interesting 
"Scenes In Moroland." 

Auo. 21. — ''Fate Fashions a Letter." A 
slick criminal almost outwits the wife of a 
famous detective, and then gets caught. 

■ -,1 - 

. •.'.» < ■ ■ 

A Charming Kleine-Eclipse Feature 






A splendid story of adventure. The settings are un- 
usually picturesque-laid In the ring of a traveling circus 
where the spectacular "Leap For Life" turns to a "Leap 
To Death." 

In love with the Acrobat's wife, the Clown seeks her In 
tho dressing room and makes violent love. The Acrobat, 
returning from his daring leap, finds them together, and 
Incurs the everlasting enmity of the Clown. 

Plotting a diabolical revenge the Clown awaits his 
chance. It comes when the child of the Acrobat dies 
suddenly. Just as he Is poised for his desperate leap, the 
Clown whispers the news In his ear. With a heart laden 
with grief, dazed by the awful tidings, the Acrobat loses 
his nerve, and by a fatal mis-step plunges to destruction. 

A Two-reel of many sensational moments, combining 
the usual air of the Circus, with Its atmosphere and 
color, and the charms of a delightful story. 



166 No. State St., CHICACQ. ILL. 







\AA Essanay 
ET Establishes 
_. Exceptionally 4 
"■ Excellent 
K B«.mph» 

and £ 

A Big Reduction In Film, 100 reols at 1 cent a ft, somo at 18 a reol; hsvo Western and Indian Keels. No 
wornontfllm. 000 Bets of Sons; Slides. 11 and $l.Wa nut; Power's No.B Machine »7n; l'ower's No. 
6, |135; also other cheap Machines; Model '•11" Calcium Macblno, %■». I also bay Film, glide. 
and Buaehlnes, If good. Q. f. QAIXQT, 70 Christophs* Btr— t, W. Y. City. 

Aug. 22 — "The Cood Indian." How the 
clever consort of a doctor saves an Indian's 
elck child from death, and Is In turn saved 
from rod devils on the warpath. A thrilling 


Klelne-Ecllp.e Release Calls for Real 

Tn# Eclipse Co., of Paris, deserves credit 
for many odd and unusual thought* in Ulm 
making. Joe HattknaD. known In this coun- 
try under the name of "Arizona Bill," was 
actually torn in Phoenix, and, with his wife, 
fell upon bard times In tbe tig French capi- 
tal. "Bill" applied for work with the 
Eclipse Co. and was given some typical West- 
ern cowpuncher stories to produce. The nov- 
elty of a Western film made In Paris created 
much talk at the time. 

Ik obdm to produco the Klelne-Ecllpse 
release for Tuesday, Aug. 10, a two-reel 
atorjr, an entire stranded circus was hired. 
The tented aggregation in question "went 
broke" in the Parisian suburbs, and tbe 
Eclipse Co., ever after something new, con- 
ceived the idea of resting the circus. This 
they did, using none of their regular leads. 
The result was a splendid two-reel, note- 
worthy for the genuine color and atmosphere 
of a circus. The title Is "Tho Clown's Ite- 
venge," and the central thought swings about 
tiie jealousy of a clown and a diabolical plan 
of vengeance. 

TBaUTBiCAt, and motion picture circles in 
the East have been much Interested in the 
report that George Klelne contcmnlntcH using 
certain famous Broadway stars In his mul- 
tiple-reel importations. This information 
has given rise to erroneous reports of Mr. 
Klelne again entering tbe manufacturing 
business. Mr. Kleino has no Intention of 
erecting studios and releasing pictures In tho 
usual way, but docs arpect to take American 
stage favorites to Prance and Italv to play 
leads In bis big Aim creations. Announce- 
ment of his definite plans will be made In 
tbe near future. 

Fob tbe benefit of the einlbltor, fJcorgo 
Klelne baa Installed a publicity department 
egutpped bo tho last detail, to meet the needs 
of theatre owner*. In addition to the usual 
publicity helps, a number of now and orig- 
inal Ideas have been added that will aswirn 
exhibitors the best possible aid In attracting 

"Quo Vadis?" opened at tbe B. F. Keith 
nippodrome, Cleveland, Monday, July 21. 
Tho attendance opening night was .1,240, 
This mark was raised to 8,748 on Tuesday. 
3,000 Wednesday, 4,110 on Thursday, 3,083 
on Friday, and 4,042 on Saturday, It will 
bo noted that csch day showed a distinct 
gain except Friday, when the wither turned 

•J.VSr . - .!!; . 
.•': vr- • ~ •■ 

unusually warm. Tho total attendance for 
tho week was 23,722. This, of course, froui 
Monday to -Saturday only, 'nils breaks all 
record* for a six day attendance for any 
picture. The Klelno-Clncs maaterpteco con- 
tinue* Ita unprecedented run In twelve of 
America's greatest cities. 

OronoR KtiiNi ha* recently made arrange- 
menrs with several of tbe world's greatest 
composers, including Mascagnl, Puccini and 
Concavallo, who will revise their musical 
scores to fit a number of the gigantic at- 
tractions which he will soon release In Amer- 
ica, based on a number of the famous opera* 
for which these scores were originally 
written. Mr. Kleino also arranged for ex- 
clusive rights to novels of Gabrlele D'Annun- 
sto, most famoua of Italian dramatists of 
tho present day. 

■ i » 

"The Trail of the Tiger" U the fascinating 
and blglily descriptive title of the Initial 
animal picture to be undertaken by the Uni- 
versal West Coast studio*, at Hollywood. 
Cal. It was commenced en July 2ft, and 
General Manager licrnstcln wires that tbe 
first scenes have been highly successful. It 
will make use of somo of tbe famous Jungle 
beasts that the Universal 111m Manufactur- 
ing Company has recently acquired, and bids 
fair to create a sensation when shown on the 

Recent additions to Universal City's too 
include tho two larsent python* In captivity. 
Ono Is a royal python, thirty-two feet long, 
which weighs three hundred and eighty 
pounds, and tbe other has a length of thirty- 
six feet, and tips tho notion at four hundred 
and fifty pounds. 


W. C, Kingston, N. Y.— 1. The first ran- 
tlon picture exhibited In an American the- 
atre wss projected by Edison's Vltsscope, or 
Projecting Klnetoscope at Koster ft Dial's 
Music Hall, Now York City, April 23, 180(1. 
2. The Initial program consisted of Che fol- 
lowing subpects: r An Umbrella Dance," "A 
Butterfly Dance," "A Burlesque Boxing 
Bout." *'An Amazon March," "Waves Wash- 
ing Upon the Ileacn" and ''A High Kicking 

WiM.rcoitnr. — 1. Addren* the General Dim 
Co., Now York. 2. Excellent. 3. He Is a 
writer of scenarios, unattached at present. 

ExciiANon. — 1. About live years ago, 2. 
No company of that name In existence. 

Elms. — 1. King Baggott la the president 
of tho Screen club. 2. The next conven- 
tion of tbe Exhibitors' League of America is 
scheduled for Dayton, O. 8. M. A. Ned Is 
tbe president. 

Wenn.— 1. Purely a local matter, In which 
you will h&TO to use your own Judgment. . 

i.r i ; 

i i: 



August 9 




[Mnrard Itoycc. an English musical rnm- 
ccly dagc producer, linn laid before Charles 
l''rolini:in what appoint to be a practical 
plan (or employing moving pictures in rc- 
beaming musical ' comedy companies. . Mr. 
Itoycc for year* has been stage director of 
Italy's Theatre, London. "The Marriage Mar- 
ket, now In is third month at Daly s The- 
atre, Ixindon, la his work. Mr. Frouman 
lins brought Mr. Roycc to New York to lend 
a hand In rehearsing "The Marriage Mar- 
ket,'' for the use of Donald Brian this season. 
Mr. Itoycc is one of the moat expert men 
In Knglnnd In composing largo groups of 
musical comedy people, lie Is as skillful In 
teaching Individual dancing as in obtaining 
rnnnbw effecta. , 

Mr. Itoycc's plan is to put Into immcdlato 
effect n tentative arrangement already made 
with the Kincmacolor Company of America 
I'm- the employment of moving pictures as 
a quick means for putting on dances, for 
Illustrating special groupings, and, con- 
versely, for showing musical comedy artists 
how their work will appear to audiences. 
He claims that moving pictures, properly 
used, In rehearsing companies, 'will M a 
greater corrective, and la the end a greater 
teacher titan any stage producer. In the 
working out of the plan It la expected that 
by the simple device of kalsomlnlng the 
back wail of a stage and employing a moving 
picture machine, dances, intricate groupings 
and ciHcmhlf effects can be unmistakably il- 
lustrated Instead of being loosely described. 
The m heme Is further recommended as a 
quick means for Importing from abroad 
scenes and effects In foreign plays, watch 
can Iw duplicated fnto American productions 
by tlio use of moving pictures. 

Charles Krohman is so favorably lnv 

Crossed with the schemo that ho has told Mr. 
oyce to go ahead with his experiments. 
Mr. I'mimnm's belief la that this plan and 
the constantly Increasing use of moving pic- 
tures lu imiHlral comedies arc trig steps to- 
wards the final nhsorptlon of the whole field 
of moving pictures by the legitimate stage. 
Mr. ltoyce's plan will naturally be tested out 
on a very small scnlo at first, but it will, at 
least, hsve a good trial with the chorus and 
the principals of "The Doll Girl" Company, 
now rehearsing at the Umpire Theatre. As 
a first step, a moving picture machine will 
be Installed this week, with a special 
operator whose business It will bo to re- 
produce the principals of "Tho Doll dirt" 
Company Just n» they look when rehearsing, 
so that afterwards, these pictures, displayed 
on the hack wall of the stage, may show the 
members of the company exactly how they 
look to their audiences. 

Several Frolnunn stars have successfully 
employed the small business phonograph ai 
n means of detecting Imperfections in their 
speech. In the same way It Is expected thnt, 
filming other benefits, through the uso of 
these temporarily made moving pictures, 
lending musical comedy artists will be nolo 
to correct faults that they can only detect 
after seeing themselves as others see them. 

flhe Ideal Amusement Co. is about to begin 
•ho erection of a S05.000 theatre at Sixth 
Street, Moyamcnslng Avenue and Jackson 
Street The theatre will measure 91 by 10O 
feet, and will have a 1,000 seating capacity. 

Margolin A Illock have awarded a contract 
for a f 15,000 moving picture theatre at Nos. 
1003 to 1007 Columbia Avenue, The dimen- 
sions will be 43 by 00 feet. 

Wm. Eckhold Ic Bona are having plans pre- 
pared for a moving picture bouse, 80 by 100 
(feet, at No. 707 Kast GIrard Avenue. 

The Bureau of Building Inspection granted 

permits during July for the erection of seven 

moving picture houses costing $88,700. Tills 

brings the total so far this year for bulld- 

' ings for amusement purposes to forty-seven, 



th a total cost of fl ,01 0,1 45. 


Photoplay artists are called upon to do 
many tilings, but It Is seldom that an oppor- 
tunity presents itself to make use of their 
accomplishments outside of their work, 
Such was tiot the case with Itlchard C. 
Travers, of the Kssnnny Eastern Stock Co., 
the oilier evening. 

While at dinner with some friends down- 
town the waiter presented the card of a gen- 
tleman at an adjacent table, nnd asked 
Trovers if he would kindly step over to his 
table, as he wished to have a chat with bUn. 
Travers, who is an extremely good-natured 
chap, readily consented, thinking, of course, 
that It was someone who tecognlzcdlblm from 
the pictures. Such was not the case. The 
young man quickly told him of the predica- 
ment that he was in. Ho was very much in 
love with n certain young lady residing In 
the fashionable North Shore colony, but on 
account of a contemplated trip to Europe her 
parents would not consent to the marriage 
until their return, two years from now. She 
was only allowed to go out accompanied by 
their chauffeur, who kept constant watcb on 
her movements. 

As tbc young man was familiar with 
T ravers' work he explained that as he had 
overcome so many obstacles In the coune of 
bis plctnre love affairs, that It would be 
very easy for him to solve a simple every- 
day life bit of trouble. Trnvers promised to 
meet he young man and his fiancee the fol- 
lowing evening, and he would try and devise 
some way out of the fix. In the meantime 
the young man was to obtain the license. 

They met, as arranged. No definite plans 
had been made, but It occurred to Travers 
to put one of his many accomplishments to 
good use. Why not drive the machine him- 
self 7 The young pair agreed. Tho chanllour 
was sent for a package of cigarettes. Trav- 
ers took his piace at the wheel. Then canto 
a wild ride through Lincoln Park and out 
Evanston Avenue to the parsonage. Then 
back to tho bride's home, where eventually 
the "God bless you, my children" was forth- 
coming. When Travers was seen at the 
Essnnay studio the only comment he had to 
make was: "What's the use. Why can't I 
do something like that for myself." Girls, 
hero's an opportunity. 



M. P. E. L. NOTES. 

The Motion Picture Exhibitors' Lcagut 

WoNPttt If tho connection of P, A. Powers 
as president of Warner's Features warrants 

tm*^m*m*rmiBm9H&S» &t"«MSX anyway *"**" "'" * 
overtime and the printing press Is busy. * ohbat week hoboTv mado a .nmh «r 

actTvily" 1 NBr< O01CC ,8 a reifU " ir ***"" 0t »fl ^a7saylng^be y m™tion S^BStS 

land Avenues, Kansas City, Mo. iitnn iJijavm nt th»„ir f„ >... •*». 

Mlnnoota and Indiana, expressing theb? ""W?. 1 * °J.*?. e _ a P? on £ r8 A°« V> 

loyalty to tho M. P E. L. of America. 

.Extensive preparations arc being made to 
hold convention! In Indiana, Illinois nnd 
Wisconsin. Tho national organisation la 
waiting to hear from the president of the 
State of Minnesota as to the day and date 
of the convention held in that Htato to Ml 
the vacancies created. 

A large number of letters arc being re- 

John Bunhi has bought a house in Flat- 
hush, Brooklyn. The house has very wide 

Larky McGill, formerly Reliance director, 
is now with the All Star KVsture Co. So la 
Harry Raver. He's president. 

Co-iNciDBtrr with II. D. Stryckmans* en- 
trance into the feature film game, David 
Horscly's return from Europe. A. E. Saun- 
cclved from New York statins' that tucvwlll SP? cn,rancc into the educational end, and 
,,Z„a tir»nV™«»» ii i!rAHi«?Vi *a« announcement of a regular monthly pro- 

attend the convention to be held Aug. 11. » r «m bv the rimnnii Pumera rv» «n «« , » »rt 

Rcfolt'firf; Thnt tho secretary of Cincinnati ft™" > u ?.™» erB .V°.'. »» t0 ■' 

Local Branch, No. 2, of the M. p. in. U. of 

Sept. 1. It looks like a bright "September 
morn." There ara several more important 

America, be instructed to Inform tho national ""££. .ehedulcd for the fl^rst of fienr^Tr 
president of our league that Cincinnati Ixieal ■"JKL.O hJobn is with ^he 'SSsTCS 

hrnneh No •> «+im<1o reiwlu it nni ttliui In JTiUl. V». H*«B» IB Willi IOC ttynO tOB- 

Branch, No. 2, stands ready at any tlmo to 
advance tho league $000 to assist in carrying 
on the good work so oillclently and honestly 
being done by Its oulccra 

s i 


Universal City recently entertained some 
distinguished visitors iu the persons of Gus- 

pflny. as an actor, Paul used to be a news- 
paper man, 

J. Plunkbtt, formerly with Llebler & Co., 
theatrical producers, is associated with De 
Witt C, Pox, In the handling of the Viva- 
phone Talking Pictures. 

Cuaiu.hy Fuu.BB has gone) to California 
on a business trip. 

Tub Vltagranh Company la having special 
kubIc written for Its feature releases. Here's 

tnv Frohmnn, brother of Charles Pruhnuin, 
and fellow members of the Blanche Bates 
Co., presenting "Tho Witness for tho De- 
fense, In Los Angeles. They wero the 

guests of General Manager Isodore Bernstein. to hla bomQ fg^r BIgln m. 
and be showed the enthusiastic party all of j bm i jjo^,, lB W w connected with the 
the Bights of the unique motion picture city. Nortn American Feature Film Co. 
whoso fame has spread to tho o"*" 110 " t> AV id HonsELT. who sold that stock to 
parts of the world. Manager Frohman re- aomo b uy ig |n .London. Ho will return 

mrds the motion picture as the greatest KSTT' " 

force in civllUatlon to-day, not even. tat- HImt ruvffli gave a private exhibition of 
canting the legitimate drama. To a repre- - ....•" _. »v. 

sentatlve of Tho (/niversal WeMy he roado 
the following statement: "The motion pic- 
ture industry, without a single exception, Is 
the greatest of all amusement enterprises. It 
holds by far more possibilities for good, 
greater things for tho uplifting of humanity 
than any other amusement industry. Legiti- 
mate stars fade and wo aeo the last of a 
great drama, but motion pictures are ever 
with us, teaching their lesson of aid to man- 
kind." Other members of the party were: 
Mrs. P. G. Hubert, member of the motion 

Slcturc censorship board in Los Angeles ; 
Irs. r 
Pasadena . 
George Hopkins. 

lure ccnsarsnip uoura in i.ns Angcics . 
s. C. II. Whipple, secretary of thu board ; 
irlc Hubert Frolimnn und Hubert Frohman, 
sadena ; CIiub. A. Herbert, San Diego, und 


Following the announcement of Florence 
Lawenco's engagement to play leads with tho 
Universal, comes news that Krltzl Brunuette 
has returned to her first love, and will nlso 
star under tho banners of the whirling orb. 
Miss Urunnettc, who for a loug time was 
leading woman in the Victor and l'owers 
companies, has rondo a remarkable reputa- 
tion for her conscientious ami Intelligent 
work, and has a wide following throughout 
tllmdom. She will be an Important oddt- 1 

a chance for the "song writers. 

m J. Hudson, publicity manager of the 
Standard Film Co., has returned from a visit 

a new seven reel Itala production at ths 
Astor, Wednesday. 

B. P. ScnnLBBJio, publicity promoter of 
the Famous Players* Co, must get the in- 
spiration for those ten syllable words from 
somewhere. <Bennle smokes a pipe. Think 
if s Prlnco Albert. 


Tabloid, Mux It- ul Conioily with. Ability 
audi luuiteriul. 

Fine opening for tho light man. No Nigger Acts 
wanted. If you haven't rent up-to-date nmteruU 
don't wusto postage. Can also uso other experi- 
enced poople. Address J. M. IWIHIS, care 
O. T. (: > nivford Hi. at ill ul Kill erprtses, 
St. Louis, Mo. 



Don to the remarkable constellation of stars | Ileul Money to ll.-nt Actors. Prrfervncn 
that will shine this season In the Universal to thoss doing upecltkltles. Alio want 

Ann am cot. 

Glen White will play opposite Miss Brun- 
netro In the new flcm series. He recently 
returned from Kuroiie, where he made an ex- 
tensive tour of observation of cinema condi- 
tions, which he presented nt the time to Die 
readers of The Vnlvvrtol Wocfchy. Mr. 
White Is one of the most popular figures 
in the world of tho motion picture art, nnd 
the announcement that both be and Miss 
Ilrunnette will lend their presence to tho 
future Gem pictures, will do much to further 
popularlrc this Important brand. 

Tnn Moral Peatdrb Film Co., Inc.. of 

Manhattan, has ticcu incorporated by Sam 
11. London, Myrtci Coblcuu and llerinan 

. . ' 
... t ' 

Specialty Peep!* for Psliuromid Show. 
Kriocki'»,bnoinrs t <lliipeBserae)f trouble 
stay mmv. State salary. We nay all. 

C. W. MiUORJI AV, Oregon, Wis. 



On tho application of Leon Laskl, counsel , ****• w * *. vw **^ 

for Jacobs I Jermon. Supremo Court JnsUce A*n« at the ^ 1 ^ * r ™' T t t r r 2^1 i±£i 

th«r~hnvo" thus far set Ihcnuielves up In oppoBi- 

injunction restraining William (Billy) HH h {0 the oolmnbla circuit tbeiitrcs In 

Arlington, a comedian from playing under SSfa^aMfc* with a few more, lucluutog 

•ny other management than that of ths Brooklyn to be beard from. 

plaintiffs until a suit brought by the plain- i n l'lil'lsdclplila, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indiana- 
tiffs against the actor for breach of contract polls, St. Lonis, CMca«o, Detroit, Toronto, Buffalo, 
can be tried next October. uocbettcr, Dtlca, Boston and New York they will 
According to the petitions, Arlington is an compete with the Eastern wheel shows. As. the 

"eccentric, original, clever, characteristic and 
funny dancing and singing comedian, and 
possesses talent of special, unique, original 
and extraordinary character." In May, 1012, 
the plaintiff and the defendant entered Into 
a contract for a term of seven years, by the 
terms of which Arlington was to receive a 
salary of $110 a week, with a yearly Increase 
in salary daring the life of the contract. 

Arlington was playing In "The Golden 
Crook." When the Bcason closed in Msy last 
the plaintiffs learned that Arlington was 
going to tbc Hippodrome, London, under a 
three year contract. The petitions state that 
the defendant's services are special and 
unique, "the best tramp comedian In the busi- 
ness" and "tho only person who can piny the 
part that he portrays in The Golden 
Crook,' " 


Tho Progressive circuit has entered Into a 
contract with Matt Woodward, the well 
known author, to act as producing censor for 
all tbc shows playing the circuit. Mr, Wood- 
ward will visit all snows as soon as possible 
and consult with the managers regarding 
any changes that be may consider necessary. 

Mr. Woodward will be In the Progressive 
offices after Sept. 1, in the Times Building, 
New York. ' 


(Special Wire to The Clipper.) 

Detroit, Sunday, Aug. 8. 
First gun fired to-day by the new Pro- 

fresslve circuit at the beautiful Cadillac 
heatre. Crowds turned away at both per- 
formances. Theatre and location best In De- 
troit. Blanch Balrd's Big Show a great lilt. 
President Stair nnd Vice President Sullivan 
attended the opening. Sam Levy. 


Tint Hit OLD TIHHH8. 

May Howard, Frankle Bailey and Pearl 
LivingHtone will be in the show conducted 
by May Howard on tbc Progressive wheel. 
In this week's "25 Years Ago" we mention 
that the May Howard Show was organized 
for the season of 1888-1881), with May How- 
ard an the principal feature, In the days 
•Then nearly all burlesque shows were beaded 

Sr and named after women favorites. Miss 
oward Is an effective producer with up-to- 
date ideas, and will no doubt put out a good 

Frankle still has her physical charms, es- 
pecially two, and her pleasant personality 
that made her famous In the old Weber-Field 

Pearl Is a graduate from the old Sefton- 
Watson Show and, after a few years' retire- 
ment and family life, came back but year 
with her old voice and Vint, 

"Good lack to the three graces" from all 
their friends. 

I i 


Bert Baker, the star of the Bon Ton Girls 
Co., will be the only burlesque star to travel 
In his own private car. Mr. Baker has 
closed a deal whereby he gets the sixty foot 
private car of James Molooe, of Monterey, 
Hex., a successful mining man, who Intends 
to travel abroad for the next two years. Mr. 
Baiter will have the car refitted with every 
convenience of a modern hotel. He will 
carry his company aboard on all moves, but 
at other times they will stay at hotels. His 
Flat car will be carried In 

old Empire circuit houses in some of these cities 
found It a losing venture. It remains to be seen 
whether the new blood has the right Idea, and 
will be able to draw patrons to their doors, away 
from tlie other side, or at least Induce them to 
also view their productions. 

Tho towns which Hie Progressives havo to 
themselves are WIlkes-UaiTc and Scrauton (split 
week) ; the Pcnn circuit of ono nlghtcrs. Scheaec- 
tady (threo days), Lynn and Lowel (split week). 
and Lawrence and Uolyokc (split week), all of 
which could be flgured to support ono burlesque 
house giving acceptable shows. 

It will be noticed that several old-troe pro- 
ducers are brought back by the Progressives, 
namely: May Howard, who has been In the gane 
long enough to know what the public wants, and 
Joe Opperiheunor, one of the first burlcsonc pro- 
moters, who started the titles "Fay Foster" and 
"Miss New York Jr." 

The members from the Umpire include: Prank 
Caluer, (barley Taylor, Harry Slrouse, Tom Sulli- 
van, Wash. Hartln, Sim Williams, Lon Talbot, 
Max Armstrong, Billy Dunn, Morris Walnstncfc 
and Charles P. Cromwell. 

Charles Robinson has gone over from the Onlaro- 
trta side, and tho new firm's are: O. T. Craw- 
ford, J. D. Barton, Hatch A Hearty. Batter A 
I>evltt (formerly independents), Babe Bernstein, 
Jean Bedinl, Bernard & Zelslcr and W. B. Bent- 


BjuciNSJf. Mildred Gllmore, tVe-TVce 
Job Phillips, end Harry Fields Joy-rldo from re 
•warsan to the nuntc poMliihers In an auto. Soms 
Class to tills bunch. 

Bob Fttxsiuiiohs dropped in at the fox Cluh 
last ns>ek, and cangbt ex-cfaamplea Abe Attell 

Fkank Oaloeb lias errerythlng in readiness for 
the opening at tho High Life Qirln. Boston 
Aug. O, at tho Howard. 

Wass. Martin Is holding forth at rehearsals 
for his Sunshine GUIs, at tho Olympic. "A Use 
of Water." 

Bona Max Webstxb has signed with Sutter & 

Davs Marioi? and his wife gave an Informal 
midnight supper at Pabst, One Hundred and 
Twenty-fifth Street, July 29, to Bubo Bernstein 
Cbas. (High C) Folk, Max Armstrong, Nat! 
Golden, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Travers and L. \i 

jEAjna WAiTsas returns to Miner's Big Frolic. 

Da* Gallauukb, all tanned up after an enjoy- 
able Smmser la his new motor boat, returned to 
the ardent labor thing with Miner's big show. 

Hutu Bassous. after ploying the Canadian 
to New York. Ruth says, "never 

Bdby Marion- and Ami Thomfsov. 
"Queens of Music," arc taking a -well earned 
rest at Mt. Clemens. Preparatory to Joining 
Gus Sun's Conservatory of Music, they will 
remain In vaudeville for a season. 

Mb. and Miih. John McVkioh, Summering 
At Lake Hopatcong, were called home by the 
death of Mrs. McVeigh's father. 

Ed. Kofkckz has been eentenced to live in 
Astoria, L. I, too bad, Ed I 

Abb Shapibo, the well known manager, 
of the Empire, Toledo, O;, visited New York 
on a business trip. Mr. Shapiro is undecided 
ob to what he will do this season, but expects 
to put over a deal with the Progressive. 

'IIektuii Waters will work singly the com- 
ing season. The Waters-Mack Combination 
is no longer in existence. 

M.u.vim: Loebki.'H Uotai. Tiii;nur, New 
York. (formerly Miner's .Bowery), will open 
with Hebrew plays late this month. 

Tub Casino, Brooklyn, will open Aug. 9, 

Looms HOao goes with Al. Reeves again this 

Waxna GnaAVBS, who manages Blnch Cooper's 
Boseland Girls, says: "Watch my show. That's 

Ton McKhnna closed up his bungalow at Lak-j 
nenatoanc, and Is a busy fellow rehearsing with 
Babe Bernstein's new show. 

Kaxaa Habbis arrived In New York from Kla- 
katoorx. II. Y., July 20, and started rehearsals 
with Dave Marlon. 

Za»ol»: the g-trt with the dlamorul teeth, la In 
Nrw Ton, and In all probabilities will be seen 
with a bsriceqae show this season. 

Mauia Welsh, who has bean spending her va- 
cation at Boekaway Beach, has signed with Jacob 
St Twin's Broadway Girls Co. 

Bxoht W. Cbaio opened his season Aag. 4, 
presenting The Merry Bmlesqaers. Dorothy 
Blodgett. Connie De Forrest Babe La Bell?, 
Frank Ooiliaa, Frank Irwin. Bart Nelson, Eugene 
Jfahnstowa, Geo. Mueller, Geo. Hale, Minnie I.a- 
vanala. nake op the east. Twenty chorus girls 
will be carried. 

Dara StmouoB, formerly with Cohan & Harrb' 
shows, is now with B. Dt HIoer*a Big Frolic, la 

■mllk. Veola. will head Cbas. Taylor's Tango 
Girls (I'rotTcslve Show), 

Ai.k-h Walkex contemplates opening a hotel 
for professionals If she does not sign with a show. 

Tins is to be the last season of the Cleve- 
land Star for burlesque. The new burlesime 
house on Euclid Avenno will show the Co- 
lombia wheel shows thereafter. 


Heading tho Shubert list of attractions 
for" 1013-14 are: Forbes-Robertson, whose 
supporting company will be headed by his 
wife Gertrude Elliott, who will present rep- 

— iAr» j-«»""ii_ "■">'?•*«?,. ""a anaa auj », «rne. uerrruae i<;mntr, wuo wui present rep- 
•wlth Johnny Weber heading the Hose Sydeli ertofrc, Indadlna;: "The Passing of the Third 

Co - t Floor Back," "Tho Light That Palled" and 

"Csssar and Cleopatra ;" E. H. Sothem 

Tns Columbia, New York, will open Aug. 
11. Bolllo Ward and Lillian Fitzgerald will 
fee featured in 'VHociety a la Carte." 

Tun Theatrical Operating Co. officers are: 
Sam A Bcrlbner, president ; John O. Jermon, 
Ticc president ; Bud. K. Hynlcka, treasurer ; 
J. nerbcrt Mack, secretary. 

Tnn Golden Crooks open at the Star, 
Brooklyn, Auk. 0. 

Joiinnih WBnr.n, George Clayton Frye, 
Louis Thlel. Mick McCabe, James Bogard. 
Virginia Kclsey, Mae Moran, Clarence Stln- 
son and Florence Nichol are the principals 
for the Boss Sydeli Co. 

Fau LawasMca and Klaba. Hendbix open 
in vaudeville in Philadelphia this week with 
a new act. Miss Hendrlx will be the boy. 

Dobcas Huxlry sails for Europe Aug. 6. 

Tnn Stars of Burlesque (Progressive) ros- 
ter includes: Billy (Glrogan) Spencer, Ted 
Kvans, Arthur Mayer, Lew Hoffman, Linton 
De Wolfe, Will Nell Lavender, Babe nfubj 
and Lillian Emmerette. W. J. Hentley, man- 
ager; Bob Gordon, advance; Charles Bmer- 
ett, leader ; Robert Hartlgan. "props ;" Billy 
Roth, electrician, and John B. Rellly, carpen- 
ter. The show opens at the Olympic, New 
York, Aug. 26. " "" " 

The Beauty Parade Co. (Columbia) will 
include : Harry Fields, Lllln Brennon, Coun- 
tess Rossi, Claude C Miller, Joseph It. Mills, 
Joe Phillips, James Howell. Mamie Webster, 
Virginia Zollman, Mildred Ollmore. Ed. 
iSchafer, manager; Ed. Meyers, leader; Ed. 

10. H. Sothern and 
Julia Marlowe, who will open a season of 
Ave weeks at the Manhattan Opera House, 
Sept. 22, and William Faversham, who will 
again present "Julius Caxar," "Othello" and 
"Borneo and Juliet." 

Wm. Hodge will star In "Tho Bond to 
Happiness;" Louis Mann's vehicle will be 
"Children of To-day," and Bertha Kalich 
Will apear In "Her Son's Wife." 

"Turandot," by Percy Muckaye, will bo 
an early production. "At Bay. by George 
Bcarfeoxoogh. with Guy Standing and Chrys- 
tal Heme In leading roles, and "Suttee," by 
Guy Bolton, will also ho among the season's 

b c. 

Americana arc: 
Mitchell; "Miss 

big ninety b. p. 

tho baggage car, so that at all times Mr. »..,<;. .......,, 

Baker will havo all the pleasures of a homo Dlcrhoff, electrician ; Tom Dillon, props, and 
on wheels. 

The Bon Tons will open Aug. 25 at In- 

dianapolis, Ind. Frank E. McAlcer will man- 
age the show, while Walt Leslie will he the 
business manager in advance. A company of 
fifty-three people will compose the cast, 
Miner's Big Frolic will have a dress re- 
hearsal at Miner's Bronx, Aug. 7. The com- 
Tany will open a preliminary season at 
larrlsburg, Pa,. Aug. 0, then play Altoona 
and Johnstown, then Into Minneapolis for 
their regular season. 
The Big Frolic will carry the following 

Frank Marshan carpenter. 


'Makers (Columbia). 

A new bouse for the Progressives in West 
Philadelphia Is likely to be bnUt by Fred. 
Block, owner of the Trocadero. 

BLANcnic Baron's Bio Snow opens Aug. 
11 the Olympic, Progressive bouse in Cin- 
cinnati, which has been entirely renovated 
by Managers McMahon & Jackson. 

.Habold E, Nbiman will be mnslcal director 
With the Broadway Girls (Columbia). 

Lorrm Elliott is entertaining many per- 
manent and transient visitors at her Maple- 
hurst Cottage In the CatskUls, at Griffin Cor 
new, Flclsclunann 'Station, N. Y, where ex- 

ma no- 

K'geVr/Lorrflnl; $£&£$&£& ^t^S^^&JT^S^LS^i 
n~«A m.neh Piirftn MnHrnret Kinar. Lulu yd bathing can be hod. Miss Elliott will 

keep the place open all the year 'round. 

BosxxAND Giiils (Walter Greaves, 
ger), Columbia New York, Aug. 9-16. 

Tine Colombln Amusement Co. have taken 
over the Star, Brooklyn, and Installed Mike 
Joyce as manager. The Gayety It also re- 
ported as having been secured by them. 

Cold and Wabnbb, German comedlnns, 
have signed with Sutter ft Levitt's Dolly 
Dimple Girls. "The Fox Hunters" In the olio. 

Tub Beauty Parade opens nt Albany Sat- 
urday, Aug. 0, then to the Empire, Montreal, 
for 11-10. 

A dbbss rehearsal of the Rowland Girls 
was held Ang. 4, at the Columbia, New York, 
nnd It showed op well. Lillian Fltigrrald 
leads a scrubwoman number, In Irish, Many 
novel sets are shown. 

Quia* and Quaint write: "We are to be 
seen In burlesque the coming season with 
one of the Progressive circuit shows, starting 
rehearsals Aug. 18, at New York City. WIU 

£ resent our net In the olio, also ploy parts. 
ilss Quaint; soubrettes,' and Mr. Queer, 
principal Irish comedian. Have been enjoy- 
ing eight weeks' vacation at our Summer 
home, and both feel ready for a good season. 
Tab CurraB has kept us in touch with 
all the news.™ 

Sam A Scbibnbb is the happy father of m 
id baby boy since 

Grace, Blanch Curtis, Margaret King;, Lulu 
Beeson and Lena Daley. 
i i a 


Hal Lane, the prodncer, has quite a con- 
tract to fulfill this season. Hal wul put on 
all tho numbers of four different Progressive 
wheel shows, namely : The Honey Girls, Stars 
of Burlesque. High Life Girls and Girls 
from the Follies. Hal has gained quite an 
envious reputation as a prodncer, and his 
meritorious work with the above named 
ahows Is hound to put him in line with the 
few real producers of burlesque. 

Frank Caldcr and Frank Lawlor's new 
show over the Progressive time, the High 
Life Girls, will have as principals: Margie 
Bennett, May Fleming, Katherlne Ross, All 
nnd Hunter, Harry Matthews, Oscar Lewis, 
JJort Bertrand, Jules Jacobs, Vera Rose, 
Florcnco Monroe. Staff : Slg Kennedy, lead- 
er; Joe Howard, carpenter; Chas. Lester, 
electrician; Chris. Christoholm, props. 



Manager Wm. S. Clark Iibb Mb show nil en- 
"aged. Tho roBtcr includes: Billy Ritchie, 
Ick McAllister, Wm. Gross, Frank Base, Joe 


To double Btage. Salary, nil you are worth. 
Work in tent ; sleep and cat In hotels -on SKETCH 
TKAM, ono to handle Piano. Hteudy work, long 
season, with iho oldest company in Texas, 
ii Aim v P. miller, Mgr. Touko Med. Co., No. 11, 
Parts, Texas. 

fUiillliir, LOFTUS STOCK CO. 
Wlrtt J. J. RYAN, Mgr. slogan Opera 

House, Hasquelianaa, Pa. 

Dick MeAIMater, Win. oross, »rana uase, job rm e)gnt and one . hglt pom,,!' 

Bury, Dell Bcnn. Wtalfr^ Fraucls Una La OT e /» 'Everybody wefi! 

Courier. Uuby I.usby and Anna Clark. Ed. I. Cbab. ft Tatlob. Imcobf 
Perlne Is the leader. 


Joseph Barnes' new burlesque house, the 
Empire, In Tcrre Haute, Ind., will open Aug. 
31. New dressing rooms nnd nil modern 
conveniences have been installed, making It 
one of the most up-to-date burlesque houses 
In the State. The Harry Hastings' Show, 
Hrstcrn wheel, will be the opening attrac- 

i s 


The Columbia circuit has appointed a cen- 
sor committee In each house of the Columbia 
wheel, to consist of the bouse staff. Their 
reports on different shows playing their 
house wUI be forwarded to headquarters 



The rumor of erecting a new burlesque 
bouse In Birmingham, Ala., 1b rife. Under 

Kiod management this enterprise eaon]dj pay 
rge dividends, 

'ATLOB, Incoetobated, la the 
Ann formed by Chas. E. Taylor, Sndye Apfel 
and Abraham Pclcr. 


Other plays written 
"Modern G!rl." by Bush 
FhasrJx," by Arthur Lee ; "The Warning," by 
Arthur J. Eddy; "It He Had Only Known,'' 
by Infills Allen, and "The Winning of Ma," 
• dramatisation of Bessie Hoover's magazine 

Front the European market the Messrs. 
fibubert have secured GranvUle Barker's 
''Festival," which Includes plays by Mr. Bar- 
ker, John Galtwortliy and George Bernard 
Sbaw. The Arm also baa "Loe Petltes," 
translated from the French. Monckton 
Hoffe's "Panthca" will be presented Jointly 
wltli Mr. Faversham, and "The Surprises of 
Hell'* will be produced in association with 
Wlnthrop Ames, 

'Pin- first important musical production 
will bo made at the Casino Theatre, when De 
Wolf Hopper appears In "L1*e: - Augiretiii. ' 
by Leo Fall, Ernst Wellsch and Rudolf 
Bernaoer. "Oh, I Say," a French farce, has 
been set to music by Jerome Kern, and will 
be given some time In the Winter. 

With William A, Brady the Messrs. Shubert 
are Interested to "Believe Me, Xantippe." 
and Owen Davis' "The Family Cupboard." 
All of the firm's last season's successes will 
be presented on tour this Autumn, and a 
new musical production will follow "The 
Passing Show of 1913" at the Winter Gar- 
den, with Oaby Deslys In the leading role. 

Tlie JMppodrotne will open late In August 
with, a new production. 

*> a 

-Tine i ;i.i x in OF YOUTH." 

Chicago, IIL, Aug. 3. — "The F/.lxhr of 
Toot u, N a new farce by Zella Covington and 
Jales (Himouson, was DMMtnccd at the Cort 
Theatre here lost night under the manage- 
ssent of John Cort The story is founded 
open the belief of a country doctor that be 
hat after twenty-five years of persistent ex- 
•arlmentlng, discovered a secret by which 
lite mav not only be prolonged but through 
the effects of which the aged may be reju- 
venated. Ti.e idea has been worked out by 
the authors in an entirely new and novel 
manner, and the success of tbe play seems 
assured. The cast Is beaded by Frank Bn- 
eon. who scored heavily, others who ap- 
peared to advantage were Harry Mestaycr, 
Joseph Brennan, George Ilarnum, Amelia 
Burners. Winifred Bryiion, Marie Taylor and 
Betsy Bacon. "The Elixir of Youth" will be 
seen in New York immediately following its 
Chicago run. 

4 « » 
•tiik ERA" CHANGES. 

The Hra, England's great dramatic journal, 
has made two radical change?, vis: reduced 
its price and changed Its day of publication. 

Heretofore its price has been sixpence, and 
the reduction 1b made to ono penny, while 
Its publication day has been changed from 
Saturday to Wednesday. 
* ■» 

Tmi Henry B. Harris Estate announces 
that the opening date of the Hudson for 
Bayard Veiller*a new pity, "The Bight," has 
been changed to Tuesaav. Sept. 2. _^ 



H0IDAY, AUB. 11, AT WEEOHA BALL, 409 W. 47tb St, near 91b Ave., It 10 A. M. 

Kindly aoxnowledg e this e aB In pe rson or by tetter to 

OTTTKK m LKVTTT, Gaiety Theatre Ifalldtng, Boom M2, New Tot* OUT. 


A H Peop le Engaged for the Above Attraction kindly Report for Ilrlirtarsnls to 
WASIONGTON KAJ J,, 761 8th AVE. (but 47th and 48th Sta.) THURS- 
DAY, AUG. 7, 10 A. It 

W. B. BENTLEY, Boom 420 Knickerbocker Theatre Bldg., New York 

1 1. 

■i i 

i fi'i.'/fl . 

I - 







'a .; pair . of" /vceswin: : : 





THE.iACE.Wfi HAD UP OUR SLEEVE. ,[T vi . r'l/ouiV.iS jj 'tyfc»v"t>-«V: ii oiuaiihiVc pinijv.' OUT it >so Ht i» nil ufrluvS. 


r-WTC" THOUGHT Tins WIS, TI1E : jifKCK, tlTT? rt?' TltKME" OPT A%i '.'MK >> ACU., UA U.S U M.IOEm, .HK.VO.WJIi yjll.1 _.»'OV pfc]U l VL SUNG, 

. i , wK'aiw'T'ii.11, too -uttii iiioirr s,Wii» Htffiiixit;' ' bitkh iuu" nV.Att it vol. \»ill aCiikk w ' rii is,: 


BERT ,: " ■'",■'"''■,■■•■'■:'■•. HAKRT ." - • : ->si i 

KALWAR and PUCK IV1USIC CO, (Inc.), 152 W. 45th St., New York City 



Tho Orpheum Players, «t tlio Chestnut 

Street. Philadelphia, offer this week a noT- 

elty, gtrtDg. for the first tlmo in America, 

, jw ilkigkaa corned; drama entMcd 

The Tricky lira. Trevelyaii.'* Tbe pl«» was 
w rittsn IV W. CrontB-WtlaoB, a new drama- 
tist. The American rights were secured by 
Frwdarte McKay, wlio proposes to present 
the play la New York in October. It ta 
gUm by the Orphcom Players by special 
arrangemeni with lit. McKay, who baa been 
In Philadelphia tbeiiaat week Hupcrintcndlng 
rehearsals. Bertha Mann, who will create 
the leading role for the New York production 
later an, Em teen especially engaged for toe 
title role. 

•Ilia Tricky Mrs. Trerelran" to described 
as a play ■without a hero or a heroine, or a 
villain or an adventureas— *ll t he ch aracter; 
are the nsnal mixture found In humanity of 
various conflicting traits. Tho underlying 
motive of the play aeema to be that men 
should take care that they leave their wires 
flnandaUy bulwarked against the possibility 
of the hashand dying; that the women, not 
being taught how to make money and battla 
with the world, go all to pieces when they 
are suddenly left on their uppers as lira, 
Trevelynn Wat, but when they meet a rtgutor 
man they can tie m> to. they ore-all right. 
In one sense "The Tricky Mrs. Trovcl^'* 
may he described a* a reverse picture of 'The 
Easiest Way." The themes Is that of the 
frivolous young women of Broadway, who 
receive tho attentions and the checks of ttelr 
admirers without. In the least; campromlsinf; 
themselves, like the heroine of Owen John- 
•un's new novel, 'The Sjrtamnnder" they are 
able to play with Bro without being bjjrnecl. 
The situations In 'The Tricky Mrs. Travel- 
yan" lead one to think that Mrs. Trevelyana 
Angers have been slightly scorched, but in 
tho end it Is mode clear that alio has gone 
through the Are onacafhed . .... 

Bertha Mann, en actress of acknowledged 
reputation and ability, will create the title 
role, while Thuraton Hall will bo seen to ad- 
vantage In the role of the man who Wider- 
takes to make her go 'through all her little 
tricks for the sake of exposing them. The 
title Is explained by the line of the old aer- 
want ta the first act who says : "Women are 
at tricky as a wagon load of monkeys. A 
number of well known New York theatrical 
managers will be over during the week te 
see the production of the new play. 
i ' 

It Is % well known fact that the Chris K. 
Clifimplin company has been bseaking horuo 
KwcVfo/weeks* business year to and year 
out and that his attraction stands ace Wgu 
as the leader of oil traveltag stock com: 

? antes, but his last season's business is eaia 
o eclipse all previous yeara He P£vea 
forty-ono consecutive weeks without a losMg 
week, and broke twenty-four Jo^* re . cortt * 
for week's business. In New York State all 
records were brokin In Blngtamton. New- 
burgh, Poughkeepsle, Mlddletown, Pcetaklu. 
Onconta, Turrytown. Flshklll, K "5 Dnr *I 
Kingston, Oswego, Johnstown, Port Jervls ant* 
eatsklll. In New Jersey, Dover, Asbury Park, 
Long Branch, Bed Bank, Brldgcton and Mor- 
rlstown. In Pennsylvania, Allcntown ana 
South Bethlehem, and In Marvlrtnd, Hagerg. 
town and Marttoiburg. Mr. Cbamplln pre- 
icnte nothing but the very best Broadway 
productions, with o complete scenic ana 
electrical equipment for each P'ov- He _has 
secured several of the highest royalty Broad- 
way successes for his repertoire thte season, 
and with the reputation his attraction hat 
mode we predict for him the biggest season 

i " 

B. A. Schiller, manager of the Broadway 
Theatre, Bayonne, NTj., will re-open that 
theatre, after the Summer vacation, on Mon- 
day, Sept. 1, with a first class stock eom- 
pany. and will present only high class plays. 
The Broadway Stock Company was signally 
successful last season, and with bis present 
company Mr. Schiller expect: even better 
things. Ho will also again have Brxuna 
Bunting under his management, and wUl pre- 
sent that attractive Utile actress at the head 
of a Orst class organization for the Winter 
season In New Orleans at the Dauphin* ^The- 
atre, which hag for the part two yes rt 
housed tho Shubcrt road attractions In tot 

I Mtos n Bunn T ng , 8 season to New OrteanawBl 
begin Soph 14, but she will play two weeks 
as a road star before her stock season, ap- 
pearing in Atlanta nnd Blrintoebam, two 
Southern cities In which she Is a big favorite, 
»■ a ' 


The Crescent. Brooklsn, wUl open early 
In September, with ncariy all of J***" ^ 
players. The stage wUl again be •mo*'.'™ 
direction of William C. Mnsaon. Leah Wtos. 
low has signed for tho leading feminine roies. 

Miss Wtnslow wns n favorite at Oie crcB- 
ccnt sense* of 1911-12. after having been 
highly successful with the Castlo Bquare 
Co.. of Boston: the Chestnut Street, Phila- 
delphia; In Spokane nnd Orleans, also 
with Poll'a and the Northampt<mMmpanIe«. 
She is now with the Bonstelle Companji to 

•—— ■ '■ 

Ab WaanBBS oat been appolatco maxioger 
of the Orccavolat, Brooklyn! 

Tan Amerlean Stock Crj^ which ofent 00» 
Doath at the American, Philadelphia, Pa., 
WfD use "Zlra" as their offering for their 
second week, under the expert direction of 
Drew Morton, who baa Just finished a suc- 
eessfnl season In Syracuse. 

"Saoia Acnca" was the attraction last 
week at the Bentley Grand Long Beach, 
CaL, under the management of W. IX AmeaL 

"bLidakx SBEBai < * Is to be produced 
shortly at Whalom Park, Fltehburg, Mass, 
with iMargaret Lovewell and John F. Jfc- 
Devltt playing the leads. 

"Oua vrivKS" Is being produced that week 
stK. F". Keith's Harlem Opera House, N. Y., 
under the direction of T. J. Magrane. 

"Jim , vac waai tBwaa ," produced by via 
Poulter 4 Welsh Players last week, at St 

"MinAur SimitKT" Is being produced by 
Oliver Morceco, at the liurbnnk, Los Angeles; 
for an Indefinite run, with Selma Paley play- 
ing Yvonne. Miss Paley Is a young Los 
Angeles girl and scarcely out of her teens. 

CtiitA Ti;bmtb Is at her Summer home 
near New London, Conn., for a few weeks, 
before opening in stock (return engagement) 
at Port Chester, N. Y. 

«. B. Lister, of Brantford Can., formerly 
business manager for Kdwln Wecver'n I'rank- 
lln Stock Co., has accepted a position ta 
that capacity for "The Bosary" Company, 
on the Eastern circuit 

Matt. Bsudb, who Is located with her 
company at the Auditorium. Ottawa, Can., 
waa the recipient of a, gold watch-bracelet 
fiom the management and the members of 
her company. The presentation was made 
on the stnge. Mlra Rcade graciously ac- 
knowiedged the gift to a few well chosen 
phrases, and entertained the entire company 
and staa* to an Impromptu luncheon after 
the performance. 

"Tut Nroaen" Is the attraction at the 
Bnshwlck, Brooklyn, this week. 

Pmcr IUswbll and her etock will open 
next month at the Empire, Cleveland, for- 
merly a burlesque bouse. The Empire has 
been completely renovated 

Chbstxb Wajxicb will open his Wallace 
Players at Sharon. Pa.. Sept. 1, for a per- 
manent stock engagement 

Tub Torbctt and White stock companies 
will start rehearsals Aug. 20. 

Tou Habbi, who has been a popular mem- 
ber of the B. F. Keith Summer Stock Co., at 
Kettn's, Portland, Me., will terminate his 
Block engagement there Aug. 0, and come to 
New York to take charge of the production 
of his musical comedy, "Silk Hat Harry." 
Mr. Barry Is also author of a sketch, called 
"The Cop," which has been, booked over the 
D. B. O. time, „ .. ... 

Siohet TotEB was recently presented with 
a beautiful silver loving cup from his asso- 
ciates In Keith's Theatre. Portland, Me., as 
a token of esteem and appreciation for hla 
friendship during hla several seasons there. 

"Oua Wivrs" is being used by Eva Lang 
at the Brandels*. Omaha, Neb., this week. 

Tna -Balnbrldge Musical Stock Co., located 
at the Metropolitan Theatre. .Minneapolis. 
Minn., will shortly produce "Madame Sherry." 


was produced last week at the Metropolitan. 
St. Paul, Minn., by Wright Huntington and 

Ths Temple Stock Co., Hamilton, Out., 
produces "Madame X" thlt week. , 

The -Suburban, St Louis. Mo., terminated 
its season last week with 'Tlaa Syranny of 


(Continued o» page 25). 





The Opels write from BUIns, W. Fa., 
under date of Joly 28: "We lost to-night* 
show on account of a big wreck on the 
W. M. Railroad It was the first lost night 
'•f our aeason. Twelfth week, and business 
Is big. Well, it gives us n chance to read 



The Princess Theatre. In New York, which 1» 
devoted exclusively to one act emotional and 
comedy plays, will open about Sept. 2. Of 
the playlets presented last season only "Fear' 
and "Any Night" will be retained on the bill. 

It Is possible that F. Ray Comstock, the 
manager of -the theatre, will send the play- 
lets to the Little Theatre In Boston, and to 
the Little Theatre to PhlUdclphto. after 
they have filled oat their allotted time to 
New York. 


John B. Hogarty, manager for Cftauooey 
Olcott, announced to a Cumw representa- 
tive that.hls star would begin hit season at 
the Broadway Theatre, to Saratoga, N. Y., 
Jn Monday. Aug. 18. Mr. Olcott's vehicle la 
called "Shsmcen Dau." from the pen of Kit* 
Johnson Young. Mrs. BogurtJ Will travel 
With her lusband. 

■■ j i > 


Felix and Calre wlU Poajtlvelyinake their 
farewell aopcarance to "Then ana NowyVIO 
this wuntry, ot Proctor's With Avenue i The- 
atre, week of Aug. 11. prior to sailing to nil 
an Vnswt o? thirty seven weektui Eng- 
land and the provinces. 


Frank Kecnan will present "The Getaway." 
at Proctor's Fifth Avenue week of Aug. 11. 
this dramatic sketch will be produced under 
Ike personal direction of Mr. Keenan. sjel 
wlB bo put on by on especially picked coat. 

Fictob SmntBxjND has been eiigagtd to 
play Prince Paul, to "One Day. 1 * Jack 
Lewlt and Jessie Km Ball hava been ra- 

engaged for thlt attraction, which will open 
Sept. 1 In Providence, B. I., on the Stair * 
Havlln circuit Jos Cone and Geo. Flteaatt 
will handle the business end 

Joseph Rosa Is planning a benefit for the 
education of Hebrew children In Nausea 
County, to take place In the Antra* Fter 
Theatre, Aug. 17. Among those who will ap- 
pear art: Lola OUatr, Eddie Foy. Raymond 
Hitchcock. Lillian Lorraine, Jos* Collins, 
Frank Tlnaey. Vara MlcbeUna, Frank stee- 
oin. Vain Vaitl and Victor Moor*. 

Howabo B. Poms, has been engaged at 
treasurer and acting manager for the coming 
trans-continental tour of Madame Melba and 
Jan Kubcllk, the most stupendous combina- 
tion ever effected to concert history to tbla 
country. Ninety concerts will be given to 
the largest auditoriums In this country, Can- 
ada, Mexico and Cuba, under the manage- 
ment of Loudon Charlton. 

Asioko the Important engagementa an- 
nounced for next season by llarrlsoa Grey 
Ktske Is that of Allan Pollock, who Is to np- 
pear In a whimsical character part In the 
new American) comedy by ilutchrson Boyd 
and Rudolph Bunner, which Mr. Flske to to 
produce in October. Mr. Pollock It now 
abroad, where he will remain until rehearsals 
of the play ore called 

iFgtleb Mbllisii has been added to Mar- 
garet Anglln's Shakespearean organisation, 
for the Important character • parts in her 
repertoire. Another engagement to Ada 
Dwyer, who will play Clytemnaeatra, the 
mother. In the "Electra of Sophocles," which 
Mitt Anglin will present at the Greek Thea- 
tre of tho California University, on Hept 0. 
Mian Anglin has also engaged Louis Bavr at 
general musical director. 

Lauba Laibd, who sprung Into the lime- 
light through her clever work with Gladys 
Alexandria, to "Broadway Lovt" haedeserted 
vaudeville and Is with Philip Bartholoinae's 
new comedy, "Kiss Me Quick." 

Louisa Galloway has returned to New 
York from, her Summer home in Brookflcld 
Mass., and begun rehearsals for "Little 
Mother," the vaudeville playlet rn which she 
opened late last season, and which has been 
routed over the United time commencing 
early In September. 

VinniNiA Nobiicv, who was with Arthur 
Hopkins' "The Poor Little Rich Olrl" Inst 
eesson, will begin rehearsing in a few days 
with "The Deluge," In which she is to be 
featured by Mr. Hopkins this season. 

Dallas Wzlvobj) and Cbawvobd Kbnt 
have been engaged by the New Bra Producing 
Company for the forthcoming production of 
the musical play, "Adele," which opens at 
the Longacre, New York, Aug. 28. 

Manaoeb Aiiuustcs Pitoo Ja. has en- 
gaged the following supporting company for 
Flske O'Hara. ln^'ln Old Dublin": Marie 
Qulnn, Madge Tyrone, Gertrude Mattland, 
Lou Ripley. Rose Watson, Elisabeth Hersom, 
Marie Knlll, Dorothy Davidson, J. P. Bulll- 
van, Howard Crampton, Byron Russell, P. C. 
Foy, Eugene Fraster, Jefferson Hall and 
Walter Lowman. The music la under Frank 
Hexsom's direction, and J. Walter Davidson 
Is the solo violinist of the company. Be-' 
bearsals are now under way. _ 

Olivb Haiutu Thobnb and Forrest Wy- 
tvant have been engaged for the cast of "The 
Family Cupboard,'' written, by Owen. Davit, 
which William A Brady will present In New 
York the latter part of this month. 

Tim twenty days within which Oscar 
Bsnrmerateto was to make hla reply to the 
directors of the Metropolitan Opera Com- 
pany, who sure attempting to restrain hhn 
from giving grand opera here, expired July 
80. Justice Tbos. F. Donnelly. In tho Su- 
preme Court, granted Oscar twenty days' 
extension to make the report. 

Gkoboe ItEcron has leased the Follee Ber- 
gere, at the comer of Broadway and Forty- 
eighth Street, from the Mecca Realty Co., 
and tho Gay White Lane wilt continue to b* 
graced with a "Rector's." 

Fanny Wabd arrived July SO, on tho 

Cnus. B. Dn.LiNOiUM and Wtra were pas- 
aengcrs on the Olvmfie, arriving July SO, 
from Europe, where they spent their honey- 

Nora Bates hat contracted with B, F. 
Keith for an entire season, in vaudeville, 
beginning at Keith's Colonial Theatre, Sept. 
8. Miss Bayes will bo heavily featured 


last week, from Carlsbad, accepting B. If. 
Keith's offer for their Joint appearance for 
a run at the Colonial, New York, betfrmlng 
Sept 20. They nro guaranteed a minimum 
of four weeks at tho Colonial, with as many 
more as their popularity warrants. 

Rataud Vbiller'b new play, "Tho Fight," 
will bo produced for the first time at Asbury 
Park during the last week in August, and 
will be seen in New York Sept 2 at the Hud- 
son Theatre. 

Debt Fbicleman, general representative 
for Messrs. Cohan & Harris, has been ap- 

?olnteJ business manager of the Astor Thea- 
re, to take effect at the beginning of the 
regular season in September. He Will con- 
tinue to act as general representative for the 

RiCTfARD Bennett, accompanied by bis 
wife, arrived borne from abroad July 30. 

"Tun Puhpi.e Road" closed at tho Casino, 
New York, Aug. 2. 

Druse Hor-KiNH It a now addition to the 
company In tho Winter Gwden Show. 

Jack Hentjeiison sailed Aug. 2, for Lon- 
don. Kng., wbero ho to to moot George fOd- 
wards with the view of securing a tjuy Cor 
next season, 

Heavy Mao, Comedian with, strong line ol Specialties; character Man. Juvenile Man with Specialties; 
Character Woman, Ingenue Woman with Speclalltea ; l'timo Player, Sight Reader; feature Overtures. 
Advance given. Good wardrobe and study aatonUil. Rehearsals Aug. 18. Woe* stands. Pay own. 
One costume bill, "Faust." Address until Aug. is 

AHTI1UH STANLEY, Ml East Davis St., St. Levis, Mo. 

Th» Southern Co-operative Booking Offices 
ic-cently opened for business In Birmingham, 
Ala, wlti. T. C. Hasted as manager. 

By ABJuxmuiBNT with Messrs Werba as 
Laeaeher, Ueasra. Klaw k Krlanger will pre- 
sent Christie MacDenald and her company, 
la Victor Herbert's "Sweethearts," nt the 
Florrest Theatre, Philadelphia, on Labor Day, 
for a limited engagement prior to the open- 
ing at the Now Amsterdam, New York. 

Ma bib NOBDBTnoM has signed with William 
A Brady for her original rolo In "Bought 
and Paid For." _ .. 


have signed for "Little Women." 

James Davis, who arrived in this country 
last week, will play au Important rolo In 
"Her Little Highness," by Reginald Do 
Eoven, Chsnnlng Pollock and Rcnnold Wolf, 
In which Mini RaJos Is to -e featured. 

Fbioeiuo us Beluivillb has been cnxaRcd 
tjy Harrison Grey Flske for the rolo ot tho 
Critic in the new Molnar comedy, now In re- 
hearsal at the Lyceum. No American tltlo 
has yet been selected for the comedy, the 
matter being held to abeyance pending re- 
ceipt of several suggestions that oro In tran- 
sit from the author. 

"Kins Fbathibs" closes Aug. at Long 

H. II. Fba7hb will produce a new opera 
by Victor Herbert, with Ann Swinburne 
heading tlio cast. , 

Anna Held has left the London Opera 
Sou so revue. . , . 

Th* Eden Musee has a site at Forty-second 
Street and Lexington Avenue for a new 
baDdlng to be completed next Whiter. The 
present building on Tweuty-tbird Street was 
opened In 18H4. 

John ConT'H rovlval of George V. noltart 
and Jean Bcbwarls's musical comedy , "The 
Ham Tree," In which Mclntyre and Heath 
will again star, was placed In rehearsal 

oi.rvEB Morosco placed In rehearsal, Aug. 
4, the road company that will go on tour 
l-ofcor Day, la J. Hartley Manners' comedy, 
"Peg o' 'My nenrt." Fanny Addison lltt, 
Maudo Allan, Wilds Moore, Percy Standing, 
Frank Burbeck Lewis Edgardo and Henry 
Stanford have been engaged. 

"Six WASHitffiroN SquAni." by Wlnrhell 
Smith and Victor Mopes, was given Its first 
presentation Aug, 4, at the Morosco Theatre. 
Los Angeles, Cul. Ilcory Kolker hat the 
leading role. _ , ._ . . , 

CHAnLoTTE WAi.KEm Is reported to bo suf- 
fering from tonsllltls at her Summer resi- 
dence in Ithaca, N. Y. 

Saw Bebnard ©pent Aug. 20. In Long 

Donald Brian It rehearsing for "Tho Mar- 
riage Market," at the Knickerbocker, New 

.Tand Cowl returned to New York from 
England, Aug. 2. JShe will return to tbo 
cost of "Within the Low," Aug. 11. 

Mils. 3. C. Williams returned from Lon- 
don, Aug. 2. 

Evelyn Thaw filed a voluntary petition In 
bankruptcy on Aug. 2, with Louis * Co., 
Gorham A Co. named ss principal creditor*. 

Edwin T. Bmebt anh At,. Hoi.nnooK have 
joined the Bhuhert Brothers' staff. 

Salahirb were behind at the Exposition, 
Atlantle City, N. J., and tho Boston Fadeltei 
lefosed to pity Inst week. 

Wh. Monms has signed with Wm. A. Brsdy 
for "The Family Cupboard." 


W hen "W iring Advertisements 
to THE CLIPPER, also wire 

and ro oilo— Down by the Trystlng Place; 'Neath 
tbe Palms By tut Sea; That rrleod I Helped 
Through a PtghttTbe Slluglng ot tho "Ball"; 
Wbea the Boon Playt Peek-a-Uoo; Hubby's Re- 
turn; Just a Picture of MyHweetheart; WbenYoa 
Slag; The One Whom Vou Love and tht One Wo* 
Loves Yon ; But Nobody WlU Do It; I'm After You: 
At Thy VeettLovo: MAN ; Tim 1'loturo ot tho Olrl 
I Love; I'd Like to bo a Fairy; In a Oosy Utile 
Cotuge: Dimples; Michigan; Moot Mo on the Mo- 
hawrt Golden Baakt; Mother; Just a Letter from 
Charlotte Darling; Harvester ; Violets, Pretty Vlo- 
lols; Tht DearLlttlo Girl Beside Mo i Song Of a 
Dime; Beautiful Air Ouxtlos; Thoro's No Other 
Olrl Like You; Just Bocauso Yoa Bald You'd Re 
Mine; The Nightingales, tlio Rose and tho Moon- 
light; Only a Dream; linliy. You're My Darling 
liutiy: When Lovo Is Mko Sprlngtlmo; I Nover 
Loved with Truo \Mm Till I Foil lu Lovo with Yon; 
You're My Olrllo; I'll Love lint Von; What to 
Home without n> Father; How Tiioy Practice Law 
In Virginia; Nobody's Doing It Hut You; TlioSuo- 
ilny Miiciliig Way; Memories of Days Oono By; 
Idol of My Heart; Oh, You llenutlful Hue; I Long 
for My ttc.hmiliimto Noll; When ThoySIng Lovos 
Old Bona oa Mohllo liny; Moonlight on tho (Ireon 
River; Tbo Mossuuo of tho Old Olinroh Hells; ir 
You'll Bo My Hoy lit llluo. I'U lie Your Dolly dray; 
MyMa'sau Irish Lady; Tho Betslde fllrl; Wandoi 
I Want a Olrl; Lot the Nolghhors Do It; Lovely 
l/)u; Dear Little Hlnoholta; Wlion I Had You: I 
Only Kuow Tluit I Lovo Yum Up In A Flying Ma- 
chine; Up lo a llliihuio; You Can't lildn From 
Cupid; Sho Is Bleeping la tho FarOtrUohlou West; 
Memories of Look Ago; Don't Bay Hull, Huh, 
Llze, 'Causo It Don't Bound Good to Mull ; 0, Vou 
Vanishing Kid; Down tho Street, In Nickel Land; 
Wbat's tho Che of Dreaming Wlion Nohudy l)ro»ms 
of Yon; Lltihy, Lllihy, My Darling Wire; Will You 
Ho Hatlsllodr May Dwell with Christ; Lot's Be 
HWCCthcnrlM Again, Dour. MANUSCRIPT BALKg 
CO.,<II WcHt'Jsth Bt., N. Y. City. 





(treat Job for reliable man. Forty weeks assured. 
Can uho HtiKNlU AHTIHT. Paul Carroll and Mar- 
tin oiiiiinuM, write. Glad to boar from people to 
all linen. AdilreMS 

HARRY A. MARCH, Urban*, fc 

At Blancjib Sloan's cottage In Crdar 
Manor, Jamaica, a number of her friends 
are having an enjoyable time. 

Landlord Clark, of the Seaside House, 
Bockaway Beach, numbers among bit guests : 
Gus Bdwirds, wife and .family: John C. 
Bice and Halllo Cohan. L. W. West, Mae 
West. Bert Pltsgtbbon (who has introduced 
a new cocktail of tartaparllla, whiskey and 
ketchup), Ed. Rosco and wife, and Tommy 
Hoyden ond wife. ... _,«. 

Tun Jamaica Theatre, Jamaica. L. I., with 
an Imposing entrance on Fulton Street, It 
Hearing completion and will bo ready for 
next season. . _ . 

Wm. D. Mann, well known In New York 
at a manager, Is secretary of the Portola 
Festival and llolboa Celebration In San Fran- 
cisco, to bo held next October. 

JAS. JAr Brady arrived In New York Aug. 
2, to osrumo management of tbo Cohsn 

A. L. Eblanoeb Is one of the committee to 
furnish entertainment to the vlsltoro during 
the convention of tho Fire Chiefs of Amor- 
ics, week of Sent. 1, which will end with o 
big banquet at tho Hotel Aster. 

Wm. DDUitaa will open early In Septombcr 
In "Who's Whof at tbe Criterion, Now York. 

Olivbr Monoaco has signed Elsa Ryan to 
pisy Peg to the road cooptny of "Peg o> My 



Including flin. But. Womin wtth Child 

Two hills weekly, Robeano Aug. 14. Address 
Alfred Oonlhear, t Otcr Howell St., Toronto, Can. 





For pormanont stock or production. 



UUS1NKSS; VIOLIN LKADKIt, double Hand. 8Wt* 
oil, Join on wire. Address ROY L. PYA'IT, 
Luxora, Ark., Aug.d-11. 

WANTED vouBL^^aa 

■■sraislvBj a ms# co>< Juvflll | lB JSia; 

Singing Boubretto and Coeiedlun : Utility People 
who sing; nono but ladles und (lenllcmen |snd 
with good wordrobo: nice engagement under 
Al Director. State all In first letter. Address, 
AL-. VOOBL., tVI err., 
care of Clipper. 

Itr.HEAnsAr.B of the now Ulppodromo show 
are now under w y nt tbo Armory at 'ihlrty- 
fonrth Street. '. o scenes lucludo ono show- 
ing tho discovery of America, one in New 
Orleans showing cotton Industry, a typical 
American farmyard, a scene at Sob Antonio, 
Tex., with liorNcmansiilp display, a big 
autouohllo plunge tho Panama Canal, also 
a big Are scene, with a six story building 
afire and real dro-flgbttog apparatus. The 
show Is built along musical comedy lines 
with somowhnt of o plot, musical solos and 

Edwin T, Busby hit boon re-engugod to 
stngo "All for the Ladle*," Sam Bernard's 
starring vehicle. . . . . . . 

Marion SoNtniNn, of the former team ot 
Tempest and StinsbhlO, has boon engaged by 
pWertc MJcKAy, for a vut to "When Claudia 
Smile*" ^" 

■i i? 



Atjchjst 9 




Founded In 18R8. 





NEW YOKK, AUGUST 9, 1913. 

Eatcred Jane 24, 1879, it the Post Office at 
New York, N. Y.. as second class matter, under 
tbe act of March 8, 1819. 

Advertisements— 12.80 per Inch, single column. 
Advertisements set with border, 10 perct. extra. 

One year, In advance, $4 ; alx montba, f 2 ; three 
months, II. Canada and foreign postage extra. 
single copies will tie sent, postpaid, on receipt of 
10 cents. _ __ 

v Oar Term* nre Cash. 

Tbe Formal Closing; Promptly on 
Tneadny, at 10 A. H. 
rlease remit by express money order, check, 
P. O. order or registered letter. Alt cash enclosed 
with letter Is at risk of cender. 
Address* All Communications] to 
47 West 28 tu Street, New York. 

Tel. 2274-Madlson. 
llcgtttered Cable Addic t; "AornoniTr." 


of The Clipper Is located at Kooni 505, Ashland 
Block, Chicago. Warren A. Patrick, manager and 


retail, at our agents, llrentaiio's ucwb ile|K>t. 37 
Avenue de 1'Onera, Psrls, France ; Diamond News 
Co., J2C I'railo, Havana; Manila Book and Sta- 
tionery Co., 128 Eecolta, Manila. 1'. I. i aonlon 
A Caleb, 123 Pitt Direct, Sydney, N. B. W., 
Au stralia. 



SnoiiTY, Pall Hlver. — We do not know 
present whercubouta of purtlvs. Address 
them core of this office and wo will advertise. 
letter In Cliiteb letter list. 

T, B. D., Minneapolis.— Sco answer to 
"Shorty," Fall lllvcr. 

F. C., New York.— (The last performance 
at Tony Pastor's Theatre, New York, under 
his management was June 0, 1008. 

T. T., Tneoma.— (Richard Mansfield played 
In "Old Heidelberg," Oct. 12, lOOli, ot the 
Lyric Theatre, New York, dedicating; that 

A Hdadeii.— The case will be heard in 


The flrst of the season's productions by 
l-lilllp Bartholomac Is IiIb own farce, "Kiss 
Me Quick," which was presented at the Shu- 
ti;rt Theatre, Boston, Aug. 4, with Helen 
Lowell Id the principal part. The support- 
ing company Includes: Robert Kelly, Saldlo 
Harris, Louise Drew. Laura Laird, Emily 
Callaway, Mary Hastings, Frederic Bantloy, 
Richard Tuber, J. J. Sambrookc and Edward 

Beginning wltli the week of Aug. 18, Mr. 
Bartholoniae will present at the" Lyric The- 
atre, New York, Joseph Santlcy and his asso- 
ciates. In the musical comedy of youth, 
"When Dreams Come True," which has met 
with favor In Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, 
Bl. Louis and other cities. The book of 
"When DrenxnB Come Hue" Is from Mr. 
Bni-tholomnc's pen, wit* score by HTllvIo 
llcln. In the company wfth Mr. Santley arc : 
(May Yokes, Marie Flynn, Anna Whcaton, 
Ann Mooncy, Amelia Bummervllle, Edward 
Garvlc. Donald Maodonakl, Snronou", l'razer 
Coulter, Clyde Hunnewell and a chorus- of 
pretty girls. 

On iSept. 22 (probably In Philadelphia) 
Mr. Ilartbolomae will produce "The Bird 
Cage," an American comedy by Austin 
Atiums. For tho leading male role Mr. 
Bartholomao has sent to London, selecting 
Norman Trevor, for several seasons the prin- 
cipal associate of Mario Tempest in her 
various productions. 

Following thlB production Mr. Bartholo- 
oine, In association wltb George Broadhurst, 
will produce a new American mrco called "A 
Hun for Your Money," by John Goldtng, 
<7ramntlr,ed from a story. This farce Is writ- 
ten around a Mexican revolution, which Is 
postponed In order that the commanding 
general may attend a horse race In Juarez 
and bet tbe treasury of tbe budding republic 
upon an outsider among tho thoroughbreds. 

Wltb Wm. A. Brady Mr. Bartholomao will 
eend out bis own comedy, "Little MIbs 
Brawn," upon Its second tour, with two com- 
panies, ana he further will retain his leasing 
Interest with Mr. Brady and Mr. Broadhurst 
in the Forty-eighth (Street Theatre. 

On Easter Sunday, at tho Gnrrlck Theatre, 
Clilcngo, Mr. Itartholomao will produce a 
spectacular Summer show, devised by him- 
self. The piece Is to be a review of the sea- 
son's Chicago successes, and will bo "differ- 
ent" from the fact that previous reviews In 
the Culled States hove been based exclusively 
upon the theatrical season's hits In New 
York, The Summer period annually has 
been set aside for Mr. Itartholomac by tho 
Messrs, Shubort, by reason of tho qulto un- 
precedented hit scored In their Gurrlck Thea- 
tre by his "When Dreams Come True." Ho 
will make his Chicago productions for tho 
WoBtcru zone alone. 

a) i » 

Charles Froliman taut week arranged with 
Ethel Hurry more for her re-appearance In 
New York, commencing Oct. 27. Miss Barry- 
more will be seen In the rolo ot -Tantc, lu tho 
four net comedy of that name by C. Haddon 
Chambers. Rehearsals for Miss Barrymoro 
and her company will begin In September; 
there will be preliminary performances out 
of town, and then Mlns Barrymorc and tho 
ploy will come to New York. 

Although Mr. Chambers has taken a good 
deal of the novel. "Tnnto," by Anne Douglas 
Sedgwick, in making the play, he has added 
practically SB much again. ''Tantc" had a 
huge success as a novel. Its study of the 
typically feminine and typically artistic tem- 
perament obtaining for It a wldo appeal. 
The principal character Is, of course, Tanto — 
a mere woman who, with the genius of & 
great musician and the brilliancy of a con- 
summate artist, combines the waywardness 
and arrogance of a spoiled child. 
| ■'«»» ■ 

J. Tate Powell, manager of the Princess 
•nd Casino Theatres. Charlotte, N, C, 
Writes : "James W. Biggs, a comedian, ' of 
the old Barlow A Wilson Minstrels, is sadly 
In need of aid. He Is suffering' from what 
the doctors pronounce nervous prostration, 
and he and his mother, who Is slxty-clgtit 
years of age, have been aided by the Asso- 
ciated Charities of Charlotte, who have been 
helping them with food and fuel." 

Contributions may bo sent to Mr. Powell 
or to W. M. Morse, 203 South Tryon Street, 


Oro. SitArrNrJtt A Co. have leased the 
Grand , Opera House, at Fort Madison, In., 
end will take possession at once. Mr. Shaft*- 


The Bertha is the name selected for the 
new opera house nearlng completion In Dub- 
lin, On., which will be ready for opening 
Wept. 1. Tho house was named for owner 
H. .1. Lord's wife. 

It will be one of tbe most up-to-date play- 
housed In the South, having a seating ca- 
pacity of fifteen hundred, including gallery, 
nnd every sent being situated so as to be in 
full view of the stage. Tbe stage Is one of 
tbe largest in the South, suitable for tbe 
largeBt traveling productions, tho dimensions 
being 18 feet high, 35 feet wide, by 82 feet 
deep, and fitted with the most up-to-date 
scenery, consisting of one front drop curtain, 
one street scene, with Dutch street; one 
Iwooden scene, one parlor scene and one 
prison, with wings to match, all to be oper- 
ated by the latest methods and devices. The 
•managers, Messrs. T. W. Honks and R, W. 
Carswell, are sparing no efforts In making 
everything as comfortable as possible for 
both the public and the performer. 

4 » » 


Coney Island was visited on Aug. 1 by the 
worst storm In twenty years, and the island 
became n veritable Venice, with Surf Avenue- 
as the Grand Canal. 

Surf Avenue was flooded way beyond 
tbe curb line, and rowboats were used to 
ferry people across It. . 

Car service was stopped for some time, 
and the visitors to New York's great breath- 
ing place wero meanwhile held on the anxious 

In spite of the flood, which resembled a 
tidal wave, little damage was done, and 
the water soon subsided after tbe torrential 
rain ceased. 


Ground has been broken for the new Al- 
cazar Theatre, in Grandvlcw, Can. Maude 
Leone, of the Empress Theatre, Vancouver, 
turned first sod on the site of new house and 
made a fine speech, as did Del. S. Lawrence, 
also of the Empress. The new theatre Is to 
play stock and vaudeville. 
4 » » 

Justice Ouy, la the Supremo Court, on 
Ang. 1, dismissed Val Tralnor's apllcatlon 
for an Injunction to compel the officers of 
the White Rats to revoke his suspension 
from the organization pending his trial be- 
fore the Board of Directors on charges. The 
Justice said his papers were defective. 


Geneva, N. Y, — Smith Opera Hoase (B. B. 

Outstadt, mgr. I pictures and vaudeville. On 
Wednesday evening, July 30, Manager Outstadt 
Invited all of tbe Oranil Army men In tbe city 
to this house, as his guests, to see the Oettys- 
burg pictures of the Itc-uulon of tbe Blue and the 

Tr.Mi'ix <r. 0. Pierce, mgr.) — Motion pictures 
and musical turns, 

Now. — Manager Outstadt acnounees that the 
Smith Opera House will have At. (I. Field's Min- 
strels as tbe attraction Aug. 21, and that the house 
would oj>en for the regular season on Sept. II, 
with Mercellne and Ills Hlpodrome company, 
followed by "The Red Rose" 10, "Mutt and 
Jeir lu Panama" 24, and "Fine Feathers" 80. 

Glenn Falls, K. Y.— Empire (Joe Miller, 

nigr.) for week ot Ang, 4, the Helen Or syce 
Block 0». will present "The CUorus Lady," "Is 
Marriage a FadlureTr" "Tbe Lion and tho Mouse," 
"Tho White Sister," "The Witching Hour," 'The 
Dawn of a To-morrow" and "Tbe Girl in the 


World in Motion and Bijou, motion pictures. 

Notb. — The Kranse Greater Shows exhibit hero 
week of 4, which Is the week of tbe Warren 
County Centennial Celebration. 

Waters/Met, N. Y . Snns Souc! (J. Landry, 

mgr. I moving pictures. 

Empire Aiiiuoxib (0. Dugan, mgr.) — Moving 
pictures and Illustrated songs. 

Notes. — A new vaudeville and picture theatre' 
Is In tlie course of erection here, nnd wll be 
finished by Fall. It will be managed by C. Du- 

riiii, owner of tbe Alnloine B. J. Fatakerly's 

Medicine Show opened a two weeks' engagement 
here Aug. 4. 

Troy, N. Y. — Proctor's (H. Orabnm, mgr.) 
moving pictures and vaudeville. 

Rand's. — This house will open Aug. 8, with 
Nell O'Brien's Minstrels. 

Rbnsbblaeb Parx. — Vaudeville and open-air 

Piiootor'b Lyceum. — Edison talking pictures. 

Trojan, Novelty, Plaza, Keith's and Ma- 
jestic, photoplays. 

Cotioca, N. Y.— Proctor's (Dan Oorr, mgr.) 
— Edison's talking pictures. 

Majestic, Eui'llis and BsionT Sror, photo- 

Notb. — FI. J. Fatakerly's Show closed a very 
successful four weeks' engagement here 2. 

Springfield, Mass,— Poll's (Gordon Wrlght- 
er, mgr.) the stock presents "Mory Jnue's Pa" 
week of Aug. 4. 

Broadway (D. D. Scullen, mgr.)— The stock 
presents "The Deserters" week of 4. 

Nelson (J. J. Moewer, mgr. )— Vaudeville 
and moving pictures. 

Plaza (J. M. Carney, mgr.)— Vaudeville and 
moving pictures. 

Rivhbriiis Paiik (Uoran A Maloney, mm.) — 
Talking pictures. —— « 

Aimi-i.!,. Bijou, RmnoNiA, Grand, Olobb, Hud- 
son, Lyric, Mirror, Novkltt, Palace and 8uc- 
WAT, moving pictures. 

Noras. — William R. Randall, of the Broadway 
Company. Is playing his original role In "Tho 

Deserters."' (liorge Spencer Is to lesve the 

Broadway Stock Aug. o, as leading- man, to 
Jake a much needed rest before opening the trass. 

Inr Reason. Cnrl Brlckeit, of the Poll Stoc* 

Company, has been secured to replace Mr. Spencer. 

A 'Quo VjdlBl" pictures at the Court 

Square neck of 11 The Reel, a new moving 

picture house on Main Street, will open soon. 

Mllford, Moss — T.nko Nlpmue (Dan J. 
Kprnguc, nwr.) vaudeville bill for week of Aug. 
V, .I' ,» l W Do ' , "e«' and Meek, Sadie Rodgcrs, 
Ed. McEuiiallr, tbe Clay Modelers, the Great 

ttwSftaJS* VSl' ',. * ( '. lor " K - Goodwin, tho 
Minstrel Four, and Tetl's brass bond, In concert. 

Lyceum (Luby Bros., mgrs.)— Vaudeville and 
motion pictures. 

Iiieal and Tivou^. motion pictures and Illus- 
trated songs. ,- 

NtWBS.-cilotlon pictures and Illustrated song* 
Jt &K fcH!! Wrenthnin; Morse Opera Rouse! 
Fra k In ; Town Hall, Hopklnton. andTowE THtuI 

Houston, all report good business .Manager 

Currier, of the Mllford Opera House, Is rnshutj 

?i 0rl Uh"i"i» O r*i SftSSa Ihe seasor?AS* 
11, with tho Chicago Stock Dramatic Co. New 

SriSt o? sceaer"* ^ ,D ' ,,, "" , • H ^ ■ "• 

—i??!?? 1 / *•■■•— Jftf'k. 8q. (F. J. Carroll, 
mgr.) bill for Aug. 4 and week: The Ten.pfcT Pla£ 
SS ^J?*" 1 "' M-* Kane and photonlut. 
Tb L ri,1, J H ^,* )n £! 8,0<:k wl » begin 11, wUh the 
Merrimack So. Players, in "aramta*/' Tho 

$r,£' V n^ C . ,n<1 'I, : £""*, l oaa *- M »'«ret Moore? 
wSlt ^L'/v Me , rk,n „ John, V e,t ' Walter Scott 
'i? k ?;, J ? ,m J Slar, » B - Howard Sidney, Jack Hnv- 
den, W. L. White, Elisabeth Bradley, KrVok So 
Camp,, nnd W. H. Pendexter. 
h t,«" v >»w Pays; (Ralph Ward, mar.)— pie- 
,?"*.! " nd "SB ln ,ho theatre and the Denis 
Brothers as tho outdoor attraction. 

mmz^* rreto, ' r I,MJ • ,, * *** fw »» 

I-' r ' < l. T,, * ,1 ^*• *«""• — Broadway (J. Fred 
*vZZuLJK-J J DoU ? n nl ? lur ». to irood bnilnessT 
v^J.i^" .S'.i, l,na ^ wli: Scaiwgoat," •'Ulgher 
*!* &*•. TWIh . Dorrttt" and "War Time 
Mothers' Sacrifice." 

»0aU B,. (John JL. tjlaaWB, mgr.»-Blll 4 and 
n™ i*!! ,,le "J ^ w »J rlK ' n"' 1 "«y. Mori 
lilctnres Harrison, Four Rlnnoa, and 

Victoia and Pbjuiirii, motion pictures. 



Clipper Bureau, S South Square Gray's Inn, London, XV. C. 

July 20. 
Not within the memory of the present 
writer 'has an American sketch made so Quick 
and deep an Impression on the London play- 

foers as "The System" did, at tbe London 
'alladlum on Monday. Taylor Granville 
mast have been a proud man as he stood 
there bowing his acknowledgment of tbe wild 
applause as the curtain rose again and again 
anil again. Before tbe play began a list of 
tbe slang words employed, with brief explana- 
tions, was thrown on a screen. This was 
hardly necessary for we have been well edu- 
cated here in the ways of the New York 
police. To tell the truth, we have been rather 
fed up with police plays, and so It is the 
more creditable to Taylor Granville to have 
made such a hit. But "The System" seems 
to have all the essentials of a succssful 
sketch. It Is novel. It Is clear and concise, 
it makeB a direct appeal to human sympathy, 
and it la finely enacted. Mr. Granville 
brought over an American company. His 
own impersonation of Billy Bradley, "The 
Bel," is lifelike and fascinating. Laura Pier- 
point plays Ooldle Marshall. The only words 
of criticism are directed to the rather poor 
humor ot -the two reporters. 

Another American act opened at the Lon- 
don Palladium, that of Gene Hodgkln, with 
Irene Hammond and a crowd of chorus 
girls. Mr. Hodgkln opens at the piano, with 
the girls grouped all around him, and gets to 
work on a rapid performance of ragtime. 
Then, with the girls ln turn, he dances. The 
act Is smartly dressed and vivacious, and 
seemed to make a hit all right. Fay, tho 
two Coneys and Fay, a colored ojuartette, 
also made an Interesting contribution to 
tho Palladium program. 

Mary Elizabeth came to London last year, 
Just to look 'round. While she was ln the 
city ebe helped Grace Hazard to get married ; 
and she also put hi a trial week at the 
Victoria Palace. It was quite a hit, and 
secured the artist bookings for this year. 
Mary Elizabeth opened at the Palace Theatre, 
accordingly, and there Is no doubt that her 
delightful personality pleased the audience. 
But there Is a general Impression that the 
artist "will have to get some newer stories, 
and change her songs it she Is to make a 
real bit here. Ethel Greene still holds her 
place in the Palace program. But pretty 
well half the entertainment here Is supplied 
by Pavlowa and her large contingent ot 
Russian ballet dancers. There Is never a 
seat to tie had at this house, whereas business 
has been pretty bad at some of the other 
big variety theatres of late. 

Alfred Butt has fallen for the revue, but 
he declares that the Important spectacular 
production he has ln hand for the Palace 
will not be an imitation of any other revue, 
but something quite different, characteristic, 
and worthy of the house. We are quite con- 
tent to take him at bis word. 

One of our popular newspapers has got 
hold of May Yohe, who has promised to write 
a full, true and particular account of her 
career for publication ln Its columns from 
day to day till all is told. 

It has been freely stated that "Hullo I 
Ragtime" Is ncarlDg an end at the London 
Hippodrome, bub. such is not the case. Tho 
management got ln hand a store of attrac- 
tions against the weakening of the revue, 
but It stubbornly promises to hold the bill 
until Christmas, and then another revue by 
the same authors, on the same lines, will be 
produced. Meanwhile, the Leoncavallo ex- 
travaganza, which should have filled the 
Hippodrome bill about this time, is to be 
worked off at the Prince of Wales' Theatre. 
It will be called "Are You There?" The 
book is by Albert P. de Courville, with as- 
sistants. The Important parts are to be 
played by Franklyn Ardell. Billy Arlington 
and Veronica Brady. Another commodity ln 
stock at the London Hippodrome Is the one 
net play which De Courville Induced Sir 
James Barrle to write for Irene Vanbrugb. 
This 1b entitled "Half An Hour." They 
mean to squeeze this into the program, sup- 
plementary to the revue, immediately. 

There was a considerable revision of tbe 
icvue, "Eight Pence a Mile," at the Al- 
hnmbra last night. Malaguerlta, the Span- 
ish dancer, was Introduced, but especially a 
weird fascinating scena, called "The Spider's 
Web." What looks like a huge spider web, 
with a surround of foliage, occupies ho 
stage. It Is fashioned of stout rope. Made 
u-> In semblance of a spider, Bosettl, the 
charming Albambra dancer climbs about 
this. On tho stage dance little flies, fasci- 
nated and frightened. The spider sets 
for one, pretty Phyllis Monkman, who is 
lured to the net, and entangled. It is 
a fantastic. Interesting composition. A 
story got Into circulation that a rear- 
rangement of the Alhambra Is likely. 
Nothing of the kind. The dual management 
here works smoothly. What truth there 
ever was ln the rumor hod application to an- 
other establishment. 

ill. G. ICnowles, who has been wandering 
'round tho provinces, reached town on Mon- 
day. (He opened at the outlying Now Cross 
Empire. He proceeds to the outlying Hack- 
ney Empire. In due course he reaches the 
London CoIlBeum and the Victoria Palace. 
His London engagements will employ him 
until November. 

Blanche Storey made a good opening at 
the London Coliseum on Monday. 

Jules Jordan advises me of his arrival ln 
London next week. 

Sadrcno Storrl, the dancer. Is now featured 

ln the Opera House revue. Miss Storrl to 
this season's discovery by Robert Court- 
neldge, who employed her in "Oh I Oh 1 Det- 
pbine/' at the Shaftesbury.. The withdrawal 
of that piece gave the clever girl a holiday, 
but she returns to Mr. Courtneldge ln the 

w'. H. Denny, the comedian, Is home for 
hla annual holiday. For years his profes- 
sional interests have been ln America. He 
returns toward the end of August on tho 
I'htlaiclpMo, to" rejoin "Tho Blue Bird. 

On Tuesday, Aug. 5, one hundred and fifty 
performances will have been placed to the 
credit of "The Yellow Jacket,' r at the Duke 
of York's Theatre. Charles Frohman told 
me, Just before he sailed for New York, 
that he will not renew his lease of this house. 

Maud Allan has Just taken a new house 
at Regents' Park, with a practice room fitted 
with mirrors for her characteristic work. 
Her landlords and next-door neighbors ere 
the members of the Baptist Training College. 

Lily Lena's bungalow at the riverside 
village, Thames Dlttoh, has ,been burned 
down. There is ouite a vaudeville colony 

Moss JDmplres, Limited, Jointly with the 
manager of the Cardiff Empire, nave been 
compelled to pay 1250 to a man who was 
ejected from the theatre. He hissed a song 
which he maintained was objectionable. The 
Judge in the high court expressed the im- 
portant opinion that a theatre manager in- 
vited criticism, and that a person merely 
hissing, with an honest opinion, was within 
his rights. He certainly must not be ejected 
violently. . ,.' ., 

Samuel Lloyd, the agent, so long identi- 
fied with Glasgow, has been very lu, but 
Is now. well enough to give some attention to 
business again. 

John Glendennlng will discard "The Ros- 
ary" for a week, at any rate, in order to take 
part with his wife, Jessie Millward, in the 
production of "The Lalrd and His Lady," 
at Chelsea Palace, on Monday week. 

Alberta Bob will produce his show en- 
titled '"Way Out West," at the Bedford 
Music Hall on Monday. ■ 

Billy Richardson, a famous old time min- 
strel, died at Liverpool. He wai the stump 
orator of the Sam Hague troupe, 

John Bull, a weekly newspaper which fea- 
tures "exposures," has been called upon to 
pay Harry Burns, the agent, $450 damages 
and costs. It charged Burns with not deal- 
ing fairly by a chorus girl, who proved to 
tuve been dismissed for drunkenness, after 
much consideration. 

Arthur Bonrchler and his wife, Violet 
Vanbrugb, are understood to receive $5,000 
for a trip to Germany. Where they will be 
filmed In "Macbeth.'' 

Pavlowa tried an aerial flight at Hendon 
the other day. 

When Sir Herbert Tree produces "Joseph 
end His Brethren" at His Majesty's Theatre, 
uMaxlne Elliott will play Potlphar's wife. 

Annie Hughes has secured from the execu- 
tors of the late Arthur Law. for exploita- 
tion In Canada and the United States during 
the Autumn, the necessary rights in "The 
Country Mouse." 

Kaymond Roze Is persistency English ln 
tbe formation of his opera company. He 
has Just settled with John Pontes for hi?, 
principal tenor. 

iSome locations for Monday next are : Mary 
Elizabeth, Palace Theatre ; Ethel Green, Pal- 
ace Theatre; the Aerial 'Smiths, York Em- 
pire; Friend nnd Downing, Palace, Reading; 
Henri de Vrles, Hippodrome, Liverpool; 
Irene Millar, Empire, Southend ; Four CIo- 
velly Girls, Hippodrome, Norwich ; Scott and 
Whaley, Hippodrome, Manchester ; Tambo 
nnd Tambo, Pavilion, Liverpool ; Taylor 
Granville, Palladium ; Fay.Two Colleys and 
Fay, London Palladium; Two Britons, Pal- 
ace, Huddersfield; May Moore Duprez, Em- 
pire, Birmingham ; Glfday and Fox, Hippo- 
drome, Bristol; Wilson and Waring, Palace, 
Leicester ; Toby Claude, Palace, 'Leicester ; R. 
G. Knowles, Empire, Hackney ; the ZanettOB, 
Hippodrome, Bristol ; Walter C. Kelly, Hlp- 

Soarome, Manchester; Perle Berth, Hlppo- 
rome, Manchester; Hedges Brothers and 
Jacobson, Chelsea Palace and PavlUon ; 
Harry Brown, London Pavilion ; White and 
Perry, Empire, Kilburn; Alice Pierce, Hip- 
podrome, Balaam: Carlisle and Wellmon, 
Hippodrome, Bradford ; Barton and Ashley, 
Empire. Cardiff ; Sam Stern, Empire, Fins- 
bury Park ; McMahon and Dufor, Empire, 
Liverpool; W. C. Fields. Empire, Sunder- 
land; Campbell and Barber, Palace. Don- 
caster; LU Hawthorne, Hippodrome, Exeter. 
Jack Johnson has been fined for an offense 
against the laws regulating motor truffle in 
the city. 

Sir George Alexander will take the St 
James' Company on a road tour during the 
Fall, with a repertoire. Granville Barker 
nnd Zellah MaoCarthy will occupy the St 
James during his absence, and produce a 
Shaw play, ,! Androclcs." 
Martin Harvey has fallen for the film 

Jieople. 'He la to be pictured immediately, 
n "A Cigarette Maker's Romance." 

A play, called "The Big Game," by a new 
writer, Wcntworth Carroll, is to begin the 
activity of the Autumn at the New olieatre, 
ln a fortnight. This forces out "Officer 660," 
but Percy Hutchinson says the revival has 
been so popular that he thinks he will take 
another theatre. Frederick Kerr will produce 
"The Big Game," and Fred Terry's clever 
boy, Dcnnes NellBoa Terry, will play an Im- 
portant part therein. 

Haverhill, Mass. — Pines Park (J. W. 
normau, mgr.) for week of Aug. 4, the J. W 

T&stEr^f* ^?bi»~*s5» ^o»m v WmT §££& 

at t-araons, Kan, . , „ ,fl ( , pictures. Manager taajamln has lately toHaSed' 

a mammoth Wulrllster automatic orchestra, tbe 
only one In the city. 

Majbstio (Jnnnelle & Bosketti, nigra.) — Mo- 
tion pictures and Illustrated songs. 

■Foil River. Mass.- Bijou (Ohas. E. Cook, 
mgr. I Bnylles-Hlcks Slock Co. presents "The 
Gentleman from Mississippi" week of Aug. 4. 

Academy (L. M. Boas, mgr.)— Bill 4-0: Mys- 
terious Edna, Hary Qllbert, Avllng and Lloyd, 
and Purcella Bros. 

Palace, Ltrio, Stab, Olobb, Sobnio and 
NicKELOoaoN, motion pictures. 

Barllnarton, la.— Orand (R. F. Holmes, 
mgr.) Is being put In fine condition for the sea- 
eon's opening. 

Qasjuok (J. Henri Fischer, mgr.) — Carpenters 
and decorators are rushing work for the opening. 
Aug. 31. 

Palace (L. P. Blank, mgr.)— Moving pictures 
to good business. 

Eut« (Guy Robinson, mgr.)— Moving pictures. 

J»W .ff»-V«gl. mgr.)— Moving pictures. 

Nbjjo (F. L. Orsmer. mgr.)-— Moving pictures. 

Lyric (Ben L. Shea, mgr.)— Moving pictures. 

Nora.— The Barnum a Bailey Shows will ap- 
pear hero Aug. 10. 

Mnacntlne, In.— The Muscatine Launch Club 
has engaged for their "Oountrv Circus," Aug. 4- 
18, some of the highest priced artists. Otic of 
the features la tho famous Guthrie Farallr, on 
their triple trapete. an act that bas been fea- 
tu , l i ea I*'" 1 * omc of ,n * largest circuses and vaude- 
ville bouses. Another Is I'aye McKnlght, tho 
jynng Isdy that Blngs "to beat the band?" Miss 
-McKnlght will render a different selection each 
day at the band concert. Band; concerts by Trof. 
Cbas. Swift'o Concert Band will be given every 
afternoon and evening. 

New Haven, Conn.— Poll' (Oliver O. Ed- 
i wards, mgr.) stock company present IThe Ooa- 
\a*»Hon" week ot Aug. 4. ^ ' . . 

■plrturS! <A ' V * V • na,, ^'HWtvJUe. and 

Denver, Col. — Broadway (William Ireland, 
mgr.) for Aug. 3 and week, Lyman H. Howe's 
travel festival, in motion pictures. 

Elitoh'b Gardrn (Thos. D. Long, mgr.) — BUI' 
lu theatre 2 and week, "Sauce For the Goose." 

Empbcsh (Geo. A. Bovyer, mgr.) — Bill 2 and 
week: "Fun In a Boarding House," Del Add- 
phla, Julia Rooney, Bowman Brothers, Alvln and' 
Kenny, Archer and Relford, and Gaumont'i 

Lakeside (A. Bloedt, mgr.)— Bill ln Casino 
for 4 and week. "Just to Get Married," with 
Maude Fealy. 

Tagob Grand (William Bene, mgr.)— BUI 3 
and week: Bernard Kfekhart, Qilmore Girls, I* 
tnont's cockatoos, Doolta and company, Brookes 
and Lorella, and moving pictures. 

.Pantaoes' (Nat Darling, mgr.)— Bill 3 and 
week: Car© Miller Family, Roy D. Smith's Fer- 
ris wheel Girls, La Hnrport, the Gregorys, 
Boston and Von, and moving pictures. 

Baker (Harry WuM, mgr.)— Loeb Musical Com- 
edy Co, and moving pictures. 

Norfolk. Va. — Academy of Music (Otto 

WellB, mgr.) notwithstanding the excessive hot 
weather, vaudeville and motion pictures continued 
1o draw good crowds. 

Grandy (Otto Wells, mgr.)— "Lts Mlserables," 
1 . n ', II1 Si! <m Pictures, drew good business week ot 
July 38. House is dork week of Ang. 4, 

Amebioan, Wonderland. Arcade, Coluxdu, 
Fotosho and Bonita, motion pictures. 

Staunton, Va.— New, the followina: Wll 
appeared at this house week of July 28: Ida 
Murray, Joe Flynn, tic Bransons, Lswrenee and 
reters, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, and Richards and 

Abt aud Savor, moving pictures 

Staunton, Va.— New. bill week of Aug. 4: 
Les Gougets, Billy DsVfl), ' Gamine's Poodles. 
Craig and Overholt, HanJimiJ Gllfoyle, and Woik 
and Play. ■ . .. .* sJs iJS 

AST and Savot, moving pictures, 


Advertisements not exceeding one Hoc In length 
will he published, properly classified ln this Index 
at the rate of tici for one year (82 Issues). A 
copy ot Tub New York Clippeb will be seat fast 
to each advertiser while the advertisement Is rua- 

nlag. '■ 



O. W. Trainer Mfg. Co., 7E pearl St., Boston, 


Hart Mfg. Co., 352 Atlantic Ave., Boston, Mass. 

B, H. Maylaod A Sou, 54 WlUougbby St., Brook- 
lyn, K. Y. 


Itueckhclm Bros. A Eckstein, 245 So. Peoria St, 
Chicago. - ' .i 

S. Bower, 117 Barman at., Brooklyn, N. X. 

Edwin ll. Street, 23 Brook St, Hartford, Conn. 

A. Braanelss, 1012 Grant Ave., Richmond HUL 
N. X. ^ 

J. 0. Deagoa, 8800 N. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

B. J. Barwood's Sons, 09 Pearl St., Boston, Mas*. 

Bueckhelm Bros. & Eckstein, 245 So. Peoria St, 
' Chicago* ..■..-, 


0. L.' Story Scenic Co., Somerville Station, Boe- 
' ton,' Mass. 

Seaman & Landls Co., 417 S. Clinton St., Chicago. 
Toomey & Vollsnd, 2312 Market St., St. Louis. 
Shell's Scenic Studios, 581 So. High St., Colua- 

•bus. Ohio. 
New York Studio, 1001 Times Bldg., N. Y. 0. 
Howard Tuttle, 1202 Center St., Milwaukee, we. 

Planet Show Print A Eng. Boose, Chatham, Ont 
Paul Tsusig a Son, 104 E. 14th St, N. Y. a 

Kunkely Tent & Awning Co., 103 South St., N. Y. 

Boston Regalia Co., 387 Wash.' St., Boston, Man. 

E. Walker, 300 W. 89th Bt., New York. 

WANTED, O.UICK-A few more Medicine 
Men to handle the BrazUlan Remedies. SwCK 
lino, big Inducements. A fine toilet soap with *a 
beautiful carton, and every cake wrapped what 
herald, for $2.26 per gross. Write today for ore 
Booklet which gives prices and description of nsjj. 
edlcs. Add. TB.B CLIFTON DRUG CO., Olrard, IB. 

WANTED-A1 Sketch Team, man and wife, to 
Medicine Show. Moat change for week. It jo» 
are not all right, save stamps, and you amow. WH 
pay all you are worth. State all in flrst letter. Lonx 
Season, never close. Ad. Jay Poland, Mats, Ma. 

30 who can wear evening clothes for Vaude- 
ville Sketch. Send photo. Address by mall for 
appointment MISS W., Room 107. Hotel Norman- 
dle, New York. 

MUSICIANS WANTED, at onoe, for SIG. 
SAUTELLE'S CIRCUS, Clarinet, Cornet, Bass ant 
Baritone, low pitch. Show will run a long seasoa 
South. Wire or write lowest in first, E. R 
FLANAGAN, Band Master, Aug. 6, Elizabeth, N. 
J.; 7,Keyport; 8, Long Branch; 9, Red Bank. 

MEDICINE MEN— Are you acquainted will 
the BrazUlan Remedies? If not, send for Frltx 
List and foil particulars. A big flashy Heife 
Package marked $2,00 at $9.00 per gross. Plente 
of paper and Advertising Matter free. Address 


Send for FREE Catalogs 

115 So. Dearborn St., CHICAGO, ILI*. 



Address, F. J. BATES, Agt., Howei 
Great London Show. Governestr, N~. Y. 

Good Piano Player, quick; good versatile Sketcl 
Teams; also good lively Single. Two PnUmaa 
Cur Show. If yon donble brass, say bo. Na> 


I, the undersigned desire to got Into Immediate 
touch with my brother, Harry Lee, tho well knowa 
comedian of the Central West. Any one know- 
ing his whereabouts will greatly oblige me by 
writing at onco to address below. 

(Signed) FRED. LEE, 
Manager Opera House, LAMAR, COLO. 



Season 1913 aud 1914". StrloUy reliable. Addreaa 
B1X WIDGEON, 1110 linden Ave* 
Logansport, lad. . ' 



Leader Orchestra, Double Baritone ln Band; Mas 
tor Legree and Phlnlas. Colored People who 

can sing and <?—*-» "-• — «•» — « ~ »-^- 

wtth little i ' ■ 
Pa,, Ang. « 


To order by a successf nl writer. Twenty year's 
experience. References given, loo Bits play' 

iSSKP tM? ,0 S? b No ' «. 10c - Jack o. ru 

FORD, Author-Producer, BonthBend, Ind. 


Character Lcads.Oharacter'Old Man, Comedy Old 
M«>. Heavies. FOR SALE: Big bargain, Smith 
Premier Typewriter, Pictorial Paper, few good 
Scri pts. Address 804 BO. lUtli BT. , IROMTOS, O. 

fjQNTR A flTS—Agcnt RcpnrtBooks and 
yuiUHfttlO"- Lro50 sheets, Weekly 
Statement Books and Loose Sheets, Sharing Con- 
tracts, etc. Account Books for Picture Theatre. 
Address OBAS. D. McOUTOlIEON, 8105 Hanasen 
Court, Chicago, 111. 


Capable, Sober nnd Rcllablo PIANO TLAYER. 

sri%»%i A iVS M DE0K - "" E ' FAYETTE ST., 

VaudejlritfJRfl Small Comedies to f 
BuTmIoiA ifcHatlng capacity, 800. Op 
Woodsboro, Md., 0. S. BARBICK, Mgr. 



August 9 





■ m ■ 

HITS. This season we are prepared: to send to performers known to us 
advance copies of our next season's absolutely assured successes: We spe* 

Cially will exploit some wonders by THE GREATEST POPULAR WRITER 






Lyrics by WILL D. COBB 

and many others. We will be pleased to hear from all performers known 
to us, on these songs. 




Call on our MR. BOSLEY 

Grand O. H. Building 


%%* Ben Stem, who. In association with the 
" .Louis B. Mayer Co., Inc., bag entered Into 
an agreement to manage Al. H. Wilson, the 
German, comedian, for a term of years, an- 
Bounces that he has perfected plana for Mr, 
WHson;s tour of the coming season. His 
Ijitavta -to appear in a new comedy drama 

.•*rltt«n especially for Tils use by Herbert 
ill Wihslow,' and called "A Rolling Stone." 



The play la In three acts, the action passing 
from a picturesque locale of . the Catsklil 
Mountains to New York City, and giving 
abundant opportunity for brilliant staging. 
Mr. Stern" has arranged to give Mr. Wilson 
the moat elaborate scenic production tbat has 
ever been made for any of his plays. In 
adopting a new management Mr. Wilson has 
also surrounded himself with an entirely 
new cast of players'. Ills leading woman 
will be Laura Lemmers, who for several 
yean has occupied a similar position with 
Grace George. Lizzie Wilson, well known as 
a character actress of exceptional ability, 
Will lave an Important role in "A Rolling 
Stone." Otbors of note engaged for the com- 
pany Include: Thomas Wood, Harry. West, 
Leona Wood, Lenore McDonough. The tour 
of the company begins at Red Bank, N. J., 
Aug: 80, and after a week's engagement at 
Ford's Opera House. In Baltimore, and a 
week at the Columbia, In Washington, Mr. 
Wilson leaves for an extended Southern and ' 
Western tour, returning for a New York 
hearing late in the Winter. 

,. 4 ■ » 

Mr. Hill was asked the question whether or 
not It was the purpose of Ms office to give Its 
•anion In reports on the merit of various shows, 
vaudeville acts, etc., to which Mr. mil replied 
emphatically that this was not so. That the office 
was not a self-appointed censor by any means, 
that the only reports that, they sent oat would 
bo facta that were obtained from various sources 
as to how tli* attractions appealed to the people 
who had played It and in a general xray to the 
. amount of business It had done, and as to whether 
it was satisfactory as a whole. 

He believes that If be Is selling a Guide to the 
public, that Is is pretty near up to blm to obtain 

?tbc Information from some source or other, to 
Ire them what they are paying for, and he states 
rankly tbat if he depended upon the local men 
themselves he would get about sixty per cent of 
the Information desired, consequently he baa se- 
cured the services of a local representative to 
gather the balance, 

An to a date when the Guide would be Issued, 
Mr. Bill stated tbat it would not be published un- 
til It was thoroughly complete, aa he did not think 
It adylaable to put In circulation any more Guides 
that only gave meagre Information, but that 
there was deeldedly a demand for such a hook 
that covered the ground In a most thorough man- 

< »♦ 

"Little Miss Fix-It," with Lucille Parish, 
was the attraction at the Elks' benefit at the 
Broadway, July 26, remaining also for 29. 
Others attractions booked are: 
■ July 80, Walter Jones, in "The Gentleman 
In Lower Nineteen;" 81. Carnival, Corona- 
tion of Queen; Aug. 1, "Kiss Me Quick;" 
2, "Chocolate Soldier;" 4. "Ready Money;" 
B, 6, "Silver Wedding;" 7, 8, 0, "Caprice," 
New York Casino musical production ; 13, 14, 
"Potash and Perlmutter:" 15, 16, "Xan- 
tippe;" 18. 10. "Family Cupboard;" 20, 21, 
"Nearly Married;" 22, 28, a new play pro- 
duced by Harrison Grey Flake, which opens 
at the Lyceum, New York; 25. 20, 'The 
Fight" (goes direct to Hudson Theatre, New 
York) I 27. Blanche Ring ; 20, 80, Sam Ber- 
nard, in "All for the Ladles ;•' Sept 1, "Peg 
o' My Heart;" 2, "Otis Harlan. In ''Little 
Boy Bine;" 0. 7, flotbern and Marlowe: 11, 
"Little Women ;•' 20. "Broadway Jones." 

dic shows ron paterson. 

With the opening of the Opera House ,ln 
Paterson. N. J., Sept 1, a want that has 
been unfilled in Paterson for many years, 
the presentation of high class Broadway pro- 
ductions, will be filled. 

The opening, on Labor Day will bring 
one of the strongest metropolitan produc- 
tions of the past season, "Within the Law." 
The original company will present the play, 
remaining for three days. Later productions 
will be: "Bought and Paid For." "Fine 
Feathers,'' featuring Wilton Lackaye and 
Robert Edeson; "liunty Pulls the Strings." 
"Little Women" and' E)ousa'<i Band. Such 
noted Thespians ns Robert Mantel), Grace 
George and Sam Bernard will be presented 
during the Fall. 

The plays will be presented at a large ex- 
pense to the Manck Amusement Company, 
which has planned so pretentious a program, 
and as a result it will be necessary for the 
house to charge the regular metropolitan 


Pavld I'flrrmann, who recently acquired 
the rights to Richard Carle's popular mu- 
sical comedy success, "Mary's Lamb." will 
send It on tour In iho same elaborate way 
In which Mr. Carle did it himself several 
seasons ago. Immediately upon closing the 
contract for the exclusive producing rights, 
Mr. f fttnnann placed orders for a complete 
new production. 

Den McGratb, of McGrath and Yeoman, n 
well known Western vaudeville team, will be 
featured. Other prominent members of the 
erst are: Bertha Yeoman. Florence Guise, 
Vlolette ltco. Doris Mann, Henrietta Hansen, 
Jerry Hart, Arthur Bell, Sydney Algler, John 
F. Adams, and a chorus of twenty-tire 

William Miller, formerly with the Roger 
Brothers and the Liebler attractions, will 
be the business manager. W. Nat Roystcr 
will be the company manager. Mr. Pflrrmann 
will travel a few weeks with tbo company. 
He will then return to Now York to make 

preparations for the production of his latest 

{day, "The Power of the l'ross," which ha 
>as Just completed. 

The company opens In Charleston, Si C, 
Aug. 80, and Is booked for a tour of all the 
Important Southern cities. 
An added attraction at the Best Theatre, 
in Birmingham, Ala., recently was the mar- 
riage of two of the members of the Wakefield 
Musical Comedy Co., on tbe stage, during a 
performance. The participants were Carl C 
Uunyan and Cellle B. Butler. 
Work of re-modeling tbe Grand Opera 
House, In Terre Haute, Ind., recently leased 
by B. F. Crantbers of Chicago, Is rapidly 
progressing. J. C. Anderson, scenic artist of 
Chicago, has charge of the stage, and entirely 
new scenery Is being made under bis direc- 

THE "MONO FC TONO." A Klelne Release. 


Blanche Bates reached New York July SO 
after ending her season in "The Witness for 
the Defense," at Los Angeles, Saturday. 
July 2«. Almost immediately on ber arrival 
Miss Bales wont Into consultation with 
Charles Vrohman, who read for ber James 
Matthew Harris's now play, "Half An Hour? 1 

At the completion of Mr. Frohmnn's read. 
ins; final arrangements were perfected for 
Miss Bates' appearance In this newest of 
Barrio playlets, In conjunction with th* 
Stanley Houghton longer comedy, "Tat 
Younger Generation." Miss Rates will play 
"Half An Hour" after each performance of 
"The Younger Generation." Sbo will not 
step upon the stage until 10 o'clock, but ber 
performance will continue, each nlgbt, until 
after 11. 

"Half An Hour" will be produced In Lon- 
don on Sept 20, with Irene Vanbrugb In the 
part of the wife, and later in Paris, with 
Jeanne Grenler in tbe same role. Charles 
Frohman Is to try his hardest to have the 
play produced In New York at least on* 
night before Its London performance, so 
that it may have Its actual premiere In this 

Armand de Calllavet, who. with Robert da 
Flora, was part author of "Love Watches,'' 
and one of tbe few contemporary French 
dramatists who can speak and wrlto English 
fluently, has written Charles Frohman his 
acceptance of the commission to adapt 
"Half An Hour" Into French. Neither Mr. 
Barrle nor M. de Calllavet have ever seen 
each other, but In a letter from the French 
author to Mr. Frobman received last week, 
M. do Calllavet promised to go to work on 
"Half An Hour" this Summer, at the sans 
time expressing bis pleasure in collaborating 
wltb an author so much to his liking as 
J. M. Barrle. 

Miss Bates left immediately for a month's 
vacation. Her rehearsals for her first sp- 

Scnrancc in any play by Mr. Barrle will bsgu 
cpt. 8. 



Little B. Raymond sends from England 
the following extract from The Performer: 

"The 'AH British' bill Is about as rare as 
the auk's egg.. Usually It can be depended 
upon that a music ball program will contain 
an American turn or two and some conti- 
nental acrobats. 

'Therefore, when the artistes engaged tbe 
week before last at the Nottingham lOmplre 
'tumbled to the fact' tbat they all, without 
a single exception, owed allegiance to the 
Union Jack, they felt properly pleased, and 
determined to celebrate the occasion with 
due pomp and ceremony. The moving spirit 
In the matter was Phil Pcrclval, of 'Sextos 
Blake' fame, and tbe outcome was a motor 
lour through Nottinghamshire's famous 
beauty spot, Sherwood Forest, the scene of 
the exploits of Robin Hood and bis merry 
men In ages agone. Tbose wbo made the 
trip Included Etta Stella and friend, Albert 
Kruno ('Perkins In Paris') and friends, 
Walton and Lester, Phil and Mrs. PerclvaL 
Kyd Walkor, Cullen and Cartby, Camp and 
Critic, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. 
Lord, and Ernest Brldgen, acting manager of 
the Nottingham Empire." 


Frank A. Gladden, now connected with the 
Bert Marshall Vaudeville circuit, of Clara- 
land, O., la acting manager of the Colons 
Park Theatre, on Chautauqua Lake, James- 
town, N. Y. Mr. Gladden wat formerly of 
the team of well known dancers, Trash and 

Business has been btg at tbe park. 



August 9 




Juns 27. 

TutUTH Rom, (J. 0. Will I unron Ltd.) — At 
tliln theatre "A Midsummer Night's Dream" con- 
tinues to attract and delight crowded bouses, not 
culy by tho Inhcront merit of tbe comedy Itcelf, 
Imi! from the fact that It li mounted and acted In 
thit hlcrb standard of excellence that marka all 
the Aache-Brayton productions. The season has 
been a aerie* of successes and artistic triumphs 
that will be long and pleasantly remembered by 

Hn Maj«btt'» (J. 0. Williamson. Ltd.)— "The 
Count of Luxembourg." This mirthful and mu- 
sical comedy baa ttoir entered upon It* sixth 
week of preaentstlon to capacity houses, and 
ftom appearances la likely to continue. The 
constant Interpolation of new numbers, dances 
urn! novelties, added to tbe original script and 
business, are factor* which, added to the skill 
cf those wbo Interpret It, account for Its huge 


Littli Thsutsb (Direction. H. C. Buckler) 

This coxy, artistic and popular place of amuse- 
ment Is having lis seating capacity nightly tested 
b7 tbe crowds thst are anxious to chase dull care 
away and catch the Jny-blrd on the wing. Tbe 
latest Amerlcsn coinedy, "Bobby Ilnrnlt." hai 
hit the bullseye of success, and rings tbe bell 
of satisfaction at Man snow. "Bobby Burnlt" 
Is a worthy successor to "The Man on the Box" 
and "Fanny's Klrat Piny," and glres promise of 
balng a greater success than either of II* pre. 

Oiitmion (J. 0. Williamson, Ltd.)— "Excuse 
lie." Neither rain nor cold appear lo affect the 
public in tbelr desire to participate In the fun 
provided hy tbls laughable and farcical comedv. 
The healthiness of Its boreor, the snap of lis 
script and the skill of tbe artists, beaded by 
Fred Nlblo, ore sure laugh winners every time. 
Although In Its fourth week "Excuse Me" un- 
winds every night as novel and welcome ss If It 
were Its premier performance. 

On Monday tbe Williamson management re- 
ceived a cablegram from Lewis Waller, wbo bad 
arrived at Colombo. The company which the 
distinguished English actor Is bringing to Aus- 
tralia by the B. S. Oifertey, Include*: Hade* 
Titheradire, Prances Tttheradge. Marian Caldwell, 
Kancy Waller. Chu. Quartennalne. Halllwell 
Hobbs, Win. Devercsux. F.relyn Beerbohm. Alee. 
B. Thompson, Nicholas Joy. Mr. Meoson, Edmund 
Waller, Reg. Dane and Mr. Griatba. Tbe pro- 
ducer, Frsnk Woolfe, has arrived here, havlne 
come on ahead of tbe company. The OtterUy la 
4ae In tlydney on July 3. 


(Hugh D. Mcintosh, governing director). — Th* 
present program at tbe Tirol! could not be ex- 
celled by any vaudeville house on earth. Th* 
newcomer. Lacy Gillette, made lier Australian 
tlebut here yesterday afternoon at the matinee. 
The plump little Herman lady Is an absolute 
wonder, and Juggles with anything any everything 
from oranges and lowers to chairs and weighty 
tables. She 1* a vigorous athlete aa well, and 
after her Juggling feat* she performs vsrloua 
kinds of bnnds|rrlngs and tingle end double somer- 
saults. The lady la but eighteen yeara of age. 
bat she hss the Joy of life In her reins, and she 
revels In the performance of her amaalngly dim- 

T I roll, has taken over I he general management of 
tbe Albambra Music Mail. Haynurket, Sydney. 

Palaci (Direction' Wen. Anderson). — Th* 
Amerlcsn Musical Burlesque Co. "The Grafters," 
which was performed jefore a crowded bouse at 
tbls theatre on Saturday evening, June 21, la 
an elaborated music hall sketch. It bat • 
skeleton of a plot, ehlch does not overburden 
Itself with much pretence at probability, but th* 
flesh and blood of tbe entertainment are tbe farce, 
tbe ballets, choruses, saiga and dances, which 
are Introduced upon tie slightest provocation. 
Much of It la clever, but Ine long-drawn punning 
relies upon a primitive species, of humor. The 
comedians of the piece, Messrs. Bert La Blanc, 
Frank Mack, Dave Nowlan and Barry Burgess, 
were entirely successful. Mr. La Blanc's great 
impersonation of s Hebrew tramp, however much 
a libel upon a race, was remarkably clever. In 
a quiet unforced manner be scored right through 
tbe evening. Harry Burgess, as tbe village con- 
stable, also mane a deserved bit. It wss a 
clean cut performance, and bla eccentric dancing 
brought blm a double encore and a recall. Frank 
Mack was sn amusing caricature of a German 
tramp, and Dave Nowlan waa a pleasant Ameri- 
can hobo. The singing of all four was good, and 
the songs went with a awing. Gertrude St. Clair 
moved dashingly across the stage ss a handsome- 
ly gowned widow, and her love pasaages with tbe 
four worthies were much appreciated. But It 
was Eugenia I.a Blanc, who, as a gawky country 
girl, brought down the bouse with her eccentric 
singing and dancing In "Heaven Will Protect a 
Working Olrl." Mrs. Carlton, Charles and H. 
.Ross, and the Misses Teddy Martin and Maudle 
May also sang acceptably. Tbe ballet, under the 
direction of Caroline Phillips, waa a feature of 
tbe performance. The play will be popular with 
those who like a combination of bur- 
lesque snd high class vaudeville. It was highly 
laughable, and will appeal to all wbo do not 
take the theatre seriously, but desire to be soused. 
National (Managing Director, Ben. Fuller). — 
Tbe program at tbe theatre on Saturday, Jum 
21. was enriched by the addition of a very clever 
Chinese juggler, Wong Toy Bun. and the renowned 
Four Stagpolos. Wong performs some wonderful 
tricks with anuiing neatness, which make* them 
appear new, all the while be works with a mys- 
terious stealth, as silent as tbe grave. His per- 
formance waa eminently euecensfuL THe shining 
light of the Stagpules is "Ted," wbo makes his 
somewhat cumbrous figure bounce about the stage 
like sn India rubber ball. Hit acrobatic feats, 
anc" especially his tumbling, are ss clever aa they 
are grotesque. He Is ably aactated be tbe other 
three members of the quartette. (Jeorge Murphy 
Is sptly described aa the Talking Yankee Juggler. 
IW the rest of the bill, the Royal Bnnxala art 

reach that blgh standard of excellence of which 
It It known they sre capable, and which they have 
alnce demonstrated. The show opened Saturday, 
June 28. 

Tits sensation of tbe week has been caused by 
gorgeous posters around the city, announcing the 
arrival oi the "Glory Girl," who appeared at 
the Tlroll Saturday, June 28. Well, as naturally 
lo be expected, a good deal of cariosity waa 
aroused In Tlroll patrons as to who tbe Glory 
Girl" was, wbero did she come from, and what 
was her particular line of ovslceu? The Tlvoll 
waa crowded on Saturday afternoon and evening 
with those wbo desired to see snd hear for them- 
selves. To be brief, and without going Into min- 
ute details of the act, the mystery of tbe "Glory 
Girl" wtt unfolded in the perron of a sweet and 
charming Iodr artiste, wbo sings devotional mu- 
sic In a delightful manner in a semi religious 
setting. The "Glory Girl's" voice wss sweet. 
though Its full beauty waa marred by a tremolo. 
doe, no doubt, to nervousness. Also tbe setting 
of the "Ave Merit" was a shade too blgh for 
the compass of Iter voice; a semi-tone lower would 
have suited much better. Immediately the "Ave 
Maria" was concluded, there was a modulation 
Into the Introduction of "Ort Pro Nobis." Thit 
waa very well snng, Indeed, bat all tbe same 
Piccolonilnl'a religious number was an anticlimax 
to the classic Bach-Gounod "Meditation." Toe 
novel net would huve preserve! Its charming grace 
of form had toe sinter concluded with, aay, Han- 
del's noble "Angers Ever Blight and Fair." 
Anyway, 'It would he more In keeping vrlth tbe 
figure clad In robes of virgin white and tbe 
ongel floating In the air at the "prompt" side. 

■TosU'ii McOabb, who opens his second Sydcey 
scries of illustrated lecture* on "Evolution." 
next Monday, at the Town Hall, is probably tbe 
most voluminous writer upon scientific and his- 
torical subjects on tbe English or American plat- 
form of to-day. During tbe last twelve months. 
In addition to the heavy work entitlled by bla 
associate editorship of the Columbia TInlversltv'a 
monumental "Encyclopaedia of Sources.." Mr. Mc- 
Cche ha* published two large volumes on the 
S9"S*I of Hon*." and a meet Interesting 
"Life of Goethe." 

Tbe first of Hugh D. Mcintosh's big Hat of 
American vaudeville artltta will appear at the 
Tlvoll to-morrow. In the person of Billy Reeves, 
the original stage drunk." Mr. Reeves hat 
made a big reputation throughout America In 
art act entitled "Too Full for Words." Tbe 
Havllonda, novelty tight wire performers, will 
also make their first Auetrallan appearance. They 
also arrive from America. 

else, whether In the early morning, raid-day, or 
evening. Tbe hockey matches, which nave been 
organised, are being much appreciated. Exhibi- 
tions of fancy skating are given day and night 
by Profl. Alender and Witts, respectively. 

Sutton's Skating Rinx. — It speaks well for 
tbe management and enterprise that It thonlil 
have organised with such success Its first grand 
evening dress and white night, almost at the In- 
ception of the Institution. Tbe evtnt came off 
last evening, and was patronised by one tboosand 
skaters. Another sack carnival trill be held next 

Maxlt Biaoo Roixca Rink. — Tbe conve- 
nience afforded by thit rink it one more attraction 
to frequenters of thla popular seaside resort. 
There are three sessions dally, and ladles are 
taught the art by an American professor. A . 
fancy dress carnival will take place on Saturday ' 
evening next. 

CiNTSNNiAt. Skatiho 1>alacz. — The huge Har- 
lequinade which had been looked forward to so 
keenly by patrons, waa held last evening, and 
proved i great success. Over 1,500 skaters took 
part, and many spectators were alto present. A 
new departure, which will be appreciated, la 
that all scholars attending colleges and blgh 
schools In, and around Sydney, will he admitted 
t/i tbe rink during the" mernlng session free of 
•Barge, but only during the mld-Wlnter holidays. 
CoListuif Rollsb Rinx.— North Sydney skatert 
are finding a greet boom in this place of recrea- 

nt Ids. Leslie Bates and others. The Travesty 
Hand lo one of tbe main Items on the bill, which 
00 the whole, Is a moat satisfying one. Janaeri 
proves aa saceessfal and mystifying as ever 
Crowded booses every performance. 

'Jum (Brennan Fuller, Ltd.) — There la a 
fairly strong company here, and highly popular 
with Its natrons. Chief In order of merit Is an 
English Importation, Monty Walker by name 
wrote quaint Lancaohlre songs and stories are 
splendidly treated, especially good being "The 
Lancashire Tout." Lenvolla serves to add an ad- 
ditional charm to bis Joggling by Oiling In with 
some new and laughable patter, while tbe Two 
Excellas have little to learn from imported Jug. 
glers. Morley and Baker, In a laughable sketch 
"The Walter," was amusing and effective. Joe 
Ixeltwood la quite a dexterous bone player, and. 
with Kitty Kcnby gets through a cowboy turn 
lily nicely. Tom Leonard and Ted Anderson are 
a droll pair of comedians. Jack Rhodes, Violet 
Glfford, and the Gibson Girls, bare the goods 
tad deliver tnem. too. ^^^ 

OrxR.i Hodsb) (Managing Director. H. D. Mc- 
intosh). — Tbe newcomers here were: Threat's 
Roosters, a most Intelligent troupe of feathered 
bipedo ; A. G. Spry, one of the best of come- 
dlaoo; toe Clarence Sitters and Brother, and 
Margaret Ogllvle. All four turns were well re- 
ceived. Others wbo merited snd received un- 
stinted applause were: Tbe De Brunt, in their 
Apache dance; Vande and Verne, cross-talk come- 


Our new professional studios are the talk of the town! They are H 

friends! They are as bright as the Sun, and as cheerful as YOU wa to 

In one word, they are DIFFERENT! Our new staff is one of the ii. 

given undivided attention the moment you enter. Our mailing i 3 >i 
that it Is received. Our new songs are in keeping with our studios 

Our wiiters have handed you some .of the biggest applause gettc ir 

the bacon! Each song has been TRIED and FOUND GUILTY-guiu >f 
and every song is a sizzling sensation ; a rip-sawing riot; a genuine 

ATTENTION. BALLAD SINGERS! You seldom find a real novelty among ballads \ 


' this is the ballad that gets thty press notices- -v 

Do you remember "That's How I Need You"? Some song, wasn't it? Wei ne 



an ELI :ri 

Here it is! The Imperator of Rag Songs! Th» 1914 Coast to Coae Se 



A Five Day Greyhound! You can steer it slow or fast! It's sure to sail you across on the Top Wave o & 

RELEASED AT LAST! For over a year Laurette Taylor's $1,000.00 prize song at the Cort Theatre, New York 



Wo promised it to you and here It is! 

Anyone can sing it and Everyone WILL sing it! A Gem to brighten your act! 

cult font*. Miss Gillette Juggles with ber feet at 
well as wlili ber bands. She balances a fruit dish 
on a broomstick, tho stick on her nose, and 
adroitly spins oranges from the tin of her shot 
Into the different compartment! of the dlth. Also 
she spina a heavy table on a long ttlck oup- 
inn ted on her bead, lies down on a conch, knocks 
the slick sway, catches the table on her toes, and 
contluues the spinning. Nothing comes amiss to 
her In the juggling line — even fourteen and I 
twenty-eight pound weights she toys with ai If 
they were peanuts. The act wai punctuated 
with hearty oprloute. Iitrold Reeves, a Sydney 
boy. wbo returtii from a long absence In America, 
made n welcome reappearance. Ills offering was 
•lnsute's "The King's Minstrel," with a dainty 
Hide Irlah song as encore. Welsh and Carlwsse 
returned to the bill with a new comedy sketch, 
"Y. M. C A.," and Oatslc Walracr. the con- 
tralto serlo, who finishes this week mid returns 
to Ionduii. snng three new songs, and was en- 
cored. The Belleclulre Brothers rei>eatcd Ibelr 
superb display of physical culture and liandbnl- 
ancliMT. Other star performers were: The Kebhle 
Platen, Kelrllue snd 8i«ed, Torcnt't Boosters, 
the torn Quaint Q's and Captain Tlchur'a troupe 
or educated teals. 

Harry Barring-ton who hat Juot retired, ofler 
a sixteen yenrt' service as otoge manager at lbs 


*Y« arc ready in lit out Individuals ami 

complete cninimiiica for Hie coming 

bciikoii from our line of 



(Reg. V. 8. Pat. office) 

H West aiBl Street, and im Broadway, 


still going; the pace with apparently no end to 
fresh sensations. Ruby Tolnton, sn admirable toe 
dancer, and Hart aud Kenny, operatic duettlsts, 
made good. 

I'ntNCKsa (Direction, J. 0. Bain). — Pull houses 
were recorded at the matinee and evening per- 
formances June 21, at thla theatre. The com- 
pany for this week la a .strong one, and several 
good turns are presented. The atatue clog dance, i 
given by the two Oroydon Girls, it distinctly 
novel. Oon. Morenl, in bla tonga and •ketches, 
Is giod, and tbe Leonards give a nett acrobatic 
display. Nellie Msbet, serin and dancer, and 
I.yla Thompson, comedienne, prove attractive and 
tbe Apache revireseiitstloii by tho Three Starr 
Slalom Is reallatlc. The Three Kulmesys. a team 
of comedy acrobata, gave a clever exhibition of 
fealo on stilts. Marshall and Mitchell, cross- 
talk comedians; Miss Do Vere, Olive Robinson. 
Chas. Smith, Geo. Sorlle, Wslly Blcardo, and Jlra 
Craydon are all good, 

AMiAuaaa (Direction. H. Btrrlngton).— Pa- 
trons of this theatre were treated lo a fine vaude- 
ville program on Saturday, June 21, several new 
artists putting in an appearance. The star head- 
liners on the bill was the Roger Quartette of 
clever acrobats. A feature of their act was the 
formation of a human pyramid, la which the 
performero broke apart twisting, turning and 
somersaulting and Instantly ■prang to their former 
positions In the pyramid. It was a novel and 
ttartllng turn, and evoked a loud cheering. Lot- 
tie Watson, a wonderful quick change ortlot, In 
which she Introduces different styles] of dress, 
also scored a great hit. The Radnors mnde good 
with their smart patter, and Harder Court, aa 
a tlngcr of popular onnge, wot a success. On 
Saturday, June 28, the whole theatre will b« 
reorganised and the bill will be presented by a 
nrst clnsa vnlnstret company, with llorry Barrlng- 
lon as Interlocutor. 

A'""- 1 ;,"' (George Marlow, Lld.»— "Llfe'i Bhop 
Window" Is a melodrama redolent of the wide 
Western prairies, and emnvnod with stirring Inv 
elilents that meet the pioneers of the Outback: 
Inllke. In many melodramas, the piece does not 
trench on the Impossible, lint possesses a clear 
cut plot that, while studded with sensations, 
never passes the liordcrland of crediilltv. Splen- 
didly mounted and embclltihcd with most ex- 
cellent teoiiery from the brush of Beg. RoMm. 
Life t Shop Window" has every element for a 
long and ouceessfiil season. While the majority 
or the artists were lu excellent form on the open- 
ing night, In one or two inttances they failed te 

— „_ .,,_ Another release! It was restricted, but it became such ai .>«» 


The mother oi an ■■Don- so ags! You need it ; You want It r When youT!r it you'll Z 


WUITTS.-V I'll s.... ....y ^ ...... - 

TTATT . T a. --,__ ^ _ "1 L AJ....M-: TIIVIi.l|'r-..,M, IT'S IIKTTKRI — — — — 


Jott before Mr. Mcintosh left Sydney I had a 
cbat with him on board tbe steamer. lie aald, 
"There la some talk about Harry Lauder coming 
to Australia. If he has not signed up, I promise 
yoti that he will be mine, whstever It costs. If 
no one else csn get the braw laddie, I'll get blm." 

Apart from Mr. Mcintosh's good Intentions, I 
am given aoaurance that Messrs. J. A N. Talc, 
of Sydney and Melbourne, have secured the ser- 
vices of tbe great Scottish tlnger-cotnedlan, and 
he will commence hit Australian tour under their 
. management, In April, 1914, 

Her First Appearance In Aattreilln. 

At Has MtiUTt'B Tiibatbb (J. O. Williamson, 
Ltd.)— A brilliant and fashionable audience, 
which Included tbe Governor General, Lord Den- 
■nan. accorded the most enthusiastic of welcomes 
to Mile. Adeline Genee, Alexander Vollnln, Mile. 
Hallna Schmola, and other members of the talent- 
ad company at Her Majesty's Theatre, on Satur- 
day night. June 21, and demonstratively acknowl- 
edged by hearty cheering, the eschantlng perform- 
ance of Qenee. The audience also apprclated the 
admirable work of the One orchestra of fifty per- 
formers, under the baton of O. J. M. Olaser, who 
also received a call at the conclusion of the even- 
ing-. It waa a memorable first night, remarkable 
In Ito way that, with the exception of the cur- 
tain raiser, not a single wor-1 was spoken, yet 
the attention of the house wai held, and pulses 
ftilckened profoundly throughout the eveolng, 
whlrh ended in a complete triumph for all cot- 


Tun GiiriiRiL- u. — Skating, aa a Winter's 
morning recreation,' seeroa to have come at a nat- 
trsl following upon the close of the Summer surf- 
ing- season. This favorite rink offero every 
facility for indulging In this exhilarating cier- 


LEO. FEIST, Inc., 135 W. 4 

UK I VS. |. s. V i ] i , ■ ~ . . . ^ . . . . . ._ ' 

AflitritM nil m nil t„ 
xi:\v yoitk. UKKICK 


CHICAGO, 145 N. Clark St. I bsf 

»™,i. a U? !!"•. t "*'j ,,,,ln 6 <™» l» taking hold as 
55 «' It haa done across the water? Klcure 

"u",^ 1 '* haw, " ui Otar«?nd 

.Va d L elMeaYn'rc k,K,W " ^"^ 0t °* "'• 

IjaiWMI ItOLLW Risk.— In common with Its 

eomeumoi-arles, the Imperial la enlorlne a full 

.share of patronage, each or the three dally ie*- 

ston. being well attended. A Cinderella .carnival 

'Ki* k< L pl - ,re Mxt mon,n . and Edging br the 

l^Sf £• cn,rle ? f 1011 h "* •&•»& been re! 

2Jf°:J^!.. c *, n ' , :" 1 . nr0I » 1 «» 'o be one of tie 

■oat stKcessful of tbe year. . 

dltra; o Hnna San. In tbe Bcene. 
&'!'. ''"'f ""'I Hroofcs, sketch 
Elisabeth Olnir. contralto. 

'A Villon of 
nrllsts, and 


. """t- (J- O. Wllllarason, Ltd.)— "within th. 
*—•-» ■«*■ going blg. Thl. pla'y 1, now'ln Ira 
seventh week, and appears to have come to st.i 

_rm mmm r ^g m i..t U „l mmmfil 

Oeorje Melville'; melodrama, "The Beggar Cirri 
Wedding." Next Saturday will be presented ' Th! 

a long and anccetsful run In Sydney, fleorie 
Mirlow la lessee of this theatre. ^ 

. SJmm m/am (Direction. Jansen).— Tlie "In- 

away, tstlited by Jules Garrison, the lioman 

a„«^lu T""™ 15 (Direction, Bert Bailey).— An 
■SEJ?" ,,r " m4 - The Native Itorn." by Albert 
WmuBus. waa staged here two weeks ago. and hni 
VS^L c "f mc "J' bo""* elnee Its Inception. Judg- 
™,t"' r^P' 00 "Ightly, there can be no 

ATnaifAairjf Hat.t.._'The Dandles" (Direction, 

Th„ SUSS 101 *.!' Ad,ra to thl " Popular company. 
They Dnleh a three months' Boston next Satnrdnv. 

ind \£%°°, V 1<>n f. toor •» lh « Commonwealth 
•™ ^ew Zealand. Mr. Brauscombe hn« n»e com- 
ranlei all equally talented. In various parts of 
t^L, . '"' * n<1 " '" " U,U! llk e'r another of his 
eomponles may pay Sydney a visit about AugUBt. 

- J^ 1 . , TowK ~ Th * ^°" lnt attraction of thla 
ssTaS r*—"* of Japanese performers at 
the Auditorium Is causing a mild sensation. The 
oalertalnment U all so novel and out of the 
way that It has the nrtaentable charm of the 
nnnsoal. Swordmonshlp, Jn Jltsu. Juggllnc. 
glancing etc.. Is drawlne big houses, hut. the 

-If. e 2., B J*' la . m T opinion, Hie prettiest and 
most foBclnatlng of all. 





Of lite jn" enterprise In tbe diiIMIdji of the- 
atres his been conaued to the erection of picture 
show establishments, but doling the last few 
weeki negotiation!, now practically finished, hare 
l*en la progress for the acquisition of I Isrtre 
property In Exhibition Street, on which It li 
iropoaed to bnlld a theatre that will give Mel- 
bourne amusement seekers the very lateat In the 
way of comfort, convenience ar J theatrical luxury. 

The property la question, aa I know it, la 
grandly situated and comprise! the block lying 
between Lonsdale Street and Little Bourse Street, 
the whole frontage being a little over three hun- 
dred feet, with a depth of one hundred and thirty- 
two feet along Lonsdale and Little Boorke Streets. 
Half of this area la at present occupied by the 
Hippodrome, which waa under lease to Mr. 11. 
D. ifclntosh aa a site for a stadium, bat before 
be commenced work tbe new syndicate purchased 
his Interest for, it la understood, tbe sum of 
£1.250. while for the freehold something like 
£15,000 waa paid. The personnel of the syndi- 
cate has been kept very aecret. the principal pur- 
chasing agents being Ernest Lloyd, solicitor, and 
George Tallto. so well known Is connection with 
tbe J. C. Williamson Inn. 

la theatrical circles It Is believed that Messrs. 
Wllllsmson and Talllo are the prominent mem- 
bers In this new theatrical syndicste whose In- 
tention Is to erect a large new and commodious 
theatre. The new building will be nearly op- 
i --• | -^.-, -^.- r ... . . 

chsrscter of the locsllty became utterly changed. 
and ■ race map ot Melbourne would be tinned 
with yellow en tbe Southern boundary of the new 
theatre, while all to the North should be brown 
snd Mack, since It la here that the Hindoo". 
Assyrians and Afgans hare settled down In 
noisome hordes. TUls colored fringe to tbe new 
theatre area la not, howerer, eipected to prove 
troublesome in sny wiy, and, even If It were so, 
nn difficulty would be experienced under tbe Im- 
proved fiollce arrangements ot the city, In clear- 
ing It away altogether. 

qawkoiik notc$. 

Sam Shaw has aranged to out out a mu- 
sical comedy, and has signed ag principal 
leading woman Bemlce De Karris, who has a 
tig reputation on the Coast. The abow will 
be- known as .Bemlce De Farrls and her 
Folly Girls Musical Comedy Co. The show 
will carry eighteen people, and Is booked 
solid, tpcninK Aug. 18, at Shenandoah, Pa., 
and playing West to the Coast. 

Carroll and Fxynn, and Vanleeb and 
Duke will be for the next four or Ave weeks 
at North Beacb CurI™. 

35 W. i|| STREET 

5 a baby's thoughts! They arc as cool as Dr. Cook's former 
[ them ! 

New York. We have a piano room for evety ""one".' You'll be 
re been trebled. Your letter will be answered the same day 

it years. Again they have made good ! Again they hand you 
ng the Kick" and smashing up every thing in sight! Each 
■"—and this is no grape juice, either! O'Dat la with the tabloid, "Along 
(he Tike." Others in tbe east are: Nat V. 
Baker, Harry J. O'Nell, Bdvthe Whlttman, 
II. W. Reckfnrd. Thomas Hays. Ody Foley, 
Jim Lynch, Sally True, Malsle Weston, Inez 
Itodriguei. Gertrude Kceabane, Kathte King, 
lew Cantor Is proprietor ; Harry J. 0'Ncll , 
manager ; E. J. Hanson, carpenter ; Mrs. 
Itodrlgucx, wardrobe. 

Halton Powell lias engaged Harry I. 
Newton to revise several three act manu- 
scripts to tabloid »lxc. When completed thoy 
will be sent over the Bntterficld time. Th ■• 
first one Is entitled "The Runaways," and 
will open early In August. 

Henry Fhet will close, Oct. 25 on the S. 
& C. circuit, at Kansas City, and will open 
on the W. V. M. A. Umc. Oct. 2T, for twenty 

Vic-nia V. Vars writes that his mother, 
just home from hospital. Is Improving slowly 
from blood poisoning. 

Job K. Kbllt and louis J. Mack write : 
"Wc opened on Ella Weston's time July 20, 
at the Victoria Theatre, San Francisco, and 
were re-engaged for four weeks. It was the 
first time an act like ours ever appeared here 
since the days of Murphy and Mack, twnty 
vears ago. we will play Northwest as far as 
as Seattle, Wash. We expect to be In New 
York next March." 

Madeline reaKiNg has been engaged by 
Fenlmore Cooper Towne, to appear In vaude- 
ville in. a vehicle written especially Tor her 
by Edward Owlrrgs Towne. Miss l'erklnn Is 
known as "The Girl with a 8m!lc." and hits 
a voice range of three octaves, being one of 
the few singers to reach the note W abovo 
high C. Calvin Tibbets has also beta en- 
gaged for a lending role In tbe aliove. 

The Colette Trio opened afci rroctor's, 
Troy, Thursday, July 31. on *belr way to 
Join the Pantages" road shot/ at Ktmoonton, 
late In Attaint. The tfto' will not be seen 

In the Easl for c< riff, as their contracts 
csll for that jwriSft^vec W< 

Festern and Mid- 
dle Western tinjaj^Brctt Page arranged the 
tour. ±i*? 

Marie FAJtfCHONBTTi will appear In vaude- 
ville the 'coming season, presenting a novel 
singing anfraanclnc act. assisted by Murray 
Harris and six girls. Al. Milton Is looking 
after the booking. 

all alike," you say! Here's the DIFFERENT one ! The Song of the Century! 


lyric set. to a great melody! 

new idea -IN RAG MELODY -written around that great ballad. 


XODY! No shock, but just enough "juice" to hold your audience so they can't let go! 

n! Our •Round-the-World-Nothing-Can-Stdp-It ONE BEST BET1! 

THOMAS K. slc< Icr.AllV. 
Mr. McCrcndy was placed In charge of the 
Cirplii'lim. Paterson, N. J., by the Columbia, 
Amuscmeut Co. He had previously been In 
the emplov of Hilly Watsun for six years. 
lie left St! Paul Aug. 1. and will assume the 
management of the Orpheum Aug. tj. He has 
been In the mayor's office at St. Paul, and 
has been county treasurer, also a magistrate 
at Ilaltlmore, Mil. 

World ef Playm. 

Annua IIiooins writes: "I am making 
preparations to organise a tab. ilrt musical 
tomrdy. to be booked through the South by 
the Sara Masaell Agency. My former cotn- 
panv has just closed a tan weeks' enrai*- 

nt In Southern Florida." 




delivers on time. Satin stage 
slippers to match your ward- 
robe on U hours notice. 
They tit loo. Wc gusrnntee 
this, l.i.oii up. 


Formerly with 


Is now locstcd at tho 
"ShocCraft" Shop. 
t'atalog"A "of ntnge m lines 

The SHOECRAfTshop 

3T5 8th Arc, N. Y, C, 

2 lllocks South of Pa. Station 
Tel. Chelsea 2073. 

Mtt. and Mas. Harrt F. West, ot tbe 
Harry F. West Musical Comedy Co., now 
plitylng nn indefinite engagement In Louis- 
ville, Ky., gave a banquet to the company 
• lid llfiy Invited gucats lr> celebration of 
their twenty-four years ot married life. All 
kinds of refreshments were served, and n 
number of handsome presents were received 
by Mr. and Mrs. West from members of tho 
company. The following people attended: 
Mr. anil Mrs. Clem Sclmlter, Mr. and Mrs. 
Hurry I,. Moore, I .eon a Strcldlch, Victoria 
Thornton, Henry Kelss, manager Ideal Thea- 
tre ; Kvlyn Duffv and brother, Mr. Dolle, 
manager West li roadway Theatre; Bvlyn 
Webb, Capt. Shcllpot, Capt. Shcehan, of too 
,1/oulsvlllc Klrc Department ; Martin Relss, 
ami others. The Ideal Theatre Orchestra 
furnished the music, and it was 2 A. it. when 
"Home, Sweet Home," was finally played. 

Kii.kv O'Connor has signed with the Long- 
acre Square Producing Co., to play Enimis 
llrook*. In "I*ald In Pull." . The tour of 
ihla company will be under the personal di- 
rection of Will 13. Culhanc. The Kasterai 
"Paid In Pull" will open Aug. 1], the Sooth- 
em on Oct. 4. Miss O'Connor and members 
of the Kastem company are now rehearsing 
under the direction of James Doshell, 

int. Worth write*: "Hal Worth, of tho 
Clint k Ilesate RobMns Co., and Lenore Mil- 
ler, of Noringer, Mo., wers married at 
Nevada, Mo., last week. Ths couple are with 
the sliow and will continue with It for the 
rest of the Hummer. Mr. Worth has keen 
with the company on* y*ar." 

Ella CJalvin, the little (tar ot "Little 
Miss Mix-Up." who has been spending the 
Summer at her cottage on Lake Oksnchee. 
wis., has left for New York to be treated 
by her family physician. Sh« will be under 
the doctor's car* for about four weeks, when 
she will raturn and itart r*hc*r**ls for next 


(Mrs. Oadenl are, as usual, spending ths 
warm days at their country liotue, "The Oi- 
•hnrd," Kreeport, L. 1. 

* IillMHli J f>1 1 111 

Book your passage early. There's goin' to be some crush! By Joe Goodwin and I^ew Brown. 

A sensation for Sopranos! The only high class ballad In Now York today! Easy but effective! 


It's that haunting melody which you have heard everywhere Grace La Rue in Lcndon; Jose Collins, ••Follies;" New York; Marie McFarland. Oiphcum, 'Frisco. 

We published "Senora" and "Cavalier." NufCed! 

getter, we just had to buy it back to give it to you 



(Other fain appeared in Ourrsas dalii Hiy 
S, Uay St, June 7, June 28 and Julii 12). 

have It! . A, double version thaFwVll" make "you-fight to- put-it^ori-L- 

i)K. II.WKAS KMIttKllir IN 1.IHV KIKl.MN ■• \ I.I- A HI > A It »" 

1 <U <A1I \ l« KT> ■ 


.- inK imiK noitsK. A .-jv.xv ^'>v<. «-iTn'".r»T<i im vmi: ■....--, -.._ 


h Street, NEW YGBK 

Its C-M'Ti; •■'C-i.<).<fK HI -TI'IK A Al.DK V I l-l.K CD.M Kl> V 1 I.I It 

l7RTromr,ntSt PHILADELPHIA, 50 N. 8th St. 

poslle Her Majesty's Theatre, of which tbe J. C. 
Wllllsmson Arm holds a long lease. The cost 
of the new bulkUnr will be £40.000, and tenders 
will be called early In Jnly. The new bulldlne 
l« Intended, not as a rival to Her Majesty s, 
which Is In the hsnds of the Ann, bat as an in>- 
to-date house of small comedy companies. Tbe 
erection of this new theatre recalls the fact thr.t 
halt a century or so s*». Lonsdale Street was the 
home of two theatres that have long- since passed 
out of existence. 

The Prince of Wsles Theatre, a kind of Colonial 
Aslley^s, has lone been devoted to Its orlslnM 
purpose of livery stables and horse baiaar, while 
the historic Olympic was located on a portion ot 
the ground purchased by tbe syndicate. It was 
In this theatre that several famous American 
minstrel coropinles, of olden times, msde their 
first appearance in Australia. Next to the thei- 
tre stood the Olympic Tsvern, and was keyt cy 
William Pitt, father of the architect of the 
new building. In later years the locality Wl 
from grace and when tbe great International 
Exhibition of 1880 was projected the aul ™V 
ltles made a great clearance of the then resi- 
dente. with tho view of making a clear re- 
spectnble thoroughfare from the centre or jnc 
city to the exhibition. Before long, however, we 

Bbowdeb and Browder write: Jnst « 
few lines to let you know that we are en- 
joying the best of health In the South work- 
ing for the Sam MasseU Agencv, of Atlanta, 
Ga., having; small Jumps with consecutlva 

roriTKB and Clabk are resting; at Evans- 
Tille, Ind., at the home of Mrs. John Jeppe- 
son. professionally known as Mamie Kline. 
Lnu expect to take up their season s booking 
with their new act roon. _ . 

•Lew FirxnB' "Fnn at the Seashore" act 
includes : J. H. Wolfe, Haxe) Langley, Madge 
Fvans Harry Laxwell, Flo rtowland, Frances 
Carman, Marguerite Foresdale Kittle i» 
twrt. Rose Wilson, Rose Provost, Olive Stew- 
ard. Lillian Lyddlard. May Tow, Antoinette 
nerbeand. Emma Miller. It is produced by 
Sol Fields. George Laytpn Is manager; J. 
McDanlels, carpenter: Mlsa Barkley, ward- 

r °AXT0NE knowing the whereabouts of Clara 
Burton, or the Burton SUters, notify Mrs. 
Cora Metcalf, Gem Theatre. Onatonna, MJnn. 
Nina Ijsteb has Just finished an engage- 
■cnt of ten weeks for L. C. McLaughlin. 

GnirriN and Emmert closed a very success- 
ful season lu St. Paul last week. Their nov- 
elty sketch, "Ills Wife's Sweetheart," writ- 
ten for th;ra by Frederick Allen, of that 
city, has proved very successful for them. 
' They will open the middle of August for tbe 
W. V. sat A, booked through Beehier Bros. 
Mr. Allen also played with tali wife In one 
of his own sketches at the Majestic. St. 
Paul, and scored big, 

Abtiiub McAdajib writes: "I om spending 
the Summer at Okauchee Lake, Wis. Next 
season will again find me with the Cabaret 
Four, one of tbe features of "Little Miss 
Mix-Up," the tabloid musical comedy featur- 
ing Johnny and Klla Galvin. This will be 
my third season with the above attraction." 

Nina Stbaw, of Shannon and Straw, waa 
successfully operated upon at Knoxvllle, Tenn., 
and rejoined the "Olrl from Dublin" Show, 
Aug. 4, at Birmingham, Ala. Miss fttrnw 
Is now playing the title role In tho "Girl 
from Dublin," a musical tabloid produced by 
Norman Kriedcnwald. 

IHtBt La Bei.le, who has been 111 for three 
months, was obliged to cancel all her vaude- 
ville engagements, snd will retire from the 
stage until she prepares for a trip In the 
West Would like to hear from friends Ad- 
dress Mrs. A. La Belle. Forty-fifth Street 
and Flushing Hood, E. Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. 

Ror S. Ewbn, a dramatic actor, recently 
srrpe.irlng in vaudeville In a dramatic sketch, 
assisted by his wife, Christine Prince Bwcn, 
hns been sent to the West Side Hospital, of 
Chicago, to undergo a serious opcrauon or 
the stomach. 

Notes from the Lester-Llndscy Theatre 
Co., plnylng under canvas In Iowa.— Wo have 
Just Aniseed our seventh week in tho big 
white top to tho best business of the seasou. 
At Colfax, la., we turned them away five out 
of our six nights and a matinee engagement. 
They say wo have the best show they ever 
saw for tbe money, and give thorn more titan 
they are looking for. we have a cabaret 
revue with tho show which goes on every 
night at eight o'clock. That gets 'em coming 
early. We arc never later than tin o'clock 
In getting out, so wc give It to 'em fast and 
right off the reel. Our plays arc all new to 
the folks. The specialties nro bright and 
ciitcby, and our band, they say, is the best 
they ever heard. Wo hove twenty-nine peo- 
ple and every one Is a swell dresser as well 
as a good actor. Wo will go to the Sunny 
South for the Winter season, and in two 
weeks Manager Llndiey will have his now 
top. which Is to be a seventy with two forty 
middles. With the dramatic end, our peo- 
ple: Lester Llndsey, proprietor and mana- 
ger; C. A. Clark, die man ahead; Leo 
Whittlngton, l»ss canvasman : Mrs. Les- 
ter Llndsey, treasurer; "Sprtggs" Mulligan, 
doorman ; II. A. Wood, bandmaster ; Hniinu-I 
Hnggcn, orchestra leader: Lyle V. Held, 
stage manager ; Hnrry Hicks, clcctrlclnii 
and props. ; Fred P. SlcCord, stage direct- 
or; Frank ,T. McCord, assistant: Juno Ed- 
wards, Malile Belcher, Olllo Lester, llobert 
Ktnnfors. Joe Sawyer. Jess Myers, Chester 
Clyde. Band: n. A. Wood, director; Alfred 
ThomnsHlnl, 0. B. Patterson, L. J. Brougli- 
ton, Art, Rcld, A. R. Hlnsunw, Sam lUggcn, 
It. F. Sltnms. Lyle F. Rcld. Sprlegs Mulligan, 
l/cstcr Llndsey, Verne Bcliaeffer. Wo piny 
a concert at noon each day. tlireo overtures, 
and wc have June Edwards, who sings to 
bent the band. _. , 

Tub friends of Dorothy Kurtls will he 
pleased lo hear of her recovery after an 
operation for appendicitis at the Borneo- 
pnthlc Hospital. Boston. 

In anuccring ail, picaie mmflon Cl.ll'l'Klt. 


■sookinos Count* Kais, Ilrookluxs, 8. 23-20, 

11. K. Bile). 
Bsui.K CovNTr Kais, Kimball, A. 27-20, P. V, 

Bu»TAi,o ObuNl'T Fain, (Jnnii Valley, , T, 

K. flwartout. 
CUABI.KM Mix OovNir Paid, Platte, 8. 3-5, Geo. 

H. Henry. 
OonsoN Oountx Fais. Mcliiti»sli r , II. A. 

Davtn, Oodntt Faih, Clear Lake, 8. 24-27, W. 

. T. Noble. 
Douaus OouNir Faib, Armour, A. 27-20, II. W. 

DAT Oountt Faib, Webshn:, J. 2-4, Geo. Ham- 

Fabmxms' Fall Festival, Humboldt, 8. 17-18, 

it, 11. Bberwood. 
Fall Itivxs Oounti Faib. Kdgemont, , H. 

Obioobt Countt Pais, Donnteel, 8, .13, B. M. 

Hanson Countt Fits, Alexandria, 8. 3-B, Percy 

Indian Faib or Bisbston UrscnvATioN, Hlsteton, 

H. 28, O. 4. J. It. Drown. 
Lakb Countt Fair, Madison, 8. 10-10, T. L. 

Lawbsncs Countt Faib, K[ienrflsh, , Chas, 

It. Cooper. 
Mkadb oounti Faib, Ktur»l», , A. L. 

McCiiok Countt Faib, .Salem, 8. 2-4, J. W. Gib- 

MirciisLT. Cobn IIslt F.xi'iisition, 8. 22-25, W, 

A. Wheeler. 
Mrionr Countt Faib, Flandreau, 8. 1-4, B. J. 

Pibkiks Countt Faib, Lernmon, 8, 17-20, r/ignn 

Sanmbn Countt Kais. fluskln Park, Forestburg, 

8. 2-4, K. It Judy. 
t'piNK Oountt Pais, IledBeld, , O. E. 

Rtam.kt Countt Faib, Kadoka, S. 3 5, r*w!s 

Wsstkhn HouTir Dakota. Faib, Rapid City,, 8. 

2-B, Ben Wood. 
WofiNsocKrr Warn Oabnival, Woonsecket, J. 

18-20, II. B. Dowdlll. 

Hit v a nt's Minstbei.s open their tenth an- 
nual tour near Cincinnati, 0., Aug, 2D, with 
a clever mlnslrcl band and twenty male 
artists. ' , . 





1. Mrs. Rhoda Royal nnd brldlclcas hone, 


2. Tula McFarland. 

3. Margaret Uliardo. 

4. The llolinaus, Homer D. and Kutclli. 

5. The Stlcknevs. 

a Tho Ticket Wagon; I, Jan. Dwycr ; 2, Bd. 
M. Jackson : 8, Col. Robertson. 

7. Prentiss Hand. 

8. Mitchell Ilrahm ("Wild Horn Mike"). 

6. Le Sage and Mlllette, comedy acrobat*. 

10. McSimrroiv'a Mounted Cowboy Bund. 
.12. Hilly and Marlon Walte, Australian whip 

J}- n*!'' b,,r : "«*• i"! weight, 420. 
14. Hobert Btlckney. 

Hi. leading three fiO-mlddlc pieces at once. 
10. Jas. Dwyer, assistant mnnager. 

17. Carrie I<«wande. 

18. Hoyal Scots of Toronto. 

10. Ab. Jolmson and Rhoda Royal's Four 

20. AltCC llTAtiTO. 

21. Dan W. Kelly. 

22. Fred. Bcgga, clown and wire artist, In 

female attire. 

23. Marie Bennett. 

24. Harry Curran. 

20. Irene Montgomery, aerial act and menage 

27. Leo Heudryx. 

28. Fred. B. Hutchinson, manager. 
20. Alcr. Lowande. somersault rider. 

8 °' Toner McCl0Ua - cnam «" on trick «* '<««7 *»ted the wagon, at the lerer. Pw* 

83 A^Vort- toot Juggler & ?3 mhmtC8 . *£ V ,c ,ar8ert * lB « to 

84. Lucie SonJUftJeWaS trainer. 89. &m? Brow™" ' n ^^^ 










J. A 




(Singers, Dancers, Comedians, Aug. 12— Musicians, All Others, Aug. 17 

double 8TBING), (CELLO a nd F LUTE, double CORNET), (BARITONE 
double STRING), (BASS and TUB A). Singers and Dancers, double Band. 
Write. NEAT ALL ROUND DANCER, lead dancing number, do INSIDE 
END. State lowest salary. I pay all expenses. Season Forty Weeks. 

J- A. GOBUFRIM, Manager 
260 West 44th St., N. Y. City to Aug. 10; Mansfield, Ohio, Aug. 12 to Aug. SO 




This Company played nine months at the Lyric Theatre, Lima, Ohio, and produces the very beat. 13 
people. Now playing Hazel Pare Theatre ; Bazelton, Pa. Address, J. H. BARRETT, 04 H. 
laurel St., Iluxelton, Pa, 




Immediate engagement. Must bo sober and reliable. Wire quick. HOWARD L. CASE, Mgr. 
FRANKLIN STOCK CO., Crooksvllle, Ohio. 



In all Line, or Dmlneii. Stock Repertoire, Lending Women, Soubrettea, Juv- 
enile Women, Strong, Hinr 'Woman to play norao Character*. Lending, and 
Heavy Men. Comtdlam, Character Hon, Juvenile and Light ComedianijjOlree- 
XrS. with 'SerlpU, to play P<"*-I 8 «= on, ° Art, "«. »° P 1 "* BU "' WANTBD-90 
CHORUS GIRLS. Oaf MJUMrtlf ■. jW*f^g3fji^*ggfjj^J^3™"g > ™: 

State fill 
particulars, first letter, with Photos, and Lowest Salary. Long" season's work to sober, reliable pcol 
plo. Rehoarala start Aug. 18. Add. JACK C. LK ROY.Xyrlo Theatre, Covington, Ky- 



10th ski-id Pine. St. L-ouls, IVIo. 

irid Pine. St- Louis, 


Booking Independently. Combination*, Musical Comedies and Rep. Companies. 
Vou ore .are of money If you have the goods. ^^^^^ 


Balance of Tent and Winter Benson, Woman for Characters and Heavies; Character Man, two General 
KeMM^jpSoSledoIng Specialties given preference You mual ^0 good Wr^ttad know 
howtoact. This Is not a school of acting. If you booze, don't wrlto. Money sure. ncKetsr res. 
Address Sumner, Neb., Aug. 4 and week; Callaway. week Aug. U. i.iewih 

P. 8.— Earl fltanley and wife, Gordon and wife, write. wm« if. lk, wis. 


Ai Heavy Man, Pianist, General Business People 



,„ ..„„ _„j »_„._„„ with Specialties; Character Man, Woman, and General 

Clearer people vrho want »*»%gggg|jfcgjffij^k Theatre. Butte, Mont. 


CHARACTER MAN with Specialties 

That doubles brass. Other actors, and mnBlcIans 
doubling stage undB. k 0. Wrlto. All mall will be 
forwarded, CLAUDE REED, caro Of Girl 
and The Artlat Co., Burlington, Vermont. 



Young, Character Heavy Man, to manage stage; 
Young Juvenile Man, with Specialty or Play 
Piano; Boubrotto for Small Part and Double 
Piano: Young. Ingenue, with Specialty. Good 
dressers. Western play. 40 weeks. Name your 
lowest salary. • Sendphotoa, etc., first letter. Call 
or write. Opens Aug. 17. R. LEWIS, 

4101 W. Monroo at, Chicago, 111. 



1 Straight Man. 1 Comedian ,1 lTlmu Donna, 1 Sou- 
brette, 1 Comedy Old Man, 1 Young Woman for 
Characters. Bend weight, height, photo, program. 
Those doing specialties preferred. 47 weeks en- 
gagement. Show opens near Chicago, Aug. 28. 

All photos will be returned. ««_-. „, 

0»8 W. a&th St., CH ICAGO, ILL. 


Seating 400. Stage 42 ft, by 20 ft. Gallery 42 1 1. by 
20 ft. Sceneries, drop and moving picture drop. 
Correspondence solloftod. Mgr. Mrs. M. A. hldcr. 


A nun witJkSILBNTAOTS, aerial or groundwork, 
who harf-lflnMre Machine, and good 5l5i*«." 
DB, 1. P.OTANoLBR, Nolltngbam, Cheattf, Pa,. : 


Eastern) Juvenile Man and Woman ; Yonng Man 
for Two Bits to Handle Stage. Mustjoln on wire, 
S. 8. SCOVILLB, Crookston, Minn. 



Mention all and be ready to Join on wire. Salary 
posltlvo. Managers In Ohio, Kentucky and West 
Virginia, send open time. 
H. LAHOY STOCK CO., Sycamore, O. 




Must loin on wire. Salary positive. Year's work. 
Ulirh Class Stock Show. Address 

"jOEllMBP, Mgr. f Greenville, Te». 



Man for Con. Bu8.,Woraan, Character or Jnvenllo; 
Trap Drammcr and Alto Playor, Donblo Violin. 
Other musicians wlro or write, state lowest sal- 
ary. Wepay all. J^?<1.r«SW8e«so^^eeltof 
Aug, *, Dluonvale, Ohio. A. N.. BOWDISH . 
- ;-;Jtl x -'* ! 


BUDGET No. 15 

After a solid year of preparation, the latest 
lssuo of my foniouB encyclopedia of comedy 
will bo 


Although past Issues havo reached a high 
standard of merit, I positively guarantee 
thutmv newest fun book, MADISON'S 
BUDGET No. 10, excels them nll-and 
that's going some. It will contain my new- 
est original monologues, parodies, sketches, 
sldowalk acta, minstrel first parts, etc. 


as heretofore, hack Issues out of print, ex- 
cept No. 14; price, ti.oo, or Budgets 11 and 
15 together, iu.ii. 


My printer always rushes out a few 
hundred advance copies, snd thoso who 
send In their money before date of pub- 
lication aro given the preference. 


1404 Third Ave., New York 

Producer and Comedian, 
Musical Comedy 


Just finishing threo big productions of 

Three Twins.ComingThro'the Rye, A Royal Chef 


Care of Hilly Allen Musical Co., Akron, Ohio 


boko Pine or Turtle-Head Snakes, a for * ; 
n'ge Pythons, all sizes; Pit 8nakcs of nil kind*. 
II makes broke to handle. Monkeys, Birds, etc' 
i the lowest prices. J. Horn, so North Ninth St.. 

Btrcct Men ana Peddlers, write today for onr now 
2 fori proposition, a awoll flash and will get you 
tho money. CnKMO REMEDY CO., 04 
Federal Street, Providence, R, I. 



For prices, appearance and durability, can't bo 
beat. HAYWOOD, 3aJ E. MSth St., N.Y. 


Altoona, I'rt — Mlalilcr (I. 


mgr.) Horry Hastings' Ilurlesuuors Aug. 0. "The 
Wblte Slave" 8, .Miner's Big Frolic Company 11, 
Beuuty, Youth sad Folly 14. 

Lakbuont I'abk Tuutii (J. M. Hliuck, mgr.) 
— The Hall Stock Co. presented "The Country 
S07," to big h<mw», July 2s and week. 

Noras.— tMadam Lelia Ilojcr ami AI. Re, vocal- 
IrU, who have bcea filling engsKcmonts with 
(he Fischer Orcliestra, at the Park Casino far 
the psst two weeks, rendered their farewell con- 
cert 81. ind scored a big bit Gertrude 

Heap, one of Pittsburgh's well known vocalists, Is 

appearing at the Casino week of 4 Arthur 

B. Denman, resident manager of the Orptieura, 
resumed bis duties 1, having spent his vacation 
at Utlca, N. Y. The season at this popular 

house will open 11 The Hunter Carnival 

Shows drew large crowds July 28 ad week. Tho 
shew appears at Lewlston Aug. 4 and week. 

8oranton, Pa. — Poll (John H. Docking, 
mgr.) Poll Stock Co., In "The Master of the 
House," week of Aug. 4. 

Akiiiai, G14DIN (M. A. Oomerford, mgr.)— 
Vuisievllle and Klneraucolor pictures. 

AoADirur (A. F. Wlnstrom, mgr.) — Photoplays, 
cbiinged dally, and opeclal feature nights. 

Bijou Djieam, Woxumis, Manhattan, Ilirro- 

lilluMl). VlOTOBIi, WoNOSnLANU Slid Olll'litUU, 

motion pictures. 

Rending, Pn, — Orpheum (H. M. Addison, 
mgr.) for week of Aug. 4, Edison'* talking mov- 
Inir pictures. 

Bui'iue, Family, LIBIO, Mecca, Majubtic, 


Tor, HOUUTLXiu. AvbnUB and Viotoh, mot Ion 

Notb. — The Orphcum's presentation cf Edi- 
son's moving talking pictures Is the initial show- 
lag of these pictures In Beading. 

Johnstown, Pn. — Onmbrla (Scherer a Kelly, 
tngre.) Harry Histing's Big Show Aug. 7 "The 
White Slave" 9. 

Majbstio (M. J. Boyle, mgr.) — Vaudeville ami 

Niun (M. McOosn, mgr.) — Landlno'n Orches- 
tra, Jenlta Birlght, vocalist, and photoplays. 

Obanu (J. O. Foley, mgr.)— 'Vauilevllle ami 

I'abk, Giand, Stadiosi, Btjou Drkak ami 
Winpbsb Ofbju Hovsi, motion picture*. 

Chambersburar, Pn. — New ( Wm. P. 

Prltacb, mgr.) the (lay Sisters played a return 
date here July 81-Aug 2, to good bouses. Much 
credit Is due Ssllna day. who Is managing this 
excellent comblnstlon. For week of 4, "The 
Winning Olrl" and pictures. 

Rid BaiooB and Oalisomu Parks are drawing 
used crowds. 

"anbury, Pa.— Rolling Green Park (Blan- 
chard Asms. Ob., mgr*.) vaudeville and moving 
pictures, to capacity business. 

Viotoiia and Pboplb's, moving pictures. 

Notb.— <A Obautaqua I* holding forth' In this 
dry, and a anccea* la every depsrunent. 

William. port, P#i — Vallamont Pavilion, 
(W, H. Ames, mgr.) the Pearl Stock Co. presents 
"Mr*. Temple'* Telegram" for Aug. 4 0, and "St. 
Klmo" for 7-9. 

Providence, R. I. — < Keith'* (Chu. Loven- 
herg, mgr.) Albee Stock Co.. in "Are You a 
Mason)" week of Aug. 4. 

Sobnic (Fred. Homts, mgr.)— Homan Stock 
Co. and picture*. 

Union (Cbartee Allen, mgr.)— Vaudeville and 

I'lurina (Sol. Braunlg, mgr.) — Klnemacolor and 
Mack and white pictures. 

KHm (Flank- Weslgale, mgr.) — Talking jihi- 
tlon pictures. 

Casino *U4 Buoo, taollou pictures. 






S BATING CAPACITY of Theatre, which 
ha* to date been playing flr*t-ela*s 
road attraction*, 1,400. first tlmo for Stock. 


"llllKWNTKll'H MILLION'S," Three Day. 


One Week 

"CHOCOLATB BOI.D1BH," - Four Day* 
"UU1NLAN OPERA CO.," - Three Day* 


Three) Days 

IMMEDIATE CORRBSPONDRNCB by wire and mall la Invited front 

rartle* Interested In plnclnu; a ilr.t-rlnss Stock on uereentage. Open- 
n a about the middle of ieptentbar, Addre** 


The Ernie Marks Stock Co. 



Man for heads, must havo wnrdrobe, and an experienced actor. Heavy Woman 
|o piny some Lead, and Second Bin. Heavy Mun, mint be over Mve-ftiot test. 
Man with Feature Specialty, change often, to act as treaanrer. Also Fentara 
Vaudeville Team (Lady and Gentleman), to play General Bus. "Small Parts.*' 
Must change for a week. Send programs, height, weight and photo* If poaslble. 
Address BRNIES MARKS, Mgr. Brule Mark* Stock Co., Perth, Out., Canada, 


aonts' Dress, real hair, ventilated part, $1,85, $2.C0, IS.So, le.oo: Bsld Jew, Irish, Tom. Gorman, Old Man, 
llube, 11.16. 12.60. 14.26, »0,00,|H.OO; Crop, 11.00, fl. 76, |2.60; Nogro,60o.,76o., 11.00, M.26, |2.ia;Topsy, 
76c., tl.fro, $2.26, $3.60; Indian, 76c, $1.60, $2.26, $2,76, $4.00: Marguorlto. 76c, $8.60, $7.00: Olown, 60o., 
86c; Japanese Lady, 76c, $2.76, $3.60, $6.00; Oblucao, 76c, $1.00, ia.on; llrldget, $3.60, $6.00; Soubrette, 
$3.00, $4.26, $6.60, $8.00; Old Maid, 76c. $3.96, $6.00; Pompadour, 76o . $4.16,$0,00; Mary Jano, 76c, $2.76; 
Cowboy, 76c, $2.60; Olroaaslan, $7.00 : Ladlos' Short Curly, $8.00, $8.60. $4.00; Men's statuary Wigs, |u.oo. 
(4.60; Ladles' statuary, $4.2.1, $0.00, $7.00; Legit. Wig, 12.60. $3.26; Ladles' Utility [can dress either way], 
and Modern Bay Dress Wigs, (with parting) $o.oo: Wild Olrl, $2.00, $2.76, $3.76, $6.00; Nogrcas, $2.o0; 
Indian Lady, 76c, $2.60, $0.00, $7.00: Japaucao, 76c, $2.26; Knd Moil, $1.00:Imported llsldCliaractor wig*, 

,i.iw, ,...H', iinu,Auiiuai niiumvuiiunuB, .i.Miunvii, iuunLitviiun, .w... uvu., uvu., fi.yri. v I nil ■ tuuun, iavu., 

86c, 000., 76C, $1.26; Full Boards, 00c, $1.00, $1.26, $2.6(1, $8.00; Tramp Boards, 80c, $1.00, $2.60; Sluggers, 
Stc, flOc; Mutton Chops, 86c, 76c 1'kg. Stago Monoy, 26c KullLllio Stoln's Mako-np. Hat ineosurs 
lor wig size. All wigs prepaid. Keopthls Clipper for roforonco, os this ad. apiiOHTH onlyoccaslomilly. 

I'nitcv mm mm house, • ,i7 - D gogTLT v R^g. 










Show opens Sept. 11. Bond Photos If iiosslhlo. Stulo In llrst lottor just what you can and will do 
Those who wrote thoRhmv liUBlueHs, Millionaires (In their mind), dlsiippnlntud lovers, boozers and In* 
competenls, keop otrtliu graos. Addross VKltONKfl & mKH'BLL, llooui 646, Splt/.ur llldg., Toledo, 

QUICK, for tho 


Good all 'round SKETCH TEAM. ., 
Plays Some Music. PIANO PLAYER that can 
MAN, Also a TROUPE OF DOGS. All must 
■my all after Joining, Nevor close, and your money always wuitin 
Explain everytlilng/and lowest salary, In first I ' ' 
P. 8.— Would llko Ono Act that talks French. 

one must Flay or Knko Piano. Good all 'round COMEDIAN thai 
do Specialty or Hood Straights, and a good HILKNT 
Change for a Week, Dress, Act, and Look tho Part, 
money always waiting, 
xplaln everytblng/and lowest salary, In first letter, and bo roadv to jo! 

T1IOS. P. KBLJBY, Magog, (luebec, Can 

Good treatment, beat hotel*, 
oln ou wlro. 

\*V A IM T E D 


Piano Player, 2 Agents, Chorus Girls, 


Address, J. BURT JOHNSON, Reesvllle, Wis. 


Leading Man ; Second Woman ; Character snd Gonorul Business Men to manage stage. Stat*) 
lowest salary. Photographs Positively returned. People lu all lines write I r Kail soason 
Clyde Prauklyn, Howard Turner, please wrlto. Luther Haymond, Mgr. 


Character Comedian with strong lino Of Specialties; Man for Javenlle* and Light Com* 
edy, with Specialties. Man for Henvlea and Gen. Business to handlo stage; Piano Player 
to double small parts (mani. Rehearsals Aug, 17; Address 

JBS8 IIALB STOCK' CO., »»* Superior St., Fond du Lac, Wu, 


Comedian, Dancing Specialty, Character Leading Han, Gen. Bis, Han, Char- 
acter Man, Al Piano Player, play tili.i Gen. II tx. Woman able to play two 
Characters! Man doubling etaga, attend outside buslnea*. Pleasant, aure eaw 
gagement to competent people. A. LA1VRENCB, Mgr., Stock Co.. / 
Chlllltothe, Mo., week Aug. 3« Slater, Mo., week Aug. 10. J 




For four of tho best money getting propositions on tho road. Must la- 
vest soriio capital. Salary and Interest given. Only thoso meaning 
business wrlto. Companies hooked. WANT to hear from reliable 
dramallo people nt all times. Managers of houses send open time. Add- 

CARLOS INSKEEP, Darlington, Ind. 




Three one night stands. Two 1 uveal lo Leading Women, Jnvenllo Man, Character Man, Character . . 
•ft'oiUAo, Prefer people with Speclaltlta.i' lowest, pay own. I/irutscMon. No boose goes, Ba « . 
hcarsats start Aug. ». cy.gJlK TUB PKHIIYS, Hudson, AVIs. 









August d 



11 A 1 1 




Duringf IRVING BERLINS absence from America a certain notorious song thief stole from 
Berlin's collection; of flawless "song most Valuable jewel. The ^ thief removed the 

gem from its setting and used the setting for a poor imitation of the original. Not being a 
" m aster- mind ? * his workmanship was so poor that the public immediately detecting the theft- 
rose in a body and shouted "stop thief." To set the public mind at ease, we happily inform 
them that the inferior imitation has only helped to make the originaf more valuable. The thief 
through his imitation proves that the original Cannot be duplicated^ 

"SOll^ is the song gem that lured 

the burglar. We offer it to you for the asking. Sing it, play it, dance to it; do with it as you 
will; The-mbre you handle It the brighter it-sparkles."^ double version." 



Thlo lc the song IRVING BERLIN brought back from London /Where they went wild ahout it. The biggest "rag" song we ever published" 

Croat •Ingle. Creat doubler Wonderful song. Brand new. GET IT NOW I 

A song for any k|nd of an act. A beautiful lyric and a beautiful melody. Makes a great opening number 







The ballad with a "punch." Within Jthe range of any voice 



That m elody they all declare was a marvel of construction- GET IT NOWi 




: -^:-h:W^::JR~^~^^W^-^^ ?1 By-IRVING BERLIN 

Cute, cle,-.. M ^ncl cunning. Carefully .constructed. Sweet sentiment tha^will cause smiles V 

'-'■"-'.TV: r :rT "<-^: -v:':t -• ' be: ; abig healthy HIT. 

atchthls number grow up to 




August 9 





Arkansas ■-. 23 

California 22. 2* 

CooaJa 22, 24 

Colorado ' 12 

Connecticut 12, 22 

District of Colombia. f 

Florida M 

Illinois 23 

Indiana. . 


Kansas. .. 


20 Maryland jj 

Massachusetts. 5, 12 20 

Michigan 5 

Minnesota 5 

Mississippi 22 

Missouri 23 

Now Je.-sey 22 

Now York.... 5. 12. 2S 

Ohio 22 

Oklahoma 22 

Pennsylvania. 17, 22, 20 

Rhode Island 5, IT 

Texas r, 

Virginia 12, 22 

Wisconsin 5, 24 

DeaftflntlK Profession 

J. C. (Toothless) MuRPnr, May 20. 

MBS. Miav Geokst Rietz, Jul; 30. 

Oilbei.t A. W. Ford, July 25. 

Wm. J. Doris, Aug. 4. 

I'Rpn. H. Leslie (Mater), Aug. 2. 

KMUE& Brandos (Louis McNi lty) , Jul; 28. 

St ticca of the above will appear %t» our 

licit issue- 

(Goniinmed on page CT.i 



The clipper Is pleased to state that the 
announcement made some time ago that the 
Actors' Society bad "gone under" was an 
error. At the time the headquarters of the 
society, at 133 West Forty-fifth. Street, New 
York, over which property the society had a 
lawsuit with the owners, was visited by the 
FlierlS with execution papers, and the effect*) 
which the society preferred to let go were 
scusd and sold. The Actors' Society moved 




A. Seymour Brown. 

Union Square, Aug. 4. 
>i ■*"*' n week at one of the beach theatres, 
Mr. Brown and his company at eighteen 
gave the first local presentation of bis new 
musical farce, entitled "The Bachelor's Din- 
ner," at tho matinee of Monday, Aug. 4. 

It Is quite the most Important of this 
Summer's vaudeville productions, and Mr. 
Brown, independent of his own comedy ef- 
forts and original songs, which made the 
musical hit ot the entire program, was sup- 
ported by a company In every way capable, 
of bringing the best results. 

Sir. Brown assumes the role of a young 
bachelor, and the scene opens upon a dinner 
scene where he is giving a farewell bachelor 
dinner to fourteen of his friends, prior to 
his marriage on the following day. 

During the fan, which is fast and furious, 
the father of the young girl he Is to marry 
appears, and Indignantly declares that the 
pres-ence of women at a bachelors' dinner Is 
a disgrace, bat recognizing among the women 
assembled an old "dame" of his, and being 
sportively Inclined himself, he Joins the 

There Is trouble, however, when the young 
bachelor's future bride and her mother ap- 
pear on the scene, and it requires much in- 
genuity (and lying as well) to straighten 
matters out. 

This is acfcompllehed, however, In the 
regulation musical comedy way. end the 
piece ends with the entire company singing 
one of Mr. Brown's prettiest songs. 

The Bachelor's Dinner." in the manner of 

Sfw i^nX.^' SThrilnuS presentation. Is one of the cleverest and 
to new quarters in the enubert Building, brightest <nWn in Hm wit ««m he™ In a 
14.6 Broadway, where, as we are informed by deride 

Secretary Margaret E. Fitxpatrlck, they are 

e 111 flourishing, and with excellent prospects 

for a successful future. The officers are: 

William Haddock, president ; George Henry 

Trader, first vice president; Fanny Cannon, 

second vice president ; Margaret E. Fitz- 

ratrlck, secretary, and Alf. Helton, treasurer. 

♦ »» 


The new Keith theatre in St John, Can., 

will not be sold. A. E. 'Wills, manager for 

t.e contractor, Henry L. Brown, of Fhlladel- 

S.ila, reached that city Tuesday evening, 
uly 20, In company with the architect, Al- 
bert E. .Westover, and early the following 
morning called on Messrs. Barnhlll, Bwing 
nod Sanford, solicitors for Messrs. MeKlnnon 
& Holmes, and settled their claim, receiving 
a full discharge. 

da F. Albee, who Is also in St. John, said: 
"There are no unpaid bills as far as Keith & 
Albee are concerned ; in fact, most of their 
disbursements In connection with the new* 
house have been payments In advance. If 
there are any sub-contractors who have not 
received their payments from the main con- 
tractor they will most assuredly be fully pro- 
tected. We hold a bond with Mr. Brown, 
the principal contractor, as we always do 
with our builders, which fully provides for 
any contingency that may arise of a financial 
character, as well as providing against liens, 
and so forth." 

« ■» 

ASBCBY Park, N. J„ Aug. 4^— H. H. Fra- 
xee made his first production of the season 
by preatntinj "The Silver Wedding," with 
Thomas A. Wise In the leading role, at the 
Savoy here to-night- It Is a comedy, by 
Edward Locke. __ 

Mr. Wise, as Lndwlg Koenier, a saddle- 
maker la Lautsrbach a email Pennsylvania 
community, contributes a. new character, 

personation of the hausfrau fairly matches 
Mr. Wise's picture of the old saddler. Others 
in the cast are: Frank MoCormack, Mary 
Mallon, Qulnlo Socola, Calvin Thomas, Edna 
Temple. Violet Moore, Carl Hemmann, Harry 
McAnllffe, Lillian and David Boss. 

"The Sliver Wedding*' I* scheduled to open 
Mr. Fraxee's season at the Longaere The- 
atre, New York. Monday evening, Aug. 11. 
a s» 

"Doc" O'Nell, "The Merry Wag," was in 
the city last week "resting'' op a hit after 
forty-six "big noise" weeks over the Orphcum 
time. "Doc 7 * slipped away to Chicago on a 
sleeper at midnight, Saturday, Aug. 2, in 
order to be on deck to fulfill a two weeks' 
stand at the Majestic Theatre, where the 
Windy City folk have been patiently await- 
ing the arrival of this funnier-tnan-ever 
"nut" comedian. 

J, Howard Francis O'Nell, meaning this 
same "Doc," will be one of the headllners on 

Sew SaWe5fe5Sv S25 or ZMS**~* a YartW«f interest fn the 

**<« *<"" e week beginning Sept. 8. "Sims a ludicrous scene where the father. 

-.,_,, -, ..V. V.jlujiii nmu- handing Ills son a revolver, tells him he must 

YATJDETTLLE AT CELORON PARK, {J™ t^^t or marry the girl. The cast: 

The Bert Marshall Vaudeville circuit, of R , h T Kettering Jr Walter C. Perclval 

Cleveland, O a are the lessees of the Celoron ^J^ T Kettering Sr Blosser Jennings 

Theatre, at Celoron Park- Jamestown, N. Y., j}^£ "^ j er ry Ketchum 

Horst changed from a knee-length plaid 
dress to a white one with socks (bare legs), 
and sang "Sticks and Stones May Break My 
Bones," etc Her partner returned dressed 
"like a city feller,*' and, after doubling in 
more chatter, evening came on under a pale 
"spot," and with lt a thunderstorm. Their 
close, singing with the thunder under the 
"terrific" shower hydrant, »elped them to 

The act, which ^ fa'r'y well staged, opens 
to the twittering of birds. Fifteen minutes, 
in three. Tod. 


Walter C. Perclval und Company. 

Union Square, Auo. 4. 

This theatre has been responsible for very 
many try-out acts this season, very few of 
which have managed to get over. 

Mr. Perclval has named his sketch "The 
Choice," and, except In two instances, where 
the father upbraids his son for refusing to 
right the wrong the son has done to a young 

this season, and have Installed Frank A. 
Olsdden as resident manager. The other at- 
taches of the house are: Treasurer, Jane 
Marshall : Stage manager, T. Trusten ; Props, 
William Stevens; electrician, Robert .Robin- 
son. The season wUl end Sept 15. Six acts 
of vaudeville are played twice daily, changed 
A concert and pic- 

Mrs. Smith. 

Marie Del Vecchio 
Old Timer. 

Cole and Demahy. 

Proctor's Fifth Am, Matins*. Auo. 4. 
Programmed as San Francisco's favorite 

Monday and Thursday. A concert and pic- , rt » dancers this team, composed of a 
lures are given on Sunday, and business has ^an Jnd wonfii. are very "likely V to gain as 
been very good so far. ^^ a reputation in New York. They are 



George H. Van Deniark and Soloman 

good — 

crstnmed in evening dress, both making an 

excellent appearance. 
They gave a series of the latest terp- 
Berristeln, of Elmlra, N. Y.. have purchased Blchorean creations, starting with a new one, 
the Mozart Theatre, in that city, from the called "The Exposition Walts," that is one of 
White Rats intere3t, and announce that they ■ 
will continue the same vaudeville policy next 
(•eoson as was successfully Introduced by 
Fleber * Shea last Winter, which Includes 
four acts of vaudeville and photoplays. 
w» »■ 


We wish to correct the rumor Baying that 
Blllv LaBhley committed suicide In Colorado 
Springs, Colo.. July 21. He died from a fit 
of coughing which caused a hemorrhage, Sun- 
day morning, July 20. A full account of his 
death was sent to Tub Clipper by Mrs. 
Lnshley (Marie Russell), and will be pub- 
lished to our Deaths in the Profession 

«« » 



It will be welcome news to the profession 
to know that James Madison's latest ency- 
clopedia of comedy, Madison's Budget, no. 
IB. will be on sale on or about Aug. 12. 
While past issues have reached a high stand- 
evd of merit Mr. Madison promises that 
his latest fun 'book will outclass them all. 

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Charters (Irene 
Myers) have changed the name of tbelr 
clever little act, "Love WUl Find a Way," to 
"Daddy," and will soon ocen a tour on the 
Wllmer-Vlncent and other vaudeville cir- 
cuits. Mrs. Charters Is now in Philadelphia, 
arranging for costumes and scenery. 

^■— — ^^— — ^m^mm — ^ ^ ^^ 

Mtnntb Obanvtllb. of the team of Gran- 
ville and Mack, who wae badly Injured whlln 
faking a trip from Brooklyn to Toronto, 
Can., in her motor car, has entirely recov- 

the neatest dances that has been seen in 
New York for some time. In rotation they 
gave a "Bear Dance" and "Texas Tommy," 
both showing off their talent to good ad- 

The act consumes about twelve minutes, 
on full stage. Jack. 

Rose Lee. 

Proctor's Twcntx-thihd Street, Jclt 28. 
Miss Lee, in n neat white gown, did very 
well with the three numbers she used, "Pa- 
risian Ball" and "You Made Mo Love You" 
being especially well rendered. 8he puts In 
a proper amount of "pep" to accompany her 
songs, and possesses voice enough to make all 
the attempts go over nicely. Wine minutes, 
In one. ■** 


Hermann and Shirley. 
Union Square, Auo. 4. 
la a silt, called "The Mysterious Masquer- 
aders," George Hermann and Marios Shirley 
opened here Monday. Aug. 4. .,,.,. 
Miss Shirley has nothing to do but look 
pretty and appear terribly frightened at the 
antics of Mr. Hermann, who assumes the 
•character of a skeleton, and does some ex- 
pert contortion dances. Old Timer. 
1 1 
Jack Hooney. 
Union Sqcasi, Aua 4. 
Mr. Mooney may be a foreigner and he 
may not, but his selection of two song num- 
bers out of three, which he rendered In a 
foreign language, was a most 111 advised ef- 

The Monday audience became restless be- 
fore he had finished bis first number. 

0'<J miner. 




From Our Own Correspondent, 
Henry 6eorp Hibbert 


Dick Knowles made n triumphant re-ap- 
pearance at the Coliseum to-night after a 
long absence from London. 

Grace Lames made her debut at the Pal- 
ace to-night, and at once became vastly popu- 


Mr. Brown's fine staging voice was a valu- 
able aid In bringing success, and his acting 
was an Important adjunct as well. 

Old Timer. 

Corse Payton. and Company. 
Proctor's Fifth Ave., Mati.vee, Auo. 4. 

Presenting for the first time in New York 
a one act comedy, called "The Wife Tomer," 
Corse Payton, assisted by Ulna Phillips, 
Ethel Milton and Bobby Livingston, made a 
fairly good impression on their first appear- 

What success they attained cannot be 
credited to the sketch In any way, as lt is 
about the crudest affair that has ever been 
seen at this house. 

The story, what little there Is, does not 
attract very much attention. 

It tells of a couple on their honeymoon 
who have taken a room in a hotel, in which 
everything seems to go wrong with the young 
wife. She finally loses her temper, and to 
cure her the husband decides to give her a 
dose of her own medicine. He starts In by 
losing his collar button, and before he finds 
it makes a wreck of their room. It is rather 
an old idea and fails to enthuse. 

Mr. Payton, cast as the husband, gave bis 
usual good performance. Miss Phillips, as 
the wife, portrayed her role In a meritorious 
manner, earning much applause for her work. 
The others were well cast and gave a good 
account of themselves. 

The act runs about eighteen minutes, on 
full stage. Jack. 

I . 

Thomas A Wise la the lending role, at the Florence Horst and Ce* paay. 


"Fun In the Woods" was t J • ventcle by 

means of which the rural "kid" character of 

Florence Horst and the stuHcrirs by 

_ — -._, ner p ar tn e r are enabled to "?et o.e:," and 

with a quaint dialect, and his comedy is a after thc _ nad work€( i th e R j a nng „ {„,„, a 

matter of mind and.heart. Alice Gale s im- ^u,.,, toT a ^^ part o( tne gtet-u, MIsa 

Alfred Butt declares that the production 
announced for the Palace Monday next will 
be an extravagansa, and nothing like the 
revue. The title is "I Should Worry." Pav- 
Iowa ends here Saturday. 

"Girl In Taxi" Is nearlng the end ot Its 
run at the Lyric at Inst 

The next production at the Comedy Thea- 
tre is to be the American play, entitled 

William Edmonds and Company, la 
"Help Wanted." 

Proctor's Twentx-mird Street, Jult 28. 
"Help Wanted" Is a comedy sketch, well 
written around the Italian character Mr. 
Edmunds plays. He calls in answer to an 
advertisement for a "man of all work" at 
the borne of a family who are well enough 
off to keep an up-to-date slangy maid, and 
is mistaken for the collector of a hlackhnnd 
gang, a letter having been earlier received by 
the lady of tbe house demanding a sum of 
money, and threatening to kidnap her should 
she refuse. The mistress and maid proceed 
to humor the "wop" with food and flattery, 
and the three worked up a whole lot of fun 
until a policeman arrived, and then tbe 
Italian made known his reason for being 
there and all ended well. 

It took up twenty-two minutes at this 
show but did not have a draggy spot. Mr. 
Edmunds makes a typical Italian and does 

not neglect his role for a minute. He brought 
out laughs that might have been lost by a 
less clever play;r, and was capably supported 
by Kathryn Stevens and Edith Mcndozo as 
tbe mistress and maid, while George Booth 
was on for a minute as the officer. A good 
act for this time. Interior setting Is used. 

I sbcr and WhltclliT. 
Proctor's Twsntt-thibd Street, July 28. 

The man's "nut" material is well enough 
delivered, and the neatly dressed young 
woman Is very good to look upon. They open 
on a bench that "acts" as a "waiting station 
for cars." A bit of flirtation Introduces the 
man's ability to "squirrel" it, and from then 
on all variety of nuts were rolled out. 

The man rather "hogs" tne act. In fact, 
the pretty little lady Is not given much op- 
portunity to show any capability outside of 
appearing "at home" and able to render her 
part of tbe song duets and a dance (to- 
gether) In good manner. They make a good 
appearance, and were not far from the lend- 
ers in the race at this show. About twelve 
minutes, in one. Tod. 

■ i 

Fred, and Adele Aalalre. 
Union Square, Auo. 4. 

This young couple put over their songs 
and dunces In a neat fashion at the Monday 
matinee here, 4. 

Their dancing was particularly good. 

Old Timer. 


The conferences between the managers rep- 
resenting tbe Allied Theatrical Interests ai.d 
tb committee appointed by tbe International 
Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and 
the National Federation of Musicians, upon 
tbe union wage scale the road contracts for 
the coming season, and pending issues, are 
now In progress and there Is every prospect 
that an amicable settlement of these im- 
portant matters will be reached. 

Tbe first meeting with the representatives 
of the musicians' union took place on Thurs- 
day afternoon, July 81, ana the managers 
offered their contract form to tbe union com- 
mittee, consisting of Joseph M. Weber, Otto 
Ostenaorf, R. Oleaon, D, A. Casey and Wm. 
Kcrngood. The contract form was taken 
under consideration by the musicians, who 
were to meet the managers again Aug. 5. 

On Friday, Aug. 1, In the rooms of the 
National Association of Theatrical Producing 
Managers, tbe .managers met the committee 
from the stage hands' union, headed by 
President Charles C. Shay, for the first time, 
and submitted the road contract for the com- 
ing season. Tbe managers present were: 
Wm. A Brady, Chas. A Bird, Lew Fields, 
Marcus Loew, H. H. Fraxee, Benjamin F. 
Roeder, Arthur 8. Pblnney, representing 
Henry W. Savage; E. D. Miner, J. Herbert 
Mark, Bert Felbleman, for Cohan 4 Harris ; 
Theodore A. Llebier, Robert Sherman, for 
the Chicago Vaudeville Managers ; P. F. Nash, 
for the United Booking Offices ; Milton and 
Sargent Aborn, Hollis E. Cooley and Joseph 
M. Bchcnck. The meeting adjourned after a 
two hour conference until Aug. 4, to give the 
union committee an opportunity to consider 
the offer of the managers. 

At the meeting with the stage hands' rep- 
resentatives on Monday the following at- 
tended : The Allied Theatrical Interests were 
represented by Charles A. Bird, William A 
Brady, Sargent Aborn, Arthur S. Phlnney, 
Waller Vincent, Lew Fields, Joseph M. 
Weber, Marcus Loew, Nicholas Schenck, 
Hollis E. Cooley, Edwin Miner and H. H. 
Frazee. The representatives of the union 
were: ChaTles C. Shay, lntcrnntlonal presi- 
dent ; John Fanning, of Chicago ; Frank Le- 
master, of Denver; Edward Reynolds, of 
Boston, and Clyde Spencer and Harold Will- 
lams, of New York. 

Both delegations submitted and discussed 
schedules of pay and working hours for tho 
stage employees, and an amicable agreement 
will eventually be the outcome of the con- 

The kick of the Treasurers' Club of Amer- 
ica against the plan of the Messrs. Sbubert's 
to replace the men In the box offices of the 
theatres they control with women, has raised 
an inerestlnK discission as to whether or 
not the metnbers of tbe fair sex are compe- 
tent to fulfill the calling. The plan Is to bo 
tried In Brooklyn, at the De lutlb Theatre, 
where Ida I. Ackerman, who for some years 
was connected with Mrs Bpooner, at the 
Bijou Theatre, wilt preside over the des- 
tinies of the box office. 

I. Fluegclman, the manager of the De 
Kalo, Is quite enthusiastic over the idea of 
replacing men treasurers with women. The 
fair sex. he feels, Is better equipped tempera. 
mentally, to pcrfotn tbe duties m the box 
office than the mnb sex. Fnt'ence and tact. 
the most essential temperamental qualities 
necessary In a successful box office treas- 
urer, bo says, predominate In the fair sex, 
while at times (her are sadly larking in the 
man In tne box office. 

Though the men treasurers declare that 
women do not •inderstond "dressing a 
house," Mr. Fluegclman is confident that a 
few weeks' experience In the box office will 
make the women as competent as their male 


ar iack mwARns. 


In ibSH, Harry Kennedy, the well-known song 
writer and vcnrrioqrdst. announced Ills new tone, 
"When u«l>y Smiles In Her Sleep." 

He hail previously furnished tbe following euc- 

"I Hail 115 In My Inside Pocket" 

"I Owe alio to o'Orady." 

"Kmpty Is the Cradle, Baby's Oone." 

"A Flower from Mother's Urave." 

"Old Fashioned Photograph of Mother." 

"Amerlcs's Hatblcni, tne Violet" 

"I'm a Dmtp. a Dandy Uuiio." 

■•Whl»i>er snd a Kiss." 

"A Kiss from Detr Old Mother." . 

"Is Hand In I" 

"Mrs. Iirudy's Dnochtcr" and "I'm Going to 
Meet a Coon To-night." 

At the same time Quisle L. Davis, the col- 
ored author, had written his song, entitled "Baby's 
I.nuRlilnir In Her Sleep." He was also the author 
of "Withered hcives," "My Sailor Lad's He- 
turn." "Ilartor Lights," "Irene, Ooort-Nlght." 
"Walt 'Till the Tlcle Cornea In," "I Remember 
I IVrrget." ''Last Night." "Father ot a Little 
Black Coon," "Wh*n the Cockw (Iocs to Sleep/' 
and "The Courthouse lu tbe Sky." 

J. C OitotiNE & Co.. of Cincinnati, punished 
"The Pilot's Daughter," in 1888. . 


KtMtt Ross, late professional manager of tbe 
Jos. W. Stern A Co., Is now associated with the 
Wenrlca Howard Music Co., whero be will be 
more than pleased to wclcomo hit many frkntlt. 


••show Me How to Love" Is the latest to b» 
released by this famous composer. It la a new 
idea In songs, and one that fills toe long felt 
want for a song of originality. 


We have seldom entered a eantest with our 
sixty honv-yuwer tenor, WUl Bobbins singing 
"Dndily Has a Sweetheart." but what we have 
von a cup. Un*Wedoe*dar, July 23. we carried 
tlMTa oft their feet at 8tecplecnase Gardens, snd 
won easily. We have oar professional depart- 
ment on the street floor now, and have elegant 
piano rooms. We extend our services to all who 
care to pay us a call. 


Rockaway Beach and Far Rocksway are now 
vieing with each other for patronage each Wed- 
nesday night, because of the institution of a 
caturet carulvnl and song writers' convention, 
at Hnntley Smith's, Pier Avenue and ltminlwalk, 
Ilnckawty Itcnch, and the Roasmorc Hotel and 
Gardens, Far HncViwoy. 

Dick Jess, the originator of this form of en- 
tertainment, find the otwnlnc gun at the lloss- 
more Hotel, Far Rockaway, last Wwlntsilay 
evening. Dick has a reputation for putting forth 
a good bill on these special nights because of 
bis wonderful following and popularity ainoni 
the awmheni of tbe profession. With bat a 
few days of advertising Hick found o crowd of 
over seven hundred on-siting bis surprises. To 
Kiy that be did not surprise the resident* of Far 
Rockaway would not be the trutli, for such an 
array ot stars bus never appeared an one bill 
a* a cabaret. Hm ling tbe bill was Ous Edwards. 
tilm.«elf and bis company, Harry Williams, of 
Williams and Van Alstyue, the "Helo Hull" song 
writer; Joe Young ami Bert Grunt, Jules Von 
Tllzer, Ruhey Cowan, Kellx Young, Harry Bishop, 
Willie Thorns, Bob Nlion and Harold O'llare, 
M'tlon Lee and Aimer Greenbcrg, Geo. Botsfont, 
and tbe Famous Remlck Trio, liluir and lluebl, 
ond others. 

While Far Rockaway was enjoying the plessuiw 
of o wonderful cabaret show, Geue Jess, a brother 
of Dick Jos', was giving an Immense audience 
at Huntley Smith's, lu Itockawny Ik'.ieh, an op- 
portunity of seeing some favorite song writers 
and singers. The crowd here enjoyed the pleat- 
ire of a Mg bill beaded by Harry Williams and 
Geo. BoUford, and the famous Remlck Trio, and 
ably supported by Joe Young and llert. Grant, 
Leonard Chick, Will Rohtdne, Dob Ninon and Har- 
old O'Hare, Fred Vletor and BUI Bradford, 
Kddle (Nemo) Roth and "Butts" Eherle. Harry 
Hoch and Pete Wendllng, Harry Bishop and 
Willie Thorns. 

Both the show st Smith's and at the Rost- 
more will continue to be run every Wednesday 
evening until the close of the outdoor season, 
the show at the Rostmoro starting at u.RO p. H . 
*Uil the one at Rockaway Reach at 10 r. K. 

Dick Jess Is olso running tbe show at I.nne's, 
SM Westchester Avenue, Bronx, crery Friday 
night, where Irving Berlin snd Mae West will be 
the features this Friday nlgbt (Aug. 8). 

James Poro has joined the forces of tho M. 
HofTmin Music Co. snd is working bard on 
"When I Found Yon." He will also write In 
conjunction with Bid. Vorslmer. 

Sid. Vorzhner Is also doing good work with 
his new rug, "In the North." He is the com- 
pany'! professional manager. 


This bss been laugh week. 0111? Blanch ard 
Is In town from Louisville, where he produced 
stock tabloids the past season, anil he sayt 
"Kentucky Days" and "Tenneaseo Moon" were 
the two biggest bits he used. Incidentally be 
hnuds us a bunch of loughs every day over things 
that happened during the season. He sayt any- 
lliliis can happen in Louisville, 

Tbe Mnore Ollson Trio oixrn at Waldenieer 
Park, Krle, Pn., using "Kentucky Days" snd 
••Tennessee Moon." They will he in New York 
in three weeks (time; not the play), and will 
open with the Weni'lch songs the last week In 
August, under tbe direction of Bort Mcllugh. 

Baker tnd Cameron are back at Forest Park, 
featuring "Tennessee Moon." 

Edw. C. McDonold It at the Mlnroln Hotel, 
l'ox Lake, III., tinging "Kentucky Days," "Ten- 
nessee Moon," "When It's Moonlight in Mayo" 
and "That's Why the Rose Never Dies." 

The Keougb Sitters, two clever rlrla, used 
"Kentucky Days" at the Thalia last week. 

Will Ton Tilter arrived in Chicago for the pur- 
pose ot opening a Western offlee, which will be la 
charge ot Nat. Vincent, who accompanied Mr. 
Von Tilter Wert. The new offices are located at 
123 N. Clark Street, and consist of a suite of 
looms that wit make an Ideal headquarters for 
Wcxiera territory, being riant in the heart of the 
Rlalto. In spite of tbe fact that preparation 
were scarcely ready to receive callers, things 
nave opened with a lump, and Nat. Is ts busy 
as a bee plugging ,r Yoa Made Me Lore Der" 
and "I Love Her. Oh, Ob, Ob." 


Walter Mathlesen, of tbe Cheago offices of 
Jerome II. Rcrolck Co., Is confined at the Alexias 
Bros., Hospital, lu Chicago, with a severe attack 
of plcnrlsy, which the doctors tay will keep him 
there for at least a month, Here's to a speedy 
recovery, Waller. 


Al. Butler, Western manager for tbe Wesrlrh- 
Howard Music Co,, leaves for New York, Aug. 
Id, where he wilt spend a couple of dnys con- 
ferring with his busluets associates. Mr. But- 
ler will spend the remainder of hit vacation at 
his home In Connecticut, but will l« back on 
tbe Job In Chicago by Labor Day. 

nowtrd and Sadler, Lou Chlhs, Billy Sbepsnt. 
formerly of the Six American Dancers .and the 
Royal Quartette, ate among the nets featuring 
with great favor the soogs of Theo. Morse. "Bob- 
bin' Up and Down," "Dear Old Girl" und 
"When undo Joe Plays a Itsu" are three of the 
most attractive In tho Morso catalogue, which 
surely It replete with "hits."' 


It Is rumored that the man who wrote "After 
the Ball" is about to try hit hand at playwrltln'.'. 
He recently completed a drama that he hoops la 
place before the public early in tho Fall. 

Chicago is lost In receipt of the latest lliln< 
In rags, brought here In tbe form ot a few leal 
sheets by Lew Butler, from the still dripping 

fen of Irving Berlin. Tbe new wonder Is "The 
nternatlonst Rag," and It looks like the be* 
ever, which Is saying a good deal, considering 
what this genius .hat already nut over. Both 
lyrics and melody uro entirely distinct hi style. 

Htrry Krsnt and his crew forget the unbear- 
able wctther and everything else in lieu of their 
being buoy hoaetlng the many Snyder bits. 
Below are tome ot 'he reports ot tbelr good 
work In Chicago: 

Majestic Theatre. — Avon Comedy Four, using 
"Some One la Coming to My House." la their 
feature song, and, by the way, la one of the 
best song* they have hid in their act for a l< ng 

North American Cafe. — Hear George OfTerman. 
featuring "Where Did You Get That Girl," wnhh 
canaea a small sited riot every evoolrg. Also 
tbe Acme Four, featuring "Borne One It Coming 
to My House." 

Plnnter Cafe. — Bob Whelan. featuring "Home- 
one It Coming to My House" and "Where Did 
You Get That Ulrir' 

Congress Cafe. — Lulu Dixon, featuring "Some- 
eno is Coming to My Bouse" and "Happy Oiun- 
try Girl," tome clever girl. , 

At Blvervlow Park Snyder's three new num- 
bers being featured by Mnrjorlo O'Brien and A I. 
Marpby, "Someone Is Coining to My Irjfis'i. 
"Where Did You Oet Tbut Girl!" and "llaii'y 
Country Girl." 

Irving Berlin, Just returned from I«ndon wlib. 
a new number, entitled "The International Rag." 
which will wire mnkc tbriu sit up tnd take no- 
tice, at this Is without a doubt the must woi-.tcr- 
ful nmnber in the field to-day. 

Morse'a Gardens. — Miller, Moore and Peters, 
featuring "Happy Country Girl" and "Someone It 
Coming to My House." 

Patrlcola, featuring "Where Did You Get 'Hint 
Olrir" and "The International Rag." 

College inn. — Don't forget to hear the wonder- 
ful director, Walter Blnufusa put over "Sonieui.s 
Is Coming to My Hoiiee," "Wherii Did You Get 
That nirl?" aud "Happy Oupuntry Girl." ■ 

"Cheer Dp, Daddy," lt Clark's sure fire money 
"getter." It lt a march ballid, after the style 
of "Good Luck, Mary." The Tlvolt Trio, Mm- 
mem Quartette, Troy Comedy Four and silh.r 
harmony acts are rehearsing for future use, . 

"My Boy" has grown to be quite a mini In the 
Middle Welt NuraercrtB tabloids and otlver 
shows going oat of Chicago are using It as t 
feature song. 

Clark it looking like himself tgiln, meeting 
everybody wltb the same old "mitt" n d • g tut 
sign. That Is a positive sign that hit songs must 
be selling. 

Ernest Brener, nrofcsalonal manager fir i.'l.irk, 
wen tbe cup single banded at the Marlowe The- 
atre seng contest, with "My Boy." 

All music boosters who have ever worked for 
Clark always extend bin tbelr beat whbes In 
lien of the fine Ueatment 

We are In receipt of a postal from Marvin 
Lee. who it in Detroit, Mich., laying that "Mr 
Boy," "When I Dream of Old Erin" tnd "Ohwr 
Up, Daddy" are all bright and ahlnlng hits In iliac 


■The tone, "The Land of Who," wbleb has Just 
been published by the ITreetvout Music Co., of 
Logansoort, Ind., is making a big hit throughout 
tbe middle West tabloid companies taking It un 
at one of tbe beat chorus nnmbtrs of the wimhi 
Tbelr song, "I'lay That We Were Sweethearts" 
Is also meeting with a big recaption from mnslcnl 
comedloi aud vaudeville people, 


This ti Ted Snyder week In Louisville. Jacob 
J. Shilling, tho popular jietieril Southern agent 
of the Snyder, Berlin ft Wtttertoa Company, 
started a now fad here placing his music with 
all the orchestral, vaudeville tnd cabaret sing- 
ers. Everywhere you went you beard Berlin 
music. It proved a big hit. 


Tom Breen, that clever entertainer, ts at Bay- 
t>d ) Ciisliia, Sheepshojd liny, where he Is greet- 
ing his numerous friends, and securing many nn 
encore by a clever rendition of Jos. W. Stern 't 
Ir.test rag number, "Harmony Joe." This song 
is a big hit of the Wett, tnd Tom predict! lbs 
tame lu the Bast, 

Htrry Well and Charlie Adlrr, those two clever 
boys, lust returned from Chicago, und are clean- 
ing up tt Bert McLaughlin's Casino, Kbrepibend 
Ray. singing "Junk Man Rig/' tnd "Hunnonr 
Joe." These boyi nave tucb in extensive reper- 
toire that It keeps '.hem at work In the city, 
which it (he cause of their refusing a recent offer 
to Ivarone. 

BIHy Metban and Violet Pearl, that clever team 
with Harry Hastings' Big Show, are Introducing 
"You'll Pall for Someone." Billy stya he tins 
turned dewn fifty tongs for Ibis one, tnd pre- 
dict! that It looks like a clean up. 
" Betty Miller, that clever little girl, who tins 
had twh reccess tinging "Baby Girl," Is at Ben 
Mark's Cabaret, and is knocking tlwin off their 
■rata. Betty is arranging a repertoire of songs, 
and a clever dance, at the suggestion of several 
managers, who are anxious to get her a mate. 

Torn Whalen, Joe Lennou and Walter Williams. 
those three clove.- boys, ore working at present 
at Steeplechase Unrdeo, Rockaway Beach. 

Harold Jones, the hustling song sslemnn, l<i 
Summering !n Arvcrne. N. Y. Ha mid w/llei 
Gist he is having the time of his Ife, ami expect!* 
to bring In come wonderful orders In llio Vail. 

.. "More Work For the Undertaker?" "The Gob- 
lin Man!" 


Maybcllo Parker (Hchwnrts) was recently 
engaged as leading lady with the Murphy-Nllcs 
Musical Comedy Co. Other members of tho 
company are Edmund Flynn and George Fitz- 
gerald, comedians ; Jack Murphy, leading 
man ; Frank Selling, Juvenile man ; Ursula 
Carter Curlcy, Juvenile woman ; Alice Dott, 
soubrcttc; Agnes Kcmtner, general business 
woman, and Florcnco Wheeler, Madge Harris, 
Marie Morlcdge, Genevieve Lynn nnd chorus 
of twelve girls. The music Is under the 
direction of Charles Nllet, while Jack Mur- 
phy Is producing manager, which seems suf- 
ficient cause fcrf the S. R. O. sign being ex- 
hibited before rise of curtain at every per- 

« ■» 

These returned from Europe this week: 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dillingham, Dorothy 

*2SE %r» r ^.™n$^»£?&jy*!M& *»" rohenrslng his cotnpany, the Kvenan 
tJ&SJSS^' ,Me ° ** d D * WD ' lQmi Players, in "The Get Away,* by Dennis J 
L Estrange. Shay. The sketch wiUlw seen at tbij Fifth. 


Atlantic Or, Aug. 4.— The Potash nnd 
Perlmuttcr stories by Montague Glass, undo 
Into drama form, had tbelr first appearance 
on any stage to-night at the Apollo Theatre, 
under tbe title of "Potash nnd Pcrlmnttcr.'' 
Barney Bernard was the Potash, nnd Alex- 
ander Carr the l'crlmutter. Others In the 
cast: Louise Dresser, Klltn Prnrtiir Otis, 
Joseph Kllaour, Leo Kohlman, Marguerite 
Anderson, Leo Donnelly, Gertrude Milling- 
ton, Arthur Pltklus, Albert Parker, Russell 
l'lnrus and Edward Gillespie. 

Tbe piny was well received, and will be 
seen In New York Aug. 10 at the George M. 
Cohan Theatre. 

♦ »» 

Frank Reenan will begin bis vnudcvllls 
tour at the Ornhetrm Theatre, Minneapolis, 
Aug. 10. In "Vindication.'.' Mat week ho 

Thomas Shea, the popnlar manager of the 
ultra fashionable Empire Theatre, Now York, 
has returned from his vacation, looking like 
the "white hope" the American people have 
•HerAvlooklng for. ' i a i. i i 

Avenue neit week. 

Pbrct WnNRien and Doilt Conbllt 
will open Aug. 11, at the Brighton. Beach 
Music Hall la an entirely now act, by Percy 








4 ; 1 1 




August 9 





Chicago, Monday, Aug. 4. 
Starting Saturday night, the Cort Theatre 
•pcned (or the regular season with "The 
♦Iliilr of Youth," a farce comedy by Zcllah 
Covington and Jules Stmonson. The farcical 
■ltuatlons arc the result of a discovery made 
ty a country doctor who believes lie baa 
found the solution to eternal life. Ity mis- 
take, as he believes, two people have taken . 
the medicine, but not In the prescribed doms, 
having swallowed the contents of a full 
tottlc each. Evidence, unmistakable to the 
doctor, proves to him that his medicine has 
transformed them Into Infants. With two 
tables on his hands and fearing discovery, 
'■* the doctor and his assistant urc placed In a 
difficult position, out of Which many com- 
plications arise. The play Is In three nets 
and the fun Is continuous. 

Owing to a demand for rootlnce seats Jo- 
reph Santlcy, In "When Dreams Come True," 
at the Qarrlck, will give an extra dollar 
matinee on Thursday. This musical comedy 
la in Its last week. William Hodge comes 
lo this theatre for a stay beginning Monday 
evening. Aug. 25. In his new comdey drama, 
"The Road to HapplncBs," a play In which 
the spirit of optimism and cheerfulness is 
said to be the dominant role. The comedy 
was written by Lawrence Whitman, of Chi- 
cago, who has gone Into tbc rural shades 
i ef a small New York village for Mb char- 
acters arid story, and has brought Into his 
■arratlvo the annals of a group of neighbors, 
•■hose everyday lives are Interwoven In the 
close Intimacy of village' life. Mr. Hodge's 
I sole la that of Jim Whitman, a young man 
•f the village, blessed with a cheery spirit. 
' a quick wit and a large measure of common 

The second week of Margaret Winston's 
tcrformanco of the title role in "Within 
flic Law" began to-night (Monday), with 
indications that the play will remain at tho 
Olympic indefinitely. Beginning Sunday 
alght, "The Tlk-Tok Man of Oz" started on 
the last three weeks of its engagement at 
Cohan's Grand. Hon Ocrgcre, prima donna 
. of "Chocolate Soldier" fame, nlso made her 
' tow before a "Tlk-Tok" audience, succeeding 
Adcle Howlnnd as tho Princess. Harry 
iskln will present the first performance of 
Ihc musical play made from "A Texas Steer," 
; ty Henry Blossom and Ben Jerome, at tho 
1 ©rpheum Theatre, in Racine, Wis., en Mon- 
day evening, Aug. 18. A half week will be 
devoted to Milwaukee, and the Chicago open- 
tog will occur Sunday evening, Aug. 24, In 
the La Salle Opera House, which has been 
lo-bullt. Mabelle Baker, who played at the 
Lu Salle In "The Girl I Love," has been 
added to the new company. 

Flake O'Hara, the singing actor, will have 
a new play this season from the pen of 
Augustus ritou, the author of most of Chaun- 
•ey Olcott's successes. It Is called "In Old 
Dublin," and the scenes are laid la that city 
during the early part of the last century. 
Rehearsals have begun at the Blackstone 
Theatre. Madge Tyrone will be the star'* 
trlncipal assistant. 

"Quo Vadls?" pictures have been Installed 
at the Whitney, Joe Howard's Comedy The- 
atre. Its first attraction following will be 
"A Broadway Honeymoon." 

Ed. Lee Wrotbe and the Ginger Girls will 
tlose this week, Forthcoming plans are as 
yet not announced. 

American Music Hall (Samuel I'. Ger- 
■on, mgr.) Is dark. 

At'DiToaiuM (B., Ulrich, mgr.) is dark. 
•The Whip" opens Aug. 80. 

Hlackstonk (A. O, Tltou, mgr.) is dark. 

Cort (U. J. Herrmann, mgr.) — "The Hllxlr 
•f Youth," a new farce comedy, by Zellnh 
Covington and Jules Slmonson, was given 
its Chicago premiere at the Cort Theatre 
ty John Cort, Saturday, Aug. 2. Several 
members of the cast are already known to 
local playgoers. The play was tried out sev- 
eral months ago by Oliver Motobco's Stock 
Company at the fiurbank Theatre, In Los 
Angeles, with phenomenal success for nine 
weeks. It should enjoy Chicago favor for a 
lousldcrable length of time. 

1' Arts Tiihatre (Albert Perry, mgr.) 
fc dark. 

Gaubick (John J. Oarrlty, mgr.)— "When 
Dreams Come True" Is playing the last week 
•f Its Chicago engagement. Future plans for 
Ibo house have not been announced. 

Gkorob M. Cohan's Grand Opera Housv 
| Harry Ridings, mgr.) — "alio Tlk-Tok Man 
•f Oi. ' On Aug. 20 "Stop Thief" will come 
lo the Grand. 

Illinois (W. J. Davis, mgr.) — On Sept. 
f. "The Lady of the Slipper" will arrive as 
Ihc first of the season's attractions at the 
Illinois Theatre. It will be dark until that 

McVicker'h (J. 0. Burch, mgr.) — Mc- 
Ttdrcr's la .being extensively regarnlshcd 
•nd redecorated preparatory to Its season 
•f popular priced vaudeville, which Jones, 
Mnlck A Schaefer will install. 

Olympic (George C. Warren, mgr.)— The 
•lyinplc was the first of the downtown "loop" 
theatres to open the season, having for its 
list attraction "Within the Law," featuring 
Margaret llllngton. Chicago critics com- 
snt-nted extremely favorable. 

I'owkrb' (Harry Powers, mgr.) — .Fanny 
Ward, in "Mine. President,'* will arrive at 
rowers' on Sept. 1 as tho flrBt presentation 
•f the year. 

Pbincbbb (Wm. Singer, mgr.) — "Little 
lllsa Brown" will be seen at the Princess 
about Aug. 25. Pictures of Capt. Scott's 


Are Cordially Invited to Hake 

Headquarters at the Western Bureau 


The New York Clipper 

In the Heart of the Hlalto 

505 Ashland Block, Cor. dark & Randolph 

™ONKB ] A rjT0 44-S2I 

If not oonvenlent to call, MAIL ROUTES 


ventional. It la original, aggressive, 1m 
partial, reliable, and above all, IT HAS A 

Antarctic Expedition arc being shown at 

STuiiEiiAKKn (flam Ledcror, mgr.) — In all 
probability "Obi. Oh I Delphlne" will be In- 
stalled at the Studcbaker on Sept. 1. Tho 
bouse has been dark since Frltzl Scheff left. 
CnoWN (F. C. CarrutherB, mgr.) — Follow- 
ing pictures, the Crown will open with 
vaudeville on Aug. 18. The Imperial and 
National will present alternately "The Shep- 
herd of the Hills" and "Thnt Printer of 
Udell's." two of Gaskell St McVltty's pro- 
ductions. • 

Majestic (Lymnn B. Glover, mgr.)— Llna 
Abarbanell made her first appearance In 
vaudeville 1 In this City at the Majestic to- 
clay. The popular and exceptionally pro*- 
flcicnt star, with a reputation mnde In both 
fti-nnd and comic opera, sings a number of 
new sours. Everett Shinn's amusing trav- 
esty. "More Sinned Against Than Usual," 
is another feature. Others on the bill are: 
Maude Lambert and Ernest Ball, and Ota 
Gygl, Spanish violinist. 

McVickeii's (J. 0. Burch, mgr.) — One of 
the most famous playhouses In America Is 
added to Jones, Llnlck & Schaefcr's chain 
of popular priced vaudeville theatres. Tho 
performances will run from 11 A. m, until 
11 p. ii.. and the bills will be retained for a 
week. The first bill will Include: Edwin 
(illmoro Corbln. Mile. Ameta, Bush and Sha- 
piro, the Bonomar Arabs, Alber'B Polar bears, 
and others. . 

Colonial (George Harrison, mgr.) — The 
bill at the Colonial for the first half of the 
week Includes: Lillian Steele, Coldora and 
compnny. Johnny Ford, Three Dlerck Bros., 
Marco Twins, Country Cabaret, and the 
Three Ameres. For the last half of the week, 
beginning Thursday : Johnny Ford, Herman 
the Grcut, Smoky City Trio, Elsie Sturk and 
compnny. Almoslno and Jones, Marco Twins, 
and Myraphone. 

Great North rrn Hippodrome (F. C. 
Kberts, mgr.) — The Great Northern Hippo- 
drome offers, as usual, a double bill, Includ- 
ing fourteen arts, seven of which are given 
during the day, starting at 11 A. u. The 
remaining acts arc given at night, running 
until 11 P. M. The day and night sections 
change places on Thursday. 

Zikueki.d (W. K. Zlegfeld Jr., mgr.) is 

Palace Music Hall (Mort H. Singer, 
mgr.) 1b dark. 

Columbia (E. H. Woods, mgr.) — The Gin- 
ger Girls, with Ed. Lee Wrotbe. 

Folly (John FenneBsy, mgr.) — The Folly, 
burlesque house, will be opened for the sea- 
ron on Aug. 17, with the Midnight Maidens. 

Star and Garter (Dick Rider, mgr.) — The 
American Beauties will open the Star and 
Garter on Saturday, Aug. I). 

Haymarket will feature shows from the 
Progressive wheel, starting about Aug. 23. 

victoria (Mr. Spink, mgr.) — "Quo Vadls?" 




Several claims against railroads have been 
adjusted recently, Charlie Meyers received 
$400 through the efforts of Sol Lowenthal 
for an auto wrecked by a freight train. 
Spedden A Herson adjusted a claim against 
the Chicago A Alton for baggage delayed be- 
tween St. Louis and Chicago. Harrington 
A Florence adjusted a claim against the Kan- 
sas City Terminal that made them miss a 
performance at Albla. la. 


Ethel Mae Barker opens In New York Aug. 
18. She made a big hit on the Orpbcum 
tour last BCBBon, and her first New York 
showing is eagerly awaited by her friends. 

Tub Panorama Theatre, one of the New 
York St Western Agency houses, opened last 
week with a hippodrome policy, which re- 
places straight pictures. The admission is 
now ton cents to all parta of the house. 
Three acts of vaudeville are presented. The 
Marlowe, booked by the same agency, has re- 
mained open all Summer with good returns. 
The Ellis also stays open, playing vaudeville. 

Chatham and Dancourt returned to Chi- 
cago last week after a tour of Sullivan A 
Constdlne Mlddtc West and Inter-State time, 
and will spend a month here before re-open- 
lug at Cincinnati, 0. They hod a very suc- 
cessful tour, and their new act has met with 
high favor. 

The Two Specks are laying off in Chicago, 
and will open early in the Fall for the 


Frank J. Tnlbott h«B secured tho Garden 
Theatre, in Kansas City, Mo., nnd will book 
It in conjunction with tho Hippodrome, in 
St. Louis, through Walter F. Kecfe, of the 
Theatre Booking Corporation. This houso 
has been on tho market for some time. D. E. 
Russell was at Kansas City week before laBt 
and showed up In Chicago, Tuesday of last 
week, taking n placo in the Theatro Booking 
Corporation offices. The Crystal, at Milwau- 
kee, the Miles, nt Minneapolis, and the Miles, 
at Detroit, have kept open all Summer, which 
keeps up a show business at that agency 
when things generally arc very dull. Walter 
F. Keefo returned to his desk last week, 
after a visit to the Bnrtola Shops, at Osh- 
kosh, Wis. 




Kn tacrine Sclsor is In Chicago for her 
vacation, having been on tho Gus Sun time 
for a long period. She snys her engagements 
wero delightful nnd thnt she 1b seriously 
considering thirty weeks of the Sun time for 
next season. She played her last date at tbc 
English, In Indianapolis, and proved an ex- 
ceptionally big hit 


Edwin Fonn and company will be seen at 
the Colonial, beginning Aug. 11. Tho act 
recently 'made tho Vantages tour. 

Tub Hamlin Theatre Is doing remarkable 
business with motion pictures and a Bnrtola 

James Hariunoton is no longer a repre- 
sentative of the Bnrtola Sales Co. He Is 
now with Toll Taylor. 

Adair and Hlckey finish the Pontages tour 
this week, where they have mode a big hit. 
according lo advices which reach J. C. 
Matthews and Lee ICruus. 


George H. Webster now occupies his office 
in Chicago, nnd Intends to remain in this 
city. He recently returned from abroad, 
where he spent several months. He says all 
England Is ragtime crazy, nnd that American 
acta not holding Ironclad contracts will do 
well to stay away from London. 

K. D. Hopson, general manager of tho 
Louise Amusement Co., was called to Ctarks- 
vllle, Tenn., by the death of his sister. 

McVlcker's. the famous playhouse of the 

popular priced drama, re-opened Monday 
with vaudeville, under the Jones, Llnlck A 
Schaefor regime. Like the Colonial, It will 
offer continuous performances from 11 A. m. 
vntil 11 i' .m., with the same scale of prices 
of ten, fifteen and twenty-five cents. . 


JonHNT Foed, of the Original Four Fords, 
la playing the Colonial in a single this week. 

Elkanor Fish, a Chicago "find," is listed 
to appear in "The Broadway Honeymoon" 
Sept 20. 

Frank Hale, of Rector's Cabaret fame in 
Chicago, it la said, turned down an offer of 
1 350 a week to appear with Evelyn Thaw. . 

Hardy Ridings, manager of Cohan's 
Grand, is back on the Job for the new season. 

Genb Greene sticks like a porous plaster 
to J., L. It S., and will appear at McVlcker's 
Aug. 11. Later, It Is reported, be will leave 
for Australia. 

The Kedzle re-opens with vaudevUle Aug. 
28, booked by a C. Haymen, of the W. V. 
M. A. 

The local producing firm of Clifford St 
Rowland announce. the early production of 
"The Cost of Living," a new play by Will- 
iam Anthony McGuire. ■•■ -- 

Joseph Santlby Is sn investor in Philip 
Bartholomae's new farce. "Kiss Me Quick," 
which had Its praniere in some New Jerjey 
night stand. 


Ralph Here, who has recently headlined 
at both the Majestic and Palace Music Hall, 
in Chicago, will soon go to San Francisco 
to fill an engagement of six weeks with a 
stock company. While there he will try 
out two new plays. One of them is "The 
Mystery of No. 47," a foot-lighting of J. 
Storer Clouston's novel. If it is successful 
It will be bis stellar vehicle for next season. 

Nkd A. Sparks has been engaged by Will- 
iam A. Brady for the role of the pompous 
and grouchy hotel clerk when "Little Miss 
Brown" opens at the Princess. Roe Bow- 
den will bo the slangy switchboard operator. 


A dispatch from Winnipeg, Man., Can., re- 
lates that in a severe electrical storm there, 
a herd of eight elephants, belonging to the 
Sells-Floto Show, wrecked half of the tents, 
damaged a number of small buildings in the 
vicinity and caused a general panic. Police 
refrained from interfering. Trainers with 
Iron bars and pitchforks quelled the stam- 


The 101 Ranch Wild West Show had a 
wreck coming into Fond da Lac, Wis., on 
Wednesday, July 30. No one was hurt, al- 
though they were considerably delayed. The 
6 o'clock show played to capacity business. 


Lillian Steele, who is making her first ap- 
pearance before an American audience this 
week nt the Colonial, is the daughter of 
Edward W. Steele, assistant manager of the 
Colonial Theatre during the many years 
Klaw & Erlanger controlled the policy of 
that house. Miss Steele is also related to 
the Harris family, famed as theatrical pro- 




Elsie Harvey who, after her marriage, re- 
tired from the vaudeville stage where she 
Lad acquired a wide and favorable reputa- 
tion, has determined to return to the foot- 
lights once more. This week she Is filling 
an engagement In the North American Caba- 
ret show, where she is fully proving her abil- 
ity to "come back" with her catchy style. 
She Is Including "Salvation Nell" in her 
repertoire, and features it In a distinct 
style. Miss Harvey formerly appeared at 
Hammersteln's and Proctor's Fifth Avenue, 
and Is at present preparing for another tour 
In vaudeville. 


Messrs Llnlck & Splllard, two well known 
as well as coming figures in theatrical circles, 
havo Joined forces and acquired offices in 
the Hobbs Building, at 68 W. Washington, 
where they will represent acts of all sizes 
and nature. Mr. Llnlck, whp owns the Ly- 
ceum and Yale Theatres, is by no means a 
stranger to the profession, for he has been 
In the game since 1900, managed one of the 
first moving picture houses in Chicago, and 
has also acted In the capacity of manager. 
for eight /ears, with Jones, Llnlck St 
Schaefer. Naturally be understands the sit- 
uation thoroughly. Will Splllard, whom 
everybody will admit 1b one of the "squareat" 
fellows that ever represented a performer, 
constitutes the other half of this idea) com- 
bination. Will has also "put a few over" in 
his young life, discovering such popular 
teams as Adair and Hlckey, and Hagcr and 
Sullivan, both teams having a meteoric rise 
to success and favor. Both of' the boys have 
hosts of friends to congratulate them on 
their new venture. The new offices are beau- ' 
tl fully furnished and as spick and span as 
pos Bible. 

Mb. and Mrs. Norman Fbibdbnwald are 
taking a vacation at St Joseph, Mich. 

Claub and Radclivte are back In Chicago 
after a stay in New York City, following a 
tour of U. B. 0. time in the South. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bbrkbll returned 
to Chicago last week after a long auto tour, 
during which they enjoyed themselves hugely. 
Berkell will manage the Family at Mollne, 
111., the coming season, and has arranged for 
J. C. Matthews' bookings. 

Axbl Christiansen was easily the hit of 
the show at the Wilson Theatre on Thurs- 
day of last week, when a visit there proved 
that be could make a small audience enthuse. 

Jbanbttb Dutrkb Is playing the Frank Q. 
Doyle bookings after several postponements 
of tier dates. 

Dayton, Haiin and Bubton, now at the 
Great Northern, were on the opening bill at 
the Ashland, which resumed vaudeville 
July 81. 

Book and Book displayed a new act at 
the Amerlcus Theatre July 81-Aug. 8— that 
Is, new to Chicago. 

Louis Kelso, late of Mort Singer's attrac- 
tions, Ib now In vaudeville, playing the Jones, 
Llnlck St Schaefer houses. 

Paul Florub was received gieat at tho 
Ashland July 31 when It resumed vaudeville 
after a few weeks of darkness. 

Emma Lanonbr, of La Vlgne and Langner, 
Is spending a vacation at Grand Rapids, 

(Mbnlo B. Moore returned to Chicago last 
week after a visit to the Gus Sun Agency, 
at Springfield, O. 

John B, Simon had seven of the four- 
teen acts that played the Great Northern 
Theatre, last week. 

Same Jacobs has accepted a position In 
the John B. Simon Agency. 
•Carter, the magician, is making a return 
trip over tbc Pontages circuit 

Tub Marco Twins opened for Jones, Llnlck 
A Schaefer this week. 

Sam Tuck was at Begins, Can., last week, 


II J'I:I •♦. 
.). Lit w -.ii 
M ;vtr fcjIM 

: Ml a II*. . 

-iut .:> 

■ l-.iS'.B'1-t' 

■i'<;»i>}i* »., 


■~itit, f 
i. :. j a i 

I fj:Wl t 


...lO.'tl t ! 

where Ethel Robinson provided feature acts 
for a big exhtbtlon. 

Thbke Flying Fibhebs, seen at the Co- 
lonial JBly 31-Aug. 3, have a better act than 
when last seen In Chicago, showing gratify- 
ing Improvement 

Walter McCullouoh and Company are 
believed to possess a big time act In "Con- 
science," seen at the Colonial "raeatre Joly 
31 -Aug. 3. 

John B. Simon has routed more than one 
hundred acts for Association time next sea- 
son. - 

Alice B. Hamilton will play the lead op- 
posite Harold Johnson, In Halton Powells 
"Look Who's Here," when that show opens 
in Michigan, Aug. 24. Miss Hamilton Is a 
well known character comedienne. _ * 

Charles Thompson, formerly of the Two 
Bills' Show which closed recently In Denver, 
has been engaged by the Blngllng Bros.' in 
Che capacity of general manager. 



Saturday, Aug. 2. 

Despite the fact that a number of acts on 
this week's bill at the Majestic have been 
seen in Chicago many times before